A Thursday Morning

I’m just going to come out and say it.
I was really nervous about the whole “homeschooling” thing.  I put it on the blog, and then immediately, I kind of panicked.  ”Why?” you ask.  Why would a woman feel fear when she says the word “homeschool?”  A little background…
Last year, Todd and I decided to go to a homeschool convention.  About $100 later I decided this was going to be fun.  Curriculum, planning, fresh pencils….ooohhh this is Type A heaven.  I told my neighbor I was thinking about it and she suggested I start braiding my hair and invest in a denim jumper STAT.  I did neither.  
Recently, one of my friends at church (Hello Heidi!) invited me to a homeschool get-together. It’s kind of a play-and-pray thing where the kids play and the moms pray.  What a cool idea, right? Yeah, cool up until the night before at about 11:00 p.m. when I start to wonder how this is going to go down.
“Todd.  They aren’t going to like me.  I’m not going to fit in.” I pause, waiting for him to play the role my dad did when I was in 6th grade and tell me I was sure to be everyone’s favorite friend (I wasn’t. I’ll save that story for another day…).
“Why do you think that, Ang?”  Oh no.  A reflective question.  He’s dodging it, I can tell.
“Because their kids are really smart, and Todd…..and I’m…..” I pause, and then with great conviction, spit out these words….
“I’m a subscriber…” I start hyperventilating.  This is not going well.
(If you haven’t read my entire blog, you have no clue what I am referring to. Don’t worry about it.  Just know I love Jesus, but I also want to know what Keith and Nicole named their new baby…Sunday Rose, in case you are curious. But you didn’t hear it from me.  I am a homeschooler.)
I am suddenly imagining kids who make the Sound of Music crew look like hooligans. And they are playing their violins.  I have recently discovered that all home-schooled kids play the violin, and you will do well to just say the word “Suzuki.”  That’ll get you in the door.
And then I am picturing Kate.  Who will probably try to eat the violin, and may use the bow as a weapon, while the well-mannered children lay hands on her.
This is going to be a train wreck.
And to top it off, my mom-jeans are in the wash.
I decide to go, and to make the best of it.  I adore the 2 moms who I know from this group so I thought I would survive.  On the way over, I told the kids to practice their new Bible verses, interspersed with the word “Suzuki.”  You know, just in case. 
I debated about leaving Coco in the car, but it was hot, and I didn’t want her to get all sweaty. She’s not heat-tolerant.  She likes it right at about 71 degrees.
I get the kids out.  Oh wait, I forgot the best part.  They wanted to color on the way over, and in my mind I was thinking, Perfect.  I will have them color maps of Russia, and then they can sort of just fall out of the car when we get there, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, a map of Russia, you are so smart, Ellie!’ Maybe not Russia, maybe Africa….now we’re getting somewhere…

Um, no.
What happened was that the door opened, and Abby decided that she was going to boycott the whole shindig, so for three straight minutes, I had to say things (loudly and with dripping sweetness), “Oh Abby, honey, let’s go see your friends! It will be SOOOOOO fun!!!!!” and then under my breath, “Abigail Grace if you do not get out of this car and say something in Spanish, you are NOT going to Chick-fil-a. Remember Dora? You can count to ten, right? Uno, dos…..”
“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!”  Abby throws a crayon into the driveway and I, unwilling to give up the charade, decide to make lemonade with my precious lemons.
“That is MAGENTA, Abby! You LOVE ma-gen-ta, right?” She looks at me like I am speaking French and coloring Russia.  Kate starts saying “ma-gen-ta” louder and louder while staring at me. Then she starts rocking back and forth and slapping her legs to the beat in her head. It’s loud.  REALLY loud.  ”MA-GEN-TA  MA-GEN-TA  MA-GEN-TA.”  She is now tossing crayons left and right, fully immersed in her new anthem.

Abort mission, abort mission…..
So I did what any self-respecting mother would do in that situation. I made a deal with them, and I’m not going to lie.
It involved the dollar spot.  
Bonus item for using the word “ubiquitous” appropriately in a sentence.
Dresses smoothed, hair spit-fingered down.  We walked into our homeschooling destiny like thoroughbreds.  I think two of them held hands.  What can I say? Overachieving is in their blood.
As we walked around to the back of the house, I saw some kids playing on the trampoline, and they looked, by all means, very normal.  Actually, downright adorable and laughing their heads off.  Feeling a little better…the kids are not ready to be integrated yet, so they come with me into the house.  Which is just as well, because at this point I need accessories. 
We walked through the back door and greeted everyone, and it absolutely turned out to be a blast.  The moms were all great, and the older kids took care of the younger kids while we all chatted.  Abby and Ellie loved looking at the birds and Kate didn’t hurt anyone, so by all means, it was a success.  
It really made me think about the way I compartmentalize people…this group intimidates me….this group will think I am too this…..this group thinks I’m out of my mind to do this….etc.I realized I had been worried about nothing, and I felt really welcomed and normal, and a little sheepish about my freak-out.
All it took was a Thursday morning.  If any of you GCC moms read this, know that I am grateful for you, and so glad to have such a great group of women to share life and teaching with.  And I am sorry if my kid kicked your kid in the shins.  She really is a dainty flower most of the time…
Yesterday, I was teaching the girls and we absolutely had a ball.  I decided it would be fun to let you all see our little classroom, and share some of our favorite time of day.  I have starting implementing some of the creative ideas that people sent to me, and I am really feeling good about the whole thing.  The room itself is what we in the South affectionately refer to as “The bonus room.” We don’t really have basements, so this is kind of the trade off.  I hope you enjoy these! And I will tell you ahead of time that if you like any of the decorations, they probably came from Ikea, and were less than $20.  I love that place….

                                                                 Ellie hard at work.
                             Kate’s very own pencil-bag to learn and to create and to…..
                                             …destroy my plan for a “no-bath” night.
                                 Um, yeah, that’s a glue stick. Say it with me, SU-ZU-KI.

                                                   All three girls…aren’t they sweet?
   I’m so proud of my girls (all 4 of them:)) …and so grateful to be their mommy.
                                                   I am a blessed, blessed woman.
As a sidebar, thank you so much for your support regarding my speaking engagement…I am so excited I will get to meet several of you.  I don’t have any more info about it right now, but I will post it when I do.  I’m also going to be sending you an invitation to come and meet the WHOLE Smith clan (and hear Selah sing:)…do you live in Michigan?), so stay tuned….
And the Bible study…still waiting for final confirmation from the church, but I am thinking we will start in the next 2-3 weeks, and I think it will be on Monday evenings at 6:30…this is subject to change, but that’s where we are now.
Love to you all on the eve of, well, another Thursday morning.
I hope it’s a good one for you.

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  • Jacquie

    FUNNY post! You are blessed, Angie, and so normal! Thank you for showing us all of your heart! Your girls are adorable!!!

  • Kelly

    I can’t believe I’m posting so early and it’s my first time posting here. I’ve been reading your blog for several months (sadly it made me a little nervous when I was pregnant but now have a healthy 6 week old son). I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts throughout what life deals to you. I loved this post and am interested in reading how homeschooling goes. I have a 3.5 year old too and have contemplated schooling options and would like to start working on preschool skills with her so please share the tips you get if possible (or do I need to just read all the comments)?!? Thanks again for sharing!!!

  • blessedwith5

    You and your family are so cute! You are so funny and I love to read about you, your life, family and God.

  • Wammy

    I have to tell you that our #1daughter told me about your blog a few months ago and I never got around to reading it. Then this morning she emailed to tell me that you were going to be at Southland…she graduated from Asbury and attneded Southland her entire college life. So I began to read you sotry. I can not even begin to tell you how touch I have been. I laughed out loud, cried so loud that our 6 year old son came and wiped away my tears. Then tonight reading this blog I am cracking up. I am a retired preschool teacher and mother of 5…been there done that. It brought back so many memories. I think you and the girls will do just fine. Hope to bring #2 daughter to Southland to hear you speak. Best wishes!

  • Monica

    What a wonderfully humorous and honest post. I’m planning to homeschool my girls too, but they’re only three now, so, we’re just reading some books. It can definitely be an intimidating process.

  • Jes


    That was a riot!

    We’re a homeschooling family, and I am totally a type-A, and the Lord had to show me that my desire for my kids to be the most brilliant in the world was pride.

    (And that I have to abort the mission to prove to all of my public schooled family that they are little geniuses!)

    I love the verse that says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

    Truth be told, when it all comes down to it, if my children grow up to be the world’s best doctors or lawyers or business people, but they don’t fear the Lord, then I will have failed like Eli did with his sons.

    I had to be reproved by God to realize that my goal as a homeschooler needs to be to raise children who know and fear the Lord, and to trust that He will guide their footsteps regarding life after graduation.

    I hope this helps.

    I remember the summer before the year that I began homeschooling, I had a TOTAL breakdown on the phone with another homeschooing mom.

    She was so gracious and allowed me to pour out all of my fears (and tears!) and then encouraged me to go forth and prosper. :)

    I would SO encourage you to read some of the work by Dr. Raymond Moore…”Better Late Than Early” will completely put your mind at ease.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts!

    Much love,

  • Holli

    I live in Michigan! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I have to tell you, it has given me great comfort during the loss of my daughter. I don’t comment often, but I do have you on my google reader. :)

    Thank you.

  • Prairie Chick

    Oh that just had me in stitches! Welcome to the world of homeschooling, there is no greater joy… uh… most days anyway! I adore your bonus room!

  • AllyZabba

    You really are too funny. Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with me.

  • adafloyd

    Uhm, let me just say, I LOVE the glue (lip) stick. TOOO Funny. You Kate and my Sophia should SOOO get together! :o )

    Thanks again, Angie! ;o)


  • queenoftheclick

    I love the classroom you set up. Also love the lesson on the whiteboard.

    Your girls are amazing and I love reading your real stories about them.

  • Jenn

    hey angie! i’ve been reading your blog since April and i feel so blessed that i found it. i don’t even know you yet Audrey’s story as changed me more than anyone else has =) i could not help but share your story with everyone around me

    also, i’m sure you hear this lots, but you are an AMAZING mother, and i hope to be like you one day! i love how you’re so great at teaching God’s word to your kids, and I love how they’re so great at absorbing it =)

    in christ

  • Taylor

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I love to read your words. :)

  • Jaci

    Your post was too funny. I don’t know how you do it, but I don’t think I could homeschool. Your girls are adorable and they have quite the fun personalities.. What kind of Cirriculum do you do if you would not mind sharing. Thanks

  • Bevy

    Way overthinking that one! HAHAHAHAHAA sounds so much like me! ;) Ah – the flesh!
    Bonus room looks GREAT!
    My sis homeschools her kids in Alaska – did you know that there are peoples who homeschool their kids (well they don’t school them at all) just to keep them home and there are those who homeschool and teach them. The simpler the better – also cause yours are so young … I’m sure you’ll do GREAT!
    I tried homeschooling my 5th and 6th grader in ’91 – and it was an unmitigated disaster – ah well – when they got into public school – they were still ahead – b’c of the Christian schooling they’d had for so many years. God bless!

  • Lift Up Your Hearts

    I’m so completely LOL. I understand exactly how you are feeling. Only guess what? One time at a homeschooling thing, someone stood up and said, “are those boys with our group?” Imagine my horror when they were mine. HA HA! They were :::gasp::: whacking their stick “swords” together!! The horror! Anyway, I’m glad your little daisies did not scare the socks off anyone and that you found a group that you love!

  • Sarah


    I just wanted to let you know that I think it is awesome that you are home schooling. I home schooled my daughter for kindergarten and it was awesome to be so involved in what she was learning. I found being able to lesson plan incredibly difficult and it was hard on me never having a break. God truly blessing women who can make it through stuff like that without going insane. I almost did.
    I also wanted to say that I think it is so wonderful that you are starting a bible study and getting out there to do speaking. You are a warrior for God.

    Oh also, Kate looks sooooooo much like you! All of you girls are gorgeous!

  • mama2lsa

    Way to conquer your fear! Homeschooling mom can be very intimidating. But for the most part we are quite normal, most of the time! Blessings to you and your family as your journey down this new road.

  • Michal Ann

    Dear Angie, I agree whole-heartedly with Jes who recommended the work of Dr. Raymond Moore, “Better Late Than Early.” Be confident! You already know all you need to know to homeschool. Your psychology training gave you the foundation that you have used to bond with, stimulate and nurture your darling, precocious, insightful girls. In the critical early months and years, you have already formed their ability to thrive academically, socially, spiritually and in every other way.

    Your bonus room is darling but be assured that you do not need to “play school” at this tender age. As you live together in a full and stimulating environment, you are giving them real world, multi-dimensional “hooks” on which to hang further learning.

    “Suzuki”?! All well and good, but who’s their daddy?? Music is a language that is in their life and blood and this is wonderful and incredibly stimulating to brain development.

    I guess I was a pioneer in home-schooling. After I earned a Social Work degree from the University of Washington (Seattle), I was so eager to have kids and put my academic training to work in watching human growth and development first hand. My kids were born in 1977, ’78 and ’80. I “home-schooled” them from the get-go and as with your kids, they never stopped learning and are life-long learners as we all need to be. They are bright, thriving adults and I thank God for those early years we had together. You will LOVE your girls into fullness of life in every respect. Keep shining, dear Angie!

    In the Light of Christ’s love, Michal Ann

  • Julie

    First of all, I am a subscriber too! I so don’t wear denim jumpers and bake my own bread.

    I have struggled with this feeling my entire homeschooling life. My kids aren’t extremely well schooled, I am not Susie homemaker either.But I try to honor God and teach them the best I can. I am just glad to have them home and be together.

    Tonight as I put Elizabeth to bed, God spoke to my heart and told me “teach them to love me and the rest will come together.” I was thinking of you and the Chapman’s who have lost children and just clung on to the fact “if they know Jesus and are taught to be Christ like. The rest will be okay.”

  • Dawn

    Hi Angie! I loved reading your post!! Before we moved to New Zealand I was a subscriber too – but now it’s just way too expensive to have it sent here and I have to content myself with a few websites to keep up. I homeschool my four girls – 9,7,5 and 3 and it is one of the greatest joys of my life!! I felt JUST like you when I began, completely inadequate AND weird, but God has graciously led me and even brought like-minded homeschool friends who read People, color their hair and try to dress stylishly. Who knew??? Anyway, I’m excited for you and I just wish I lived closer so I could get to know you. Your blog has been such a blessing to me!!!

  • nicholei

    you are so funny! =)
    you are always breaking barriers by keepin’ it real.

  • Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey

    Your classroom is so sweet and inviting, can I send my kids to you? I admire homeschooling mamas so much!

    When your Kate gets a bit older I have a very cute blond, blue eyed, little over three year old boy who might just be her soul mate. He had quite a affinity for Sharpies and I believe I’ve seen him go the glue stick chapstick route a time or two!

    I’m thinking Lexington isn’t far from my parents and I was planning to head that way that weekend. As a youth I used to head to the Ichthus music festival each year near Asbury. Amazing concert!

    Keep us up to date on your speaking event and the future of this ministry for you! I’m excited and terrified for you all at the same time!



  • Robin

    Ohhhh Angie, can I tell you how hard I was laughing through your post…..crying at points……what I absolutely LOVE about you is you have the courage to say out loud all the things we as adults are insecure about.

    My husband and I have recently felt God place on our hearts homeschooling our daughter. I currently work full-time, while my husband is a full-time student. We are starting small (preschool)….we were thinking of sending her to preschool until God moved in both of our hearts that she is not ready. Can I tell you the pressure I feel when a two year old knows all their colors, or is completely potty trained, and my poor daughter is regressing???? I recently went out of town, and since I was gone and have returned, we have accidents almost daily. One of the books we are using to get her started is, “Mommy Teach Me” by Barbara Curtis. She is a former Montessori teacher who has 12 children : )

    Would you ever consider posting some of the homeschooling resources you are coming upon for those of us who are just starting on this journey??? or know where I could look up information locally????

    God Bless your Thursday morning!!!!

  • Mrs. D

    what is with suzuki? am I missing something? Great post.. I’m thinking about homeschooling.. my daughter is 2 now…when should I start?

  • Julie

    Hi Angie, I am really admiring your chalkboard and dry erase board! Here I was today wasting sheet after sheet of paper trying to get my girls to write the letter “M” in the lines!

    Thank you for being so real and raw. I feel like such an alien being “homeschooler” (could it be all the repeated “oh-wow-why-do-you-do-that?) and I really appreciate the support! You are doing a FABULOUS job!

    Loved the pictures. You are VERY organized, I need to shape up my “classroom” asap. (kitchen table!)


  • happe2beme

    you are funny! glad to hear you like chick-fil-a i am a marketing director for them in long beach ca…”EAT MOR CHICKIN” cow talk! hope next time goes as well! haha janet

  • Sara

    Ok, I laughed out loud so many times my dog looked at me with one eye open like, “Girl, you have done gone and lost your mind..”

    I thought I had pulled it back together until I saw Kate with the glue-stick-lip-gloss. But be honest… did you do that to keep her lips together for a few stolen moments of silence while teaching? Because my teacher put tape over my mouth once in fourth grade… and I wasn’t homeschooled. I’m just sayin’…

    Oh… and I want you to re-read this post of yours about thirty times before your speaking engagement so you’ll remember that worrying usually turns out to be for no reason. These women loved you and loved your kids; and everyone who hears you speak is going to love you to. It’s a curse you have. People like you. The sooner you get used to it the better. :)

    Blessings on your day, friend…


  • Malissa

    Hello Angie! I have been following along on your blog quietly since around April…and I can’t take it anymore…if you’re hitting the road…and with Selah (who I have loved for years, and once stayed up all day after working the night shift 7 months pregnant to drive to a Dallas mall to hear sing the day the Broken Road album came out..and your husband, Amy and Allan were so kind as to sing my 2 year old daughter the “hey, hey song” (Esengo)which she still loves!)…I can stay silent no longer!! Please, please, please come to Texas!! I am so thankful that you have been so bold as to share your story with us, and have been blessed beyond measure by your words!

  • bransblahg

    I’m normally a lurker and RARELY, if ever, comment. But this, this was hilarious!! I laughed my whole way through it nodding my head thinking “yes, yes, yes this my life as well!” But only, with three boys. Who scream like girls. HA!!!

  • Jen

    LOL–I love the hint of humor in this post.

    We were in Michigan twice this year, but alas will not be back again. We would have loved the opportunity to see/meet you in person!

  • Gayle

    I love that room! What a great photo of you and Kate (hope you share more of those!). My Lukie was eating a glue stick today. Normal stuff. You’ll do a great job teaching. I’ve always wanted to teach my kids at home (with my teaching degree I always felt I could do it better and I wanted to be selfish and keep them home…ha ha), but with so many (and yes, I really do love them all) I do look forward being home *almost* alone. The quiet(er) time is nice. I’m thinking I am going to do some schooling with the 2 and 3 yr olds this winter. I have to have a schedule to make myself do things so I figure we can play school each day and have some learning going on. Good luck to you.

