Exhibit A (and B)

I loved reading your comments, and I wanted to pass this along….it seems like there is a concensus that 1)Hanna Anderson (catalog/online) 2)Wal-Mart and 3)Gymboree are all good choices for age-appropriate underwear.  I also laughed my head off reading about the Trapper Keepers.  It brought back some great memories of the good old days when a pony with his head hanging over a fence was edgy.  Good times.
After the girls finished their gymnastics class the other day, we got in the car and Todd asked if we were going straight home.  Little did he know.
“No, I need to go to Target really quickly (oxymoron).”  He got all crazy excited and started high-fiving the girls and screaming, “You are the best, baby! Are you sure? I am PUMPED!!!!”
Okay, that last part is a lie.  He actually rolled his eyes and mumbled incoherently under his breath, but whatever.  
“What in the world do we need to go to Target for, Ang?”  In my happy place, he was playing with my hair and handing me the debit card.  I think he mentioned he was going to take the kids with him so I could be alone.  Again, people, lies.
“I need to take some pictures.” 
“Of what?”
“Panties.” The car gets really quiet. 
“Oh that probably sounded weird.” He staring at me like I am on fire, so I assume that he agrees. I can explain.
“I want to take some pictures of sticks, too.”  
I heard his head hit the window in a sign of surrender.  The most supportive kind of surrender. The kind that doesn’t think photographing underwear is unusual for a family activity.  
I am happy to report that we went to a different, Daniela-free Target, and they actually had panties that were appropriate for children.  
For the record, they also had these.
Oh good.  They sit low on the hips.
Which is important (because, as a few readers pointed out), hips are a major issue for a KINDERGARTNER).  Make sure and add a slip, though, so the skull doesn’t show through her new smocked dress.  Because that would be inappropriate.
I would have taken more pictures, but people were staring at me.  And, as you may recall, this is the back-up Target.  I can’t afford to mess this up.  
But before I left, I made my way over to the homegoods section, and guess what I found?
Without further ado, I present to you…..
According to the tag, they are not sticks.  They are “willow bundles.”
I stand corrected.
I am actually getting a little wistful over these, because as I look at them, they are taller than I remember them…taller than I could find in a yard, right? And I think that might be raffia. 
You can’t just buy that at any neighborhood craft store.  
I promise I watched someone spend $50 on sand at Pottery Barn last summer. I did not buy the sticks because that would be silly (right? anyone? I need some accountability here friends…)
So after we went to Target, Todd begged me to go to Red Robin and eat because he didn’t want me to have to cook.  My blog.  My story.
I submitted to his authority and we went.  And you will never guess who was there…
The Red Robin Himself. 
You never saw that coming, did you? 
He was coming around to tables and saying hello to the kids, which would have been a great photo-op if mine weren’t under the table screaming bloody murder.  Kate did hug his legs on the way out, which I was really excited about because as a general rule, they do not do well with large costumed people. Well, it’s kind of one extreme or the other with Kate, who once spent a half hour screaming “MY DOOOOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” and body-slamming every kid who got near Biscuit the dog when he came to Barnes and Noble for a picture session (Missy, feel free to back me up…you were a witness to this proud parenting moment).
As soon as we leave the restaurant, Abby looks around the parking lot and she gets this puzzled look on her face.  She turns to me, and with complete seriousness, asks me which car I think the Red Robin drives.  
I cannot stop imagining a 9 foot tall bird-man driving home with his giant wings.  Holding his travel mug as he starts his morning commute every day. And the best part is that it is perfectly logical to a 5 year old that he drives to and from work, because what else would he do?
I didn’t explain about the costume.  I didn’t see the need.  
After all, she is just a kid.  

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    You are seriously hilarious. I keep finding myself laughing out loud. Alone.
    I love it.

  • alexandra

    You just described every trip to Target with my husband. My friend and I joke that Target is a secret homing device for SAHM. P.S. I vote for gymbo panties. They hold up the best IME.

  • MandieGirl

    This is GREAT! Love the pictures!

  • Katieddot

    I strolled through Target the other day and thought back to your hilarious blog about the sticks. Of course I had to peruse the homegoods section to find them for myself and sure enough they are labeled “sticks”- no sugar coating their identity here!

  • Terri

    I love the happy place responses from your husband. I was literally laughing outloud reading that while my own husband looked at me like I was a fruitcake! he he

    Yikes $50 on sand – and I have to decide if I’ll go over our grocery budget and buy 2 gallons of milk or wait until October starts. he he

    Thanks for your blog! You have a gift!

  • Southern Gal

    Ha! Ha!

    You are so funny! Seriously, don’t buy the sticks…I don’t care what they call them.

    My two older kiddos hated anything that was dressed up in a costume and towered over them. I’ll never forget the friend’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese where I had to hold Rebekah with her face in my neck for two whole hours! Luckily, Jacob was in a stroller asleep.

    But my baby boy loves them! I’ve got a picture of him playing with the whiskers Tom (of Tom and Jerry fame) at a Braves game when he was only 5 months old. Those babies of the family are bold, are they not?

  • Sara

    Oh my gosh, my head actually hurts from laughing right now.

    And I am so sorry but I’m not going to be very good at encouraging accountability… because I totally think you should get the sticks. At Pier 1 each of those sticks would be 3.99. Which means that ENTIRE bundle of sticks is actually reasonably priced. And if I had $24.99 laying around those sticks would SO find a place in my house. Tall sticks are better than a fake tree in the corner any day. I think you deserve the sticks.

    If nothing else, it should be a reward for being a good enough parent that you don’t buy skull and cross bone underwear for your daughters.

    And as my friend often says after making a purchase she wasn’t sure about: “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. But if you need permission, Sara will figure out a way for you to make it sound justifiable.”



  • The Dolezal Family

    Thanks for posting the pic of the sticks…I’m going to see if my Target has them! I have the perfect vase thingy that would work perfectly with those sticks. I can’t wait!

  • Courtney

    That was hilarious. I can just picture you photographing panties and getting all those stares. It’s funny how when you blog, everything in your life becomes a photo op. Hehe.

    I also wanted to say that I am extremely jealous of all you cool Trapper Keeper people. My mom would only buy me the solid green one. She also made me buy solid yellow pencils too. How boring! lol :)

  • Ann

    I am laughing so hard I am tearing up! You are a gifted writer. Love your blog.

  • Beth

    I loved the story…Todd is great! haha And for the record…buy the sticks…if you don’t, I will…I have the perfect glass vase from IKEA that will accent them even more. =)

    And BTW my mom would not buy me the trapper keeper either…=(

  • Anya

    Ha! thanks for the photos. Your husband sounds a lot like mine in this scenario! Made me laugh again, a lot! Anya

  • Addimando Family

    I loved it!!! Every single part of the blog! I so look forward to reading your updates & new stories…
    Take care!

  • Andrea

    So my child isn’t the only one that screams in hysteria when large padded characters come her way?! We even had to find a Santa who wears his “working clothes” (suspenders and a festive shirt) because the red suit was not a big hit with our little one!

  • The Barnes Crew


    I think that you should just splurge and buy the sticks…if some goofball can spend $50 on sand I think you can justify $24.99 for sticks right! I mean heck if they are taller then anything you could find in your yard AND raffia is included – hello…BONUS!

    The panties…I went a few months ago to get them for my 12 & 6 year old girls(from Target), bring them home and they both say in unison "um, mom those are granny panties"! So now I buy the hipsters for them…not because their jeans are low-rise but because they don't want their panties over their belly buttons! *sigh* I guess I can give in to that cuz I don't like jumbo panties either!

    Thanks for keeping us entertained with your gift of writing!

  • mom 2 many

    Oh my goodness…..you are cracking me up!! LOL I do have to say….my tiny 8 year old has a very round tushy, therefore needs a bigger panty, but needs the lower rise ones so that they don’t end up at her ribs! LOL So, we do buy the low rise, but they do come up to her waist!
    The *sticks* are interesting….but $24.99???

  • Jocelyn

    I LOVE Target…and well, my husband…not so much. I too have heard the sound of his head hitting the window when he finds out where we’re headed.

    Side note…our trial is a week from today (Thursday). Please pray.

    Awesome blog, as always.

  • Rebekah

    Okay, fairly new here, and you have me laughing my rear off. I swear I almost fell off of my chair.

    About those sticks. I don’t know if you have an Ikea near you but I am pretty sure they have the sticks there for less.

    About the underwear. My daughter is 2 and underwear is in her near future. I am afraid now. Thanks a lot! :)

  • Karalin

    *hehehe* When my oldest son was three he saw a SpongeBob in the 4th of July parade. He immediately started crying and when I finally calmed him down enough to understand what he was saying it was, “I don’t know HOW they will get the boy out of the cheese!” :-) So, he knew it was a costume (albeit, not the correct thing…we don’t watch SpongeBob)! He was finally pacified when I said, “Umm, I’m sure there’s a zipper.”

    Have a great day!

  • Kristen

    I love that you took pictures in Target!!

    And yes, be careful. Blog posts pictures aren’t worth messing up not being able to go to Target again. :)

    I love reading about your adventures. You are just too funny!

  • karina


    Your Todd sounds like my Todd! This was seriously funny!

    Steer clear of the sticks, after all, they are, well, sticks. I tell you, I can send you sticks for much less!

    My kids have never (so far) been that afraid of costumed characters, but I have played therapist to my BFF’s daughter during her irational fears of them. Hey, it’s a real fear. We old her that she didn’t have to like them, hug or touch them, it was OK to be afraid, but it was not OK to scream hysterically when she saw one! At the age of 9, she finally has achieved complete control of the urge to scream!

    Glad you found some appropriate panties!

  • Michelle

    This is seriously HILARIOUS!!! I, too, was laughing out loud. Love it! :-)

  • Beth

    i accidently woke up my roommate laughing!!! ooops!!! you are too funny. i enjoy your blogs so much.

  • Cindy

    I am going to add my seriously funny as well. I think that you are a hoot.

  • Michelle

    Oh my goodness thank you for the comic relief. It was so needed!

  • mykidsmomx4

    Thank you! This was just the laugh I needed before I headed off to bed. You crack me up!

    You don’t need the sticks any more than those adorable girls of your need pirate swords to go with that panties you didn’t buy them. In fact, if I bought those sticks for my house I can guarantee you someone would decide they looked just like pirate swords and start a stick fight… not that your angels would do that since they are perfectlt behaved always (they would probably use them to build a bird’s nest… where the hated chickens can hide in from you).

    (and in my head I now hear “Hey! You’re supposed to sing about piratey things!”)

  • The Smiths

    Thanks for posting the pictures.. If i see those “sticks” at my Target…they better be on sale
    (a better sale than what they already are)…because I am going to get them. And i know i will laugh everytime i see them. Wow!! Target is going to think that they are a big item..and stock plenty more next season…lol
    Thanks for posting!!

  • Wendy

    Oh my word! I saw those EXACT Sticks hanging out of this woman’s backseat car window this morning!!! My first thought was “I wonder if those are THE infamous sticks from Target. I guess she thought $4 off was a good deal. :-)

  • Julie

    Seriously the picture makes the panty story even better. Those are AWFUL,AWFUL what a horrible conotation.

