Time Together

Audra was right. Audrey is beautiful. When I got to the hospital, Abby and Ellie were sitting on Angie’s bed and Angie was holding Audrey, who was dressed in a tiny pink gown with a bonnet on her head. The girls were quick to introduce me to their sister Audrey and point out her red hair, gently pushing back the bonnet.

Overall, the family was doing well. They talked about Audrey, about what a blessing it was to have spent time with her before she went to heaven, about how she was with the angels now.

As I think I mentioned, Angie’s c-section went well, but nevertheless, she was feeling pain tonight. She will probably be in the hospital until Thursday. Please pray for healing and an easy recovery. With three girls five and under, plus the weight of Audrey’s story, the days ahead will not be easy.

I can’t say this enough – your prayers have meant a great deal in the months leading up to and through today. Angie commented that she and the family definitely felt blanketed in prayer as today unfolded. From laughs this morning, to peace going into surgery, to the hours spent with Audrey. Thank you for loving this family. You are a part of Audrey’s legacy, which, even now, we known will be bigger than we can imagine.

It is my hope that your faith is encouraged by Audrey and the miracle of today. While the doctors did not expect her to have life when she was born, she did. For more than two hours, her mommy, daddy and sisters got to kiss her, hold her and love on her. And while, in the end, God took her spirit to heaven, He did so in a very gentle, tender, peaceful way.

Please continue to keep the Smiths in your prayers. The Lord hears them all. We will continue to trust Him and His plans.

Tomorrow I will post information regarding a memorial service for Audrey and some other information.

With peace and grace,

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  • Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS

    praying for you tonight.

  • Emily

    Praying and praising now.

  • boomama

    Praying for your precious family…praising Him for Audrey’s sweet legacy.

  • Catherine

    Thank you for this update, will continue to pray and check for updates..

    So much love,

  • Anonymous

    I read about your story on celebrity baby blog. I am not normally a religous person, but I will pray for you in the days to come. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Heather

    Praying for you all tonight, and thanking God for the gift of time He gave you with Audrey.

    To Him be the Glory.

  • Anonymous

    Angie & Family,

    God is soooooo GOOD. I’m so very thankful that HE allowed you the time together to bond with baby Audrey. I praise HIM for giving her breath, when the doctors didn’t think there would be breath; I praise HIM for your time together when you could not be assured that that would be easy. I’m so thankful that Audrey got to physically feel that Mommy, Daddy & big sisters love her so much. I will continue to lift the family up in my prayers. Thank you for keeping all of Audrey’s blog family updated, I know it must be hard, but we too love Precious Little Audrey. Love & Prayers, Rose in Nashville. I HOPE GOD HAD LOTS OF PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY AWAITING THE NEW LITTLE RED-HEADED ANGEL. xo

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for reminding us to continue to pray…as one who has been through a similar situation, I know how people forget to pray “past the passing” and to the family it can feel like air being let out of a balloon.

  • Sheryl

    Thank you for continuing to update the “strangers”. What a joyous and and painful day at the same time. His ways are certainly not our ways, but they are perfect. Will continue to pray as the Lord leads. May His presence and His peace be tangible.

  • annifranni

    My 8 year old daughter Kaileigh would like to comment:

    I have a little sister that has red hair too. Audrey reminded me of her. My mom has been sharing your story with me. I prayed for you today during a test at school. I think it’s awesome Audrey got to live a couple hours. I’m sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the post. We have been in tears all night. Our prayers are with you.

  • Skamamama

    Isaian 40:28-31

    The Lord is the everylasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
    He will not grow tired or weary,
    and his understanding no one can fathom.
    He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
    Even youths grow tired and weary,
    and young men stumble and fall;
    but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they walk and not be faint.

    Our God is amazing and His promise are everlasting! I have been so touched w/ Angie’s faith. I am thankful for the precious time you had w/ your fresh baby…truly a gift! I’m glad you got to hear her squeak. I will keep praying for healing & rest. I will keep praising God for your testimony.

