The Scarlet Cord

Her name was Rahab, and she was a prostitute.  I must say, she is one of my favorite heroines in Scripture, and in the event that you don’t know her story, find a cozy chair and flip to the second chapter of Joshua.  A little background on where we are in the Bible…
Moses has died without ever entering the Promised Land, and his successor is the mighty warrior Joshua.  Joshua is planning to invade Canaan, and in order to scope out the land, he sends in two spies.  We don’t know their names, but we do know that they were told to focus on Jericho (are you singing the song yet? Someone posted on my blog awhile back and said her son was singing, “Joshua fought the battle of cherry coke, cherry coke, cherry coke…LOVE it.  I digress…). 
While  they were there, the spies stayed at the home of a prostitute named Rahab.  It has been speculated that they chose this location because it was unlikely that they would be discovered in a brothel.  One way or another, by the end of their time there, they have changed the course of her life, and in a sense, all of our lives.
The king of Jericho gets word that there are spies in the land, and he sends his representatives to Rahab’s house.  Instead of turning them in, she lies to them and tells them that the spies were there, but have now left and are on their way out of the city.  While the guards rush through the night streets, Rahab crawls up to her roof where she has hidden the men under stalks of flax.  She whispers to them while they lie there, and she tells them that she knows what the Lord has done for them.  She has heard about the parting of the sea, and she believes that God Himself is on their side.  She tells them that she believes their God is “God of heaven above and on the earth below.” (Joshua 2:11).  Essentially, she believes in God more than she fears for herself.  She lies to the authorities to protect these strangers, because she wants to be on the side of God, as they are.  
She tells the spies that she will keep them safe as long as they will promise not to harm her family when they storm the city.  They agree.  She lets down a cord from her window and helps them with an escape plan out of the city.  The men tell her that they will be back to battle shortly, and in order for her family to be kept safe, she must do one thing.  She must gather her family into her home and then drop a scarlet cord from her window to signify that they are to be spared in the fighting.
It wasn’t the first time the Lord used a symbol like this, foreshadowing the blood shed by Christ. Remember when Moses was trying to convince Pharoah to let his people go and a series of tragic plagues swept the land as he refused to release them?  During the last plague, God tells Moses that unless a family has taken the blood of a lamb and put it on the sides and the tops of their door frames, their first-born sons will die in the night.  The houses with the blood on them will be “passed over (hence the holiday Passover),” and the children will live.
The blood of a lamb…the scarlet cord…the cross at Calvary…

This is one of the things I love most about my Jesus.  He is the God of redemption. He loves to take the underdog and show them that they are not who they thought they were. He took a woman who made a scandalous living, and he blessed her because she believed in God with holy, reverent fear.  He didn’t just “let” her into the story.  He chose her for the story.
He chose you for the story.
The story of Rahab brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.  The blood-red cord comes spilling from a window, desperately clutched on one end by a woman who believes in the God she has yet to meet.  This is the cord that will save her and her family from disaster.  
So where are we in all of this? We are the sinners who have the power of the scarlet cord, dropped in faith and held with utter conviction that He will save us. 

I don’t always love my Lord the way I want to.  I get distracted, my mind wanders, my fingers become busy, Old Navy has a clearance sale…oh, I get off task easily…
I have something I like to do when I feel like I am wandering from Him, drifting just a little bit (or maybe a whole lot).  It has been one of the most powerful exercises I have done during my life as a Christian, and it never fails to move me to tears.
I find a comfortable place (usually my bed), and I get settled.  I take a moment to just be still. This is a challenge in itself most days, but when I do it, I know that it is because He is going to make Himself known to me in the next few moments.  I close my eyes, and the first thing I imagine is the thorn of crowns, cutting into His sweet, bloody brow.  I look at the crown.  In my mind, I run my fingers gently across the thorns and I whisper to Him.  I just sit in the sorrow for a bit, and when I feel ready, I let my minds-eye travel to His face and His beaten body.  His arms, aching from being stretched out and held up.  I spend time studying His sunken cheeks, His hollowed eyes, His chest, His arms, and oh, Lord, His wrists.  The blood that came from a nail, spilled for me…
I gradually see His back, beaten beyond human recognition. I move slowly, taking it all in.  I trace the wounds, I pray for Him, I weep with Him.  I thank Him.  I see His legs, hung weightlessly into the base of the cross, nails driven through his ankles.  I imagine what it must have felt like as the nails pierced His skin.  I hear the shouting, the chaos, the overwhelming sense that the moment of death is near.  I am another woman who stands at the foot of the cross, forgiven.  I am another woman clinging to the scarlet rope.
And here is the best part of the story, and probably the least expected twist in the plot. At some later point in time, Rahab becomes pregnant, and gives birth to a son, whom she names “Boaz.” Remember Boaz? You may recall that he was symbolic of Christ as the “kinsmen redeemer” who married Ruth in the book of Ruth.  Are you ready for this family tree?
Rahab is the mother of Boaz.
Boaz is the father of Obed.
Obed is the father of Jessie
Jessie is the father of David.
Let’s skip a couple of generations and see where we end up…
…and Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

She was a sin-filled woman with a controversial story.
She was a castoff.
She was imperfect, immoral, improper.
She was hand-picked to be part of His lineage.
She was redeemed by faith.
Seven and a half years ago, I opened a window and dropped a scarlet cord.
And my Lord, despite my hardships, has kept His promises to me.  One day I will stand before Him and I will see the wounds with my own eyes.  I will thank Him.  I will bow down low and I will worship the One who wore the crown of redemption.  I will spend eternity in a place where there is no more hurt.  A place where my sweet Audrey waits for me. I cannot wait for that moment. I want to see Him, to love Him, to adore the One who saved me.
And maybe, just maybe, there will be a giant close-out at Old Navy up there…
“May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to us, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (Hebrews 13:20-21)
P.S.  I made a scarlet bracelet (shown at beginning of post) for each of the girls, Todd, and myself.  We put them on as a family tonight to have a visual reminder of the power of redemption.  I am aware that those who are Kabbahlists wear red strings on their left wrists, so we chose to add the “believe” bead and we wear it on the right to distinguish between the two beliefs.  It just took a quick trip (actually 2, but that is because I am measurement-challenged…) to Michael’s…I hope you do the same if you think this is something you and your family would benefit from:) 

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  • creative gal

    That is beautiful! I am headed to the “M” store tomorrow to find a “believe” bead! Thank you for sharing.

  • creative gal

    That is beautiful! I am headed to the “M” store tomorrow to find a “believe” bead! Thank you for sharing.

  • creative gal

    That is beautiful! I am headed to the “M” store tomorrow to find a “believe” bead! Thank you for sharing.

  • creative gal

    That is beautiful! I am headed to the “M” store tomorrow to find a “believe” bead! Thank you for sharing.

  • creative gal

    That is beautiful! I am headed to the “M” store tomorrow to find a “believe” bead! Thank you for sharing.

  • Liz

    Beautiful! I love the way you worded this post & the awesome visual of the scarlet cord bracelets.

  • ~Alicia~

    Oh Angie, that was beautiful… your description of our Jesus in his final moments gave me shivers. You worship Him so adoringly, it moves me and inspires me to do the same.

    The bracelets are lovely… and your sweet girls look so much like Todd in that photo! Just something I was wondering as I thought about you this morning… are Ellie & Abby paternal or fraternal twins?

    Once again, thankyou for sharing your life with us… you have such a sweet soul!

  • Gina

    Can you please post more of these entries? I feel like I am getting an education in our Lord that I can’t seem to find on my own. I am going to go read this story now.
    Thanks sweet angel(a)
    Love you dear.

  • rebecca

    Oh Angie,
    That was absolutely beautiful! I can honestly say that I have never heard her story presented this way before….I loved it and the bracelets are awesome!

  • The Murray Crew

    One of your best posts yet….captured my heart and drew me to the cross. Our Savior. What a price He paid!

  • Stephanie

    Really Cool, Angie!

    That is such a great idea to make a bracelet as a reminder of scripture or God’s faithfulness.

    “So commit yourselves completely to these words of mine. TIE THEM TO YOUR HANDS as a reminder, and wear them on your forehead. Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are away on a journey, when you are lying down and when you are getting up again.”