    LOL, I love your story, it is way better than TV.

    Okay, the sticks……..they are VERY cute, but, not worth 25.00. I am sure if any of your readers find them for less you will have a bunch. I do think they are better than a fake tree anyday.

    I always get socks on sale at Gymboree for 99 cents. I bet you can get lots of panties on sale there too. The socks always hold up well.

  • Christy

    Don’t feel bad about the Red Robin. My three year old has to ask every time before we go to Chick-fill-a if the cow will be there. If there is a chance he will be there, she refuses to go! Even when our seven year pipes up “You know, Emma, it is just a man dressed up like a cow!” I just had to take pictures of her face of terror at Disneyland this spring!
    The sticks are beautiful, but I would have a hard time spending so much on them–plus, my kids would destroy them in a matter of hours! When is it that they outgrow that destructive phase? 18? 20?

  • Jennifer

    You are sooo cracking me up right now!! What a great way to end my night! I love reading your blog! Keep the humor coming, I love it!! My girls aren’t in kindergarten yet, but I hope I can find panties that aren’t low riders too!!

  • This Mama’s Hood

    I read your blog and I really enjoy it. Tonight’s entry really made me laugh. The idea of Kate body slamming small children over a large costumed dog literally had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Also, the idea of $24.99 on sticks is insane. Much like the idea of a skull being on the behind of anyone’s panties.

  • His Amazing Grace

    I love this Angie!! I don’t think my husband would have been as happy to take me to Target! He was laughing tonight as I took pictures of our applesauce making! That post is going on my blog soon!! Actually, my Mom could use those “sticks”…but…not for a whoppin’ $24.99!! And…the car for Red Robin? Seriously…that is the best…I’m laughing as I head off to bed!!!

  • Liz @ My Full Cup

    LOL!!! I love it! :) I can totally picture the whole scene. Thanks for the laugh!


    I really should do some kegals before I read your blog… laughing is not good on my bladder (I kid… no really… I kid!)

    I have to buy panties for my Ellie Jo tomorrow… She’s started wearing them since my last comment… woot! I’m going straight for the pirate panties…(not so much)…

    I do promise you this, I won’t be caught photographing panties… who would do such a thing… in Target… GASP!!! You, my dear, are a HOOT!


  • RSR2003


    sigh. thank you for the belly laughs :)

  • little kit

    Thanks for the laugh :) (and for the crying that came with it!)

  • Anita J.

    Here’s all you do to figure out if you should get the sticks: First, guesstimate how much time it would take for you to find a willow tree from which you could harvest sticks. Next factor in time time it would take for you to get permission from the owner, drive to the tree, cut the branches, and drive home. Save your added time in a little column all by itself. Now multiply the distance to and from the tree times your vehicle’s mpg, then multiply that figure times the price of gas per gallon here in TN. Take this dollar amount and set it to the side. (That figure alone should be about eight hundred dollars, right?) Go back to your time equation and decide what you’re worth per hour and multiply it for your wages. Add that to the gas bill. Now tack on a whopping finders’ fee and figure in childcare if the girls didn’t go to the willow tree with you. Those willow bundles are looking cheaper and cheaper, aren’t they?

  • Mary

    You’re hilarious! Loved your panties story. I have been known to throw a tantrun in stores while trying to buy my three-year old daughter a swimming suit… seriously, she does NOT need a binki. Who’s she showing off for anyway? (And what?!?) Give me a modest suit for my baby girl, please.

  • Mary

    Oops, I stand corrected. A BINKINI.

  • kristen lorenze


    I love the pictures of the panties. It’s really sad how few modest options there are for the little kiddos.

    I thought I’d mention that I shop off this really great modest site called http://www.downeastbasics.com They sell mainly women’s clothes, but just started selling little girl’s clothes. Right now it’s just plain tank tops, undershirts, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, but they are cute and not overpriced.

    Too bad they don’t sell undies.

  • bekah

    I love reading your blog!! It is such a blessing to me. I live in Hawaii thanks to the US Navy. (it’s my husband’s job) We don’t have a target!! I have been here for 1 year 2months and it is hard to live without one!! We are supposed to get one next year… From what I understand… they’ve been saying that for years!!


  • kprincesskate

    I love that you took pictures… and that you made your husband do it with you! I am cracking up about Red Robin, he makes an appearance every Tuesday at ours. My girls used to scream when they saw him- they have started to warm up to him though. My daughter believes that he lives in the janitors closet and has a really big nest in a tree close by. The things they come up with!

  • lynette

    Have just spent an evening with 31 Brownies weaving said “sticks” into Willow Fish – such versatility must be worth the money!!!

  • MapleCottage

    LOL This reminded me of one of those mastercard commercials..

    Pirate panties $4.49
    Sticks $24.99
    Imagining Red Robin stuffing himself into small car Priceless :P
    Thanks again for the giggles! :)

  • Vonda

    I so needed the laugh this morning. Thank you! God has used you in a mighty way already today.

    P.S. Sounds like it is a man thing with Target. They just don’t get it, do they?

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the laugh to start my day! Oh, that is just too funny.

    We haven’t encountered any big furry beings yet. And I was just telling my husband last night that Red Robin does kid’s birthdays, since our son will be turning 3 next month.

  • Jes

    I just want to know…did you buy the Brando picture instead? If you did, you’re a “contenda” for the coolest mom ever!

    A side note on draaaawers….(I’m southern, too!)….

    There is a lady that lives in my neighborhood and professes to love Jesus. Maybe she does…maybe she’s like I was for decades…lost, all the while thinking I was saved.

    All I know is that EVERY time I see her, she has on SUPER FREAK thin linen pants with either her thong showing straight through them or with a pair of panties with some yucky saying or skanky picture on the rear.

    I so want to ask her, “Do you realize that you are calling attention to your rumpus every time you wear your see-through draaawers out of the house?!

    And why in the world do you feel the need to show all of AZ what your unmentionables look like?

    Ugh! Makes me want to slip a piece of chocolate cake onto her chair before she rests her tookis on it. :)

  • The Rose Room

    So funny!!! Rachaelxo

  • ~Alicia~

    I love your little side notes (read: lies) about what would happen if your “happy place” was indeed reality. They cracked me up!

    The sticks… I didn’t imagine them being so large. And pretty. They almost seem worthy of the $25 price tag… is it bad that I thought $25 isn’t so much? And you seriously could not get such sticks from your backyard. I know you asked for accountability, but with the pictorial evidence, my opinion has swayed. Sorry. I think I’d put them in my shopping basket too!

    Your girls, as usual, are hilarious! I went through a stage of severe phobia directed at any large, costumed adult character. Specifically the Easter bunny. I have photographic proof, my face is bright red and I have such a look of fear you’d think he’d just told me Easter was cancelled that year. However, you’ll be happy to know I grew out of it. But maybe you should arrange photo ops with your girls to serve humiliation/entertainment purposes for their 21st’s!

  • Truly Blessed

    Okay, I’m trying not too laugh too loud because the kids are still asleep and I have to get my menu/grocery list done (that’s why I’m on-line reading your blog…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it). Hilarious! I could just visualize all of that in my head….Todd’s reaction, you snapping quick pics at Target trying not to be noticed and then the girls flipping out over a huge talking bird! Are we related???

  • Heather

    You just made me laugh SO hard! I love it!

  • Mandy

    Thank you SO much about for the encouragement on submitting to your husband’s authority. :-) I need to work on that! (wink, wink!)

  • WendyCarole

    Ah sticks now I know what you mean LOL I have some of those. A friend gave them to me.

    I can’t stop laughing, imagining Red Robin driving his car

  • Mandi

    My husband would have a similar response to a trip to Target…especially if it were to take pictures of panties and sticks…you are SO FUNNY!!!

  • Jill

    Very funny!

    Glad you found appropriate undies and the girls don’t know otherwise. LOL!

    I keep shopping at Target to a minimum – too easy to go way over budget there…when you have 7 children. Soon to be 8!


  • Kim @ My Journey

    Oh, thanks so much for the early morning smiles!!! And guess what? My 6 year old daughter’s BIGGEST fear in life??? “Chicken Robin” as she affectionatley calls him. Along with every other “dressed up” character on the planet. :)

  • Sara

    The mere thought of you walking around Target taking pictures of panties and sticks is just cracking me up. Seriously, I would have loved to have seen it.

  • Karen

    Oh my, I enjoyed this. And I’m backing your story the whole way. Because I live in my head sometimes too. (it’s too bad the giant hot dog car wasn’t visiting the red robin that day.)

    As for the little girl/tartlike clothing, I have often wondered what mothers say to their daughters when they are ten or twelve and still want to dress…um…tartlike?


  • Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

    Thank you for adding some sunshine and laughter to my morning. I needed that!

  • The Price’s

    I noticed the skull panties were on clearance, which tells me that you aren’t the only one who thought they were ridiculous! Gymbo has some hot pink ones with kitty cats and moons on them that glow in the dark, fyi. My daughter grabbed them out of the dirty clothes the other day and asked to wear them again! HA! So, if you want some “edgy” panties w/ an appropriate fit, try Gymbo!

  • Hannah

    You are just to funny! I love Todd’s reaction to going to Target, my husband feels the same way when I ask to go!!
    My four year old daughter is also afraid of costumed characters. We spent three days at Disney last May and she was fine with the princesses, but every other character freaked her out!! She would not even look at them and spent the whole time during the parade holding her hands over her eyes and hiding in her stroller! I was so bummed because we had such a great spot to see everything!
    When I was in high school I was our high school mascot(wildcat) and I can totally remember freaking out small children, not on purpose, I promise. I guess it is rather scary when your stuffed animals come to life and are HUGE!!

    Thanks for the great laugh this morning!!!

  • Sheryl

    Okay, that is some great stuff! Hilarious. And I did not know that those were the “sticks” you were speaking of. Oh my! Because of my health I haven’t been able to get out much at all in the past 16 months, BUT I did get to Target once…had those “sticks” in my hand (cuz I love them)…told myself how ridiculous to spend that kind of money. Now I see them again in your picture…I think I am sending someone there today.

    Oh and thanks for being such a rebel and taking pictures of the pirate panties. That is priceless.


  • Sherry

    So I was reading your blog this morning over coffee — when I should be in the shower getting ready for work. I was taking a swig of coffee at the same time that my eyes where reading the part about what kind of car does Red Robin drive. It was all I could do to keep the coffee in my mouth and not on the keyboard. However, a tiny bit did get on my chin.

    Me and my husband have those same fantasy conversions when I beg to stop at TJ Maxx. It’s his favorite place to sit in the car and listen to some sports event.

    Thanks for making my morning.

  • lori

    Girl you are just too funny..
    So seriously when are you going to seek a publisher and begin your book, it’s gonna happen and then you’ll remember all the post where you were asked to write a book. It’ll shoot to a best seller in no time, Oprah will probably want to have it in her book club, and if you stay on good terms with target they will have it in terms as well

  • Johnson Party of seven!

