The Sticks and the Panties

I am so incredibly moved (either to hysterical laughter or a loud AMEN!)by your responses to this one that I have decided to post some of my favorites at the end of the day today.  Check back…there are many modest options people have mentioned, as well as a few Trapper Keepers that will bring a smile to your face. Also, a lady bought the sticks for $1.99.  Now THAT, my friends, deserves a red sticker.  Wonder what state she lives in…
I bet I have your attention with a title like that.
Okay, so I was at Target the other day. Incidentally, this is not the noteworthy part of the story.  

I was shopping for some baby shower gifts and decided (as usual) to spend an extra hour smelling candles and trying to figure out what I could do with a cluster of sticks on clearance.  I started to put them in my cart and then reconsidered, because they were $25 and they were, well, sticks.
On my way out, I remembered that Abby and Ellie needed some new panties. Again, not necessarily the noteworthy portion of the story, but I am getting to a point here.
I start heading back to the toddler section and it hits me.  They will be six in December, and that means I need to start getting used to the big girl’s section up front.  I know it isn’t really a huge deal to most people, but it matters to me. It isn’t so much because they are growing up, but rather, the fact that I dress all three of my girls in the same outfits (yes, I am one of those moms).  Now, that they have graduated from a 5T, I have had to settle for coordination.  And that takes compromise and at least 3 different Target’s to get all the sizes.
Anyway, back to the panties.
I find the little section with all the underwear and leotards, and I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices.  I start to search one side, and don’t see any princess panties, so I turn around and see another complete section displaying purely girl’s underwear.  After skimming for a minute, I start to realize that they look different up here than they did in the back.  There are no princesses, and in fact, not a single character my kids care about wearing on their tushies.  I am confused, because there are plenty of them in size 5. Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Ariel, the whole gang.  Oh no, not in big girls.  Here we have pirates and “XOXO.” I start to get irritated, partly because I’m still a little bent out of shape about the going rate for stick bundles.  Did I mention the original price was $29.99? Firstly, that is absurd.  Secondly, $4 off a $29.99 item does not merit a red sticker.  Finally, (and it is entirely possible you have picked up on this), they were sticks.
Here’s where it gets ugly.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see a package of hot pink panties, and the tag says something like, “low-riders,” and they have a drawing of a little girls bottom with the panties sitting way down low and exposing half her bottom. They are bikini bottoms, y’all.  In a size 6.  Make note of the fact that I just said y’all (thanks amanda:).  I am a Northener, and I don’t just throw that lingo around lightly. Bikini. Bottoms. Low riders. Size 6.
For clarification, what are these girls wearing that would merit panties that would make a plumber blush? 
It’s not just one pack, it’s the whole stinkin’ section.  I spent a solid 5 minutes trying to find ONE bag of underwear that look like they should be on a kindergartner.  I found some with the days of the week (which would have been okay if they hadn’t had these freaky, googly-eyed monkeys on the front), and a couple with (seriously) a skull and crossbones on the butt.  
Lest you imagine me to be a fashion-hating prude, I need to interject.
I appreciate a pair of sassy jeans (ask the ladies who come to my Bible Study).  I am relatively hip.  Okay, I just said “hip,” which, by default, contradicts it’s intended connotation.  
It’s just that I want my kids to be kids.  I want to go back-to-school shopping and not feel like I have to scan the school supply aisle before walking it because I don’t know if I want them to see what is on the folders.  I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I have always been on the cutting edge of school supplies.  I had a Trapper Keeper with a unicorn under a fountain one year. Not to be outdone, the next year I followed it up with the much coveted “Three Kitties in a Basket.” 
Oh yeah, sisters.  I walked the line.
I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about the panties.  I did find 2 packs of full coverage, non-offensive “briefs” behind the cool ones. They were $3.78 for a pack of 6 because they are not “butt-crack pants” approved.  Which works out fine for me because I prefer to clothe them with actual, you know, clothes made for a child.
I let them watch part of a Mrs. America competition once when they were 4 because they were going through a tiara-obsession. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ohio was wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination, and I, being the eternal “teachable moments” mom that I am, decided to explain some of the finer points of modesty.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  3 days later, when Abby decided to confront someone in the frozen food section about her “privates showing,” I realized I may have been overzealous in my quest to change the world.  I also did what any self-respecting mother would do in this situation.  I pretended she wasn’t mine and started wearing a wig to Kroger.
You may sense my frustration.  I did a poor job of hiding it while I was at the store as well.  In fact, before I left, I decided to share my feelings with my sweet checkout woman.  If I can see a name tag, I always make sure to use the person’s name while I am in conversation with them. Her name was Daniela, and after a few minutes of confused nodding, I realized that she didn’t really speak English.  Here I am, shaking a pack of kid panties, and she is smiling and trying to resist calling security.  It was definitely scrapbook-worthy.
Have you had any of these moments as a mom? Please feel free to share and make me feel normal.
And don’t hesitate to tell me about your coolest Trapper-Keeper too.  I need to reminisce.
And if you bought the sticks, I want you to know, I am not standing in judgment of you.  In fact, I considered going back to see if they were reduced again, but there is now the issue of Daniela and the great panty debate of ’08, so I may need to find a new Target.
And a wig.

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  • Jill

    I had the hardest time finding my 3 year old a modest swimsuit this year! I went to Target, Kohl’s, Mervyn’s, Old Navy, and finally found one at Osh Kosh. What’s with all the triangle top bikini’s???? I just wanted a one peice razerback….is that too much to ask? I’m so with you on the panty thing! I love the way you wrote about it. =)

    Jill in AZ

  • Jacquie

    I feel your pain. I have teenage boys and to be honest, girls now-a-days just don’t dress as modestly as they did when we were kids! Why start them SO soon?

    I love the wig at Kroger comment! Ha!

  • ~Kim

    That made me laugh so hard Angie!! Not at you with…promise! My little girl graduated to the 4T panties and they have them in her size too. I absolutely refuse to purchase them too. In fact, I am a pretty out there person, but refuse to allow her to wear bikini undies! Their bathing suits were the same way this year…what a chore to dress our sweet little innocent kiddos these days!

    Oh and about those stupid red stickers…it’s all a conspiracy to make us think that we are getting this GREAT deal…I mean really Target, $4 off does not constitute clearance. I am so with you on this one too!

    You have such an eloquent way with words…love reading your blog!



    it’s absolutely crazy, isn’t it. my daughter is 11 now and i hated shopping for her. she is quite modest, which i am very thankful for!! we moved to thailand this year and it has been wonderful. we went swimsuit shopping and came home with one piece swimsuit that has legs and arms. sort of like a diving suit!

    here things tend to go the other way. very babyish. panties with pooh bear just don’t make the grade in the 11 yr old set!

  • Julie

    As the mother of a 8 yr old, I completely understand. I just want my kids to be kids, not mini adults. I always buy my daughters underwear at Wal-mart, they have a better selection than Target. They sell plain Hanes with no offensive graphics. I think they also sell Princess panties in bigger sizes.

    BTW, I was praying for your school the other day. We were schooling and I started to miss the K days. They go so fast! So I was praying for you and your girls.

  • kjoy

    I really appreciate your quest to dress little girls like little girls. I hope to do the same if I ever have any of my own! I love the way you grasp the little moments & small triumphs of life & share that experience & insight.

  • Marilena

    I know exactly how you feel! My daughter just turned 5 and she still fits in a 4T. I’m so glad that I can stay in the toddler section for a little while longer…That girls section is just plain scary! Did you see the padded training bras? I was shocked when I saw them. I wasn’t shopping for one but I couldn’t help but ask the poor lady stocking the shelves why on earth would a 12 year old need a padded bra?! To top it off they were hot pink with leopard print!

    We really need to be praying hard for our girls and for our boys who will be faced with thong revealing low riders at the mall!

    Thanks for the post,

  • Susie

    I’m with you! Here in New Zealand its a cross between kiddie and too grown up. I think the thing that bothers me at the moment (for preteens) is the footless tights with short skirts. Personally, I’ll wear them, but you’ll never catch me in tights, only non-see-through leggings. But the phenomenon is hitting baby clothes – leggings and mini skirts. Of course, on a diapered bottom its cute, but… what about when they get to panties territory? I’m suddenly aware of it (we just started wearing undies out in public a month ago) because her underwear is still “on show” since she doesn’t understand “Don’t sit with your knees around your earlobes in a skirt please”, just yet.
    I’m so glad diving suit bathing suits are popular here.
    I think I’m pretty “hip” too, but it’s taking on a whole new meaning in dressing a 2 year old. I don’t know how I feel about it getting worse out there in the fashion world. Just 8 years ago I was still wearing jumper dresses to church…. modesty even 8 years ago was still present! What will “status quo” look like in another 8, when I have a 10 year old on my hands!?!?!

  • jeanetteb

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can SO relate to this story. As a mom of 2 boys i thought about the growing number of inappropriate items for little girls these days, but to be honest…I didn't get too offended till my sweet daughter Gaberiella was born. I just bothers me to no end that there are panties and THONGS (yes i have found thong underwear for girls size 6) like this for CHILDREN> At 2, i can see that gabi is very much the girly girl and that even worries me. No longer can a little girl enjoy the "girly" things in life without having to see and be exposed to the "ugly" side of girly. YIKES what is this world coming to?? Sorry, this kinda stuff gets me FIRED up sister!!!

  • Jess

    The great panty debate of ’08 – coveted Trapper Keepers – Girl, you are too much!
    I must say, I am w/ you on the ‘new hip panties’ for 6 year olds though… AND the overpriced sticks, too! They were just sticks after all, right? :)

    (The whole inappropriateness of the style of panty thing brings to mind one of Pioneer Woman’s latest posts… don’t know if you’ve read it. But, she came across Wedding Magnets “for Kool Kidz lockers…”! Who is coming up w/ this stuff???)
    Here’s the link in case you missed it. It’s pretty funny. :)

  • sethswifeandmomof5

    I was thinking the same thing as Julie (way up there before my comment). I like Target’s girl clothes, but everyone’s (I have kids-only 1 girl) undies usually come from Wal-Mart. I haven’t had that problem there, but I totally know what you mean. I hate trying to buy clothes for my daughter anymore! AND I LOVE BUYING CLOTHES! I have the same problem shopping for myself. I enjoy trendy clothes, but trendy is quickly becoming TRASHY! Jean shopping is the worst because of what you’re talking about…low-rise, “rear cleavage”. Okay…I’m getting worked up here!

    Change of subject:
    I had the unicorn Trapper-Keeper too! Never had kittens-in-a-basket though :*( Did you keep your Trapper-Keeper in a hot pink Esprit bag??

  • mykidsmomx4

    Oh how I wanted that beautiful unicorn trapper keeper! My school specifically wrote NO TRAPPER KEEPERS on my school supply list. I even tried to wrangle one out of my mom to keep at home. Saddly, it was a no-go.

    Your story reminded me of something that my little brother did when he was 5. Not long after a talk about “things we don’t say and words we don’t use in public (especially to the elderly people in church)” my step-mom was talking to our new pastor.

    She said something like “Well, I was in a Bible study at our old church, but …” and before she could continue Tim jumped in and said “MOM! You are not supposed to say OLD or BUTT in CHURCH!”

    Thanks for sharing, and just so you know… those underwear drive me nuts too! I know that whatever I let my chldren wear, they will try to take it a step further as a teen (or even sooner)… so I make a special point now not to waver on the cut/style of the underwear or clothes they wear.

  • Salmon Tolman Fam

    I have 4 boys, so I don’t have that problem. My 8 year old son still wears CARS and SPIDERMAN. the 4 year old twins are still wearing SCOOBY DOO and DIEGO. And the baby is still in diapers. That is so strange that girls underwear isn’t like boys, continuing with the superheroes, uh…I mean princesses!!!
    I had a Trapper Keeper one year. I BEGGED for it in 6th grade! I still call binders Trapper Keepers! I never had the kittens one, though. Although I did have several unicorn, pink and purpleish folders!
    What a funny read! You always seem to have a way with words, regardless of what the topic is.

  • Sara

    Ironically, I usually find these stories you tell spit-water-out-of-my-mouth funny, but this one actually gets me a little riled. My sister-in-law had the same issue with my niece, who is one of the cutest little girls on the planet. Her issue started with the fact that she couldn’t find her a cute pair of jeans that weren’t low riders once they hit that big girl section. Hence, she had to go looking for low ride underwear.

    Her head almost exploded. She was feeling sick enough about the endeavor until she rolled into the isle where children had THONGS to choose from. They almost had her with the low riders since she felt she had no options, but when she saw thongs she simply left the cart and walked out of the store.

    Another friend has a BEAUTIFUL 13 year old daughter with a cute little figure who couldn’t find a two piece suit that didn’t cause us all heart attacks. The problem is that there is no easing in to it anymore. You go straight from “too kiddie-like” to a “hoochie-mama” suit at a crazy young age.

    Any women reading this blog with a flair for fashion: There is a whole section of kids from age 6 – 13 who could use clothes that don’t make them look like toddlers but don’t make them look like college girls on the way to the bar either. I swear it could be a real money maker.

    Sorry I just took over ranting in your comments section, but it was my way of saying YOU’RE RIGHT. Keep your little girls as little girls as long as you can. I spent too many years dealing with anorexia and worrying about my body long before it should have been a thought in my mind… kids are supposed to have little bellies and they are supposed to have the clothes that make that comfortable. I worry these styles are going to start the body debate even earlier and that scares me to pieces.

    Ok, done ranting now. Really! :)

    Oh, and for the record, I went to a private Catholic school that didn’t allow any writing or advertisements on our notebooks and folders so our Trapper Keepers had to be plain. Mine was red :)


  • Lisa

    When Gymboree had leopard print panties for 3 year olds I about flipped out! I too had trouble finding briefs for my 4 year old. When my daughter told me she wanted a Bratz backpack, I told her we do not do Bratz at our house! I did not know she even knew what Bratzs were. They grow up so fast, even when we try to keep it from them. I can’t imagine how bad it will be when she is in high school!

  • Kitty Kate

    The same thing happened to me this summer when I was buying new underwear for my step-daughter. I was completely shocked at the sexy offerings they had for 9 year olds! I laughed so much when I read this because I completely related… but I also feel it’s serious issue. Girls these days are facing a LOT of peer pressure to be sexy.

  • Tif

    Oh Angie…it’s just beginning! My girls are six and ten and I went through the panty ordeal with Ky when she was 5. Mia is so tiny we get away with the princess panties still and the best part is that she still loves them. I remember standing there in Target….thinking “this is UNREAL”.
    Now we are going though it with the training bra…just wait until you get to stand in that aisle. They make them now with lace and lots of padding. Please tell me WHY a 10 year old would need a super padded bra? Isn’t the point to attempt to hide what you have at 10…not attempt to make them look bigger?!?!

    Too funny about the Trapper Keeper…I had a unicorn one as well. Didn’t have the kitten one…but did get one with puppies :)

    Have a great week!

  • Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey

    I believe I had both of the same trapper keepers! I also believe I had matching rainbow and unicorn pencils. This takes me just over the top, doesn’t it?

    Welcome to the big girl’s section! It’s a scary world over here. I cringe everytime I have to walk into it in Walmart, Target, or Kohls. Even the department stores and Limited Too are icky a lot of the time. My daughter, Lily, is 10 and considers herself to be fashion forward and me completely fashion backward. I struggle all the time with wanting her to look like a kid and her wanting to look like a 16 year old. (although I probably won’t let her dress like that at 16 either!) we talk a lot about what fits our bodies in the most flattering way and how what looks fine on others might not be so great on her. Let’s just say, I squeezed her into Gymboree as long as she’d let me without screaming! This summer we’ve done well with meeting in the middle at the Gap and Old Navy. Good Luck!!

  • Kylee

    Well, being a 15 year old girl, I haven’t experienced the task of motherhood, and trying to find appropriate clothes for kids. However, I hope that if God eventually blesses me with kids, I will be just as cautious as you in the way I dress them. It makes me so sad when I see young children running around dressed so immodestly. : (

    Thanks for your postings. They’re such an encouragment to me!

  • ~Alicia~

    You are so cute! Loved the whole post. I know exactly what you mean- just let kids be kids! Let them enjoy their innocence while they still have it. I’m a teacher’s aide at a private Christian school and a few weeks ago the teacher was marking the roll when one girl (no more than 7 years old) announced that so-and-so called her gay! You should have seen the look on my face. How does a 7 year old know the meaning of “gay” in such a context? I surely didn’t when I was here age…

    And a few days ago a sweet little girl in kindergarted started singing a popular song on the radio at the moment and before long the entire class was singing “Shake, shake, shake it!” at the top of their lungs! I sure hope they didn’t realise the connotations of what they were singing! :D

  • leslie ruth

    AMEN! Oddly enough, I just wrote about something similar, just aged a little older. TV, teens and sex…(
    And don’t feel bad, I would have done the exactly the same thing as you at the checkout :)

  • Missy B

    At least the package of low-riders was not accidentally grabbed for your 5 year old.(We had a bit of an accident and were in a hurry) They actually don’t even stay up on her behind. They are more of fall-downers. Needless to say we don’t use them. Our daughter has been in a six for about a year. We discovered that Wal-Mart has plenty of suitable choices in the larger sizes. We even got one set that was so over-sized they went up to her armpits.

  • noahandlylasmommi

    lol you are hilarious! I was smiling and laughing out loud the whole time I was reading that post. Luckily my daughter isnt even 2 yet so I havent had any of those moments as a mom yet but I am scared. It is so sad for our daughters how much the world has changed. I think it is so awesome that you are already having talks about modesty with your girls. Good thing they have a mom who can show them that you can still be beautiful without having low rise panties on :)

  • sethswifeandmomof5

    ^ In addition to my comment way up there somewhere ^

    I forgot to mention that you are so often in my prayers. Every time I've read one of your heartwrenching posts, I have shared your pain and prayed that the Lord would comfort your heart. I have 5 beautiful, healthy children, and am truly thankful to have never suffered what you have. I thank the Lord that we are so blessed to have children who have never had any major illnesses, injuries or health problems. When a person has many children, I'd think that chances are pretty great that at least one of them would have some kind of health issue. I wish I could say that I thank Him daily, but I know I don't thank Him for that nearly enough.

    I'd also like to ask you to pray for my family. I'd rather not post the details here, but the Lord knows my prayer request. I had sort of a heart-breaking experience tonight. There is something that's been going on for quite some time and we really need it to come to an end. (After reading this back to myself, I feel like I need to clarify that no one is being unfaithful to anyone, and no one is sick…because of the way it sounds/reads.)

    Much love & many blessings,

  • Kathy

    Let me just sit and think about trapper keepers for a bit..hmmm..good times..anyone else have a tetris design? Holla!

    I have boys and there are a plethora of lame and inappropriate shirts for them. But when I buy for my nieces I am aghast at what there is for little girls! (Whatever happened to little girl know with the straps and buckles?)

    But I do appreciate you taking the time to care dress your girls modestly! I fear for my boys when they are older and pray that in the midst of cleavage, and butt cleavage they will be able to guard their hearts

    You are a great mom! I so love your posts…

    Many blessings my friend

    (P.S. I have to go covert opps myself to the store…did the boys really need to ask the voluptuous woman in aisle 4 if she had a baby in her tummy?)

  • Katie

    I usually don’t comment, but thought I would on this one. I have boys who are just turning into teenagers. I am appalled at what the girls wear. I also have just recently gone back to college myself and there is a girl in my English class I’d like to slap for her Mama! I guess I’ve just lived in a bubble for the past few years, but not anymore! It’s awful.

    Oh, and I don’t have a story about how my child corrected somebody’s attire, but my son exclaimed very loudly once in a supermarket (he was 4) that he wasn’t going to ask the man who only had one leg about his leg, he was going to ask him where his other one went! I haven’t been back to that store – wig or no wig!


  • The Keylors

    Girl…don’t feel bad at all. I get so frustrated when I walk the isles and see junk like that. My daughter isn’t even in that section yet, but it makes me mad just the same. And yes…when I see a high school girl with her thong purposefully sticking out, I make sure and tell her, so she knows she should be embarrassed and that it’s not okay. ha! I’m sure my kids will be so proud to go to Wal-mart with their mother. ha! There’s something about being a momma, that has made me a lot braver than I used to be. I’m not exactly sure that’s a good thing. : ) Thanks for your posts. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that this bothers and as always you keep me laughing.

    P.S. I had the trapper keeper with picture slots, so I could put pictures of all my buddies, drawings, notes, etc… I know you’re jealous. ha! I still love school supplies. : )


  • Paige Sinclair

    it seems as though everyone else is commenting on the underwear….not me. funny enough I actually bought the sticks at Target, but they were on clearance for $1.99 marked down from $29.99. Go me! I love reading your stories about your family, it always gives me a good laugh.

  • sethswifeandmomof5

    Ok, so I said I was done, but I just remembered another thing and HAD to mention it: SHOES! Have you seen the heel on little girls’ shoes these days!?!?

    (I’m going to bed now because it’s midnight here in California. That is, if I can sleep after thinking of all this junk!)

  • Andrea

    I miss my Trapper Keeper! My whole world was held together in there with 3 little rings. Thanks for topping off my salute to the ’80s today. Somehow I heard Toto after lunch and ended up downloading The Bangles and a-ha on iTunes.

    I understand your woes with clothing. It seems my daughter is “in between” sizes at 4 years old. She’s too big for the cute toddler stuff and too short for the big girls clothes. I was just discussing the paradox today of how we all ogle the diaper bottoms with little frogs on them at baby showers. And then we stand in horror a few years later when a manufacturer places their logo on my preschooler’s tush. I am on my own quest for sweats that don’t advertise and jeans that don’t hug hips. Does a 4-year old even have hips?!

  • Alison Jerabek

    You’ve definitely hit a nerve with this post. This phenomenon, sadly, is becoming the rule, not the exception, for a lot of children’s clothing and accessories. I work in retail (at a chain shoe store) and I’ve always considered myself to have very liberal views on clothing style, but, my oh my, there are so many “mini-adult,” high-heel, mature-styled shoes now. It’s truly ridiculous. Who decided that five-year-olds need to wear low-cut bikini panties and 2 1/2 heels, anyway? It’s just so wrong.

  • Cass

    You do make me laugh! My daughter is only 9 months old, so I haven’t had to head to the underwear aisle yet, but I’m not looking forward to it! Like you I want my little girl to be dressed like a little girl, and definitely with NO plumbers crack showing! :D

  • Rach

    Ok first off this is hilarious!! That’s ok I was in The Children’s Place {fairly reputable store I would say} this summer and had a hard time finding a dress for my NINE MONTH OLD that didn’t show too much of her chest that was still cute/fashionable. Now is that ridiculous or what?!….I DREAD the “older” girl clothes….I see as I still get to walk PAST them to the little girl clothes at Target now.

    My trapper keeper had that dog…what was her name…Poochy?? I think that was it. LOL!!

    See ya tonight!

  • debra

    All I gotta say is: I am glad I have a boy :) Good luck on your quest to find full coverage, cute panties for your girls.

  • Anna G

    I’m so happy that you’re a mom who wants her kids to really be kids. Your girls are lucky to have you :)

  • The Gang’s All Here!

    I so know what you mean!

    One day, I was down on my knees digging thru the clearance rack at my local Kohls. Another mom was on the floor too and we chatted about the fun of girls’ clothes and the great prices. She all of a sudden held up a pair of yoga pants with “Princess” spelled out across the butt (size 8-ish) in glittery sparkles.

    “Oh, aren’t these cute?!” she said.

    “No, not really. Did you ever think that when she wears them some old man is gonna be reading that written across her behind? do you really want that for your daughter?” I replied, no longer chatty or smiling.

    “Um, wow. I never thought of that before. I guess your right,” she said almost sheepishly while she put them back.

    One more litte bummy’s innocence preserved. My work here was done.

    Ugh. But I was so frustrated. She never thought of that?! Come on, it was in all CAPS right across the buns, in bright sparkles. Moms are SUPPOSED to think of that and protect our daughters from all the pervs we can. Not advertise and lure them out of hiding! Sheeeesh.