  • Mandi

    I also love the story of Rahab and the bracelets are a wonderful idea!
    Sitting a moment and pondering on the price Jesus paid for my redemption is so beneficial. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Rachel

    what an amazing post…angie you have a true gift…thank you for sharing it with all of us! I. LOVE. THE. BRACELETS!

  • Cindi

    O.K., someone get this girl a publishing deal for a devotional! All they would have to do is bind all of your blog posts! NY Times bestseller for real! Angie, you never cease to amaze me! Thank you so much for sharing with us day after day! Love the bracelets! **Cindi**

  • andee

    This was such a wonderful post. Thank you so much for it and every post you put out for the world to see. Each are such a blessing to me. I have read your blog since about a month before your sweet Audrey was born. I have never posted before and I’m not really sure why. At first I had a really hard time reading this blog b/c I had a daughter born just about a month before your’s and I felt a lot of guilt, fear, and deep sadness reading about your loss while I was experiencing such joy. I was drawn to your words though and kept coming back and I spent so much time in prayer for your family. Thank you for every word, you are truly a blessing. I am so sorry for the circumstances that brought me to “know” you, but thankful that I have had the opportunity. You and your family continue to be in my prayers.


  • Jennifer

    I needed this tonight. You have given me a desire to really get into the word…not just tonight, but from the time I started following your blog (April). I have started the Beth Moore book called “David”, and I am learning so much. Thank you for being obedient, you are a continuous blessing to us all. Did I mention that I really needed this tonight? If you have a prayer list, please say a prayer for my family (The Ammons) The Lord knows our need.

  • goddessof4

    Those came out really nice!!!! I want to make some !!

  • Erin

    Angie, This is possibly my favorite entry yet-thank you for what you have shown me. I am reading my way through the old testament for the first time and I read the story of Rahab without knowing that she was in Jesus’ direct lineage. How powerful!!Thank you for being so open with your way of reconnecting with Him when your mind and days begin to wander. I am sure that the thousands of us who read your message will benefit greatly from your transparency. I am blessed through you. I hope that someday I can give back to someone else the way you have given to me and so many others.

  • Sara

    Wow. Thanks for that lineage lesson, and the lesson in what faith can provide.

    Your description while sitting on your bed it so hard for me to do. I am so grateful for all He went through for me, but it is still so hard for me to think of the literal pain and wounds to the physical body. I remember watching “The Passion” when it came out and crying in the theater… it’s one thing to hear the story. It’s one thing to be grateful and sorrowful. It’s another to imagine the pain. I think because I am in so my physical pain every day that I try to deal with and not dwell in, it hurts my heart so much to realize what He took on for all of us so willingly.

    Anyway, you just provided me a lot to think about tonight (as you always do). :) I loved the story of the scarlet cord… it’s a beautiful lesson for your family and all of us.

    And yes, I think there’s an Old Navy in heaven. :)

    blessings on your day…


  • goddessof4

    Those came out really nice!!!! I want to make some !!

  • Megan

    You are simply amazing! Thanks for giving me my nightly devotion….you bless all of us!

    P.S. My small group is starting the Stepping Up study this week, too. We will be praying for your group and ask for prayers as we walk this journey with you!

    Love Ya!!!

  • $5 Dinner Mom

    Thanks for this bringing us all back to this beautiful story of redemption. And for sharing how you will be reminded of it as a family. And thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us all!

  • Lisa

    You are so beautiful Angie! I love the bracelets to….what a way to really take in that moment. Your posts always inspire and amaze me!

  • Kim

    Another one of those “just what I needed to hear” posts!
    As I wasn’t raised going to church, some of these stories are new to me. Thank you for being one of the best teachers I could ask for as I start in my walk with the Lord.
    You never cease to touch me.
    Thank you!

  • Ray and Megan Clark

    i can’ t believe i actually can post before the other hundreds of people! this was a beautiful post like so many of yours! thank you for your words…i pray for you and your family regularly.

  • MapleCottage

    Beautiful, Angie.. thank you soo much for sharing your heart.

  • Tessa

    Oh Angie … thank you for always leading us straight to the cross and drawing us closer to Jesus. Your writing continues to inspire me!

  • team hill

    Wow, that was amazing.I will definately do this. It is a wonderful reminder

    Thank you

  • Anita J.

    Thank you so much. You did an excellent job putting all of that together to form a cohesive lesson. It was beautiful. I found a really touching artist’s rendering of Rahab. If I ever get the post up, I’ll stop by and leave a link.

  • grace

    that one moved me to tears. thanks for the encouragement, angie. i hope when i am out there in nashville, we will get to meet in person someday soon.

  • Stephanie

    Angie, as much as I enjoy reading about your daily life, I especially appreciate posts like this. I feel so much more introspective after visiting here. I continue to pray for your family and truly enjoy reading your blog.

  • Southern Gal

    I still remember the first time I heard the story of Rahab and could finally understand the symbolism, the beautiful picture of Christ’s blood throughout scripture. It was years ago but your post tonight brought all the feelings back to me again. It’s a good thing.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Big Mama

    As one who also hung that scarlet cord out the window about twelve years ago, this touched my heart. Oh, His grace is truly amazing.

    And how thankful I am for it.

  • Natasha

    I am a new reader to this blog…and have quickly become an addicted reader. The way you are using this “wordly” privilege of blogging for the Lord is awesome!! God blessed us with technology for the reason that you are demonstrating…to have the opportunity to reach people all over the world and tell them about Jesus.

    One day when we are all worshipping our Saviour together in Heaven, you will be able to realize how many lives you have actually touched…by simply…sharing your story.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  • Ang

    That was yet another amazing story! It was just what I needed at the end of my day! Thank you for sharing!

  • Gracie

    Love the story and the bracelets! I might look into making them with my first graders this year! Thanks for the beautiful post!

  • Rae

    Beautiful!!! I always look forward to each and every one of your posts.

  • Karen Deborah

    This was a post worth waiting for. Jesus used a real pack of heroes in his lineage, explore some more.
    I loved this imagery so beautiful I was holding my breath and didn’t realize it.

  • Cindy

    Beautifully relayed story Angie.
    I love the bracelet idea ~ anything that can be a reminder of all our Lord did for us.
    Your girls are all precious.
    You are an inspiration to so many.
    Thank you for continually sharing your heart through your blog.
    I am continuing to pray for your families.
    Cindy ~ Phoenix

  • Pitchoune

    What a beautiful post! I just love your writing and I am like a sponge to your words…I want more! It is so encouraging! thank you for taking time to tell us this beautiful story, as a matter of fact I never realized the scarlet cord refered to the Cross…I am speechless when i read the description of what our sweet Jesus went through…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for inspiring us and encouraging us in our daily walk with the Lord

  • Courtney

    Oh Angie, you have such a gift for making us laugh through tears. I get distracted by Old Navy too. :) This was beautiful. What a beautiful God!

    I am teaching children’s church tomarrow and I am wondering right now if I have time to go to out in the morning and get the stuff to do this with the kids…hmmm…

  • Lara

    I’ve been a silent lurker of your blog for awhile. This post was so moving that I can’t be silent anymore. You have been blessed with an ability to reach and teach people and I am grateful that you have not shied from it. Thank you for your beautiful testimony and your courage to share it.

  • Tamara

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I think sometimes we can get such a wrong idea of God in our head. How could he use me, the filthy sinner I am?
    What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus…

  • Dana*Jo

    First time poster, full time reader since January. I am facinated with how you get through to me and make me hunger for more knowledge. Cindi posted you need published and I 100% agree. Best seller indeed. I must share that long ago you made a post about being at Disney and getting anxiety over picking just one stuffed animal – all the others would have hurt feelings indeed and they all scream “pick me, pick me” I cried!! I thought I was the only one! By the way I always pick the runts-crooked eye, floppy ear, crooked nose.
    God has truly blessed you and yours despite the rain.
    Much love and sincerity, Dana Jo

  • Amanda

    I love the story of Rahab! It shows such a wonderful side of God. Sometimes I wonder “What if we had never known of her?” She speaks to so many women and God knew that when He added her to the lineage of Christ. What awesome restoration to a broken life! What hope that gives me! Great post and cool bracelets!

  • happy gram

    “If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become the bigger and better man.” (from Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. I think this is how God sees us (and Rehab). It is also how i see the youth i work with in church. Beautiful words on this post! jan

  • Amber

    Thank you for the reminder….