    I love those “sticks” too. I probably would have bought them if you hadn’t pointed out so kindly how ridiculous that is. Sigh…. my husband thanks you I’m sure.

  • Jenn

    I’m dying here! That is hysterical… all of it! And for the record… I am totally someone who would get weird looks for taking pictures of underwear at Target!

  • My boys

    OH Angie!!! What joy you bring!! I must try the tears of laughter and start the day!!

  • 3kids2jobs1dog.com

    Oh my Angie. This is priceless! My oldest daughter also has an inate fear of costumed people. She will tear up every time we get ready to walk into the Perkins where we saw the Easter bunny when she was 4. She is 8 now. We are also planning a trip to Disneyworld for next summer. The first thing she asked me is who is going to go with us so they can stay at the hotel with her when we go see the “scary people” in the parade. God love her.

  • amy

    Thankyou so much for the laugh. I needed that! As for the skulls and cross bones, my daughter is 9 and we have trouble finding much of ANYTHING without that beautiful display on it!!

  • Kelly

    Oh. My. GOODNESS.

    Maybe you are my long lost sister. I take pix of everything – anywhere. :o )

    Having a 3 1/2 year old I love the Gymbo and Wal-mart panties. My youngest doesn’t need them yet.

  • Brittany

    Long time lurker, first time commenter… and I must say that I think I love you as much as you love Beth Moore…

    Now that I have my stalker proclamation out of the way.

    (Hello my name is Brittany and) I am a TJMaxx and Marshalls addict and I have definitely seen those sticks at numerous locations in and around my area, so I am almost certain that they would be at your local stores as well! I have slobbered over them often myself and I want to think that they are in the 12.99 price range, which I think is completely doable for such artwork!

  • the Percifuls

    Laughing. Out. Loud.


  • Bits of Silver

    Do you have a Gordmans near you? I bought these sticks for $5.99 there. (My husband affectionally refers to them as “our weeds.”

  • Amanda

    I’m so laughing at this whole thing! Too funny.

    And I LOVED the “submitted to his authority” thing. I do that a lot. :~)

  • AJ

    This just made my day! Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

  • Mommy

    I see the panties are on clearance. Maybe that means no one is buying them? We can only hope.

    My girls are glad to hear that you properly label your undergarments. Girls wear panties and boys wear underwear. And don’t you ever…EVER…call them the wrong name. Because boys and girls are still very separate here. The boys still have germs. I am thankful for that because I know it won’t last.

  • Armes Family

    I just started reading your blog and I love it!!!!!!!!! I wanted to tell you that I have those “sticks.” I found them for $5 at Gordmans.

  • acer4u73

    I just remembered I got my sticks at Ross. They also had them at TJMax for much less than 25 dollars. I think I ended up spending 8 bucks:) Next time I see them, I’ll get you a bundle:)

    btw,,went to get tickets at the Cove and they were sold out,,,bummer. until the next time they come to asheville :)


    awsome i would of loved to see every one faces that you were taking pictures of the pirates paintes that is upserd for a little girl. really gymbo has the best and well worth the money and you can shop for matching clothes there as well,

    the sticks are funny but do not spend 25 dollars on sticks angie that is seriously crazy but you know that already , hey you do have them in a blog pictures that you can look at for free! that is a red sticker bargan if i ever saw one! you ought to get commision off of target cause every one is going to look at your sticks or bundle package . lol have a good one!

  • Kristen

    Ha ha. I love it! You went back to Target just to take pictures for your blog. I would have totally done something like that too for my blog and my husband would have had the same reaction that Todd did. I love the way you crack jokes! You had me laughing.

  • Megan

    This post made me laugh out loud. The Robin comes to our Red Robin on Tuesdays too!

  • four little blessings

    Cracking myself up! Seriously! We went to the Michigan State Fair last year… and there was a chicken driving a little car around singing to advertise his show at 2 pm. My son LOVED it…. fast forward a year, and we are at the fair again, eating a picnic, at the next table is a man on a cell phone… my husband and I kept thinking…. “We know that voice!”…. after he finished his call, he got up, went behind a trailer, and came out as the CHICKEN! My son about fell off the picnic table…. yep, got into the chicken car and drove off. I swear my 5 year old about died…. “That guy is the chicken…. it is the CHICKEN!” then, quietly, “I wonder what happened to the real chicken?” Wistfully sad….

    How funny! Anyhow, if I see the chicken man again I will surely ask if he knows what car Red Robin drives! :) Tammy

    PS, I also have been using my back-up Target…. bad experience with mismarked clearance socks and a manager having a bad day (before I got to her….I hope!)….

  • Cindy

    Anjie, he’s a robin. He flies, not drives. ;o) Lol. Thank you for the pictures. I absolutely loved it.

  • Cindy

    Angie, I’m so sorry for the misspell. I blame it on my lack of coffee. ;)

  • Tara

    Funny funny!! You are good girl! I can always send you the sticks Ike has left in my yard, the half a trees worth.

    My problem is finding proper panties that don’t give “wedgies” as my 6yr old daughter says. Every single pair causes her discomfort. She thinks God just made her booty-hooty “weird.”

    LOL at the SAHM beacon comment!

  • The Petro Family

    Oh Angie, I am laughing so hard right now, because I went to Target yesterday to buy some stuff for work, and a lady was checking out behind me with that exact bundle of “sticks” and silver snake skin purse. Nice…

  • JabbaMamma

    Angie, you are toooo funny for words! You totally crack me up! I so very much love your blog and just can’t seem to get enough!

    My daughter doesn’t like the “costumed ones” either. She says (now that she is 4) that if she sees Red Robin she will give him a big hug, but to be perfectly honest I am a bit skeptical since all I have ever seen her do in the past is scream bloody murder!

    Keep up the awesome work. You are touching a lot of people with your words. Your heart really comes shining through!

  • Jackie


    I have been following your blog for quite some time now! What a testomony of faith!

    I was really sad that I missed your contest with the Selah cd’s. I have followed Selah for years and really enjoy listening to their music!

    I had to comment about the sticks! I love them. I actually have some that look like that….I put them in a basket in the corner of my living room. I am pretty sure that I bought mine at IKEA.

    You are an increadible writer…thanks for sharing your story! :)

  • Stacy

    Too funny. Sitting here all all by myself and laughing out loud at your post. To hilarious. Your post always put a smile on my face! I too was a proud trapper keeper owner “back in the day” and of course they were the coolest thing around! I seriously cracked up when I read the part about “red robin” driving in his car with his travel mug. Oh my goodness. That visual is too funny! I too think it’s funny that once you are a blogger, everything is a photo op and we all must have others wondering whats going on when we are taking these bloggy pictures. Hehe. Thanks for the smiles!

  • AmberP

    You are so funny! I looked for those sticks at my local Target in Ohio, but I didn’t find them. I was looking in the wrong section. The next time I go, which I’m sure will be very soon, since I haven’t been there since Tuesday, I will look again. Also, my daughter is only 3 years old, so I had no idea about the panties! That is absolutely ridiculous!

  • sawicky99

    Oh my gosh…I think I just peed my pants because I was laughing so hard!

  • Jenny

    Angie – i just LOVE your blog! Your comment about the big red bird driving to work with his coffee mug reminds me of the Jimmy Dean commercials featuring the “sun” livign a normal life. Those commercials make me laugh out loud!

    Blessings – Jenny

  • Caitlin

    Wouldn’t Red Robin fly home? He is, after all, a big bird… :)

  • Carrie

    Oh, too funny. The Red Robin driving to work- that’s great! :) I actually think the sticks are so cute- when they go on clearance for $5, let me know. :)

  • Hope

    You do have a gift. My sides ache. Too bad the skull panties didn’t come in 3 packs;)

  • Mocha with Linda

    This absolutely cracked me up. I’ll go to Target with you any day!

  • ~Bekah

    Haha, ok so i’m laughing hysterically right now! haha.. i forgot to post my comment about the underwear last time but what ever happened to My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright and Care Bears?? COme on people?! I don’t have kids yet, we’ve been trying for 1 year on Oct. 16 (pray for us), and even I’m offended by this underwear!
    Umm, Ang, don’t buy the sticks. Here in Arkansas, I can find PLENTY of stick similar to these in my husband’s deer woods if you’d like. haha…resist the temptation! haha.. love reading your blog. u’re such an inspiration and woman of God i look up to.

  • findingourdaughter

    I’m LOL……love it! I’m so glad you and your family have some adorable, great humor to keep you smiling! (and the rest of us too!)
    God is good!

  • Aimee

    Seriously! You are such a gifted writer! I look forward to finding a new post because every time, I laugh, cry, or am simply amazed at how different, but alike, that we are. You seem to minister without even trying, since I know you aren’t too excited about public speaking, like me.
    Anyway, I had to let you know I laughed ALOT this time around and am thankful for your postings.

  • Denise

    I love your Red Robin story. We have one too, as our daughter is also deathly afraid of large, costumed characters. I figure that in and of itself is a clear indication that it is too soon for us to take a trip to Disney. Imagine the sheer terror!

  • daniella

    I just tee-tee’d in my pant laughing so hard. And don’t gang-up on the Daniella, not all Daniella’s look at you like you have three eyes. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw the underwear! What’s next, Victoria Secret’s Pink line carrying low-rider training diapers that turns the lining pink when it gets wet?

    Listen, I bought fake green apples from target for 30 bucks. There, I’ve admitted it and think you should just get the sticks. That, or ask Todd to go cut down some branches and make you some that look JUST LIKE THOSE at Target. Mmmmhhhm!

  • Jen

    Oh my, I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard this morning. Some times I think we may be living the same life. Land's End might have "normal" kids undies too. I find most of my "normal" clothing for myself there, something about Midwestern sensibility & practicality. Maybe it's the cold weather. And no, don't buy sticks, it's just like buying pebbles or water…;)

  • Hip Mom’s Guide

    I am laughing so hard right now that the other people in this quiet coffee shop are staring. Thank you!

  • Joy

    Well, I”m surprised you didn’t just remind her it’s a bird. He flies to and from work. =)

  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    This is too funny. I’m laughing out loud at my computer. Good thing it’s just me and my little man who’s only 4. He thinks nothing of it. The sticks are just dust collectors. Just keep telling yourself that and that will keep you accountable for not purchasing overpriced willow branches. :)

  • Our Family of Four

    I think you may be the funniest human being alive because you had me rolling over panties and sticks. And I’m oh so glad you share your less than angelic children stories. Good to know mine aren’t the only ones that embarrass their mama sometimes!

    Oh and I say buy the sticks. It’s $25. If you love them that much and have a use for them what the heck. Forego the morning Starbucks or some other treat for a week and all will even out.

  • KristenRea

    I think I have to quit reading your blog at work. People are starting to wonder what’s going on in here …

  • Jenn

    DONT BUY THE STICKS!!! Its crazy to spend money on sticks…their sticks.

    Thank you so much for not buying the panties. I will never buy my daughter panties like that. Shes got a big butt and a bit of a tummy so she needs the bigger panties. As much as i dont like Walmart, that is the only place I will buy her panties (she still has Ariel ones, and their big girl sizes). Even if I have to wrap her in a pillow case of something she wont ever wear “hipsters” or “Bikinis” ugh!

