The Chicken

***update*** I will be posting the chicken picture and the X-ray picture when I get home next week:) Of course you need the visuals to go with the story…:)
I went in tonight to kiss my girls while they slept.  One of my favorite things in the world is to kiss their sweet, damp hair as they fall asleep after a warm bath. To breathe the sweet floral scent as their chests rise up and down slowly, and their faces glow with peace. In these moments, I remember the days right after they were born. Crazy, beautiful, glorious days.
Anna Elisabeth Smith was born on December 2nd, exactly 2 minutes before her sister Abigail Grace (this is pointed out frequently).  From the moment she was in the world, she has lived up to the typical “older sister” role. A few days after Abby was released from the NICU, we brought her home and she was having a really hard time adjusting.  One night, we put them in their crib (they shared one when they were teeny-tiny), and Abby was absolutely hysterical. We rocked. We fed. We bounced. We cried. We rocked again.  We gave up. We put her in her crib next to Ellie and walked out of the room to the sound of her screeching.  Todd and I looked at each other, trying to decide what we should do.  Should we give her a binky? Should we give her some Mylicon? Should we give her food? Should we give her away?
We were debating the plan from the family room when we heard the most glorious silence known to man.  It is the sound that makes hormonal, weepy, exhausted mothers fall to their knees in gratitude.  That sweet, sweet sound of nothing.
We tiptoed into the room where they were sleeping and we both melted when we saw what had happened.  Ellie had one of her thumbs in her mouth, and the other stretched out into her sister’s mouth.  She was two minutes older, and was already taking her role as big sister seriously. 
A few days ago, Abby (our daydreamer) decided to jump off a couch in a poorly-planned attempt to fly, and she landed on her two front teeth. Ellie insisted on coming to the dentist with us to sit with Abby while she had her X-rays done. We were all happy to know that her grown-up teeth were about to push out her baby teeth anyway, so there wasn’t any permanent damage. They let us have a picture of her X-ray, and if you have been within a 10 mile radius of us in the last several days, chances are you have seen it.  I have to carry it in my purse at all times in the event that Abby meets a stranger she wants to introduce to her “teeth-picture.”
Never a lack of adventure at the Smith house.
The other day, we had a really funny conversation while I was teaching.  We are doing Sing, Spell, Read and Write (which I LOVE!), and they doing great with their letters.  We were working on the letter “B,” and for one of the exercises, they have to cut, color, and glue the pictures that begin with that letter.  There are a bunch of pictures, but only a few that match the letter for that day.  As we looked through the pictures, I was saying things like, “What is this one? Ba-ba-ba-ball! Right! So that starts with B!”  Ellie starts cutting, but she is being more quiet than usual, and I tell her to start saying them out loud so I can make sure she knows what she is doing.  She does two in a row correctly and then holds up a picture of a chicken.
“Ba-ba-ba…..chicken.”  She starts to color it.
“Ellie, that is a ch-ch-ch-chicken.  Not ba-ba-ba. Ch-ch-ch.”  She has a look of disgust. She repeats, this time with a little more intensity.
I decide to take a different teaching route and start to point at another “B” picture.  ”What about this one, Ellie? It’s a ba-ba-ba-bus. See the difference?”
She is still coloring the chicken.  She pauses and looks me dead in the eye, crayon frozen in midair.
“Mommy, why do you hate chickens?”  Okay.  She’s serious. And I’m about to spit out my Diet Coke.
“Ellie, I don’t hate chickens.  It just doesn’t go with today’s letter.  Why don’t we hold onto it and we can talk about it when we do “C.” 
I can tell by the look on her face that this is probably not going to fly. Abby chimes in.
“Mommy, Ellie is right.  You shouldn’t hate a chicken.” Four eyes. Staring at me.  Accusing me of poultry-hatred.
“Girls.  I do not hate chickens.  I like chickens.  It’s just that chickens do not start with the letter B.”  They look at each other, and as a show of solidarity, Abby starts to cut out her chicken.  I bury my head in the lesson book so they don’t see me laughing. I did take a picture of Ellie holding the picture with a look of disdain.    
Later that night, a neighbor-girl was over and they are playing dress up.  And by “dress up,” I mean “destroying every closet in the house.”
I am in the kitchen making dinner when Ellie saunters in with a feather boa, tutu, and oversized purse.  
“Hi mama.” 
“Hi Ellie.  What are you doing?”
“We’re playing ballet dancers.  What about you?”
“Making dinner.” 
“What are you making?” 
“Chicken.”  Clearly I have not thought this through.
She stops in mid-prance and looks at her friend, who, apparently, is in the know about her chicken theory. 
“Told you,” she whispers under her breath.
Her friend nods in wide-eyed unison as they march into the playroom while I trail off…”I do not hate ch-ch-ch-chickens!” 
Two days later, Ellie announces that she is a becoming a vegetarian.  
I serve her vegetables, in order to prove that I am an equal-opportunity food server.
She smells them and pushes her plate away.
“I think I want chicken, mommy.” She smiles. We eat chicken (some of us with loose teeth), and of course during our nightly prayers, Ellie talks about her beloved picture, and the day early next week when he will rightly claim his throne as the “C” word.
Have I mentioned I love homeschooling? 
On another note, I want to thank you for all of your kind words for Todd. They meant a lot to both of us, and I hope that now he is over his “grammatical stage-fright,” he will be back to post again soon.  
Blessings to you all tonight…

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  • MckMama

    I had to hide my face in my laptop as I giggled, just as you did in your homeschooling book. Solidarity. That’s what a twin sister is for, I guess!

    But, seriously, why do you hate chickens?

    And, on a slightly more serious note, I love kissing my children’s wet, warm heads, too! Oh, and I love you! You know.

  • Leeann

    Oh my gosh, that is a positively hysterical story! Poultry-hatred! lol!!

    To me, this story embodies the beauty of blogging. These every day, beautiful moments, so quickly forgotten, are forever captured.

    Love your blog!


  • Megan

    I love these sweet, sweet stories that show us how “real” your life is. It makes my heart sing when I hear laughter in your posts….Blessings from above!

    I think I’ll go smell some hair now!

    BTW, have I mentioned that you’re my HERO for home schooling?!

  • kara

    That is just too funny! Your girls just crack me up.

    I remember when my best friend’s little brother started to realize where meat came from and refused to eat it. Although I seem to remember it only being with chicken, because the name of the food is the same as the animal. For instance, he didn’t believe that ham cam from pigs.

    I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  • Rissa Mendes

    OH my goodness,
    Angie I have to tell you.. you and your kids keep me laughing.. Glad that homeschooling is doing well.. I’m praying for you!!

  • Sara

    Oh my gosh, I wish I was a mom for many reasons, but that story is the perfect example of why I love kids.

    Here’s a sure-fire way of knowing I’m not a mom… I haven’t come close to perfecting the “hide-I’m-laughing” thing. When my friends’ kids are funny, especially that get-in-trouble funny, I have to absolutely leave the room so I don’t ruin the discipline.

    Having TWO little identical faces looking at me that way would push me over the edge of hysterics!!!!

    Lovin’ your story, Miss Chicken Hater. Hope you have many blessings on your day (and that Ellie doesn’t get the idea that she should be missing both front teeth to match her sister)…


  • Jill

    I think it is awesome that you are doing the home-schooling thing – and glad that it appears to be going very well!!! I commend you for giving it a try — I know that I am not cut out for it, but with God, anything is possible….:) Thanks for continue to share and be a blessing to me…

  • Ang

    You are absolutely amazing! I love reading your blog!

    The Chicken made me laugh out loud! I sooo admire you for homeschooling! I can’t seem to master the art of potty training, yet!

  • Jen

    That’s a great story! If you really are a chicken hater, you can sit by me! I hate birds of all types (except cooked ones!)

    A question for you…Do you teach all 3 girls the same curriculum or does Kate get a different lesson?

    Good for you for taking on this job!