  • boltefamily

    Continuing to pray as I know all too well how difficult it is to recover from a c section and deal with such a loss with other little ones at home. God WILL provide and bless this family!

  • Renee

    We are rejoicing and grieving at the same time with you all tonight. May our Father’s arms of love and peace surround each of you tonight and in these days to come that will no doubt be difficult.
    We will keep praying. Thanks so much for the blog updates.
    Much love to all.

  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    Praying with you tonight. I am so grateful that you were able to cuddle your precious daughter. What a blessing she is to so many who have been priviledged with praying for her. Blessings.

  • Jenn @ Munchkin Land

    Wow! My family and I have been so caught up in Audrey’s story; even now, I have chills going down my spine. What an amazing gift those hours must have been.

    You and yours will be in my prayers in the weeks and months ahead!

  • Laura Smith

    May God’s grace give you rest tonight.

  • Carrie

    I’ve been following your story since I read about your family on Noah Steven’s blog.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and the legacy precious Audrey is leaving already.
    Your family will be in my prayers here in Minnesota.

  • Anonymous

    My deepest, most sincere sympathies are with you and your family right now. Audrey will hold a special place in my heart forever.

  • Carrie Oliver

    Thank you, Jessica, for being so kind to update us on today’s events with Audrey and the Smith family. What a powerful story.

    The Heavens have been stormed with prayers from Weirton, WV and will continue to be as this family moves through the days ahead.

    Love and prayers,
    Carrie Oliver

  • zanybaton

    I have been truly blessed today by reading through your blog. I wish I had known sooner so I could have been praying the last few months with you. I have been praying all day today and will continue to lift up your family in the days to come. It is amazing to see God using this situation already to reach unbelievers as seen by some of the comments here. May God bless your family in a mighty way for continuing to glorify Him through this terrible trial. I pray that God would give me the same grace He has given you these past few months.
    God’s love to your Family.

  • Jane-Jane

    my prayers will be with you, today, tomorrow and always.

    Lord, please love on the Smith’s like you have never done so before. We love you for your grace and mercy. amen.

  • Adrienne and Jim

    Thank you for updating us, Jessica. Still praying with gratefulness for your time together as a family of 6 and for peace and comfort…

  • Anonymous

    With hope that your entire family will be able to find peace in the next few days knowing that you have so many friends and strangers too praying for you and celebrating thes newest angel in heaven – I am sure Audrey will be a wonderful guardian angel and will be anxiously waiting for her earthly family to join her in the glory of heaven!

    I will continue to pray for your family as well as others in similar circumstances

  • Q’s NEWS

    Still……I cannot find any words. Just know I will be praying and waiting for the next update.

    Love from WV,

  • Jane-Jane

    Dear Audry,

    Please give Jesus a big hug for me. Tell him how much I love him and wait for the day Our Father calls me home to hug him myself. And when you see my grandmas, dear aunts and my loved ones, please hug them for me too.

    We will not let you be forgotten. You are loved and missed by many here on earth.

    until I join you in Heaven…

  • capitoldiver

    We are rejoicing for the precious time Audrey was given. It was a true gift from God! I feel that, in itself, was a miracle! I know she is in Heaven with her new friends, Noah, Ricky, and other precious little ones who happily welcomed her home. I praise God for giving you peace and comfort during this time. I will be praying for all of you in the hours, days, weeks, and months to come. May God “Carry You” through this.

  • Honea Household

    Audrey has left a legacy. And Angie, you will be able to tell this story one day to someone who will truly benefit from it because you have continued to worship Audrey’s Creator who knows all. He is not only holding her, He will also tenderly hold you, lovingly comfort you, and faithfully walk with you every step of the way.

    May His arms protect you with the peace that passes understanding; may His arms surround you with His mercy that’s new every morning; and may His arms embrace you with His love that knows no end. I pray for the comforting power of the Holy Spirit to be with you during this time.

    With Heartfelt Sympathy,
    Ashley H.