    Thats so much for keeping up your blog. I check for an update every day when I come home from school and Im just so happy when there is a new entry!

  • Michelle Cearley

    You know . . . those “sticks” look better and BIGGER than I pictured. I would probably buy them, if I had an extra $25.

  • trixiefan

    I just wanted to say that my 18 year old daughter is the Red Robin at our local restaurant! That is her only job there. She loves going around and greeting the kids, but sometimes they don’t like her much!

  • It’s me Suzette!

    Just stumbled on your ever so popular blog and I love it! I am sitting at my desk rolling… People are wondering why I’m laughing so hard… Your blog is so refreshing!

    And yes, I could not bring myself to spend $25 on a bundle of sticks!!

  • Hope Wilson

    What FUN you have in life…hilarious, simply hilarious!

  • Alicia

    Needless to say, when I got through thru 1st few sentences, I knew where this was going. As soon as I read Target, I knew there would be pics to follow!

    I think I have found my new best friend, can you move to TX?

    I don’t even tell my hubby when I am/have gone to Target….not until he says how much he loves our new sheets, then I tell him….and his response is always, “I should have known”!

    I’m probably a bad influence on the stick issue….I buy 10.00 bundles of dried lavender for my daughters bedroom because I think they are cute!

  • Janet

    I have “sticks” just like that. I got them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels… I forget, but I know I did not spend much on them. You may want to check there.

  • Shelly

    You crack me up. “My story, my blog”. LOL!! I can picture every line delivered, every husband reaction. I don’t think it matters whether it’s your family or mine. LOL!

    oh – and good for you not spending $25 on “willow” sticks.

  • Susie

    You must have looked hilarious taking pictures of that underwear!!!

  • courtneywrites

    Oh, this cracks me up, Angie!

    My husband does about the same thing as Todd when I suggest a “quick trip” to Target. I think I know what I’m looking for, but there’s so much in there, I always find something else. Hubby has caught on to that fact somewhere in the last five years. He can usually be found playing Xbox when I’m done shopping. :)

    And I will hold you accountable – $24 is way too much for a bundle of sticks. But then again, I can talk myself out of buying just about anything (including the $1 Eagles CD I found at Half Price Books – I almost put it back!).

  • Kecia

    How do you do this??? You leave all speachless!

  • LBakker

    Okay FINE… I’ll admit that I have the sticks in my bedroom!!! The guilt of reading about the sticks has become too much. :) However, let me clarify that I did purchase the sticks at IKEA, and they were much less than Target is charging for them. Anyway, they are fabulous, and I have them in a tall metal thingy, and every home should have them. YES — I went there! You should get them! If they will make you smile, you should have them in your home… you deserve them. We actually have found great use for them, as my children bring in every art project that involves a string, and “decorate” our sticks. Once it gets too “pretty” with the decorations, we clear it all off and start over. But those two days of clear sticks are GLORIOUS! I love my sticks!

    Thanks for the visual of the pirate underpants ~ this world is a scary place for moms of young girls, isn’t it?

    And as for the large costume-clad creatures; suffice to say that Disney World has probably not yet recovered from my children being there. Yes, we paid for the character breakfast, and no, it was not what I would consider to be a hit with my children. Enough said.

    Thanks for the laughs today…

    Laura — in Michigan

  • Melissa

    Oh. My. Gosh. HILARIOUS!!! :) I’m so glad to hear the ‘happy’ tone in your blog posts lately. You have quite a way with words!!

  • HappilyEverAfter

    LOL LOL LOL!!! Oh my gosh!! That was funny!

  • Amy (Metz) Walker


  • Jennifer

    Too funny! I’m sure Todd was happily helping you take pictures of the panties and sticks! I mean willow bundles.

    Jen P

  • Ang

    Sooo funny! In my fantasy world, my husband also behaves that way. He also adds….spend as much money as you want and take as much time as you want I will be glad to watch the three kids! If only life were that way. He really rolls his eyes, says do we really have to go there? We don’t really need anything so don’t buy much! And…(I love this one) You are taking all of the kids with you, right?

    My vote is for the Gymbo panties! You can find them on clearance and they hold up really well!

    Love the sticks! Wait until they have a lower price on the red sticker and then buy them!

  • Pam

    “Willow bundles” ah . . . that makes them so much more worth the grand price.

    I love reading your escapades at Target. It reminds me so much of some of my own.

  • Jennifer

    I shall cut willow sticks and send them to you. Of course it would take a really long time for them to dry out…and I’d have to find a box long enough to ship them… oh, and shipping would probably cost more than 24.99. Well, it sounded like a good idea!

  • Laurie and the rest of ‘em

    walk away from the sticks. walk away from the sticks.

    You. are. so. hilarious.

    If your blog, which rocks all the way around, doesn’t get an award for SOMETHING and soon, I’m going to cry. You have a story, you have character, and you make us all laugh in your “spare” time.

    the undies…omigoodness.

    Angie, you are a breath of fresh air. I thank God for you!


  • Amanda

    Oh that was so a laugh out loud moment!!! I find myself blogging about things and then wanting to go back to take pictures of it. Some things just really require pictures!!!

  • Mary Helen

    I LOVE your stories! They always make me laugh out loud. Thanks for writing!

  • Amy

    This post is one of the reasons I come to your blog daily hoping for a new post. You are so great and so hilarious and such a great mom and such a talented writer! I love you. (in a non-oogy, cyber-space sort of way). And I love that you can go from this to the hard, real-life stuff too. (It’s like… real life… ya know? Good and bad. Happy and sad. All coming at you all the time.) Take care Angie! I can’t wait until you post again….

  • familyoftwo98

    WHAT??? You STILL didn’t but the sticks? Oh wait…I’m sorry, the willow bundles?

  • Dana

    You are hillarious! I loved the pic of the panties. :) My kids would have done the same thing to the red robin. They are scared of Santa Clause – so a robin in my opinion is more frightening. With you mentioning him driving – it brought back memories of when my husband and I saw a chicken – a big yellow chicken driving down the road- I believe he was on the passenger side though -just not what you would expect. The chicken knew we were laughing so he was eating it up and doing all sorts of gestures :) (scariest moment i have seen is Ronald McDonald driving down the road in his McDonald van – now that is Scary!)

  • jilliebean

    I so about wet my pants reading that blog. Not sure which is funnier, the sticks or the Red Robin driving to and from work, which by the way, was probably in a mini cooper!

    And you know how some department stores have their “spies” go to the competition and take pictures of their merchandise and prices? I SOOO thought you were going to say they tackled you and took you into the back, tied you up and demanded you to tell them who you work for. It could happen!

  • Kim

    That’s been one of my favorite posts! You are so funny-such a fantastic writer. I’m nodding and laughing. If my husband read that part about Target and Red Robin, he’d be nodding! What can I say? I’d totally love to hang out with you!

  • becca

    I loved your Target post! Too funny! Gosh, you sound JUST like me, we could be best buddies shopping around Target all day — my hubby does the SAME THING yours does (rolls his eyes, hides the debit card) when the word, TARGET, comes out of my mouth. He tells me that Target stays in business because of ME! Anyways, what a sweet story about the Red Robin and your daughter.. kids’ imaginations are so adorable! My son asked me in the most serious voice the other day if I could, “buy him a garbage truck.” I asked him where we would park it, and he said “in the garage, and we’ll put your car and daddy’s cars in the street.” Too FUNNY!!! Love your blog Angie! :)

  • Elaine

    So funny, what a way to start my day. Coffee and a good laugh. Thank you, have a blessed day.

  • QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe

    You REALLY need to have a spew alert when you’re writing Angie!!! NOT only did I ruin a perfectly good keyboard but I really had to fight hard to get my hubby to go buy me some Dunkin Donuts Hot chocolate for me this morning and now it’s almost ALL gone!!! Thanks for the laugh!! :)

  • KK

    You go girl! It is ‘your story’ so ‘stick to it’!
    Thanks for sharing a day in the life of your precious family.
    Have a wonderfully blessed day,
    Philemon 1:4

  • TressaMOMof3

    LOL!! You are soooo funny!! I love reading your blog!

  • ana banana

    I have never posted a comment, but your blog always cheers me up. My best friend Ali just lost her second baby yesterday. It has been a hard 24 hours for a lot of people. I am glad you wrote a funny blog today because I needed the pick me up! My friend Ali’s blog is: http://www.alipeterson.blogspot.com in case you wanted to post a quick “Hi”. I know she would appreciate it!

  • Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit

    You crack me up! This was too funny. Taking pictures of panties in Target…I love it.

  • Kelly

    Angie – you are so funny!
    You know you’ve become a serious blogger when you are taking pictures inside Target (or anywhere for that matter).
    Sooner or later – Todd will just learn to ignore the craziness like Scott has. ha!

  • wanita

    seriously funny!! our local w-mart has some similar looking stix. they are a little lighter in color and are w/ the fall deco priced at $9.95…

  • Life As A Newlywed

    Angie, I laughed SO hard about the skull panites under the smocked dress! I’m from Mobile and down here, we think it is perfectly fine to squeeze a little girl into a cute little bishop (and the huge bow) until she is, oh say…10?!

    And my husband hates Target too! Wish I could be you Target buddy….but then again, I probably would have talked you into buying those sticks!


  • Tiff

    I can totally picture a family outing taking pictures of panties and willow bundles at the store! And the Red Robin – too funny! I use to work as a costume character in highschool at Hershey’s Chocolate World! I frightened my share of kids!=)

  • Shannon

    I am loving your blog. I spent the first few months sobbing alongside you, and it is a gift to see your humor coming out. You are real. Transparent. Showing that a woman of Christ can have a sense of humor…and warming hearts for Jesus. Thank you for not being afraid to be you, and for making the rest of us out here strive to love harder, support more fully, and seek the Lord. You are using your gifts to glorify Him and I am so thankful, because your gifts are INCREDIBLE. I appreciate you.

  • KrisPT

    So glad you took the picture of the sticks so I would know those are the EXACT same sticks my husband was really wanting to buy last week. My HUSBAND, do you hear me? He’s the decorator in the family and he was really wondering what we could do with $25 sticks. I informed him that I wasn’t sure $25 was really a reasonable price for sticks…even if it was a “price cut”. Perhaps a husband trade is in order here….

  • La Familia Garcia

    You mean that was YOU taking those pictures in Target?? Well, that was ME giving you those looks! haha…

    I had no idea what sticks you were talking about…if you would have said “willow bundles” that’d be different!

    I’ve been obsesively thinking about my old trapper keeper ever since reading your last entry. I finally remembered the kind that looked 3D with squares. I loved how the pattern kept going on the flap and when you opened it up!

  • Catherine

    I love reading your blog! You have such a positive sense of humor! I teach kindergarten and you cant imagine how some parents dress their 5 year olds! What happened to innocence? I never got to wear makeup to school when I was 5!?!?!
    PS-I love the sticks! Id get them…for youself…for all you do! :)

  • four4now

    I think those panties are completely appropriate.