  • Susie

    That’s a great story!! Chicken hate:-) I can’t stop laughing:-)

  • Beth Davis

    I want to start homeschooling my 3 year old and have little support. Thank you for your story, ALL OF IT. I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but my husband and I have cried with you. May God be glorified in all you do!

  • Tara Renae

    Poultry Hater! LOL. I was giggling so hard! Your stories make me smile from the inside out. Thank you for sharing precious moments with us all.

    You definitely bring joy and lightheartedness in my day when things look so overwhelming.

    The abuse trial starts on Wednesday– I don’t think I will have to take the stand just yet. But I’m scared to see him again. Everytime I think about it I feel like I am a little girl all over again. OY! During the prep for the case I often find myself meandering over to your blog to pick up some of your strength and jot down Bible verses or books you reccommend. They help more than you could possibly know. Especially when I think of the baby I lost when I was 12. I know I was a kid, but I have lived my whole life protecting them and loving them and it still makes me sad. And, for the record, I would not have used my right to choose, even though it was incest. A baby is a baby.

    Whew.. sorry… I guess I had a few things to get off my chest there. Thanks again for your letter. I cherish it and have it in my purse for a pick me up whenever Bible verses and praying are falling a little short.

    I continue to pray for you and your family. You are doing such an awesome job homeschooling… you really need to post that pic of Abby and the chicken.. or way it Ellie? Oy! I can’t remember now! And, wonderful on the Bible study. I wish above all wishes that I could come. I think it would be a little bit too far of a commute from California though!

    I may venture by Tennessee to see another friend before my mission to Kenya in February, so I may just have to arragnge a drop by! =)

    Pray for me as the trial wages on and as I am off work due to a sprained back and possible bulged disk. I’m too young for this! But, I’m sure there is a hidden meaning in there somewhere. I’m just waiting for that to be revealed!

    Blessings to you and yours. You are so deeply loved. Thank you for sharing your light with the world!

    Love Tara

  • Wendy

    Love love love this story! It will be interesting to see if she does this with any other letters.
    Blessings on you in your home schooling efforts. From a former and grateful home schooler, Wendy

  • M Yeager

    Angie, I am a new reader to your blog. I love it. I love the way you write with such feeling and how your words are so descriptive I feel like I am right there with you. In the past 2 days you have made me laugh and cry. I laugh at the stories of your girls and cry at the stories with Audrey.

    You have such a great strength and faith within you and I admire that.

  • Reegan

    I’m laughing with tears in my eyes! Chchch chicken! Oh, those are the days of homeschooling that I truly miss! My now 19 yr-old was so funny. Enjoy them! LOL! Chchch chicken!

  • qUeEn oF tHe cAstLe

    I was kinda hoping to see the pictures AND the x-rays. You sound like me…Like I ALWAYS say…”there’s NEVER a dull moment in this house!!!” :)

  • team hill

    This is soooo funny. I just can’t stop laughing. I homeschool my 6 yr old son and things like this have happened to me.Thanks for the post

  • The Rhoderick Family

    Your girls just crack me up. It’s wonderful that you are documenting these b/c they will love hearing these stories when they get older!!!

  • Reina Danielle

    “Poultry-hatred”…haha. I could picture every moment of that happening…absolutely hilarious :-) I love that your children will have all of their funny moments recorded to look back on for years to come! You do sound like you have the most fun while you homeschool!

  • Anothermadhousewife

    Fun! . . .and totally hilarious! I want to see that photo with the look of disdain. ;) Erika :)

  • blessingsandglory

    What a hysterical story! Don’t you just love being a mom?

    It’s those moments that seem so simple that turn into the most cherished memories.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of humor – and your children’s.

    Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for continuing to share your family’s stories.



  • christi28

    i loved this story! sont you just love how their little minds work?

    blessings ~

  • Anita J.

    What a great story. Homeschooling is so rewarding, even if much of the rest of the world thinks we’re nuts! And I’m with Ellie. Sometimes we just have to eat the chicken.

  • Ter

    Thanks for the laugh… I can really use some laughs these days… life is so tough….

  • Jenny

    Oh, your story was so hysterical today! I needed the laugh, too. I am homeschooling for the first time this year (2nd & 4th grades) and we're really enjoying it also! Your curriculum sounds great, I'll have to remember that when kid#3 is ready for Kindergarten. Your girls are so neat!

  • The Mangus Family

    sooo funny! thank you for sharing!

  • Jill

    and with that a goodnight. Thanks for ending my hurricane gustavo FOX TV watching day on a high…yes, it is for those memories that I too love homeschooling. Our girls could get into some serious trouble if we lived closer…guess God knew that. Cracking up!

  • Courtney

    My Tennessee Vols just lost but this post made me laugh and put me in a better mood before I go to sleep. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I love the image of Ellie sucking her thumb and giving the other to Abby. How absolutely sweet! I was going to ask if you got a picture of that but if you are like I was with my babies, once they were asleep after a hard night, I wasn’t going to chance waking them up with the click of the camera. :)

  • SG

    Perhaps it was a ba-ba-bbig chicken? See I don’t think I could homeschool. I break all the rules. These are precious days. Thanks for sharing!

  • Action

    That is too, too funny! I nearly spit out my cereal reading about the chickens. I have 4 little ones and home-school…some of the things the kiddos say is just too much. Thanks for sharing your chicken story…absolutely precious!

  • Stephanie

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog!

  • Jaci

    Oops! I was logged in under my hubby tat last comment. “Action” is not what I go by!:)

  • Denise

    Your chicken story totally cracked me up!!! Your girls are just too funny!!! I love how you write, makes me feel like I was right there hearing them say those things and give you those looks!! Kids are great aren’t they!! Thanks for the inspiring and uplifting blog!!

  • Rose C

    THAT was hysterical!

  • Michelle

    Too cute!

  • Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey

    I laughed loud enough that my husband paused the TV because he knew I was going to read something to him!

    Thanks for the giggle!

  • Lewis Family

    Oh my goodness! That was HILARIOUS! My husband is wondering what the heck I am laughing at so hard at 11:30 at night! Thank you. I needed that. I’m still laughing! You are a gifted writer; definitely a book in your future (hopefully multiple books)…

  • Michelle

    ok….i have been sitting her laughing my head off. And I know about having to hide to laugh….my 3-year-old told me tonight “mom, don’t laugh – I’m not funny.” I was thinking “oh yes, sweetheart, you are the funniest one that I know”.

  • SingerMamaMelody

    This is hilarious! Your girls are just darling, and I’m so glad that they provide your home with such joy and laughter! Oh yes, I too love kissing those soft, wet heads…it is one of the most incredible things in the world.

  • Miller Family

    Oh I love this story. I am laughing out loud. I can relate because my four year old does this alot. Cracks me up, but you know they are trying so hard to figure it all out. Kudos for you homeschooling. Your girls will keep you on your toes! Michelle

  • Keri

    So funny!!

    My 7 year old declared himself a vegetarian at the beginning of January. He was taking a stand for animal rights and he stood tall and strong until the middle of May. He would even pack his own PB&J sandwiches to take to parties where the inevitable Chick-fil-A nugget platter was going to be present.

    I love stories of kids who think for themselves and start showing some of their independence!!

  • His Amazing Grace

    What a fun, fun post!! I loved it!! You have some highly energetic little girl! I was laughing out loud….

  • Christy

    So sorry that you will be forever labeled as a chicken hater!

    I hope you managed to sneak back in a get a picture of the sister who is willing to even share a thumb 9my thumb sucker would give away her sister before she shares her thumbs!)

    I am so glad that homeschooling is going great!

    I didn’t get to comment on Todd’s posting, but it was a beautiful blessing as well. He is definately a keeper!

    Have a great week! We continue to pray for you!

  • Julie

    Ha ha ha that was so candid- I felt like I was a fly on the wall. Thanks for the story- I am smiling knowing how often these hysterical moments come along when homeschooling. They make it so worth it don’t they? I often feel like why should a teacher get these “moments” with my kiddos? They’re mine! : )

    I hope you are doing well. You are ALWAYS in my prayers.