  • Mark and Rebekah

    Even though I’ve followed your blog from day one, I sat here tonight rereading it, starting in the beginning. As someone else said, I have chills going down my spine.

    As I’ve been reading, I’ve also been listening to my baby boy breathing (my husband loves to crank up the monitor for some reason!). He is our miracle baby–one given to us by a young mom who was unable to give him the life she so desperately wanted for him.

    I had prayed for so many years, and I had finally reached the point where instead of *just* praying for a baby, I was praying that I would be content and have peace no matter what God decided.

    I am praying the same for you right now as you are grieving your precious Audrey Caroline. May you find peace and healing in God, knowing that His decision is always the best even if we can’t comprehend it.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for all the updates today. I can’t stop thinking about you all. Hugs and prayers in the coming days.


  • stitchyfingers

    Sweet family,
    I have had you in my thoughts and prayers for quite some time now. I will continue to lift you to the father.


  • Anonymous

    There are no words…just love from someone you don’t even know. I feel connected to your family and think of you without ceasing. I am so grateful to God for giving Audrey breath….for you, for her and for Him. It was surely His gift for you when his perfect timing needed her with him. Think of the celebration you have to look forward to. My Mom has gone to heaven, and in her last days, she talked about “all the babies”.I believe my Mom is with the children and she thinks Audrey is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her short, beautiful life with all of us. Love you, Carol

  • Laura

    my heart aches for you all for your loss. i have no doubt just how amazing and beautiful audrey was. what an amazing gift it must have been for you all to be with her while she was here on earth. as a nicu nurse i am always struck by the grace and love even in the midst of the most unimaginable pain when a family must say goodbye no sooner after they say hello to their little one. thank you for sharing audrey just a little with us all.
    God bless you all. my heart and prayers are for you tonight.

  • Kim (marygracesummons.blogspot.com)

    There are no words. I am sorry. I will be praying for your family.

  • Kristen

    I am praying for you and your family. God bless you.

  • jennsbluedolphin

    I am so very glad you got to hold her and kiss her. I thank God to know you had the chance to smell her one time, to see her beautiful eyes, to hopefully see her smile just once. I will be praying for your whole family. Rest now Angie, let God cradle you for awhile.

  • Bickers Family

    thank you so much for the updates. I’ve been checking it like a madwoman all throughout the day! As I keep saying I”m praying this family all the way through. It makes me feel a little better knowing they got to hold their precious baby girl for just a little while. Long enough to send her back to her Father above! I will pray for a speedy recovery as well!

  • Anonymous

    She’s got a baby inside
    And holds her belly tight
    All through the night
    Just so she knows
    She’s sleeping so
    Safely to keep
    Her growing
    And oh when she’ll open her eyes
    There’ll be no surprise
    That she’ll grow to be
    So beautifully
    Just like her mother
    That’s carrying
    Oh Capri
    She’s beauty
    Baby inside she’s loving
    Oh Capri
    She’s beauty
    There is and angel growin’ peacefully
    Oh Capri
    Sweet baby
    And things will be hard at times
    But I’ve learned to try
    Just listening
    Patiently, oh Capri
    Sweet baby
    Oh Capri
    She’s beauty
    Baby inside she’s loving
    Oh Capri
    Your beauty
    Just like your mother
    That’s carrying…Oh Capri

  • Kara

    praying as i go to sleep for the night. i know that the Lord will bless and keep the Smith family for days to come.
    praying for your sweet Audrey and your entire family.

  • Laurie

    Praying tonight for the peace that passes all understanding to fall on your family. Audreys sweet legacy has really just begun as her life will touch hearts worldwide. She sure has touched mine. My heart is so heavy tonight as I think of your sweet family who expected the loss but is feeling the pain that is so real and fresh. My prayers continue for you and I ask God to bless you for choosing life for Audrey. She only knows pure love.

    Laurie in Ca.