  • marijana

    I feel your pain…but luckily for us down under (Australia) we have Bonds underwear and they are great.Colorful and pretty but made for kids-iykwim.and they are pure cotton too..:) I hate synthetics.

    love love love your blog Angie….


  • Mandi

    Oh, Angie! You made a terrific argument for the Great Panty Debate of ’08!!!

    I agree with everything you said…society is forcing our little girls to grow up too fast and in a way that is inappropriate. It’s great that you are teaching your daughters to dress with modesty…even if that means they confront others who don’t in Krogers! Haha(:

    Oh, and my sister and I LOVED picking out our new Trapper Keepers every year, but I can’t for the life of me remember my favorite…I know there were kitties involved one year. (:

  • Casey

    You might be interested in this petition. Lots of moms have trouble finding little girl appropriate clothing…

  • The Rose Room

    ha ha, I am with you, and have you seen the little bra thingies you can buy for them????? My girl is 5 but tall, we are still doing the Princess panties thing and long may it last. I am all for little girls being little girls and leaving the low riders and g strings for much later in life! I am a hip but older – fashioned Mummy!!! Yours was a great story, hope you get a great wig!!! Rachaelxo

  • Kim @ My Journey

    Oh, I am right with you…. when my sweet girl recently “moved” to the big girl section, I was devastated. Why do they offer sleazy girl panties? What’s sad is it’s bc obviously someone’s buying them!

    Ok, now I’m struggling to remember which Trapper Keeper I had!!! I can’t think of it…. :) Aghhh…

    Have a great start to your week!!!

  • rebecca

    Oh my goodness Angie, I had the same unicorn Trapper-Keeper. Forgot all about it until you mentioned it! How cool we thought we were, huh?? Thanks for the memories and the laughs!

  • Meghan

    You are a riot! TOTALLY had the unicorn AND the kitty trapper keeper… Those were the days!

    I’m not looking forward to the panty days… the way things are going, I’m kind of surprised (though grateful), that DIAPERS aren’t being transformed yet to “fit the times”!


  • violetposy

    Hi Angie,

    I'm with you! I live in the UK and it's no different here. My little girl is 5…but she's in size 7-8 clothes (she's really tall). You would not believe the clothes that are in that age group. Here they make the same clothes that they aim at 14-15 year olds, but in the smaller sizes.

    I personally don't want my 5 year old in mini skirts and glittery boob tubes – which I have seen aimed at 7 year olds! And underwear is the same story, they even had bras (just pretend ones)and thongs for sale for 6-7 year olds here recently – awful!!! So I pretty much stick to Gap Kids or H&M now, she likes the clothes and I think they are age appropriate.

    Sorry for the rant, but it really is my one pet hate!! :) x

  • Chad and Sandy

    You make me smile!


  • Melissa

    Bite the bullet and spend the extra $$ at Gymboree. Their clothes are still sweet, modest “little girl” clothes and they have “little girl” style panties that are still just trendy enough that my kiddo can think she’s cool. I feel your pain; I have a six year old and gone are the days of shopping at Target for her necessities!!

  • Becky

    Monday is not my best day at work but reading your post gave me a chuckle! Thanks! We had to have modest shorts for camp one year and my daughter had to wear boy’s because they were the only ones we could find long enough!
    Keep being a Moral Mama Angie! When my youngest daughter was a senior in High School, she made black ribbons to wear and a sign for her locker that said, ‘In memory of my classmates who have been killed by abortion.’ Whoa. The kid got death threats. Keep being a moral mama. Those little minds are like traps…

  • Jaime

    I am right there with you when it comes to finding modest clothes for my 3 year old. Sometimes we walk through the big girl section and I start to worry about the years to come. The other thing I don’t get about girls panties is why on earth do they need boy shorts too. They really aren’t the comfy. UGH
    As for the Trapper Keeper, I always wanted the Kitty in the Basket one, but instead had to settle for my brother’s hand-me-down plain blue one.

  • Kim

    I appreciate your humor SO much! Thank you for that. Now on to other issues….I am SOOO thankful my daughter is now almost 20 years old and was raise with a huge amount of modesty and non-bikini, hoochie-mama panties! UGH!

    My challenge now lies in daily teaching my 8 year old son about respecting girls and women…when the world tends to throw UNmodest visions into his face! UGH again!

    Praising God that I don’t have to do that alone!


  • mrhmom3

    Parenting in this day and age is a constant battle to protect iur children’s innocence. Clothes, TV shows, toys, school supplies, etc all must be carefully screened to insure that our children are not being exposed to things that they should not be exposed to so early in life. Some of my most frustrating times have come in the store trying to find clothes that didn’t make my girls look like they were “sexy”. Sexy should not be a word used with young children. Young children shoul be allowed to be CHILDREN. Why is there such a push to have them “grow up” so fast. My other pet peeve is makeup packaged and sold in the toy aisle. I really don’t want my 6 and 10 year old girls wearing makeup. For them, it is fun. But I see a child who is trying to do things that shouldn’t be done until a later age. Is it a crime to want my girls to stay innocent for as long as possible. There are enough things that they are exposed to in this life that I have to explain to them way too early.

  • mel

    While I am big supporter of Target (and even told my husband he should buy stock in Target), I have felt it is pretty tasteless and trying to make our daughters grow up entirely too fast. I was able to find a huge bag of granny panties for my 6 year old at target, but after much searching like you. Don’t even get me started on the greeting card section at Target…

  • Linda

    Knowing how hard it’s gonna be to dress your girls appropriately makes me feel a little better for my boy.

    It is impossible to find cute boy clothes that aren’t covered in some kind of character merchandising. And when they’re babies, you can’t find anything at all. Everything’s pink with lace.

  • Angie

    I feel the exact same way, I want my daughter Ava to have cute clothes but I want her to look like she’s 6 not 16!

  • Keri Brown

    I completely understand. My daughter is a very tall/big girl. She’s 9 and wears a medium in the juniors and a 7 1/2 shoe! Yes, I have to pay as much for her shoes as mine!! And “Mom, why can’t I get these (holing a 4″ heel), they’re in my size????” I digress, anyway, I was able to keep her dressed like a girl for a long time (age 7 or 8) with Gymboree. There panties are awesome and I think go up to 12. They cover their whole behind. :) So, rest easy, your troubles are few now, be glad or hope that they don’t outgrow the “girls” section at age 9. We struggle so much b/c the junior section is all tighty fit and low cut. I guess teenager fashion is very different from what I consider appropriate!! Hang in there. You are not the only one out there trying to find a decent paire of panties!!!:)
    Keri Brown
    South Carolina

  • Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

    Oh, that is hilarious…and quite irritating. Why do “they” think our daughters need to dress like that? I had the hardest time finding shorts for my 6 year old this summer that weren’t super short. I hope you don’t find this morbid, but I think you understand that you have to make the best of a bad situation. My daughter has special needs (Rett Syndrome) and is still in diapers. I think they have Elmo on them – pretty safe I guess. I also joke that at least when she gets older I won’t have to worry about what she wears because I will still be able to pick out her clothes.

    Oh, what kind of “sticks” were these?

  • sheridan

    I totally am with you on the whole modesty issue! I think we need to start a revolution! (or maybe just learn how to sew)

  • Crystal

    I don’t have any kids but I do know what you mean about the little girls clothing that is being made now. My bf has a little sister (6) and I often shop for her and am shocked sometimes at what I see. Glad you were able to FINALLY find some panties for the girls that were appropriate.

    Still praying, Angie.

    LaGrange, GA

  • Aub-Margret

    We go in for our ultrasound on Tuesday and we are terrified it will be a girl. A girl who will be loved and cared for by us, who are terrified of the subjects like this one. And I know the pantie debate of 08 is only a drop in the bucket compared to the other scary issues and girl has to face and we have to guide us through.

    Fortunately we have God on our side, so maybe He will show us where the non-butt crack panties are when we need them.

    Alli for

  • Lindsey

    I feel the same way. Even dolls are immodest these days. My two year old daughter was given a “brat doll” and we did not allow her to keep it. We appreciate that someone thought of her, but we cannot sacrifice our morals and teaching her modesty just to be polite. These teachings have to start while they are young. Thanks for sharing the struggle with us other moms of daughters!

  • All Things BD

    Ack, I am one of those customers that BUYS the bikini underwear for her daughter but LET ME EXPLAIN!! My 8 year old daughter has always refused to wear anything that rides up on her tummy (just like her dad, who wants to have pants ride below the paunch in front but cover the rear in back, go figure). She’s just uncomfortable in briefs and kept shoving them down as a preschooler.

    However, I still don’t want her looking like a hootchie mama so we have to then shop for long shirts that cover her exposed belly. Complicating matters is her long torso, and the fashion industry’s obsession with all things belly baring, so we still have clothing issues.

    I also have to agree with Jill on the bathing suit selection this summer. Trashy. I ended up getting a UV protection suit with sleeves for her. :)

  • Phillips Family

    I find the push-up, “cute” bras in the tween section QUITE disturbing. Seriously, what happened to the sweet, white cotton trainer bra?

    Also, have you noticed a lot of the halloween costumes for little girls look like bar maid outfits…seriously it is like Raggedy Ann as Bar Maid, Princess as Bar Maid, Scarecrow as Bar Maid. Aaargh!

    I totally was in love with my hot pink/bubbles Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

  • An anything but quiet life…

    I totally agree, what is wrong with little girls( under 12 BTW), looking like little girls. It seems like more and more clothes look like they belong in the “little hooker collection”- and moms buy them because kids ‘think’ they need them. Let them be children-they will grow up soon enough…too soon. Boys are a little easier to outfit-just steering clear of the scull/crossbone motif, little biker gang.
    I was preppy growing up-I so wanted my children to wear RL clothing. Coverage where it should be. Clean cut clothes. and no need for wigs!

  • The Schauble Family

    I did cave and buy the low riders only because I have petite little girls and they were the only underwear that 45% did not stick up above the waist level jeans. But they completely covered my girls’ bums. I bet you haven’t seen the little girl thongs then. Yep they have them. My husband are agast at the clothing in the big girl section as I have one who has graduated into the size 5 clothing. What happened to covering the bellies and skirts longer than their bums. And shoes that don’t have heels. We layer shorts under skirts which is a rare occasion for her to wear to school. Since she doesn’t know to sit with her legs closed and they do a lot of criss cross applesauce sitting.

    Thanks for you blogs. Us MOMs need to band together on little girls clothing.

    In HIS love

  • Kristy

    I have a 9 yr. old daughter – and I did feel very sad when we moved from the back section to the front – to the big girls. She likes her “days of the week” panties, but thankfully, hers are plain brief like ones. Someone actually bought her a pack of skimpy ones one year. I was like, “WHAT??” Luckily, at her age, she is all about modesty. I pray she continues on with that during the teenage years.

  • Kelly

    I want Harper to wear smocked bishops with bows in her hair all the way into junior high.
    I’m sad by all the BABY clothes that look like something a teenager or grown woman would wear – like the high heeled shoes they just came out with for infants.
    Why rush these little girls????

  • Randi Jo :)

    I’m so glad others talk about this struggle — it’s unreal what they make for kids these days hehehe I’m 25 years old and feel like a 80 year old saying that :)

    my fave trapper keeper was either my my little pony one…. strawberry shortcake…..or rainbow brite! :)

  • Angela

    I am with you,kids should dress like kids. Not like teenagers or adults. And frankly, teenagers and adults need some help these days too. I have a boy and a girl under two and I am not looking forward dressing them when they are older and especially when they have opinions and what’s cool.
    My tapper keeper, was purple. I didn’t do the whole girly picture thing. My Mom wouldn’t let me have anything to satan looking either and that included weird looking cats. I did get a few folders with kittens or flowers. But absolutely no peace signs. It’s weird what you remember your Mom saying no too.

  • Courtney

    I’m glad I have boys…I’ll just have to invest in some blinders earlier than intended, I guess. :)

    Also, it sounds like the solution to your problem is to shop “Ebay Thailand” per “’s” comment. You’ll have no problem at least until they’re 11! Sweet.

    And the Trapper Keeper…I have two older brothers and grew up in a home where we passed down and reused much of what we had. I think I remember a Q-Bert Trapper…

  • jdlusher

    I’m with you!!! My daughter is getting ready to turn 5 and I’m dreading moving up to the big girl section too. My big hang up recently was with the Olympics…why did the Women’s Beach Volleyball teams HAVE to play in bikini’s but the men managed to play in shorts and a tank???? I LOVE volleyball, but come on – you CAN play in clothes!! Anyway, enough about that… Trapper Keeper had a rainbow and hearts on it – and, if I really wanted another one like it, there’s one on e-bay for $50…..wish I’d kept mine to sell. Crazy!!
    I always enjoy catching up on your blog!
    God Bless,

  • Wendi @ Every Day Miracles

    So, So funny Angie! :) I have three boys and today I am thankful. Just bought the cutest little plaid boxers for my 3 year old. :)
    Sticks are awesome – $4 is a pathetic discount. :)

  • Patti Cole Cowgill

    ok angie –
    you never fail to evoke some sort of emotion from me. today it was laughter… and i totally understand! i want my little boy to stay my little boy as long as possible… not with a skull and crossbones on his shirt! ugh!

    thanks for opening your world to us…

  • Southern Gal

    When my now 19-year-old daughter was little, they still had the cute panties in the larger sizes. But, they were starting to introduce the whole ‘let’s look like we’re 18 when we’re 5′ fashions.

    Well, I got mad and bought a sewing machine and started sewing my little girl’s clothes. I still have those timeless dresses hanging in my closet. I even learned to smock.

    Who knows? If my daughter has a daughter someday, she may opt to go with the modest little girly-girl clothes her mama made for her instead of the ‘let’s look like we’re 30 when we’re 3′ fashion statement.

    I also have oodles of scraps from my sewing days with which I plan to make a quilt to give to my girl. If I can just find the time and the teacher!


    P.S. Go in the woods and pick up the sticks, tie them up with a beautiful bow or whatever they did to them at Target, and voila! Yours for practically free! Grapevine wreaths are great, too.

  • amy

    I have a 7 yr.old, and I was so, so sad to move out of the Toddler section 2 years ago! I have found that all clothes shopping for my daughter is difficult. For underwear, we currently have a selection of gymboree clearance items–full of hearts, puppies, princesses, castles, and such. I found them for $ .99 a pair, and I bought them ALL-in her current size (5/6) and in the next size up (7/8).

  • KARA

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time but HAD to comment on this one…I was literally laughing out loud at my desk. I can give you a HUGE AMEN on the panty situation as I am continually appalled at what is considered appropriate for teenagers, and at church??? Don’t get me started. I am a mother of boys so while I don’t see myself having the “great panty debate”, I do see a fight in my future over where the waistband of one’s pants should be. The saggy bottom jean I fear is my arch enemy!

    Now the trapper keeper – again laughing out loud at the memory. While I do love a good school supply, the thing I remember most is the unmatched joy that I took from going to our school roller skating parties (come on – you had those right?) with my OWN skates courtesy of my sweet grandma. There is nothing that says “cool” like bypassing the rental counter and strolling in with my pearly white skates with pink wheels, pink stopper, and pink pom-poms slung over my shoulder. Ahhhhh the days!

  • Kim

    Oh my goodness don’t get me started!!! As a Mom to an almost 17 year old girl and a 13 year old boy I FEEL your pain! Every shirt Cassidy puts on is SO revealing and Kyle and I got into a major argument about sagging jeans. I consider myself fairly hip as well, but I just cringe when I see the fashions. I will admit that since mine are a little older, cute little girl underwear wasn’t as hard to come by back then.
    On a high note, I found the CUTEST magnetic block picture holders on an end cap this weekend for .74 cents!!!! I bought a ton of them! Some had sports themes, some had baby themes, and some were just plain. Very cute and VERY discounted! I always shop the end caps but like you find that there is not always a “bargain” like they want you to believe!
    I think I had the rainbow/heart Trapper Keeper.
    Wow, the good old days…..

  • Jo

    Angie… I had the trapper keeper with the horses looking over the fence. I was OBSESSED with horses as a young, modestly dressed girl :)

    I have a boy… so don’t really have the panty problem, but I do have the “offensive language on t-shirts” debate when I shop for him.

    As a teacher, I am offended by shirts that proclaim “Homework makes me sick” or “I only come to school for recess”.

    I also hate little girls with writing on their butts! WHY would you want someone to look at your child’s butt? Honestly! I just imagine some psycho staring at a little 5 year old’s butt and drooling at the bold “BITE ME” slathered across it like butter! SICK!!!!!

    I think we need to start writing to the people in charge of ordering these things for the stores. The people who work in the store… including the managers… can’t do a thing about it. It is the person in charge of merchandising that is the problem. Oh… and the people who actually BUY the crap for their children.


    Sorry for the long comment… I could go on all day.

  • Carrie

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at this one! I agree with the panty selection, kids are growing up WAY to fast these days, what happened to barbie dolls and princess castles at the age of 10…I mean, I did it. I’m just saying. ;)

  • StitchinByTheLake

    I confess to looking at the sticks in Target yesterday. Looking, shaking my head, and putting them back on the shelf thinking, “I just had Ike visit my yard and I could give you all the sticks you want for free!” Who in the world would pay $25? As for the panties the rediculousness of clothing has led me to avoid those aisles. I’m an “older” (I’ll be 62 in about 10 days) 20 or 40 pounds overweight woman and I can barely find panties for myself, let alone a child, that are what I’d call decent. Makes me crazy! blessings, marlene

  • sarah

    I have a 12 year old girl and if you think the clothes/pantie issue is bad at 5 and 6–just you wait. All pairs of ‘cute’ jeans require the inappropriate panties!

    A panty endorsement: although, they are pricey, try the Hanna Anderson catalog. Once or twice a year they run a great sale. My daughter has worn this brand for a long time and because they are really lovely fabric, they last a long, long time. (No skull and crossbones, either)

    On another note, a $4 discount at Target is not worthy of a red sticker! What happened to the old days when a red sticker discount was a serious discount!

  • kevin and angela

    Praise God for all these moms who wrote in and seek to teach modesty to their little women! I sometimes feel like we’re on our own here. My husband and I agree that girls should dress modestly from day one so that they don’t request to wear a bikini, etc when they’re older and it’s not acceptable! Also, sadly, parents must be aware that there are too many adults who are sickly attracted to children. Please protect your children by teaching modesty NOW.

  • Jamie

    Oh my goodness, I have had this same rant many many times!

    Trying to find a bathing suit for my six year old this year was atrocious. While it may be ‘cute’ for a little one to be wearing something like that (and I use the term very very loosely) what kind of a precedent does it set? Why will it then not be okay for them to wear teeny tiny bikinis at age ten?

    I’ve been making a lot of my kids clothes lately… even underwear, simply because I can’t find anything that is age appropriate. Why are we trying to make our kids grow up so quickly? It’s sick, it’s really really sick.

    Oh dear, now I need a wig after ranting to comment here! Yikes!

  • Pam

    I would have agonized, too, both over the sticks and the panties.

    The sticks would have stayed in the store, so I am right there with you.

    I have an 8-yr. old boy who could bring me my share of sticks free, I guess. Not as decorative, but free nonetheless. : )

    As far as the panties go, my oldest is now almost 13, and I also have a 10-year-old. We’ve been doing the whole panty “dance” for years now.

    I did finally acquiesce and agree to hipsters for my oldest, but they are Hanes, with no racy messages or skulls present. Thankfully my younger likes the briefs still, which eases this mama’s angst slightly.

    This post made me chuckle, and I am right on the same page with wanting my girls to be modest and to be their age. Have a blessed day, dear Angie. : )

  • Billie

    I am with you! I have a 6 year old myself. and I want to pull my hair out in EVERY store! It’s making it more difficult for us to raise “ladies”

  • Becca Sports

    I totally agree about kids being kids. I have 4 daughters and I don’t look forward to trying to find clothes for them in the future (the oldest is only 5 so we are almost there). I did have an issue at Carters (yes, Carters for adorable little girl). I bought underwear not even thinking anything about it until I got them home and washed them. I was like “what in the world”…they were bikini underwear, in size 4!!! My husband and I were very displeased. Now I make sure to check the underwear before I buy them. Who knew that I even had to look at what type of underwear they are selling to a 4 or 5 year old, they are kids!

    Someone also mentioned baby clothes looking pretty “old” and I agree. I remember going to buy something for my daughter when she was 9 months and it was very inappropriate for the age. Too bad our struggle to find modest clothes has moved down to our children.

    As for Targets sticks, I would agree that $4 does not warrant a red sticker. Only if something is 30% off or more should it be considered clearance. They are just sticks right?

  • Jennifer

    I had an awesome Trapper Keeper too… it had balloons on it and I think there were trees too. I believe it is still upstairs now being used as a photo book.

    Jenn in PA :)

  • amber4rich

    WOW!! I made it before the comments are in the triple digets…so I will hurry with my words!
    I have been blessed with a little boy and do not have the “panties” problem; however, I have the ninja and fighting character problem. Why can’t the underwear have characters that are good and wholesome? The underwear switches from Elmo to Power Rangers too fast!
    I LOVE trapper keepers! I just recently started going back to college to finish my bachelor’s degree and I loved buying “school supplies”. I felt like I was in Junior high all over again! I didn’t buy a trapper keeper, because they don’t make them as cool as they used to be, but I did buy the cool folders with the wonderfully childish pictures on them! I steared clear of the Hannah Montana aisle.
    I love your blog!!

  • Tab and Scott

    Uh, huh… We’re there… have been there. I am now the mom of young ‘tween’ girls, and let me TELL YOU HOW HARD THE SHOPPING IS!!! Keep talking to them! They pick it up! Sounds like you are fixing to graduate to Lands’End and LLBean, unless you are lucky enough to just run into stuff. it is soooo hard. Wait till they are 10 and THEY want a modest swimsuit! It can take FOREVER. I actually saw a pair of grade school -aged panties in a store that said “juicy” and one that said “yummy” across the butt……Truly appalling! It makes me want to yell,
    It is NOT cool,…I believe it makes God weep, don’t you????

  • The Princess

    So, post and post of touching subjects and I choose to finally comment on this one!! Months of reading, and here I am outing myself!!

    But yes, I too am extremly frustated and vent such frustration in the stores. For instance, my almost 3 yr. old needs a pair of khakis for the Fall. We have some cute short sleeve shirts which look cute with a little cardigan and all we need is a cute pair of tan pants. I have looked everyone and all I have found are low riding flared street walker pants for my sweet litte girl. I am beyond disgusted with how the clothing manufacturers are dressing our toddlers as if they are 33 instead of 3. But sadly, there is a demand and many disillusioned Mom’s are buying into it.

    As far as undies for my little one? I just go straight to Gymboree and buy them there. We don’t do characters here nor do I do low riders so I’m always safe in Gymboree. Yes, I pay more to cover her tushy, but I’m also refusing to give in to this new trend!

    Geez, I could go on and on with my frustration and do my own post right here in your comments!!

  • Shannon

    I have 2 girls, an almost-5-year-old and an almost-6-year-old, and this post TOTALLY resonated with me! Having just done our back-to-school shopping, I completely sympathize with having to preview the backpack isle, the folder isle, the spiral notebook isle, and (most of all) weeding through all the hoochy clothes (panties included.) I’m sorry, but when did it become cool to dress your barely-bigger-than-a-toddler like a hooker?! For that matter, when did it become cool for anyone (other than a hooker) to dress that way?

    Summertime made me sad this year because it was so hard to find just regular cute, stylish little girls’ clothes that could still demonstrate modesty. *SIGH* Wintertime styles, due only to the cooler temperatures, tend to at least require more fabric. =)

    Love your posts, and thankful for the smile. If you see another mom in a wig ranting at a sales clerk about “hoochy clothes,” it’s probably me.

    BTW, I did manageto find regular-kid panties with princesses at Walmart this year…


    AMEN!!! I recently had the same dilema (paties) at Target and also ended up with the not-so-cool, 6 pack of solid colored briefs, for our daughter. I just want my “baby” to be a baby and not be forced to grow up because society introduces all of these new things to her.

  • stephanie

    I get my 6 yo daughter’s panties from Not only do they cover her properly ;) but they are really soft and comfortable- she won’t wear anything else anymore!