  • Karen

    I remember those learning letter sounds days… so much fun! When the girls have more letters under their belt, you could try the Around the World With the Alphabet game my kids still like to play. It goes a little like this: “My name is Anna and I’m going to Arizona and I’m taking applesauce.” The next person gets to pick a B name, place, and object to take with them. Even my almost 13yo will play this one with us. Fun for both sounds, geography, and remembering the sequence of the alphabet.

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  • ~Alicia~

    That is great! Your girls are hilarious! I have to ask- did Kate have anything to say about the chicken saga? She doesn’t seem the type not to throw in her own two cents’ worth :)

    I love your funny kid stories, they brighten my day! Keep em coming.

  • Roo

    Oh my goodness, I was sitting here giggling at your story of your girls! My husand says, what are you laughing at? hahaha. Oh that was just a HOOT! I don’t know who was funnier…the girls or you…hahaha. I am so glad you are enjoying homeschooling…yay for homeschool mommies! :-)


  • Creekermom

    Totally Hilarious!

    That is another reason we love Homeschooling, it is an ADVENTURE! LOL

    Thanks for bringing so much joy and laughter into my day today!

    Have a blessed Homeschool day!

  • Jill

    My house is quiet, all of our beautiful blessings are still sweetly, slumbering! I had to put a blanket over my face as I read your story! HA HA HA! Angie your children are delicious and I understand why you enjoy homeschooling – it is wonderful!

    Our children say so many funny things that I can’t even keep up during most days.

    Thanks for sharing your stories of joy with us. You are truly such a blessing! Praising God for your smile today!

    Looking forward to hearing how your speaking engagment goes. Praying for you!

    Love in Him,

  • Renay

    I love the story! So cute. I homeschool my three children in the Samoa Islands ~ ds14, ds10, and dd7. I used Sing, Spell, Read and Write with mine too, and I do recall some pretty dramatic moments myself! :) Angie, I can’t tell you enough how much your blog has blessed me. It is bookmarked as a favorite and I read often. You all are continually in my prayers. Blessings!

  • Becky

    Too funny! When I read about your twins I wonder what my daughter with triplets will face in a few years. Sometimes I wonder if they realize they were wombmates and share a special bond.

    Big chickens do say ‘bawk, bawk, bawk.’ So there you go!

    I truly enjoy hearing about your family.

  • Jocelyn

    Hey Angie…great post. You are in my prayers often. Our trial is scheduled for Oct 2, please remember us.

    I am going to “attempt” to home “pre”school Trey. I’ve just bought a few preschool workbooks and thought we’d go through them and create a routine.

    Are you teaching Kate, too? If you get a chance, let me know how you do it. :)

  • Becky

    What a great story! I love homeschooling. Last week my five year old (six in 7 days he would tell you) asked me when we sat down, “Mom, can we study rotten teeth?” LOL!!

    BTW, my youngest sisters are identical twins and their birthday is Dec 2nd also. :)

  • Jesslyn42

    Thanks for sharing that wonderfully funny story!! It made my morning begin on a glorious note!! :)

    I’m also glad that Todd will be writing again, soon! We will welcome his posts anytime. Hopefully he’ll feel like he’s part of this “family,” as well…which I’m pretty sure he already does, but we’ll make him feel EVEN MORE a part of it!

    Thank you, again, for YOU! I love you to pieces!

    Love and Hugs,
    Jess :)


    I was laughing so hard over the ch ch ch chicken story, that emmy was (2) was cracking up covering her face and joing me , she did not even know why.

    seriously don’t hate chickens. I’m suprised that she did not freak out that you were cooking chicken:) lol

    oh Angie I have missed you posting this week I kept looking and all I saw was Toods I MEAN Mr. Angies smiths Blog post. Todd captured you well he should start a blog as well for his many fans.

    anyway it is always a joy.

  • A 5 time mom

    Oh Angie….you are too funny. I love the chicken story. Just cracked up as I imagined your daughter telling her friend your hatred for chicken and then realizing chicken was good to eat instead of just vegetables. Thanks again for sharing your lives with us.


  • Angie

    That is such a cute story! How cute she wanted to be a vegetarian. I would have spit out my diet coke too!

  • Lorri

    [Picture of a cow holding a sign that says "Eat more Chicken."]

    seen at Chick-a-Fil.

    Maybe you can get a cardboard cut out for your schoolroom…


    Love, Lorri

    ps…your writing is amazing!

  • Carrie

    Absolutely hilarious! My mom told me that I use to call every piece of meat “chicken”. :)

  • Caroline

    That is so fa-fa-funny! Oh my gosh – that they would even think to ask why you hate chickens makes me laugh. Please post the picture of the look of disdain. You told the story superbly.

  • daniella

    Your girls are precious and a hoot. Funny post!!!! Thanks for the laugh. When you get to letter C you should definitely have a Chia pet and sing “Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia!” Then the carring Ellie can enjoy carring for her new pet that also starts with the letter C…and she won’t have to eat it. OK, maybe not, but can you immagine the things the girls will ask and say?

  • Kayla Grace

    I laughed my little heart out with this story. I adore your family. You guys are great.

  • the*4*of*us

    ok…that was hilarious!!! I will think of this next time I deal with a chicken!
    I think it’s so cool that as homeschooling moms we get to experience and appreciate all of these cute moments, instead of someone else who just wouldn’t treaure the cuteness like we do!
    Have a great day!

  • Melissa Irwin

    Oh Angie, I laughed so hard I almost pee’d. But don’t worry, I didn’t. I just snorted outloud instead.

  • Kara

    That is histerical! I kept thinking of the Chick-fil-a billboard signs “Eat more Chickin!”

    Kids can be the best laughter in our lives at times.:)

    Thanks for sharing this post-it was so funny. Have a good day.

  • Crystal

    Chicken hater!!!!! LOL….your girls are too funny, Angie! Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    Love, Crystal

  • Amanda

    That story is hysterical!!!! Oh, the drama! I guess I’ll still read your blog even if you are a poultry-hater…lol.
    Thanks for making me laugh this morning…this weepy, hormonal, 9mos preg mama needed it BADLY!!!! :)

  • Courtney

    I can hardly wait for the pictures!

    How wonderful that God has brought such sweet, “normal” moments into your life that bring you joy and laughter…and it’s even better that you share them with the rest of us!

    Still praying for you…


  • Tami

    Yes, Angie. I love homeschooling too. We have so MANY opportunities to capture moments while laughing (or crying)! Last week was a hard week for me. This is my seventh year of homeschooling and I started the week very discouraged. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of the treasures I have in teaching my boys at home.

  • Stacy D

    This was cute! Too funny….

    My 6th graders can be similar sometimes… though instead of learning letters, it usually has more to do with 6th-grade topics :)

  • bethany

    So glad that you are back! Missed your posts…
    The stories in this post are absolutely precious! I love to hear how much you love your girls and Todd.
    And as far as chiken is concerned…you go right ahead and hate chickens as much as you want! However…I know that you dont!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday Smith Family!!!!

  • Jennifer P.

    adorable… what blessings you have in your girls!

    Jennifer :o )

  • psalm13914

    This story was so cute!!! I love you and your family. My prayers continue to go out to you. I hope that you have LOTS more Ba-ba-ba Chicken stories to share!

    Ba-ba-ba Blessings you,

  • The Morris Family

    Sounds like a similar story I had last week ( I posted about it too) but my story had to do with 9-9=? Duh…home school?? Thanks for sharing!
    mommy to 13 blessings

  • Shelly

    When I come to read your blog, I never know whether I”m going to laugh out loud or silently weep. God has certainly blessed your family – in unknowing, incomprehensible ways – but you are reaching all of us. Guiding us. Living Christ’s message for us. Showing us that while the way may be the most difficult thing anyone could ever experience, it is the true, right, and lasting way.

  • Mocha with Linda

    Oh that is too too funny! Guess we can say this blog is poultry in motion!

    So when will you read them the story of Chicken Little?

    I’d take away their ballet clothes – they are definitely on their toes!