    (read: obnoxious sarcasm)

  • A 5 time mom

    What a fun post to read! Love the descriptions and pictures as well. My daughter is not crazy about dressed up animals either. She freaks when we go to Chuckee Cheese, “where a kid can be a kid!!”


  • Farley Family

    Ok, I’ve never commented on your blog before but I have to admit that I LOVE it and so appreciate your honesty. I just had to comment because I would hate for you to buy those sticks at such an outrageous price. I’m not sure if you have an IKEA in your area but they have sticks for $12.00 and it is such a huge bundle that I couldn’t use all of them in one place….in fact it’s a shame we don’t live in the same state, I’d give you the rest of them. Hope this helps and thanks for allowing us into your life!

  • Karen

    Hey, that’s my Target!! It’s newer, cleaner, and I don’t feel like I will be mugged. Although it is definitely feasible you will need to go to every Target in a 20 mile radius to find the sticks when they hit $9.97. I vote to hold out!! Unless they smell, too. Then under $20 would be fine. You have my permission.

    We would have to leave if the Red Robin was at Red Robin. Having your kids be terrified of characters is a good thing when you go to Disney World and you don’t have to wait in line for 2 hours to get an autograph and stinky hug from Mickey.

  • DJones

    I laughed thru the whole post! Luckily, it is mid-morning and no witnesses to my outburst. You are just too much!

  • alexis.vieira

    those panties are ridicoulous!

    Who puts those on a 5-6 year old?

    And…your kids remind me of myself…when seeing big costumed people or the “heads” as I used to call them, I would hind under the table at dinner and couldn’t make it to Disney until I was 11. Hah


    This is soooo funny, and I love that it’s not just my husband that can’t think of one good reason to ever step foot in Target and also plays with my hair and hands me cash when I mention a trip there. It could happen, right? The sticks are lovely, but not worth $24.99. You did good with the restraint.

  • shana

    first of all, i hate the word “panties”, always have. it just creeps me out and i just plain can’t say it. but, my girls (who are 6 and 7) get their UNDERWEAR from hanna, it really is great! (my boys like hanna underwear too, incidently. it is all my 9-year-old will wear. the 3-year-old much prefers diapers though which is starting to really bum me out! and our sweet baby anna could care less about the whole business!)luckily hanna has an outlet near us so it’s not quite so spendy. i hear ya cluckin’ about the little girl underwear problem in general though, gross! too bad, since i am also a huge fan of target and you can pretty much get everything else there!
    i think horses with their heads looking over fences are still cool and i completely remember when much of the world agreed with me . . . and i had trapper keepers myself. speaking of which did you know they just came out with a 25th anniversary cabbage patch kid that looks JUST like the one i got for christmas in 1983!! they are so cute i want to buy one for me (they are on sale this week at target!) the new fangled cabbage patch kids were trendy or something and i did not like them at all, but these my friend are great!
    also, my kids have all been terrified of big costumed people. the older ones are finally getting over it, but they still don’t “like” them, they just don’t freek out anymore.
    shana in minnesota

  • Ashley Beth

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident, and have spent hours, literally, reading most all of your posts. You have just captivated me so. There’s been laughter (seriously, as a mom of 2 little boys I had no idea that there were pirate panties out there!) and there have been tears as I read about your loss and about the loss of others, like precious baby Luke. Through it all, my heart has been offering up prayers for you, your family, and all the other folks who have experienced this kind of grief. One thing is sure, God has blessed you with a charming spirit and He is using your story in ways you may never know. Thanks for sharing, I’ll continue to follow your journey and laugh, cry and pray alongside you! Blessings,

  • Linda

    But…the pirate undies had a RED STICKER on them….RED STICKERS are addictive….please keep the red stickers away (and WHY oh WHY do they put the dollar spot right as you walk in? I’ve shopped it FOUR TIMES this week – oh, and did I mention I SEE Target out my kitchen window, only a 3 minute walk away?????).

    My Target did NOT have the sticks. Or, at least, I didn’t SEE them…they probably did, but I’m home-decoratingly challenged, and so I avoid all areas that might be considered home decor….

    BTW – your blog made my world a little smaller recently. When I last commented on your Panties and Sticks post, another of your readers decided to visit my blog and discovered that I live where she is moving to! (ugh, POOR English there…sorry!) I always comment that the world is so small, and this was TRULY a God thing to put me and this woman together so that I could help her find her way here…and we even have a common connection in that we know the same person here. God made it possible by using your blog. Wonders!

  • Kim

    And here I thought I was the only person who had a man in my life who swears he’d rather be drug behind the car than step foot with me in Target! I can walk into that place for a roll of toilet paper and ALWAYS ending up spending over $100!!!! I’m always proudly telling him how much I “saved” but he claims we’d save much more if I didn’t go in there at all!

    My oldest (who is almost 17) would scream loudly when anything costumed would come near her. I still think she’s slightly afraid of clowns…still! LOL (Don’t tell her I “outed” her!)

    Don’t feel bad, I’m in the “Non Stick Owners Club” too! :)


  • The Tucker’s

    Oh the panties… I’m laughing so hard! My daughter is 6 and I am very aware of what she wears, even on her bottom! After school shopping this summer, she found a package of cute pink, light grey and white undies, perfect cut, cute, inexpensive… so we bought them. Upon taking them out of the package to wash, I had a heart attack! Underneath the side that had the paper/size/barcode thingy, was BLACK panties! Black as in totally black little size 6 underwear! Upon realizing this, I panicked. My child cannot wear black underwear, that is not appropriate. Later that evening, I approached my husband about the black panties… and his reply?!?! Stick them in the back of the drawer, she might need a backup one day, and you know, black doesn’t show anything!

    Oh no, those went straight to trash can… my daughter will not wear black panties, and when she is old enough to buy her own panties and not live in my house, then I don’t want to know!

    I totally understand the panty dilemna!

    And, I crave Target! We live in a rural south Georgia town and Target is not even close…. I miss it, and when I go, it is an all day long trip where I go down every aisle just to look!

    Thanks for the laugh!


  • Tiffany

    You C.R.A.C.K. me up!!! I haven’t stopped laughing and have had to retype half of these words already and this is a short sentence!

  • Cammie

    Yup! We have had the Red-Robin-diving-under-the-Table dance, too! I will never forget going to the restaurant with 10 other adults, us being the only ones with a child, when my son spotted Robing ACROSS THE ROOM and dove under the table screaming bloody murder! Nice! I never did dig him out from under the table, he never did finish his lunch and we have never been back!

  • Brittany

    You are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

  • AnnaB

    Thanks for making me laugh. Hard. ‘Your’ story was a great one. Have a happy day and know you made someone smile HUGE!!

  • partyoffivetn

    I am also trying to stay away from those sticks…they are real cute…but my husband would probably bang his head on the window if I came home with them…and at Target the other day we saw Hannah Montana underwear, and my 4 year old said…eewww Mommy, we don’t do Hannah Montana, who needs Hannah Montana underwear…

  • Jill

    I have to agree with several other bloggers. I am sitting here laughing out loud, by myself! You are so gifted with your writing.

  • Lindsay


    Your stories/posts (and also Monday nights!)are always the bright spot in my day. People often look at me like I’m crazy when I bust out laughing!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Wanda

    Girl….you are so darn cute!

    Good job on obeying in the submission area of your marriage!

    Makes me proud!

    And the costumed creature? My youngest, Gates, would run into a wall to avoid any clown or Chuckee mouse getting near her. She was not a fan! Oh no!

  • Jaime

    I say, go for the sticks. You could put them in a plant pot (without the plants or dirt, of course) and put them in an empty corner. Or I’m sure there are many other, better ideas. If you get them, just make sure to tell where you put them, because I happen to have my own pot full of sticks (willow branches, of course) and I’m curious if there’s a better place than the corner in my room. :-)

    Your sense of humor really comes across in your writing and I find myself laughing out loud when I read your blog. Have fun panty shopping–I have boys, so we go for plain white skivvies and we’re good to go. :-)

  • Creekermom

    Angie, you are such a blessing and you have a great sense of humor! Thanks for keeping it REAL and allowing us to laugh with you.

    At least we are all (or almost) on the same page for our girls and those with boys too!

  • Amanda

    Angie—OMGoodness–too frickin hilarious. We’ve had many an issue with “large costumes people” here as well. I specifically remember an incident 2 Halloween’s ago when I HUbby happily aggreed to go with my and our 3 small children (I say happily, he says he was dragged) to the grocery store. He had the 3 and 2 year old boys, and I had our 5 month old daugher, and he was on a misison for pop and snacks while I did the REAL grocery shopping. Not 5 minutes later do I hear this most blood-curling scream, and I automatically knew it was from my kids. I figured hubby tipped them over in the cart or something as they were doing races with the shopping cart (Why do I bring him with again?) Nope, no tipped-over cart. He had just pushed them past the Halloween section of the store, and a decorated man thing was standing there that was motion-detected, and screamed and moved it’s eyes.

    No kidding, the kids wouldn’t let me take them back in that grocery store with me for a year. Which ended up working in MY favor when the begged to go somewhere with me, I was would say I was going to the grocery store, and they were then happy to stay home!!!

  • whocanfind?

    Angie, It was so good to see your family at the Red Robin this week. The panty pictures are fabulous! And now that I’ve seen the sticks, I want them too… but I have an almost 2 year old boy who might have a little too much fun with those sticks. So maybe I’ll opt out for a while. Let’s get together sometime! I shot you an email in your gmail account with my digits.

  • The Powell Family

    You are my new favorite writer-write a book please! My 7 year little girl is just now getting to be a teeny bit less afraid of the huge stuffed animals that walk around. I guess it goes aournd, because I am a little afraid. A little.

  • Amy Lafayett

    I didn’t read all of the comments. . . but they have great “sticks” at Home Goods or TJ Maxx for 12.99 a bundle! Thought of you when I saw them.

  • Crystal

    I love that you went to Target just to take pictures f these for us to see! You are so funny, Angie, and you I don’t even think you know that your posts, your writings, have the ability to light up someone’s day!

  • Traci

    Oh so funn! I needed this today, thanks … ;)

  • Traci

    I cant stand filling in the whole password thingy so I usually just read your blog and never comment. I had to comment. Life has been HARD lately and I needed a REALLY good a laugh!!! I wish with all my heart you would write a book. It would sell like crazy. When your heart was heavy I would read and feel like I had been to church and feel overwhelmed by Gods spirit. I work at the church all the time and OFTEN dont get to actually hear the message but your blog was one way I felt God.
    Then, I read about sticks and panties and it cracks me up!!! The whole description in the car with your sweet Todd just cracked me up. I could not agree with you more….I dont and wont buy low cut for my girls and they are older than your girls. Nor will I buy STICKS..even if they try to be uppity and call them willow branches…lol..yeah, right!! Just wait til your babies wear bras and at age 8 10 they can have a PADDED BRA. YEAH, thats fun.
    Love your blog, love your spirit….God is using you in BIG WAYS GIRL!!!