    I also have an issue with how ‘grown up’ they make little girls clothes these days! I try to stick with brands like Hanna Andersson, Children’s place (though they have some questionable stuff too!) and Gap… just because they tend to cover better. I especially love our Hannas- AND you can dress your big girls to match your little :)

  • connorcolesmom

    Ok I am laughing but totally get your frustration. I do not have a little girl yet when I walk by a girl section I am sickened by their choice of clothes. It is disgusting! Why parade around little girls as se* objects and at 5 yrs old no less – YUCK!
    Girls need to know their self-worth does not come from how they look but from their Heavenly FAther
    Ok I am off my soapbox now :)
    Have a blessed day,

  • Our Family

    OK, I’m laughing my head off!!! Great post!! I, however, only had a bright blue trapper keeper. My sister loved unicorns, though. =) I have a 3 year old and she thinks she likes Hanna Montana, only b/c she heard someone say it and it rhymes (she loves rhyming!) Anyway, she’s also into Scooby Doo b/c of my nephew. HATE Scooby! I’m just trying to help her learn to make the right choices. That’s not so easy, but we have to conscious of helping them walk that straight line. Who else will teach them if we don’t?
    Again, great post. Thanks!

  • Destini

    My big peeve this year was finding nice modest skirts and dresses for my daughter. Our School has a dress code that stipulates girls must wear a skirt or dress that goes to the knee. Seems that everything out there is micro mini for 8 year olds…
    There is a school uniform section, but the cut and style of the skirt is a little tight.
    I guess the part that saddens me is the clothing designers put out what sells. Why do parents buy this stuff for their girls? What if parents didn’t buy the skimpy tops, panties and skirts? Maybe the designers would get the hint that not everyone wants their babies looking like miniature ladies of the evening!

  • Bits of Silver

    I had the same Target experience when my daughter moved up in sizes. I totally agree with you about keeping kids as kids. We tell our kids their bodies are temples and need to be treated as such. So I do not see anything wrong with you teaching your girls about modesty. Keep up the good work mom! BTW- Walmart usually has a good selection of girls’ panties that cover all the things they’re supposed to. Good luck!!

  • Edens Family

    I am so with you on the “children’s” clothes issue. I just want my little girl to be a little girl , not a five year old trying to be a teenager.
    We were in Target recently and she saw an item with the skull and bones and she couldn’t understand why they put them on the clothes. It was interesting trying to explain why there was a skull on a cute pink kids shirt. :)

  • Eric and Emily

    That’s really very sad Angie! I have two boys, so I can’t say that I’ve experienced this particular issue, but these things are all around us. Even in kids movies, classics sometimes, I can’t believe things that are said and done! What do we do?

  • boltefamily

    No panty issues here. I have boys so they love the superman underoos! So we are safe for now!

    I too had the kitty and unicorn trapper keepers! If that isn’t proof you are “hip” I don’t know what is! Maybe acid washed jeans and an oversized New Kids on the Block neon t-shirt with a plastic clip on the side, along with different colored slouch socks?

  • Christy

    My biggest complaint are the shorts with writing on the rear end. Why does a 10 year old need people staring at the backsides to see what it says!! If I could sew I would make my kids their own clothes complete with EVERYTHING covered!! lol Thansk for the post loved it. I also had the unicorn trapper keeper!!

  • Christie

    You are very funny!
    First, for the matching issue. I have two boys (size 6 and 3T) and was beside myself when I found that I could no longer match them. However! Macy’s goes from size 2-7 in the boys’ section (maybe the girls’ too?) and Children’s Place usually has wonderful matching and/or exactly coordinating outfits – necessary of course for Christmas photos and every other day of the year if you ask me.
    As the mother of boys, can I give a great big thank you to all you mothers of girls who take modesty very seriously?! It really does set my heart at ease to know that there are some moms that care now and will continue to care when all of our kiddos are teenagers (Lord, come quickly!). I understand your frustration over the lack of sweet outfits for elementary age girls. Keep ‘em sweet as long as you can! This Mommy of boys certainly appreciates it!

  • Jungheims

    I understand your pain and will soon even more…my girls are two but my oldest boy is six. In the big boy section there are no more cutesy things, it’s all tough and violence and characters that scare me. (Though I can’t actually claim to know who any of them are.) But I guess at least it’s not sexualization of a child, per se.

    As for the Trapper Keepers, I had cool ones myself. Kitties and the whole bit but the time I knew I was the absolute coolest was my first day of kindergarten. I was obsessed with Little Orphan Annie (what, am I the only one out there?). I had an Annie satchel (book bag like a brief case) and I combined it with my Annie shirt and Annie necklace!! Leapin’ Lizards I was amazing that day! =)

  • Angie

    I have been having the same feelings. My son is soon going to be leaving the baby section!! Its such a big deal for me!! I havent told anyone that everytime I go to walmart…I stare over at the “Kid boy Section”, knowing that soon, very soon my son will be getting his undies, jammies, etc. over there!!!

    And yes, I CANNOT believe the things they have out for little girls! UNBELIEVABLE!! They are children, for crying out loud!!!

    Good blog! (As usual :) )

  • Tina:0)

    I am dreading shopping for my 4 year old in a couple of years. It just amazes me how the fashion industry promotes these "clothes" & then everyone questions why there are so many problems with teenage pregnancy, etc. I think you hit the nail on the head!

    As for the trapper keepers – I with ya! I had both the unicorn & kitty versions! Wow, what a flood of memories:0)! THanks for the reminiscing!

    Tina Walp:0)

  • Kameron

    I have a 15 month old boy, so I don’t even have to worry about this just yet, but I have the same feelings! I was in the girls section buying something for my niece and I was shocked at the grown up undies for little girls. I came home ranting about it to my bewildered husband (who was probably confused as to why I was looking at little girl panties) who replied, “but we have a boy??!!” Little girls are forced to grow up too fast. Why can’t we keep our children sweet and innocent for as long as possible?? The reason has a name, and it’s Brittany Spears…

  • Erin J. Photography Blog

    YES! I am frightened about my baby growing up b\c it’s almost like there is no other option than to be sexual all the time! Have you SEEN the new 90210? Apparently girls should all be having sex at 15! AH! I just don’t know what to do to protect and yet prepare her from the world.

  • Strawberry Blonde

    My daughter is 7, NOT 27! I also have the HARDEST time finding things appropriate for her to wear. The low rise boy short panties get me every time, though. I actually found her a great pack of panties at TJ Maxx. They were Calvin Klein with cute polka dots. Modest, but not standing up six inches out of her jeans, either.

    She is in public school and the longer she is there, I see that she is in the minority of the way she dresses. I do dress her with as much modesty that is fashionably acceptable. So, yes, my friend, I feel your pain.

  • Chris

    My twins are almost 4, still firmly ensconced in the toddler department, and twice now I have accidentally bought them bikini panties! Size 3T!!!

    If it’s any consolation, we went ahead and opened one packed to try. The girls hated them and were always picking them out of their bottoms.

    What’s really sad to me is that there are plenty of parents who think that this stuff is cute on little girls. My 5 year old neice has several bikinis. Maybe it’s not offensive, but really, if it’s okay for them to dress like that when they are 5, what’s it gonna be when they are 15?

  • Christy@pipandsqueak

    A out 6 months ago I saw some sandals that were clear acrylic straps and had about a 1.5 inch heel. They were a toddler size 4. What in the world would my two year old need a set of heels for? I dread the day that her friends are dressing not as modestly as I like. For now she is only 2.5 and I am in control of the modesty of her clothes. She may be in control of the fashion ensembles from day to day but at least she is only choosing from modest clothes.

  • April, Kevin, Amelia, and Tessa

    I understand! My daughter just turned 3 and is wearing size 5. Underwear are impossible! I finally found the perfect kind at JC Penny. They are Weesentials (or something like that) and the best part is that they run really big so I actually bought a size 3. They go up to at least size 5, so if you need more undies, try them out! Oh yeah, and they ARE appropriately designed!

  • Kathleen

    I am totally with you on the modesty, the keeping them kids, etc. However, I thought I’d let you know that I am oh-so-grateful for “bikini” panties for little girls. (I know nothing about low-riding or hipster panties, though. Don’t like the sound of them.) But as for bikini panties… well… my girls apparently have a rather short crotch measurement… and when they were those ages, they had little bellies that hung out over tiny little bottoms. And they HATED anything up over that belly!

    To make it short and sweet… brief panties either had to be folded over eight times, or they had to literally go around their rib cage. No, I’m not kidding you… that’s how God made my little girls. “Bikini” bottoms, on the other hand, almost reach their belly buttons, cover them 100% completely in the back, and don’t have to be rolled down. I was a happy mom when I found those. :-)

    (Just to reassure you a little about some of the moms who buy bikini bottoms.)

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I hate walking through the little girl’s department at JC Penny with the racks of sparkling string bikini panties!! What IS that!?!? My poor husband almost has a coronary every time and mutters to himeself “my daughter will NEVER”.
    As for Trapper Keepers… I had every Lisa Frank thing imaginable. You’re not alone!!!

  • Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's)

    My daughter will be six in December as well. Finding clothes that cover her belly are extremely hard. Shorts are getting shorter, so we opted for mostly skirts (which she prefers) and goucho pants (I really think I butchered that) for the summer. She was pleasantly pleased.

    Our trouble comes in the shoe department. Try finding dress shoes for a size 13, FIVE year old that don’t have heels higher than what I wear! I also, was none to nice the overly feminine male associate who tried to convince me that all shoes for little girls were made that way and pretty much should be. I just glared at him and said, “She’s FIVE years old…not 12!” He wasn’t convinced but he didn’t mention that several moms have complained about the heels on shoes for little girls. For now, I’ve lucked out at consignment sales and searching every store that carries shoes!

    And for the panties, we found some coverage panties at Wal-Mart. I think I got a pack of Fruit of the Looms for $5 (10 in a pack). Just an FYI.

    Thanks for your blog, your honesty and your complete devotion to Christ and living for His glory!

  • Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's)

    My daughter will be six in December as well. Finding clothes that cover her belly are extremely hard. Shorts are getting shorter, so we opted for mostly skirts (which she prefers) and goucho pants (I really think I butchered that) for the summer. She was pleasantly pleased.

    Our trouble comes in the shoe department. Try finding dress shoes for a size 13, FIVE year old that don’t have heels higher than what I wear! I also, was none to nice the overly feminine male associate who tried to convince me that all shoes for little girls were made that way and pretty much should be. I just glared at him and said, “She’s FIVE years old…not 12!” He wasn’t convinced but he didn’t mention that several moms have complained about the heels on shoes for little girls. For now, I’ve lucked out at consignment sales and searching every store that carries shoes!

    And for the panties, we found some coverage panties at Wal-Mart. I think I got a pack of Fruit of the Looms for $5 (10 in a pack). Just an FYI.

    Thanks for your blog, your honesty and your complete devotion to Christ and living for His glory!

  • Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's)

    My daughter will be six in December as well. Finding clothes that cover her belly are extremely hard. Shorts are getting shorter, so we opted for mostly skirts (which she prefers) and goucho pants (I really think I butchered that) for the summer. She was pleasantly pleased.

    Our trouble comes in the shoe department. Try finding dress shoes for a size 13, FIVE year old that don’t have heels higher than what I wear! I also, was none to nice the overly feminine male associate who tried to convince me that all shoes for little girls were made that way and pretty much should be. I just glared at him and said, “She’s FIVE years old…not 12!” He wasn’t convinced but he didn’t mention that several moms have complained about the heels on shoes for little girls. For now, I’ve lucked out at consignment sales and searching every store that carries shoes!

    And for the panties, we found some coverage panties at Wal-Mart. I think I got a pack of Fruit of the Looms for $5 (10 in a pack). Just an FYI.

    Thanks for your blog, your honesty and your complete devotion to Christ and living for His glory!

  • Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's)

    My daughter will be six in December as well. Finding clothes that cover her belly are extremely hard. Shorts are getting shorter, so we opted for mostly skirts (which she prefers) and goucho pants (I really think I butchered that) for the summer. She was pleasantly pleased.

    Our trouble comes in the shoe department. Try finding dress shoes for a size 13, FIVE year old that don’t have heels higher than what I wear! I also, was none to nice the overly feminine male associate who tried to convince me that all shoes for little girls were made that way and pretty much should be. I just glared at him and said, “She’s FIVE years old…not 12!” He wasn’t convinced but he didn’t mention that several moms have complained about the heels on shoes for little girls. For now, I’ve lucked out at consignment sales and searching every store that carries shoes!

    And for the panties, we found some coverage panties at Wal-Mart. I think I got a pack of Fruit of the Looms for $5 (10 in a pack). Just an FYI.

    Thanks for your blog, your honesty and your complete devotion to Christ and living for His glory!

  • Jeanette

    When my kids were little, I actually found thongs “panties” in the kids department. Yep, I made a scene and apparently I was not the only one. The next week they were no longer available.

    I feel your pain and I share your frustration. Thankfully my teenage daughters feel that low rise and thongs are “just wrong”!

    Must be doing something right – better put that down in a book somewhere :}


  • findingourdaughter

    LOL, I have boys, but we are adopting a baby girl from Russia…..waiting for a referral now. And DH and I have insisted she will only wear 1 piece swimsuits…no bikinis on my daughter! Sadly, as I started to allow myself to shop in the girls section this summer for the first time….I quickly found out that 1 peice swimsuits were the minority. I was not happy. The some mom friends rationalize it with “it’s easier to change the diaper with a 2 piece”. Not for me…..I’ll go the extra effort to change the diaper with a 1 piece or I’ll get her a tankini that COVERS her!
    Lord help my boys when they get older and have the half naken teen girls walking around everywhere….underwear/bellies and boobs showing all over!

  • Valerie

    Thanks for the laugh. I am one of those moms too who dresses her girls the same. I love it!! About the panty thing, amen!! Little girls should dress like little girls and it’s up to us moms to make it happen. I am right there with you!! Oh, and the sticks, can’t you just get some in your backyard for free!!(Ha,Ha)

    God Bless!!;)

  • Christy

    I totally agree with you! My oldest is seven and I have such a hard time with panties and clothes! And shoes!!! Once they get out of the toddler shoes and into girls sizes, they don’t have anything without some serious heels! PTL that she has a strict dress code at school (basically uniforms.) FYI, The Children’s Place is the best place for finding matching/coordinating clothes for different sizes. Whenever I want my kids matching, they can get all four in something great!

  • Amanda KP

    Loved your comments but as a Texan and an English teacher… ;) I have to inform you that y’all is spelled as seen! :) Grammatically speaking, it is a contraction of the words “you” and “all”…hence the apostrophe should follow the “y”! I am only sharing this because I feel compelled as someone from the south who uses it daily…not just to make points!! :)
    Thanks for sharing your panties story…I have young girls and feel your pain! :)

  • Melody

    Angie, you never fail to make me laugh! I completely understand and I have been just as annoyed at the fact that you cannot hardly find a pair of bead embellished jeans for under thiry dollars! My daughter, Katie, loves the jeans with the embroidered butterflies and all the bead embellishments. I have a hard time understanding how a pair of size 8 girls jeans can cost more then my jeans that are twice that size. Seems like mine would cost more since it takes more fabric! Go figure :) By the way, if I remember correctly, my Trapper Keeper had horses on it :)

  • Steph

    LOL about the whole thing! I, too, am appalled at what Target calls “clearance,” but mainly, I had to comment about my daughter (now 7) transitioning to the up front girls section. It was a disappointing lack in cute girls’ dresses and I couldn’t match her with my infant (now 1).
    Lol about your observation of bikini panties. Unbelievable.

  • Michelle

    Oh my goodness-We had the skulls-and-crossbones-on-clothing-for 3-year-olds conversation at church YESTERDAY! When I went to Target a couple of weeks ago, that is almost all I could find on play clothes. And that is the only kind of lunch boxes that I could find there for my 3-year-old to take to Mother’s Day Out at the Methodist Church. It is FRIGHTENING!!!

  • Vonda

    Amen, sister. Trying to teach modesty to young girls in this day and age is getting harder and harder.

    My girls are 7 and almost 5. I am starting to let them pick out their own clothes more and more, but am finding that I am being the “bad guy” when I say no to things their friends are wearing.

    As far as the wig at Kroger, I am more than convinced that our picture is on a poster in Publix stores across the southeast because my son liked hearing his “voice” (more like scream) near the checkout on more than one ocassion.

  • Holli

    Hello! Seriously what is going on with kids clothes these days? A 3 year old in a 2 piece bathing suit with lady bugs on it can be cute. A 3 year old in a string bikini makes me sick to my stomache.

    When my son was little I made sure he was well aware of all the dangers of smoking. Soon he was walking up to random people telling them they were going to die. The topper was when he told the pregnant neighbor she was killing her baby. Ouch!

  • Melanie

    Totally agree!! On all of it!! Those evil red stickers! (And I saw the sticks, too, and also spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out if I could use them somewhere!) And OH the panties. Mine is 8 and fortunately into comfort and not what’s in style. I am not willing/can’t afford to buy her the expensive children’s clothing (which seem to be the only ones carrying modest clothing)…and could Target possibly carry MORE Hannah Montana/High School Musical stuff in the girls’ section? Argh…I’m so tired of it. I wish I could sew.

  • Megan

    I so feel your pain. I am shocked at some of the “adult” clothing that is made for babies. And by babies I mean infants! No, my 8 month-old does not need a bikini!

    I think that I had the same unicorn Trapper Keeper! By the end of the school year, the flap was totally shot because I was not very good a cleaning it out! Thanks for the memories!

  • Laura Hale

    That title is fabulous! Oh, I feel your pain. I am so sad that my 4 year old has moved to the girls department. Though, it’s only for winter and her long legs, then back to the toddlers for next summer. The style of clothes, the cut of clothes, it’s just too much for a 4 year old to look like a teenager. You’re not alone in this! Oh, and JCP usually has regular panties for little girls.

  • lovinsanta

    It makes you feel better when you know someone else sees things as you do…THANK YOU!

    I hated the thought of my daughter growing up not because she wasn’t my baby anymore, but because I dreaded shopping for her. She is 6and I hate shopping because nothing is cute as it still should be for a child of that age, but is instead made for a 15 yr old.

    I used to love Old Navy when she was small but hate it now because it is just simply to mature for her at 6. I shop the clearance at Gymboree/Gap or outlets because it is still CUTE and age appropriate. Target still has some cute stuff as well for that age.

  • Jill

    Two girls I have, still dress them alike if I can, oh it helps me keep an eye on them when we are out. Panties…Oh it is one of those things I hate. Boy cut ones are showing half their cheek, low rise, their crack, briefs are mini grandmas…Oh, when I find a pair that works, they wear them til the fibers are bare. Suits, I must say with having a pool, they do wear two pieces, modest if possible, peeing is so much easier. Trapper keepers, I did love those Lisa Frank ones.

  • Sal

    Thank you, Lord, for Angie and her wit. I needed a good chuckle tonight, and through her I got one. Please bless her, God, and give her a hug along with a package of normal, kid-worthy panties for her girls. May her trips to Target not involve any more wigging out. In Jesus’ name I pray,


  • Pitchin Princess

    I am so with you on the panties and actually all little girl clothes. I have a 6 year old daughter and trying to find jeans to fit her (cover her) is next to impossible. They make clothes for 6 year olds just like they do 18 year olds and I don’t like most of what my 19 year old wears so why would I want it on my 6 year old.

    Don’t even get me started on swim suits. URGH!!!!

  • La Familia Garcia

    Actually, we just went to Target this weekend and my 9 year old daughter asked me what the skull and bones is about and why it is on the clothes!! I dread even more the juniors section which is coming up very soon!

    May we “Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.” Eph 6:17-18

  • KellyB

    Ugh! I feel ya girl!

    Remember when all that mattered was your Lisa Frank trapper keeper…

  • Leslie

    Oh Praise God there are other mothers out there who are in the same boat as me!!!! My daughter is 6 and this has been the hardest year to find cute clothes! I love the smocked dresses with matching hairbows and cute skorts with coordinating tops but my pocket book will only allow for some of those. I really don’t want my LITTLE girl to look so grown up. There will be plenty of years for being grown up. I shope Wal-Mart for panties. Hanes makes panties that come in soft pastels.

    Oh BTW I had a Leif Garret folder (remember him) AND if that were not enough I also wore a yellow t-shirt trimmed in read with Oh Yeah…..Shaun Cassidy!!!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve never posted here before but I just couldn’t resist after reading about your panties situation! I ordered my 3 year old some new panties from and thought they looked a little odd when I pulled them out of the dryer last night. I decided she better try them on to see what the deal was. OH MY GOODNESS!!! From the back, they really look just fine, but from the FRONT…..let’s just say they barely cover her “private parts”. I was absolutely horrified. Needless to say, they are in the garbage! Thank you for giving me a good laugh this morning Angie!

    Your love for God and your family inspires me to be a better mother.

    Tiffany :)

  • Margaret

    I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time…I have cried with you, prayed for you, laughed with you, been happy for you, frustrated with you…but have never replied. So what, this time, has caused me to finally leave a comment? The subject of panties, girls’ clothing and modesty. I have 3 girls (21,14,11), oh, and 2 boys also (18,16) and I am PASSIONATE about teaching my daughters modesty. Kudos to you for your stand on panties. If we moms do not train our daughters, who is going to? the world? oh yeah! I know, from experience, how frustrating it can be shopping for teenagers, but IT IS POSSIBLE to buy “hip” :) and modest at the same time! I am so grateful that God has convicted my daughters to be modest. There are some great books out there on this subject. I have good relationships with both of my sons and, moms, if you knew what they think of your immodest “Christian” daughters, you would give serious consideration to this clothing issue! Come on, parents, let’s change the next generation to be pure in heart, loving Jesus more than self and self-image! Loving Jesus passionately shows on the faces of our teenage daughters and THAT’S what makes them beautiful!

  • Susan

    I don’t have time to read all the comments to see if anyone already said this, but A Children’s Place has matching items from baby to big girl. My daughters are 4 years apart and so I have that challenge. By the way by oldest daughter (6) is now in “big girl” sizes that dreaded 7-14 section. According to that section girls her size don’t wear long sleeves (Even in Colorado) and definately not plain shirts. The shirts must have some “cute” not! saying on them in ghetto lettering. The dresses must be flimsy with slits and fake diamonds and jewels.

    A Children’s Place saved my back to school shopping!

  • Courtney

    We had a swimsuit issue this year. I actually prefer that my almost 4yr old wear a two piece at home when she’s in the sprinkler because it makes dripping wet frantic trips to the potty that much easier, but she knows that we have to cover our belly when we go to the pool. I was finally able to find a full coverage suit at Target, but it’s certainly getting more difficult.

    She really likes the panties at Gymboree. They are more expensive, for sure, but they are a much better quality, have cute innocent designs and she doesn’t suffer from wedgies like with the cheaper Hanes briefs. You just have to catch them on sale.

  • Miller Family

    Good Morning. What a great post to read as I start my day. I am laughing…I too had the coveted Trapper Keeper. Mine had a horse on it in the meadow. Loved that thing!!!
    Second, I have tried to find cute little outfits for my niece who is 10 and I am just shocked at how high the shirts may come on the tummy and how low the pants fit on their little bums. Mind you, I am glad I have two boys when it comes to clothes shopping. Simple…church jeans, and shirts, school jeans and shirts, work jeans and shirts. The last two sometimes count as one. Work boots, tennis shoes and church shoes. Waallaaa! Done.
    I sympathize with the pain of having to see low rider bikini panties for 6 year olds. What is the fashion industry trying to promote? Sorry for the long comment. I could have done my own post on this. Have a great day!!

  • Erin

    I’m putting on my big girl panties to admit that I, on two separate Target trips, put those “clearance” sticks in my cart and then took them back out again. If they had ben $19.99, I’d probably have a fabulous stick-decor pic to share with the group, but alas, I, like you, put them back. Thanks for the hillarious post!!! Erin :)

  • Mary C

    I am SOOOOO with you! Why do they market clothes to little girls that make them look trashy? We have a word for that look in our house:

  • Jennifer Powers

    Oh my….I love the way you wrote about this. I really agree with you about the panties. I’m amazed at what some really really young girls are wearing these days. My daughter is 18 months old so I guess I have a little time to prepare. Have a great week!