  • Annemarie


    I would really and truly laugh out loud at this post, except all 3 of my brood are still sleeping (it being 5:30am) and seeing as we will be staring school in 3 hours, I need my quiet time.

    Sometimes I can’t believe that we have been doing this home school thing for 4 years (just began the 5th on Monday). There are still huge moments where I don’t feel like I fit in any group. But then, I think that is a human thing….to feel misunderstood occasionally. It draws me closer to the source of all happiness and joy, God alone, a good thing.


  • jeleigh

    Sing Spell Read and Write, love it! :)

    As a mother of seven (oldest 22) and a non-jean dress wearing (btdt) homeschooler (who took a break and did public school for a while) I can assure you that none of us have it all figured out. Raymond and Dorothy Moore books are great but each child is different and the best experts on your children are God and you and your husband.

    Love your school room! My kids loved telling people what they did in school so even if it was just a little each day, keep going to that room and doing what makes sense to you and them. Just enjoy the process, for soon they will be grown and these will be the best memories.

    You’ll never regret the time you spent with your children!

  • Cass

    Want to know my initial thought when I read your post about homeschooling? “Wow, with God you truly can do anything!”. You inspire me as a wife, a mother, a woman and a child of God. Thank you for your honesty in your blog posts. You have touched my life and encouraged me forward in my walk with God. *hugs* Cass

  • Angie

    Your post was so funny!! I love your homeschooling room it is so cute, the leaves are adorable and the table is perfect for school work. Good luck! I love reading your blog, you always “keep it real!” Have a great day!

  • Becky

    After sharing your tears, it is fun to share your laughter! My daughter plans to begin homeschooling this year too. My oldest daughter is in the midst of attempting to potty train her triplet boys. I have assured her they will be out of diapers by college time………of course by then I will be in them! Keep on trusting His heart Angie!

  • Ashlie

    Oh my goodness, this made me laugh so much this morning!! I think we have all felt the same way at different times, so thank you for putting it in such a humorous light :)

  • Beth (A Mom’s Life)

    What a great post! You hit many of the homeschool stereotypes on the head!

    So glad that you found the homeschoolers to be typical mothers just like yourself!

    I have often considered homeschooling but have yet to do more than consider it.

    I hope the experience is everything you wish it to be!

    Did you get your high-waisted mom jeans out of the dryer? tee hee

  • Mommy B

    My cousin is a homeschooler and her 2 sons #1 – barely wore clothing until they were 4 or 5, and #2 – would’ve tried to dig a fort with the handle of the violin :) . Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart, but for the strong, willing, able and more importantly, patient.

    Even though my patience wanes some days, I’ve even considered it myself. And I even have a great Christian Academy based out of my church about 2 miles away.

  • Angie

    Love the post. I am thinking about homeschooling my kids too. Any tips on where to start looking?

  • Kim

    NO bath night??? What are you…savages???

    I loved this post Angie! I am mostly a lurker but have been moved by your words countless times. That whole laughing and crying thing is right up my alley.

    I started homeschooling my clan last year and the blessings are beyond number. I shared so many of your same reservations. When my 11-year old sent out a mass e-mail last week with three misspellings and some really bad grammar, I have to say I almost sent a follow-up with the corrections….just to vouch for my teaching skillz ;)

    Oh, and that whole “no-bath” night? We practice a very similar mantra, but the catch phrase is…

    “Can we just wash our feet?”

    I might have to change my blog name.

  • Truly Blessed

    i LOVE the gluestick idea! Does it help keep her quiet for just a moment? IF so……I just bought new ones…hmm…..
    seriously, the pic is great. Hilarious.
    I’m glad you stepped out of your box and gave those homeschooling Mom’s a chance. We aren’t all bad, I promise. :)
    It’s not about being the smartest, it’s about putting God back in the classroom. At least for us it is. It’s not all sunshine and roses (it’s hard work!), but I promise there will be moments of pure sweetness that you won’t trade for anything. It’s not for everyone, but give it a shot before you nix it. You may love it.
    From a dark brown #4, non-”Mommy jean” wearin’, somewhat hip(debatable),homeschooling Mom of 5.

  • Debbie D

    This post cracked me up!!! I also loved the pics of your girls hard at work. Thanks for the laughs and the cheer =)

  • Brittany

    As a mom who is slowly starting to homeschool some preschool, you have described my worst nightmare. BUT, you survived. Your story was hilarious. Thanks for being real. You’re such an encouragement to me.

  • Tricia

    Just 5 words


  • Colette

    I loved reading this post Angie, I love them all but I particularly loved this one because I can really identify with it; I am nervous about every new thing, nervous about every group of people etc, so much so that I let it hold me back when I know I really shouldn’t. You didn’t have to feel as though you had to explain yourself to us but you wanted to, and I love that about you because I’m that way too.

    I love your school room, especially the cany colored chairs. The room looks like a perfect classroom; it’s spacious and chilled out.

  • Rebekah Walker

    Wonderful post!!!

  • Jenny

    Hilarius, Angie. Between this and your post about “can we say what the crap?” I’m cracking up. And if I didn’t live in northern IN, I would love to be at your Bible study.

    I’ve been reading for a while, just never commented. Thanks for sharing the everyday funny stuff of your kids, and the deeper spiritual every day life as well – I still think of your “blink” post often.

    One of these days I’m going to work up the courage to send you an email, just to share a little.

    You’re a blessing to me!


  • Amy

    I laughed out loud at work reading this post. So funny! I know you will do perfectly wonderful homeschooling. Classroom is perfect too. And who wouldn’t like you… seriously???


    Funny. Enjoyed reading that. Have a good day.

  • Tammi

    Hi Angie,

    I just finished reading your newest post. I have been homeschooling “since the beginning”. I have 5 children ranging from 12 to 21 months, and it hasn’t always been easy. There have been times when I have felt like we haven’t been learning together as we should, days where nothing seemed to get accomplished; but then I remember that God sees the end from the beginning, and if I am faithful to do as He asks, do the best I can, love Him, and my family then He will do the rest.

    My kids love books, classical music, art, math, nature study…they love to learn, and they love Jesus. I’ll keep walking on this homeschooling path, and will walk along with you to if you like. Is homeschooling always easy?,no; but is it worth the “blood, sweat, and tears”, YES!!!

    These are my favorite resources/authors: Sally Clarkson, Homeschool Enrichment magazine, The Old Schoolhouse magazine, Karen Andreola, What We Wished We Had Known(book), CBD Homeschooling Catalog, and the local library, to name a few.

    Remember Philp. 4:13 during the hard, I want to give up days. Tammi

  • Mackenzie’s Forever Family

    You have cracked me up with this post. I think all of us mothers have been in that same spot as you were. ANd I totally relate to your “accessories” comment. I always appreciate having my kids with me when I’m in a nervous situation.

  • Dugans

    Angie- you are so funny! And very like most moms of this world! I think all of us feel a little like we are outsiders and that we won’t be liked, or fit in!
    Michael and I will homeschool the kids when we arrive in Brazil! The other options aren’t that great. The thought of being their teacher scares the crap out of me… what if they don’t like me???? So if their was any amazing advice you recieved- post it so I will have some tips!

    Come to Mn! Michigan is too far away to travel!

  • Amy

    Oh my, I was laughing so hard my son wanted to know what was so funny. Your girls are so precious, all four of them. We will be starting our school in a couple of weeks, I’ll be following the local school’s schedule. This will be my first year and I was also feeling like I wouldn’t be good enough. My husband, bless him, also loves to asks thoughtful questions…but he is a strong encourager. We are very excited to dive in to school. We named our school Excalibur Academy. My boys love medieval tales and my oldest is fascinated by the armor of God scripture. Well, I can’t wait to here more about your adventures! By the way, my youngest son and your Kate would get along great! Never a dull moment.

  • Erin lee

    i just love to read your blog! i wished that i lived closer to where your speaking engagment is going to be. i would love to hear you. i have 3 kids myself and some days feel like i’m going to loose it. so thank you for being so real and easy to feel comfortable with. thanks for sharing part of your life with us strangers. as a stay at home mommy you help me to not feel so alone.

  • Hannah

    You are so funny! It was nice to read this post while still in my bed, eating my saltines and hoping that I can get up for the day. Oh, by the way I am expecting twins, so it is fun to hear about your journey rasing twins! That Kate of yours is just wonderful. I have a four year old that she reminds me of!
    Good luck with the homeschooling. Have thought about it many times, but just don’t feel that calling on my life!!LOL

    Still laughing about this post and going to have to read it again and maybe I can get out of bed!!

    Hannah in Florida

  • Hillary

    Michigan??? I will be there…LOL. :)

    And, there is def. no way that I could homeschool…I don’t have children yet, but I also know that I wouldn’t have the patience to do something like that. I give you big hugs and lots of credit for being able to do that. :)


  • Darlene R.

    This was a great way to brighten my morning! What a fun post! I loved the picture of Kate with the glue stick! What kid hasn’t at least tasted glue in their life?

    I’m sure you and your girls will do just fine this year. Bless you for even going the homeschooling route because I don’t think I could do it.

    Oh and I’ve also been known to do a little “paying off” in my mommy days!

    Have a great Thursday!!


  • odomfamilyfun

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I think you are great. That post just made me laugh out loud & my little girl just came in to make sure everything was 'okay'. Glad homeschool meeting went okay and I would have been just as nervous & we hit the dollar spot all the time for that very same reason (hey, whatever works!).
    Have fun on this new adventure!

  • julie

    love it!
    in brentwood

  • Kim

    I am hoping to get to come to see you in Lexington as well (I live in Louisville).

    Your stories crack me up. As a first year teacher, managing nine of these…yowzers. I might be in tears in FIVE DAYS.

    Help! :) (I think homeschooling is awesome, and I too know about Sunday Rose…I just have no kids to homeschool and sadly have to work!)

  • Tiffani

    Girl, the laughs we could share about homeschooling and the stereotypes involved within :) we’ve been homeschooling 4 years and I don’t grind my own wheat, or bake my own bread, I own no denim (other than really cute Mommy jeans, oh and a super cute jacket) We don’t own a cow or livestock of any sort and we cut our hair and I even wear makeup!! So, really, homeschooling is all about what you want it to be…there will GREAT days and STRESSFUL days but the best part…we get to go through all of this TOGETHER as a family and I believe that homeschooling is a gift of eternal proportions!!! I’m SO excited about you getting to experience this with your girls!!!

  • Mabry’s gamma

    For one year I home schooled and then our situation changed so that the girls had to go back into public school but we had fun. I wish I would have been like you and started from the get go (mine were in 3rd and 6th grade) but home schooling wasn’t as popular as it is now. We had to jump threw hoops with our school system and it was hard finding other families that did this, to get together with. Now our girls are all on their own and one little granddaughter.

    I applaud you for taking this step. I was intimidated also and off and on for a year I reached out to our ministers daughter who home schooled her 4 children, she gave me the courage to continue and lent me school books…yeah.

    When we touched on different subjects I let the girls make choices, such as history, I let them decide on the time in history and then gave them some choices on a country to study. This gave them power (or at least they thought so).

    Good luck, I think with all things “new” it is scary but you will all have fun and you have many more moms out there then when I did it for resources.

  • Wendy

    What a fun post to read! You will do fabulously at homeschooling. I am envious of your school room…Ikea here I come!

  • rthling

    Yes, this is our fourth year to homeschool, and we are not even a little bit weird. The homeschoolers next door to us, well that’s a whole ‘nother story, tee hee!
    Going to a local used book sale, where the parking lot of our somewhat large church was packed to the gills, showed me what a diverse group homeschoolers can be. No fear, my friend. You can do this.

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Love the way the room is set up. It looks so cheery and fun–especially those lamps. Good post too, especially the message about not compartmentalizing people. I’ve been guilty of that too.

  • Caleb’s Family

    That is hilarious! You are such a great writer- I felt like I was there on the side of the street watching the whole situation unfold you described it so well. Good luck with the homeschooling. I am sure it will be a blast.

  • Michawn

    hilarious! i just started homeschooling this past monday (insert scream)! it’s been so fun!! my kids are 4, 3, 1, and 4 months and i only ‘school’ the older 2 while the younger 2 are napping in the afternoon. we are keeping it simple and just doing fun activities centered around the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, and of course we do a fun Bible lesson. LOVED this post though…homeschooling has such a stigma (the whole jumper and braided hair thing…oh, and socially inept kids) that i had to get over, but those things have changed dramatically over the years i think anyway. anyhoo, loved this post…i can so relate. and i just love the name sunday rose, don’t you? :) i totally keep up with the entertainment (entertainer) news myself. isn’t that horrible of a good little missionary? :) celebrity-babies.com, baby! ha ha ha. oh, and LOVE the bonus room and glue lipstick too.

  • kara78

    That was a perfect story, and I appreciate every word of it today. It’s been one of those ‘rough’ mornings with the kids, and I actually didn’t think ANYTHING could make me smile right now and you did!

  • Southern Gal

    Oh, Angie! That is so funny! When I started homeschooling back in the early 90′s, it wasn’t very popular. I didn’t have the anxiety you’ve had because there just wasn’t anyone to have fellowship with. Little by little, every year, there would be more and more families coming out of the woodwork to join our group. Now if they felt intimidated, they didn’t let us know and they immediately left those feelings at the door once they actually met with us. (That could be good or bad, I guess?)

    My kids learned to play the piano, guitar and drums. No Suzuki in this household. It’s funny what we imagine before we are actually involved in something! You’re doing fine. Home school is home school. Your home is different from everyone elses home. That’s what makes it fit your family.

    Let’s not even get into the denim jumper thing…


  • team hill

    I can’t tell you how much I have felt the exact same way. I am homeschooling this year for the first time. I have a little boy who will be in kindergarten. It is very easy to be afraid of things you don’t know.Some friends of mine still aren’t sure if I am doing the right thing. I honestly love the feeling of what i am about to do. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them. Good luck girl:)Ipray for you guys every night

  • Organized Chaos

    Your post totally had me lol! Very funny! Glad it wasn’t what you expected!

  • marnmic

    Angie! I loved this post. I have been lurking for some time, but after reading this, I must comment! The demin jumper comment made me laugh out loud. How funny. I have been homeschooling for 18 years now. My oldest is a senior in high school this year. I have a 13 year old 8th grader and a 10 year old 5th grader. (this might get long…sorry!) However, I had the same trepidation as you did the other day, when I began my homeschooling journey many years ago. We had plans to just start out homeschooling…never through junior high or high school. The Lord may have a different path for you, but let me just say I’ve grown closer to the Lord as I see my reflection in my children and realize where I need work because of being together homescholing all these years. That has been worth it all!
    Angie, let the Lord speak to you whlie you school your children. And remember none of us are perfect. Yea, there are some of those “super moms” but they are a minority. And despite the stereo type, I do not wear demin jumpers with tennis shoes (ugh!) and I’m learning right along with my kids…I have not found all the answers.
    In the beginning…before children, we thought homeschoolers were so WEIRD! Now we know they are…just like everyone is a little weird.
    It has been a journey with joys and sorrows and temper tantrums, and lots of thinking outside the box, but it has so stretched me. You’ll hear about ideas that boggle your mind, but then you’ll mull them over and be stretched and decide alongside scripture what they really mean to you and which ones you can throw out with the bath water.
    I’ll be praying for you and the girls, and Todd as you journey. And tell Todd…he is a very intregal part, even if he is not involved in teaching.
    Yesterday my husband told me the greatest thing. He said I made a difference in his life and our kids lives. That was such a great complement. He makes less money than some of his counterparts and on top of that, their wives work outside the home and their children are in daycare and public schools. I asked him if he would like me to go to work. He said, “No way! Our kids are of much more value than money!” I love it! So hang in there. Rest in the Lord, and enjoy the ride! You will all grow from it! :-)
    Love and prayers….Mary Ann :-D

  • Kori

    This was very funny as well as interesting. Love the glue stick picture. Kate is so cute with those brown doe like eyes. ANd the twins are just darling. I can just see ya’ll sitting in the driveway and crayons flying every way. Too funny.

    Glad the night went better than you expected.

  • David and Lori Plus 8

    Oh my gosh, how funny. You ARE just like the rest of us!!! My calendar is marked…Mondays, 6:30PM…..although we have never met, it will be like a family reunion. Your daughters are precious and so are you!

  • Cassi

    Congrats on setting out on the homeschooling adventure! It saddens me everytime I hear or read about the stigma homeschoolers and their moms are given. My sister and I were homeschooled and turned out very “normal” if you will. My mom is one of the most stylish dressers around. We all know how to “socialize”. Big sigh. So sad we live in a society where the government is given more credit to mold and shape our children than we are.

  • Rebecca

    such a great post! love your homeschool room! and you are normal! and your girls are beautiful!

  • Cassi

    P.S. Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Cassi. I’m a 29 year old mom of twins from Georgia. I’ve been reading your blog for months and in a way, it’s changed my life. You are a beautiful, talented, amazing writer and woman of God. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  • Kim

    That bonus room looks real familiar…
    I was nodding while reading about your homeschool group meeting experience. I’ll just say you have a Kate and I have a Kennedy. Too bad we don’t live closer. From what I’ve read, I wouldn’t worry to let my girl play with yours!

  • fishersj


    Hehe. Oh, how I can identify. Thanks for expressing what so many of us go through, simply because of our own (often false) assumptions. Keep blogging lovely lady – we are all enjoying it and growing with you! :)
    …and I live in Michigan!!! Can’t wait to hear the plans. :)

  • homeskoolmom5883

    Breathe dear. You’re thinking way to hard– this was a lesson I had to learn when I was “forcing” my then 4 year old to learn her letters–lest she be “behind” (behind of what I don’t know, (She’s 12 now, btw)
    My hubby who was homeschooled,now 33, is tone deaf and his poor mother tried to make him play the accordian– I kid you not.
    My children collect frogs and climb trees, okay they are signed up for acting classes and 4-h, but no violin/harp etc. for us. (As much as I would like them to do it, they aren’t interested).
    Now go over to Todd Wilson’s website (www.familymanweb.com), he has homeschool cartoon books for sale– buy them! And after you laugh you head off you’ll know that us homeschoolers aren’t perfect, we just love our children enough to make the sacrifice for them.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your homeschooling journey.
    I love your schoolroom, but many of us don’t even have that– we homeschool at the kitchen table, or on the sofa, or under a tree if the weather is good.
    God bless your family as you start this wonderful (most of time) journey!