  • Our Little Family

    My girls just came up to me and said “why are you crying and laughing Mommy, does that mean you are happy and sad”. Oh to be a 3 or 5 year old again….Thanks Angie.

  • Mindy

    you are awesome!

  • OMSH

    Those sticks? Would look FABULOUS in a wide berthed, over-sized urn.

    Oh yes, they would.

    Maybe they’ll go to $19.99?
    I mean $24.99 is a lot to pay for STICKS, but $19.99?

    heh heh
    pirate panties *rolling eyes*
    geez louise

  • Madaline Jane

    I’ve heard of the undies at Walmart being inappropriate. I make most of my kids. I love it.

    I loved your story!! Thanks!

  • Alise McAleer

    Ok, So the sticks? My rule is always leave the store, if you are still thinking about them in a week, GO GET ‘EM! I could see Todd rolling his eyes in my head. My husband HATES Target. Anyways, can’t wait to see you in Michigan! Thanks for your faithful blogging.

  • Jennifer

    Everytime I read your blog, it makes me smile :) I am glad my husband is not the only one who “LOVES” to go to Target :) Also glad I only have to buy boy underwear, but I still do NOT understand the retail obession with skulls this year; on EVERYTHING!

  • rebecca

    Thanks for the laughs! Your Kate is hilarious!! Love the pics too. ;)

  • Kelly

    I am totally addicted to Target, is there a 12 step program for that?

    So glad the back up Target had appropriate panties for kindergartners! Seriously, why would you want a pirate on their bottoms? What purpose would it serve?

    Also love the “my blog, my story” -you recap it for us how you see fit. We all know how even the bestest of hubbys are when we spend money! You go girl!

  • Kendra

    Angie you are SO funny!!!!! You had me laughing so hard, tears actually formed!
    I feel you about Target. My husband simply cannot understand how I can spend HOURS there. I feel the need to check out every aisle…including automotive.
    By the way you are totally right about the sticks. And I am not buying the fancy advertising name at all. They are STICKS. I have some in my backyard that I would glady sell you for half that price including shipping. Ha! Just kidding. =-)
    Blessings and love,
    kendra hoffman

  • Melissa

    We just recently got a Red Robin, and….kid you not…I saw the bird (yes, big head and all) driving a small 4 door car down a busy street. My 4 year old was amazed…I was scarred for life. :) Apparently the Red Robin sees nothing wrong with driving to and from work here in Amarillo, Texas. Just for the record—we are not ALL rednecks here in the panhandle…just the Red Robin. :)

  • Tara Renae

    You sooo need to see this 80′s commercial. It’ll take you back. Waaayyy back! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP6Ievts6B0

    Ohh… the memories! Lol! And, did you know that there is a trapper keeper website where you can get a 3D demo of a trapper? Say it isn’t so!!! http://www.meadonline.com/Trapper/Home.aspx

    School supplies: $20. New outfits for school: $50. Showing off your cool trapper keeper: Priceless!


  • Rachel

    I did not get that you were actually talking about sticks! I thought it was just the new cool slang for candle sticks! (You had talked about candles a sentence or too before) I just assumed that everyone called candle sticks, well, sticks! Okay, I may have blond roots!

    I have to purchase some new panties for my girls soon. You have made me think maybe I could put it off for a few more weeks. :)

  • Heather of the EO

    I often wonder if you just sit in shock when you see the number of comments.

    Underwear is a very hot topic. Especially when you’re super funny about it. And sticks. Who knew sticks could be so funny?

  • Our Family

    Ok, so you really know how to peg things. You make me laugh. You make me cry. It’s a great “relationship”!! =)

  • Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot

    You can find sticks like that at Ikea for $20. Is that too high of a price? I hope not because I totally paid it!

  • Marilyn Puett

    I saw those sticks in my Target yesterday but wasn’t tempted because I am not in need of any sticks right now. ‘Scuse me. Willow bundles. :grin:

    I was also in JC Penney and they had little girls briefs in pastel designs. No plain white ones but…

    When my baby was two years old (he’s 25 now) he was mortified by Chuck E. Cheese. He was in a high chair at the end of the booth and when the curtain parted and the animatrons began singing, he crawled out of the high chair, across the table top and into my lap, screaming at the top of his lungs. Yet a mere year later, he was begging to go to Chucka Cheese for his birthday. Go figure.

  • Christine Burrows

    Hi Angie,
    I’ve been reading your blogs for months now and love and appreciate every word of it. You’re are wonderful!! If you really need justification for your sticks, then why not use them as huge difusers? Buy a couple bottles of your favorite fragrance oils (I like pomegranate from Pottery Barn) empty the bottles into a large vase and plop the sticks in. Voila your entire home, not to mention your neighborhood when you open your front door, will smell lovely!! Hurry, before someone steals the idea!!

  • Darlene

    my husband (yes, male. guy.) read your post yesterday… he says you are an hilarious, gifted writer.
    SOOO true.
    I am laughing. A LOT!

    and accountability… yes, that is WAYYYY too much for sticks. Do not give in to the force…….
    Find a friend with a dead tree, and cut your own. You can do it, girl! And while you are at it… maybe make a homeschool lesson out of the dead-tree-biology, and the money-saving-economics.


  • Maggie the Librarian

    Every single word in this post is hilarious.
    I like the sticks, too.
    –Maggie (mama to Beatrix)

  • connorcolesmom

    OOHHH those panties are even WORSE than I thought they would be
    The writing is huge not to mention the pic of the skull – yikes!

    Goodness I am glad I have boys where the skull pics are on the shirts – not that we buy skull shirts over here but still…
    God bless,

  • christi28

    you crack me up!!!!

    i can totally relate to the whole red robin bird thingie. my mom and i always get together on saturdays and for a while it seemed every saturday we would go to RR to eat lunch. we LOVE the A1 peppercorn bureger. ( if you havent tried it you must) and my daughter, maggie would come unglued when she saw that silly bird! she would ask me everytime we wailked through the door if i would ” go tell the lady up front that i dont like that bird and i dont want him to come to my table”. and of course i would go and do it and all the waiters and waitress would smile and laugh at my then 3 yr old daughter clinging to me like she know that bird was going to come over to her and gooble her right up.

    thank goodness the bird hasn’t been around lately.. maybe migrated to tenn for the winter!

    blessings ~

  • Darlee

    I’m crying from laughing so hard Angie. You are ferociously funny! And addicting…How come when I try to be funny like that people just think I need therapy?



  • ski

    So I went to Target today (possibly your back up Target)and saw the Exhibits A & B. I agree…25 dollars for some "willow branches" is a bit much though they would look REALLY cute in my bedroom!!

  • mandy_moo

    Oh my… that last part about the Red Robin in his car… that had me laughing my head off and trying not to spit out my cheesecake!!! I love child-logic.

  • Brandi

    Sooo funny! I love it! I would be just like you in the store with the camera! I think that is what tickled me the most! The sand thing, I can’t say much on, I did spend around $10 on some this past year but it was colored and it was for our wedding, so to me was a great excuse! :D

    I love reading your blog!

  • Jackie McC

    You reminded me of a Meaghan story. She was about 3 years old, going to pre-school. When she went potty she wanted me to sit on the edge of the tub across from her. One afternoon, after school, I could tell something was going around in her head, when she spoke up and ask, “Mommy do I have a penis?” I asked, where did you hear about penises? She replied, the boys at school. I said no, only boys have a penis. I followed up (wondering what went on at school) with, “Have you ever seen a penis?” Thankfully, she replied, NO.

    She was quite but I could see the wheels turning and a gleam come into her eyes. “I’ve got it — boys and penis and girls have poopus.” I said yep, that’s pretty much how it is.

    Then next day, her father was walking around in his underwear. Meg walked up to him and asked, “Do you have a penis?” Dave was mortified – he quickly said yes and moved on quickly.

    She will never live down the penis and poopus story!

  • Jackie McC

    You reminded me of a Meaghan story. She was about 3 years old, going to pre-school. When she went potty she wanted me to sit on the edge of the tub across from her. One afternoon, after school, I could tell something was going around in her head, when she spoke up and ask, “Mommy do I have a penis?” I asked, where did you hear about penises? She replied, the boys at school. I said no, only boys have a penis. I followed up (wondering what went on at school) with, “Have you ever seen a penis?” Thankfully, she replied, NO.

    She was quite but I could see the wheels turning and a gleam come into her eyes. “I’ve got it — boys and penis and girls have poopus.” I said yep, that’s pretty much how it is.

    Then next day, her father was walking around in his underwear. Meg walked up to him and asked, “Do you have a penis?” Dave was mortified – he quickly said yes and moved on quickly.

    She will never live down the penis and poopus story!

  • Lorri

    Thank you for the laughs, Angie.

  • Momthots

    I need help! Am I the only person out here who has no idea of the purpose of the sticks?? Are they to be decorative? And if so, in what alternate universe would that be? Do they stand in a corner? Are they placed in a vase? Do we limbo under them? Dance around them? Burn them for fuel in the winter? I’m struggling here. Any clue would be appreciated so I don’t embarrass myself by innocently asking someone at Target, thus exposing myself for the craft-deficient person I am.

    And (confession time) my 9yr old dtr would actually love the pirate panties. Not that I would ever buy them. God in His infinite wisdom (and humor) decided to give me a precious, beautiful girl who is the biggest tomboy you would ever meet. Nary a princess shall ever grace her backside. Days of the Week undies are about as radical as we get…and she won’t wear the pink pair!

  • Susan

    Angie! How you crack me up! I just wanted to say that the theme music from Mission Impossible popped into my head when I pictured you snapping photos of panties in Target!!! SO GREAT! I love it! My husband would never enter the store with me if I told him I was going to do that. (I doubt he would even admit to knowing me if management escorted me out…) You know, you could have picked up the sticks and used them for cover while you headed to the panty dept to take the pics. Sort of camoflauge, you know? :)
    Thanks for the laughs! Love ya!

  • Cara

    Whew – my internal vison of your story was not complete without pics! I feel complete now! And – although I should probably not send this out to blogosphere at large (especially an author who ranks an average of 300 comments on two posts!) – I don’t have to be concered about the “underware debate of Kindergarteners in 2008″ because my 5 year old – ….da-da-ta-da…doesn’t wear any.

  • Aggie

    I have been following your blog for a long time and never post a comment (one of those quiet onlookers) but I could not pass up an opportunity to share my Red Robin story. When we went and saw the Red Robin himslef, I too was so excited, thinking meeting him would be like meeting a true celebrity for my children. My 4 year old however had a similar reaction to your daughter. Only worse. He began to whine and hide behind me and without being able to find a place to hide from this hugely oversized bird, he lifted my dress in the middle of the incredibly crowded restaurant and hid under there.
    Top that Red Robin story.

  • Garrett Family

    That post was great! I just found your blog the other day and your sticks and panties was my first sample- you did not disappoint on your second – I’m still laughing. I have two girls 3 and 1 and I know just where you are coming from! Thanks for the good laugh.