    Jennifer in OK

  • Cheryl


    I HATE CLOTHES SHOPPING! Not for me, but for my daughter. She is
    8, and everything that fits her makes her look like a streetwalker. I AM SICK OF IT. I’m glad that I am not alone.


  • Traci Best

    They do not make it easy to keep your girls modest these days. It is WORK.

    Just last week I too was in the Target panty section…I went with great trepidation…I just knew it was going to be nearly impossible to find the panties I wanted for my oldest.

    I ended up blessed beyond belief. I guess the ‘briefs’ that I want are not all that popular! All the packs were on clearance for $2.99/3pk!

    I picked up several packs for Bree then went up a size and picked up a few more. Then I went down to HJ’s size and bought her some in the next size up from where she is now. I couldn’t believe it! For once I hit the jackpot!

    I felt an intsy bit silly praising God (to myself) all the way out to the car for the cheap briefs for my babies! …but not THAT silly! God provides!

    LOL…He is so awesome…


  • Jennifer P.

    Can you sew? When my eldest daughter got to this stage (where there were no longer any cute, modest dresses at the store) I decided I needed to learn how to sew. Failing that drive inside you (lol) there are many websites where homemakers have “cottage businesses” and you can order matching dresses for them (and for you, if so inclined). :o )

    And I agree… little girls should LOOK like little girls. :o )

  • Angela

    You are such a great storyteller! My daughter is only 14 months old. I wonder how much worse fashion trends will be by the time she reaches 5T!…

  • Jill

    I did buy the sticks, and I definitely would not have bought them if they were $25 bucks. I bought 2 boxes and they were like $8 each. I am using them as elements in my decor for my wedding next year. They may even go on my cake-not sure yet…I had some cool folders with whales on them I remember. :)

  • Singing Mommy

    I feel your frustration! My 3 yr old has graduated to the XS/Size 6 panties and some pants. (In her defense, her daddy is 6’8″, and she’s just growing like a weed!!!) It pangs me to walk those aisles and see the crazy, sassy panties and low-rise, tight-fitting pants for kids her age/size. I did, however, find Size 6, kid-cut, princess and Little Mermaid panties for her at both walmart and Kohls…so there is hope!! But it is certainly one more thing to add to our prayer lists…as I imagine our mission to find age-appropriate attire will only become more difficult in the coming years!

  • Kim

    Oh, you rant right on sister! The selection of clothing/undergarments for young girls is ridiculous. My SIL and I have taken to calling it “Prosti-tot Wear”. Glad to hear we are not alone.

    My favorite Trapper-Keeper was neon multi-colored with geometric shapes. Wasn’t life great when your whole world fit into a Trapper Keeper? Oh well, now I need some 80′s music, time to dig out Wham.

  • S

    ha, this was a funny one. I had a trapper keeper that was purple with geometric shapes on it and I thought it was totally awes! I barely used it though b/c I wanted to keep it “nice”. I always wanted a new one, but my wise mother didn’t buy me one since I never used it. There was a kid I graduated with that kept his all through high school and it was duct taped and such. They did a piece in our school paper about how it was like 10 years old and he was still using it. Ah the memories! When did they stop making them, I wonder? Thanks for the laughs.

  • MattandSara

    In defense of the low-rider underwear (and I’m NOT one to defend the latest fashion of the “bigger girls” section in most stores…I’m right there with you) I had to buy those for my 5 year old who INSISTED on pulling her underwear up to her neck and letting about 4 inches of it show above her waist line (she has a really low waist). So in order to enforce modesty in my child I bought the low-riding underwear so she couldn’t do that anymore. That was after arguing over and over about it with her. So that was my solution. But I feel your pain on the “let a kid be a kid” thing.

  • KK

    I am very thankful you finally found some ‘non-plummer’ undies for your precious girls!! And, if you need sticks, I’ll send you some, straight from the woods, free of charge!
    Have a wonderfully blessed week. Praying for all of you.
    Blessings today and everyday,
    Matthew 21:22

  • Scuba Girl

    Man, life is so unfair! Here I am, a 50-year-old woman who still feels 20-something. When I was in school, all we had were those blue canvas-looking binders that lasted about 1/2 a school year, but that's all you got. I never got the joy of a trapper keeper, much less a unicorn one. Buy, while I will always remember my mother's "old lady underwear," my has usually been in the bikini range of fit – those with 3" on the side, full back coverage, and cute colors. My girls were wee in the time before Britney & Madonna began begetting clothing looks (thank goodness!), so we managed with just bikinis for their wear. My 16-year old is still more modest than I am, and won't consider even string bikini-wear, much less a thong. So, I guess I'm lucky I missed all that angst.

  • courtneywrites

    We don’t have any kiddos yet, but my husband and I are constantly in awe of the “clothes” that little girls are wearing these days. If that’s all there is to offer, I can empathize with your frustration. If this keeps up, I better learn to sew so I can make my children clothes that, you know, clothe their bodies. :)

  • alihutch

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on Halloween costumes. I’m afraid I’ll never find something for my 3-year-old that does not include fishnet stockings and bare shoulders!

  • Angie

    Oh my goodness My mouth is open right now. I can not believe they have undies like that for 6 year old. I am with you my girls will be wearing princess panties till they are 18.
    I have to laugh because I used the word “hip” at Target yesterday and the gal checking me out said in a low voice, “we don’t use that word anymore”. I almost busted out a Mr. T ~ I pitty the foul line, but I with held. Anyway hope you have a great week.

  • Makila

    I too have a hard time leaving the toddler section at Target. My son is now in the big boys section. sigh.

    I find it very disturbing shopping for my 3 year old girl. The shirts are slutty, and I can’t stand the words on shirts that are snotty like “I’m in charge!” or “Don’t tell mom!”

    I’m with you.

  • Everyday Thoughts

    Oh my that was a funny story! Thanks for sharing. Thankfully, right now I only have a son that is 15 months old. Frankly it scares me to think I might have to raise a girl in this day and age, but I know God would give me the grace and wisdom to do it! Things these days that are on the market for girls are GROSS and I can’t believe some parents actually buy them! Good for you for standing up for the “REAL” panties!!! I know I would do the same!
    Although, I could do my own venting about trying to find decent BOYS clothing….the little girls section is 3x the size of the boy section in almost every store!!! Okay, off my soap box. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  • Dawn

    Ya think things had changed in the past 20 years!!! Holy cow!! I have a skinny 11 year old that is tall (she is gangly but starting to grow into herself :) ) and to try and find an appropriate one piece swimsuit so she could go to a bible camp this year was like trying to find a mellow kid in a candy store! They dont make such thing as a "modest" swimsuit anymore–the "one piece" suits I found at Target at looked like termites got ahold it if because there was A LOT of the front and back missing except for the tiny strip on the side holding it together–WHAT?? Wheres the rest of it?? Just a plug to any swimsuit manufacturers that may be reading this–start making them for girls with long torsos so the one piece doesnt end up turning into a thong. thanks. As far as girls undies–its impossible, but did ya happen to glance, while in that section of Target, at the little girls bras??? Good Grief–THEY ARE PADDED. My sweet little 11 year old redhead thought they were perfect, as she has the chest of a 12 year old boy! I asked her if she thought she might look kind of funny one day not being blessed in that dept. & the next day walking to school with much more up there?? She agreed and just to please her, we settled on the thin little sports bra thing. Its hard having girls!!

  • a Tonggu Momma

    Ang – Sit down for this one. I am coming out of lurkdom to tell you that I refuse to shop at a local children’s clothing store because, for a few months six years ago, they sold THONG underwear beginning at size 6x. They of course pulled them after numerous complaints, but I will never return to their store.

  • Karen

    oh yes welcome to the big girls dept! My girls all like the Hanes panies, colorful, dots and such. But comfy! They all like the bikinis. They aren’t skimpy. Someone posted about the bras with padding. I too thought WHAT? But when they are developing, it offers some modesty so they aren’t showing their “bumps”. The plain bras don’t cover much and they don’t want the world to see. A 30AA doesn’t make them look bigger, just “neater” under tee shirts.

  • A Dusty Frame

    The thing that makes me so angry is the SI Swimsuit edition magazine being sold at little boy eye level!

    Having a boy opens one’s eyes to the immodest junk that pervades our society.
    I pray that he will stay pure and I wonder how tough will that battle be for him when it’s literally everywhere!

  • Pipsylou

    Oh gosh, you are going to get a gaggle of comments on this one!

    I SO hear what you are saying! My daughter is 3 and I shudder that she already recognizes the Cheetah Girls, who dance around the stage like a little group of prostitutes. Seriously? She doesn’t even WATCH the Disney channel! Where does she get this knowledge of the Cheetah girls?

    And then I realize that there is a whole big bad world out there that wants to steal her childhood and it makes me want to hide under the covers…

    and then I read blog posts like this and am happy to know that I am not alone!

  • Pipsylou

    p.s. My daughter has a colostomy bag, so she HAS to wear a one-piece swimming suit.

    I never thought I’d be excited about any aspect of a wearable bag of turds, but this was one positive I could appreciate! ;)

  • servantsheart

    I am SO with you on the pursuit of appropriate panties. It makes me sad that it is becoming harder and harder for me to find princess panties.

  • S

    You are so hilarious! I laugh until I cry at your stories. I can totally sympathize with you. I have no good advice, I can only make things a little worse by saying, that if you think it is bad now, wait until you have a 14 year old – a very beautiful, curvy 14 year old, who desires to glorify God with what she wears but who ends up in tears every time we go shopping because most women want to leave nothing to the imagination, therefore it is next to impossible to find decent clothing unless you wear a potato sack! Which, like you, we want to be a little “hip”, yet we would like to keep our hips and our rear ends covered up! :) For whatever reason, most people do not agree!

    Anyway, my 6 year old is a boy, and apparently, boys underwear is actually getting bigger (boxer briefs and all) – so I am ok in that department, but my girls and 10 and 14 really have a lot of trouble. As for grocery store incidents, I too, have often needed to hide because one or the other of my children has pointed out the blatantly obvious with regard to someone’s “privacy” parts! As I get older I figure that people who go around like that are begging for attention anyway, so maybe if they begin to see themselves through the eyes of an innocent child (remember, the “emperor” and his lack of clothing) – that they will take the time to look in the mirror themselves before they leave the house.

  • ski

    I agree with dressing my 7yr old modest, but when it comes to panties, the way her little body is shaped the “normal” brief panties come SO far up on her belly she walks around scratching it all day. So you have to find the balance between panties and a girdle. By the way, they also make THONGS for kids that young…YUCK! Who wants a thong on a kid that you still have to make sure they get all the poop off thier bottoms!

    As far as school clothes, our county has a pretty good dress code, jeans/khakies/blue or black pants and a solid color polo. It sounds great sure, and I compeltely understand thier reason for doing so. Its supposed to be more cost effective for everyone so its “fair”. Thats all well and good, but the stores that sell the solid polos also sell rugby stripes and argyle and I dont remember those prints ever jumping off a shirt and causing anyone bodily harm?!?! Sorry, that just really irritates me because my little girl is just such a priss pot.

    But it is difficult to find panties that fit properly and now it is getting difficult to find jeans for her that have more than a 2 inch zipper and dont ride on her little hip bones!

    Thank goodness I can still find cargo pants and button up shirts for my little boy. For some odd reason nobody cares if I show off his little rolly polly mid drif.

    Thanks for the laughs, the tears and all the other emotions your blog has brought to me after I spent the entire weekend staying up WAY too late to read it from the beging. Have an amazing week!

  • Mommy2Boys

    I thought I would comment more on the adventerous side…while experiencing the death of a great grandparent, My Son was rather confused about age and wrinkles! We told him you get wrinkles when you get old….At Target (believe it or not) he ask the lady infront of him.
    Are you gonna die soon, cause you have a lot of wrinkles….

    I wanted to wear a wig for about a year after that!!

  • Princess Motormouth

    I know exactly what you mean. It made me down right mad to go shopping once my daughter was in a 7/8. That was one of the most frustrating times, b/c everything looked like Brittney Spears (Post Hit Me Baby One More Time)& this is what I am to dress my daughter for whom has been doning smocked bishops & the such?

    Ok, getting a 6 year old to still wear a smocked sundress (criss cross in the back that buttoned-PRECIOUS)is a miracle in itself.

    So I asked for a sewing machine and started teaching self to sew. A seamstress I am not, but I'm turning it into a little side gig called Wynnoodles Embroidery & Gifts.

    Hang in there it gets better once they get into a size 12, maybe…

  • familyoftwo98

    No living children of my own sadly…but I am 100% on point here with you! Manufacturers are rushing our children far to quickly into adulthood. However they aren’t 100% to blame–if more parents-BOTH-mom and dad said NO to these designs then they would stop being made. However when mom wants a “mini me” and thinks that a size 2t thong is “oh so cute” then they will keep making them.

    I am not one to start too many cruisades…but this is one that I would whole heartedly support if if ever got started!

  • okp

    Your story reminded me of a book I heard about. You may be interested:

    Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom. And it’s on sale! :)

  • Beckycain6

    Ha ha ha, welcome to life as a mother of daughters. I HATE all the hoochie stuff available to our girls.

    I have the funniest story to share, but have to scoot out the door. Stay tuned.

    Love to you all,

  • Brittanie

    I’ve not had any of these mom moments in actuality yet. I mean, my daughter is only nearly 16 months old (although the 12m bikinis did horrify me a bit). But I see what you mean everywhere.

    I actually came across this article “too sexy too soon”

    It was good and it made me worry a bit. But yes, you are very normal.

  • Chele

    I have a 7 year old daughter and I know exactly how you feel. I want her to dress “cute”, but don’t want her to not look 7! I remember even buying her a pair of jeans from old navy when she was 18mos and even those were low rise. She looked pretty sassy with half her diaper hanging out;)! I see girls all the time with highly inappropriate clothing and just keep telling myself, my daughter will not be leaving the house like that EVER!
    PS Try the Gap for normal panties! A little pricey, but full coverage and cute!

  • Andrea

    Hi Angie-
    I am so with you on what you shared. I, too, had the horrifying jolt last month that shopping for my 5-year-old at Target meant going to a new section. That was almost as traumatic as her starting kindergarten this fall. I kept thinking, “I’m not ready for this section, I like the clothes in the 0-5T area!”

    It’s horrifying to see what the “fashion experts” think we should be dressing our daughters in. (I don’t think this is such an issue with boys but I’ll get to find that out in a couple of years).

    I’m seriously thinking of honing the few sewing skills I have and start making our clothes. (Cue the music to “Little House on the Prairie”)

    Love in Jesus,

    P.S. Were the sticks just pieces of artistically packaged wood, or were they made of some exotic material to make them look like sticks? Or maybe this is the next generation of the pet rock?!

  • Jaimers99

    Oh I had major issues with swimsuits too. It is just crazy that they are so grown up looking. We get the undies from the Disney store and get them on sale. That way they are covered up and not so grown up. I just love your blog btw. I have been reading it lots but, have never posted.

  • Lorri

    Angie…Mom to Mom, Girlfriend, the character panties for “big girls” are on the other side of the rack at our Target. Maybe you only needed to turn the corner. That would make a great new ending to your tale!

    Lorri, Mom to Livi J. whose panties I have to buy at a speciality store because “those other ones itch.” Her bottom will never see the googly eyed monkies either! :)

  • Sue

    I am so happy to know that you…and apparently many other moms…feel the same way I do. I was beginning to think I was the only one! I have been shocked at how many stores offer NO one-piece swimsuits. And when they do…they’re the ugly suits on the clearance rack. (Not that I mind the clearance part–just the ugly part.) And amen to the panties! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning.

  • Kecia

    Hey,you blog is good for the spirit,the mind and the humor!!
    Love you!!!

  • Kyleene

    Ok, first I have to say I’m pre-trapperkeeper. I carried the wonderful 3 ring binders. Ugh.
    Second, I dressed my girls alike when they were little also, much to my husbands chagrin! ;)
    Third, I think it’s rediculous that they have clothes for little girls that make them look like streetwalkers. Little girls should be able to look like LITTLE girls!
    Kyleene in OH

  • Lorissa

    Demand leads to supply! Can someone please forward all these comments to someone in retail? Moms unite for REAL panties! My two girls, six and eight, are getting hard to shop for.

    I teach in a public high school and I have seen more girls’ bums! It makes me blush, and I feel sorry for the male teachers who are confronted with this every day.

  • Carol

    Oh I had the kitty trapper keeper too. And the metal lunchbox.

  • Stac

    Trapper Keepers! How odd,just last week a co-worker sent me flying back in time by mentioning trapper keepers. Wow! What memories rush back thinking about that. You know…I am not certain, but I think I also had the 3 kitties trapper keeper. I also remember the unicorn, but maybe a friend had it. Anyway, I whole heartedly agree that its a shame that the world is so exhaustedly trying to shove our kids right out of childhood! Although since I have 2 boys, I spend my time looking for transformer and spiderman undies. But had i found myself in that situation, I would have had that same conversation with the cashier. You go mama!

  • Mindy

    It’s good to hear from you! I don’t have girls, but I am thankful for moms like you who care about protecting the innocence of their girls, and our boys!!
    We are not quite there yet with our own boys, but I see girls in the you youth at our church wearing stuff all the time that I cannot believe their fathers let them step out of the house with.
    How tragic is it that the clothing industries are starting at size 6!

  • M Yeager

    these are the things that make me soooo happy I have a boy! LOL. You get briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers! Clean cut and simple.

    LOL at the pretending she wasn’t yours and wearing a wig to Kroger! Kids say the darndest things!

    Here’s my story. I keep telling ricky that he needs to make sure to brush his teeth really well or they will fall out when he is older. Well we were in the waiting room at an appt. and this lady comes in who is missing teeth and ricky says, “mama, she didn’t brush her teeth well!”. I almost died!!!!!!!!!

  • twingirlsmom

    My girls wear size 5-6 and I have been very happy with Gymboree's panties. Granted, they're not as cheap as target but I wait for the sales & for Gymbucks and then stock up in future sizes. The best part is they are age-appropriate and keep my girls covered!

  • Ang

    That is sooo funny and TRUE! I, too, had a unicorn Trapper. I actually think my mom made me use it for two years because she didn’t want to pay that much for school supplies!

    My aunt gave my mother the “sticks” for her birthday. She went on and on about how expensive they were. They really do smell good! But, I can’t understand paying that much for sticks!

    I love it when I am passionate about something and others look at me like I have horns coming out of my head!

    Last night at church, I had preschool duty. I was trying to figure out what radio station you tune to in order to hear the service. I went into the nursery and asked. The three ladies in their 60′s looked at me like I was nuts. It was like they didn’t know what a radio was. I never got a comment out of them. I guess they didn’t care to know what was going on! Oh, well! It just irritated me!

    Have a great day!

  • Linda

    My MIL buys nice, normal panties for my daughter at Children’s Place. Yeah, a bit pricey for MY taste, but they are plain, white with pink trim. My daughter likes Tinkerbell, so we shoot for those. I make sure that they are modest. I don’t do the hipsters, or the low rise, or the teeny-tiny. I buy briefs.

    And I totally agree that it’s hard to find modest, yet fashionable clothing for a young girl. And bathing suits. It’s sad. But as you’ve said, these are teachable moments for our kids.

  • Darcy

    Well Angie, obviously you aren’t the only one! Isn’t it sad that we can’t buy decent modest clothing for our girls. I am fortunate in that my 4 year old is still wearing 2T so we still get the good panties. But I was just telling my husband that I was hoping that the trend would come back around that in high school my daughter Grace would wear an ankle length dress and a lace high-neck collar. I asked her what she thought and she said that sounded great, as long as the collar could be pink like Ruby’s, that would be the dog. She thought I was going to dress her in a long dress and a dog collar! O’well, the width of the dog collar is probably longer than some skirts these days…
    Love your blog!

  • Kari

    I hear you and feel your pain..I have a 5yr old kindergarten daughter also and I am shocked at what is out there for them to wear. Your scene in Target is a replay of what I did..the only difference is, it was not the check out girl that heard about it, it was my hubby who I called while standing in the asile….almost yelling at him and telling him what they looked like and that there was NO little girl panties, I’m sure to some I looked crazy and sounded like a mad women!!

    Thanks for the laugh…and my trapper keeper was purple and blue with a unicorn on a cloud with a rainbow!!!too cool I know :)

  • Kelly

    Hilarious! I have encountered the same frustrations with my 5 year old. She’s barely in a size 5 so we can still find Tinkerbell, princesses, Hannah Montana, etc in regular panty styles.

    What’s with the teenager swimsuits cut down to size 4 or 5? I look high and low for these every single year. Got lucky this year and found some at Gymboree in March, well before they would be needed but worth holding on to!

    Sometimes you just have to pretend they don’t belong to you! Other times I love saying yes, she’s mine and thank you for complimenting her. Okay so those moments are few and far between but it does happen.

  • ~*~Allison~*~

    Sister, I feel your pain!!!

    Several Christmases ago, I, too, went shopping at my local Target for clothing for my precious angel. She was only 7 or 8 at the time, but wearing a size 10/12. Imagine my horror when I realized that every outfit in the store was designed for hootchies-in-training. Skirts so short, you could see those skull & cross bone panties! Shirts that exposed the belly button that connected her to me whilst in my womb. I threw a fit in the middle of the clothing department. Ranting & raving about how parents could allow their children to dress so inappropriately at such a young age and how society could allow this to be acceptable. (You should have seen the looks from the mothers shopping for their children).

    Needless to say, I did not go back into that Target for quite some time. Thankfully, the friend that I was shopping with appreciated my tirade (mainly because it was MINE and not hers).

    I’m from the north too (NJ girl here) so I can appreciate a good meltdown over principals!!!!


    I just wish my daughter would WEAR her panties… we will be three in March…

    But, regardless, I find that after having two boys, who come with their own set of issues, having a daughter frightens me. In a profession where I help teens as young as 13 have babies, I am deeply saddened. I am a former youth worker, and to see my former youth group kids having premarital sex, in unsafe degrading relationships… etc. My heart is broken, and I want to do something. I want my daughter to have self worth… to be identifyed through her relationship with Jesus… to know that she is a treasure!

    This is something I meditate on daily, and I refuse to lose hope, I refuse to stop loving on girls who don’t believe in themselves or know who they are…
    I want to make a change… for my own daughter… for all girls.

    Big Girls Don’t Whine… it’s a great book… addresses many of my passions.

    Trapper keepers rule!

  • Diana

    You homeschool your girls, so you have already won at least 1/2 the battle of the clothing.
    “Free Dress” at the school where I teach is downright embarrassing.
    So grateful to only have boys in this era~~

    As always, I applaud your efforts!


  • Tammy Adkins

    I have two boys ages 5 and 2…and so thankful for that!!! I’ve always wanted a girl, mainly because I’ve always loved the girly clothes, but I’ve also noticed the direction the girls clothes have gone. I am so thankful that I don’t have to deal with that since I have boys…actually, I will have to deal with it, just in a different way; my boys are going to have to see girls wearing that garbage.

    What really burns me up is seeing a young girl wearing shorts or any pants with writing on the butt of them. There are way too many perverts out there, and that is just inviting them to look.

    I enjoy your blog…you crack me up!!! Keep it up!

  • Stacy

    I am DYING at this post. I have 3 girls and the 8 year old WAY wants to dress Little House on the Prairie. Her daddy thinks it is great! HAHAH She despises the undies she has to pick from. Now the 3 year old would wear the crack showing thangs! HAHAHAHA
    I am so glad to see this post. As much as I don’t mind my girls trying to be sylish the undie dept is ridiculous. They have things that I wouldn’t even wear! HAHAHAHA

  • Heather

    Oh sister! You are SO not the only one who goes through this!!!

    I have to shop for my 11 year old in the Jr. section because she has developed quite a bit in the last year. She SHOULD wear a small but do to the ‘form fittedness’ of the clothing I have to buy her an XL just because I REFUSE to have her ‘curves’ accented in a way that would make most teenage boys do a double take! AND….I won’t even go into the swimsuit issues we had this past summer!

    ARGH! It makes me so angry and I, too, have felt the need to complain to my poor, friendly, checkout person who usually looks at me as though I have just gotten off the spaceship! *SIGH*.