  • JayHayKay17

    Oh man… I am at work and was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Thanks for sharing you chicken hater!

  • Tessa

    I love your blog! I loved this story and I, too, was laughing out loud. I also LOVED the story about Ellie putting her thumb in Abby’s mouth when they were babies … I hope you have a picture of that too! How precious!

  • Kelly

    Oh my word – they are hysterical!!! I remember my father-in-law saying once that we would enjoy our kids more than we enjoyed our dog, Mitch. He was right. Mitch never says anything quite as funny as the girls do!! Enjoy the laughter!!

  • clkight

    i BEGGED chrislenn to let me homeschool her…yeah tons of friends at school card trumped the mama card. ;)

  • david santos

    Great work!!!

  • Tamara B

    Angie, I love the encouragement about homeschooling. I’m [occassionally] prayerfully considering homeschooling when my just now 3 year old is ready. Will I be ready? How do I ready myself and my family? Do I have enough faith to leave the career world to teach my children?

  • janconnair

    I don’t recall if I left a comment for Todd on the wonderful post he wrote the other day. But you can tell him that a former proofreader/editor of high school and college textbooks read his post and did not keel over. So he’s good to go again, lol!

  • Cupcake

    This so made me laugh. You could ALMOST make me a home school convert :-)

  • Erin

    absolutely hysterical.

    Thanks for a fabulous story to start my day.

  • Stacy

    That is soooo funny! We had some problems with the letter “B” as well. You can read about it here if you are ever lacking in things to do! :-)

  • Annie


    This was the cutest little blog…I love the part about the twins in the crib! AHHH! SO ADORABLE!!!!

    Your girls are too cute for words & I am sure make life SO MUCH FUN!!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • The Beasley’s

    This is my first time to ever comment, but I’ve been reading through your blog for awhile. I honestly have no idea how you keep up with such amazing posts on this blog, home schooling, doing the wife, mother, friend, daughter thing, and just being the most incredible disciple of God. I have one child, yes, just ONE, and I feel so burdened most times that I’m not doing enough. The house isn’t clean enough, I’m not teaching Abby (my daughter’s name is Abby Grace and her personality sounds so similar to your Abby’s!) enough, my quiet times are too rushed…the list can go on and on. I grew up Catholic and for me, I just didn’t learn anything. Now, I feel like I’m trying to learn 10,000 things at once…stories and scripture everyone else has known for years, and it just seems so overwhelming. I don’t know why I’m typing you all this because my intent was to tell you that the chicken post was HILARIOUS! You just never know what will come out of their mouths and that is absolutely what I love :-) You really are amazing. Thanks for sharing all you do!

  • Carolyn

    What an adorable and hilarious story!!! I can’t wait to see the picture and the look on her face as she is accusing you of hating ch ch ch chickens.

  • Longmeadow Mama

    Thanks for the smiles this morning!
    Visiting your blog always makes my day, whether it be a serious tear jerking post or a fun whimsical one like this.
    Have a b-b-b-Beautiful Day!

  • Stacy

    This is absolutely adorable. It put a huge smile and giggle on my face and in my heart this morning… Thank You so much for your blog and sharing your faith and the everyday moments!


  • Melissa

    …this is funny! I just posted “C-C-C, Doggy’ to my blog which heralds my youngest’s attempts at being like her older sister and the pains of us mommmies who just can’t win!


  • Harris Family

    Oh my word! I am laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing the funny stories!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Angie!
    I have a four month old son and my husband and I too have wondered what we should do with our unconsolable baby and have asked the question “Should we give him away?” Of course not totally serious, but I thought it was funny that other loving, God-fearing parents admit to that very same sentiment. So out of your entire hilarious blog, that is what I have focused on. Can you tell I’m a new mommy?
    Thanks for the great blogs wether they be serious or humorous.

  • Wendy

    “Why do you hate chickens” — that is hysterical! I love those moments with kids. There’s nothing better than when they’re being unintentionally hilarious.

  • Kim

    Oh, there is no better smell than the one you described of our children snuggled in bed after their nighttime bath. The chicken story is just plain adorable. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a super start to the new week!

  • Tiffany

    This story was hilarious! You poultry-hater you! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • The Madaus Family

    What a funny story about the chicken! I bet those girls make you laugh all the time! I also loved that she let her twin sister suck her thumb…how cute!

  • McChatterbox

    This was ha ha ha hysterical! I remember the day someone told my son that McDonald chicken sandwiches were made from chicken lips. He was eating them like crazy before than and boom! Would never go near one again. He later told me that he found out chickens don’t even have lips!

  • Heather

    Oh my gosh, that thumb-sucking story is so precious it took my breath away. Love your writing so much.

  • Wendi

    So sweet and funny!! :) Love your stories Angie!! :)

  • Kruger Kids

    I love the posts about everyday life! Thank you for sharing real life with us! You’re a pure gem!!

  • Julie

    So cute, what beautiful homeschooling memories. Our school started today and my kids are getting big. We are making new memories each year but the precious younger years go so fast. Praising God school is going well.

  • The Beaver Bunch

    That is so stinkin’ hysterical. Homeschool is so much fun. Our journey has just begun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  • Katie

    That is absolutely hilarious! I can’t imagine a more rewarding experience as a parent- to watch your children bond to stand together, even if it is to take sides against their mommy!

  • Carissa

    I loved this story about your girls. It made me LOL. haha too cute!

  • The Bowman Family

    Hilarious! Kiddos never cease to amaze me. What wonderful memories they give us. I am so grateful for them.

    Oh and Sing, Spell, Read and Write was a favorite at our house too. I’m glad you are enjoying homeschooling. Hugs!

  • Ashlie

    oh, that is great! i use sing/spell/read/write too and did for my older ones as well. let me warn you that there is a ton of writing (all those lists later on….) i did NOT (shock and awe) make my kids write 1000 words a day like it has for 1st grade (yes, i’m exagerating, but barely :) ) as long as they grasped the lesson and could read the words, i was a-ok with it. it is great for k and 1st grade!! love it too!!

    ashlie (from athens, ga….the one whose hubby owns a pub and loves Jesus too)

  • mrchromite

    My that sounds just like my two girls. My Abigail is six going on 35, while Marjorie is 4 going on I think 19. But my Abby takes the big sister role very seriously, she thinks that Margie needs to do all that Abby says, and yet she still keeps a protective wing over Margie. One day last week Abigail came up and told me, “Daddy, can I have a baby brother instead of a baby sister? Margie is really antagonizing me today.” I rolled my eyes of course and remembered how not three days before Margie had asked why she couldn’t have a baby brother. We made the decision after Margie to remove the baby making system out of our lives as I was 43 at the time and my wife was 34 and both pregnancies had been difficult. So, had to explain to both of them that maybe someday in the future we might see if someone else had a boy that they could not take care of, maybe we could. Then he could be baby brother to both of them. That made them happy and got mommy and daddy off the hook. Many blessings Angie and Todd, your blogs have really inspired Candi and I to move towards whatever God has planned for us. God bless you and yours, KEN

  • Kimmer

    that made me giggle; wonder what this secret chicken society is all about….

  • Kirsten

    HA!! I’m glad my kids are already napping or they would’ve wanted to know why I was laughing so hard! :) I was working on letter sounds with my son this morning and he decided that ostrich and heart started with the same letter because there is no way that it was the squid (it was an octopus)

  • Amy

    This was totally hysterical! I can totally picture all of this. Poor girls. lol. I have to hide my giggling too sometimes. He (my son) always knows though and smiles.

  • noahandlylasmommi

    too funny :)

  • Kristen

    Thanks, Angie, for a great laugh and encouraging post. I just began homeschooling a few weeks ago, and it is sooo much fun for us, too!

  • susansmiles

    of course a chicken starts with ba-ba-ba! haven’t you ever heard a chicken talk? you’ve probably even made chicken sounds before while bobbing your head back and forth and flapping your feathers. What child doesn’t think chicken starts with ba-ba-ba!