  • Courtney

    You are hilarious. Thanks for giving me something to laugh about this morning. I used to be a first grade teacher in a public school system and am now home with my two boys ( 3 1/2 and 1 1/2). It is an amazing feeling to help children grow, especially in the direction of the Lord. I love seeing pictures of your little classroom…SO fun! Enjoy each step of the homeschooling process. Your girls and their spirits are just precious. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

  • Chatty


    I just love reading your blog, Angie! And oh my but that classroom looks AWESOME!

    I’m sure you hear this a lot, but from a Mom to a Mom, I have to tell you, I think your girls are so blessed to have a mother like you. :)

  • Tina

    Thanks so much for sharing that story! It was a hoot. I have caught myself many times thinking I am the ONLY one that goes through days like that but am constantly reminded by friends and fellow bloggers that we are in this together!

  • Pajama Mama

    Congratulations on your new homeschooling adventure!!

    I’m a homeschool mom and I don’t think I’ve ever used the word ubiquitous…..


  • Kathy

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing so much of you with us.

    I have 3 children (10 YO twins) and one who just turned 12. We’ve been homeschooling for 6 years now. I love, love, love it. We aren’t the typical type and I still get funny looks when someone asks where my children go to school. That stereotype has to be fading…there are more “mainstream” folks homeschooling now. (And please understand what I mean when I say that!)

    You’ll do great! It has been a wonderful thing for our family.

  • MandieGirl

    Bummer! I’m from MI, but don’t live there anymore! :( Very cute post. I totally get the “I’m not going to fit in” thing…..I have a lot of anxiety and it has held me back several times from things that I should not allow to be controlled. Thanks for sharing!


  • Mandy

    Angie! SO FUNNY! Hey, as a note of comfort I am a homeschool graduate. I never spent a day in public or private school, and I am actually normal. I don’t know how to play anything, but I love to sing! And my 2nd language is toddlereas! You CAN do it! I look forward to reading your homeschool adventures!

  • Amanda

    That is too funny!!! I have found myself in situations where I would 2nd guess myself after I made a decision to do something and in the end I made a big deal out of nothing…
    And, I LOVE the room – and IKEA!!! Super cute!!!

  • Allison

    I love your blog! I have been reading it for a while, and have been so touched by your story. I also lost a little one, and can relate a bit.

    How great that you are homeschooling! I am fairly new to it as well, but it is well worth the panic attacks and crazy days!

    I wish I lived closer to be able to attend the Bible study. I just know it will be an incredible time for all involved.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us with openness and honesty!

  • Mocha with Linda

    Love it! I can so relate. Thanks for being real.

    And your girls are precious, just like their mom!

  • Stacey

    Oh my goodness too funny! A really funny and cool homeschooling mama I have gotten great ideas from is Hannah Keeley. You can find her at
    totalmom.com. Not only does she not wear mom jeans she’ll teach you how to make rock star jeans and care for 7 kids at the same time. Bonus to, I’ve never even seen the word violin on her site. Good Luck! I love your bonus room (school room).

  • KimMc

    Thanks so much for starting my Thursday morning off with lots of laughs and a very big smile! I love the fact that you are so open and honest about who you are and what God has called you to do! May He bless you in your endeavors!

  • Amy

    i was laughing out LOUD at all your stereotypical homeschool mom references! my sister is another “normal” homeschooler and I am sending her this link right now! too funny! stay with it! I know how rewarding it can be! and that little kate, well she just reminds me of…well, me! love it!

  • Sarah

    That was way too funny! As a person who was homeschooled all through out school, I will say; when I was in middle school I hated when people thought I was either amish or a genius or played violin or harp, (yeah I got asked alot if I played harp??). Most of the time because it wasn’t “cool” to be homeschooled. But when I got in highschool I would take those questions or assumptions rather, and play with it. I would make up stories. But I am very sarcastic so.. haha.
    Thank you Angie for sharing that. I will totally have to tell my mom that story since she has so many like that for herself. :)
    I will continue praying for you with the homeschooling that I am sure you will do GREAT at.

  • Mommyof3

    What a great post! You write so well. I really enjoy reading. Can I say I’m SOOOO EXCITED for the Michigan trip. Of course I live in Florida now but the chance to see Jack sing with Nicole and Todd is something worth flying home for and I can’t wait to finally meet you as well. Any idea how much longer Jack will be at Gilead? I’m planning on going home in October so I will pray for it to happen while there. Thank god for you.

  • Juli

    Oh Angie, I too tend to put people in catagories. They will like me because, they won’t like me because. I am 45 and the mother of 3 BOYS! They are much older than your girls but I have been through all of the same thoughts in my head and even had a few of my fears come true but I have learned that people will take you for who you are. Like it or leave it. Just be yourself and from reading your blog it is a pretty great self. You inspire me. Happy Homeschooling from a mom who was never even brave enough to utter the word!


  • Stacy

    Love the post. You make me either laugh out loud or cry uncontrollably every time I read your blog. My husband thinks I have a personality disorder when I’m on line reading it!! LOL

    I DO live in Michigan, so I hope to read more about Selah’s upcoming trip.

    More than ever, thank you, Angie, for being funny, vulnerable and so genuine in your writing. You are truly a treasure that I am grateful to find:)


  • Lee

    Thank you thank you thank you for your honesty and transparency! Nuff said.
    Also, I don’t live in Michigan, but right around the lake from it! Pass on the info!

  • Lorri

    I love Kate. And her lip gloss. Reminds me of my Emma who use to bite, eat sand in front of the other playgroup moms and once, took a whole bottle of glue and glitter and decorated her face. Liquid glue, not glue stick. You’ll be happy to know, she’s almost 12 now and perfectly normal! :) Lorri

  • Ruthanne

    You are too funny. I love the accessory comment. It’s so good to have Andrew in my arms when I’m nervous about meeting people. :)
    I’ve been a public school teacher for 21 years and I still get nervous the first day of school. Shaping little lives is a big responsibility. You’ll do GREAT!
    The Coco comment cracked me up. I forgot who she was for a second (gasp) and was thinking you had taken your dog with you. LOL Coco should never have to wait in the car! :)

  • Cheri

    How do you say “ubiquitous” and what does it mean?!?!? :)

  • Jungheims

    I always feel like that at homeschool meetings….”Please, God, don’t let this be the time they find out I am a total fraud!” Instead, the groups I’ve known are the most supportive in the world!

    And, I will confess to you here what I have told NO ONE (I’m dead serious) — not even my closest friends know because I am embarassed — but I am a subscriber too!! I can’t tell you the joy when I read that original blog confession. It makes me feel right at home with you! As I heard a speaker say once, “How can we know how to pray for Brad and Angelina if we don’t know what’s going on in their lives??” =)

    Lisa in OK
    Grace’s Mom

  • Rebekah :)

    You cracked me up with your writing today! I love how you share your insecurities and are so honest about yourself with all of us. My momma doesn't care for it so much when I make light of myself and my insecurities, but it works for me and helps me get through hard things sometimes.

    You are an awesome mom, and I know you will do a good job as a homeschool teacher! I am a kindergarten teacher (have also taught prek & special education), and if you ever need an idea, have a question, want to chat about all things preschool/kindergarten/first grade-ish especially, I would be honored to talk with you! WoW! That would be for me like that time you wrote about the lady you look up to who wrote a comment on your blog. :) :) :)

    In His love,
    Rebekah :)

  • The Rhoderick Family

    Oh, I am glad I am not the only one who feels my children are not perfect, but very loved!!! Your classroom looks great! I love the table and chairs. You will be a great homeschooler. :)

  • Kara

    I enjoyed your post, soo funny. I think all us moms have been in that spot at one time or another.
    As I was having my quiet time today, you came to mind as I read a part of my daily reading from Beth Moore’s 90 days with Jesus The One and Only. She said, “In my own life and ministry, I’v accepted the fact that anyone looking hard enough to condemn will sooner or later be accommodated.” So-i thought of you and what you posted about now public speaking and putting yourself out there. I think God has already given you strength for the ministry He lays ahead for you. You are a woman of God, allowing yourself to be used by God, and share His Glory and Love. Greatness for Him, wow how He uses us ordinary people to do amazing things.
    Makes me think of last month’s memory verse I’ve treasured in my heart. “We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works in which He already prepared for us to do.” Eph. 2:10
    He already prepared for us to do. He has prepared you!
    I know the journey will be sweet.
    Come to Texas!! :)

  • Tales From the Eurovan

    Great post. Loved the part about how we compartmentalize people and can jump to conclusions about how they are going to view us. Personally I think the enemy loves it when I assume everyones going to think the worst of me, before they’ve even met me. Yes, I can relate. Working on that part. Loved the glue stick as chapstick, she’s a girl all the way! Take care, Julie

  • The Fabulous Ms. Beth

    I love reading you blog! You’re a fabulous writer. :)
    Where abouts are you visiting in Michigan!!

  • Melissa

    One of my sis-in-laws homeschools and one of her favorite comments was when someone from their new church found out and said, “Your kids are so normal”, with a touch of surprise. ;)

    We have considered homeschooling ourselves, but don’t feel that is the best direction for our family right now. I understand about the anticipation that turns from joyful to fearful, though. I’ll pray for you as I read your blog.

    I have been reading for a while, but haven’t left a comment yet. I want to thank you for blogging here … sharing your heart, your ups and downs, your humor! Thank you for using your gifts to glorify God and bless others.

  • Marilena

    Angie, I am so excited about your homeschooling adventure. I haven’t commented in a while because I was having trouble with my blogger acct. But I have been faithfully reading and praying.
    I can so relate to your experience with the homeschool group. I grew up in an Italian home, so culturally I was different and I didn’t become a believer until I was 20 and let’s just say, my kids are not geniuses! But I soon found out that the homeschool community is so diverse and they didn’t all wear denim jumpers;) I am so grateful that I decided to homeschool my kids. I have a 7 year old boy, and two girls almost 5 and 2. My 2 year old is so much like Kate! I think I have the same picture with the glue stick. I need to potty train her but I’m scared! I can’t believe a 2 year old can scare me but she is so unpredictable. Your success with Kate gives me hope!
    If you get a chance, come check out my blog. I will be starting school next week and I will be posting our journey.

    When is Selah going to Michigan??? I will be visiting my family for 3 weeks from Aug 26th to Sept 16th. I hope that’s when you’re there!!!! I will definately come to see you guys.
    Your blog is such a blessing to me.

  • Jennifer

    You make me laugh!! I decided to start homeschooling my daughter this year, too, and had many of the same preconceived notions about “those homeschoolers”. I went to a convention, and a friend pointed out a funny homeschooling T-shirt. I told her I wasn’t ready to advertise, yet. :)
    I’m on vacation right now, but I can’t wait to read all the suggestions you got about homeschooling. I’ll probably borrow some of them….

  • Stacy

    Angie-So my 9 year old (homeschooling son, Seth) was reading your blog over my shoulder and when we came to the picture of Kate he said…”ewwww…that’s a glue stick…yuck!” Big difference between boys and girls. My boys would be eating the glue stick…not using it as lipstick!:)

    Anyway, as a mommy who has homeschooled from the beginning (now, 7 years later…..and umm said I would NEVER EVER EVER homeschool) You will be so blessed…and who cares if you don’t fit the “implied” mold…God will give you your own mold” (Not the stinky green stuff…you know what I mean!)

    By the way….I’ve left you a blogging award over on my blog….thank you for being such a woman of God’s grace and beauty as you walk the road of uncertainty, pain, joy and God’s never ending goodness. You have inspired me!

    In Christ’s love-Stacy

  • kristy

    I live in Michigan! This post made me laugh out loud (while I was reading it at work)! I often feel the same way when meeting or getting together with certain groups of people. I have two boys, ages 6 and 4, and I find myself talking to them in the car about where we are going, how we are going to act and then it all seems to fall to pieces when we get to our destination. My mother believed in a little bribery here and there, and it certainly is placed on my negotiating table on occasion!

  • Lauren

    You’re such a good writer! And thanks for sharing your homeschool experiences…I used to think homeschooling was only for, well, kids with braids down to their knees dressed in matching denim jumpers with ZERO social skills. But God’s really opening my eyes to how great of an opportunity it would be to be able to teach your children and always know what they’re learning.

    Oh, and you just have to share the story that was on your Smith Family Adventures blog…I think it had to do with a new sweater and a few pirate jokes. I recall it making me want to wet my pants laughing and give you a big hug at the same time!

  • Kelly

    All that I can say right now (that’s my reference to DC) is that normally you make me cry – but today you made me laugh soooo hard! You are so funny! :-)
    Can the whole Smith clan come to AR?

  • Janell Fredericks

    I can so relate to this POST…I do NOT home school but, whenever the girls (mine are 4 under the age of 6) and I attempt playdates w/ FRIENDS I am “coaching” them on my expectations ALL the WAY to the date “you Will say PLEASE, you WiLL say thank you, you Will eat what the host has made w/ no complaints”, you Will you Will!!!
    laughing all the WAY from MN…

  • Karen


    I am not at all exaggerating when I say that is the funniest thing I have ever read in my life! I guess it helps that I can relate to it so much. The biggest difference is that I stopped being ‘a subscriber’ before I started homeschooling when I realized I was above it. (Clearly I was not ready because now I enjoy the wait at the doctor’s office to relish the latest issue) I put my purse down in the first hiding place I could at any homeschool function. My kids and I were different at many events. I remember one time the organizer went around and greeted everyone, and skipped right over us. We look very average anywhere else we go, but were far from the norm at many homeschool gatherings. I actually got to the point where I was proud to say I homeschooled. I liked to challenge people’s perceptions and put a very normal face on such a great thing. One other thing I have read people saying to you is that you don’t need to make it a classroom at their age. Well, I needed to make it a classroom for ME! I wanted the centers and all! It will work better for you if that is your personality. You might find you want to do math at the table, but reading at the couch, and phonics under the leaves. Your girls will learn the best and homeschooling will go the best when you are doing it the way God made YOU! That’s not to say you don’t adjust teaching methods for each girl, but it needs to be a place where you feel comfortable, and an unorganized environment sounds like it won’t do it for you.

    I think it would get ugly if Kate and my Macy ever got together. They are too much alike in all the wrong ways!

    By the way, (sorry so long!) this Thursday finds my best friend having a double mastectomy. I pray our Thursday ends up as positive and praise-worthy as your Thursday did!

  • Leslie

    I am laughing my head off right now. You know I have preconcieved ideas of what the wives of great Christian artist are and thank you for being so normal and sharing with us. I LOVE your blog.

    I don’t homeschool but I will certainly be praying all goes well!!!

  • Harris Family

    I am literally laughing out loud!!! I do not know which is more funny…your story of the car ride or Kate putting the gluestick on as if it were lip gloss?!?! Although, I can’t relate to walking into a group of homeschooling mothers specifically, we have all had moments like those! You are not alone!

  • karengberger

    I found your blog from Lindsey’s (http://live-a-happy-life.blogspot.com/) blog. I am so sorry for your loss. Your attitude toward life is beautiful, and I pray that you will continue to walk in joy and love with your family. Our daughter, Katie, passed away at age 12 last August (she had cancer). It is a hard road, but we are doing the best we can. You are doing a lovely job of sharing your path with others so generously and openly. God bless you!

  • Everyday Thoughts

    You made me laugh out loud with your home school story! So funny! I have two sister-in-laws that are going through that very same thing trying to home school their little ones. One is a boy though and you can imagine what it is like trying to home school a BOY! I have a one year old myself and that day can take it’s sweet time getting here :)
    I was home schooled as a child until I was in third grade (along with my four brothers) and it was a very positive experience. I think I ended up as a normal human being so just know that there is hope :) Hang in there! God will reward your efforts. I will keep you in my prayers!
    I was also excited to hear that you are coming to MICHIGAN with Selah!!!! Where about? I am from the Grand Rapids area and would LOVE to come see you guys and the band!!! Keep me posted! Also, looking forward to the start of your Bible study website. I have been looking for one for some time and I can’t wait to see how God uses YOU!
    Thanks again for your insite and words! They are always encouraging and uplift my spirits! The bond of Motherhood is one that is not easily broken, even when you have never met the person face-to-face! God bless!

  • Marilena

    I just posted a little while ago about how my 2 year old is so much like Kate. Well, I just got out of the shower and hear her saying “Mommy, I ate it and it’s yukky!” I’m thinking “Oh no do I have to call poison control again!” So I hurry up to see what she did and I find her with pink nailpolish all over her lips! Good thing it was my 5 year old’s non toxic polish. Sigh… every day is an adventure with this one.

  • the*4*of*us

    Oh my goodness you crack me up! We homeschool and there have been times that I have been so intimidated by other hs moms….but i’m learning that we have to do what we do best, not what they do. And my kids don’t play the violin :)

  • lp8265@gmail.com

    I stay up late hoping to get to be the first to respond to your post. No such luck. Okay lets try getting up early. Nope still too late.
    Some times I feel like Horseshack on Welcome Back Kotter (I don’t know if thats how he spelled his name) but the kid that was always waving his arm shouting YoHoo Mr Kotter Pick me Pick me. Thats how I feel when I leave you a comment.
    I laugh at you so hard trying to be Mrs Perfect Mom. Oh I would so love to be a fly on the wall at your house. I just love imperfect people. I can so identify with your imperfections that make you so PERFECT in my eyes and in the eyes of all your readers.

    I am so excited about the possibility of getting to meet you all when you come to Michigan. Lets see that will make concert #6 I believe or else #7. If its the December date I’ll even be glad to babysit while you Christmas shop.(I have an outlet mall nearby) And I have three grandsons with baseball catchers equipment that includes shin protectors so I’m prepared.
    Good Luck with the home schooling. Love those Palm leaf decorations in the school room. and also loved the glue stick lip stick. Was that your idea to keep her quiet so you could do a lecture?

  • kristin

    I spy a Diet Coke in pic #1! woohoo for that. What an adorable little room.
    we’re working on making the trek from Iowa to see you speak…cause we just love ya!

  • lisasmith

    I had to kiss my school room goodbye when we had our fourth child…ah, how I miss it! Now I guess I have a bonus child instead of a bonus room haha.
    Now my children are in public school and I miss them and can sometimes feel like less of a mother because I don’t homeschool but this is where God has us, there.is.no.doubt. and it’s great.
    We can all feel intimidation if we take our eyes off of where He has us. Keep your eyes on the prize, girl, you have beautiful family and I absolutely love seeing you bloom in your calling!

    We did preschool homeschooling. We had a co-op for years. We divided the kids by age and developed age appropriate lessons and rotated lunchtime, pe and Bible into their schedule. It was a cherished time in my life!

  • Becky

    Oh, Angie, you are too funny! I was LOL as I read your post, because I can so relate to that “expectation” and bribe moment in the car. How many times have I given the kiddos the talking-to in the car (in a stern voice) on the way to someone’s house, only to arrive, come in, and sweetly say hello to all there? I’m an honest mom for sure (ha!)