  • Amy Gennifer

    you are funny! I’m so glad I found your blog by way of a friend!
    I’ll be reading you on a regular basis from now on!
    My girlfriend used to by plain t-shirts, and iron on’s of cute kitties and disney characters and make her own shirts for her 6 year old daughter! She hated shopping…she didn’t want a little hoochie mama for a child! :)

  • Ange~

    I just watched a show about a tanning salon, and I kid you not- a mom brought in her 10 year old because she was “too pasty” for school pictures. So she spent $1300 on tanning and supplies and turned that kid into an oompa loompa! When the girl said “I don’t really want to do this mom.” She just replied “Yes you do. Don’t you want to look like Lindsay Lohan?!”
    Yikes. I have a 4 year old and she has quite the world to face…

  • Vikki

    Is it even possible to find little girl pants that come high enough to cover those decent panties?

    I have boys, so I am only commenting oin what I have observed…. but it seems to me there’s way too many little girls with either their panties or their little butts sticking out of the top of the low-rise pants.

    I am so grateful I have boys, but I also wonder why the moms of girls don’t get their little girls to wear shorts under their skirts/dresses??? I know they lift their skirts and do NOT always sit like ladies, not to mention crawling all over the sunday school room

  • bmomma23

    Wait until they are older. My 14 year old plays volleyball and the girls say that you have to wear a thong under your spandex because you can see “granny panties”!!

    It amazes me that a girl these days can wear 5 cami tops and still not cover up her body. (I actually saw this in the mall!)

    As for the sticks. Being the southern girl that I am I would tell you to go out and cut your own. That way you can get all you want for nothing!!

    Be Blessed as you have Blessed Me!!

    Angela in KY
    Psalm 100

  • Desire to show gratitude

    I had a hard time finding my daughter a back-to-school dress. She’s in kindergarten. I wanted a cute little jumper, and EVERYTHING had Hannah Montana, High School Musical, or looked like it was designed for a hooker. I am dreading when I go from 4-6X to the size 7-14.

    PS I have two girls, ages 3 and 5, and I dress them alike whenever possible (at least for church). I figure they’ll probably spend thousands in counseling later to get over their issues, but in the meantime, I ahve some GREAT pictures!

  • Jenny

    I have 3 boys so haven’t come across this situation too much,but I still have to explain to my children “why that ladies butt is showing?”…
    That’s hard. And to be honest we have this conversation on numerous occasions!

  • Lis

    I try to do on-line shopping, easier to find modest clothing that way. In fact if you just google modest clothes you can find alot of sites specifically that way.

    And we have found some panties in size 6 that cover the whole backside (and sport all the princesses to boot), at Target. Apparently a hard thing to do now days.

  • Lorri

    One more comment for those frustrated moms of girls re: shorts.

    I had much suscess finding “long shorts” or “board shorts” in cute colors and nice fabric in the BOYS department for my 5 year old girl. The boy shorts come to her knees and it colors like red, blue, green, etc are very gender neutral. I went down one size, so for instance, she wears a 5T in girls, so I got a 4T in boys. I think we might try the sweat pants too (think plain, no glitter sweats without words on them.)

    Hope that helps some of you moms! I have three girls 16, 12 and almost 6 so I know of what you speak!

  • Aimee’

    I have to chime in on this post…when summer rolled around I went shopping for some summer clothes for my 2 girls who are 6 and 7…when I walked into the kids section of old navy I about fell over…they had TUBE TOPS for kids…strapless tube tops…oh my! and then the shorts…MAYBE a 1 inch inseam. Are they crazy? I’m trying to dress children…not ADULTS…hoochie mama adults. The bathing suits are a whole other issue. We ordered some off of and they are much better then whats available in the stores. I’m glad I’m not the only mother out there freaking out about our children’s clothing options.

  • SandyL2002

    My daughter is 15 and we have MAJOR shopping issues. When she was starting to wear the low rise jeans her underwear was always showing way about her pants..that is when my sil informed me about the low rise underwear…now mind you she has always has always been way behind her friends cause she is so small.. But she was at least a teenager before we bought those panties…

  • Tara

    Oh, my — modesty at 5 can be difficult. My 5 year old went had beach day at preschool last spring and some of the girls came in bikini’s! A little much I think. After that Carlie wanted a two piece swimming suit! I bought her a one piece! She was NOT happy. Then while on a week visit w/ her grandparents, I was at old navy and bought her a swim suit w/ the shorts and a short sleeve UV shirt. She came home and was estatic that I bought her a two piece!! Whew! a happy girl for the summer showing off her two piece!

    As for the trapper keeper! Mine had kittens on it! Oh the trapper keepers!!! : )

  • Alicia

    Oh how I love this post!!!!! I too have a kindergartner….about to be 6 in Nov. Well, let me tell you honey….I CANNOT agree more with you! Target has always been my go -to for her stuff because they were “safe” on the modesty of their CHILDREN’s clothes….well not anymore! I was shocked to see what options I had for my little girl. I have resorted to paying more and going to Gymboree, where their panties are full size, and their clothes are still for a child! And they go way up in sizes, so I will be able to dress her age appropriately for some time! And when they have a sale, it’s the real deal! I hate to pay a lot for her everyday clothes, but if it keeps her looking her age, then I’m willing!

  • m

    Oh, THANK YOU!!! I am glad to know that I AM NORMAL!!! I can get with some of the hip clothes for my daughter (who by the way is 2 on Sunday the 27th)…but I mean the sweatshirts that make certain to go to her knees…and why do they insist on skimping on jeans for a girl who is still in a diaper and that only makes them more low (we are potty training, but I certainly will not put panties under to find out if there is PURE coverage)…I didn’t realize that they had low rider jeans for TODDLERS FROM WAL-MART until she wore them the first time!!! UGH!!! So, needless to say we just wear LONG, LONG shirts with those jeans :) and now I feel I must go to the fitting room for my 2 year old how much does that SCARE me for future shopping of clothing.

  • Butterbean

    Angie, first of all, i think i had the same trapper keeper with the unicorn. i had a collection of unicorns in my room. i even had the cutest dog & kitty lunch box. i think it was wags & whiskers.

    anyhoo, my daughter is 11, fixing to turn 12 on october 1. she is too big for the kids section yet too small for the teen section. i have the hardest time trying to find her clothes that aren't too low cut or just plain out "hoochie" looking.

    also, the bathing suits, whoo! that is the worst! even if you stroll by the little kids section, there is nothing to the bathing suits for those babies! OMG! they have to be out of there mind. everyone keeps asking my daughter if she has a boyfriend. hello, she is only 11! thank goodness she still thinks boys are gross and stinky! thank goodness my daughter is not too picky about her clothes. she does not want to wear dresses or bows in her hair, but she does not like all that "hoochie" stuff either. your not alone angie. we are right there with you.

    $25 for a bundle of sticks and they were on the clearance isle? target is not my favorite place to shop. i like walmart or those outlet stores. have a great day angie. i voted for your blog! i love to read it. it keeps me inspired and you are very inspirational.

  • Annie

    My four year old, once asked in his loudest four year old boy voice,

    “Mom, why don’t some girls keep their boobies in their booby holders?”

    Good question son.

  • Julie

    Oh Angie – I can just picture you in that isle at my Target searching out good panties for your girls!! I don’t have any experience…yet…I have 3 boys age 3 and under…but I know it’s coming. It’s scary how fast things nowadays can age our kids. Sad.

    I have to admit – I had the exact same two trapper keepers you had. I was cracking up at the “much coveted” kitty comment…I was so there! I wish I had kept them!!! Thanks for the memories!

  • Karen

    As a true Southerner (and I’m talking Texas here), I have to correct your spelling of “ya’ll.” It’s actually spelled y’all. It is a very common misconception, so don’t feel bad!
    About matching/coordinating clothes, Target has little to none of it between the big and little girl sizes. I am running into the same problem with my tall five-year-old and my petite almost three-year-old. Gymboree can get expensive for everyday clothes, but they have a new sister store that doesn’t have stores here (Nashville) yet, so the added benefit is you won’t see the same outfit on every other girl at Target or Kroger. The store is Crazy 8. Let me add, ONLY Angie is allowed to look. I don’t need every mother that reads this site taking all the cute clothes in my girls’ sizes!!
    One more thing, try Publix. It is the best grocery store experience you could imagine. We moved from Franklin to Nashville, and a convenient Publix is what I miss most. In fact, our house is on the market so I can move back. Okay, it’s not ONLY because of Publix, but it was on the short list of reasons!

  • Kristen

    I have boys, no girls, and still am horrified at the clothes I see in the department and specialty stores for little girls. Stick with Children’s Wear Digest (CWD), they still stock great children’s clothes, even underwear! They even have the greatest jammies!

  • Tonya

    On another note…

    What is up with boys these days? I don’t want to see their underwear hanging out of the top of their pants just as much as I don’t want to see thong straps sticking out of some girls “butt crack pants”!

    HELLO–they are called UNDERWEAR for a reason, they go under the clothes!!

    I was a deprived child and never had even a plain Trapper Keeper! Not to worry, I made sure that my oldest got one this year when she went to middle school! (I didn’t know they still even made them!)

  • BrandonandBethanyHartman

    LOL…you had me cracking up (perhaps it’s because of the lack of sleep on my part)But,seriously,that post I can totally relate to!I have had to resort to buying underwear at gymboree for our four year old,it’s pricey,but modest!We teach a 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School Class,I am shocked at the way the kids act/dress!Truly the age of adolescence is getting younger every year!Thanks for sharing!You are a Blessing!

  • lesleegp

    I too just bought new panties for my 6 year old who wears a size 8 and comes from a long line of granny-panty wearers. They are nearly impossible to find!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Definitely feel your pain. I have a 7 year and find it difficult to shop at department stores, Kohls, Target, Old Navy, etc. because they are making the clothes too mature for kids. I want my little girl to look just that, a little girl. Not a streeting-walking teenager. It scares me what girls wear these days, how short the shorts are, etc…’s ridiculous. Just what are these parents thinking? I guess that’s it…they unfortunately are not. This is why I love, love, love Gymboree. Always buy on sale, clothes are so durable (pass them on to several friends and get them back still looking great), not to mention adorable and they make my 7year old girl look her age. Thanks for sharing….you crack me up!

  • Cara

    I am with you on the transition to a new “section in the store” issue! I just bought my five year old’s ENTIRE wardrobe for next summer online at Old Navy’s clearance (ROCKS BTW!) and saw something I wanted to get for my younger.

    As I was about to click the tab for infants/toddlers it hit me! Both my kids are now in the same category!!! Aaaarrrrggghhh when did that happen? To be fair, I have a three and a five year old so I wasn’t really ready but they are wearing size 5 and 6x/7 respectively.

  • Annie

    I completely agree with you…I'm not at that stage yet with my daughter…she's still in 2T but I remember when she was in my belly & I would get so outraged by the BRATZ dolls I would come across in the toy section. Most of them are in lingerie…LINGERIE???????!!!!! And, the dolls look like babies. I still to this day & forever (even if she is 30) refuse to buy her one of those dolls or even let her see it. I get so passionate about the media trying to rip the innocence of children…the most beautiful thing about the presence of kids is their pureness.

    I can only imagine 4 years from now what kind of undies I'll be dealing with…next thing you know they'll have thong diapers – LOL

  • Sara

    one word. gymboree or hanna anderson for panties. they wear forever and are totally worth the price. gymboree is always running a sale on them….3 or 4 for $12. they still look like they belong on a 6 year old.
    Wait until you start looking at bras and find that they are selling PADDED BRAS for 10 year olds!

  • GuessChoir

    Amen Sister! I am FLOORED by the attire kids are in these days! My daughter was unfortunate enough to be blessed with my fair skin and it was terribly difficult to find her covering swimsuits with SPF in them for her swim lessons (Where all the other girls, 2-4 year olds, are in bikinis!!!!)

    To take the rant off to a whole new level…I just blogged about the all new 90210 and (spoiler alert) how on the opening scenes they showed a teenage kid getting a bj in his car on campus at school!!!! I couldn’t/can’t believe this show was/is targeted at our youth! What is wrong with us people?!??!

    Let us know if you get the sticks! =)

  • clkight

    ok, i have to admit…i get my daughter the bikini panties! BUT before everyone gets mad at me, here’s why: she has no hiney!!! seriously, has her daddy’s no butt going on. AND she hates wearing he panties, pants, skirts up on her belley…always pushes them down. SO, the full coverage jokers always end up getting bunched up lookin CRAZY like she’s messed in her pants or something. by the way, the bikinis have a little extra fabric hanging in the back, too, but so much better than the big wad she used to have…

    oh and you KNOW i had the 3 kitties in the basket, too! shoot, we were the coolest!!!

  • Heather

    No doubt, you are the hippest mom I know. Seriously, I love hearing about how you teach your girls. You are a great role model. I hate that the clothes are like this for young girls (and let’s be honest- I hate it for big girls and women, too!)
    Can’t wait to see all the favorite comments!
    P.S. I totally had a trapper keeper too…but I think my mom made me get a plain one. :(

  • Aggiema (Michelle)

    Wait until they are 10, it only gets worse as far as modest clothes go. My husband made up this little saying for my daughter, feel free to use it if you want. “Pants up, shirt down, Not the other way around!” What really gets to me though, is going to church and seeing all the breast and bottoms exposed by the teenagers AND their MOMS! How am I suposed to teach my child to dress modest when all her peers and people she looks up to are dressing badly.

  • Rebecca Jo

    Oh…& have you even looked at the "training bras" yet? THEY ARE PADDED!!!!! Why does a little girl need a padded bra????? How sad is that!

    And by the way – YEP – I had a SMURF Trapper Keeper! I actually still have it in my parents basement! LOVED that thing!

  • nknakptywak

    I don’t think I have laughed so hard at a blog before!! Man you are funny!

    I’m with ya though! What on earth is a 3-4 year old watching Hannah Montanna for? Our daughter will be 4 in November and for her first Valentine’s Day at school she received a bundle of cards from classmates. And there it was a flipping Hannah Montanna Valentine. Seriously? Is this not the same girls that poses in her panties and makes fun of other girls on youtube? 8,9,10 year olds I understand they most likely started watching her before she became what she is today but 3!!?! Really 3? Why would they want to watch that show? Really? 3? Seriously…. and why no earth would deisgners for little girls clothing or even baby clothing make black swimsuits/bikinis? And who buys those? Sorry… someone reading might but I just can not do it. And Old Navy not only makes black swimsuits/bikinis they made a whole collection of crossbones oh but with bows for girls and I’m pretty sure they had a holloween costume last year for babies that was suppose to be a hotdog looked like something very bad!

  • Rebekah

    I agree with the lack of cute and modest clothing for girls. I have three daughters myself and have a difficult time finding appropriate clothes for them as they get older. I live in a fairly small city and therefore am very limited to shopping. I may just have to start my own clothing line…oh, has it really come to this???

  • Angela

    I TOTALLY agree, and you make me laugh. It’s great that we can laugh at our reactions to things like this, but truly, are there moms really buying these for their little girls?? I have a little boy, so I don’t have to worry about this, I just have to worry about my kindergarten boy looking a some kindergarten little girl’s bottom some day!!

    I have a friend that thinks they should card girls going into Victoria’s Secret. She says she and her husband were in there one day and 2 girls no older than 14 were picking out something one should wear for her boyfriend!!! What is happening to our little girls???

  • Sarah

    4 girls+ decent panties= 1hour 10 minutes in the panty aisle. Ugggh!

  • The Arnold Family

    I am a northerner living in the south as well. “Ya’ll” is only used on extreme cases. So true.

    I am totally with you. My oldest turned 6 in June. We strive to teach modesty while still maintaining a level of compassion for those who didn’t have moms to teach them.

  • Sarah

    I must add, thank goodness for my one boy and the ease of always being able to find boxer briefs.

  • Katy

    I am a mother of 2 boys, and I thank God everyday too. As much as I thought I should really I have girls, God though otherwise. I am appalled at the girls clothes. When my girlfriends girls have bday, I always buy clothes for my girlie fix and I just about die everytime!!! I have noticed skulls and bones for girls and that’s just plain hideous. Even with boys I refuse to buy the tshirts that have saying on them, “brother for sale” “i don’t do homework” etc. I don’t need a label thrown on them thankyouverymuch. So I stick with guitars for the older since he plays guitar. The rest are cars or characters or sports. Because you know, boys only wear tshirts and jeans all the time with an occassional polo for church. I have saved so much time not having to school shop for girls.

    I really do feel sorry for the mothers of girls.

    I had a purple trapper keeper. I think that was my only one.

    Did you have a sticker book. aka photo album and you stuck the stickers in there. My husband still has his sticker book. Geek!

    Katy R.

  • Marissa

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a heated discussion one day on The View about not being able to find her 3-year-old daughter “normal” panties. She complained that they actually made low-rise panties for toddlers!! Gross! Sidenote, Angie, I have been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented. One day while looking back and catching-up, I noticed a group picture containing my dear friend Cherilyn! We went to middle and high school together, and I am sure you appreciate her humor as much as I do! Love reading your blog, and take care!

  • Ashlee Joann

    oh my word! that was too funny!!!!

    my 2 year old doesn’t really wear panties yet…however, i have bought some – so i know what you mean…my first reasoning of this style was – well the pants are made low… so i guess it goes together! : / but now the trend it super high mommy waisted jeans – yah! :P so… you’d think it’d be easier to find a pair of higher cut panties!!!!!!


  • Wendy

    I feel you, sister! My daughter is 8, and retailers have a vastly different idea of what’s appropriate for an 8-year-old than I do. It was a sad day when we had to make the transition from Target’s toddler shoe section to the girls’ section. One day they’re wearing sweet little Mary Janes and retro-cute T-straps, and the next, apparently they need to start wearing high heels, wedges, and all manner of shoes that make them look like they should be standing on a street corner. And don’t even get me started on Hannah Montana…

  • Mom in High Heels

    I’m so glad I have a boy, but do you know how hard it is to find clothes that don’t have sports or superheros on them? I hate, hate, hate, character clothes. Hate them. With the heat of a thousand suns, hate them.

    Ds had been at my mom’s one night during the holiday season and no one was paying attention to the TV except him. He was 3 at the time. Turns out he watched the COPS holiday special “Ho, ho, ho’s.” Oh, witty, COPS, witty. I almost flipped out when I discovered what he had been watching (we had gone out to dinner and came back mid-COPS).

    About 5 months later or so, we were coming out of Wal-Mart (I hate that place) and there were several “voluptuous” women standing outside smoking and wearing clothing made for a much younger age bracket and several sizes too small.

    We walked past them and ds looked at me and said in his loud child voice, “Mommy, did you see those women smoking?” I said that I had, thinking he was going to go off on a tirade about smoking (he can’t stand to see people smoke), but instead he said (loudly) “I think they look like whores.” I was so stunned I stupidly said “WHAT?” and HE REPEATED IT EVEN LOUDER. I. ALMOST. DIED.

    BTW, I had a Trapper Keeper with white baby seals on it. I had the unicorn one too. I then moved on to the “fashion” TK’s with the wild abstract prints. Oh, I was cool.

  • Michelle Cearley

    You may have to pay more, but Gymboree has “normal” girls panties, as does Lands End catalog and Hanna Andersson. But they will hold up enough to pass downto Kate.

  • The Price’s

    I am laughing out loud! The Trapper Keeper descrption was all too funny…mainly because it is so true. I can’t remember what my TK looked like, only that it closed with velcro, and every time you had to open the TK the velcro was so loud, everyone in the class would turn their heads! haha
    My oldest will be 6 in Jan, and I am like you…I want her to look like a little girl..or at least 5 and 1/2… I buy her panties at Wal Mart or Gymboree. They seem to have the normal cut panties.
    Thanks for the laugh, Angie!


  • mignon

    I have been following your blog for several months and end up crying for joy or brokenness, or crying tears of laughter in commiseration. I also have three daughters, twin 6 year olds and a three year old adopted from China, who thinks she is 6! We are a very modest family…my girls still wear smocked dresses (probably the last year). I promise they are the only girls at school that don’t own a Hannah Montana t-shirt. They think she is pretty, but thankfully still prefer to listen to “princesss” music, Chris Tomlin or Toby Mac…very eclectic taste! My girls started public school last year for kindergarten and we have had many teachable moments in our house with the things they come home from school talking about that they have learned from their friends. WOW!

    On the panties subject…I “suck it up” and buy the panties from Gymboree. They are more expensive, but they do last forever, and are “normal” with a little heart, or ballerina, or kitten on them….very modest and innocent. I too have been appalled by “big girl” clothes and underwear! Good luck!

  • Melony

    Seriously, wait until you go to by a thin strapped tank top for layering and your daughter notices it has a “built in bra”… What exactly does a child wearing an XS from Target need to support in her tank top? My daughter gets all excited about bras….She’s seven and no where near needing one!! I blushed at the thought of wearing one when I finally needed one at age 11!! Luckily, other then a bra, my daughter is a t-shirt and denim shorts kind of girl.

  • ashlee Hansen

    I completely understand. I have a six year old and a five year old. Why do they make kids clothes to look like what Paris Hilton wears out to her local club? I want my kids to look like kids, and I do not want to see their crack every time they bend over. I have found that at Target if you look hard enough you can find modest clothes and underwear, but you have to be willing to hunt. About the sticks, I do have a bundle of sticks from Target, though I did not pay $25 dollars for them. My husband would not have liked that very much, they were marked down to like two dollars.

  • jamie in rose cottage

    I'm laughing about this one! My daughter will be 8 –EIGHT!!!- on Sunday, and because she's a slender gal, I've squeezed her into size 6X clothing for the past year, but now there's no choice but to move onto size 7. And that, dear friend, is in the Big Girls section. Have you SEEN the pants & such in the Big Girls section??? Oh. My. Goodness!
    I wouldn't want my teenager dressing that way, much less my EIGHT year old! I think I'm going to have to learn to sew or something. :-)

    Oh, and great job on standing firm about the sticks. :-)

  • Inksstillwet

    Just this past Friday at the Homecoming game in our hometown, there was one of the girls in the Homecoming court that was wearing a dress that was cut in a V clear to her navel. It’s the most disturbing that moms are okay with their daughters wearing this kind of dress when there are millions of beautiful ones to choose from. My daughter (8) and I gave each other our usual look as if to say “get some coverage.” I want her to recognize it now before she’s faced with making those choices on her own. We had the same dilemma with the panties also. A frog on the rear that says “Kiss me”? Are you kidding me?

    Oh, yes, I had the unicorn folder with the rainbow on it.

  • colleen4

    I think my first post got lost in cyberspace….

    My latest frustration on this whole subject is:

    High heels for babies? Seriously?
    It’s so very very wrong.

  • Heidi

    Have you tried Children’s Place? The panties are plain, but full coverage and comfy.
    My almost eight year old is almost as big as me. And she likes her panties roomy. Last week I had to cross over into juniors. Ack!
    Wnat to know something interesting? Juniors has cartoon character panties. Kermit, Tink, SpongeBob (gag).
    They were low, but not too low – just below the belly button.
    I guess when you are six sculls are “sexy” (yuck) but when you’re 15, six is sexy.
    In other news: I was all about the Lisa Frank pee-chees. (When I could get my mom to buy them. She preferred the cheep orange sport themed ones. They weren’t even shiny!)

  • Sockrma18

    This is too hilarious. My daughters are 8 and 10 and their dad just recently thought they needed new “unders” at his house. When they put on the ones he purcahsed for them they were GRANNY PANTIES!! He, of course, was very proud of himself and could not for his life figure out why the girls were so horrified. :) He said the options were “Grannies or thongs and NO WAY HIS GIRLS WERE GOING TO WEAR THOSE!” I have now been promoted (by my girls) to the official “unders” purchaser for dad’s house!! Classic stuff… :)


    P.S. My trapper keeper had the “Fresh Prince of Belaire” on it. I was T.H.E. coolest kid in 7th grade.

  • Mama M

    I have been following your blog for months and I have yet to comment… until today! This post absolutely cracked me up! I couldn’t not respond to this because I’ve had the same problem with my 3 yr. old!
    I don’t know what the world is coming too when all I could find a week ago were the “hipster” style panties… SERIOUSLY!?
    As far as clothes though, my 3 y.o. can wear 5T tops because she’s so tall. I took a peek in the little girls section at Target.. HOLY COW!!! I’ve started making her dresses… I might have to start making panties now that I know I’m not the only Mommy dealing with this!!