  • Jenny Ferrari

    That is hilarious! It reminds me of the time my daughter came home and I served her venison salami on a cheese cracker. When she found out it was deer she decided not to eat it. She did get a taste of it though and the next afternoon asked for some. Later that evening I was walking by our back window looking outside. We live on 2.25 acres and regularly have deer in the back yard. I mentioned to my daughter that I had not seen the deer in quite a few days. Her reply back to me was: “They probably smelled deer on your breath”! Ha! How clever wat that?

    Love your blog!


    That is HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!!!! Kids are a crack up.

  • thoughts and ramblings

    That is the funniest and sweetest story!!! lol. Thanks for the laugh. I’m sitting here at home….alone….for once…and I’m laughing out loud! hee hee


  • Beth

    it reminds me of the stuborn desire my 17 year old son had back in kindergarten. He would count 13,14,16,17… insisting to the teacher he hated that other number(15). After many weeks and a parent teacher conference we finally got to heart of it all. His older brother had him convinced he could skip 15 and get his DRIVERS LICENSE early. Bless his teacher’s heart. My son had to prove he could count to 100 as part of completing kindergarten. and she allowed him to count 13,14, that other number i hate, 16 ,17…… I still laugh when i think about it. And he still instists it would have worked if we would have co-operated more.

  • Lucas

    Love the stories! I have two girls, too, who are 20 months apart. I homeschooled for 2 years. Wait until you reach “Q”! You will have to have a wedding for “Q” and “U”, like we did, because of course Q and U get married and are inseparable after that! (It’s a great learning tool.)

    P.S. My girls are now straight-A students in public school… I LOVED Homeschooling!

    Loretta Z.

  • Beth

    (HEHE) i reread my post… the way.. he is 17 now! in kindergarten he was a sweet little 5 year old, who oned his mama’s heart. (still does)

  • Amanda

    What a sweet story!!! Funny!!
    Little ones are so cute and just so innocent in what they say!

    And how adorable of Ellie with her thumb in her sisters mouth! What a great big sister!

  • Luanne

    I love hearing your twin stories. My grandsons had a similar story only one was sucking on the others nose. The dynamics of twins is amazing. Ganging up on you at their young age, bet you can hardly wait til they’re 16.


  • Laura

    too funny! can’t wait until my little Wyatt gets to that age.

    my nephew had a hard time with his P’s…and his little brother’s name was Parker. He would repeat, after hard work from his mother, P-P-Harker and P-P- Huppy Dog. love them!

  • JenD

    Just so you know when I read what you write sometimes I spit my diet coke out too. (some stories I cry however). But you are funny. Love the blog***

  • The Kirkpatrick Family

    Angie, Thank you so much for sharing with your incredible gift of writing! It is like sitting in the room having it play out for each of us as we read it! Have a blessed week my friend!

  • Alyssa

    I literally laughed out loud! That is too funny! :)

  • The Dickson Family

    Thanks for making me laugh today! That is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    :-) Julie

  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    Too cute! What a great teacher you are. Your little one’s make me laugh at that creative thinking. Chicken hating and all. :)

  • lmashe81

    I Don’t know that I could have hidden my laughter. That is a really funny story. I was laughing so hard that my 3 year old was looking at me funny.

  • kendra

    Priceless!! =-)

  • Holly

    I love that. I enjoyed the smile that you put on my face today!! Thank you. Hope you are having a good week with your sweet girls. :)

  • amberdawn

    I don’t know if you will get to read this, but my 5 year old Dalton just started kindergarten, and today they were learning rhyming. As he is telling me some rhyming words, he asks if dear and go rhyme? No, I said but dear and hear rhyme. Dear and beer rhmye too Mommy, right he says? Yes, but let’s not talk about beer. So 45 minutes later he comes in the kitchen and says: go and ho rhyme right Mommy. At this I can’t even breathe!

    These kids!

  • Lift Up Your Hearts

    Oh my goodness, tooo funny – and cute! Homeschooling gives us so many moments with our kids that would otherwise be lost. I too am so grateful for it.

  • Prairie Chick

    Maybe she was working by association. Ba, ba, ba like “buck, buck, buck” the sound a chicken makes. Kids are so funny that way. Once when we were trying to teach our 2 year old the ABC’s and he stumbled after T we asked the 6 year old to help him. (To her credit we called her in from another room). What comes after T Elle?” We asked. “…. sugar?” was her response. Tea. Sugar. Made sense to her. Gotta love em. I so enjoy your heart and your blog.

  • amy

    thank you so much for rejuvenating my love for motherhood with your story. my little ones are 1 and 2, not quite at the stage your girls are at, but i look forward to it, and reading your stories really helps when its been “one of those day”. thanks :)

  • Kim Newt-Burg

    Priceless moments! I started homeschooling my 5 year old and it has been quite an adventure. Today we were counting (coins) and got on the conversation of presidents and it evolved into a full scale conversation about the Revolutionary War. (Don’t even ask me how!)

    Glad to know that I am not the only one spewing Diet Coke across the room! Love your blog…you are a great inspiration to me as I start on this homeschool journey!

  • Sara

    I am home sick as a dog today. But this story brought out laughter.
    As a teacher, this story is hysterical. Try standing in front of 28 children trying to convince them of something. It is a trip.
    Sounds like homeschooling is going well, chicken-hater!!!!

  • ashlee

    you ALWAYS make me smile when I read your posts…they really do bless my heart!

    p.s. i love homeschooling too!!

  • queenie76

    I LOVE IT!! The girls have suuch a vivid sense of humor ! The best part? When she comes in the kitchen,, “Told Ya”! They are so precious, thanks so much for continuing to share, wish you all the best !

  • DKay

    I too am part of the loose tooth club. My little boy fell and loosened up his 2 front teeth over the weekend. ***sigh*** It was more traumatic for me than him. The Ped Dentist told us today there could be damage to his permanent teeth b/c he hit so hard pushing his baby teeth back into his gums. UGH! Did I mention I faint easily??
    I “hate” chickens too I suppose. Being a little too OCD, I could have never agreed to the chickens on a day of learning about letter ‘B’!!!
    Thanks for the laughs today. I needed after all the tooth drama.

  • Katherine Page

    Angie!!! This is hilarious! I cannot stop laughing. P.S. You are such an awesome writer because I feel as if I was there when it happened. About the twin thing…. I never let my twin brother live it down that I am 9 minutes older than he. That will never go away. I remember my parents telling me the story almost similar to yours in the crib but I was gladly able to let him suck on my BIG TOE!lol.

    Mom always made sure we had two cakes for our birthday. And when he moved out of the house after HS graduation I was so upset that we would not share our birthday together anymore. (Although we liked to kill each other every minute we got!) Then he moved to Japan for 3 years and you know what he did to me? He called me when it turned July 4th (our bday) and left me the sweetest message until the end and he rubbed it into my face that he is like 14 hours ahead of me. I was sooo upset! So this year we celebrated it together and I had victory. lol.

    I took the mother role from day one! And honestly now that we are grown and I either feel something isn’t right or know that it isn’t right I am helpless. I just want to make sure he is okay. It really upsets me that I can’t make sure. So being a twin is an amazing bond that no one understands unless you are a twin.

    You and your girls make me smile!

    And they will have stories and stories. I know I do.

  • Amie@HeartSmiles

    Oh this had me ROLLING!!!!!! ROLLING! LOve that they stuck together, even if to falsely acuse you of poultry-hatred. LOL. OR maybe not, can’t say. Don’t know you well enough. Guess I just have to trust you! ;)

    And the thumb in her sisters mouth.That is just the sweetest!

    Thanks for sharing the smiles!

    Happy Day!


  • sandchick

    Oh Dear Lord- that was hysterical!
    As a former Kindergarten teacher I can so feel your pain!! I remember standing on my HEAD trying to get the kids to actually hear my clear pronunciation of those words….thanks for the memories.

  • Candi

    I loved reading your blog from start to finish. I am sure you have read the but in case you haven’t I think you might enjoy it. Thanks for letting us all into your families life.