  • Wanda

    What a picture! That amazing redemption offered by our Lord.

    I’m one to know…..He knows my wicked heart and all that I hide from the world and yet He still loves me!

    The bracelets are beautiful….and so was this post.

  • Nicole

    Wow. This was definitely what I needed tonight. Thank you.

  • Julie

    As always beautiful and just powerful. Sitting at the feet of Jesus once again on the internet. God is using you big time.

  • Momintransition

    Oh, how I needed to hear these words. Thank you, Angie, for loving Jesus the way you do. We are all blessed because of it!

  • Salzwedel Family

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  • Holly

    what a great teacher you are! I am up, studying my Sunday School lesson… now feeling more equipped because I took a break in hopes of a new post! THanks for sharing!

  • ~Becky

    Ooooo, I believe you may have just started a revolution! I’m getting my bracelets for my family tomorrow after church…thank you for the inspiration!!

  • kprincesskate

    What a beautiful reminder of our almighty God and what He has done for us. I actually just read the story of Joshua to my two daughters as they were going to bed. It is an amazing story of redemption. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. May God Bless you and your family!

  • Lianna Knight

    Thank you so much for this post…

    I can’t tell you how many times, especially tonight, that I NEEDED to hear your words…HIS words.

    You are such a blessing!

  • Sandie

    Thank you for pointing me to Christ once again….I so appreciate your words.

  • Rebecca

    a beautiful post…and a wonderful idea! thanks for sharing!

  • eM

    Another random reader here! I found your blog somehow last night and read again tonight.. I love the bible story you told and it did inspire me to make some bracelets for our family as well (I’ll post pics soon!) Thank you for sharing! You are quite a writer!
    Warmly, Mariah

  • QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe

    Francine Rivers wrote THE most AMAZING book called “Redeeming Love”. If you have a chance…READ IT!!!! It is all about redemption.

  • KV

    Thank you for this, Angie. As I say to my children, “love you much”.

  • Ruthanne

    You worded that beautifully. You are a true story-teller and have a wonderful way of making passages come alive for the reader. Thank you for that.
    I wonder if anyone called Michael’s and told them to stock up on red cord and ‘believe’ beads. :)

  • megan

    i stumbled upon your blog by accident awhile back, and have never commented. but… this spoke to me. in a lot of ways. you painted a vivid picture of Christ’s crucifixtion that pulled at my heart, and your way of telling Rahab’s story was great. it’s really inspiring to read your blog, and witnessing the faith you have even in hard times. you’re vulnerability is a blessing. i’ll be going to buy some red string, and a believe bead asap.



    i have followed your journey since April…you are such a blessing and inspiration…thanks as always for sharing from your heart. You are a sister in Christ to me-forever!

    love and prayers…nonna

  • Jennifer Renee

    Love, love, love the bracelets! thanks so much for the great idea! I have to make one.

    I distinctly remember learning about Rahab my freshman year at Liberty University. Just 9 months after I made Him the Lord of my life, my first encounter with this story really made an impact on me. It was the first time I truly beleived and understood that the first 18 years of my life were erased. I knew that if God considered Rahab worthy enough to be part of Christ’s lineage, then He could forgive me too.

    Thank you for this reminder.

  • The Mangus Family

    thank you for sharing…

  • vaneblu

    I love them too.. where can I find those beautiful beads?? anyone?

  • darla


  • karen44

    When I saw your photo I thought to myself, “Oh, I’ve seen those bracelets in the Family Christian Bookstore.”

    Now I’m not sure if that’s true, or if it’s just another one of your great marketable ideas! (Todd, you could set up a table at your next concert and they’d sell out every night! You could even donate the profits to a women’s shelter.)

    You’re going to see lots of red “Believe” bracelets at your upcoming speaking engagement, girl!

    Happy Sunday,
    -karen l.

  • Michelle

    That is precious and beautiful. I love seeing the girls with their bracelets on. I’m going to have to try the visualization; that sounds very powerful. I also have always loved the story of Rahab and her redemtion. So beautiful! BTW, This post reminds me of the song “She Will Be Loved,”by Maroon 5…that song always, always makes me think of the heart of Jesus, even if it wasn’t written with that intention. That song moves me to tears! Jesus ministry was often to “look for the girl with the broken smile, and ask her if she wants to stay awhile, and she will be loved, she will be loved, she will be loved…” Oh, I hope you’re tracking with me and not thinking I’m a nut job.

  • Jenny

    Angie, you bless me over and over and over again with your writing! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your heart, and for sharing Jesus with us. God bless you!

    p.s. I LOVE the bracelets and what they symbolize!

  • marie

    Thank you so much for this post and for your description of the Lord suffering for me…

    I am overwhelmed.

  • Jenny

    Absolutely beautiful. I printed this out and read it aloud to my hubby.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Patty

    Thanks so much for the reminder of what our redemption cost was to Christ. Also, thanks for the reminder of “my” lineage–God didn’t choose perfect people, He chose sinners, just like me.

    The bracelets are a beautiful reminder to us–thanks for your picture of the ones you made. Loved the pictures of the girls wearing theirs also. :)

  • Rami*Reconciled

    Oooo beautiful story! Never heard it put that way, amazing.

  • Jamie

    THIS is beautiful.

    I was just this week drawn closer to the Lord… I had been neglecting Him, and a gf had been insisting on taking my hooligans for a while. I took advantage of that and the Lord and I had a date.

    I was so renewed and fulfilled.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Carrie

    Simply beautiful.

  • Jill


    His beauty is shining bright once again through the brokeness! You shared her story beautifully!

    Yes, we sinners with our own dirty pasts are all redeemed for the price of His blood! What an amazing way to get close to Him – by visually taking yourself there to those final moments of His life. WOW! I can’t do that without bawling!

    Thinking of you and praying your heart continues to heal knowing the power of His promises to you today!


  • Amanda

    that’s fantastic! I love everything about this post. Thank you Jesus!

  • perilloparodies

    First your girls are so beautiful… second, what a superb idea. will have to wait to go to Michaels for our next trip back to the States. and, for those of you who may want an idea for a Christmas/Birthay/ETC… gift with meaning and uniqueness… here it is.

  • Alicia

    Angie – Thank you. I was telling my husband about you and your blog the other night. How I felt that God had led me here for a reason.

    Thank you.

    PS. I have some money left of a Michaels gift card – I know what I’m going to spend it on!

  • Raelyn

    you are so gifted with your words. I just love reading your blog. I always feel closer to the Lord after doing so.

  • edbteach

    Your storytelling is so beautiful. And you make something that is very complicated (to me) easier to understand.

    Everytime I read your blog I want to have faith like you do but I don’t know how to. I’m not even sure if that makes sense. I am still working on my journey obviously.

    Thank you for posting.

    Your girls are beautiful too! They look so grown up in that picture.

  • jdbullman

    Thank you for this Angie, it was just what I needed on a lazy Sunday morning when I was contemplating skipping church to read blogs, snooze and digiscrap. Now I’m off to take a shower and get ready to gather with my church family to worship. Thank you!

  • four little blessings

    Thanks so much for your blessed words. I always love your posts.


    PS, I too, often am taken off track by Old Navy… stinking clearance gets me everytime!

    Can’t wait to see you and Selah in Michigan!

  • twondra

    Thanks sweetie….very inspiring. ((((HUGS))))

  • Tina


    You are just an AMAZING writer. I check your blog daily if not more hoping for new posts all the time lol. I cannot get enough of your blog. You have a beautiful gift and you encourage and help so many

    my angel Lexie 3/7/00-4/30/01

  • Paul & Angela Jenkins

    Someone may have already posted this but Franchine Rivers write a book about each of the 5 women in Jesus lineage. The one about Rahab really rocked me. If you haven’t read it try it. It’s a quick read.


    I read that at work last night. I showed it to my co-nurses, and they loved it, too. It’s a miracle to be able to share with them a glimpse into my faith through your warm and friendly blog. Maybe I’ll surprise them with a red cord bracelet.

  • Paul & Angela Jenkins

    Someone may have already posted this but Franchine Rivers write a book about each of the 5 women in Jesus lineage. The one about Rahab really rocked me. If you haven’t read it try it. It’s a quick read.

  • Paul & Angela Jenkins

    Someone may have already posted this but Franchine Rivers write a book about each of the 5 women in Jesus lineage. The one about Rahab really rocked me. If you haven’t read it try it. It’s a quick read.