  • wells


    Briefs are what you need to look for. That is all my 7 yr. old wears. At Wal-mart here in TX they have plenty in 6 with sweet princess’ on them. In fact I think we just out grew some. I would send them right to TN; but undies are NOT a hand-me-down item in my book. Trash that is what they are. Hope you find some before you get banned from the store.

  • Alice

    I had this EXACT SAME MOMENT at Target a couple weeks ago. I had to move out of the toddler panties to the girl sizes for my 5-year-old and was appalled. I finally found a decent package after much searching and then tried to convince her that they were “Groovy Girl” panties because that’s what it sort of looked like on the outside of the package. She opened them up at home and said disgustedly, “These are just plain white, Mom.”

    And I too mourn that I can only coordinate-dress my two girls now instead of matching dress them. They’re little enough to be sad about it too.

    Trapper-Keeper, yeah, definitely had one. I loved the satisfying Velcro-riiiipp sound when you opened it. Though I think Trapper-Keeper is the main reason why so many of our generation are OCD now. :-)

  • sandwichinwi

    I am all over this with you! Clothes for little girls (I have THREE) is the pits!

    Lands End–modest (usually), coordinated (I dressed my 12, 9 and 7 yos alike for Easter this year) and not out of line price-wise if you buy it on clearance or with an online coupon.

    We must have a good Target, because I always find unders there. I buy the Hanes and we just get flower prints. Fortunately, my 12 yo thinks the briefs are the most comfortable.

    (as for the padded bra for 12 yos, the reason WE bought them was because they protect those tender new bumps. Accidentally bonk your 12 yo in the chest with your elbow and you’ll see what I mean!)

    Great post!


  • Ashley

    Seeing little girls’ panties with writing on the behind was what made my jaw hit the floor most recently. Really? “Too cute” and “Mischief” on a 5 or 6 year old’s underwear!!! I dread moving up to the big girl section.

    I loved my Trapper Keeper and used it until it wore out – I had the Pink one with splatter paint and water bubbles on it. My grandmother bought me one to replace it, the one with the horse though and that just wasn’t as cool. I only used it when she came over (I feel really bad about that now, but you can’t go from the pink one to the horse one, right?).

  • cantwait30

    I don’t have children, but TOTALLY agree with the idea of dressing your children like children. I am struggling with another thing. I am 31, in the middle of a divorce, and am facing dating again. Like you, I like to consider myself trendy, but there are some limits. I dread trying to find “the perfect outfit” even for myself!!

  • Tara

    Beware of Target. They like to take advantage of us that get excited when we see a red sticker. If I see a little red tage sticking out from the metal shelf, I seriously bolt down the aisle to see what is on clearance. Sometimes these are good deals, but sometimes its nothing but 30 cents off the original price. We have nice sticks in our backyard…want me to send you some??

  • LaLa

    I know..yuck!! I saw 2T THONGS once…what the heck. I just want my 4 year old to look like a 4 year old!! Tarjay drives me nuts with their idea of a sale…I wanted some shelves the other day…marked down from 29.99 to 29.29…seriously!!

  • fransmomma

    i am SO down with the 3 kittens in a basket trapper keeper. i had the same one, and used it till it fell apart! my little girl is almost 2, so we’re not dealing with modesty issues yet. i cringe at the thought.
    i love your blog!!

  • Christi

    I just bought my 6 year old underwear and realized when I got them home that they were bikini’s! I was at Target too, which I love, but I am with you on the big girl selection…way too much for my little one.

  • Annie

    Oh Angie—You always seem to write the things that go on in my head…but I am too ADD to remember whether I ever actually said them out loud!!! :P

    Trapper Keepers—Oh I STILL love them. I have a whole shelf of my bookshelves dedicated to trapper keepers and 3 ring binders that have been “decorated”. For some reason, I only have one Trapper Keeper with original artwork (A rainbow with Bubble type hearts at the end of it). The rest all have lovely sparkly Lisa Frank stickers all over them. lol.

    As far as embarrassing children mom-ments go, my kids are awesome at them! Our Abbie was just a “Crazy Christian” after she accepted Christ at the age of almost 5. One day, at Hobby Lobby, she asked the women in the bathroom stall next to her, if she had asked Jesus to wash her sins away? The woman stuttered…answered back “ummmm…yes.” Abbie said “That’s good cause you would go to a very not nice place if you didn’t. And did you know God wants you to get dunkded in that pool too? Did you do that?” I wanted to just stay in the stall for a little while longer, at least until the “neighbor” had left…while Abbie could not wait to get out!

  • gbmom2407

    I feel your pain. We have the same issues with plain clotihg for our boys. They are not allowed (because I am a “mean”mom) to wear character clothing. Thomas the train underpants for the newly trained young man,sure… on his shirt, not a chance. We have a little lady (21 months) with a latex allergy she has a swimming suit that has zero elastic (ties..funky thing) and it covers her… at the pool one day this summer I was putting it on her and a mom (whos tiny little girl was wearing a bikini) was staring me down… I looked over and grinned and asked “may I help you?” she proceded to ask me why I had her “so covered up?” (mind you it ties around her neck, under her arms and around her waste…her back, arms and legs were all showing, I smiled and said “because I love her”. She left me alone.
    When it comes time to potty train she will not be able to have the “pretty princess” underpants. They do not have the elastic covered. She will wear the plain gerber trainers (and when she is too big for those I will have to search up and down for some that cover what needs to be and the elastic too) we feel your pain. Glad to hear you went the extra mile to “love your little ladies”.
    happy day

  • Mom22girls

    Great post!!

    I've always complained about the lack of modesty in the girls department. We buy underwear for our 7 & 9 yr old girls at Walmart. I only buy briefs for the girls & I can't believe how hard it is to find them! There are tons of low-rise, hipsters & bikini ones. My girls won't wear them. We have gotten a free pair of bikinis in our package of briefs before & the girls had a fit the moment they tried them on. I do find a problem with some of the clothing too. The jeans are beginning to ride low & then their briefs show. Luckily we just wear a shirt that will hang over it. That is after Mom trying in vain to pull up the jeans to no avail & giving my daughter a horrible wedgie in the process. :) I tend to buy many shirts a size or 2 bigger than what they really need because then it's loose & not a tight fit shirt.

    I was one of those Mom's who dressed her girls alike also. I just LOVE matching clothing on the kids. But that ended this last year. My 9 yr old no longer wants to dress like her 7 yr old sister! Plus the 7 yr old is getting so tall. My older one has a fit when people ask "are they twins?" when she's actually TWO years older than her sister. :) I'm wondering what I am going to do for Christmas dresses this year?? I always buy matching!

    Oh, on the subject of Trapper Keepers (I just saw some clearanced at Target & wanted one SO bad! And I cannot believe the price of a Trapper Keeper now.) I first had a solid green with white trim & a red with white trim one. I also had the unicorn/purple one. Then I had the "bubbles". It was purple & teal I think, with water droplets/bubbles on it. And I also had the designed folders for inside the Trapper Keeper. I was really thinking I was cool!

    I didn't buy any "sticks" at Target but did get a lot of school supplies for 75% off that we really didn't need. But I LOVE school supplies.

  • Christina


    First, let me say a big “Thank You” for your willingness to blog. You write with an amazing ability to capture the emotion of each moment, with wit and not sarcasm. I know that you would never wish for the loss of Audrey, but God has used you beyond your wildest dreams as a result to touch the lives of so many people. You are a fantastic mother and I hope that I can be as good a mom to my 4 year-old girl as you are to your girls.

    I am in 100% agreement with you on everything from the love/hate relationship with Target, the “clearance” stickers and children who force us to shop in disguise.

    I have to agree with other moms here: Walmart, Hanes (and Fruit of the Loom) and Gymboree are excellent sources of age-appropriate clothing. I have also noticed that Macy’s and Penney’s sometimes have some nice little girl-type dresses (the kind of thing we would have worn growing up). Of course, you have to pick through all the junky ones, but they are there.

    And may I just say that I believe we must be long-lost sisters when it comes to shopping. I totally identified with your comment about running in to Target for one thing and then spending an hour wondering how to use all the “great buys” you find. I wish you were my next-door neighbor!

    God bless and thank you for the laughs!

    Christina in Indiana

  • jen

    I think I had the very same Trapper Keeper….definitely cutting edge!

    We were a bit beside ourselves when our 4 year old started asking for Bratz dolls…why on earth someone would want to market half-dressed navel pierced dolls called “brats” as something cool is beyond me….

    After a teachable moment with our sweet little four year old, as few days later we heard her talking to one of her preschool friends about the inappropriateness of her Bratz backpack!!!…oh no, I’ve turned into one of those moms! At least I can hold on to the knowledge that once upon a time I had the coolest Trapper Keeper ever!


  • Elizabeth

    Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper!!! I walked by the dollar section in Target yesterday, and noticed sheets of Lisa Frank stickers sitting in a bin… now when I was a kid, I remember begging my mom for these… and having to wait until birthdays and such to receive them… NOW THEY ARE IN THE DOLLAR BIN!!! I almost bought some… and then I didn’t…

    I feel the same way about the sticks… I’ve always wanted one of those cool looing ta11 vases with some long sticks sticking out… but my sensible side can’t ever seem to justify spending the money… Although the decorator in me can! : )

  • DJones

    You are SO right! Who would think that it should be this difficult for undies! I have found briefs in my daughter’s size (8)at Walmart. It is almost painful to shop for my now 7yr old daughter because she is tall for her age. At around 6 y/o we had to go to the girls dept (7-14) to find shirts that would acutally be long enough not to show her belly all the time. It is HARD to find first-grader appropriate clothing in the “big girl” dept?! Please, let’s not talk about swimsuits…Love your post!

  • becca

    I loved this post, too funny! I have noticed some “out of place” items in the little girl section at Target, I mean they are little girls for a reason! Why they feel the need to sell teenage-type clothing in the little girls section is beyond me! I’m glad you were able to find something for a normal little 6 year old girl. And I don’t really have a funny story like that to share because my son will be 3 in 2 weeks, and will still be in the baby/toddler boy section for another few years, and somehow I don’t think us moms of boys have as much trouble in the clothing section as you moms with girls.. and Trapper Keepers! Love them! I totally had Lisa Frank EVERYTHING in elementary school, love it! Thanks for the laugh Angie!

  • DJones

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that there are plenty of princess choices too. Thank goodness!!

  • SlicKitty

    I don’t even have children, and I wear a wig when I go out. It’s my husband who says things that make me cringe…and also, I think I look kinda cute with dark hair. :D

  • Penny

    You are SO funny!!! I agree completely though I am SO tired of trying to find clothes for little girls that are FOR little girls. Most of the clothing doesn’t belong on ANY woman without causing insult to our integrity and purity. I agree one end of the scale or the other and you will find some relief. Wal-mart or Gymboree.

    When my oldest was little she was quite the talker and we had discussed cleanliness with her and how we needed to apear when out in public. A day or so later while in line at the grocery I was unloading the cart when I heard a sweet little voice saying “Don’t cha know you need to take and bath and brush your teeth before you go shopping?!?!” I froze trying think how I could get to her and move the cart when I looked up and saw the dirtiest man with rotting teeth. Oh my ….. I couldn’t think what to say so I pretended I couldn’t understand her and was famished for one of those “impulse” candy bars. Out of the mouths of babes!

  • Rachel

    it’s terrrible…the other thing besides the low ride panties are the Bikini Panties…seriously they have panties with strings on the sides for little girls…are you kidding me!?! CRAZY! the other thing that always gets me is the padded swim suits for little girls, come on people! i have cut out more than one set of “cup enhancers” out of my 5th graders swimsuits. she has nothing yet and i’m in no rush…she’s only 10 years old. thanks for the post ang me and my sil talk about this all. of. the. time.

    p.s. i bet the sticks were cute huh?!

  • bransblahg

    My three boys are all 4 and under, and when I walk through the stores and see what they have out for little girls to pick from, it just makes me so sad. On one hand I am happy I don’t have to wade through the junk to find something modest enough for a little girl, but on the other hand, these little girls are going to grow up dressing this way, and my boys will think that is okay. *sigh* Can my boys marry your girls? It would give me a huge sigh of relief. ;-)

    Also, we have a THIRTEEN (13) year old girl that lives next to us and she wears the most inappropriate things. I have underwear that cover more than her shorts do, and her t-shirts are tighter than my bras! And her little SIX year old sister said to me one day “I’m pretty hot huh? My sister says I’m sexy.” My heart just sank. And she parades around in the same style of clothes as her sister. My heart just breaks for them. I feel like I should ask their parents to make sure their daughters are clothed more before letting them play in front of my house. Not reasonable, but a mom can hope right?

    Good luck to you!

  • Courtney

    This truly drives me insane. I hate seeing 7-year-olds that are dressed like Britney!

    You’ve gotta love the Lisa Frank designs on the Trapper Keepers–they rocked!

  • chesley

    my baby girl is only 8 months old, and i’m already dreading the clothes and panty battle! When I go shopping for birthdays for my nieces, it takes me hours to find something I’d actually let my daughter wear. Good ole Gymboree usually has some modest panties (and clothes), even if they’re $5 per pair!

  • Candi

    Ok, have you checked out the ‘training’ bras yet? I mean, my little girl is 2 so we won’t be needing these anytime soon, thank God, but I do notice them at the store. They have more padding in them than the ones in our sizes at Victoria’s Secret!! Seriously! When my daughter is a fifth grader, she will NOT be wearing a Wonderbra to school, or anywhere else for that matter, thank you very much. Not to mention the oh-so-cute ‘booty shorts’ I saw walking around the mall yesterday with the words “boys love this” written ever so boldly across the tush. And this girl was probably staring Jr. High this year…and she was with her MOTHER. What is wrong with people?? I’m waiting for the day when they come out with thongs in a size 6. And don’t think they won’t.

    And don’t you just love those sticks at Target? My husband would be extrememly disappointed to come home and find out that he just had to work for an hour and a half to pay for a bundle of sticks I just bought at the store when our yard is covered in them. It’s very tempting though!

    TRAPPER KEEPERS! I was just talking about these the other day! I had the same ‘kitties in a basket’ one that you did. So cute! Whatever happend to them? Oh, they probably got replaced with 3-ring binders with Bratz dolls on them wearing clothes with their ‘privates showing’.

  • Christy

    Too funny. My girl is 2 years old… I haven’t quit come across that yet, but I do know that what I see out there makes me wish I knew how to sew… if I did I would make all of my children’s clothing! I do have to teach my older son… Elijah … because the on dress down day at school, many of the girls in his class (2nd) grade are already scandelous with what they are wearing.

  • Baseball Mom

    I work for Jostens & have been on High School Campus lately. Now I am …… a graduate of the 80's era. I wanted to kidnap a few of the girls I have seen on campus take them home & "PROPERLY" cloth them. There were some outfits I was embarrased to look and & I am 30 something {ok so I'm really close to 40, but NOT YET!!}
    AND WHAT is with them carrying $1200 purses to school & wearing $400 jeans???? What has this world come to…..and don't even get me started with the tattoo's I have seen…let me remind you…ON A HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kids need to be Kids….these are the "kids" wearin the panties you mention at 6 years old!!!!
    Amen to uniforms!!!!!!!!

  • Wagener family fun

    I have to say that the absolute best place that I have found for girls panties for my 6 year old little girl is JC Pennys!!!! I typically don’t shop there but as a child that is where my mom chose to purchase my clothes and now I see why.
    Check them out you will find a whole aisle of Girls little girls panties with flowers, princesses and all of the other fun things girls like.

  • violetposy

    Look what they were trying to sell to children here in the UK. I was stunned when I saw this a couple of months back

    There has been a campaign here by mothers in the UK to have these items removed. Maybe you should start one in the US starting with those awful panties!

  • Carrie

    I totally agree with you about the little girls clothes- why can’t the clothing manufacturers let them be little girls? So far, I only have a boy, and he’s definitely easier to dress! :)

  • Sunny

    I am a mother of 2 strapping young men, 2 1/2 and 14 months old. I am terrified. This situation, while comical now, is actually much bigger than I think we even realize. It has just hit me how amazingly far off course we are. Our little girls and boys are being flung into situations and issues at mach speed that they have no business dealing with at such a young age. Even if we are doing what is right for our children, their friends might be wearing the thong undies to kindergarten. THONGS?! And then what, how do you explain that without sounding like the uber-self-righteous parent?! Now, having boys, how on earth am I going to keep myself out of jail? I am going to want to go running after these teenage girls trying to sling some clothes on their half-naked bodies! I will be the queen of restraining orders! (Sidenote: Whoever decided that butt cleavage was fashionable should be smacked upside the head!) What happened to the good ole days when I wore a long t-shirt tied in a knot on the side with some neon leggings and a matching hair scrunchie? And that was when I was 8! Trapper Keepers. They are making a comeback! I had a Trapper Keeper, I think it had little yellow lab puppies on it. Oh, to be young again.

  • Bills Family

    I was buying a new swimsuit this year and decided to joke around with my husband. I told him I was buying the suit that only had material down the front of it….sides are out and it’s very revealing….so I settled on the tankini and high cut bottoms. While I was at my sister’s house my 16yoa neice comes out of the house in the swimsuit with the sides out and very revealing all over…I was shocked! Then to find out how much is cost floored me. I have two little girls age 4 and 6…I have a hard time finding undies for them will buy the ugly white ones before they have something sexy on their little bottoms!!! btw~~Love your stories!

  • His Amazing Grace

    This post is hysterical Angie!! I’m right with you the low-rider panties…at SIX?? Come-on….I about had a heart-attack when at Jr. High (church) camp as a counselor I saw the outline of a “thong” on a 6th grader….Seriously, what is this world coming to? Thanks for making my Monday just a bit sillier!!!
    April :)

  • Carissa

    Hi, Angie! First time commenter here. Have you ever been to "Old Time Pottery"? It's a HUGE warehouse of discounted home decor. You are sure to find some cheap sticks there, at least after an hour or so of sorting through the many wretched decorations they have! But your efforts will be worth it, you can find a lot of good stuff!

    ~Carissa in FL

  • OMSH

    I am laughing so hard I’m crying. THANK YOU for pointing out that little girls (or big girls – or even BIGGER girls) for that matter, do NOT need to wear butt-crack ANYTHING.

    Personally I’m waiting for mom jeans to be cool again.

    Wait…no, I’m not.
    But I would like more than 2 inches in the stride, tyvm!

  • Kaye

    Ok… this is freaking me out!!! I have two little girls. My 3 year old just got potty trained and I did buy her panties… I just realized that shes ready for new ones… bigger ones. I will definitely go to walmart and buy the hanes panties. I wont even dare to go to the panties section. This is going to fun :-( . Oh, Ang… Thank you for the posts… you really encourage me and you make me laugh like crazy… and worry about what to expect soon as well. Keep it up girl!

  • Mary Beth

    My daughter is now 13. When she was 7-8 I actually saw THONGS in her size at children’s stores. THONGS!

    It is so important we moms instill modesty on all levels to our girls… beginning at BIRTH! (smile)

    I never allowed certain things at a young age… like Bikinis… because I didn’t feel like I would want her to wear them at 16. Tankinis… ok…

    Then you don’t have the questions… if I could wear them when I was little…????

    Thanks for posting the importance of the ongoing battle of teaching modesty to our girls in an immodest world.

  • ~cmd~

    Amen Sister. Wait til the "Great Bra Search" occurs. I'm the mother of two tween girls. To my complete disapporoval…they're beginning to develop. AHHH! Where are my babies! My issue is the non-padded & "lifting" bra. For the love!! They're 11 & 13!!!!! Why would they need padding & lifting. It's the hardest thing for me to understand. Do the makers of these products have kids?? Do they know the problems they are giving to us parent's that don't want our 11 y/o to have cleavage! & I've had the "Daniela" talk with a employee Limited Too. Not that she cared..she was all of 18. LOL!
    ~Christi in CA~

  • Corrie

    I feel your pain! I am also a mom of 3 girls and YES I find it difficult first off to match them (now my oldest is 12 so she no longer thinks it’s “cool” to dress like her sisters so now I’m coordinating but again that causes some issues!) But girls clothes are no longer innocent by any means! What are these “designers” thinking?? I like them to stay little girls as long as possible but it is getting harder and harder to be able to accomplish that!

  • Leah

    I understand completely. I have 3 girls (4.5, 2.5, 13 months), and I don’t like for any characters to be on their clothing. I have found the cutest Fruit of the Loom panties at Wal-Mart. I’m not sure they are in the big girls sizes – we’re up to a 4T now. Anyway, they come in a 4 pack of solid colors – white, blue, yellow, and lavender. They have a small bow on the front and lace around the edges. Anyway, I had bought one package a long time ago for my oldest, and when I needed to get more for daughter #2, I looked at Target for about three months and never found them. I was getting irritated that I couldn’t buy them anymore, because as you know the selection is not that great. Finally, I was in Wal-Mart one day and took a look at the panties and sure enough the panties were from Wal-Mart. I was so happy to finally find them because their panties were in desperate need of replacing. And, I’m also glad to hear that I’m not the only one wasting gas driving all over town looking for the right sizes from Target to coordinate their outfits.


    First of all, this is so funny. Secondly, I feel your pain about Target’s girls’ section. Why can’t they just up the sizes on the cute under 5T clothes for our modest girls? I’m no prude either, but butt crack panties? Seriously. I’ve seen ‘em there. I don’t want my six year old daughter looking like she’s part of Britney Spears’ latest tour.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have a cool Trapper Keeper story. My mom was way too practical and I think when and if I did get one it was blue or maybe on a daring day, red. That’s all I’ve got.

    The sticks? Yes, I get so excited when I see a red sticker at Target, but it actually needs to be a good discount. Despite some flaws, it’s my very favorite store!

  • Shannon

    Ang – Get yourself over to Gymboree. Online if you must, but they have the only panties worth buying. Children’s place worked out well for me this year in the bathing suit department and last but not least…monkey bar buddies. You (and your girls) will love them. promise.

  • Stephanie

    Girl-you are preaching to the choir!

    I have an 8 yr old and we went through the same thing. Luckily, we were able to find Osh Kosh briefs at TJ Maxx in her size at that age. Personally at her age, I could care less if she has panty lines, ya know! We made the mistake of buying her some panties at Old Navy and they were bikinis and Maddie was miserable all day! LOL

    She much prefers the ones that go to her belly button! :)

    How about the shirts with the sayings on them? Some are cute, some are WAY over the top. We saw one not long ago that said “I love Sailors” on it. Granted, it had a picture of Popeye on it, but still!

  • Tabatha

    I am on the same page (with the panties, not the sticks)! My daughter is turning 7 in December and it was tough this past summer finding decent coverage for her derriere! I cringe when I search the clearance racks anymore and find statements about boyfriends on little girl T-shirts. She has no clue what a boyfriend truly is!!!!
    As for the sticks… I have enough outside (and in the house if the boys get their ways!) to resist a deal such as you found.

    Trapper Keeper? I remember the unicorn on mine one year as well. I think it had a rainbow over it though. I LOVED unicorns.

  • Beth

    and on the flip side….
    try to find a pair of boys boxers that don't hang to their knees. I swear they look more like gym shorts then underwear. But according to my teenager they have to be that long so that. A> they cover everything when your pants hang off your butt. ( dear Lord why won't he wear the 20 belts i've bought him?) and B> again the long thing so that if your "buddies" depants you, your still covered.
    Don't ask.. i don't get it either

  • Jenna

    I totally chit-chat with my cashier. We extroverts always have conversation and sometimes we must let them know that we are disappointed with in our shopping experience…such as the magazines located at six-year-old child eye level!! C’mon?! Really? Do my kids need to see Pam Anderson’s cleave or cellulite? My kids have “inquiring minds”, but I don’t think they need to be reading the Enquirer!

    Bless you, Angie! I’m a crafter. Maybe, I should be making modest girl panties, but that kinda creeps me out on all sorts of levels. Forget that I suggested that!