    It’s interesting what you said about compartmentalizing and groups, because I feel like I can be a bit of a chameleon sometimes, depending on which group I’m in. I have definitely felt inadequate in the past in homeschooling groups, and that we don’t quite fit in, either (my kids read Harry Potter, and gasp, my daughters like Hannah Montana!) Shocking, I know! :) Hopefully, if nothing else, it helps others to know that not all homeschoolers are casted from the same mold, we can all be who we are and to the glory of God.

    Good luck and blessings on your new homeschooling adventures, and thanks for the great humor to start the day!!


  • Darlene

    That’s hilarious! :)

    You are such an amazing writer. I was locked to your words from beginning to end! Love the little Russian maps line. :)

  • Anne

    Loved your post – y’all are precious!!

    Any chance the whole Smith clan is coming with Selah to Greenville, SC (well, Simpsonville to be exact) later this month??

  • Jen

    God bless your homeschool. I’ve had the same experience over the years, each time we’ve started over in a new place or with a new group. We homeschool families come in all different styles and colors. We all have different features. Mine is loud and rambunctious, filled with “special” kids and any fosters I might have tagging along for the ride.

  • Melanie

    Hey Angie,

    I have been homeschooling my kiddos for 11 years.. GASP!Has it been that long??? They are now in 10th and 7th grade and we are loving this journey.

    I can already tell that you will be great homeschooler and fit right in, because everyone and I mean everyone feels the exact same way that you described in this blog.

    I can tell you right now that homeschooling will not guarantee a spelling bee victory, nor will it cause you to dress in denim jumpers and grind your own wheat.. BUT if done right, it will instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

    I can tell that you have a headstart on that love of learning thing. Eating a glue stick is the first sign of that! (I’m sure studies will prove that out very soon!)

  • Amy’s Angels

    Laughed out loud. That was great!

    It takes a special person to homeschool. And you’ll do great.

  • Caitlin

    Haha! My friends and I always joke about stereotypical home schoolers. I was home schooled (as my little man will be) and don’t think I’ve ever touched a violin… I did do a lot of extra curricular {fun} stuff through the local public school. I don’t wear jumpers or mom jeans, and honestly, I think homeschooling is becoming so common just about anyone will fit in anymore. I loved it and am excited to start with my munchkin (he’s not even 2 though). About Kate, I’d just let her sit in with the other girls and then she can draw a picture about it, or something. The nice thing is you can do different levels of activities about the same topic. It’s lovely.

    Thanks for the honest post! You’re always such an encouragement to me. (I’ve been lurking for quite some time. :)

  • Sarah

    Loved this post! That’s too funny! I’m sure homeschooling your girls will be tough, but a wonderful blessing all at the say time.

    Uhh Michigan? I LIVE THERE, and I’m not super excited to read your next post about that. Lets just hope you will be on the East coast.. and not somewhere in the UP! :)

  • Cerulean Blue

    Angie, goodness~ Give yourself a break, sister! and just relax… it's all completely NORMAL!!!haha…

    and I'm reading your "on the way to meet the homeschoolers" story, and all I could think of was Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8… something tells me y'all would definitely get along… she cracks me up!

    Congrats on getting school started! Starting's the hardest part, in anything we do. Definitely a great lesson for all of us to be reminded of!

    have a GREAT rest of the week, and again, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Cherie

    oh my goodness I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! SO funny but mostly because I can relate. I started homeschooling my now 7 year old last year and we did not get off to a great start. I had a 3 year old and an 8 month old underfoot and no support group to go to for help. I felt immense pressure for my son to be reading Shakespere and painting like Van Gough and when we started to fall behind I had a major melt down. I am now involved with other homeschool families, have picked out a great fun curriculum and feeling much much better about the whole thing. My husband and I attended our first homeschool convention and it helped us tremendously. Seeing so many other Christian families on board with the same vision and goals that we share was so encouraging to keep going.
    Angie you are an amazing woman and nobody knows these girls better than you do and you are going to do a phenomenal job teaching them. So Kate eats a little glue, what preschooler doesn’t? All that stuff is nontoxic now a days anyway, right?
    I wish I had some piece of great advice for you regarding homeschool but we are still trying to get a grip on it ourselves. I must say that I have greatly benefited from reading the responses and tips from the many homeschoolers that posted. So I thank you for helping me. I look forward to hearing more homeschool stories as well as your regular postings. I look forward to them everyday with great anticipation. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your life with me.
    Any chance your tour will include Southern California? You know we do have a Disneyland. Can I sweeten the deal and entice you with many other fun child friendly activities and theme parks? We’ve got some great beaches too….um let’s see, what else…..please? Angie you entertain me and inspire me and are such a vessel used by the Lord. My son and I pray for you and the girls often. I’ll be praying for you for your speaking engagements but I already know that you are going to be great because the Holy Spirit endwells you and you have submitted yourself to the will of the Father and to be used by Him in all things. So if the Lord be in this then no matter how it turns out in our eyes it will be perfect in His.
    If you get anywhere near Southern Cali I will be there to witness a most beautiful working of the Holy Spirit. Not to mention I would love to see your face and hug your neck. I’ve never met you but I want you to know that you are my sister in Christ and you feel just like family. God bless you abundantly till your cup runneth over.

  • stephanie

    Angie, this post was so fun! Thanks for showing us your sense of humor :) I’m not sure you understand how much everyone looks foward to your posts. I get so excited when I log on and see a new one! You are a beautiful writer… I sure hope you end up doing a book! :) Good luck with homeschooling. If anyone can do it, its you. Your girls are PRECIOUS, by the way.

  • Mami Sue

    Selah??? In Michigan??
    When and Where–please do tell:)

  • connorcolesmom

    LOL that was too funny
    I too have just started homeschooling and was afraid that in order to join the group I was going to have to start making my own soap and wear denim jumpers – LOL

    However what I have found is that most homeschooling moms are just like me – Christian women who want to be more involved in their children’s lives and especially in their education

    We start 3rd grade on Monday and I am so excited – I do have to confess I am not homeschooling my 4 yr old b/c well he sounds a bit like your Kate and I think I would loose my mind
    so he is attending pre-k at a local Christian school – hehe
    So excitd for you and this speaking stuff – praying for you

  • Lisa


    You had me in stitches! We homeschool as well — since last October, and I’m still wondering if we do enough. I’m a very schedule oriented person and I’ve had to learn that sometimes the schedule needs to just get thrown aside. God has given me such a great gift in my four kids and we just have so much fun together! It isn’t always perfect, sometimes a little frustrating – but oh what a joy! I thank God everyday for opening the doors to make this happen for us!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Tammy

    You are a blessing girl. Love how you have the room for the girls…very cool. As a teacher I think I would want to be a student n your room.

    have a blessed day

  • Sue

    Thank you again for your honesty and HUMOR. I was laughing and my youngest was looking at me like I was crazy. But as always, along wit your humor you gave us a real truth to consider. Thank you again. I pray for all of you daily.

  • Kim

    You CRACK me up! You so need to write a book. Seriously. And, I hope you are talking about coming to Michigan in December with Selah. We saw them in Michigan earlier this year and enjoyed it SOOO much that my sister and I are hoping to get tickets to the Christmas program. It would be wonderful to say hello to you and the girls!

  • Wendy

    Ha ha! Awesome post, and definitely one I relate to. I’m striving daily to be a more godly woman, but you better believe I get excited when the latest issue of InStyle shows up in the mailbox.

    Thanks for keeping it real, as always!

  • MGM

    I’ve read your site for awhile. I don’t know how I found you. I’ve never commented. Your fan club is too large, and I didn’t figure you needed (or would even NOTICE) one more.

    But, despite being commenter number ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY for Pete’s sake, I decided to proceed with this comment.

    We actually have a bit in common. Quite a bit, really.

    It was the homeschooling thing that made me want to comment today.

    I’m doing the whole thing you’re doing. I’m feeling many of the same things you’re feeling.

    I actually have taught Suzuki piano method (but not violin). My 5 yr old daughter really is a prodigy of sorts. She spoke in full philosophical sentences and paragraphs by age two. My 2 yr old son, however, excels best right now at picking the biggest boogers (he’s gonna hate being in her shadow in the years to come *sigh*).

    I am a major Type A overachiever. I maintain a part-time career as a licensed professional counselor while also parenting my two children. And I homeschool.

    Around here the stereotype for homeschoolers is that they don’t bathe, they speak oddly, they wear tye-die and grow their own vegetables in their backyards, and homeschooling moms don’t shave their armpits.

    I’ve discovered throughout all of my 36 1/2 years of age that it doesn’t really matter what I do or who I am, I just don’t typically fit into most circles (or boxes for that matter). Maybe it’s because I subconsciously buck the system and resist all stereotypes.

    Anyway, be who you are, because that’s what you are the best at. Best wishes for your homeschool adventure!

  • Gretchen

    What a fun post to read–to laugh with you, as I had many of the same thoughts. I am sending my son back to traditional school this year. We never meant our homeschooling journey to end after one (6th grade) year, but I feel God is heading us in this direction, similarly to how He led us to homeschooling.

    I wish you blessings and thank you for your authenticity on this blog. You are an amazing writer.

  • JayHayKay17

    Oh Angie you crack me up!! That was a LOL story for sure!

  • Tiffany

    Ang! This post had me rolling hysterically on the floor. So funny. Probably because just today I had to DRAG my daughter out of the HOUSE to go to daycare…all while the neighbor was watching and I plastered a smile on my face.

    I have thought about homeschooling…but I too am a subscriber….LOL! Makes me scared!

  • Kelley

    I think the homeschooling moms (in denim jumpers with braided hair) have give the false impression that MOST homeschooling moms have no style. While my impression of these women is that they simply place their priorities elsewhere (nothing wrong with that!), the majority of us appear to be mainstream people. I have been homeschooling my children for 7 years. I am a bleached blonde floozy who loves the Lord. And my sons pick their nose. They think Suzuki is a motorcycle. :)

  • Claire

    Angie…It was so great to meet you at church this past Sunday. My husband, Mark, and I were sitting behind you and Todd. I love your blog and I’ve been following it for a while now. Just wanted to tell you what a blessing you’ve been to me! And I love your honesty. It’s so refreshing!

  • natalie eve

    I seriously love you, Angie! I am sitting outside on a lovely Wisconsin day and laughing out loud, litterally, as I read your post. My hubby asked what was so funny and I said, "My friend, Angie" He smiled at me – he knows I have been reading, praying for and loving you, your family & your story – and that I call people that I haven't ever met my friends. (I am a 'subscriber' as well and refer to celebs by first name and as if they may be stopping over for dinner some evening. Keith & Nicole have been a bit busy and all with the new babe but I am sure it won't be long :) ) I emailed you my story awhile back – I lost my son, Allen Michael, at 36 weeks for no known reason. I hope you were able to read it and know a little bit of my background and who I am. Thank you for continuing to post. Praise God for bringing beauty from ashes. Gotta go – my 17 month old is feeding my 7 month old pretzels – YIKES!

  • Erica

    Thanks for your thoughts on the bible thing. I am going tonight to buy one so I will let you know how it goes. Your posts are so funny and entertaining and enlightening all at the same time. You are a great person and seem to be a great mother. Take Care.

  • davidcatherinewilson

    I laughed so hard when I read this. We are contemplating homeschool too and those are some of the same thoughts that I have had. I think homeschooling is a whole different ball of wax than it may have been when we were kids. But, we do have a family in our town named the duggars who homeschool all 17 of their kids and she sews all of the girls jumpers. all kidding aside, I should probably ask her for some advice because she is a wonderful Christian mom.

  • amy

    you are SO FUNNY!!! I am so like you!!! I have these same thoughts and my husband (like Todd) asks me reflective questions too…drives me nuts! :P

    You truly are BLESSED! Your girls (all 4 of them!) are blessed too b/c they really have an AMAZING mom!

    I have SO many questions about homeschooling. Will you post some of the info for us…like material, curriculum etc. and how in the world to get started? My kids are 4, 2 (twins) and 6 months so, needless to say I have FEAR about homeschooling, but I also would LOVE to do it if at all possible.

    Lots of love to you and WAY TO GO for even attempting to homeschool. That’s impressive at the very least!


  • MIgirls

    We live in Michigan and homeschool and have been reading your blog for a few months now! We’ll definitely be “staying tune”! We have a daughter with SMS, so we haven’t gone through the same experience as you, but are fed by your writing just the same!

  • Midnite Scrapper

    Bless you for Keepin’ it Real! Seriously. I am a pastor’s wife with 4 children and I homeschool the two oldest. Everyday is a struggle, er uh…surprise. We love it though and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for making me laugh today. I love coming here.

  • Midnite Scrapper

    Bless you for Keepin’ it Real! Seriously. I am a pastor’s wife with 4 children and I homeschool the two oldest. Everyday is a struggle, er uh…surprise. We love it though and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for making me laugh today. I love coming here.

  • DSusic

    Ok so first off I have to tell you its really embarrassing when you have to hide behind your computer screen at work cause your laughing so hard at a picture of Kate and her latest chapstick.(but of course totally worth it!) She cracks me up! I’m gunna have to stop reading your posts at work or my coworkers are gunna start wondering whats wrong with me. :)

    Also I just wanted to clarify when you wrote Michigan… you meant Montana, right? :) Ya know they both start with M’s it could’ve been a mistake, right? :) )

    Have a great day and know that you bless tons each day with your posts!

  • An anything but quiet life…

    Oh that was too funny-I felt Your tention-released in our laughter. Theraputic for all. You are blessed.

  • Just Me

    Oh my goodness, that was HILARIOUS! What a story…I suppose with kids there is ALWAYS a story! Thanks for sharing.

    Take care,

  • Maddie and Jack’s Momma

    You bless me so much with your honesty! Gosh, I reading your blog! Oh, and I live in Michigan…cannot wait!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • rebecca

    I am still sitting here smiling. Thank you so much for showing us that you are just like the rest of us! Your bonus room is just too cute! I wish you and your girls lots of fun! :)

    Hugs and Blessings!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • Erin & Gary

    I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have never responded; this time, I couldn't resist! :)
    I was a homeschooled nerd for 1/2 of 7th grade, 8th grade & 10th grade, & I hated every minute of it. Now, however, if I am ever blessed with children (the Lord knows my heart), I do believe that homeschooling would be the answer. My younger siblings were all homeschooled, & they have done very well. We are not the violin-playing, Shakespeare-reciting bunch, though. We are "normal" Charlotteans (NC), & we drive old cars, wear pants & (gasp) shorts, & do not have scholarships to Yale or Savannah College of Art & Design. :) Homeschooling is for all walks of life, & my mom actually started teaching us kids at home because of some learning disabilities that some of my siblings have (I am one of 11). You can do it, & only you & your family will know if the time is ever right to put the girls into a traditional school! Good luck & God bless!

  • CPT Mom

    Love, love, love the picture of the “lip”stick. That is exactly why I have yet to introduce my 2 year old to glue sticks. I just know she would do that.

    Wait, would her lips stick together??

    Oh, nevermind, that wouldn’t be right. Would it?? :)

  • brandiandboys

    ha ha, i needed that laugh today! i don’t know why you’d be worried about homeschooling, i can’t think of one single thing you’re not good at! :)

    if you haven’t heard from CP, call me and i’ll get right on it!

  • Lauren

    Thank you for sharing, I might get to meet you in Lexington and I am so looking forward to it. I know that you will do a wonderful job, if you don’t think so just write it down and then read to us, your blogs are awesome!

  • asplashofsunshine

    I find mommies like you to be simply WONDERFUL! I am a Kindergarten teacher, can handle 20 kids in a classroom, but I could never homeschool my two children. I give you and other homeschooling mommies a BIG HIGH FIVE! I hope you do not over think your decision to homeschool your girls. Every decision you make is always meant to be right for your family. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says about it. CHEERS TO YOU, and to the lovely glue stick lip gloss too!

  • Latter Rain

    Oh my goodness! I can so relate! I felt very much the same way at my first homeschool group meeting. And, at times, I still feel the same way.
    I am just getting ready to gear up for teaching two of my boys this year (1st grade and pre-K) and I am terrified! I can’t imagine how to teach both of them and still occupy my youngest. But I have hope, and it is also wonderful to know that other moms worry like I do.

    I’m new to reading your blog, but I am already awed and amazed. You inspire me with each post! Thanks!

  • Deanna @ oneagleswings

    I just found your blog yesterday and love it! You are so funny and inspirational. I have a desire to homeschool but wonder if it would really work with ‘our’ family dynamics and personalities. I have 2 more years to decide…phew.

    By the way, I am a ‘subscriber’ too. I probably know most of the celebrity baby names…and I say that with pride. How many people know who Max and Emme belong to? ;)

    I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl (and the loss of your nephew, as well). Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  • Trudy

    Oh my goodness, you said all the things I could never say. We have homeschooled for four years and I felt that exact way in our group.

    Believe me I had to keep Project Runway, diet-Pepsi, and places like Chick-fil-a under wraps :) (there was a focus on nutrition and home cooked meals in our group ;) I enjoyed a good laugh when you mentioned Coco, Russia, magenta and Chick-fil-a!

    Like you discovered, in the end it is all okay, and best to be yourself. You’ll be such a nice addition to their group. Love your schoolroom! Your honesty and humor are a treat.

  • Kim

    Oh my goodness I think I just wet myself! I think we all have fears and stories like that! I wish you the best of luck with homeschooling! I know that I do not have the self-discipline to do that. I’d be the one saying “okay, we are sleeping until noon and then field trip to the mall!” LOL
    Michigan?? I can hardly wait to hear the news on that! I live in Michigan….Hmmmmmmmmm…… :)

  • Honea Household

    You are so brave to homeschool. I do not have the patience for it. I’ve tried to help my little girl per-fect writing her name and it’s just not happening. I could never homeschool. So great job! I commend you, girl! I truly believe it’s a calling!

  • RandomMusings

    Okay, I LOVE your transparency! I homeschooled for a long time – here’s the way my son recited the 23rd Psalm when I took him with me to BSF at the beginning of my homeschool career…..’the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down with all those ugly old Shepherds.’
    Go homeschool
    Go REAL moms. Hey, I wanted to see the twins, I highlight my hair and love big, gaudy jewelry. And Jesus, with all my heart, as I can tell you do! You are a great mom, and I lovce your blog!
    (by the way, my kids were homeschooled through 6th and 4th, then went to public school. my son goes to college next week, my daughter is a sophomore. Neither has been incarcerated. God is good!

  • Darlene

    You crack me up. I just love that you are real. It serves the Lord better that way! He loves us just the way we are, and it is a testimony whenever we are just plain honest. No, I don’t happen to read ‘People,’ but I gotta get me some ‘In Style’ and ‘Elle Decor.’ Hush, hush.