  • The Caldwells

    I don’t get to shop at Target but every couple of years… but we do have IKEA here in Austria and today I saw a bundle of “sticks” and thought of you! LOL! I’ve never met you and just randomly found your blog and find it quite funny that I am thinking of you like I would a girlfriend when I see something funny!

  • Doris

    My blog. My story. LOVE. IT.

  • Jenn

    Thank you for that! I needed it so bad…I think I laughed hard enough to pee my pants…so not looking forward to panty shopping now…makes me appreciate the diapers a little more, no low riders there.

  • Groff Family

    Dear Angie,

    My name is Julie. My sister referred me to your blog several months ago. I read the first couple of posts, and couldn’t handle the pain. I made a mental note to one day go back and read it when I was strong enough to read your story. I have lost four pregnancies, so your story touches me deeply. Finally today I clicked on that link from my sister and spent hours reading and sobbing with your journey.I am sorry for the loss of Audrey. And I am grateful to you for this blog and your continued wit and spirituality. If you’d like, you can visit my blogs at grofffamily.blogspot.com, and my new work in progress dedicated to my miscarriages: gettingourfamilyhere.blogspot.com

  • Sarah

    Oh my…this gave me the giggles, start to finish! Thank you!

  • Kim H.

    I am SO NOT LYING – yesterday I saw this skinny, pretty girl at Target buying those sticks. Even before I saw your photo, I knew they were “the sticks”. I totally thought of your post. I kinda wanted to say “bwahaaaa, you’re really going to pay $24.99 for those sticks, are you?” …but they were cute, I’ll give ya that. :)


  • Cristi

    Oh that reminds me of a story! When my daughter was 2 1/2 or so we went out to dinner in a nice restaurant. We didnt do that often but were having a nice time until we saw the Gorilla come in the door behind our little girl carrying a bouquet of balloons. Casey was so scared of costumed people at the time. We thought that as long as she didnt turn around it would all be fine. Right about the time that we came to that conclusion – The Gorilla, popped one of the balloons he was holding! With the loud pop, our sweet little girl turned around and proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs. Her screams out did the birthday song being sung to the poor birthday girl at the next table. She continued to scream not to be consoled by our hugs and reassurances. After some time of trying to calm her, she finally was coerced back into her seat to eat dinner. Red faced and splotchy. For the rest of our evening at the nice restaurant every waitress and waiter there came to our table to check on her. So watch out for Gorillas with balloons!

  • Elisha

    I see you have a gazillion comments on here but I had to comment too because you are so flippin funny.lol.Im laughing my butt off as my 5 year old tells daddy that Im looking at ginchies for girls. And seriously. those are some really nice sticks. I have to admit I would probably buy some if I had a place to put them. And I know a great spot that has nice long ones like that…but they look so much better already cut down and bundled.lol. You’ve got guts taking a camera into the girls underwear section…I think there was a man arrested here for a similar thing.lol. I would do it too! Its insane. Thankgoodness I dont have girls :) Id be emailing those pictures to Oprah , and Ellen , the today show. lol.

  • Jodymw

    I think those “sticks” can be purchased for a lot less at IKEA!!

  • Gillie

    We don’t get many visits from the Red Robin at our restaurant anymore…some dumb local Congressman groped the Red Robin who turned out to be a 16 year old girl!
    Lovely huh!? It was quite a scandal!! Works out okay because my boy was deathly scared of the giant bird anyway. :P

    Thanks for the visual on the sticks…I was pondering going on a scavenger hunt at my Target to see for myself but had not done so yet! :)

    My husband is usually okay with a trip to Target but he has threatened to cut me if I make him go to Wal-Mart again…LOL!!

    Maybe the lady who spent $1.99 on the sticks could buy you some and then mail them to you…even with postage it would still be less than the “discounted” price at your Target. :)

  • sunnyviolas

    you’re such a good writer!
    it’s great that you can make so many people laugh!

  • Keri

    Ahhhhh, the big Red Robin. People dressed up kinda freak me out, except the Chick-fil-A cows, I do like them.

    Reminds me of the one and only time my husband ran a 5k. It was a corporate event at it was sponsored by Jamba Juice. As you can imagine, they had all sorts of walking 7 foot tall produce out there.

    My husband ran that 3 point – something miles in nothing flat because he was NOT going to be beat by a big, yellow banana. He has never run again.

  • Peas on Earth

    How exactly do you read “I skull-and-crossbones Pirates?” What is that supposed to mean?

    I don’t own any of those, so I guess I just wouldn’t understand.

    For the record, neither does my nine-year-old. :-)

  • Jen

    Tell her he flies to work :)

  • lydiaij

    Love your post. I had to tell a girl in kindergarten that ladies do now show off their underwear. She had on a pink lacy bra. Now why would a parent buy a five year old a bra? I can’t wait to come home and take mine off.

  • Kristi

    I absolutely love reading your blog!! You crack me up! I’m so there with the panties, and the sticks. Although, I did see yesterday at Target(I like to say Tar-jay’ with a french accent)a bundle of sticks for only 3.99, now these were quite a bit smaller, but wasn’t sure what you were gonna use them for.

    Thanks for writing this blog!

  • Sue

    Forget the inspirational writings and go into COMEDY!!! I seriously would come to see you speak about anything!!! Actually, combine the inspiration and the comedy just like you do in these blogs. Thanks for the laughs. I am still praying for your family everyday.

  • paula08

    Never, never stop writing! I look forward to your posts – from the serious to the super hilarious! I hope you write a book someday! :)

  • Mab

    i just cracked up envisioning you taking photos of panties in Target. Loved it!!!


  • sethswifeandmomof5

    You are such a wonderful, Godly wife to submit to going to Red Robin. I’m sure that if you had it your way, you would have preferred to dash home and slave over a gourmet cuisine. The sacrifices we make as wives…(hee hee)

    I too, am laughing at the thought of you photographing panties. I’m sure, had I been there, I would have been pulling my children a little closer, whispering to my (hostage) husband, “Look at the woman taking pictures of little girls’ panties”. But seriously Angie, that is totally something I would do! You’re great! And for the record, I don’t think you’re wierd.

    What happened to posting your favorite comments? I was really looking forward to that!

  • Class7A

    The pics are great. Do all of the girls take gymnastics?

    I have to admit to buying the Pottery Barn Sand. Last year, they had pure white sand. Not the kind you get at the beach that is beige sand, but pure white. I also bought pure black sand and then layered the two. Oooooooo it looked good.

    I like your sticks. I think I want them, but $24.00 is a bit high for some twigs, right?

  • Lee

    First, let me just say:
    “RED ROBIN….Yuuuuummmmmm”

    Second, that was simply laugh out loudable.

    That is all.

  • Jessica
  • Mike & Kim

    “In my happy place…” CLASSIC! I love it!

  • Mike & Kim

    “In my happy place…” CLASSIC! I love it!

  • Mike & Kim

    “In my happy place…” CLASSIC! I love it!

  • maggieallen123

    I feel your pain with the undies and the “sticks.” I have had the same problem with trying to find panties for my granddaughters…as far as the sticks…they had some at Kirklands that I wanted but they were $49.99………..couldn’t bring myself to buy them……..but, I have to confess I have lusted after them after since. You are hilarious…thanks for the laughs!

  • Stephanie

    Angie, your underwear saga has me worried for my baby & toddler nieces who are still wearing Pampers. What will they have by the time THEY reach kindergarten?

    However, I believe you forgot to take one picture: that of Todd bumping his head on the window! I laughed so hard at this entry that the bunnies hopping around my feet (they are fosters… anyone want to adopt two adorable rabbits?) raced away!

    I didn't see the Trapper Keeper post in time, but I was a homeschool kid, and as such, I was not allowed the spoilage of such an "unnecessary" item. So I whined and begged and pleaded and made a fuss (my mom says its really the only thing she remembers me demanding that I have) until I got one for my birthday, which is at the beginning of September aka school shopping time. It had cats on it, if I remember it right. The only reason why I remember it now is because I only had a couple days when my baby sister thought it was super cool too and she chewed it!

  • bethany

    Oh Angie…how I am coming to love you!!!! You are too funny for words! Thanks for the visual of the panties and the sticks! As accountability to you…I say don’t buy the sticks….they are just sticks and do you really NEED them? As for the panties…my niece is only 2 weeks old so we are not doing panties yet but I am taking all this down for her so that we are ready as she gets older (although…I do think that my SIL will let her wear those panties that are soooo not for little girls).

  • Anne

    LOVE the Target story, absolutely hilarious. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who receives those “you can’t be serious” looks from my husband! Anne Fulling

  • Shelley

    Oh, I am about to pee in my pants. My husband is staring at me as if I have lost my mind. Oh, BTW, I went to a back-up Wal-mart today because I have a problem with returning too many things and was embarrassed to go to my regular Wal-mart because I think the ladies at customer service talk about me. We all have our vices. Thanks for the belly laugh. I totally agree with you about the panties. Crazy. And I think you should buy the sticks. They would look great in a vase with some fresh flowers. And then I wouldn’t feel so bad that I have had a bundle of bamboo in my closet since I got married because my husband got happy with the scanner at Pier 1 when we registered for gifts. Can you believe someone actually bought us a bundle of bamboo for a wedding present? And that I still have it?

  • Meredith

    Okay, I’m a silent blog follower until now! My 3-year-old daughter is sooo extremely afraid of anything in a large costume like that too! We went to a bounce house party the other day and their kangaroo mascot came out and she ran screaming and hiding in a bounce house until he left!!! Seriously!!! She said she wouldn’t come out until he was gone…I had told her he couldn’t fit in the bounce house because I wanted her to feel safe somewhere. Clearly, my arms weren’t safe enough from Mr. Kangaroo! I felt so sad for her to be so afraid. I told her it was just a person in a costume, like at Halloween, but she wasn’t buying my explanation! It’s been 5 days and she still talks about him at bedtime….making sure he went back to the zoo…?!!? Sure honey, whatever you say! Don’t even get me going about the cow at Chick-Fil-A! :)
    Oh, and I am one of the ones whose mom was a teacher and hated the velcro sound of the Trapper Keepers and wouldn’t let me get one! She said my teachers would be thankful for one less kid with a velcro sound! :)

    Still praying,

  • Joy

    Thank you for making me laugh!

  • Kimberly

    Angie~ You are such a talented author!! The depths of your stories and the true honestly and excitment that you express, either leaves me sobbing for such depth of truth or sobbing with such laughter that you can blog about panties. I was laughing so hard at both entries about this subject that my co-worker couldn’t help but make fun of me that I found this subject so, so funny with tearing running down my face. They thought I was crying from one of the sad or deep entries that the louder I got with noice, the more alarmed they became. All of a sudden one of them realized I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my office chair. You are such a HOOT!! Thank you again for all the wide range of subjects you explore each day!! God Bless

  • David, Ashley and Noah

    First, your husband sounds just like mine. And I had to laugh when you told him you had to take pictures of panties! LOL
    Secondly, the “slip” comment reminded me of a friend in nursing school (who was 20 and old enough to know better) who wore white undies with pink and red hearts under her WHITE scrub pants on valentines day.
    Thirdly, YOU CANNOT BUY THE STICKS! Seriously, we just went through a hurricane, we’ve got lots of sticks! I’ll send you some if you really want!