  • Just Me

    That is SUCH a funny story, made even better because you are such a talented story-teller. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and felt like I was there as the story was unfolding. Thanks for continuing to share your story…all of it!

  • Life Glimpsed: The Denglers

    oh Lord sweet Lord – did i need to have twins in order for my baby to sleep those first few weeks? ;) that’s so precious! …my friend’s little girl was protesting her carseat. her dad said, “stella, you are being impossible!” which returned the crying reply, “daddy, i am NOT a pasta. i am not a pasta!” aah kids. they are so much fun.

  • Tinsley Family

    i just had the opportunity to read your blog for the first time.. i cried and laughed my way through almost the whole thing. you are a true inspriration to me. The kind of mommy I want to be. bless you and keep you always.

  • Carly

    I just wanted to tell you that I would love to do something for you and your family in your Sweet Audrey’s memory. Maybe one day if you feel like it you could have a look at my site “To Write Their Names In The Sand” at and see what you think :)

    Have a beautiful day

    Love Carly

  • Amanda

    You paint such a vivid picture with your words. I could imagine my girls doing the exact same thing. Aren’t children entertaining sometimes?
    Have to love them!

  • Monica

    Oh my goodness. This is your funniest one yet! Kids are the best and they’re so funny! I’m constantly hiding my laughter from my 3yo son. He’s just too funny for words at times! Why do hate chicken?

  • Laura

    Oh, my goodness that was so funny!!! I will never look at another picture of a ch-ch-chicken the same again!! Thanks, Angie!

  • Colette

    Oh Angie, it’s way after 2am here and everyone in my house is sleeping but I just cannot help from howling with laughter. I love your stories. I love you. I love your girls. I would love to know their thought process that brought them to thinking that ‘ba-ba-ba-chicken’ is correct.

    Ellie is way too young to be announcing she is a vegetarian, isn’t that something that kids are meant to hit you with when they hit your teens!? You should be worried about what she’s going to pull out of the bag then ;)

    Boy I really can’t believe they’ve been gossiping to their friends about your poultry hatred that is just hysterical.

    P.S. I actually winced at the tooth story. Eek.
    P.P.S. I work in KFC when I’m not in school, I guess the girls wouldn’t like me as a ‘sitter huh!?

  • Gracie

    ROFL!!! I am a first grade teacher and find moments like these to be the reason I teach and can bare to leave my own to everyday.

  • Holly Mabry

    That’s hilarious. I love your funny and inspiring stories. :-) By the way, Selah is an amazing group. I’ve been listening to them since 2003 or so. I haven’t been to a concert though, but hopefully will if they make it to North Carolina sometime soon.

  • Nicole

    So why DO you hate chickens anyway? ;-) What a great story! Smart kiddos!

  • babystepstoChina

    My name is Robyn and I am a lurker. You know the kind, we read and read and never announce our presence. Well tonight I have to announce my presence after many many months of reading. This post left me in absolute hysterics! I haven’t laughed that hard and that loud all day! My husband even came into the room to see what I was laughing so hard about! As a homeschooling family, we can totally relate! I just love what kids can come up with. Seriously, I think you should begin a book with that story. Thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way!

  • Ruthanne

    Those two are hilarious! “Told you” got me. Very funny!!

    I miss my son more in that last few seconds right before I kiss him good-night and leave his bedroom than I do all day while I’m at work. What is it about that time of the day? (While I’m beginning to miss him, I’m also praying that I won’t see him til the next morning. ;) lol)

  • Holly

    How funny! I have twin girls, too (Ella and Emma). They were over a year old before we put them on their own beds. As early as the day we brought them home, they would find a way to sleep forehead to forehead. When they were two, we lowered their beds so they could get up at will. Every morning we found them back together, head to head. Now they are almost four and sleeping in a full size bed, always touching. There’s just nothing like their kisses– any part of the day!

    Your chicken story is so funny! I teach kindergarten at a wonderful school with a Godly principal. I come home with stories like that one every day!! I vow to write a book one day.
    Todd’s words were precious. You two are so lucky to have each other.
    Have a wonderful week!

  • Oksana

    What an adorable story! :) It gave me a well-needed laugh. Thank you!

    I found your blog through a different blog which I found through a blog called The Rebelution. (Confusing enough? ;) I’ve read most of the archives, and I must say that your writing has inspired and strengthened me. Keep blogging for Christ… your entries are so encouraging! :)

  • ~d

    I must say that I find your blog to be one of the most eloquent testaments to life that I have seen. You are such a gifted writer able to capture an emotion with the simplest of words. I read as much of your blog as I could today.

    I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it. I am only 5 weeks pregnant with my third and when I read the first lines of your “get to know the story” page… my heart seized up. Your faith and incredible devotion is inspiring and I will be back often. I’m glad our paths crossed in this odd way.

    Best wishes.

  • four little blessings

    I am cracking up. Thanks for the laugh. My kiddos are always keeping me on my toes. I wish I could homeschool… but I am not quite there yet…. my husband is a public school teacher… but I still dream!


  • Julie

    I absolutely loved the story! Kids can say the funniest things!

    I used Sing, Spell, Read, & Write in the classroom when I taught 1st grade and I loved it too! It has some great songs! I'm at a different school now and we don't use the Sing, Spell program but I still use some of the songs.

  • Liz

    I love it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your hatred of chickens with us. (wink)

  • Angie

    Oh Angie…what preciously stubborn babies you have! As a kindergarten teacher who has “been there, done that” I was laughing out loud! I will be sure to begin spelling ba-ba-ba chicken correctly now – bicken!

    I am in the process of adopting and I just can’t wait to kiss my baby’s sweet sleeping face after I tuck her in at night!

    Thanks for being an equal opportunity ba-ba-bakitchen, too!

  • Simplyliz

    Oh my gosh, Angie! I am a mom and a teacher and I am laughing out loud with tears in the corners of my eyes. I love how it all came full circle with dinner choices. That is just hilarious!

    I am glad you are enjoying homeschooling. There is nothing like teaching kids! I pretend that I homeschool my 32 kiddos everyday!

  • KV

    This is too funny! Thank you for sharing!

  • mom 2 many

    You guys are HYSTERICAL!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Christine

    I am laughing hysterically as my husband gives me a questioning look…Can’t explain. He has to read it himself.

    That was just what I needed. It was a little bit tough getting the kids in the tub and into bed tonight. Sometimes I get so preoccupied with the routine that I forget how precious my 2 little girls are.

    Thanks so much for bringing joy back into my day. You are such a blessing to all of us.

  • Eve

    This post made me laugh out loud!! Thanks…

  • RobinHoke

    Wow. I have just spent the last 3 or more hours reading your stpry from the ‘beginning’ following each ‘newer post’ that eventually led me here. Oh how I cried. I love you. I have a friend I think might know you, and I might ask her about you. I hope we get to meet someday, although I know wewill in eternity. Every word you wrote has cut straight to my heart. I have laughed hard. Thank you for writing. Thank you so much. I am a young woman who wopes to have children if Jesus tarries His coming, and who desperately hopes that God will give me the man I have been asking for. I feel like I am rambling but I just have to say I will be praying for you. I am so grateful that a friend emailed me the link to your story. I don’t know what else to say except that I love you. I honestly hope that a day will come when I can express that love and give you a big hug.

  • today is the present

    I love Sing Spell Read and Write, too! And since my (just turned) six year old is my seventh child to homeschool, I can honestly say that this has been the most fun and entertaining curriculum I have ever used and I think I have tried everything! But do not picture me in blue jean jumpers and I LOVE make-up!

    I have always, always wanted twins. I also wanted twelve children though, too…but that story about the thumb is just beautiful!

    Continue enjoying your journey as a homeschooler. I can tell you that, looking back twenty-two years since my first child came along, the time I have spent teaching my children are the BEST of times. My children taught me more than I ever taught them….not academic lessons but lessons in love that are priceless.

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your lives.