  • Paul & Angela Jenkins

    Someone may have already posted this but Franchine Rivers write a book about each of the 5 women in Jesus lineage. The one about Rahab really rocked me. If you haven’t read it try it. It’s a quick read.

  • Paul & Angela Jenkins

    Someone may have already posted this but Franchine Rivers write a book about each of the 5 women in Jesus lineage. The one about Rahab really rocked me. If you haven’t read it try it. It’s a quick read.

  • AnnaB

    I love this. The words are beautiful and the lessons so profound. As I sit here preparing to teach Sunday School at church today, I am so grateful for your words.

    And now…how in the heck did you attach the Believe bead to the cords and then how did you tie them on your wrists? Just with a regular knot or did you do the kind of knot that can be done and redone? THese are the kind of things that keep me up at night!! :-)

  • Caitlin

    I'm in the middle of a series by Francine Rivers about the women in Jesus' lineage (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba & Mary). They are SO good! If you haven't read them, you should. She takes the biblical story and adds culture and other things that could have happened. They really bring the stories to life and make them super easy to relate to. Love it!

  • lori

    WOW awesome post and so needed to be read first thing this morning


    This post was beautiful.

  • Laurie

    I have been struggling the last couple of weeks with having started a new job. I have yet to figure out how to get my house, and the rest of my life in order with my new schedule. I have not had my quiet time in over two weeks and last night at church, lets just say I was in another world. I am going to try what you said you do. THat would be an incredible way to start some quiet, intimate time with just me and God. I am looking forward to it and will do it today. THank you!

  • Kirsten


    I absolutely love you. Every word you write is balm to my soul. Thank you for bringing us into your closenesss with the Lord. It is powerful. Incredibly powerful. He is using you in such a might way. We are all blessed by your words.

    Thank you for showing us Jesus in such an intimate and personal way. I am in anticipation at what God will do when I sit down on my bed and do the “Angie Exercise”.

    A friend told me she has been following your blog through our blog. She is a faithful reader who has been encouraged in her faith. God works in amazing and mysterious ways. Your ministry in the blogosphere is a blessing to so many. Thank you!

    God bless you and your family today. I can’t wait to make the bracelets.


  • shelby1232

    Angie, Thanks for that beautiful story. I am running out to Michaels today to get my supplies. I love the idea of wearing the red cord as a reminder of how GREAT our Lord is!!!!


  • John & Michelle

    I too will be stopping at the M store for my believe bead and my scarlet string! I am so thankful that I chose to check in on you all this morning!!! I really enjoyed your post and the lesson!
    Thanks for being U,

  • John & Michelle

    I too will be stopping at the M store for my believe bead and my scarlet string! I am so thankful that I chose to check in on you all this morning!!! I really enjoyed your post and the lesson!
    Thanks for being U,

  • John & Michelle

    I too will be stopping at the M store for my believe bead and my scarlet string! I am so thankful that I chose to check in on you all this morning!!! I really enjoyed your post and the lesson!
    Thanks for being U,

  • John & Michelle

    I too will be stopping at the M store for my believe bead and my scarlet string! I am so thankful that I chose to check in on you all this morning!!! I really enjoyed your post and the lesson!
    Thanks for being U,

  • John & Michelle

    I too will be stopping at the M store for my believe bead and my scarlet string! I am so thankful that I chose to check in on you all this morning!!! I really enjoyed your post and the lesson!
    Thanks for being U,

  • Courtney

    so few folks know of this lady – Rahab – thanks for reminding me of her and my mom today. Rahab was my mom’s favorite lady too. Something bigger than each of us is waiting, huh?

  • bethany

    Angie….I am with Cindi on the idea that someone needs to sign you on for a book writing contract! You encourage me and challenge me in so many ways…to think that you’ve not been a Christian your entire life shows me how God truly draws the hearts of those who seek Him and blesses them with wisdom! You are wise girl….you may not feel it but you are!
    I am going to go to the “M” store too and pick up my scarlet thread and believe marker! While there I’ll pick up my blue cord for Believing God…hmmm….maybe I’ll just mix the red and blue and but the believe in the middle!

  • Walking by Faith

    Angie, I think this is your most beautiful post yet. Nothing full of more love than the picture of Christ dying for me!! I let down my crimson cord 11 years ago as a 14year old girl. Thank you Lord for saving my soul!! Have you thought about posting about Hosea & Gomor?? That is my favorite story of the Old Testament…as she stands there on the slave blocks in the scars of her sin noone want to buy her not even for half the price of the usual amount…but then Hosea comes and raised his hand and says "I want her!!" what a picture of what Christ did for me!! I was also that women, but Christ purchased me on Calvary!!! The Bible is THE MOST beautiful BOOK!!!! It's a True book!! For those of you who are searching…search no longer…you've found Him in the Old Book!!!~heidi

  • Dona

    It’s always good to have a tangible reminder of who we are in Christ….beautiful post, I love how God uses the least to accomplish the greatest.

  • Kecia

    That’s all i can say…
    I cried reading your post… My heart is filled with joy and thanks to my Lord,who’s blood has brought me salvation!

  • Steph

    Such a beautiful post. The visual you gave of Christ’s last moments made me cry. The thought that he’d go through that for me (another woman clinging to a scarlet cord) is so moving!

    We will be heading to Michaels too. Such a great visual!

  • austins mom

    What a beautiful post and oh so true.
    I love your description of Jesus. It is hard to thin kof Him like that but very humbling for me. It is a realization that He really did suffer and DIE for us. All of us. Thank you sweetie for your wonderful posts!! Btw I love the pic of your girls wearing their scarlet ribbons.
    God Bless

  • Marlita

    Francine Rivers has several books out about Bible characters, and one of them is Rahab. I know it is a novel, but it opened my eyes to her story, and blessed me to know that God can use anyone!

  • Open your Eyes…

    Angie you write so beautilfully! I am not a believer in the Christian faith, but your posts open my eyes as to how the Bible serves as a great source of inspiring meanings to teach you about life and it’s challenges.

    Love, Becca x.

  • Sarah

    I needed this Truth today. Thank you.


  • daniella

    I have been redeemed a few years ago and I still believe. Today, you helped me remember that sweet unforgetable moment. Thank you for reminding me of what God is REALLY like.

  • georgia tarheel

    Awesome! You are a gifted writer and I appreciate your willingness to share.

    Love the scarlet bracelet!

  • Tif

    Thank you for sharing. What a great idea.

    I posted about your story on my blog and how it’s touched my families life…I figured I should let you know you’re being “talked” about :)

  • Tammy

    Thank you for such a visual that was needed for me today. What a beautiful post.

  • Stephanie

    What a wonderful daily reminder to keep us on tract. If we stay focused on God, everything else will stay in focus. But as a busy mom also, I know how hard that gets sometimes between church, school, soccer games, family obligations, and so much more. Our sunday school teacher did something similar for us a couple of weeks back. He gave each of us a small red stone to carry in our pockets or where ever to remind us of Jesus’s blood that was shed for us. May God continue to bless you and your family and this wonderful ministry you are doing.
    Stephanie Boutwell

  • created2teach

    Oh, how beautiful. You are truly gifted. God has His hand on you, and that makes you anointed. You are creating a legacy, the richest of heirlooms, for your children.

    Recently, my sister wrote a song, and it has become a chorus we sing often. My four year old says, “He gave His wife on the cross of Calvary.” I always have to smile!

    Thank you for your posts. You are a blessing to many!

  • Robin

    As I sit here…in tears…I am thankful…Thankful to you, for this blog. I am thankful for my Jesus. This has been a rough year for us and your blog has brought me back everytime to the remeberence that my Jesus is enough. What price he paid. Thank you. I could never say it enough-to you and to Jesus.
    We will do this-it’s an awesome thing!

  • Honea Household

    Angie, thank you so much for this post. It is exactly what I needed. I feel like I have wandered or drifted from Him lately. I want to get back into daily communication and the relationship that I know that I need in this life. I feel so empty and dry. I want my cup to overflow.

    But I can’t describe it — it’s like my mind is too lazy to get to work on it. It is so much work and requires so much time and so many emotions.

    Yet, I know I MUST do it. I must. For me. For my marriage. For my kids. Pray for me, would you?