  • christi28

    wow! what a great and funny post. my mom tells me i should homeschool our little ones. that if she had it all to do over again she would have homeschooled us, but i feel like i am not smart enough and what would i do if i messed them up! right? i know that sounds silly but it is a fear of mine.

    so how i look at it now is my kids will be the salt and light into the school/world. i pray that when it is time for them to go to school that others will see Jesus in them!

    blessings sweet friend ~

  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    You had me rolling with this post. I don’t homeschool but have many friends that do. Suzuki-where do you come up with this? It’s hilarious!! Love the bonus room!

  • Rebekah Walker

    I already commented today but I just have to say your girls are so cute! Kate’s eyes are ammmmmazzzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    You have no idea how hard I laughed. I just began home schooling, too, and have been more than a little nervous about our area’s “home school co-op” that begins in a few weeks. I had many of the same preconceived notions as you, until I met a lot of great friends. Here’s to a rewarding year of learning with our girls! :)

  • Mary Beth

    I live in Michigan. Waiting to find out where I can hear Selah!

  • ChoosingJoy

    Hi Angie…I just first of all want to thank you for your blog…you have blessed me in so many ways through your story. Thank you. I am a homeschooler(and while not a subscriber…I must also admit to being a buyer from the grocery store of the very things you subscribe to :) ). I have 3 boys and am down to my last one at home. My other 2 wll be a junior and a freshman at our high school. When I first started out someone in my life made a comment that I have often held onto….”You are not training your kids for Harvard…you are training them for Heaven.” My boys don’t play the violin or do amazing art work but they love Jesus and I often find them with their noses burrowed in His Word! What I have loved and valued most about homeschooling is that we got to bring everything back around to the truth of Jesus and His Word whether it was science or english or math…and I got lots of input in their lives and minds!! They also stayed fairly free from a lot of the drama that their peers got caught up in. I know that I missed things in their acadamia here and there but I also know that I gave them things even academically that they would not have gotten at school! It has been one of the great joys of my life and I know you will find joy in it as well. Have lots of fun with those girls…..it flies by SO fast!!!

  • Becoming Me

    You are so very funny. Loved this post. I will be homeschooling my daughter this year…but I’m starting in Sept. because we just moved…and we’re starting off with preschool.

  • Laura

    Yea! I do live in Michigan, I do, I do :) ! My hubby and I heard Selah a few years back around Christmas time in our neck of the woods…I remember Nichol talking about how she met her husband, as he stood smiling by the sound booth. Also, my hubby grew up homeschooled (I was all public school K-12), so I was cracking up reading your spot-on description of some homeschoolers :) . He would relate! Would love to meet you all…keep us posted about when you’ll be in MI!

  • Laura

    PS. My husband TOTALLY plays the violin! Cracking up :)

  • noahandlylasmommi

    you are doing a great job with your girls :) makes me want to homeschool. what a beautiful little school they have!!

  • hollyandco

    Thanks for the good laugh! We are having a kind of hairy day here and that one made me smile. :)

    I have already had to call poison control once
    (everything is fine now – Max is sleeping off his tylenol hangover right now) and two Barbies got some very drastic new hairdo’s so – let me just say – we are having a day – and you made me laugh so Thanks again :)

  • Mom to the Fab Five

    Okay, this post made me laugh out loud! As a mom of 5, and three of them toddler/preschool age, I can totally relate to this one!:) I do the same, pleading with the kids before we enter a store. I mean we attract enough attention as it is. I don’t need any of them melting down to attract even more stares! Anyway, I love your blog. It’s one that I visit every other day. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. The Lord is obviously using you mightily and I am always blessed by what you share.
    Love, Lisa

  • Karen

    This is my second time to post on “A Thursday Morning” and I just sent it to others. I have read it about 102 times and I just wanted to tell you it really does need to be published.

  • Nancy

    I love this post! You are such a great mom. I have gone through the same thing with my Hannah. Although I have no idea what color crayon it was.

    You will be a great teacher and you have a super cute classroom.

    I love the glue stick photo of Kate. Thanks for sharing.

  • Luanne

    Your post cracked me up. I, too, am a homeschool mom and have been for sometime. My oldest just graduated!!! We don’t fit into the stereotype–just be led by God, and don’t let anyone’s judging get you down–on either side of the camp! Do it your way! God Bless.

    By the way–I could be considered a subscriber–just a closet one. I check out the ET news on-line!

  • Tamara B

    I’ve read for months but don’t comment because I know you have tons to read already. Your life has blessed me beyond measure. And your recent posts have encouraged me and made me laugh. I’m right there with you on the potty training issue – stubborn son of mine. And the homeschooling, dare I say it out loud, I so badly want to do so but I’m currently working full time. And then today I read about the GCC… I don’t attend a GCC but have learned a lot of parenting things from people within the church. Thank you God for the few things I have learned, especially the “to train up a child” book by michael and debbie pearl.

    Anyway, I appreciate that I’m able to glean something from each post you share… which means that you are helping me be a better wife and mommy.

  • These Three Kings

    oh wow.. LOL! that was too much..
    so glad that the LORD gave you grace to get through this day! lol
    cant stop laughing..anyway..

    good for you at taking a kick out of homeschooling. I am sure you will love it..The LORD I am sure will remind you of much of HIS love and sacrifice through the one you are making..all for the sake and joy of HIS KINGDOM!

    ENjoy this time with your arrows! ( Psalm 127)

  • Stuarts

    Ummm, that was hilarious…I must say, I am equally intimidated by homeschoolers, and it stems from my own self issues. I deeply admire people who homeschool and have considered the idea quite in depth myself. I must admit I am extremely grateful that so far the Lord has not pressed that into my or my husband’s hearts, but, not without some trepidation, I leave the door open for Him to guide me in that direction if needed. I see the amazing benefits of it, but it scares me to no end. What if I’m not good at it? What if my kids end up being so far behind in education that they can never catch up? And on and on…So silly. All the same, good for you for following the Lord’s lead and doing it with such love and excitement. And for making us all laugh at ourselves at the same time!

  • mlpinky

    I have been reading your blog awhile now. I am a homeschooler mom too. There are days when I get overwhelmed. My reasons for homeschooling have nothing to do with producing little geniuses. Don’t freak out… there are some normal homeschooling families out there. One piece of advise as you start out (I’m by no means an expert. Been only doing this for five years) have fun, don’t be so serious! Their young and have many years of school ahead of them. I tried to do everything and it just doesn’t work! Do the main subjects (the 3 “R’s”) and if you have time, do the “other” subjects. God bless you as you embark on this wonderful journey.

    Meredith from Canada

  • Heidi

    Angie, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. It was such a source of blessing to me. My oldest son is nearly 4. My husband and I are feeling led to homeschool but I have many of the same insecurities you expressed. Thanks for the encouragement (and for proving to me that I won’t have to wear denim skirts!! ;-) ).


  • kendra

    Oh Angie…
    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! Like you have said, I just love it when Jesus shows up like that =-).
    Not only did I just (like an hour before I read this) go spend $4.49 on the new issue (had to get a good look at Brad and Angie’s twins!!), but my husband’s 10 year reunion is next weekend, and I honestly was praciting conversations in the shower this morning that I could bring up which would allow me to use the word “ubiquitous” so I could sound smart!!!! TOO funny!
    Thanks AGAIN for sharing your story. =-)
    So glad to hear the homeschooling is going so well, your girls are ADORABLE!
    kendra (Portland Or)

  • Jen

    Ummmm, I’m sure ‘suzuki’ came up when you were here. Oops! LOL

  • kendra

    Oh, one more thing. We don’t have children yet, but I did used to teach preschool, and when we needed to make budget cuts, we switched to mini dry erase boards for each of the kids to practice their writing on. It saved a ton on paper, and the kids loved it!! FYI- most the dry erase markers stain though…so we had “paint shirts” the kids would wear. =-) Hope that helps!

  • Courtney

    HILARIOUS!!!! I’m so glad that I am not the only one who has outings like this one with my kids. haha. I’m telling you, Kate is so much like my youngest girl (2 yrs). She was taking out 6 year olds at her big sister’s birthday party when they got in her way. haha. Love ya.

  • Jennifer

    I SO needed something funny to make me laugh today! Thank you!!!

  • Brittanie

    Angie, I truly believe that you are a wonderful woman. But I love to see your human side too, and know that you are a lot like me, and are hard on yourself sometimes. ((I don’t subscribe, but I do a lot of grocery checkout lane reading. lol))

    I’m glad you had fun. And I’ve been considering homeschooling (a bit in the future yet) and it’s nice to see that not all homeschooled families are like you described!

  • Brittanie

    ((when I say “like you described” I meant the stereotype, Sound of Music type))

  • Beth

    Hi! I just found your blog today and have spent the last 3 or so hours reading every word…and crying until I have no tears left. Your life and story and spirit have changed me for the better already. thank you!

  • heather spratt


    You crack me right up!!! “Denim jumper”…HA!!! No wonder we’re friends, we think alike. :) I love the classroom/bonus room and I’m running out to try a glue stick as lipgloss! Hehehe

    Can’t wait for updates on the Michigan meet up/concert! Please keep us posted, I will be there! Can’t wait to meet you in person!!

    I’m still praying.

    Heather Spratt

  • Marla Taviano

    This post was brilliant. Almost makes me want to homeschool my girls…

  • Mary B

    Delurking to say hey I live in Michigan! You are such an inspiration and your words are beautiful.

  • Laurie and the rest of ‘em

    OMIGOSH!! so glad you are “one of us”…and have decided to homeschool…because we need peeps like you, with some serious personality in this community!!
    You are such a breath of fresh air, it could make me cry right this…(you do that too)…
    I know I don’t “know” you but I feel like I know you…your post ROCKS!! Your blog ROCKS! Your love for Christ ROCKS! YOU ROCK!
    go get that denim jumper groove on!
    Laurie Young
    fellow homeschooler and mom!

  • Laurie and the rest of ‘em

    hmmm, got so excited that I forgot to put that you were making me laugh right at that MOMENT.
    darn homeschooler!

  • The Epsteens

    Not sure if anyone suggested this one yet but read A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris-she really is just like you (and me)!

  • Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot

    Can you write a post regarding homeschooling? Maybe summing up the good advice people gave you and include what curriculum you’re using?

    I have a 4 year old boy, so we would be doing preschool but I feel so inadequate. And what to do with my 2 year old and newborn in November while I try teaching?

    Thanks for any thoughts and ideas!

  • Tonya Gray

    YES! YES! I DO! I live in Michigan!! (I should cover up my excitement some, shouldn’t I?) I’ve been reading an praying and laughing and crying with you for a few months now and consider you a friend who I will drink diet coke with in Heaven. (No theology lesson needed, it’s just my dream:D) Well, whatever it is thats coming to us in Michigan, I’ll be there, and I’ll bring you a diet coke, so you know it’s me.

  • Taylor

    Loved the post! You’re such an amazing woman of God, and you truly are blessed!

  • Hopesrising

    Ahhh whats this I hear about Michigan!! If you are anywhere near by us. Your getting that hug around the neck!!
    You know when I read your blog it takes me back to when my kids were small. Don’t we all have a denim jumper?? LOL
    I got a feeling you will do great home schooling.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  • Amy

    OK…I have been reading your blog for a long time and have never commented. Being that my comment is #5 million, you may never see my maiden comment voyage, but non-the-less, here goes. YOU are such an amazing person. I absolutely feel so encouraged and blessed to have gotten to know you through your blog.

    I LOVED the gluestick on the lips!! HILARIOUS! It reminds me of something my youngest, Kenna Mae might do.

    Just wanted to drop by and say YOU ARE A BLESSING TO MANY, MANY WOMAN EVERY SINGLE DAY, ANGIE!! Thank you!

  • Elaine

    Angie, I stop by your blog now and then. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts about life.

    have to tell you that I can appreciate your fears about the world of homeschooling and everything that goes with it. I homeschooled my kids for a total of 3 years and really treasure the memories. It was an absolutely beautiful time–I came into it kind of kicking and screaming. I didn’t think there was any way I could do it. God proved otherwise. For those of you who might say, “I couldn’t do it because I would butt heads with my kid.” I get that. That was exactly what I thought and exactly the reason why homeschooling was so good for us. It “forced” me to really “take care” of the relationship. I realize it’s not for everyone but it is always surprising what we can do when we think we can’t.

  • Phyliss

    Angie.. you are an absolute breath of fresh air.. you really are. I found your blog through a Nurse on my daughter Ariane’s site ~ Ari was blessed with identical, monoamniotic twin girls, Willow & Serenity born at 25 wks gestation on May 3. Serenity left us on May 12.~.nine days of grace.~Willow is still in hospital, but on the homeward stretch, which we are so thankful for. ..~we miss Serenity every day..~

    Your homeschooling blog had me in stitches! It took me back to the day Arianè came home from school in Grade 2 and said, “If you leave me in that school one more year, I’ll have completely lost my innocence”
    and proceeded to fill us in on the homeschooling scene (we weren’t exactly of that ilk.. I come from a Medical family and have worked in the same Medical Lab since 1980, so it was quite the juggling act.. but we were open and Ari really thrived in that environment). Her younger sister Lyrissa, however.. needed a place to direct her energy (!!) and a 1/2 day professional ballet/academic mix worked for her (her dancing every day of her childhood was what saved my sanity as well ~ she’s an absolute delight.. a natural leader.. energetic.. always challenging and advancing.. extremely athletic and physical..and let’s just say that every night at 7pm [thankfully she kept a rigid sleep schedule.. all that ballet discipline I suppose and her type-a personality] I drank a toast to ‘surviving another day gratefully’ and when she graduated with her usual spark and charisma, we cracked the champagne, let me tell you!).
    There are definitely the blueblood Homeschooling families that got the secret memo, with the instructions on dress code, hairstyles and family planning, and then there’s the rest of us… that ‘make it work’ [as Tim Gunn would say] for our individual lifestyles, calling…destinies.. and yes, to the Glory of God.

    Never change Angie… your transparency is glorious!!

    ps.. Arianè & Sandy are 'Homeschool Alumni' and totally cool.. totally individuated (not robotic.. in any way.. LOL)

  • Meagan

    Girl, you crack me up! I think you are doing a great thing with your girls! I am a teacher – it’s hard work – but you can do it!

  • Amanda

    Congrats on the homeschooling thing! I really admire moms that decide to do this…I don’t think that I have the guts to try!
    From your previous post, how did you get Kate potty trained?! My 2 year old has been interested for some time, but will tell me after she’s gone, and when I suggest sitting on the potty she freaks out! However, she will go for her daddy (she’s a daddy’s girl by the way). I am looking for any help or suggestions I can get!

  • Holly

    You are hilarious. I love reading your blog it is such a blessing. Thank you for being so real and honest. You have absolutely touched my life and inspired me to work on some things that needed my attention. Thank you. Oh and once again did I say how hilarious you are, and what do you think about Brad and Angelina’s newest babie’s names?

  • take me away

    What a great post! I love the honesty you put into your writing. And I think some of the best stories come from kids just being kids! And you have four GREAT ones.

    I live near Michigan, so this might be my chance! (:

    Happy Thursday!

  • Carrie

    I love it … I too have a glue stick eating child :)

    I taught middle school (that’s right … middle school) for 8 years. I also taught kindergarten for 6 months and my husband is convinced those children will need therapy. Middle school was way more up my alley. I’m a little (okay, a lot) sarcastic and that age group was a perfect fit for me.

    I once mentioned to my husband that I had thought about homeschooling our kids (trust me … 8 years in a public middle school will get that thought to at least cross your mind) and he said “Carrie, we can’t do that. All of THOSE kids turn out kind of weird.” He’s right – I thought. We certainly wouldn’t want to raise our children to be weird. Sure … they’re genetically predisposed for some amount of weirdness … but we didn’t need to add in anything extra.

    (Random, the local university just called and polled me on how I thought our local school district was doing – educating the children!!)

    My kids are a long way from going to school (although, thanks to Dora … Joshua tells me he can “speak Spainish!”) but save all those ideas … because I might be emailing you in a few years … NEEDING THEM! I guess normal just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

  • Kara Lyn

    I am in Michigan and can’t wait to hear where you will be coming! Love the classroom (and love IKEA too)! It is a bold step to homeschool and not every mom or child can do it…you go girl! I can’t wait to hear how things are going with updates from you.


    OH, I was laughing so hard. Stereotyping homeschoolers? Everyone’s done it. I’m a homeschooling momma, and I still do it, you know, just to keep a good sense of humor. I have yet to grow my hair down my back and braid it into a long braid over the top of my denim or khaki jumper. My kids are as “normal” as they come, but we’re working on it :-) . Congrats on the big step of homeschooling your girls. They will be so blessed by it, and so will you!

  • Lisa

    I am from Michigan and I can’t wait for the good news!!! I am on the edge of my seat!
    I loved this post, I too have had the idea to homeschool my daughter, and have also wondered what I would do with my 2 yr old…..I commend you, and good job teaching them to use those words correctly!! :)
    You are amazing Angie, and I am sure God will equip you to adequateley teach your girls!
    I love the bonus room set up too!

  • KK

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful story with us! I am so thankful it did work out well, after all, as I’m sure you were too. Thanks also for sharing precious pictures of your precious little ones. Take GOOD care of yourself and please know you and yours continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Shelby

    Hey Angie,
    I don’t know if you will get a chance to read this, but you have me laughing out loud! You sound like me when we started homeschooling! I told my husband that I would never fit in because I like to wear makeup, trendy clothes, and yes, I know what Keith and Nicole’s new baby’s name is! Let me shock you now and say that this is our 11th year of homeschooling!! :) My oldest are almost 15! We love everything about it – even the wonderful families we meet that braid their hair and wear denim jumpers. But, we don’t and we never will and that is ok! You will have a blast homeschooling the girls and I can guarantee you will never regret it! And just as a side note, there are plenty of us who don’t braid our hair! Have fun and enjoy your kids – I know you hear it a lot, but believe me when I tell you that my twins were born YESTERDAY and in 5 months they will be driving! It goes by way too fast!

  • vaneblu

    I love the room and the pics, your girls are beautiful…
    I had a good laugh with this post, I love that you are so honest and real :D

  • Naomi

    To all commenters: I appreciate not everyone feels led to homeschool, as not everyone feels led to enroll their kids in a school. I don’t have kids. I know many people who homeschool. Some are magnificent and some are not. Just the same as some teachers provide magnificent classroom experiences for their students and some don’t. You really have to go by what God leads you to do. I teach at a Christian school and have often used resources from http://www.upwithlearning.com to be very helpful. Homeschoolers have been happy with the site as well. I just wanted to offer a little ‘help’ to anyone who is interested.

  • The Butcher Family

    Hummm…wonder where Kate gets that from? Glue stick…lipstick…what’s the difference really? A little less shine maybe!

    What a great post!!!