  • Keli

    Absolutely hilarious! I love it! You chicken hater! hee hee

    Oh, and there’s nothing better than kissing your babes straight out of the tub!

  • Stephanie

    Angie, I LOVE this story! Thanks for sharing it! My nieces are still getting the hang of walking, never mind talking in full sentences. (forgive them as they are 17 mo, 15 mo, and 12 days away from 12 mo.) I can’t WAIT until I have gems of my own to share!

  • Sue

    I loved the Chicken story! I laughed out loud! I haven’t laughed that hard since … Kate said, “A soft answer turns away the rats.” You are a gifted writer and I love your children’s stories. I am trying to adjust to an empty nest after 26 years of having children in my home. And reading funny stories about your children absolutely delights me! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • waswrittenin

    Your kids are absolutely hysterical… I love to read and chuckle! Thanks for sharing!

  • Herbs and Me


    I have two daughters 14 and 11 and they have always made me laugh. They are best friends:) Enjoy them they grow up too fast!

    This is our third year homeschooling. They were in public school until I helped the teacher a few times and saw what they did all day. Not Much!

    We brought them home and they were and are so happy it is never too late to homeschool I am a witness to that:)

    Thank you for a soft giggle today:)


  • Erica

    You have the greatest hubby in the world. My hubby wouldn’t write on my blog in a hundred years. I saw your post about the bibles and I will email you my address if you could please send me one. I would greatly appreciate it. Good luck on the homeschooling!

  • jennifergriffin

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week!!! That is a story that you will never ever forget! I love homeschooling as well and I’m so grateful you are teaching your sweet girls. What a blessing. Can’t wait to see pictures! Jen

  • Tara Caire

    omg, that was hilarious! I am a new reader… your girls def have your humor! so cute!

  • Mandy

    Oh! How funny! It sounds like you are having fun homeschooling…even if it does mean hiding your face in the book every so often! Would you like me to send you some!

  • Tracie

    Oh my goodness! I don’t think I have ever commented before, but I couldn’t resist. I started laughing out loud here at work and could not stifle it. I then ended up having to read this out loud to my co-worker through my tears of laughter. Which made both of us laugh even more. I love it! I have a 6 year old boy and she has a 9 year old daughter. This sounds sooo like how our kids think. Love reading your blog. It is a breath of fresh air.

  • Isunji

    You have no idea how much I needed a laugh yesterday morning and this post did the job.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us and for making us laugh right when we need it.


  • queenoftheclick

    I love the stories about the girls. I’m glad they bring you so much joy and laughter.

    How did Ellie get named Ellie if her name is Anna Elisabeth?

    All of the girls look like you, but in personality which girl is the most like you? Which is the most like Todd?

  • Astraea

    That was so funny. Thank you for the true LOL! I’m glad the teeth are going to be okay.
    God Bless,
    P.S. Chicken could start with B, if her name was Brenda!

  • Michelle Jamie

    I can’t wait to start home schooling. I still have 2 years to go!

  • krista and ryan

    Maybe your daughter was trying to say the sound a chicken makes…bauch, bauch!!!
    I cannot express how much I have been touched by how God is using your blog to minister to me and countless others.

  • Meg

    I truly love your blog. Fantastic writing. I must say after reading your latest entry I was about to die laughing. The “Why do you hate chickens” comment almost had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing

  • Kelly

    Equal opportunity dinners! :o )

  • Christina Joy

    That was definitely a laugh out loud story for me!

    Thanks for sharing! You have a way with words. Encouraging and inspiring!

    Praying for your family.

    Have a blessed day!

  • walkingbyfaith

    I just LOVE your stories about the girls. They never cease to have me rolling on the floor — ok maybe not rolling on the floor, but hysterically laughing like a lunatic — with laughter. :)

    Thanks for brightening my day!

  • georgia tarheel

    OK-hilarious! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • Tales From the Eurovan

    That is too funny! I love the story though of Ellie sticking her thumb in her sisters mouth! Too precious!
    Take care,

  • Tammy

    I had to giggle. I am a mom of twin boys and let me tell you we are never bored at our house and what one doesn’t think of the other does. Thanks for sharing. I still love kissing them good night though they are 12.

  • Jamie


    I absolutely love reading your blog. Not only have I been able to grow spiritually but your enthusiasm and faith have shown me an example of how I want to live my life.

    As to the “chicken hate”. I have to admit — I absolutely hate chickens. Growing up on a farm where my father took me to gather the eggs was enough for me to hate being pecked. Pecked = hating chickens at 28 years of age. :)

    All the best,

  • Marla Taviano

    That is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a long time. Oh my word.

    And how sweet about the little thumbs!

  • Salmon Tolman Fam

    Your story made me laugh and laugh! Thank you for the comic relief! Twins are so great, my twin boys are almost 5, and they always surprise me still! When they were little, they slept in the same crib together, and actually they still sleep together. They love it! I love reading your blogs! You are so REAL, and it’s refreshing to be a part of your life and your ministry!

  • Amanda

    That is absolutely hilarious. How dare you be a chicken-hater!

  • Adrienne and Jim

    HA!! Jim and I are laughing out loud on the couch reading your story. Maybe an actual chicken says “BahBahBah” (bock), but I agree that the word chicken definitely starts with “CH” not “B.” SO funny.

  • Rose

    The chicken story is priceless! but I wanted to say… I am married to an identical twin and your description of your girls when they were newborns is just priceless. Those of us who are ‘singletons’ just don’t understand the bond of a twin. I have always been fascinated by the twin phenomenon, and remember how interesting it was that my husband and his brother finished each other’s sentences. Many times when we were out on a date, we would “run into” my husband’s twin, who did not know beforehand where we were going to be. It got to be that I just expected that my relationship with my husband needed to accomodate the bond he had with his twin. Sometimes it wasn’t easy (we had a few scraps, and I earned the nickname “Rocky”) but it is a bond that is so special and so unique. My brother in law died a few years ago at the young age of 39, and I know that my husband will never be the same. He misses his brother so much, there is nothing, not even the marital relationship that is like a twin relationship. And I miss hearing everything in ‘stereo’. Now, my husband loves telling his twin stories to new mommas having their twins (he is in anesthesia) and I think that he helps them feel not so scared about the prospect of two babies. Twins are special.

  • Andrea

    Have the girls watched “Madeline ” lately? that reminded me of the chicken revolt at the dinner table!Funny stuff.
    We enrolled Emmalea in Homelife Academy yesterday. Praise God! Thanks for the tips!
    We adopted 2 sister kittens , there is something to the sisterhood that is pure and amazing
    love from Pegram

  • The Schauble Family

    Your story of the twins just brings the memories back of my girls who are now 3.5. They slept in the same crib for 10 months then we separated them into their own but they still had to touch. Once they moved to toddler beds I would find them both curled up in the top of one together. The younger twin by 23 minutes who thinks she is the older twin stills does not like to sleep with either my 5 year old or her twin. I will sometimes find all 3 of my girls curled up in the twin bed rather than the full size bed. thank you for writings as it just reassures life is good and brings a smile to my days. I will have to check out that homeschool curriculum as we are looking for one for my twins.

    In HIS blessing

  • Shelly

    Hilarious! :-)
    Have a great day!

  • Beth

    That is hilarious about the chicken!!!! Love it!

    Sweet sweet about the girls when they were babies! Melts a heart!

  • Kristin

    LOVE the chicken story! And your sense of humor! Thanks for the giggle this morning! Blessings to you today!

  • Elaine

    That was ha-ha-ha-ha-larious. Really.

  • tara

    Hi Angie –
    It’s your YMCA loving, Pei Wei eating, soap making friend. My oldest daughter thought I hated chickens as well, and became a vegetarian for a very long 2 years. (first – third grades) I learned how to make spaghetti with tofu and she did not starve. Peanut butter was her best friend. Finally, a yummy piece of ham brought her back to the meaty side of things. Now she is the biggest carnivore in our family!

    Take care -

  • Diana

    Just hysterical. Side-splitting laughter is just what I needed today.