  • Michele

    I have been keeping up with your blog for the past couple of weeks,through a friend of my moms. My heart is broken for your sweet family, but I am so glad for the time you got to spend with your precious baby. I just wanted to let you know I have been praying for you and your wonderful family all day and will continue in these coming days. I also wanted to let you know how much your story has touched my heart and what a perspective it has put on my life. My prayer for you and your family is that you rest in peace that only God can give you and that you find comfort in the fact that sweet Audrey is resting in the loving arms of God the Father tonight.

    “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest on the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord,”He is my refuge and my fortress,My God,in whom I trust.” -Psalms 91:1-2

    Angie, thank you for your beautiful witness through all of this. It has been such a blessing to my life as a Christian.

    praying for you constantly,

  • Dobbie and Papa

    With all that goes on in this world, I know that God has somehow brought peace to your heart and ours, even in the pain, a time that we needed to reflect on His Glory, His Power and His Grace. My husband and I are both nurses, he in Er and I was in OB, at the last of my journey there; now I quilt and continue to love on my family and 7 grandables, scattered in this great country.
    But, as your time came we considered what may happen at the time of the delivery in the surgery suite…and then how gracious God was, I know, I have been in those theaters with Moms’ delivering in all kinds of situations; God did a miracle for you, Angie, and Tod…No doubt!!
    We have followed your diary and will continue; we also have directed others to read and connect and read your expressions of words that is deep inside of us all. You are so able to express so well…I have written a few times, and I will continue to carry you in my heart as part of my “family”…
    Last night my husband and I tossed and turned and dreamed of your need all night…God took that need and has given you with a special touch of His hand! We are amazed! Tenderly now, go home and heal and give yourself time…..
    I must also thank Selah, during my Moms’ passing that took a week in her home, my 4 sisters and I and some of our daughters, nieces and grandkids would put Selah music on and we would worship God at her side and at her feet; singing, crying, laughing at times, even a slumber party dressed in her pj collection..You Raise Me Up was sung with tears flowing and I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me was sung then and also at her funeral celebration by my son….you are gifted and we do thank you!!! You are used by God! and continue to be!

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Mauimom1

    May He comfort you and bring you peace. Praying for all of you-

  • sara b

    I have gone back and read through your blog. My heart is soft and tender towards you and your family at this time. PRAISE GOD she is with Jesus. I can’t tell you what an amazing impact you have had on me through your posts and the countless others you have touched you will not know about until the other side of Heaven. I am praying for you and your family. HE will bring you peace and comfort.

  • Anonymous

    My prayers are with you and your family. “blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted” Matthew 5:4. Know that in her short life Audrey has touched and will touch many. My faith in the goodness of God is reaffirmed in reading this. I’m in a place where I’m coming into my own definition and perception of God separate from my parents and church and reading about the immense faith and love being wrapped around this family moves mountains for me. I know the rain falls on the just and the unjust, but I just realized the difference is the peace that Christ grants to those who believe. I hope that peace is with you as you celebrate the time you had with her and while you mourn the time you won’t have. Her life is already changing many, her legacy already a beacon for the glory of God.

    Numbers 6:24-26:
    The Lord bless you and keep you;
    The Lord make his face to shine upon you,and be gracious to you;
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,and give you peace.”

  • PetiteCheri

    Thank you Jessica for your updates. My prayers are with you and the family at this time. I thank Jesus for His grace and mercy in allowing Audrey a few brief, beautiful hours here on Earth.

  • Jan

    Great love and prayers go out to you all this evening. I am so excited and saddened at the same time. The excitement comes from knowing that our Lord is an amazing Lord, one who let you have over two hours of precious time to share with your daughter. I’m saddened that you aren’t able to keep her physically here on Earth for years to come. I believe that she is up in heaven right now, and will be your guardian angel for a life time. Angie, I pray that you begin to heal both physically and mentally. I also pray that Audrey’s legacy lasts in all of our hearts and minds for a life time!!

    Love, Jan

  • Anonymous

    Dear Family:
    My heart ache now as I feel the pain of your loss… Audry became a part of our family, we looked every day for the update of your blogg.
    May the Lord comfort you as you go thru this difficult days ahead.