    Love~ Rebecca

  • i’mthechief

    i tried to send an e-mail but it said the address was wrong.

    i am 24 and i was home-schooled, and i didn’t like it. my 3 sisters did. i’m definately not going to tell you that you’re lame or stupid for going for it. every child and family is different.

    my hopefully helpful thoughts are that in order to prevent the social awkwardness that is typical in homeschoolers…mix up the social circle. homeschool groups are great, but don’t let that be the only friends they have. i had a big youth group, so i was blessed in that way.

    and later in life, sign them up for a college class or two so they can learn how to write formal papers and take notes, and all those things. i was really unprepared for college. but i graduated with honors, so it turned out ok!

    your classroom is really cute!

  • Kelli :)

    This was such a funny post! Good to see you smiling!

    The girls are too cute! I love the new pictures! :)

    I wish I lived in Michigan!!!! :) LOVE to you!

  • Jenny

    Loved this post…made me chuckle the whole way through!
    I have friends that homeschool and just love it.
    I pray that it will work out for your family.

  • zanesmommy

    Found your blog via another, but we share soooo much. My oldest is only 2.5 but we are planning on homeschooling and yes, I have already started! But I wanted to let you in on a great blog from a successful Homeschool mom and her two adult daughters who are such an example to me in many ways: women of faith, mothers, friends, the list goes on: it is http://playfulchildhood.com/
    Hope you find it helpful.

  • Sun

    I laughed so hard I almost wet myself…

    I can SO relate! Last year especially when we began homeschooling – oh how I can relate! SO glad you guys had a good time schooling together – it is TONS of fun and tons of work! I have a “Kate” too – I love her to pieces – but the glue stick picture – we had that happen here today :) Sunshine

  • Still Cross Photography

    I live in MI, the good old mitten state! :) And btw, we love Selah! I even love it more now that I know Todd, well through the blog, and it’s great to know that you guys are normal, just b/c you are famous, you know? Your girls are adoreable and God will be with you during teaching!! Just ask Him to show you the way!

  • Liz

    Gotta say…my favorite picture is the one of Kate w/ the gluestick lipstick. LOL!

    And if you haven't already been told about this, go NOW…. go to youtube & do a search for Tim Hawkins Homeschool Family. It's the most hysterical video set to the tune of the Adams Family song. He & his wife homeschool and they took all the typical homeschool family stereotypes & he made this little song. He is a fantastic Christian comedian & this is one of my favorite things of his!

  • Sara

    Thanks for making me laugh. I love the gluestick chapstick.

  • Amanda

    MICHIGAN!?!?!?!? :) I’m waiting…

  • Trisha

    I have been reading your blog for forever. I have never posted before…I figured with 250+ posts each entry, that I would lessen your load. However, today I could not resist. I have to say that as a mother of two…not only can I relate, but OMG how funny. YOu handled yourself in ways that I have found myself dealing. Except that for me, the “bribe of choice” is Target! God love Target!!! Target has helped us out of many a sticky situation…ya know, like when your seven year old panics when she is going to get her blood drawn (the NP thought she had mono)…slaps the arm away of the NP and literally slaps me (mom) across the face. Yup, thats when Target comes in! So, I relate. Thank you for sharing. YOu are so real…so adorable…and wonderfully articulate! Thanks for sharing.
    San Diego

  • Joy

    I plan on homeschooling! I get so sick of people looking down on homeschooling. It’s changed a LOT and people don’t realize how much opportunity and exposure these kids get.

    Keep at it, you’ll be great!!! LOVE their classroom!

  • Alison

    Angie, you are just too funny! And you are perfect and lovable and people would be absolutely crazy not to want to get to know you better :)

  • MellieBob

    I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be in Michigan! Thanks for sharing your funny story and adorable pictures!

  • Tamara

    This post was so funny I re-read it to my husband, and we were both laughing our heads off!
    Thank you!
    Oh, and we are in Michigan, so we are looking forward to your visit up here!

  • Kristin Coile

    Angie, I have been reading your blog for a while now and dont miss a day without checking it. I want you to know that you mean so much to me. Your testimony is amazing and an insperation to alot of people. I have 2 girls ages 2 and 6 and am so relieved that my children are not the only girls that can run-a-muk one minute and be preious angels the next. Thank you for being such a strong woman of God.

  • Sara L

    I have the “no bath night” thought many times a week – crack me up!

    Why is it that they pick THAT night to pee on the bathroom floor. I can’t figure out – why is he sliding all over the floor like a slip and slide. Then I realize it’s – PEE! Gross!

    Guess he is having a bath after all. :)

  • Michelle

    Angie, what a sweetheart you are…and so are your precious daughters! If I had been at that meeting, I would have looked and felt just like you, my children would have behaved just like yours. :-) The thing about school…I totally believe that you have to do what you feel is right for your family, whether that’s homeschool, public, or private. It’s a decision that can change from year to year, and from kid to kid, but if you are seeking the LORD with it, I think you will know what to do. I don’t agree with anyone who says there is only one right way, and truly, there is a lot of judgmentalism out there, alot of people who think that their way is the only way…but GOD has equipped us all with different gifts and personalities, and our children as well. And sometimes our kids have learning disabilities, etc, and it all needs to be prayerfully concidered and decided upon.
    As you feel led to homeschool, I want to encourage you to be yourself with it…don’t feel like you have to conform to some stereotype… in other words, it’s okay if you subscribe to People, own a Coach bag, and if your children never play the violin or know how to draw a map of Russia…:-) The person God made YOU specifically is who HE intends you to be…(And you’re giving homeschooling a good name, making it more fresh, real, and cool, and that will help other mom’s feel that maybe they can do it, too, if they feel they should, but don’t think they fit the “stereotype.”) Every year, I just pray that my kids will have the teacher he/she needs, in the classroom environment that is right for him/her that year. So far it’s been public school, but I am open to God leading me elsewhere…knowing that He’ll provide the strength and wisdom needed at the time. You’re doing great, Ang, and I love the pictures! I love the closeup of you and Kate…she has your eyes!

  • Naomi

    Michelle, That was an excellent post! It was open minded, fair and written wit great clarity. Angie has made a lot of good friends here and we can all learn from each other!

  • Erin

    Usually your posts make me think and maybe cry, but this one just made me howl with laughter. The glue stick picture is just too much.

  • jules

    Stories about your girls, especially Kate, always make me laugh! :) Kate has such a wonderful spirit and I hope it stays with her her entire life. I would love to meet this little girl – I’d be in stitches (probably much to your chagrin)!

    On another note, I can relate to you feeling insecure about going to this event. I hate any event where there is large number of people, especially if I don’t know them. I always feel as if I’m being judged. I even hate our annual office Christmas party! Hmmm, although, I do have some cliquey, judgemental, elitist co-workers. ;)

    And, I’m a subscriber! I consider it my mindless escape. I soak in a warm tub and read cover to cover. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Amanda

    Oh, I have related to this post! I have a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. My husband and I have decided to just take the plunge and are planning to begin homeschooling next year. I’m quite Type A myself and can get lost in the books, curriculum, manipulatives, resources, etc. But, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I don’t want to be the stereotypical homeschool mom. The websites I have visited usually have something about modest women for clothing and sewing clothes for your children. When I see that, I click the back button as fast as possible.

    I’ve often wondered if there was anyone out there like me. Just a normal mom who wants to homeschool her kids. Thanks for the post! It hit home hard, even the part about the no-bath night!

  • The Gang’s All Here!

    Okay, I don’t know if you will ever actually read this, cuz you have like a ZILLION comments. But . . .

    I AM a homeschooler, off and on again as the Lord leads our family.

    And I totally knew what Keith and Nicole named their baby girl, like within HOURS of actually naming her. Further, I knew WHY they named her that. I even devoted a whole “Favorites Friday” post to him the week he became a daddy. Sigh. I’m pathetic. But real. I’m very, very real.


  • Bethany

    Yes! I live in Michigan :) And I bet I know what event you are talking about….my Aunt is planning to reserve a WHOLE table! Hopefully, my husband Mark and I will be seated in two of those spots.
    Great post! We did Suzuki…it’s not easy. My son didn’t have the patience to continue. He plays trumpet now though :)
    Thanks for writing! You’re doing a great job!
    Bethany in Michigan

  • Kelly

    You totally crack me up!!I’ve been there. It is so hard to get over myself and just do stuff without worring about what others will think of me. I’m often stressed to the max to invite people over because my home isn’t perfectly decorated, spottless and Kyle left his shoes out (all 7 pairs). (what guy has that many shoes??) I’m working on not worrying about all that and focusing on relationships. It’s a process. Anyway, thanks for being so real with TONS of strangers/friends.
    When are you coming to San Antonio?
    You’re girls are precious! I wish I had it in me to homeschool.(Sidenote: My Maggie pooped in the potty today!! WAHOO for Potty Training Sucesses!!) Love, Kelly

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Rog & Aimee

    oh my! your stories are just too funny! Glad to see that my children aren’t the only ones that act up when I don’t want them too. :) love love love the bonus room! would absolutely love to homeschool as well if I had a room only for that! That is my stipulation for now. or my excuse for not doing it? oh well. I have 4, no 3 more years! oh my. I just realized I lost a year somehow!

  • Mom of three and two angels

    I just want to say that your girls are adorable and that last picture (the one with you in it) made me realize what a beautiful person you are both inside and out. I wish that I lived closer because I would so be at the Bible Study.

    Praying for all of your journey!


  • The Joys of having Boys

    That is so funny! I have been homeschooling for going on 4 years now and I have not felt that way, but have my own battles with telling others that I homeschool. I absolutely love teaching my children, I love every aspect of getting the curriculum and going to conventions. The best is seeing my kids learn and I was the one that saw it first. I still remember hearing my oldest son read his first short story and I just bawled. I was the one that taught him and I was the first one to hear him do it. I knew right then and there I was doing what was for our family.

    The “walls” that I come up with is worrying what other people think. When I tell someone that I am homeschooling there is a lot of times when they look at me like a have a third eye. Then I get responses like, “They won’t be socialized” or “Don’t you want a break from your kids and send them to school?” I have gotten better with it by God’s grace and much prayer. I wish you all the best in your homeschooling endeavor it is a special thing.

  • Tish

    quite possibly the funniest post i have ever read!

  • Mommyof2

    I am with you on the bribery. My husband is a pastor, so everyone is always watching. Desperate times call for desperate measure. And, though I am not a subscriber, I am a Barnes and Noble read for free girl and a reality tv junkie. Yikes!!

  • Angie

    I am a teacher and desperately want to know if the glue stick as lip stick worked…that could be a great way to keep them quiet for a bit! :) That was my FAVORITE pic!
    Thanks for making normal so…normal! Praying for you!

  • CarolinaGirl

    You are so funny! I know what you mean, when I think of home schooling, I do think Mamma Duggar! The woman with like 10,000 kids and they all wear blue jean something with the same color shirt and they too play violins! Glad to know that not all home schoolers were like that! I wish I had the patience, but I can’t see home schooling my 4 girls! Wow, it makes me tired thinking about it!! Good luck to you!

  • Aunt Rhody

    Loved the post! I’m a Suzuki violin teacher. Yes, for real, I am. I have about a dozen students who are homeschooled, but have had up to one third of my studio as homeschooled students. Each one of them is my favorite–each student, I mean. They are just like other students–funny, sassy, polite, pressured, forgetful, diligent, honest, and delightful. They have advantages and disadvantages, both as children and as students. God loves them all, whether homeschooled, private, or public schooled. Each child deserved the education that is right for him/her and all of them need to be taught first of all to love the Lord their God with all their heart and mind and strength and their neighbor as their selves. Immediately after that principle is obedience. On those two foundations they will be successful as people. And they will become noble violinists as well.

  • Kendra

    Angie, I have read your blog for months now, and look forward to your posts. You are a amazing writer.
    I have considered homeschooling, but am lacking in the patience area.

    I can’t wait to hear the update for Michigan. Am so excited Selah is coming here.

    God Bless you,

  • mizbear

    I am going through the same dilemma right now. Master 7 is in second grade, but has some special needs which would be best addressed in the homeschool environment. Miss 5 is in kindergarten. Both kids are currently in public school but we are thinking about withdrawing them next year and homeschooling instead. I’m a trained teacher, but I find the thought daunting. Here in Australia homeschoolers tend to be perceived as a bit weird. I’m thinking it’s just a logical choice for a mum with a kid who has some special needs – not special enough to have a tag, but special enough that he finds the classroom environment a daily challenge.

  • Kate

    Delurking to say I love your blog. It uplifts me & speaks to my heart so often, and posts like this make me laugh and laugh (in a good way).

    Just so you feel better, I'm a homeschooling mom of 7 kids and I, too, am way-too-knowledgable about celebrities (love Vivienne Marcheline, but Knox Leon? Not so great with Maddox & Pax, ya know?).

    I thought homeschooling would be so intimidating, as well, but I've found myself relaxing more and more each year as I realize my kids can learn what they need and a whole lot of what they want without my stressing about it (not an easy feat for me, btw, as I'm very much a type A personality).

    Anyhow, just wanted to say "hi" for the first time and welcome you to the world of homeschooling. :-)

  • jajbs

    I must confess… I am a subscriber, too!! and often feel the same way you do. thanks for sharing this with us. i SO wish I lived near you so that I could be a part of your Bible study!!

    BTW you and your daughters are just PRECIOUS!!!


  • Mrs. Klause

    You have got to hop over to my site and read a post that I wrote quite some time back. It is titled: Caring For Your Lips. ;0)

    Here is the link: http://clothedwithscarlet.typepad.com/clothed_with_scarlet/2008/04/caring-for-your.html

    I so hope that you have a wonderful day!!

    Mrs. Klause

  • Jess

    Just to let you know, I was a Suzuki student, and I am pretty sure I tried to eat my violin the first 3 years of lessons.

  • Bonky’s Mom

    Angie…I laughed out aloud as did my husband. This is SO me. I read people.com daily, watch tv, love shopping, pedicures, manicures and decorating.

    Maybe if God has homeschooling in His plans for us I won’t be eaten alive by double braids, denim jumpers, and the suzuki method. ; )


  • Standing in Awe

    I just started homeschooling last year my three kids who are in 8th grade, 6th grade, and 4th grade this year!!!! I would give anything to be able to go back and start from the beginning, but better late than never!

    It has changed our life, and I will always be grateful to God for all that he has taught me and my children through this blessed time that we have together seeking Him and learning together.

    Your girls are blessed and will be so thankful that you chose to homeschool.

  • mhutsell

    Yep..all of us not so conservative…not so conventional homeschoolers are right there with you. I find that homeschoolers are just like a picture of the body of Christ…we are all playing our part. I never have worn a jumper or sported a bun.
    My kids are not nearly as smart as I wish they were. But I LOVE homeschooling. I LOVE the effect it has on my boys and their relationship with one another. Your girls will be best friends. They will not even think twice about that. They will not fight as much. You will love having them there with you. God will use you however He intends to in their lives through homeschooling no matter if you wear a jumper or they stop eating glue or not! Love the glue stick lipstick. Very funny. M.

  • April

    SWEET!!! You’re coming to MI?!! I can’t wait!! When and where??

    And I was laughing out loud the entire time I read your post! I love your family! :)

  • SonReignsRanch

    I think I have a Kate too…. He is our 2nd born and his name is Justyn. There is still never a dull moment, and if he is quiet you have to go find him. We have homeschooled for 10 years now, amazing!
    I have been so blessed by your journey and your blog over the past few months. I just want to encourage you as you begin homeschooling.
    Like life it is a journey. Prepackaged curriculums dont work well for us, the kids are too diverse. Last year we discovered notebooking. We had been avid KONOS users (still are) but had never thought to make a single notebook for each subject. It works well because each child works at their level, then of course we add Bible, math and Lang. arts…
    Angie you dont seem like the person that would put God in a box, as we homeschool we have to remember first and foremost is what we teach our children about Jesus each and every day is what matters most in our homeschool day. The rest will fall into place. God bless you on this journey! I am sure you have many people to help, but should you need just an encouraging word, whatever…
    well I am here.

  • Rachel

    I was ROLLING during this blog. You are such a great writer.

    And, just so you know, homeschooling is great and for any type of child. My mom homeschooled all four of us from kindergarten through junior high. . . and she too was a “subscriber.” And, she never drove a Suzuki.

    We turned out fine. ;)

  • Kristy

    That was something straight out of a comedy movie,I could litterally picture it all and was laughing my buns off. That was perfect!! I also homeschool,fear other mom’s who’s kids play the violin. My kids are far from that (is that good or bad?) but I try not to think about that and just do what I can do. Even if they can’t play the violin I’m truely blessed to spend everyday with them,I wouldn’t change it for the world! You’ll be awesome,just do your own thing!

  • Walking by Faith

    Oh this had me laughing out loud! SO FUNNY!!! Let me just say…I was homeschooled!!! Often times I use it as my excuse for mixing up which ocean is the Atlanic & which is the Pacific. In all honesty, it taught me to be very responsible, and I loved having time for you guessed it…violin lessons! If only I had kept up with them! Anyway, I assure you I am very normal, and very thankful for being taught at home by my mom, and now as a mommy myself I want to do the same thing! Love the 'class' room, it looks great! You're going to do a great job!!! http://www.godleadethme.blogspot.com ~heidi

  • Keri

    I laughed and laughed reading this post. I’m not a homeschooler, but have still felt the same way many times walking into a home with other moms. The difference is that now my kids, at the ripe ‘ol ages of 7 and 9, can TOTALLY call me out on my insecure alter ego.

    The whole “DO NOT mention to any of the ladies that you play video games….you understand me?? If they ask, tell them you enjoy playing tennis and Lacrosse and are striving for a spot on the Math team.”

    Crazy, huh??

    One of the hardest things I’ve learned as a mom is that you have to give other moms the freedom to parent their child in the way God directs them to. That my be TOTALLY different than how I am doing it (heaven knows I’m not perfect), but that’s the joy of being a parent. It is just so easy to fall into the trap of thinking your parental convictions should apply to all……that has even been evident in some of the comments left for you.

    You’re doing a great job being a mom to your girls…..all 4 of them!

    Oh yes, I’m a subscriber too…….knew immediately when I saw “Sunday Rose” who you were talking about!! Love the recent pictures of Vivienne and Knox!

  • Marilyn – A Mixed Bouquet

    I am behind on reading your blog, but have been praying for your family.

    I am so glad that you are homeschooling! I’m at a different season in my life, but am entering my 14th “official” year of homeschooling. Many people count it from birth, but I start with K.

    You can do this! I know you can!

  • Barbara Hoffman

    I love the commandment on the wall/. do you have the whole set of 10??? Where did you get them… i would love to have them for the preschool class I teach. Please let me know.. you can reply on my blog under the comments at schoffmans.blogspot.com
    barb… I love your blog…. believe me girl you have not stated anything that most of us have not felt or done. Praising God for the eternal impact your blog is making.

