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My Purse…

In case you are curious about the fate of my purse…

happy bidding 🙂
****update**** I was notified by a sweet reader that I am not allowed to put an item up for “charity auction” unless I use their charities!!!! eek!!!!!! I had no idea!!!! I am in the midst of re-posting the item legally….if you already bid, please come back and do it all over again in a bit when I get the new link.  I will post it here ASAP!!!!! Thanks so much…
****another update….**** here is the new link, with some modifications so I won’t get in trouble with Ebay…just so you all know, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Hope Clinic in Nashville.  Let’s try this again….good luck!!!!  
****and yet one more update…IM SO SORRY!!!!!! apparently, I can’t even have the word “charity” in the auction, so I have rewritten it (again!) and you will have to re-bid…..don’t give up on me!!!!! it’s for a good cause!!!! or, maybe God is telling me not to sell it……:) Nope, that’s not it…shucks.
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