    P.S. And that was my little boy who sang “Joshua fought the battle of cherry coke…” We still laugh about it! He is so adorable.

  • Beka Bullard

    Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to be silent and listen. Your love for the Lord is contagious!

  • Lauren

    I just recently came across your blog, and I have been so blessed by it! You are an incredibly talented writer, with an amazing heart for God. Thank you so much for this:)

  • lissilulu

    crying…life has been a rollercoaster for the past…well, years.
    I needed to just cry again and tell my savior how much it hurts and recognize I am that woman with the scarlet cord..
    thank you Angie and many, many blessings and hugs to your family today.

    OH..almost forgot. I am just finishing up reading Beth’s book *A heart like His*….my, my, my she can sure open up the Word of God.
    life changing….

  • Laurie and the rest of ‘em

    Well said, well said! your words, God’s word, bring tears to my eyes…Rahab, a forgotten character to some degree but wow! what amazing lineage! Thank you so much for reminding us of this powerful story and for the cool cord bracelets!
    You are being lifted in prayers today!

  • Mare

    Wow, what an incredible post. Again, you have spoke to my heart.
    I have never heard that story before, it is inspiring. And the bracelets, what a beautiful way to remember our Savior. I believe I will be making a trip to Michaels this week.

  • Brenda

    Oh my gosh, I just spent 2 hours on your site! What a beautiful testimony to our Lord! And all 4 of your precious daughters are so beautiful. I want to let you know that your story has made a difference in my life. I will be checking back daily, and I will finish reading it all. I am humbled by your faith, during your storms. May God continue to strengthen you and give you and your family the peace only He can.
    Hugs from Indiana

  • Tasha

    As always this was a beautiful post.I am inspired to make my own bracelet.It would be a constant reminder of what my Jesus did for me.Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through your words.I’m so excited.I get to meet you in like a month at the Selah concert in Indiana.I can hardly wait!Gonna hug your neck and cry!Love you sister!

  • romperroom

    You have such a beautiful way of writing. I truly enjoy reading your blog and your walk with faith. I just wanted to share some good reads on women of the Bible. The Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers is a series of 5 women of the Bible. She uses biblical and historical accounts as much as possible and adds dialogue. They are well worth a look. It is truly amazing whom God chooses.

  • MaryB

    Dear Sweet Angie…
    I haven’t posted in awhile, but today’s post really rocked me. I always love to open your blog and see a new posting! I love laughing at your stories and the girls’ wit, crying with your life stories, feelings and transparency, but most of all when you teach about God and Jesus. You truly have been blessed to give us words from God!
    You told the story of Rahab so we can all understand. That is why I love it when you tell us. Plain English, written so everyone can understand without misconceptions. The way He wants it to be told!!
    What rocked me the most was your description of “stillness with God”. (Being the busy, busy Momma you are…your bed is probably the only quiet spot! ;) ) Truly tho’ I find that my bed is my sacred quiet spot also, second to being in the woods sitting on a rock! I am also guilty of not taking my quiet time with God. And one of my favorite verses is “Be still and know that I am God”…I need to work on that…starting today.
    Your vivid description of Jesus’ last days hit me and had me in tears, as it always does. I have to ask…You did this for me? For ME???? Take my hand, my heart, and guide me sweet Jesus. I am yours FOREVER! My scarlet cord was given many years ago, but I will never take for granted what Jesus did for this sinner.
    Thank you sweet Angie for the reminder. My (our) human busyness gets in the way sometimes of what is sooooo important. BE STILL!!!
    Thank you also for following a God that is using you to reach all of us. You truly have been annoited, and what a blessing you are to this lady.
    I love you sweet Sister in Christ!

  • vpmsavga

    One of my favorite sermons my pastor ever preached – and one of the most memorable – was on Rahab. He had a rather unconventional sermon title, but one that I personally remember every time I hear the story of Rahab, and one which highlights what God can do, and the depths of His love for us. The name of the sermon? “There’s a Hooker in the House”, and he highlighted Rahab’s role in the lineage of Jesus. Powerful.

  • Jill

    oh Angie~
    thank you so much for this post~
    it’s such a blessing everytime i visit your blog~
    thank you for the way you allow Christ to shine through you, and for sharing your heart with all of us.

    love and hugs!

  • taralous

    God has gifted you with words…you are such a blessing and bring such encouragement anf smiles. LOVE the bracelet. I now want to make one! Thanks for being open to be used by God!

  • Stacy

    What a beautiful post…and just like Rahab, we are all broken women, needed God’s grace, forgiveness and healing. He, and He alone can make us all whole and use us in ways we never could have imagined! We serve an awesome God. Thank you for speaking God’s Truth to so many eyes and ears.

    In Christ, Stacy

  • Mandy

    you continue to amaze me angie with your writing. the bracelets are so cute – you could tell me to strap an elephant to my ear and i would!!! thank you for another great post! :)

  • Judy

    Thank you, I needed that! I too wander from the Lord and what a great way to draw close to Him. The Lord is using you in a mighty way and I thank Him for that.

  • The Price’s

    What a powerful and heartwarming post! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to everyone with your thoughtful writings. You are making more of a difference than you can possibly realize!

  • Auntie Em

    s started a sermon series about women in the Bible. The first sermon was about Rahab.
    I sing in a ladies ensemble, and we were singing that day, and had chosen(Because of the subject) a song by “Sweet Honey In the Rock” called “Would You Harbor Me?” The questions asked were about what sort of people, based on religion, social standing, political beliefs, diseases, and sexual preference,(to name a few) we would be willing to harbor(meaning rescue or hide). The verse ends with “Would You Harbor Me? Would I Harbor You?”
    After the service, several of us were approached is several different ways. Many told us our words have evoked deep questions in their minds about what they would do in any given circumstance… really got them thinking. Others were “Uncomfortable” that we had included “certain” people in our list of possible persons needing shelter and safety. My reply? “Even as you have done to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” That sort of covers it don’t you think? We never know just what guise our Lord will take.

  • Jennifer P.

    Over and over again, it is Jesus’ LOVE that simply amazes me.

    I think that Rahab’s story is soooo of God… a prostitute, ridiculed by society, the lowest of the low; yet still beloved, and her faith saves her even though she is not one of God’s chosen people, the Jews.

    ~And she is included the the lineage of Christ Jesus, and commended for her faith in Hebrew’s ” Faith Hall of Fame”. (Ch. 11)

    The Lord’s love for us right where we are is simply amazing to me. Still.

    :o )

  • Kristy

    How did you do that? Did you actually put a clasp on the back, or just tie it. I am not good at making things like this, but would like to. They are so pretty – and thanks for sharing insight into the story of Rahab and the scarlet cord.

  • Our Family

    If Michael’s were open at 9 pm, I’d be there!!! I’ve been praying about ways to help my 3 year old start learning more and more and filling up her empty vessel with things that will last her for eternity. This is perfect, and I know she’ll love the bracelet making! She’s such a girl!! I also love the way you described the cross and how you be still before Him. I will definitely be putting that to use as well. Your blog is wonderful, and I thank you for taking time to share with all of us. God is using you in a might way, my dear sister in Christ.

  • Twice Blessed China Mom

    Angie, this post really was powerful. It is so hard for me to allow myself to think of the suffering that Jesus experienced for us. I traveled to Israel with my church and saw places that we read about in the Bible. Our bus driver was a former member of the PLO, our tour guide was Jewish, and our bus was filled with Christians. We all did a lot of learning during our time together!

  • florence

    You continue to amaze, inspire, humble me…

    How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News?

    You have the most beautiful soul which exudes Life. Thank you for sharing the beautiful gospel message. May many see it for the first time and believe!

    I saw your girls at church this morning (I missed you though!) and saw their beautiful bracelets that they wore with pride.

    Have a glorious week, dear sister!

  • Kendra

    The Lord has been whispering “Be Still” and “Slow down” in my ear so often lately…
    Thank you for sharing with us a beautifully personal way to do that with Him.

  • Dawna Lou

    Angie, your gift for writing, teaching, inspiring and encouraging is so captivating. Thank you for sharing your love for our Heavenly Father so vividly and so unselfishly. You are no doubt a vessel through which God reaches others for Him and His Glory. The bracelets are a beautiful “visual” reminder of the story of Rahab and her faithful trust in God and His saving grace. All we have to do is be obedient to His call, His promptings. Looking forward to getting to know you better and learning more about the love of our Father through the Beth Moore Bible study. Blessings, Dawna

  • Jeanine

    Oh wow. That took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, tangible idea! I will be heading to Michael’s tomorrow! :) You are such an inspiration!