  • ashlee

    my faith is very much strengthened by this family and their hope in the Father’s will. i will continue to pray for them daily, as they minister to so many through this season of life:)


    I’m so thankful that God allowed you such sweet time to snuggle baby Audrey and drink her in. There is never enough time with our babies while they’re babies, but you certainly did not have enough earthly time with her. God has and will catch all your tears–he doesn’t forget and will bless you over and over again for the way you’ve glorified him in this journey. Praying for you every time you come to mind (all day long!)

  • Becky

    Thinking of you and praying for you tonight! If you want to in the future, I have a link on my blog to a dear friend of mine who experienced something similar to you. You might find it comforting and encouraging. The blog in my list is Christy. She is an amazing woman of God, like you sound, who has been through a similar situation.

  • Katie

    The prayers will continue for this special family. I am glad that they can feel its power.

    There are so many of us that don’t really “know” the Smiths, but want to show our love and respect for Audrey. I hope there will be a way that we can send things to them, or make a donation in memory of to some foundation.

  • Tim Castle

    Angie and Todd;
    I had no idea about your story until Matthew Turner linked to you today. I was completely caught up in it as I read all the posts from day one. My heart goes out to you, my prayers go up to our Lord, and my praises go to Him, as well.
    It’s hard to describe my feelings about Audrey’s life, and your walk through it. God spoke powerfully through your words, and the faith that is bringing you through all of this is earth-shaking.
    May your body heal quickly, Angie, and may your hearts be in God’s hands, to heal in His way, in His time, and for His purposes.


  • Anonymous

    I read your story on your blogspot(I linked it through your cyber friend Lori) she is also a very good friend of mine. I am so glad that you all had time with Audrey! God is so good to us. I will be praying for you all. I have made a sign to place on my desk to remind me to say a prayer for peace everytime i see it. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace through the precious holy spirit.

  • Sara

    A song I sing to my neices and nephews that makes me think of Audrey tonight:

    God made you special
    God made you special
    For there’s no other who’s just like you… special you are.

    For He took the time
    to breathe into your heart and mind
    an identity.
    Your kind of style sets you apart.
    Be yourself, it’s fine it’s all God’s design.

    God made you special.
    God made you so special.
    For there’s no other who’s just like you.
    Special You Are.

    Sleep well, Audrey.

  • Liz

    What a gift and miracle Audrey’s life is! Praising God for the time you could have with your sweet baby.

    Thank you for sharing her life with us!

    Continuing to pray!

    In Christ,

  • Dani and Greg

    Praying for you through the night while you sleep and while we are awake here in Russia. God bless your sweet family.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad that you were able to share God’s Little Materpiece with family and friends for a little longer than expected. You are all such witnesses for the Lord, even little Audrey and her sisters!
    God did choose you for this special
    task of being Ambassadors for Christ. The lives that have been touched by your journey is a miracle as was Audrey Caroline.
    Thank you, Angie and Todd for making the decision to go through with the pregnancy..what an inspiration for others to see. I have been praying for you all and will continue to do so without ceasing. Rest and allow yourselves to feel the hands of the Father around you. God’s Richest Blessings to you at this time of great need.

  • Quinn

    My thoughts are with all of you tonight. I hope everyone is able to get a little sleep.
    Quinn in Oklahoma.

  • Anonymous

    based solely on the thousands of people that 3 lbs. 2 oz. of innocent beauty can touch, God did have his purpose for your little angel. May God bless you for sharing your sweet blessing with us all and showing us all a glimpse of God’s power, mercy, love, and grace.

  • Anonymous

    what can i say, you and your family are wonderful people, your strengh and faith as a unit, will keep you all strong, i am praying for you all, god bless you all, i know you only had a little time with audrey but that little time will last forever in your memories and heart, god bless you all, and audrey is a little angel, xx god bless sweet heart xx

  • Lindsay

    Praying for you at this time.