  • Jennifer

    I completely agree! I was so disappointed with Target when my six year old had to stop shopping in the toddler section and move up to the big girls section. Their clothes became too trendy and too old looking for a six year old. I love Target’s baby section because the clothes are cute but still affordable. I rarely shop at Target for my six year old because their stuff is too teenage looking. I have had to resort to the mall and some of the pricer stores, because I refuse to dress my six year old in a 16 year old outfit!

  • kimberly

    i am with most eveyone here in the land-o-comments. but for one thing. I have a 12 year old daughter, the oldest of 5 by the way, and there IS reason for those padded training bras. My girl is a late bloomer if you will, she is rather small, and would much prefer it stay that way! (as would I) but…since we are mostly girls here, i can just say it. Nipples. that is why i am way ok with the padded training bras. dont you remember when you werent quite developed but that did not stop you from “showing” ? And the sports type training bras that i started my daughter out on do not work for that particular problem. so, yes, they might make them look a little bigger than they are, but it is way less embarassing than someone pointing out your “headlights” . I am heartbroken for the tweens i see who’s moms arent paying enough attention to get them a bra and they are running around in tee shirts that leave nothing to the imagination. And we arent talking about full on boobs here, just the beginnings.

    so that is my rant. as far as the panties go, i am soooooo with you!!!

  • KV

    Of course, this story was just what I needed today. And yes, I had a trapper keeper, too. Mine was way cool. Teal with paint splatters.

  • Holly

    You are so funny! I agree with you completely.. my 4 year old niece just told my 3 year old daughter this weekend that she didn’t want her pants to be above her belly button.. “it’s not cool”… I was shocked and not to mention how does a 4 year old know what’s “cool” is anyway!! You should have heard that conversation with my 3 year old about why we wear our pants the way we do. :) Thanks always for your blogs!

  • Sarah

    Wow, if all these commenters could turn around and write a complaint to Target, The Children’s Place, etc. about how the inappropriateness of girls’ clothes – `cause they are!! – we could really get somewhere!

  • Melissa

    ok – So i had a little neice who attends a private Christian school in Dallas, and even though this is nothing to do with underwear or sticks – One day, she was telling us about this club called the “Cheetah Girls Club”. In order to become a part of the club, you had to kiss a boy. Oh – did I mention she was in Kindergarten???? Where do these kids learn this stuff?

    now- as a 28 year old, I get angry even when I try to go shopping for myself! I’m pretty modest, and it’s so hard to find decent clothes out there to wear!!

    I had many trapper keepers. All different colors and designs!

  • Shelly

    LOL about the panties and you are exactly right!!

    Wait until you try to buy them a dress. We had one year that we couldn't find ANYTHING that wasn't slinky for my 8 yr old.

    I think it all started with the Ashley & Mary Kate line, and now it's continuing with Hannah Montana clothes. They're either too 'sexy' or it's too "grungy".

    What did you do with the sticks???

  • QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe

    I just have to say that I think you’re HYSTERICAL!!! AND that having 4 girls of my very own…I have gone through the same thing. Your best bet is to find a TJ MAXX or an Osh Kosh oulet and but THEIR underwear. (Osh Kosh is sold at TJ MAXX) Anyway, I had a harder time with my girls growing up when my baby (5) actually stopped wearing the toddler 5T and fit into the ‘big’ girls section. Now, even though they can all match or coordinate, I still get teary eyed when I walk by the toddler section…just memories. :)

  • The Kahler Family

    Girl, you are hilarious and I love the way that you write!
    I am really bothered lately by the way that kids are dressing. The girls wear shorts that are smaller than the swimsuit bottoms that I have to muster up a years worth of courage to put on. I don’t want my seven year old seeing that.
    What really bothers me is the way that the boys are dressing… most of the time I am questioning if they really are boys becuase they have fabulously flat-ironed, perfectly sleek hair and a style that I only have right after leaving the salon and can’t seem to get the hang of myself. I don’t understand why boys think that they need to wear pants that are five sizes too small, and even if they were big enough to go up over the top of their thighs, they would then realize that they bought a child’s size because the pants would now be capris. I can’t tell you how many boys I have seen carrying a cute little bag and wanting to ask them where they got it… but I can’t bring myself to do it, I’m afraid that then I’m giving my approval to their look.
    I wonder where their parents are when they leave the house and buy these clothes. I’m all for kids having their own style, but I don’t approve of preteens and teenagers showing their rears and bellies (or anybody for that matter), and I sure don’t care to see any young mans underwear.
    I had the same Trapper Keeper with the unicorn… wonder what happened to that thing!?

  • Anothermadhousewife

    I had the green Trapper Keeper with horses on it! It’s the only one I ever had, but wow, I remember how I loved that thing. I probably used it for several years.

    My personal pet-peeve in regard to inappropriate, little girl fashion is when things like “flirt,” or “spoiled” are written on t-shirts for little girls. What in the world? Does anyone want that to be a self-fulfilling prophesy? I bought a sparkly “princess” shirt once (marked down to a dollar), b/c I knew my 4 yr old would be so excited. But who wants their little girl wearing a shirt that says, “flirt.” I don’t get it. And what’s worse than having inappropriate words on your little girls’ shirt? Come on, say it with me. . .Having inappropriate words on the butt of your daughter’s pants!

  • Mommyof3

    I understand the world just isn’t the same as it use to be. I’ve come to realize that everyone has a different parenting style and mine seems to be way overprotective than that of my daughters classmates. This year I saw a girl in her school wearing a shirt that said “Brunette Bomshell” I was FLOORED the girl was like 6/7????? It makes me wanna scream!

  • Dawn

    You are a hoot! I didn’t read through all the other comments so someone may have already suggested this: Hanna Andersson sells cute, modest organic cotton panties. They are ridiculously expensive but I’ve bought them on clearance and that makes me feel better. :) Hope y’all are having a delightful day!

  • Stuarts

    My most embarrassing mom moment came as the result of a young girl (maybe 13-ish) wearing just such panties and hot pants. We were at a local fair. My oldest was around 1 at this time and everyone was sitting down, preparing for an air show. My husband I were talking with some friends as our son wandered around. The next thing I saw was him taking tentative and curious steps toward the girl sitting a few feet in front of us. As I watched what was unfolding, it seemed as though time stood still. I could hear myself crying, “Nnnnnoooooooo…” as his pudgy little finger buried itself in her exposed crack. I grabbed him just as she sprung up off the ground with a startled cry. I buried my crimson face in his shirt and walked back to our blanket where I quickly washed his hands off and explained that we don’t touch girls there. Maybe I should have explained that girls shouldn’t dress that way, but I thought his little 1 year old mind might not quite be ready for that moral discussion. Geesh.

  • Melissa Terry

    You are always so sweet so I like when you bust out the sassiness!

    For the sake of my son, I thank God for all the mothers who put modest panties on their little girls! Bless you…

  • bellatopia

    This is the first time I’ve left a comment. I just wanted to humbly submit that I don’t think the panties are really that big of a deal. We can be modest, and teach our daughters modesty, and let our little girls wear bikini panties. They aren’t going to be showing their panties to our friends, neighbors, relatives, etc, after all. They are only meant to cover their private areas….and ALL panties do that quite effectively! I have 3 little girls…6, 4, and 2. They still have cute pudgy baby tummies and we found that the “granny panties” that one normally finds for little girls actually caused them a lot of discomfort!! After years of saying I’d never let my girls wear “immodest” bikini panties, just this year I finally caved and bought them for my girls. They are still quite modest, the band just goes beneath their tummies so they aren’t uncomfortable anymore. Grace grace grace, but hopefully something to think about, as well!! To each their own…it’s not causing a problem for us! :-)

  • Misty

    I was laughing as I read your post today because not to long ago Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the morning talk show “The View” came in with a pack of panties and had a the pantie debate on the show. She was also VERY mad about the low rider/biknins for her young daughter. You should write her and you two could hook up and make some cute non low rider panties for little girls :-) Elizabeth is also a desinger!! :-)

    PS I SOOOOOO had the unicorn trapper keeper too!!

  • Mel

    It’s so fun knowing there are so many moms out there that think alike (with the same sense of humor). I’ve too often regretted a “teachable moment” of which I’ve taken advantage when my 5 year old decided to turn it into teachable moments (yup, with an “S”) for the public.

    Looks like it’s time for a Target underwear boycott. My daughter is only 3 but I’m a small gal (5 feet, 100 pounds) and get to shop in the kids section a lot. It’s actually easier to find “grandma” panties in the adult section at Target…go figure. Not that all that is appropriate for grown women either but having a short torso, I do like my undies lower than my armpits. :)

    I will tell you, I’m jealous of your trapper keepers. I grew up in the “Christian Bubble” with parents that were addicted to Costco (it was Price Club back then). We only bought school supplies in cases of 10 or more. No Trapper Keeper for me. I didn’t even know what the Gap was until 5th grade. Figures that Mom and Dad have gotten way cooler since I was a kid…again..go figure.

    Thanks as always for sharing your life with us.

  • Honea Household

    I am a modest girl. Always have been. Always will be. I don’t even like to wear the shorts with letters or wording printed on the rear because what are those there for??? …to draw attention to your rear. And I’ve noticed a lot of pants/shorts in the little girl section at Target and other places that have that…on a little girl! Give me a break!

    I don’t wear two piece swimsuits around my children. My daughter is not allowed to wear a two piece swimsuit. And I’ve explained to her why we need to wear one-pieces.

    And the panty thing…I just went through the SAME thing! My girl is kind of in between the toddler girl sizes and the big girl sizes and it’s just crazy the kind of panties they sell of little girls. I absolutely cannot believe it. And I’m totally with you about shopping in the big girl section. I’ve bought a few shirts there and some of the 4 Slim jeans for her just becuase they fit better than the 5T’s, but not having the walk around it back to the toddler section is so crazy. They grow up so fast.

    Modesty is a huge thing for me. When I did the Daniel Study of Beth Moore’s, she emphasize modesty in one of her sessions and said this, I quote, “One of hte ways that we allow the enemy to treat our holy vessel [our body] as unholy is through immodest dress. We have dressed our holy vessel in an unholy fashion. We are being used by the enemy to toast the world, the gods of this world, which as the Word of God says are as nothing.” I totally agree!

    I am my daughter’s example of modesty. I must teach her to desire modesty. I must teach her that her body is the temple of the Lord. We must respect it and dress it the way God wants us to dress it. Thanks for your post!

  • ET @ Titus2:3-5

    I don’t want to offend anyone here, but what the heck is a Trapper Keeper!

  • Christy Sanford

    i am so with you on this…i have 4 children… 2 girls (9 and 5) and 2 boys (7 and 3) well the biggest struggle has been with the oldest daughter… she recieved some black leather knee high boots last year for christmas… well she wanted to wear them with short skirts… i said no.. so our compromise was everytime she wears these boots she must wear a bow in her hair…

    it is very hard to find a balance these days between teenage and modest pre -teen…. i am praying for grace!!!

  • WendyCarole

    I am so glad that my daughter is all grown up now. When she was little panties were still modest and so were most of the clothes. But looking at the clothes in the shops here in UK and what the girls I teach wear on non school uniform day I am glad that i don’t have to hunt for suitable clothing. I don’t understand why mums want to dress their daughters in mini versions of adult clothing

  • partyoffivetn

    Oh, how you make me laugh, and also see so muc of myself in what you are saying…I have a 6 year ole girl, and am in the same boat…and don’t get my mom started if she is with me…why should cute girl underwear be so hard to find…I didn’t quite get all the back to school pink notebookds that looked real cute far away, and then had weird cats ad skull and cross bones on it…anyway, I did find cute undies at carter’s too..they do make size 6…and if it not 50% off…you should not call it clearance!!

  • Mandy & Jack

    What, no thongs in a size 6?

  • Jesslyn42


    Too incredibly hilarious! As far as the “scent” things go…I’ve never done sticks, but I do, however, do Bath and Body Works wallflowers and Glade Plug-ins. :) I also wait until there is a HUGE sale (as is $3.00 for wallflowers and $1.99 for plug-ins) before purchasing and then I just STOCK up!!

    Trapper Keeper ~ well, let’s just say that it was one my very best friends, especially in middle school! It went with me everywhere! ;) Yes, it’s true…I felt so “Cool” to carry around this Trapper Keeper with cute kittens on it. I am a huge cat lover and just adored that thing. Really, when I think back to those days ~ the question that jumps into my head is, “What was I thinking, sister?!”

    Now, for the most important part of the blog: the great panty debate! Okay, not being a parent to my own kids yet, but to being a teacher to a class of 23 children…trust me, I see plenty! The first thing that came to mind was last year, I had this little 6 year old who wore the absolute shortest skirts I had ever seen in my WHOLE ENTIRE life! My response, sadly which was outloud (thank goodness my kids didn’t hear me) was “Are you kidding me?!” Not to mention, the actual high temp. for that day was 36 degrees. Yes, it was the DEAD middle of winter. She wore these skirts ALL YEAR long. It was quite sad and I even tried to talk her about it and ask her if she had any warmer clothes at home…etc? She did, but didn’t want to wear them. A couple of days she even sported one of her super short skirts with some tall black boots. Not what you want to see a 6 year old wearing!

    Then, in the spring, some other girls were walking around the playground singing,

    “shortie had them apple bottom jeans (jeans)
    boots with the fur (with the fur)
    the whole club was lookin’ at her

    she hit the floor
    (she hit the floor)

    next thing you know
    shorty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low”

    My head has NEVER whipped around as fast as it did that day! I was so utterly appalled I thought I was going to start blowing smoke of my nose, mouth and ears just like a fire blowing dragon. Errrr.

    So, the teacher in me marched right over, with that “teacher look that says ‘Oh no you just didn’t say that,’” and they were all like, “What?” Oh, that made me even more riled up. I said, “Girls, where did you hear something like that because we DO NOT say things like that here at school or even outside of school.” One little girl replied, “My sister listens to that song everyday when she brings me to school and we sing it together.” I said, “How old is your sister?” I got this, “She’s 16 and does whatever she wants.” Right there, is another whole issue. It’s just so sad.

    So, back to the whole panty thing: I am right with you, sister! There, BY NO MEANS, should be any reason for 6 year olds and up to have bikini underwear. Crazy! Now, I want to go investigate my Target and see what’s all there.

    Maybe we can combine our efforts and try to do something about it!! Only we’ll make sure that the people we talk to speak very good English, so we’re very clearly understood!!! ;)

    Again, another beautiful post and can’t wait to hear most wonderful stories!

    Lots of love and big hugs to you,
    Jess :)

  • Mandy & Jack

    What, no thongs in a size 6?

  • Mandy & Jack

    What, no thongs in a size 6?

  • Mandy & Jack

    What, no thongs in a size 6?

  • Karen

    Okay, what’s with the sticks?!?! Are they on the candle aisle? Do they smell? I’m a sucker for smelly things. I need something for a pitcher I have outside. It has a pretty narrow opening, but these sticks sound like they might work. Please explain the sticks!

  • Kirsten

    HA, HA, HA!!! I’m still laughing while trying to type…yeah, not easy. Never had a “cool” trapper keeper but I remember one year my mom finally broke down and got me the Lisa Frank folders…now THAT was cool. :)
    Definitely with you on the underwear thing…I’m convinced there is a direct correlation between the lack of modest clothing selections and the number of “scantily-clad tweens” in our nation.

  • Burns10rs

    When my oldest daughter was four, we lived in a condo complex in Pennsylvania that had a lovely swimming pool. One-piece swim suits for little girls were plentiful, and Jessica and her best friend had darling suits. But one day, here came the other little girl their age in the neighborhood–in a tiny leopard print bikini! That little girl’s mother sidled up to us and said with great pride, “Look at Kimmie! Doesn’t she look so sexy?!” You could have knocked me over! (And really, I wanted to knock her over and hope it knocked some sense into her!) If mothers buy that stuff, it’s no wonder the stores have such a big supply! We have to voice our displeasure with what is so inappropriate for little girls. Next time, Angie, if you have the time, ask to see the manager. They always want the customer’s feedback. You don’t have to be a prude to know promoting that kind of dress in a child is just wrong!
    Okay, we had the unicorn Trapper-Keeper too. Wonder how many of your readers had that one! My boys hated Trapper Keepers–was that more of a girl thing?

  • Jill

    Love you Angie!!!!

    and i totally feel your pain~

    shopping for our kids for modest clothing~ even underwear is becoming quite a mission these days~

    my little girl went from a 4t to a 5t over the summer and for the first time i really began to see that once they are out of size 4′s and 5′s the clothes in the next size group look like they are made for little hoochies!

    i could not believe it! Kaitlyn seemed to grow into the next size group overnight this summer~ so one day in June, we woke up and realized nothing in her closet fit :(

    even the custom outfits i made for her~ so we went to marshalls to find a few things for her~

    the difference from the 4t clothing section and size 5/6 was unbelievable!

    4t’s were still all adorable~ TONS of sweet dresses and outfits I would have loved for Kaitlyn~

    the 5t 6 section was a whole nother world, that i seriously was not prepared for~ little halter tops, and skimpy jeans, oh my goodness, i was lucky to find some cute terry flare gouchos for her that day~ that was it :(

    it’s really frustrating for all of us who want to teach our children modesty ~ when the choices at the stores scream out anything but modesty!

  • Denise

    I swear we lead parallel lives!

    Did you also have to fight back tears as you made the trip through Target from the toddler section to the girls section? No? Oh, me either!

    I also remembered the panties as I was getting in the checkout lane and thought I’d just “run back” and pick up a package. Ha! 30 minutes later (and I’m not exaggerating here) I managed to find a package of size 6s that were appropriate for a child who wears a size 6! Sheesh!

    Finally, I also have had to change my shopping habits since my 3 year old and I passed by a college-aged girl at Meijer wearing short, short shorts and a short, short tank top. As she passed us by, my little darling turned around and watched her walk away. She immediately started giggling and loudly exclaimed, “Look mommy! I can see her underwear!”
    Embarrassed as I was, I hope that girl learned a lesson about modesty that day!

  • Truly Blessed

    I hate to tell you this, but it only gets worse from here. My girls range from age 13 down to 8. I feel your pain. I’ve been there. I’m still there! Try finding a one piece (non-trashy, yet hip)swim suit for a 13 year old. Nearly impossible, I tell ya. It takes a lot of time, searching, patience and sheer determination, but it can be done! Hang in there! Raising girls who understand the importance of modesty is so important. You CAN be hip and modest. It just takes a little more imagination and work. But, it’s worth it in the end!!! :)

  • jennifergriffin

    OH…you had me rolling! I just think you are a hoot!! I also HEART the trapper keeper! I had a few but, I’m so old I can’t remember what they look like! I do remember the unicorns and the kittens though!

    I am with you on the clothes! I am oh so thankful for two boys! I am horrified at times when neighbor girls come over to play at 8 and 9 years old! I cannot believe the skimpy clothes! I want to put a blanket on them and tell them to come back in winter!

    I have a hard time finding any cool music shirts for my husband or son without skulls….sigh.

  • AMJsMom

    Im going to jump on the Gymboree panty wagon!! Two of my three girls have more than their share from Gymbo. And as a bonus – you can be one of those moms where not only do you girls clothes match each other, they match their undies as well!!

    Plus Gymboree sells solid color biker shorts so when your daughter decides to do breakdance (not even kidding) in a dress in the middle of Target she isnt flashing her undies to the masses.

    As for the Trapper Keepers, I got one EVERY year!! Am I the only one that didnt use it after the first few weeks of school?? I had the kitties and I also had the tetris-y looking one that someone described below. Now dont get me started on lunch boxes!! Love me some school supplies!

  • anglswngs

    Hey Angie, wanna come to my new Target…FINALLY opening on October 12th? (yeah, it’s been on my calendar for months!) It will be so new there won’t even be any red stickers to tease us but I bet we can find some good choices for panties!

    Can you believe some people, like me, actually have to travel on the highway for over 20 minutes to get to a Target? Not anymore after October 12th!! WOO HOO!

    Annapolis, MD

  • Kristen

    just wanted to state… a classmate of mine STILL had his trapper keeper and brought it to LAW SCHOOL…yep, that’s right… a trapper keeper at lawschool!

  • Kim

    This is hysterical and absolutely true! Love your posts.

  • Sandra

    I had that trapper keeper!! I think I might still have it in my attic somewhere… I kept all my “lyrics” in it so I would have them when I got famous… yeah… that worked out… not!

    I had the same problem with the underwear and walmart isn’t any better. I went to target first, and it was terrible, I refuse to by my 8 year old stripper panties, so went to walmart where I stood there for a good 20 minutes trying to find something that was ok (without the stupid monkeys or kissy lips). My daughter has no wish to have a wedgie all day anyways, so She is just fine with briefs!

  • Carrie

    As a mother of two boys, I strongly encourage the mother’s of little girls to keep those tushes covered! My frustration with boys clothing is that everything has a negative saying or a skull on it! What’s that about????

    And totally agree with the Target stinky clearance stickers. They keep using that word … I do not think it means what they think it means! Now Kohl’s knows clearance!!!

    Trapper Keepers … I also had the unicorn as well as a horse one. Not sure why I had the horse, I am not into horses. I also carried an extra safety pin in my trapper keeper just in case my pegged pants came undone and needed tightened. The trapper was kept in my locker right next to the Aqua Net. Yes, I ruled the school and am the blame for global warming.

  • Keri

    All I have to say is “Thank you God for giving me boys”! YIKES!!!

    The red sticker issue: Many times I’ve been frustrated at Target by the not-so-discounted price on a red sticker which screams “I am going to be insanely cheap” (as in price, not low ride panty kind of cheap). On closer inspection I’ve noticed a whopping 50 cent deduction which warrants a little sign, NOT a red sticker. I’d even be ok with a light blue or purple sticker, but leave the red for the big stuff!

    Oh, and yeah, I was the poor girl who coveted the Trapper Keeper along with parachute pants and fish net, fingerless gloves. Oldest of 5 here, people. I was lucky to get dinner.

    BIG KUDOS to all you moms with girls who are teaching modesty. I have boys that will be looking at those girls and I have to teach them modesty, too. Not just for themselves (which isn’t a problem), but in girls they may want to date sometime. Help me Jesus!!

  • growing in Christ’s love

    I read your blog often and am so moved by your writing and love what God is teaching me through you. You are truly a blessing. There are so many ways that I relate to you: 1. I was lost for a long time and did not come to know the Lord until after I met my future husband who has a faith that drew me to him, and ultimately, to HIM the Lord Christ Jesus; 2. I too am a mother of three little girls, ages 4, 2 and 1; 3. My homeschool adventures are just starting but equally laughable; 4. I just contemplated buying the sticks at Target, but instead settled for the decorative pebbles that were marked down to $2.98 (mostly because I had two girls who each wanted to hold something). Now what does one do with two bags of decorative pebbles? Not sure. 4. I owned the basket full of kitties trapper keeper; 5. I am happy to find another Christian woman who enjoys a sassy pair of jeans and clearance sales at Old Navy. (I just bought my girls halloween costumes there).
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your life and your love of the Lord with others. I am home full time and it is a tremendous blessing to have a little fellowship during the day by laughing, crying, worshiping, and discovering deeper relationship with the Lord along with you. In His Holy and Righteous Name, Brooke in Colorado

  • The Werdebaugh Family

    Wow, I know how you feel – and I have an 11 year old BOY! When we have gone school shopping in the past, we had a really hard time finding things (many, many stores, many, many malls) that didn’t have skulls, cross-bones, blood, screwed up looking characters, or bad phrases on them. So yes, you see, it isn’t just the girls. It is also our young men who are forced to make decisions about appropriate clothing at such an early age. For the record, skulls alone gives my son nightmares (yes, even now at 11) so at the age of 9 he couldn’t understand why they would be on kids shirts. He asked me this question, to which I had a difficult time formulating an answer. We weeded through things enough to FINALLY find sports-related clothing. Which worked well for my son, as he loves sports. I thought surely we’d be safe with baseball, basketball and football, right? WRONG!!! Wouldn’t you know it was the same thing? Scary looking cartoon-animated dudes covered in blood saying bad phrases about kicking your butt in football! Or, a baseball soaring through the air with a black eye and blood dripping out. I was so frustrated that we left the store. We ended up at Dunham’s where they sell Nike and other labels sports clothing that have appropiate things on them in the kids’ department, for the most part.
    As for UNDERWEAR, Domonick wanted to wear boxers and boxer briefs when he turned 10. I thought it would be ok, since he said it was for comfort. Wouldn’t you know, almost every pack had skulls, cross-bones, flaming faces, weird phrases on them in his size. Just give me PLAID or PLAIN BLUE boxers, please for a child his age!! Again, many stores later I found some sports-related boxer-briefs and plain/plaid boxers.
    Move on to Halloween, if you don’t want to be Freddy Krueger or Michael Meyers or the Grim Reaper, there aren’t many options for boys his age. So I began picking his favorite sports star several years ago and that is what he dresses up as (one year Mountaineer Owen Schmitt, one year Patriots Tom Brady). Why must our boys be faced with scene of such violence and ill will? Yes, it teaches them just as poor a message as the little girls in inappropriate low riders (NOTE: as a mother, who considers herself to be “hip” at 32, I refuse to wear them myself! Just doesn’t work with my child-bearin’ hips!!)
    It seems that as parents we are the exception to the rule when we want to teach modesty and appopriate dress to our children. Praise God that there are others of us out there believing in these simple principles. For a long time I thought I was alone-so good to know I’m NOT the only one!!
    Christina in WV

  • Donna-Jean

    Wait until it’s time to buy bras for your daughters. They’re all underwire. I kid you not. It’s truly mind-boggling.