  • Jacquie

    You are PRECIOUS! I loved this post. You touched on some of my favorites in Scripture. And your special time alone with Jesus is just so sweet. It is such a wonderful way to come into His presence.

  • Trina

    I always end reading your posts with a soggy cheek and a lumpy throat. :) Thank you for writing. You have a true gift. I love the bracelets.

  • Jenn

    Those are a beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing it.

    It’s a little off topic, but it’s been on my mind a lot of times now. When I come to your blog, the first thing my eyes go to is the picture at the top. Of that baby girl. And I always think to myself “What a beautiful, perfect head.” I don’t know, it probably sounds strange, but… it’s true. Your little Audrey Caroline had a beautiful head. (And face, and most importantly, her life was beautiful).

  • kjoy

    What an amazing post! It’s so meaningful and I really appreciate your sharing your reflection on the amazingness of redemption.

  • Tracy

    …I love the way you show your family how to connect His word to our everyday lives in meaningful ways…these bracelet are such a beautiful example! It is amazing that I stumbled upon your blog this past winter, and then a couple of months later, a dear friend of mine lost her sweet grandbaby after just a few hours of life…I have often wondered about Audrey’s grandmothers, too, and have been praying for them as I have prayed for you, Todd, and the girls. Thank you for sharing your story and your “life” -this blog is a ministry to me (and it looks like it is to many others, too!)

  • Carrie

    Wow, what a great post to come into work and read this morning over coffee! Oh the tears and thoughts that I just experienced. You are truly a powerful writer, you know how to get the audience in, wrap them up, and leave them with something great to think about the rest of the day! Bless you!

    Soooo, me, not being crafty or anything…wouldn’t it be such an awesome thing if you could start making these and charging for shipping and the price of the bracelet (and possibly a dollar more so you can make a profit)…you know, that is if you have the time! ;)

  • LyndsAU

    What a powerful story… thank you so much for sharing!! You are truely inspiring!

  • nursecarter

    I’ve been a long time reader and this is my first time commenting–WOW. You have moved me in a way that I cannot word. Your posts are wonderful, and always much needed.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Heather in Ohio

  • sheila

    Thanks Angie. Rahab became one of my fav. women in the bible last year. It was then who I realized she really was, not Rahab the prostitute; but Rahab the redeemed, related to Jesus. I marvel at how God redeemed her, related to Jesus, mentioned in the geneology. Oh my Lord thank you…Thank you for redeeming me, that I can be counted. I like the scarlet bracelets, what a great visual for the children and you and Todd.

  • Andrea

    Hi Angie-
    What a beatiful post. I LOVE Rahab’s story, especially since I sometimes feel like my past makes me unworthy of the future I have in HIM. Ruth is also one of my favorites – God sure knows how to write a great Romance. :)

    Thank you for sharing about the bracelets, too! I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing many women (and maybe some men) – it will be an easy way to identify who reads this blog. :)

    Love in Christ,

  • The Johnson Family


    You have me in tears. I forget sometimes that our God can make you a better erpson and wash away the old you. Thank you for reminding me I needed that this morning.

  • madelyn’smommy

    This is a beautiful story and proof that God has every detail of our lives mapped out. My husband preached this message a few months ago to our church. It totally changed everyone’s perspective from God can’t use me because of the things that I have done to wow! God used a prostitute and made her a part of the lineage of Jesus so God can use me too. What a wonderful Savior!!

  • Amanda:

    I have always loved that story too!!! I find so much comfort in knowing someone so imperfect (Rahab) ended up playing such a key role in EVERYTHING – right down to the birth of Jesus Christ himself. I always get shivers when I remember that. Thank you.

  • N, K, D, E and Zoe

    Thank you Angie. What a beautiful reminder of our Jesus’s sacrifice for us.

    I’ve always loved Rahab too. It’s an awesome reminder that God has a plan for each one of us, no matter our past.

    I’m headed to Michael’s right now.

    Love the picture of Ellie and Abby with their bracelets.

  • Marla Taviano

    Wow, Angie. Thank you. I love the story of Rahab.

    And I’m going to do the same thing (getting quiet and picturing Jesus). I’ve been trying to focus more on the cross lately. Have you read C.J. Mahaney’s book, Living the Cross Centered Life?

    And are your twins identical? Because in the pic, one looks like you and other looks like Todd. Weird. :)

  • Bonnie

    I have thought often of Rahab and her scarlet cord. She is one of the women I look to when I think about raising my son. His life, his character, who he will be inside as he grows up – I try to imagine what kind of mother she must have been to have raised Boaz to be the man he became. Accepting Ruth as he did, a Moabite, their lineage being oh so less than stellar… I give thought to all of that which is not-so-pretty in Christ's lineage and it helps, especially when I'm feeling particularly dirty or unforgiveable. God can use anything & anyone – no matter how wretched we are, as long as our faith is in Him and we look to Him in all things. Praise be to God for His mercy.

  • Lauren

    Crazy how God works-
    In the church I go to (Central Baptist Church- College Station, Tx) our pastor has been doing a study on Ruth. Yesterdays sermon was on Boaz and being a “kinsman redeemer.” It was such a God thing on Sunday morning after I has just read your blog. I am going to the store today to make me, my sister and my cousin all scarlet cords! Thank you for blessing and teaching me!

  • The Rhoderick Family

    Thank you for reminding us all about Rahab!!! I love the bracelets!

  • KK

    Oh how wonderful…oh how marvelous…is what I kept humming while reading this wonderful post. The bracelets are a wonderful reminder of HIS everlasting love for all of us. Wish we had a Michael’s…just in case I would think for a minute I could make something so wonderfully creative. Blessings to all of your family.
    With His Amazing Love,
    2 Timothy 1:4

  • Keri

    Love this!!! Love the story of Rahab and of Ruth and just never realized the Boaz connection. We serve an incredible God!

    I am way limited in my crafty skills, but I will try to make a bacelet.

    Thank you!

  • Wendi @ Every Day Miracles

    Amazing Angie! Thank you for once again being a vessel for God to work through.
    Awesome bracelets! :)

  • Angie

    Wow! Look out Max Lucado!! Thats all I have to say!

  • familyoftwo98

    I received my bible from you last week, and wasn’t really sure where to start, but your post today has given me the spot.

    Thank you.

    In the infertility community many wear a polmagranit (sp?) colored cord bracelet like that. I am going to pull mine out and add a believe charm.

  • kari

    beautifully written.. thank you for reminding me today of my precious Lord who died for me. it can be so easy to lose sight in the midst of the chaos of the day. God is truly using you, angie and i’m honored to get a glimpse of what He’s doing.

    thanks for the idea and i’m glad it’s ok to follow suit.

  • Rebecca Jo

    I too love that story….that a sinner can be used in such a Holy way….the story of redemption at its best!

    And I LOVE the bracelets!!! I would buy one!

  • Kris

    Glory to God! It’s amazing how God can change a believer’s heart (and motives). I love that those He “hand-picked” to be in the lineage of Christ were SINNERS saved by Grace!!! Praise God! That’s me, you know!

  • Christi

    Perfect to read on a day when I feel as though my scarlet sins have stained every part of me…I keep saying to myself, therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Thank you for reminding me.

  • mommyrose

    That a powerful post. Thank you for it.
    I’m pregnant with my 2nd son and I’m naming him Joshua…always loved that name. :)


  • Becky

    Thank you, thank you, Angie, for that beautiful post. I admire your being able to go that deeply into your faith, to truly examine our Savior’s wounds. I don’t know that I am there yet, but with His help, I am on the journey!

    Many blessings to you and your family!

  • Amanda

    Wow, this is beyond words,

    Thank you.

  • Amanda

    Wow this is beyond words.

    Thank you.

  • Abigail’s Mom

    Angie, God speaks through you! Incredible…. I like to call it Audrey’s Ministry. So many of us began our love of your family thanks to Audrey’s brief but full earthly life. She is such an angel waiting in the arms of Christ for her beautiful family. Your girls are so beautiful… I love that beautiful hair!!! GOD continue to bless all of you.
    Debbie Kennedy

  • Megan

    You need to read Francine Rivers book on Rahab (Unashamed).