  • Anonymous

    what can i say, you and your family are wonderful people, your strengh and faith as a unit, will keep you all strong, i am praying for you all, god bless you all, i know you only had a little time with audrey but that little time will last forever in your memories and heart, god bless you all, and audrey is a little angel, xx god bless sweet heart xx

  • Natalie

    Todd & Angie,
    Always remember what a blessing it is that you haven’t “lost your daughter”, you know exactly where she is!
    Thank you for your strength in sharing your story. Thank you for letting us pray and grieve with you & for you. I’ve kept my listeners updated and will continue to do so.
    Your journey has touched my life because I have four sons here with me on this earth, and two children Father is holding for me until I get there. You have put into words so many of the things for years I couldn’t say, and I thank you for that.
    In Him,
    Natalie Stanfield Thomas
    American Family Radio

  • Anonymous

    I have been reading your story since day one and i am so excited to hear that God gave you time with your beautiful daughter…prayers were definitely heard. She has been such a blessing in many many lives already. Thank you so much for sharing her life, and yours, with us. I will still be praying for you to continue to have peace, and a quick recovery. I cannot tell you how much of an encouragement you are. Thank you for being a blessing through your huge trial. You have moved me to tears, brought me joy, and everything in between, and i have never even met you! Love you.

  • Anonymous

    I found your blog through Jody’s and have been praying about your situation.

    Even though I live in Seattle, I want you to know that someone out here is thinking of you and your precious family.

    When I read this latest chapter, I was filled with awe at God’s amazing grace. Grace to allow you and your family to spend time with Audrey. What an amazing gift.

    I had 2 C-Sections within 20 months of each other and know that the recovery can be hard. Will be beseeching God on your behalf for a speedy healing and return to the comfort of your home.

    You are an inspiration. God has used you mightily.

    Warmly in Christ,

  • Marc and Charity

    Thank you for updating us again. Praying for the whole family!

  • royster family

    neaer stil nearer, close to my heart, draw me my saviour how precious though art. fold me , fold me close to thy breast, shelter me safe in that haven of rest…shelter me safe in you haven of rest. a song i am blurtig to the top of my lungs for you here in huntsville alabama at 238 am. Grant me the cleansing thy blood doth import. you are loved

  • Shane and Kathy Gebhardt

    You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and god’s Blessings Always.

  • Allyson

    My heart has broken for all of you during this journey. God has provided you with such great wisdom and acceptance of your sweet little girl and you will be blessed greatly! I pray for easy physical healing and for peace in the upcoming days, weeks, years. Audrey was SO loved and felt that love before she was even born. She will watch over you until the day you meet again!! You are an inspiration and I strive to have faith as strong as yours! God bless all of you!

  • Monika

    I don´t know, what can I say …. it is great, that God gave Audrey chance to spend time with her family, that she could see you all and know your great love.
    Take care!!!

    Monika (Europe-Prague)

  • Alicia

    Lifting you all up to the Great Comforter….

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    You are in my prayers.

  • clg0513

    i’m thinking and praying for you all today…I just cannot imagine. I am so glad you got to spend a couple precious hours with her.

  • Anonymous

    I am very, very sorry about your loss, and I will be praying for you-I’ll request prayer for you in school, so that we are all praying for you. I’m so sorry but glad you got to spend time with little Audrey-it must be so hard!

  • Cassie

    Praising God that he allowed you some precious time with little Miss Audrey..God is Good..Praying for your family in the difficult days to come….Much love…

  • Heather

    Continuing to keep you all in our prayers!

  • Anonymous

    Smith family,
    as you can read from responses you are being held up to the Lord by so many all over the world.
    I have red a few post that said that through your sweet testemony and sweet little Audrey they are starting to believe in our wonderful Savior, who is our wonderful conselor, Mighty God, and our prince of peace, abd our friend who is always close.
    Maybe this is who God was trying to reach for years ( maybe). If so Audrey will have a soul winners crown even at her young age.
    Keep us posted it is amazing to read what God is doing through you because of Audrey.
    Lots of Love and Prayers

  • Alex

    this story and your faith are so inspiring. may you and your family stay strong and know that Audrey has bought so much love and inspiration into the world, even as far as Australia.