  • Stacy F. from Arkansas

    You are HYSTERICAL and you definitely need to be a writer. You blog is so inspiring and the Lord has used it to teach me so many things. I have twins too..they are almost 18…and then a 16 year old too. They grow up so fast..never thought I would be the mother of a SENIOR in High school. Enjoy every minute of it…
    In Christ,

  • Shelly/Michelle

    My goodness, I am still giggling. As a teacher and mother of a young one, I so appreciated this blog. The glue stick picture is priceless, and I assure you I’ll be saying “Suzuki” all school year! Enjoy every moment!

  • AJ

    I am a “subscriber” too. :-/

  • Misty

    I stumbled across your blog yesterday and it was no coincidence that I did. God lead me to it. I lost my little girl, Emma Hope, at 18 weeks to Trisomy 18 last year. You so clearly explain your feelings at every step of the painful journey, which is something I could never quite do. The song “Turn Yours Eyes Upon Jesus” by Selah was played at her memorial service. I now have a perfectly healthy 7 week old little girl, Praise God, but I still think of my lost child everyday. I was overcome with peace while reading your blog entries, knowing that our babies are rejoicing in Heaven with all of the other baby angels. You are an inspiration.

  • Michelle

    I was cracking up throughout the entire post. Oh, and the glue stick as chapstick. HILARIOUS!!!

  • Jessica

    Where are the table and chairs from? So cute!

  • ehand

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I recently, (Sat) gave birth to a little boy at 27 weeks. I was diagnosed with an infection called CMV which transferred to the baby and was very tragic to the baby. The baby was born and lived for about 2 hours. He was the sweetest little thing that I’ve ever seen. You’re blog has helped me see that things happen for the will of God and that he is there to be our comforter and to give us peace. It has also helped us prepare for the day that we would deliver our little boy and probably say goodbye to him as well. You’re an inspiration to all of us moms out there that have lost a baby and we appreciate being able to read a little into your lives. My husband and I hope that we can use this experience as an example to reach others for the Glory of God just as you and Todd have.

    Thanks for your posts.
    Emily Hand

  • Ashley

    I have no clue as to who you are, but found your blog on the K. Amy’s blog and I am addicted to your words. You are such an inspiration to me. I am a miliatry wife from southern Louiaiana and sometimes hate all this moving around and adversity that it brings with it. I see what you have overcome and did it with such grace that you truly are blessed. We all have graces that we need to just stop and be thankful sometimes.

  • sara


    You rock, dear sister! Your Kate reminds me of my very own gem who would put glue stick on his lips. Yes, I said HIS. I am here if you need some home school support; not that I am doing much more than surviving! But some days, that surviving brings God the most glory. And man, I love it.


  • sara

    ..oh and as a funny sidenote, I'm not a subscriber, I am a checkout lane kinda girl. What? Pictures of Brad & Angie's new twins? Oh, yeah – sometimes I stand there for 20 minutes…..

  • Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady"

    Welcome to the world of homeschooling. My oldest just graduated from “home school high!” and I STILL feel very inadequate at doing this job I have been called to do…but God has seen us through!

    AND…we don’t wear jumpers or braid our hair…but I did try it for a short time when I first started to homeschool, and my husband said, “ummmmmmmmm….I don’t like jumpers….” So that was the end of that!

    God made us all so uniquely…just be you…just be Angie who happens to homeschool! Be who you are. That is the best!!!

    God bless!!!

  • Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady"

    ….oh, and by the way…neither of my children have ever touched a violin! And they have lived to tell….I have one who plays the piano and one who plays the guitar…because it’s what THEY love…not what all the other homeschoolers are doing.

    It’s all good!

  • mel

    i loved that post!!! yay for you and homeschooling. somedays i wish i homeschooled also, today is not one of them. :) rock on with the glue chap stick kate. she is cute! I live in Michigan and cannot wait to hear what is in store!

  • surfmomma4

    Hi Angie, as usual you made me laugh out loud. I think you could be the Erma Bombeck of the New Millium (spelled so wrong.) I know you have a book in you and I can;t wait to read it. You will make a wonderful teacher..just call on your angels ..they haven’t let you down yet..hugs Susie

  • Us

    This link is full of people that remind me of you. People with strength, perserverance, courage, and commitment.

  • Angie

    Thanks for sharing that part of your life. I also homeschool and we’re waiting until after labor day to start. I have toddler twins, a 6 year old and an 8 year old so I’m with you on “How in the world do I keep them occupied while teaching?” Hope all goes well. I also live in Michigan and can’t wait to hear more about possibly meeting you!

  • a woman found

    I’m laughing out loud and my husband just came in to ask, “What’s so funny!”

    This is like the 300th comment on this post of yours, so I’ll be shocked if you actually get to read it, but just in case, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

    We just started homeschooling and I’d call myself a reluctant homeschooler. It was strictly a response of obedience to the direction the Lord was leading me and NOT what I had planned at all!!! And then when I finally decided to obey and was filled with peace I had to face the fears of “what everyone is going to think of me.” Both sides of the isle threaten me in my mind. The side of “professional” homeschoolers who must look at me like a total “white trash” mom. And the public schooling folks (who I’ve abandoned- or at least the voice of fear tells me I have), who must be thinking I’m overprotecting my kids or turning into a amish woman or something.

    Anyway, I love your post. I love your heart which comes through so beautifully here!!


  • Beth Monty

    I am sure you cant possibly have time to read all of these comments. However, in case you do, please know that God used this entry to convict and comfort my heart.

  • Butterbean

    Angie, Angie, Angie, this is the cutest post. So funny! The glue stick is the cutest. Thank you so much for sharing your day, your life and your love for God with all of us. Good luck with the homeschool. I think you will be fine. Between this post and the “crap” post, I have been ROTFLOL! You are so normal and so real and I love that about you. Have a great weekend, God bless you and your family and keep us in touch.

  • Annette

    Oh. Too. Funny. I was laughing so hard I cried. Especially the part about Suzuki… Yep, 2 of our 3 play violin. We are starting our 4th year homeschooling… 3rd, 1st and K. With adding my third, I’m scared. Thank you so much for post. Your school room is awesome! My dd would love it.

  • Jennifer Wiser

    I think this post is great because it is so funny and just how i felt last year when i started homeschooling, and sometimes still do. I’m homeschooling for now, and am just taking it on a year by year basis, but had many of the same reservations and “compartmentalizing” ideas that you did. Thanks once again for being so transparent and so funny and so wise. You bless me each time I read your posts. I am so also so excited because I live in Michigan and am already counting the days until I can possibly meet you all – what a tremendous blessing that will be. I will surely clear my schedule of anything that may be on it, and know that I will be blessed to see you all. I emailed you some time ago when I first found your blog because your story touched me so. My husband and I have lost two precious girls who we were able to deliver and hold and spend time with as well before they passed on to their Heavenly Father. Your tender heart but honest fear and agony touch me so deeply because I have felt that lost too, and know the pain, but appreciate the encouragement you have been to me from your blog.
    Thanks, Angie. You are a sweet precious friend to us all.
    Looking forward to hearing about your Michigan visit.

  • Beverly

    Okay, so all homeschool moms wear denim jumpers and braid their hair… and all homeschooled kids use glue-sticks for lip gloss. Right? LOL.

    BTW, I do have a denim jumper… and I do braid my hair… lol.

  • Allmykids123

    Angie: Have you been over to Mckmama’s lately? You would be speechless at how many people have been praying for little Stellan! We have all spelled out his name in our own way. It’s simply amazing!

  • Carisa

    Hi! You already have over 300 comments so you may not even see this, but if you do, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Carisa, I am a wife, mom, missionary (in inner city america), and homeschooler. A role I NEVER thought I would be in.

    I enjoyed reading about your day (this is my first time reading your blog). I also spent a few minutes reading a bit more of your blog (the beginning) and plan to read more later.

    I’d like to invite you to visit my little online world where I have found tons of online friends who are also homeschooling young kids. I host Tot School on my blog, where we all share ideas!


    I LOVE homeschooling now, although I sound a lot like you and was a lot like you in my early days of thinking about it!! :)

    Anyway, it’s nice to *meet you* I will be back to read more later…

  • Griese Family

    I have been looking into your blog from time to time and just wanted to comment on homeschooling. We just completed our first year of homeschooling our 8 and 10 year olds. It definitely can be intimidating. I read a really great book by Todd Wilson called Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe. He’s a very funny Christian guy (familymanweb.com which is actually an encouragement site for Dads) who very much believes in “being real” as a homeschooling mom. The book is an easy read but packed with very good stuff. He also has comic books published some of which spoof the denim jumper idea. :) Very Funny!! God Bless you as you begin this adventure. :)


  • Amy

    I wished I lived closer, I would so join you in your Bible study. To bad there isn’t some way of joining you on-line. God Bless You!

  • Robin in New Jersey

    I have been homeschooling for 18 years. I love the Lord and I watch Project Runway…shhh…don’t tell. :)

    You need to read “Lies Homeschool Moms believe.” I wish someone had written that book 10 years ago.

    YOU are going to do great!

  • Kaira

    I live in Michigan. I homeschool. I do wear braids (cause hubby thinks they are just “hot”) but don’t own a denim jumper. I hope I can find a way to see you when you come to our way… on, and we’ve got lots of Starbucks here too!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    You are so totally and completely normal! And you made me laugh.

    Your children are absolute darlings, and I hope you have a great time doing the homeschool thing!

  • Misty Rice

    I haven’t commented in awhile, but just letting you know I don’t stop thinking of you and reading your blog. I love their room with the table in it. Love it.

    You are an amazing mom and your girls are blessed too for having you as their mommy.

    God Bless.

  • Paula Hamernick

    Okay, so I couldn’t stop laughing because the best humor is the stuff you totally relate to. The whole homeschool thing is such a funny community but like you found out mostly “normal”.

    Have fun. The best part of a H.S group is having people to talk to whose eyes wont glaze over when you talk curriculum or whatever!

  • Cindy-Still His Girl

    I’ve homeschooled my four girls for the last seven years and LOVED it. There are days that are incredibly hard and we were all crying, but I simply loved being with my kids; having them longer, being able to shape and pour into them. I could go on and on and on.

    This year they will all four go to public school. (2nd,3rd,4th,6th) I’m mourning the end of our homeschooling years, but I’m excited, too. You will LOVE the journey!

    One of the best books I read was Things We Wished We’d Known. That at Debra Bell’s Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling simply helped me see a bigger picture yet narrow down my goals and reminded me I didn’t have to raise my own goats in my denim jumper to be a successful homeschooler. :)

    Can’t wait to read more of the journey! :) Blessings to you!

  • amberdawn

    Ok, so this is exactly what I needed to hear! I am very much a people pleaser, and cannot help but truly care about what people think of me! My wonderful husband does not understand this one bit. But funny thing about SUZUKI, My husband and 2 boys are very into motorcycles, so you say Suzuki and they are all ears! Slighty different, but I now know we could say that, and sound smarter! he he

    Oh, and more power to you for listening to God and homeschooling! Some of us He does not give this gift or responsibility. Thank you Jesus!

  • Alice

    Angie, I have been reading your blog since March and never signed before – I got too intimidated by the huuuuuge number of commenters you have! But you keep saying how every comment means a lot to you, and so I will brave the comment box, haha!

    Your blog – your Audrey – has really changed me. God is really using it to change me. Like lots of other readers have said, I have laughed with you, and cried oh-so-hard with you over the recent months. Lately I am really seeing things in a different perspective because of your writings (GOOD perspective, more godly) when I’m going through my day, raising my little ones, thinking about others. Your faith in Jesus is incredibly uplifting, and the way you write about it (you are seriously the most talented blog-writer I have ever read, and I read a lot of blogs) makes it infectious. The music on your playlist is so beautiful and moving and holy and lovely. I live in London, England, and I had not heard of Selah or MercyMe, but I am buying their stuff now!

    My boys are 3.5, 2, and 7 months, and I am planning to homeschool. In England it’s really not done much, and people look at me like my head is spinning when I tell them! I’m searching like crazy for ideas, so I am eager to read all your comments on your homeschooling posts, to see what other people suggest!

    How I LOVE your classroom! I wish we had a room like that for ours! I love the table and chairs too – what a perfect learning centre.

    All four of your daughters are so so beautiful. Every time I check your blog I linger at the photos on the sidebar. Such beautiful little girls!

    I think that is all for now! :) Oh but I linked to your blog from mine yesterday. I don’t know if you get pingback (or whatever it’s called) so I thought I would let you know I wrote about you and about Audrey, and some of the music you have playing here. I basically told everyone (not that I have a huge bunch of readers!) to come over here and read your entire blog in one sitting with a couple of boxes of tissues, and be changed. I truly thank God for you, and for Audrey, and for all that he’s doing in your lives, and that I’m able to see it in a way that changes my own heart.

    You’re a wonderful mama. I am so awed by the way your girls are so understanding of complicated aspects of God’s character (not that it’s complicated as such, but you know what I mean?). And their simple innocent faith, and how they come out sometimes with prophetic sort of things. I wonder if there is something I am NOT doing with my kids that you have done with yours, that has enabled them to be this way? I wish I knew!

    Bless your heart, Angie. I feel so much love for you and your sweet family. I love it when you update! I love to hear about Audrey – things you remember about her, all the photos you’ve posted, the way you feel, anything. What an incredible impact she has made, such a tiny little person. How precious she is!

  • Alice

    I forgot to leave you the link to the blog entry I wrote! My “name link” will only take you to my blogspot blog which is locked.


    I know you will not have time to go there, but I just wanted to tell you I referenced you in my blog entry :)

  • Angela

    Angie……I feel like you are a close friend of mine, yet I’ve never commented on your blog before. (I sent you an email but that was ages ago)! This post….I was laughing out loud, and picturing the whole thing in my head! I too have an Abigail Grace— must be something about the name! :) Thanks for making me laugh– I swear I could’ve written that post myself!!! :)

  • Emily

    I love the Diet Coke on the table. Ha! That, my friends, is called keepin it real.

  • Jo

    I live in Michigan :) I wonder where Selah is going to be? I’d love for them to come share their talents with our church :)

  • Stephanie

    Hi — I am leading a meeting on Tuesday night for new homeschoolers in our community and I would love to share your post with them — to let them know they are not alone as they begin this journey :-) .

  • Linda

    I loved this post as I do most of your posts :) but I too am homeschooling this year for the first time and I am very nervous. We have had episodes like you described on numerous occasions. It seems like the more I talk through my teeth though the louder they get even repeating my bribe so that everyone can hear. very embarrassing. Usually I am able to sit back and laugh later and thank God for the humble reminder that I truly have NO CONTROL over anything only He does. Praying that homeschooling goes well for you this year.

  • Much Afraid’s Hinds Feet on High Places

    Angie–you are so incredibly funny! I love you!

    We homeschooling moms are just normal, ordinary people (and so are our children). We have a passion to see them learn and grow..but most of all to love Jesus and want to live for HIM.

    The Lord will equip you for each new day and challenge. And what a blessing that our children get to see us look to HIM in faith for all our needs each day!

    Debbie in Missouri

  • Jamie

    Great post!! You are going to be an awesome HS mom! All it takes is a love for your kids and a deep connection with them!! (I think that pretty much anyone can do it!) I remember being in your shoes when I started 5 years ago! Intimidation got the best of me at times too!! You are going to do great!! Thanks for making me laugh!!

  • Jane



    Jane from Australia

  • Doug and Terrye

    I can’t tell you how many times I thought that I had screwed up my kids lives by homeschooling. Now my son is youth minister at our church, and our other son is about to start Fire training school. We will soon start with our 3 year old daughter! Keep up the “good race.”
    Terrye in FL


    written like a true mommy-maniac… props to you… you have more guts than i… i’m terrified of home schooling, though i am an office supply junky (i LOVE sharpies, hilighters, pencils, paper…YUM!) and it is tempting! i’m sure i’d fail, and my kids would never learn to read and write! you will do WONDERFUL, and you will LOVE it, i’m sure. you are such a dedicated and loving mamma… you teach so many already… your children will have the best teacher in the world.


  • Creekermom

    HS is just one day at at a time. I recently got asked if where my daughter, Madison was going to attend school and I said, “We Homeschool” the other person replied “So, you aren’t going to send her to school?” No, I replied. Other person “So how long are you going to “Homeschool” I said, I hope to do it long term but only God knows what is best so for now, we just take it one year at a time.

    Angie, Remember everyone telling us that our children all develop differently, it is the same with homeschooling only the kids all get a long and respect each other 99% of the time.

    It is a journey… We’re HS and Loving it!

    You might want to check out

    Great place for HS mom’s from around the globe!

    Or consider making a Homeschool blog at Homeschoolblogger.com

  • Creekermom

    This was posted in another HS Mom in a group that I am in. It made me smile, I hope it does you too!

    This is to be sung to the tune of “I Will Survive”

    Originally written and produced by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris
    Originally performed by Gloria Gaynor

    Mercilessly altered with apologies by Natalie Criss

    I Will Survive (the first year of homeschooling)

    First I was afraid
    I was petrified.

    Kept thinking I could never teach
    ‘Cause I’m not certified.

    But we spent so many nights
    Reteaching homework that was wrong.

    I grew strong,
    so now I teach my kids at home!

    We study math
    and outer space.

    I just kept on despite the fear
    with a big smile across my face.

    I bought a set of Base Ten blocks.
    I bought books with answer keys.

    My parents think we’re nuts,
    but they don’t even bother me

    Come on, let’s go walk out the door.

    We’re on the road now,
    ’cause we’re not home much anymore

    My friends would laugh and say we’d be unsocialized.
    I heard one mumble
    that I’d give up by July.

    Oh no, not I!

    I will survive!

    As long as I know how to read
    I know we’ll be alright.

    I’ve got all my life to learn.
    I’ve got energy to burn.

    and I’ll survive.
    I will survive.

    It took all the strength I had
    not to fall apart.

    Decided to attend
    a play date at the local park,

    and I met oh so many moms
    who offered eagerly to help.

    They used to cry.
    Now they hold their heads up high,
    and so do we!

    My kids are cool!

    They’re not those chained up little people
    stuck inside at school.

    So if you feel like dropping by
    and just expect us to be free
    you’d better call ahead first

    ’cause we’re probably busy!

  • justspeaz

    We are going to be homeschooling our kids for the first time this year (ages 6,5 and almost 3) You spoke a lot about the fears that I’ve been having as well! What an encouragement this blog was to me!

  • Jenna

    You are so hilarious! I must admit, I felt the same exact way when I ventured into homeschooling. I totally didn’t think I would fit the “homeschooling mom image” but once I stepped into the homeschooling community and met the families, I was blown away at not only how sweet and accepting they were but how extremely normal and similar to myself that they were. They are moms like you and me who strive to give their children the best. Now that we are entering our third year, I can say that I have made some amazing friendships with the other homeschool moms and I love the way that we have such similar ideas and goals for raising and educating our children. Stay confident and you will surely see the rewards! By the way, I love your school room. Looks like you are ready for success!