    It’s a series actually (The Lineage of Grace) of 5 unlikely women who changed eternity.

    Beautiful post. You are always such a blessing and encouragement!

    Have a wonderful week!

  • Kasey (Ethan’s Mommy)

    I know you hear this a lot… but I needed this tonight. I actually made a bracelet about 8 weeks ago with three thread colors… navy blue to symbolize obedience (I got that from a Beth Moore study), orange the color for leukemia awareness (my 7 month old son just went through a cord blood transplant in effort to cure his leukemia) and scarlet… for faith, the symbol of Rahab. The same you spoke of in your post. I’ve been wearing my bracelet for a while now, and forgot… forgot the significance and the symbolism… until tonight. The Lord spoke through you, to me, in a way that I truly needed. Thank you for your willingness to be His vessel

  • Becoming Me

    That was beautiful…I’ll never think of that story so casually again

  • created2teach

    Correction: I missed a detail. My four-year-old sings, “He gave his wife on the cross of cal-or-ie.”

  • Kay B

    God’s word infinitely reaches each of us right where we are and just the way we need to hear it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story/devotional/study in faith. I know it has reached me in a unique way and has touched many for God’s glory.

  • Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville

    What a wonderful idea! I love your blog. I love hearing you speak your faith!

  • The Smiths

    what a great visual aid and constant reminder of Christ and our love for him.
    You are one amazing lady of God.

  • geisme

    Angie, the wisdom you have just never ceases to amaze me. You should think about writing a devotional- you really do have a gift for writing. You could probably even go back & take some of your posts from here!
    A couple of questions for you- is the whole family coming to MA in Dec.? I don't know what made me go to Selah's website tonight, but I just did & noticed y'all are going to be in Brockton, MA on 12/11.
    And you probably get asked this ALL the time. How do you tell your girls apart? I know because you are the mom, you just can, but with my girls they do have a couple of distinguishing features. i.e. 1 has a dimple & the other's is SO SLIGHT that you have to search for it. 1 has a notch in her ear & the other's is just a shadow.
    Just curious.

  • Sal

    Thanks for leading me in a Bible study. I live in the spiritual wasteland of Japan. I haven’t been able to enjoy a Bible study in English for a very long time…

    I don’t know “Old Navy” or “Michael” (these are store names?) but I love the section of the Old Testament this study came from! Thanks again, Angie!!

    Love, Sal in Japan

  • Christina

    Wow. My Sunday School class just discussed this yesterday. It is amazing how God can take one person and use them. I pray that God’s light will shine through me like a scarlet rope- visible and for His glory.

  • Gail Lynn

    You have such a wonderful “way” with words! I, too, love the story of Rehab. Many times, because of poor choices I have made in my past, I feel a lot like her. I guess that is why I love her story – I identify with her. I will be wearing a red braclet, too. (As someone said b4 me; when we see people wearing them, we will know they read your blog!)

    Thank you for the wonderful, inspiring words.

    Rehab’s story reminds me of MY Broken Pitcher i.e. “Vinegar Bottle” and the blog entry I wrote after putting it back together again: Broken and Spilled Out.)

    May many, many Blessing from God be poured out upon you and your family today.

  • Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi)

    Praise God! Not only does He redeem the least worthy, but He changes us and then sends us out as ambassadors for Himself. How humbled I am after reading this post.

  • Patti

    I’ve been quietly reading your blog for months but today… I just can’t stand not to comment. You have no idea how much your words have blessed my heart. Thank you. So much.

  • Mommy2Boys

    You have a very special gift, your words show what God has layed on your heart. Bless You.

  • Heather

    “She was hand-picked to be part of His lineage.”

    I’m not even sure what to say about that. It brings tears to my eyes to think that the God of the universe would use someone so lowly. It gives me such hope! It reminds me that even when I’m not walking as close as I wish I was…He can still use me.

    Thanks Ang.

    Thanks God.

  • Traci Best

    Excellent! ;)


  • Everyday Thoughts

    Thank you for the very real and open depiction of Christ death and redemption story. It was exactly what I needed today! As I read your words, I could imagine myself doing the same thing….touching Christ’s wounds, praying with Him, weaping with Him. Thank you for the reminder of the awesome sacrifice my Lord made for ME!

  • pakosta

    how beautiful.
    i think my girls and i need to do this together. thank you for sharing your faith so honestly….
    i need to reflect like this more often. i start 2 bible studies this week so i am hoping it will bring me closer to Jesus.
    thanks you>!

  • Tish

    thank you for the beautiful post (yet again!)!

    can you please pass this on to “Mr. Angie Smith?” my mother has cancer and after a sad phone conversation with her, i just needed to worship GOd…i got on youtube and found the most beautiful Selah songs, sat in the darkness, and praised Him through your music. thank you for sharing your gifts.

  • A & S

    Evidentally I needed to hear this story again. Our Pastor JUST preached a sermon on this, stating pretty much the same thing as you have written here about redemption. Thank you for brining it to me again. I am sure there is a reason I keep hearing this one!!!

  • A & S

    Evidentally I needed to hear this story again. Our Pastor JUST preached a sermon on this, stating pretty much the same thing as you have written here about redemption. Thank you for brining it to me again. I am sure there is a reason I keep hearing this one!!!

  • A & S

    Evidentally I needed to hear this story again. Our Pastor JUST preached a sermon on this, stating pretty much the same thing as you have written here about redemption. Thank you for brining it to me again. I am sure there is a reason I keep hearing this one!!!

  • A & S

    Evidentally I needed to hear this story again. Our Pastor JUST preached a sermon on this, stating pretty much the same thing as you have written here about redemption. Thank you for brining it to me again. I am sure there is a reason I keep hearing this one!!!

  • A & S

    Evidentally I needed to hear this story again. Our Pastor JUST preached a sermon on this, stating pretty much the same thing as you have written here about redemption. Thank you for brining it to me again. I am sure there is a reason I keep hearing this one!!!

  • Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn

    This is wonderful! I am going to use this for our family night activity! With some of the challenges that my family is going through right now we need to be reminded constantly more so than normal about the Attonement.

  • Lerin

    BEAUTIFUL idea. I am a homeschooling mom, and you just gave me the “activity” to go along with Rahab’s story.

  • Bec

    That, too, is one of my favorite stories. For some reason I needed to hear it again today. Thank you for the blessing and the vessel that you are.

  • Vern ~ Inspired

    You are such a blessing!

    The message was so beautifully worded…I caught myself leaning in so intently toward the computer…I did not want to miss anything!

    Be Inspired!

  • Jeff and Amy

    WOW!! Thank you so much for this post my sil is struggling with similair things right now and at a VERY low point today with her decision to live. I am printing this off for her to read, we are all sinners and in need of redemption :)

  • Sandy Toes

    What a beautiful blog you have! I love the bracelets…your children are precious! What description of our Lord!

    I will be back for sure!
    -Sandy Toes

  • Randi Jo :)

    as everybody has voiced… beautiful. your heart and love for God is beautiful. you are a wonderful example of what a beautiful, captivating woman of God is.

    when I haven’t taken time for God like I should…or when I just feel tired and need some quiet time with Him – I also just lay on my bed and focus on him with my mind, with visions and then allow Him to let my mind drift to Him without necessarily any visions. Usually when I’m overwhelmed and just am in awe “fear” of Him — I tend to envision Him in overwhelming nature visions. Storm clouds, amazingly bright sunshine, different things….

    Many times in my desperation and rock bottom moments I find myself cheek to my bathroom floor crying – and I envision His arms just holding me.

    You envisioning Him as your savior, pierced for you is priceless and shows the gratitude you have for Him. very powerful

    thank so much as awlays :)

  • Hear My Cry

    Beautiful! I love the story of Rahab too. Have you read the Women of Faith series by Francine Rivers

  • Jen

    It is amazing the way the Lord answers prayers through you! I am craft challenged and have been racking my brain (and praying) for a little something to do with my group of about 50 GAs(girls’ group). I check in on your blog and, Voila! We will be making this bracelet tonight at church! We normally break up into smaller groups, but are getting together as one tonight to talk about our state Baptist Missionary and the missions emphasis. What a great tool to begin a conversation about our wonderful Savior!