  • Anonymous

    I also read about the Smith’s baby girl and the loss of such a precious angel. I am not a religious person, but my thoughts are with your family! Cherish the time you had with Audrey and hold her close to your hearts…

  • Anonymous

    Dear sweet Smith Family~ I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you for sharing your journey. You have touched my life deeper than you will ever know. I thank God for you! Jenny

  • Kara Stoltzfus

    i know this is just one of many comments you have received on your blog, but i am particularly touched by your story. almost 3 years ago my husband and i experienced a very similar situation and lost our son shortly after birth. (i also had low to no amniotic fluid because of blockage).
    our prayers are with you in the weeks and months to come. i pray god showers you with peace, strength and the overwhelming love of family & friends.
    there are no words adequate enough for your deep loss, we grieve with you.
    kara stoltzfus (lancaster pennsylvania)

  • Amy

    I awoke in the middle of the night and said a prayer for this family. That precious, pure soul is now in the presence of God!

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful thing.

    Now that Audrey is with our Father, our prayers can shift from begging and beseeching….to gratefulness and praise of how thoughtful and mighty the Lord is.

    Praise you Father, that you heard all our prayers and granted time to the Smith Family. We pray now, humbly as your children, to keep them wrapped in your arms of comfort and protection. Help the loss to not bog them down, and help their minds to remember Audrey. Bless them to feel your quiet peace. We love you and praise your name….

    Angie, Todd, Abby, Ellie and Kate…….we love your little family. You have grown on us over the last months, and we cry out for you. Be strong together and know the Lord is with you.

    Go home and kiss Sawyer. He can help you in the dark hours of sadness………

    With love,
    Becky Cain

  • Hollie

    Gosh…I cannot stop thinking about your sweet family! I am still praising Him for the sweet time you got with Audrey and the amazing memories that will last forever! Continuing to pray for your entire crew in the days/months ahead! Sending love your way!

  • Anonymous

    I prayed for you all day yesterday. You didn’t leave my thoughts for a minute. I couldn’t stop checking your blog for updates.

    This is one of my favorite verses.
    “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

    I will continue to pray for you and your family.

    I am praising God that he allowed you to be with that sweet baby for over 2 hours!!

    Still praying in Clare, Michigan.

  • Anonymous

    Thoughts of you and your family weighed heavy of my heart last night. I tried to sleep but could not let the thoughts of you go. I am very sorry for your loss. Please know that Audrey has touched me and my family deeply. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

    In His Name.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your life and speaking intimate details that we may pray specifically and fervently on our knees before the Lord. You will not be left without prayers in the days to come. Even more so I will pray. I will pray specifically for pain relief physically and your body to recover quickly. I will pray for rest and comfort as you feel God holding your life. He cares so much about every detail of your life that He wakes people in the middle of the night to pray over you, Todd, and the beautiful girls. I will pray for your departure from the hospital and every emotion and thought and feeling you will have as you come back into your home. I pray God shows you His beauty all the way home…Maybe in the new blooms or sunny warm sky or a rainshower or however He may…My prayers are with you during the worship service for Audrey. How powerful God will move that day. How I pray many will come to know the One True, Living God..How much praise and honor and glory God will receive! He will receive much glory. What else are we made for but to see Him high and lifted up shining in His glory?


  • Anonymous

    Even though God took Audrey she touched so many people. She brought people to God and even though we are sad with her passing she and God together made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives. Our family has been praying for all of you in this tough time. but I also know to be able to know the good times you have to go through the bad times. We all take things for granted but when something like this happens you realize how important the ones who are around you really are. That is what Audrey and God have done, she has made us feel blessed to be with all of our loved ones. She only was on this earth for a short time but she has made more of an impact than most of us every do living a long life here. God has a plan even if we don’t always understand it and I praise him for Audrey.