  • Little Patch of Heaven

    I totally understand your feelings. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tracy and Andy Yates


    Too funny! Thanks for being so real for us and sharing your life! I love the school room and the fact that you are home schooling the girls! Thats awesome!

    The girls are adorable as can be!

    God Bless!

  • Katie

    A friend just told me I have to read your blog and she was right. That was hilarious. Plus, I just spent waaaaaay to much time catching up your story. Beautiful.

  • Karen

    Oh gosh. I thought I was the only one who ever felt totally inadequate around other homeschoolers. I sure get tired of all the comments about homeschoolers being ahead of all the non-homeschooled kids. No pressure… no pressure. I’ll settle for normal, thank you. Normal and loving each other and God.

  • karenstacy

    I love to read your blog!
    I just started homschooling my step-daughter and we love it! I was homeschooled all the way through school and think that it is the way to go if you have the time to invest in your children. I also have a little one so i send him to preschool for the bulk of my teaching time. I know, sending him out to school so that i can teach school sounds crazy but it works for us and he gets his social time and learning too.

  • The Wagner Family

    LOVE your blog! Even as much as my Starbucks Java Chip ice cream milkshake. That’s saying a lot. You crack me up and bring me to tears. What else could a girl ask for?

    Just wanted to say, I’m homeschooling and actually gave away a cool Gap jean dress just because I didn’t want to be stereotypical in any way. Isn’t that bad?

    I would love for my kids to play musical instruments, though – mostly because I can’t and would love to listen to them play to me.

    Wish I could come listen to you speak and meet you. You will do GREAT!

  • the parental unit

    First of all…YOU’RE A SAINT! I don’t think I could ever…I mean EVER home school! Sadly, I just don’t think I would have the patience. I hope that you consider teaching the girls a foreign language, if you haven’t already, this could be a great opportunity for Todd to share in the teaching ;) rumor has it that he knows a fun foreign language :) Great to teach it while they’re still young!
    I can’t wait to hear more info from you about your Michigan trip, hopefully it’s in central Michigan!
    Keep up the great work with the girls and remember…we’ve ALL bribed our kids in one way or another!!!!!
    God Bless,
    Lyne :)

  • Felton/Casey

    The funniest thing happened today. My children and I are part of a very large home school network through our local public school system and I don’t know a single child there that plays violin. So today I visited the website to see if there were any updates since summer is almost over (weird by the way that it is already the middle of August)and there was an update about a new class being offered…Private violin lessons. Too true! My kids still aren’t into that, but still, I thought that was pretty funny since that was what your blog was talking about.

  • Chris

    Don’t know how you could possibly have time to read all of these comments, but here goes… I sent a couple of emails to tell you my story (cause I am SURE that you have time for that). I’m the one with the nearly nine year old in heaven playing with your sweet, healthy baby girl. Good luck with the home schooling. You can do it! I started nine years ago (notice the timing:) and have finished one going to EMT school and one in tenth grade this year. I wouldn’t trade those years for all of the world. There is much healing in those hours teaching and learning together.

  • JenB

    Hi Angie! We’re just starting our 3rd year of homeschooling and don’t tell, but I bought the newest People at the beach this week and read it cover to cover twice. There was also an “OK” magazine at the beach house and I may have read it too. My kids have never even picked up a violin. We don’t have a dog, much less a goat and the only denim I’m looking forward to wearing this fall are my new trouser jeans from Banana Republic (on sale!)
    My hs’ing friends and I call ourselves the hs rebels, but we love the Lord, love our kids, and love that He has called us to this crazy life of homeschooling. Glad He called you too!!

  • Kalee

    Hi Angie,

    I am a new reader.

    I have to tell you that I went to public school my whole life and am a big advocate of Christians being in public school. That said…I married a “home-schooler.” His mom did an amazing job with all three of her sons.

    One of my issues has always been that home-schooled kids don’t always interact with kids their age very well. His mom was great at making sure they interacted with kids their age (through church, sports, home-school co-op, etc.)

    I guess I wanted to share that with you and I guess I’m not as against home-schooling as I once thought. :)

    Good luck!

    ps- thanks for the funny stories!

  • Andrea

    OK, this cracked me up! Just keep the buckets off their head and all should be fine! LOL

  • Amy

    I hope that you are doing ok. We haven’t heard from you. Still praying.

  • Hannah

    Thank you!! That made me not only smile but actually laugh out loud. I have been thinking of homeschooling also and worry about all kinds of aspects of it. I am not usually in the “mom” groups so I get your nervousness!!

    Good luck!

  • christina-defining moments

    I know how you feel! I can’t homeschool right now but plan to in the next couple of years and am already feeling the pressure of being one of “those” moms!

  • Kari Dawson

    The first thing I noticed was the map on the wall! Ha ha! It is a Type A dream come true but not tempting enough yet for me to take the plunge with my five kiddos. Homeschooling is a big undertaking and I’m sure a fulfilling one as well. Congrats and it’s truly awesome to ready your funny side. You ARE a funny lady! shhh! I’m a subscriber too. Ah, who cares. Jesus said don’t conform to the world, he didn’t say we couldn’t enjoy pieces of it.

  • Aimee

    From one homeschool mom to another…I understand every word you said. I never thought I would homeschool (former public school teacher here) but I love every minute,,,,well, not every minute. BUT, I love having my sweet children under my care and my influence during the day. And since the loss of our Sophie, I treasure every single minute with them.

  • ~~

    I came upon your blog from I believe a homeschooling blog and have enjoyed so much visiting. What a tender blog you have… what anxious and joy you have lived. The Lord is good you are blessed.
    Looks like you all are into the schooling and enjoying the glue.

  • MAC5

    Hello! Hwen and wherre are you coming to Michigan? I am a michigander and would love to here you speak and Selah sing again.
    You are amazing angie! I am sure your children like mine say the cutest things at the most inoporune times. A little girl I knew was with her family when she was about 4 or so and they were at a church dinner and the pastor of cousre asked every one to bow their heads to pray for the food. In a loud voice she said “i am not gonna pray are you gonna pray dad”. :)

  • Sara

    you’re so brave to homeschool! I dont have it in me! I love the “classroom”!!

  • Cathy Chung

    i love your ikea decor. I too love ikea. my son has the leaf canopy in his room too.
    thanks for all your sharing.

  • Cathy Chung

    i love ikea too. my son has the same leaf canopy in his room too. thanks for sharing.

  • towalkonfertileground

    ohhh…glue sticks…i’m having visions of putting some in my husband’s stocking and passing it off as chapstick!! ha ha ha… thanks for the laugh!

  • Amy Wilson

    I’m sorry that it seems we all come here for comfort now. It’s unfair for you to be THE resource for wounded hearts from the loss of a child….yet today when I sat alone in my doctor’s office, listening desperately for the sound of my baby’s heart that was so clearly there 2 weeks ago…in that silence your words and your strength were a comfort to me. Thank you for being a stranger, willing to so fully share your story and your pain, and yet feel like a friend, certainly a sister in Christ. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Cor 1:4

    Praying God’s peace on us all tonight. It was a very disappointing day.

  • Sara

    Just thinking of you today and hoping you’re having a good week!

    Blessings on your day…


  • Cindi

    Holy Cow, you have many, many blog fans. :-)

    Your post brings back many memories for me… I homeschooled 3 boys for four years, and oh, the self-questioning I did! We lived in a small Southern town at the time, and I felt quite out of place in our homeschooling community, since I didn’t wear long blue-jean skirts. :-)

    Wouldn’t trade those years for anything…… and I didn’t ruin my boys, after all.

    Our husbands have Zaire in common. Mine is a bit older than yours, and was good friends with sister Shawn, when they were there in the Congo.

    Many blessings to you on your homeschooling journey!

  • The Barnyards

    This is seriously one of the funniest things I have read in a long time! I love your blog and wish you were my friend. :)

  • Sirena

    I LOVE reading your blog because you write exactly the way that I think! We’ve been homeschooling for two years now. I am a huge slacker but it’s fun and my kids are actually learning something! There is some sarcasm there but for the most part it’s true ;) Thanks for your time! You bless me!

  • Melanie

    I so loved hearing you tell this story. I homeschooled my three, and I was not really the best homeschooling mom I’ll have to admit. Most of the time I have no regrets, although I suppose there are always moments. LOL I can see from some of the seminars how one would get the impression that homeschooled kids are all geniuses. The Suzuki reference really got a chuckle out of me. LOL
    Some of my homeschooling friends are really like that, others are not. Most are pretty normal kids, though. I’m glad things worked out and went well. And your bonus room is adorable. You are very creative and talented.

  • eggorchicken

    This post had me giggling so much I just couldn’t help but come out of hiding to thank you!

    I’ve been avidly reading your site for a couple of months now – and I am in complete awe of you. Every post you make makes me go through every range of emotions I can possibly experience – joy, pain, fear, laughter, tears etc.

    Your posts have given me such respect for people, like you, that have such courage in the face of adversity. You’ve brought me closer to God and you’ve helped me know myself better.

    You’re one amazing woman, you really are!


  • Wendy

    I had to laugh as I read your post. We recently ordered and received our homeschooling preschool stuff for our daughter, Isabel. Hello excitment!!! Not only were we going to learn, bond and all those great things…I got to go to Staples to buy supplies. I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLY STORES (okay, nothing like flashing your inner geek!). Anyway, while I was there I ran into a friend and was sharing my excitment with her…her response…”oh you’re one of those.”

    Um…yeah…I guess I am. We are waiting to start our schooling until our beach vacation is over, but my goodness am I freaked out. We need to learn Twinkle, Twinkle in latin before we head to a homeschooling group…maybe I’ll invest in a some maps to color on the way…and then we’ll have to do something completely wordly to fit in “out there” afterwards.

    Deep breath. I hope to find a group of great women who share the same passion for growing great kids. And maybe we’ll get to go Staples (and Ikea) more often!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeanine

    I laughed so hard at this one! I think you must share my brain, as I have the same issues when going into a new group. I always play the imagined conversations around in my head and worry over something that, of course, never happens. And I worry that my kids will regress and appear “less than trained” and people will feel sorry for them for having a mom who didn’t read to them enough! Why, oh why, do we put such crazy pressure on ourselves?
    Also, I just read your previous post about the photographs. You are an AMAZING writer. That one touched my heart so deeply. I believe one of the beautiful things about Heaven is that our memories will be clear and we will easily recall those God-moments from our lives.

  • Jess

    SO FUNNY!!!! I LOVED this!!!

  • Lynne

    I just found your blog last night and have been stealing moments all day to read more of it. I love your honesty and obvious trust in what God is doing in your life. I am encouraged to get more into God’s word… thank you for the encouragement. I feel like you are a friend already. Looking forward to getting to know you better! :-) BTW, I’ve been homeschooling for 10 years, don’t fit the denim jumper and long braids mold at all, and still feel some of the things you talked about in this last post when meeting a new group of home school families! Thanks for posting.

  • Lesley

    Hi Angie, I read the post the other day and it tickled me so much. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels so inadequate sometimes. You must laugh non-stop at your girls they seem to be complete characters!
    Anyhow there’s something that’s been on my heart to say and I hope it encourages you. Please don’t worry about the homeschooling, you have been giving those girls a much more important education as you’ve walked through this dark time in your life. I remember when I was a kid and hard times hit my family, my parents choose to walk away from God instead of embrassing Him and that had a direct affect on my brother and I. The typical ‘school’ stuff like the math and reading that’s the easy part anyone can teach your girls that. But the walk with God you are living out before them is beyond anything they can get in book. It’s just been on my heart to say that.
    Thanks for blessing me with your blogs!

    Big hug!


  • A 5 time mom

    Been away on vacation and so just getting to catch up on you and your muses. I love your openness, transparency and honesty in your walk in life.

    I can so relate to wanting your kids to be a certain way when joining other homeschool kids. Year ago my second son wrote a song, nothing about God, but a cute diddy on his siblings, for a talent show. I went in embarrassed and came out proud. He was the hit of the night. 19 years old and he is still writing music!

    Love your homeschool room. So girlie!


  • Jen


    I love to read your blog, and I especially loved seeing your homeschooling pictures….(I teach 5th grade) I thought you would get a really big kick out of this


    It is the webpage of a little boy who is learning to take responsibility. He is a relative of a friend of a friend. It just warmed my heart.

  • mandy_moo

    Just thought I’d let you know… I think it’s great that you’re homeschooling your girls. I know you will get lots of negativity from lots of people… i don’t even have kids but I want to homeschool them when I finally do, and I’ve found that everyone has something to say about it… and it’s usually something negative. So just…. well, stay strong and don’t let other people get you down!!! This is truly the best thing you can do for your kids!!!

  • Erica

    You always give me a good laugh, or cry…I can always count on that for sure. I love that you are making homeschool a blast. So many times, my little one will say, “You are not the teacher. The mom cannot be the teacher.” How funny that even before we become “official” we are teaching them all along.

  • Amanda

    LOL, I love this post. Your school room is too cool. I was homeschooled for 11 years and I think my mother was a saint for being able to do it with the 3 of us!

    I know the type of homeschooling mom you are talking about…with everything so together, the perfect, well-behaved kids. There aren’t many of them, I promise. :)

    Homeschooling can be a great option. I’m no genius child for sure. But I learned to be a self-driven learner and that made college much easier for me than it was for many of my friends. Being able to do something for yourself and not because a teacher is pushing you is something that you can use your whole life.

    And if nothing else, you are getting to spend tons of time with your sweet girls. And you get to be there when they try to use glue sticks as lipstick :) Priceless.

  • Krista

    I live in Michigan, and I would love to hear Selah sing. Keep us posted!

  • dr. Bray

    I live in MI, but I am stuck in Florida….so I may not get to meet the whole gang. Good job with the home schooling, not sure if I could do it. Have fun in MI and maybe you can tell my family that I miss them.

  • Carla

    You can't go wrong with SSRW. My girls loved that program and read beautifully now at 9 & 11. I will be starting it w/my 4yo very soon. You are going to do great. Just remember that training your children up in the Lord and character is so much more important than what the world's standard of good education is. One word of advice… don't compare yourself to other homeschooling families, or you will never feel like your doing enough. More isn't always better, especially at their age. You will see that it is not that difficult and you will be so grateful at the outcome. Your family will remain tight and your girls will be each other's best friends. I think this is my first post on this blog. I have been reading off and on for a few months now. Your posts have been so inspirational to me. Your strength and faith is amazing. Pray about every aspect of homeschooling and He will lead you and help you to feel adequate. (I have been homeschooling for years now and still struggle with this. It never goes away. I could not keep going as I do without His guidance and direction.)

  • Stacia Howard

    You are the strongest woman! God has blessed you & tested you & yet you never waver. I truly look up to you & thank God for showing me the way to your heartbreaking, touching & full of hope & love blog. THANK YOU, Angie! Thank you. And good luck with the homeschooling!

  • Jess and Krissy

    I just have to tell you, this is so the kind of Mommy I am going to be. You are wonderful, and I love reading you!!

  • lize

    how GREAT from one homeschool MOm to another you will be so richly blessed for doing this with your children. much love, liz

  • heartchild

    Your school room is so pretty and looks relaxing. You are going to have such a great time. God gives us what we need to do what he asks of us.

    I am having a contest over at my blog to win a fantastic Schoolhouse Planner from The Old Schoolhouse. It is just fantastic. 247 printable pages. Come on over and leave me a comment to enter.

    Angie M.

  • Colleen

    Okay I have to laugh at the picture of Kate applying her glue stick "lipstick"….it reminds me of when I was teaching a group of K & 1st grade little girls at church. This was back when the smelly markers were all the big rage. Anyway, the girls were using the markers and informing me what they all smelled like….all was well until, I turned my back for a second and I hear…ooo…it taste yucky…it doesn't taste like blueberries! I turn around to see one of my homeschooled little darlings sticking her tongue out at me…now covered it blueberry ink…and under her nose…that little darling is now 19 with a little boy of her own. They do grow up, just enjoy the laughs along the way!

  • Tabatha

    Suzuki! I never thought about it, but you have to be soooo right! My near 7 year old daughter takes lessons, and of course, it’s Suzuki. I have learned it is easy enough that I can glean off her practicing to try to learn to play violin myself. What’s not so easy is playing a 1/4 size violin when I should be holding a 4/4.
    Homeschooling…. yes, we do that too! LOL!

  • Rae

    So glad to see the Smith family, we’ve had allot of the same experiences in our immediate and extended fam. Home schooling, losses..joys

  • S.

    Don’t know if you have seen Barbara Curtis’ book Mommy Teach Me–I think you would like it!

  • paige

    Hey, i doubt you'll read this since i notice you have an *abundance* of comments!! And this is an older post ~ but it caught my eye 'cause it's a homeschooling post…
    i've had those days too ~ (my oldest is in grade *seven* & we started with her in grade 1) ~
    You will not regret the investment. We never fit in with the homeschooling crowds either ~ (tho ~ indeed, they play the fiddle!! hee hee!!)
    Love the pics & my oldest dd is jealous of your rockin' homeschool room! i wish!

  • bri

    oh my goodness you absolutely crack me up. I love your girls’ stories. Okay and just as a side note I know I don’t know you yet but Kate reminds me of you for some reason…hahhahaah She is a spitfire and I love that!!!! hahaha

  • Heather

    Hi! I just started reading your blog and had to start at the beginning, of course! This is my second late night (or it’s gonna be) because I love reading about your journey and how REAL you are. I appreciate your humor and had a quick question. I was wondering if you had a bible curriculum you were using for homeschooling. Blessings!

  • Stacey

    I came across your blog after I read your book, “I Will
    Carry You.”  First of all, let me tell
    you that I LOVED the book and learned so much from it.  It was great to read someone’s story who had
    gone through something similar to me.  I
    decided to read your blog from the beginning and this is where I am right now
    in your story…this is the day that I lost my son, Manny.  I wish so much that I had found this blog before
    Manny was born.  I could have learned so
    many things from you, both spiritual and practical.  For one thing, I wish I would have embraced
    the pregnancy and birth the way you did. 
    It was not that I was not grateful being pregnant, etc., but I did not
    think to do extra things with him, taking him places, telling him about them,
    taking pictures, etc.,  because I always
    assumed I could do them after he was born. 
    We did know that he had things wrong with him, but we were not given a definite
    that he would pass away.  I think I was
    in denial, so I did not process this as a possibility.  Therefore, when he was born, and 4 hours
    later, passed away, I was not in any way prepared for that (not that you can
    be, but I think you understand what I mean). 
    Because of this, we only have a few pictures of him, and since I was
    still trying to wake up after the anesthesia, I do not remember much and that
    breaks my heart.  Anyway, long story,
    short, thank you for all of your inspiration through your book and so far in
    your blog.  I am blessed to have read
    them and I hope the Lord continues to bless you for your work.