  • MikeyAnn

    I really enjoy your Blog… I love to hear fellow sisters in Christ proclam his name… You are doing a good work. Check out my Blog

  • chalice

    do you know that Ballet Magnifcat does a ballet about Rahab called the scarlet cord and they even use a Selah song for one of the most powerful dances in the whole ballet? Surely you are already aware of this!…but if for some reason you were not, o my goodness you MUST see ballet magnificat on tour perform this!! this is so crazy!

  • creative gal

    I made these with our bible study group last night- we actually made BELIEVE bookmarks for our bible.
    Thanks again for a great idea!!

  • creative gal

    I made these with our bible study group last night- we actually made BELIEVE bookmarks for our bible.
    Thanks again for a great idea!!

  • creative gal

    I made these with our bible study group last night- we actually made BELIEVE bookmarks for our bible.
    Thanks again for a great idea!!

  • creative gal

    I made these with our bible study group last night- we actually made BELIEVE bookmarks for our bible.
    Thanks again for a great idea!!

  • casbery

    Here is a website that sells the
    "believe" beads. You have to click on the drop down menu and you will
    find believe.
    Hope you can open it.
    If not I can send you an email.
    My email is

  • Jeremy and Emily


    Reading this post literally brought me to my knees with many tears… it turned into a wonderful and much needed night with my God. :) Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your life on here. I am always uplifted when I read your posts (and must say- I could not stop laughing about the chicken. I read it to my hubby the other night and he looks at me and goes “you know that’s totally going to be you, right?” (I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by that, ha). Anyway- thank you… more than you’ll ever know :)

  • Cassi

    Angie, this is an AMAZING post, and I’d like to read it to my Confirmation class at Church with your permission. I’d like to make the bracelets with them this Sunday. You are a phenomenal writer!

  • Aimee’

    Hi Angie – I've been a lurker for a long time but I thought I'd pass this link along to you.

    Hope it helps!

    p.s. I <3 your blog!

  • Chris B

    Angie – check out this site for your “believe” beads Hopefully these will work for you if you haven’t already found a source.

    I am a long time reader but first time poster. When I read your words I am almost always brought to tears of some sort, joy, sadness, thankfulness… the list goes on. It is not often to come across someone who is so obviously a messenger from Him, but your words speak loud and clear. I don’t know what He has planned for the rest of your time here, but I know it is BIG!! And I can’t wait to watch it unfold! Hold on ’cause your ride is not over yet!

  • newlyweds

    Great post! and I think the scarlet cords are a great idea.

  • CMU

    Thanks for blessing us with your blog.

  • The Morton’s

    I came across your blog for the first time today and wanted you and your family to know how beautiful I think you are, obviously on the outside but remarkably on the inside too. You could have easily turned away from God The Father and his Son Jesus the Christ but instead you embraced Their will and I can honestly say that I can vividly see the Light of Christ in your faces!! You have been absolutely inspiring and your precious daughter has impacted another soul today- MINE! Thank you for your courage! Thank you for your testimony of Jesus Christ. He is the true healer. I believe that with all my heart and it was confirmed again today after reading your story.

  • Joel, Ali, Levi, Jenna and Luke

    thank you so much for the time you take for your posts. you are drawing people closer to Jesus!

  • dena

    I love love love your blog. You are a great writer and I cant wait to log on each morning to check your site. You are so inspiring and I sure wish I lived closer because I would be front and center at your bible study. Tell your threader Todd that I would like to buy at bunch of believe bracelets for my Youth group at church. Let us know when you are ready to start accepting orders. Thank you for making my day and reminding me of what is important in life when I forget. You are awesome girl:) Dena

  • Andrea

    I recently finished reading ” Redeeming Love ” by Francine Rivers
    this book is the modern day version of the book of Hosea
    This is my new favorite book of all times! Buy it and read if you haven’t already. you will not be able to put it down !
    The reason I mention this is that the whole brothel thing is still fresh on my mind. God’s love is redeeming!
    Love from pegram

  • Kimmie

    A few days ago I decided to open up my bible to wherever I was led and landed on the story of Ruth. Your recount of Rahab really tied things in for me and I now know that where I land in my Bible is never by accident :)

  • busy momma

    I was catching up on my Bible study lessons (that I should have completed this past week) and read some in Isaiah. “Though your sins are like scarlet…”
    I started wondering what other words were on the charms that came in the assorted pack you bought. If “forgive” is one of them that would be perfect too! (And, economical:) For, “they shall be as white as snow;” Just an idea :)

  • Domestic Goddess

    I love the bracelets you made and especially the picture of the girls wearing them, so cute! I had a bracelet along those lines but recently switched to a pomegranate color for Infertility. It’s called the common thread of Infertility in an attmept to get the word out about the spreading epidemic of infertile women, myself included. I am currently in my 3rd year of trying to overome secondary infertility. I found a great charm plate at Michael’s that says Expect Miracles and I tied it on my wrist with the pomegranate string. It’s crazy how such a little gesture can grab so much attention, I love it. I think it is great that you did it as a family, we have the purple bracelets on as a family and it made it all that more meaningful! Thank you for sharing this with everyone, I hope that they too will chose a simple way to show their beliefs and get people talking!

  • "Chone"

    Hello Angie,

    A friend of mine forwarded your blog to me and I just have to tell you what an encouragement it has been to read your blog. Praise God! The work that He’s doing in your life has encouraged so many women (including myself) to draw closer to our Savior. God has blessed you with the gift of exhortation!

    Thank you for this great idea! I can’t wait to make “Scarlet Cords” for my family!

    Take care!

    Vallejo, CA

  • diane

    This is the most beautiful story. I have been reading all through your blog tonight and you have such a wonderful ministry to those of us that read your writings. Thank you. My heart still aches after reading about how you think about Jesus on the cross and it is so descriptive I feel that I am there with you looking up at him. God bless you and your family.

  • poet331

    Please pray for a friend of a friend. She lost her baby unexpectedly on Monday, Sept. 22 and needs prayers right now.

  • anm

    I just thought I should let you know, I put a link to this post of yours on my blog b/c it touched me so. And BTW, my 6 year old could easily hold a place in the sweet pic of your cute red-heads! They could be sisters! :) FUN
    so enjoy your sweet blog.

  • Anita J.

    I finally got the post up about the artist who did the beautiful Rahab works. Her name is Joy Deeann Carson, and you can see here work here:

  • Joyous

    Wow! I am completely in awe of how awesome God is now and has always been. Rahab is one of my favorite women of the Bible. I love her story and the way God used someone like her to fulfill His plan.
    It comforts me and encourages me to know that He can use us just the same. My friend sent me a link to your blog today. I’ve been in bed sick all day and let me tell you…I don’t think it was by accident that I’ve been able to read your entire blog today. I needed a good dose of encouragement and a reminder of how wonderful and precious our God is. Reading your blog today has made me laugh, cry, think, and dwell more on the Lord than I have in months. It has made me want to get back in the Word and draw closer to Him. I’ve pushed Him away for several reasons…and its good to be back in the arms of my Savior…and realize He was always there …the whole time through my pain and sorrow. So thank you…sweet Angie…for sharing your heart and for being open and honest. You have been used by God more than you know. He has ministered to me today solely by reading your thoughts, your prayers, your cries. May he continue to bless you and your sweet family.
    PS…I love the bracelet idea!

  • Uylonda

    Angie, I love this post. I read it from the top and it had me, then I get to the bottom and you wrote: Rahab was the mother or Boaz, Boaz was the father of Obed, Obed was the father of Jessie, Jessie was the father of David. This touched my soul on how God can use anyone for His glory. I know He is using me, and I need to step up more. I know I was supposed to start a blog along time ago, but out of fear and the unknown I didn’t. The day I read this post I knew it was time so I started mine. I would be honored if you would read mine.
    You help me and I want you to know it. I haven’t lost a child, but you are still a blessing to me. You honestly don’t know who you are helping when you post your blog. Thank you Uylonda

  • Sharon, Isabella’s Mommy

    Love this, love this, LOVE this! Such a great idea!

  • heather

    Just stumbled across this post, and am crying my face off (in a good, grateful way).
    Thank you

  • Serene

    Thanks for your sharing. Most helpful, especially the part regarding the blood of the lamb in Egypt and the cross. What an insight! Thanks!