    Also praying for all of you in Clare Michigan

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy that God allowed sweet Audrey to be born alive and that you were able to spend some time with her. I am rejoicing that her sisters were able to love on her too and make memories of their own. I am praying for you Angie and your physical healing and comfort as well as spiritual and emotional strength and rest.

    May God continue to bless your family in ways that only He can. May the lives that are touched by Audrey’s story continue to see the mercy and grace of our Lord and find peace and hope of their own through Him.

    What a blessing to my heart you have been. Thank you!

    Tori – PA

  • Lori

    I’ve been praying for you all. What a beautiful legacy Audrey has left behind in her short time on earth. May God bless you and comfort you…

  • April Lauer

    I have been praying for You and your family and little Audrey, Thank the Lord that you were all able to love her, hold her, and spend sometime with her before she went to our Heavenly Father. Praying you will have a quick recovery. God Bless You and your Family. The Lauers

  • Christy O

    Continuing to pray and thanking God for the gifts He gave yesterday. Although we have never met and most likely will, I am honored to know Angie and the family. God will hold you up as you walk the journey forward.
    Christy in WI

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad she passed peacefully. Prayers continued…


  • Anonymous

    the Lord is rich in mercy and love…….we all praise Him for the time you had with little Audrey…..praying for you!
    teri in houston

  • LInda

    Praying for all of you now & in the days to come. I join you and others praising Him for blessing you with time to spend with her. I know those are moments you will treasure until you dance with her in heaven.

  • andrea

    i am so sorry for your loss!
    i just read your entire blog you are an amazing family! may God richly bless you!
    may you feel HIS loving arms around you!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Taylor

    I just found this blog this morning. Before I knew it, I’d spent over an hour and a half reading the entire thing from start to finish. God speaks so beautifully to you, Angie. The way you share the story of the bunny, the story of the photo albums, the story of Audrey….
    I work at a radio station here in Seattle and I will be playing songs from Selah today as well as sharing your story on-air. I will be thinking of you and your family all day long. I will pray for your strength – mental, physical, emotional. And I will pray that the Lord continues to speak to you in a way that you know it’s Him. Love to you – Sarah

  • Danna

    Dear Family,

    I am so sincerely sorry for your loss of your precious baby girl. Angie, I sent you an email. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. A fellow bereaved parent, I know the pain all too well that you are feeling at this moment. My details are in the email. Please know i am here and you are in my prayers.

  • MMrussianadoption

    so sorry for your loss. praying for your family’s healing

  • Becca

    I truly admire your love and faith in God. May He give you strength to get through such a difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss. Hope the time you had with Audrey was peaceful. God bless you and your family, and I will pray for you all!

  • Kate C

    I heard about your story from a friend. I was a complicated baby–a twin–but my twin miscarried early on and I gave my mom a tough time, was born early, and then, like your Kate, was a little spunkster! (We call it “firetail”). I have a deep love and compassion for you. Praise the Lord that He is holding you so tightly to Himself. I pray fiercely that you feel no guilt, no condemnation, no shame, that you only feel peace washing over you and that you rest in the knowledge that you have been richly blessed by this precious, brief life. I will pray for your sweet girls that they are blessed with a deep and unshakable understanding of God’s love, His character, and His mercy by seeing your example and your persistent praise. I pray that they will learn of the strength and joy we may find in our brothers and sisters in Christ in the days ahead as you find a very extended family so eager to show you love and help carry you through this time. May God multiply his blessings in your life. Your faith is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I found this site through Nesting place and was very touched by your beautiful letter to your precious baby girl and by the amazing photos. You two (hubby and wife) stay strong. Your marraige will be stretched by this. Trust the Lord Jesus. He will bring you through. May He raise up many many faithful followers by your testimony of your grace through this time.

    Love to you both and to your beautiful children,

    Jill and Doug Farris and our eight children

  • Nicole

    My tears fall as your morn the loss of Audrey Caroline and my smiles rejoice with you as you remember the time you had with her. God has one more beautiful angel and I am sure she’s already met my two angels.