  • Diana

    Just hysterical. Side-splitting laughter is just what I needed!

  • Katy

    HILARIOUS. I’m gonna have to share this post!

  • Deb

    Oh what a funny story!! I laughed out loud…reminds me of when my now 23 year old was in her “Wizard of Oz” stage. She looked at me quite seriously at a Sunday dinner at my mother in laws house and asked….”mommy, is grandma a good witch or a bad witch?” I replied “I don’t think she’s a witch at all” and little one said “OH YES YOU DO!”…I wanted to hide all right! Kids, gotta love them! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Annette

    That’s one of the best stories ever!

  • Jen

    I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Thanks for another great post!

  • velma96

    I taught the Kindergarten and First Grade SSR&W in a public school setting, and also LOVED them!!! There is so much routine and familiarity, but also some new and fun things to do. I think it's a GREAT program!! So glad you're using it with your girls…I wish you all the luck in the world! It is so fun, too, to hear the stories like the "b-b-b-chicken" and how little minds grasp the concepts of the letters and sounds!! I am cracking up reading this post…I experienced many similar lessons in my teaching days (and even now, in my nanny days)!

  • Amy’s Blah, Blah, Blogging

    I just started homeschooling my 2 1/2 year old and I love it too. Such fun and learning times for us both!


    What a riot… I enjoyed that story! Those are moments the moments that I treasure the most… my kids love to hear their funny stories years later, so the fun never ends!

    Save the chickens!


  • Truly Blessed

    The thumb in her sisters mouth moment brought tears to my eyes. We would put our triplets in the same crib when they were tiny too. We have pictures of them sleeping with their arms around each other. SWEET!!!
    The chicken story completely cracked me up. Especially the whisper of “I told you.” HILARIOUS! You’ve got to save that story forever.
    I’m so glad that homeschooling is going well for you. Isn’t it fun when you see the light bulb go on in their head when they ‘get it’? Great moments. :)

  • Kelly

    Blessings to you and your precious family. We too lost our beautiful baby girl and are now in the process of picking up the pieces and starting over again.. more refined than before, learning and growing as we go! We pray for your family daily!! I was just hoping that you might be able to let me know what cirriculum you are using for homeschooling. We are wanting to start homeschooling and from what i have heard the kind you are using sounds wonderful – not to mention that your girls have a wonderful teacher! :o ) Thanks so much!! God bless you!

    Kelly Turner

  • Teesa and Bill

    I love reading your stories. They really encourage me as a mom. I know we have our challenges some days, but your girls seem to make it really fun.

  • Tisha

    That story is adorable, as are your girls!! I also homeschool and used sing, spell, read and write with my boys last year. It didn’t go over as well since I can’t sing at all! I am with you, I LOVE homeschooling.

  • Amy

    That is the most hilarious story ever! Too cute. By the way, when does your song come out? The one that was written for Audrey?

  • Mab

    Hi Angie,
    LOVED the story!!!!!! Absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing it and for always sharing with us!
    You warm my heart. I had been out of power for 5 days thanks to Gustav and your blog was one of the first things I clicked on to when I got electricity back! (I live in Baton Rouge—we are all fine at our house, praise God!)
    I missed you and your stories.

  • bethany

    That’s funny. Here’s another funny twin story: When my twin boys were newborn, the oldest(by five minutes)started sucking his thumb. A week or so later the younger, as if learning the ways of the world from his older and wiser brother, started sucking his thumb, too. Another week or so later, the oldest switched to his index finger no doubt in an effort to avoid being copied. He’s been sucking it ever since and at age 3 1/2, his mouth has even grown a little crooked. You know what else is funny. That SAME two front teeth story just happened here with our 6 year old a couple of weeks ago, except instead of jumping off the couch, she was jumping on the trampoline and loosened them on her brothers head! I have picks of her newly gapped mouth here:

  • Brandy

    This totally cracked me up!! Not only am I a mother to two young boys, but I teach Kindergarten…so I can truly apprciate this post!

  • Shelby

    This was great! Don’t you love it? This is what you would miss if the kids were in school. I don’t have to tell you what happened when I was teaching my now 10 year old her reading lesson and for some strange reason the book put the words pass and gas very close to each other in the list of rhyming words for that day! My 10 year old is a little bit of a tomboy, and she does have two brothers and a daddy! The reading lesson quickly digressed, I can assure you! But, Daddy got a big kick out of it all when he got home! :) Something tells me their teachers in “real” school just might not appreciate all the humor! :) Keep on having fun! It gets better and better!

  • Laura

    This story is too funny, Angie! And you’ve given me encouragement to consider homeschooling more seriously as well. Thank you for that.

    Continuing in my prayers for you and your family.

  • geisme

    TOO FUNNY!!! I loved Todd's post btw, & HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY. I want to homeschool my girls, but am not sure how this is going to work with the 2 of them. How does that work??? (I have twins, also)
    I'm surprised as I sat here laughing out loud at the computer, that my husband didn't ask what I was laughing at. Are you doing any type of homeschooling with Kate? I'm asking because my girls are about 6 mo. older than her.
    If you get a chance could you please e-mail me w/answers? I know you are incredibly busy & get a LOT of mail/comments.
    My e-mail is
    Oh, the Beth Moore study you are getting ready to start- is it called "Stepping Up?"
    Thanks for sharing life with us. May Our Lord Jesus Christ, continue to richly bless yours & your family's life & heal the wound you have & continue to give you grace & peace to conquer each day.

  • Diana

    Too FUNNY!!!
    I always knew there had to be something about you that was not nice….and now I know you have something against CHICKENS;-)

  • Emily Ann

    Oh Angie, that is too cute! I’m glad you posted this actually. Even when you are just writing about simple moments in your life, it brings encouragement to others. You see, my husband and I have been discussing starting a family recently. I’m entertaining the idea of homeschooling, and my husband is moving closer and closer to that side. I’ll admit, I’m pretty terrified though. However, after reading things like this – it makes me not want to miss a single moment in the lives of my future children, even if that means trusting God enough to do what I feel is right and conquer my fears. Thank you.

  • Sarah-Jane

    thanks for making me laugh harder than I have in a very long time:)
    If I had a diet coke, I would have spit it out too.

  • Christi

    That is so Hysterical!! Awww, Sing Spell Read Write!! A-A-Apple, B-B- Ball, C-C-Cat & D-D-Doll! I sang that song a gazillion times I think! I love that program.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life. I feel like we are good friends, me, you, & Beth Moore:)

  • TheMenuMom

    LOL That is the cutest story ever! Don’t you love it when they get something in their head and are dead set on it?

  • Kate

    Absolutely priceless!!! I laughed so much I cried, your girls are superstars and you have an unbelievable knack of writing with true humour top work!

  • Jannyne

    You don’t know me, but I hope to meet you someday up in Heaven! I just found your blog last month, and have finished reading it now. I wanted to let you know how blessed I was by your story, and your faith in such a hard trial. You truly gave God all the glory, and I pray that He will continue to draw people closer to Himself through your faith! What an example you are! You have been such an inspiration to me!
    I just read Todd’s post, and realized that we got married only 1 day apart – I was married on August 25, 2001! So happy belated anniversary to you :0) I have 4 children – 3 here with me, and 1 up in heaven.
    Anyways, I feel a little silly writing on a complete stranger’s wall – can’t say I’ve ever done that before! I almost feel like I know you after reading through your blog – you are a very gifted writer!
    God bless you!

  • Jennifer Poole

    wow, I thought I was going to wake up the kids, I was laughing so hard! Thank you for sharing that great story!! I’ll go wipe the tears off my face now…

  • MommyRachelle

    Angie… I think you are reading my mind. How I’d long for some silence these days… I’m trying to appreciate the blessing that is my son, but all Yadon does is cry – hysterically, hands flailing and eyes clenched. As I read your post about big sister I realized my frustrations aren’t mine alone. I think you captured parent/infant interaction perfectly (you really need to write a book!). Thanks for this post and for injecting my day with a little comradeship even if you weren’t just writing to me :)