  • Jenny

    Sadly I wouldn’t hesitate to pay @24.99 for those sticks.
    I’m sooo glad that boys underwear…are boys underwear(said from the mother of 3 boys).

  • meghan

    Love your post today! I am laughing out loud at the hilariousness of it!! Our panty issues are slightly different- I haven’t had as much trouble finding age appropriate panties for my 5 year old; it’s more of a problem of getting a very independent child to, heaven forbid, CHANGE them EVERY day!! I recently found out that she has been lying to me about this!! I couldn’t even give her a swat when she admitted to lying about not changing her unders because I had to turn around to conceal my laughter. Anyway, I just had to ramble. Thanks for making me smile!

  • colesGodmommy

    I love your story about the kids being scared of Red Robin! My family went on a cruise when my little sister was 3…it was a Disney cruise so there were all of the Disney characters on board and they would randomly walk around. My little sister was so scared of anyone in a costume! (This started back when my sisters and I were in high school/college and she saw the mascots–yes, there’s a big jump in our ages!) Anyways…any time she saw someone in a costume, she would get a death grip on you and cry “MAN IN SUIT! MAN IN SUIT!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more scared little girl!

  • jaci

    wow you are amazing, you have me laughing and also feeling very greatful that there are other moms out there that don’t get the low rise panties, have you seen the thongs for little girls, and i dont mean shoes. I thought i would lose it when i saw them. What are people thinking not only those who sale them, but most of all those who buy them. THanks for such a great blog you bring much happiness to a crazy life.

  • kimberly

    Oh….so YOU are the girl they make those pocket-sized digital cameras for…so you can take covert Target photos!

    Oh, and for the record, we were at Red Robin tonight with our four boys, and when the bird disappeared for a while, I had to come up with a quick answer for where he might be, for my two-year-old. I said maybe he was in the bathroom. I think I should have thought through that answer a bit before it left my mouth.

  • Courtney

    Well the sticks are over $30 at Target in Cali…and too confess, I almost bought the small sticks with willow in them for $14.99…..

  • Rach

    I can’t believe you went in to take pictures at the back up Target no less haha! Hey at least they were on sale obviously not THAT many people wanted to buy them….that is a good thing right. And for the record my kids are the same way with large costumed animals/people whatever….they flip out!

  • Angela

    OK, my mom bought me almost the exact same “sticks” at Walmart a month ago…$9.97!!!! She said that someone had just stuck them in with all the DVD’s at the front of the store so she bought them as a housewarming gift.

    I was at Chili’s today with my almost 6 year old (boy..in Spiderman underwear) and there was a group of moms at the next table talking about how imapproptiate little girls panties are these days. I thought of you!!

  • hkudla

    Ok, i read your last post, about the underwear issue… shared it with several people from my small group today who were torn between laughter and shock at what was out there, and how you told it (ok laughter at how you told it, and shock at what was out there – not the other way around…) hmm..
    anyway, then I missed this post and read the one about your day, your finger, the chicken, and then was confused about the dog picture…. hmmm so i had to back up to this post!
    You are a hoot!
    I needed that laugh like you wouldn’t believe… and thank you for the pictures…

    One question… do you have a back up Barnes and Noble now too? :)

    Thanks for the laughter, and the insight into your life… that crazy things do happen to other people too! I am NOT the only one (though my husband may think so at times!!!) :)
    God bless,

  • Baseballs and Tutu’s

    I feel for you with the underwear. Of course Allie isn’t big enough that I have to worry about that yet but I did find in my fall shopping for the three boys that it was difficult to go anywhere and find things WITHOUT skulls on them. What’s the deal with that? Since when did skulls become so popular for 5 year old boys. Insane…I refuse to buy them no matter where else I have to go to find something else.

    By the way…I love the sticks…although I wouldn’t pay 24.99 for them either.

  • Tabatha

    My kids think I am delirious, which is not a good thing, as I am their school teacher. (Oh, yeah, I need to get back to that…)
    Poor finger (and nail, or did it survive?)!
    As for the sticks… hmmm, I didn’t expect them to be that tall, they would look lovely in a tall pottery vase beside the fireplace, but it still doesn’t justify the $25 “sale” price. I think we have some bamboo sticks out near our woods here that I could collect a little cheaper.

    Love the panties picture! Definitely not what I want my daughter wearing… even just at “homeschooling”!

  • ~Kate

    He flies home of course!!! He is a robin!

    Too funny – loved the post!


    I LOVE Target wholeheartedly. The sticks??? If you’re going to spend $25, buy something cute for yourself! You could get a whole outfit in the clearance section girl!

  • mx2mommy

    Laughing about the bird…I mean really laughing out loud! We were just at RR on Tuesday and the infamous bird was there too! Do you think he drove over:)?!?!
    Thanks for a good laugh!

  • Carol

    I’m not kidding… I love the sticks. $25 IS ridiculous, but I WANT those!!!

  • Keith and Laneigh

    You are a riot. I am laughing hysterically in an empty bedroom.

  • Holly

    You are so funny. Your family is wonderful! I enjoy your blog so much. :) I love the laughs I get from your stories. Know you put a smile on my face.. many others I am sure.

  • Jenn in GA

    after a long day, reading this post and the one about your finger and the chicken on fire in the grill was the perfect way to end it…laughing so hard i cried!

    you have a great voice as you write, and i thoroughly enjoyed how you described your trip to the back-up target, and that todd was soooo supportive of you taking pictures for your dear blog readers! what a guy!

    i love the sticks, but i wouldn’t pay $25 for them either.

  • Kristen

    I miss Target. I saved any “after brain surgery” energy for that great place. But let’s just say it’s easier being on a budget when you are thousands and thousands of miles away from one. You have a great sense of humor and you capture your children beautifully.

  • Julie

    I love your blog!!!
    You have a very uncanny sense of humor about you & you have the art of making me feel as if I am right there & you are relaying your story to me….you really should write a book about all of these!!!
    You have a very beautiful family , & even though you have has some hard & rough times, your true testimony on how you trust God is sooooo uplifting & Very present in all you write & do!!!
    Thank YOU for the encouragement!!!!
    Come & See why I call him
    The Greatest Adventure of MY Lifetiem!!!
    Julie S
    Proud mom of Blakester
    Greenwood SC

  • .:just us girls:.

    i am renting a condo in san diego, ca and have just noticed the set of green bamboo stick in one of the coner’s of the living room. the owner even left the price tag on it. $19.99 at cost plus world market. i seriously just noticed them the other day and started laughing ot loud. my mom and daughter thought i was crazy because i couldn’t explain to them why i was laughing. i’ll never look at the sticks the same again!


  • Amy (Metz) Walker

    I saw the “sticks” in my local Target and thought of you and couldn’t help but smile even though I don’t know you! I also think you might be excited to learn that their are smaller stick bundles than the ones you showed on your post…they go for less than $5 dollars. I’m just sayin…

    Hope you are having a wonderful day and that your finger feels better!

  • mindlessmamma

    I love your blog!! I've been following since April when our miracle baby was born on the 24th. My heart breaks for you and yet I praise God for the awesome way He is shining through. My girls are 7 & 5 and our 5 year old is just like Kate. Ironically, she is only a day younger than the twins. I also get disgusted at the clothing choices we have for our little girls. Keep writing!!

  • lillian08

    You know… you were captured on store survalence taking pictures of those pirate panties, right? After you took pictures of the undies, I bet the cameras followed you all over that store!!! So they saw you taking pics of the sticks too! And that bundle of reedss is lots bigger than the bundle I bought at KMart!
    Ah, me… thanks for the giggle, yet again!!

  • lillian08

    You’ve made my day… yet again! Thanks to you, I have been laughing out loud to myself for the greater part of the day, just thinking about Biscuit the dog…
    “My Doogggggggg!” makesme start laughing again!! You are too funny!

  • runningamuck

    That was one hilarious post. I started laughing out loud with the whole screaming under the table at Red Robin and then totally lost it over Kate body-slamming everyone who got near “her” Biscuit… my son is reading those books right now. Remind me not to take him to see Biscuit should he decide to visit near us. Thanks. That helped my evening EMMENSELY. (WHY can’t there be a spellcheck for comments?!!)

  • Sara

    I’ve read your blog a couple of other times (found you through MckMama). These past 2 posts have just cracked me up. I’m not one to laugh out loud at the computer screen but here I sit chuckling away. Thanks for a little end of the day pick me up. Sorry about the finger though!

  • Melissa@MamaMonoblogs

    You two are so cute! Hope your finger heals soon.

    I laughed and laughed and am still laughing at this post.

    You are awesome Angie!

  • Amanda

    I am new to your blog. I have been spending the last couple of days getting caught up on all of your posts. I must say I spent some time laughing at this post and the last one too!!! I have listened to Selah (& Todd's solo stuff) for a long time…and it is fun to hear the everyday kind of things that go on in your family!!! Thank you for sharing your family with us…I feel like we have been friends forever!!! I have cried with you guys and I have laughed hysterically with you too!!!

  • breebrasil

    “MY blog. MY story” – I love it!!!

  • Michelle

    Just got back from a Target run, where I came across “your” sticks. I started cracking up out loud, to the dismay of the woman to by left. I felt the need to explain, but stifled it and walked away beofre I made an even bigger spectacle of myself.

    Thanks for a much needed chuckle this morning!

    Oh, and they’re still $24.99 here in Phoenix…

  • Lewis Family

    Oh my GOODNESS!!! I am teary eyed and almost peed in my pants and my kids keep asking me “What’s so funny, mommy, what’s so funny!?” I love your hubby asking you “what are we going for” and you telling him “to take pictures of underwear”. Good times.

  • Harris Family

    Everytime I see the sticks in Target I think of you! I can just see Flint now, just like Todd, shaking his head at the things that I “need” him to do!

  • Michelle

    Just so you know…it can be even worse!

    Until May of this year, I was an elementary school teacher for the previous 10 years. Four of those years were spent teaching second grade. One student frequently came to school wearing THONG underwear. I knew this because as she sat at her seat, the “whale tail” was often visible above the waistband of her little seven year old pants. How wrong is that??!! And who makes and sells thong panties for children???!!!

  • A Day in the Life of Quads

    oh thank you… i laughed so much tears came to my eyes… thank you

  • Michelle Jamie

    Just on the sticks thing…here in South Africa its big to buy sticks, stones and sand to decorate your home with!!

  • Kim H.

    I just found your blog through Google Reader recommendations, and I have to say that I love it! I am three posts in, and I’m hooked… the post about the room at Hope Clinic was beautiful… and the next two had me laughing and worring about your finger! I can’t wait to read more!

  • Heather

    You are hilarious! I’m still reading…I’m determined to read it all tonight! THanks for keeping it entertaining:)

  • The Long Family

    I am new to your blog. Started at day one and now to here (one full day at work and working on another)….That was a side note. Hilarious. I just wrote about a similar experience with gold shiny leggings!! Hilarous!

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