    Loved your post!

  • Lee

    UM, HELLO???? I have a 15year old daughter who actually WANTS to dress modestly. Yeah, right. Unless we shop at the All Amish All The Time store, we aren’t finding anything modest. No offense to anyone Amish reading this blog (as if you would be because I don’t think you use electricity…my point being, you have it completely RIGHT with the midesty issue!)
    So we went Homecoming Dress shopping yesterday. 6 (YES SIX) stores later and literally at least 27 dresses tried on we finally found one that is cool but doesn’t show any cleaveage, and actually comes to her knees, not high on her thigh. And we were catering to 5 of her friends also shopping. It was a sea of taffeta, rayon, spandex and some silk in the dressing rooms. Macys will never be the same. ALL of her friends would prefer to dress modestly. Try finding jeans for a 15 year old girl that have a zipper longer than an inch. HA! My husband suggested we go to Farm and Fleet and get Wranglers.
    So on the way home we started talking. The girls think it would be great to start our own clothing line for real girls who want to actually cover their privates but still be cool. They want to call it CCW….Contemporary Christian Wear. They want to carry everything from undergarments to jeans to tops to cammies to jewlery to shoes. Garments designed by girls for girls that want to be girls not women on a street corner. What do y’all think?

  • kati

    I’ve just been reading over your comments and while I agree with some wholeheartedly, it concerns me to hear so many mothers assuming their daughters will rebel when they reach their teenage years. Parents–if we EXPECT them to rebel, they will. Teach them that Christ has a better way–THE WAY, teach them to dress modestly, and pray like crazy for them. Rebellion is NOT inevitable.

    Angie, I’ve been reading your blog for months and have been utterly moved so many times, but have never left a comment until now. Talk about an issue to get riled up on!!!

  • Lee

    Also, an FYI on the Target red stickers. In the upper right hand corner of the sticker you will find either a 30, 50 or 75 in really small font. That is the percentage off. If it says 30, wait and in about a week it will go on to 50 and so on. If it is a hot item, you probably ought to get it at 50. I don’t know about all Targets, but ours sends their unsold clearance items to the local GoodWill store. You can pick up brand new Target merchandise for unbelievably low prices that way.

  • Kristy Hart

    Amen Sister!!! You are so right. My seven year old asked me about thongs the other day!!! I almost fell on the floor. She said she heard it from a friend. I don’t care for the older girls sections either. My husband will see some teenage girls and look at me and say if you ever let out daughter purchase clothes like that….. But the sad part is, someone is buying them the clothes they have on.

    Blessings to you and you sweet family!!


  • Christy O

    Loved it and so on the same page with you, but I have bad news for you – it only gets worse! My girls are now 8 and 11, and two years ago we spent hours upon hours trying on (no kidding) 30 plus bathing suits for my then 9 year old – to find one that actually didn’t expose her pubic bones and did not try to pretend she had (and wanted to show)cleavage. As it was we compromised a bit and ended up ordering online and I did some creative sewing to make it something a sweet, young, CHILD should wear!!!!! I was so grateful that the suit fit her for two years, but know that we will begin the battle again! And the rest of the clothing that is out there!!!! AAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! No wonder our girls have the issues they do, and our boys too!

  • Kay

    My girl is 13. Wait til you need to find her a bra… all I could find was underwire,padded and crazy colors/patterns in tiny tea cup sizes!!! Hello designers… they don’t need anything ‘pushed up’ at that age! (It’s up!) LOL We finally found a bra for her at Old Navy in flesh color/no wire! But its everything.. low jeans, skin tight tops.

    She is modest, though. So that helps. If she thinks something’s cute, I’ll let her try it on and SHE’ll be the one that takes it off shaking her head no because she’s all exposed and hanging out. Yay!

    She needs dresses for church and I told the hubby that I’m just going to make her some skirts. Dresses for girls are almost always hoochie rather than Sunday. Drives me nuts!

  • lillian08

    SO true… WHY do they have to make kids grow up so fast these days???
    I have laughed at this post to the point where my side hurts…
    Thanks for the giggles… I’m sure Miss Daniela won’t soon forget you!
    I never had a trapper keeper. My parents made me suffer!! I was NOT a cool kid, like you!! I’m so green with envy!
    Ohhhh… I I bought the same bundle of sticks last week for $21.99 at K-Mart! Wooo-hooo!
    As always… I love your blog,
    Jen in NC

  • Candie

    Angie, you are a crack up!! I laughed my way through this entry. I was horrified to find those sweats/work out pants with the word cutie written across the bottom in the baby section!! Yes, girls these days do not know how to be modest. Now I know what to look out for when my daughter gets older.

  • The Caldwells

    Well, if you make it to this 347th comment–good for you. In regards to our kids saying things in public… loudly. We live in Austria as church planters and there are some youth that really enjoy leather, motorcycles and mohawks with colorful streaks. I’m pretty with it (I just got my nose pierced-a stud only… no, I’m not a typical missionary). ANYWAY, my 4 yr. old points at this guy who is walking past us and says, “look at him! he’s got funny hair… that’s cool!” I said, “yes, it is… but let’s not point” (bec. I’m not sure if he knew English and would know that he was being complimented instead of judged!) hahaha! Ohhh… kids! Gotta love ‘em!

  • Cheryl

    Hi Angie,
    I am a pretty die-hard bargain shopper when it comes to clothes but I really appreciate quality and modesty. May I suggest looking at Gymboree during their sales and/or when they have their gymbucks promotions? Their clothing is modest, you can get matching/coordinating clothes in sizes infant to size 12-ish. Their kids underwear is also pretty modest.

    I usually shop online because I hate shopping with my little ones. I can also find quite a bit of good new and used gymboree on ebay.

    PS. I also used to dress my three bio daughters in matching/coordinating clothing.

    PSS. I am so excited Selah is coming to Zeeland in a few weeks. I missed them at Worship on the Waterfront this year. Are you coming along?

  • prcsteacher

    My daughter is 8, going to be 9 in a few months. I dreaded the day she outgrew the 5T section of clothing. It does NOT get better as your girls get older. The “tween” clothing isn’t modest enough for anyone! She wears a lot of jeans and t-shirts (in a size bigger because her size are TOO tight). We may not be “hip,” but we are modest!

    You made me laugh – and I needed that today!

  • Carrie

    I love sticks! I bought some at IKEA and I thought $15 was steep. My cousin said I needed a little bit of nature on the inside of my home! So .. in came the sticks. Perched behind a chair, off set a bit … they look like … well, a bunch of sticks standing behind a chair. But she’s the one with the interior design degree and so it is … we have nature in our house!
    By the way, at our IKEA in Arizona, apparently sticks are on their way out. $4.99 the other day!

    I had the kittens on my Trapper Keeper too. I really wanted New Kids on the Block but I grew up in a home where Barbies were too developed to play with (hence my great collection of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls) and Michael W Smith’s first record went back to the store because it was too modern … so the kittens stayed around for 2 years! That, coupled with the fact that I had abnormally HUGE hair … made for a few interesting years in junior high! (Nothing that a few years of therapy hasn’t fixed!!)

  • Kathy

    I’m happy to read this post if not just to get an idea on where to shop for some better underwear for my daughter. She is well-endowed in the little bottom cheeks, and these ridiculous things they call little girls underwear, constantly ride up her little behind. And don’t even get me started on the dresses! We went to find a sweet little dress for her to wear to church a couple weeks ago. There is NO such thing anymore. The dresses for 7/8 are either HIDEOUS, or look like she should be standing on the street corner, not going to church! They were very low cut, practically see through, and were awful! :(

    I’m heading to Wal-mart tomorrow to see if I can find some REAL undies for my girl! Thanks to whoever mentioned finding them there!

    Angie, you crack me up. I love to read your blog! :)

  • Amanda:

    And this is one of the many reasons I am so thankful that I have little boys instead of little girls. I would NEVER be ok dressing my daughter in some of the things I see young girls wearing nowadays…

    I love a pair of great jeans on myself, though!!

    Oh, and I had the unicorn trapper keeper too, followed by, I believe, something with butterflies. Gotta love Lisa Frank :)

    Thinking of you always, Ang!!!!

  • juliekg122

    Ok, I have to tell you a story about my four year old daughter. I had chosen a cute sundress for her to wear to Bible school. My son comes in yelling, “Mom, Annie has a yellow shirt on with her blue dress.” She insisted on wearing a shirt under her dress because “they might see my nursies!” Who can argue with that?? I do think I convinced her to change into a white shirt, though. Thanks for sharing your story!


  • Way More Homemade

    Scrapbook worthy? Yes.

    You’d better just hope she doesn’t have a blog. I’m sure you’ve become quite notorious somewhere in the blogosphere.

    I hate to say it but I’m gonna. Welcome to the big girls’ section. It’s a battle with every new season. I honestly look at the clothes and think, sometimes out loud I have to admit… SERIOUSLY? I’ve been avoiding shopping for the fall. I’ve never hated shopping for my daughter until now. It’s a travesty I tell you, a travesty.

    Oh, and I was never cool enough to have a trapper keeper. Just not cool enough.

    You crack me up.

  • CountryKat

    We have had the same problems with shopping for my almost 8 year old. For the panties I have found Childrens Place and gymboree to have a normal selection for her.

    Clothes in general are hard to find. I don’t want my 8 year old wearing the same things as a teenager.

    I recently saw something about HIGH HEELS for babies. They were soft and completely pointless. WHY!!??!!

    Reading about your daughter talking to stangers in the grocery store aisles about your lesson in modesty cracked me up! My daughter is always asking out loud if people are boy or girls, if they are speaking english, and one time demanded to know why the lady next to us had on a clown wig. Except the lady wasn’t wearing a clown wig.

    Cara in FL

  • Alicia

    My baby girl is still in diapers and doesn’t care what she wears (she also goes for the nekkid look). Her daddy and I have already had MANY a discussion of how she will dress. Shoot, we discuss it about her brother too! We have FOUR nieces, the youngest is 6, and when I saw her in a two piece bathing suit this summer, I about fainted!

  • Kristina

    I’m very lucky to most of my 5 year old daughter’s clothes as hand-me-downs from friends, so I don’t have to deal much with the modesty issue. I might get rid of a couple things that come in the bags, either because they’re too revealing or have pictures I don’t want her advertising, but not too much. I do have to go panty shopping, though, and Walmart is the place to go. They still have princesses for little girls.
    Last week, though, my daughter came home from daycare with a bag of panties and socks from one of the other kids at daycare. I was in a hurry and didn’t even look through them, I just told her to put them in her drawer. I know all the kids at daycare and assumed they’d be fine. I was very shocked when I was doing laundry a few days later to see these lacy see-through panties for my baby. It took me a few minutes of thinking to figure out where they came from. Needless to say, they didn’t make it back to her drawer. I also went to her dresser and pulled out several other pairs of too skimpy ones. She never missed any of them. Panties just aren’t a big deal to her yet. She’s been learning about modesty though. She wears shorts under her dresses and a tshirt under dresses that don’t have enough on top.
    And my boys, who are 7, 9, and 10, still think girls are gross, but I can tell my oldest son is being exposed to some of the sexual terminoligy at school, and I’m not liking that!

    (I had a tetris and a yellow and pink squiggly lined trapper – and my brother’s ugly blue and tan hand-me-down.)

  • Lori

    Not sure if this has been said or not, but Elizabeth(from The View) had the same reaction to the panties and talked about it on The View a few months ago.

    I have two boys,so I don’t have the underwear issues, but my oldest is getting bigger and I now have to shop in the older department as well. I understand your feelings on this one.

    Found you from MckMama

    Lori in Oklahoma

  • The Engelhardt 4

    Found you through MckMama…heehee, I’m glad to get the heads up about panties…we are in 4T now, so I may still have a couple of year before I HAVE to go to the big girl section!!! I also am the one that has told my children the correct name for their private parts only to have them announce them in public!!! oops!!!

  • JeNnI

    Oh my.. You are too funny and I just LOVE your blog. I have two girls so I feel your pain with the panty’s. Gap or Osh Kosh offer some great brief panty’s that are super cute. And the trapper Keeper, yes I had one and the greatest thing ever. They still have them and all three of my kids got them for back to school this year. Go figure!!

  • Sarah

    I cannot believe they make low-rise underwear for 6-year-olds!! And I just read someone’s comment about child thongs?!? Ridiculous!!
    I totally agree with your reaction to Target’s underwear selection. Children are forced to grow up way too fast these days!! It’s sad..

    I’m only 19, and don’t have any children, but I already know that someday I am going to raise mine differently than most parents are these days.. I respect your parenting skills and refusal to give into the “status quo” :)

    PS. My most memorable school supplies were my Garfield trapper keeper and Pochahontas pencil case.

    PSS. Come to think of it, I think when I was around the age of 4 I actually owned a Pocahontas sports bra!!! By no means did I need a bra at that age (and probably could still fit into it today haha), but it came in a pack with Pocahontas underwear that I really wanted. But at the time I think I believed it was just half of a tank top!! haha

  • 4 Smith’s

    I once watched a program in our Women Mentoring Women class at church. On it the speaker said that the way a person dresses shows others how to look at them. Meaning how you dress tells others how you are. If you would like your daughter to have respect from boys, then teach her to dress respectfully. Now, I say that but I don’t quite have a teenager yet…time will tell!!! Wait until it is bra shopping time!!!

  • Gas Family

    Ok, I just found out that Nordstom’s carries THONGS in size 4?!?!? Can somebody tell me why size 4 girls need a thong?

  • Amy

    I hear everything you are saying! My just turned 5 year old has a size 1 foot and so we don't get to shop the "little girl" shoes. I have to try to find her a a cute mary jane that doesn't have a 3 inch heal. She is wearing what the pre-teens wear! I got so excited a couple of months ago when I thought I found her a hello kitty pair of shoes and when I got closer I realized it was (you guessed it) a skull & cross bones, not innocent kitty! Ugh…
    And here is a story you will love… last Halloween (when she was 4) the girls got to wear their costumes to ballet. Bella happened to be a cowgirl. Let me tell you that yes, the costume (which happened to be purchased at Target!) did come with a belt and gun holster that I threw away. Another little girl in her class also happened to have a cowgirl outfit on during class, fully clad in belt, 2 holsters, and 2 guns! After class Bella told me that Gweneth was a cowgirl too, but she had something else on her outfit and wanted to know what was around her waist. Yup, I am so old fashioned and want my sweet little children to stay innocent for as long as possible and I had to explain to her what the "guns" were! Oh, and I also had the Trapper Keeper with the unicorn on it! I was so on the cutting edge…

  • asplashofsunshine

    At least your innocent daughters didn’t ask you for a bra since they are ohhhh soooo perfectly located next to Curious George and Tinkerbell panties!

    Soooooo you are the one that took the last unicorn Trapper Keeper! I knew I’d find you one day! I had to get the ugly blue one with green stripe around the edge. Thanks a lot! Haaaaaaa!

  • dcarney

    I have a 1st grader and have run into the SAME problem. When did 7 become the new teen? Very frustrating. I have, however, found some solutions in discount stores such as Marshalls or Ross-I found cute panties that were modest and no skulls!!! And, great prices! Thanks for sharing your struggles and your lighter moments with us moms!
    Pastor Collene Carney

  • Jennifer Renee

    1) My (very cool) Anne Frank trapper keeper had the 2 multicolored leopards on it.

    2) I have no children (yet), but…

    3) I am a very slender (and admittedly “flat”) 26 year old who often shops in the childrens’ section for bras. I can’t beleive I just admitted this to all of cyber world…because I can’t even make eye contact with the moms in the aisle next to me…I usually walk around and look at the clothes too so they’ll think I’m shopping for some little girl.

    But seriously, it is quite disturbing that I can find bras I like in the girls’ section of Target and Kohls. (on multiple levels I realize…) But they fit me better and they’re cheaper, I like to think that atleast I’m being honest.

    But seriously, they are padded and they sell them in every color with stripes, polka dots, animal prints, and stars…way too appealing for these young girls! And let’s not forget the panties that match! (No those don’t fit…or atleast I don’t think they do!)

  • vaneblu

    I just laughed so hars with this one, and some of the comments :D
    I agree with you, I’ve been saying for a long time that girls no longer look the same, you will go to my local movie theather and find 9yo in clothes that not even I would wear…

  • aubreym1980

    Oh girl you had me laughing so hard. Poor women cant get some decent panties for our kids or ourselves. I prefer the “Grandma Panties” Briefs Plain thats all I need. And its so hard to find just some plain ones. I dont care what my hubby thinks of the undies! I want the plain ones! LOL AS for the Trapper Keeper I also had the 3 kitties in the basket one. YOu and I must be really close to the same age. Boo for clearance of $4 off def not worth it. Easier to pick up a bundle of sticks from your yard haha! You are a sweetie and I love your blog!

  • Racheal

    I know I am giving away by age when I ask….What happened to
    under-roo’s …. every self respecting 6th grader in (197*) was wearing wonder woman or barbie
    under-roo’s …that’s right we were rockin’ the roo’s back in the day. Sad that girls today don’t get to stay young for long…the world is busy spreading Victoria’s

  • dcarney

    Oh, one more thing to add….try finding a ballet studio for your daughter that puts your child on stage with clothing on! I checked out several studios and dismissed them because the costumes were 2 piece/fishnet/garters! I thank God that we’ve found a nice, classy studio that believes in 1 piece costumes.
    Collene Carney

  • elizabeth

    As the mother of two boys, I too wish for the days of modest dress. Two weeks ago I drove through one of the local coffee huts in town, only to discover that they had decided to change their tactics in getting business. Now they promise a daily bikini for those who come to buy their daily “cupful”, as they say. This woman behind the counter was barely covered, and I had my twelve year old son with me. He looked away in embarrassment, and I left without my coffee. What has this world come to? And now we want our little girls to dress this way, too? Let them learn from a very young agae that they only have something to offer when they are offering their bodies to the world? It makes me sad, for our girls and for our boys.

  • Lianna Knight

    What an awesome post!! No, I am not a mom YET…but I know the Lord will bless me with a baby soon. BUT, I am an Asst. Principal at a High School and I see young “girl” trying to be “women” WAY too soon. So I totally understand your frustration….But, your girls see you as an example…and a mighty fine example you are.

    Many blessings to you and your family!

  • The Fab Five

    Let me start by saying that I read your blog often. We have much in common.. interest-wise. You made me smile with this post! I feel the same way about having to go to the “big girl” section to shop. My daughter is about to be 7 and whenever I’m in Wal-mart, I glance at the baby section b/c up until a few months ago, she could wear the bigger 5T things. You are completley normal and I’m so glad you mentioned the “naughty” skull and bones panties.. I’m hip too but nuh uh.

    p.s. wasn’t that unicorn with a rainbow? Maybe I’m thinking of one of those mirror pictures I won at the local carnival when I was 8.

    angela in mississippi

  • Julie

    I am with ya sister! Why? Why does the fashion industry think that I want my little six year old daughter to have her crack hanging out? I laughed reading your blog, but can totally relate to how you felt about it. I also have a problem with some of the dolls they have on the shelves that are dressed with their mid sections hanging out or wearing low cut shirts and short skirts. I don’t want my daughter to think that is cool to wear those types of clothes. I am trying to teach her modesty. That is hard enough with just trying to remind her to keep her legs together in a skirt, let alone add her wanting to wear clothes like her doll. I have to go to my bible study, but I had to give my opinion! Thanks for sharing and the laugh!

    Julie G

  • Michelle

    I had a boring purple trapper keeper… but I did have a yellow BeeGees lunch box, and they danced when you moved the box back and forth!!!

  • Lisa-Cinti,Ohio


    THANK YOU! I have needed a good laugh for quite some time now! I can feel your pain for dressing your little girls in “little girl clothes”. I have a 9 year old and I have serious issues with all of her sizes being scaled down versions of the junior adult sections!!!!! I too spend lots of time making sure what she is wearing is 9 year old appropriate. Luckily for me, she is not yet into all the fashion drama of being a little sassy girl but it is coming and you will here me clear from Ohio sitting in my Target wanting to know where is the clothes made for little girls.

    AS for the person looking for a modest swimsuit, I gave up looking at the stores and have ordered from Land’s End the past 2 years, they are awesome, fit great, last the entire summer and they dont seem to ride up where they dont belong!

    I was without power for 7 days with Hurricane Ike coming through the Ohio valley and I missed seeing your blog!

    I also wanted to tell you we had a women’s retreat at our church the first weekend of Sept and used a Beth Moore video for the weekend. I would love to see her in person, that was my first time to hear her speak, and I absolutely loved her!


  • TeacherApril

    I’m not a mom but I am an Auntie to two wonderful little girls and a 2nd grade teacher. I too dread the shopping sometimes! Why can’t kids just be kids???

    BTW…trapper keepers…what a good memory!! I had fogotten about mine with the kittens :) good times

  • read2kds

    I pretty much had a similar conversation with the manager at Bath and Body Works. When they got rid of Ameican Girl and told me PINK (by Victoria’s Secret) was what they had replaced it with. I politely told the lady that my daughter is ELEVEN, not 19 and that those products did NOT celebrate the sweetness of girlhood, it celebrated the sexiness of womanhood. NOT what I am looking for…but I am sure another store will have similar products to what I am looking for. I then went on to tell her how tired I am of push up bras for eleven year old girls as well. They have nothing to push up. They just need a little coverage. The poor thing looked stunned. I was very polite to her but told her that I am tired of America sexualizing our girls at such a young age. Don’t get a momma on a rampage!

    Amy in NC

  • Prairie Rose

    Ah, trapper keepers…

    We were not well off, not well off at all. I desperately wanted a Trapper Keeper, but those were way out of our budget, and I had given up all hope that it was ever going to happen.

    And then one day, a brand new K-Mart opened in our town and they had a big grand opening event, consisting of a store employee throwing paper plates off the roof like frisbees, to the crowd below in the parking lot who went diving for them as if they were gold.

    I kid you not.

    Each plate had written on it a discount, and each person was limited to using only one plate, although you could catch as many as you wanted and then just use the highest one you found, and turn the rest in. They had the forsaken plates stacked by the door for those sorry fools who didn’t make it at the opening minute to sort through and take.

    I caught the grand prize! Some man lunged for it when it came near enough for the “50″ to be visible, but I caught it, and he started to grab for it and then I guess he realized how ridiculous and pathetic he’d look seizing a paper plate out of the hands of a nine-year-old.

    We went through the store looking for an item to purchase, having in mind that it was 50% off any one item. I desperately wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid, of course, this was 1984 and all, but even at half off, the price was too exorbitant.

    My mother grew irritated with all the looking for things we couldn’t afford anyway, and my younger siblings whining about if I got a toy, they wanted a toy too (we NEVER got toys except for birthday and Christmas so this was a very big deal), and she was ready to make me leave the prize-winning plate on the unwanted pile by the door when I noticed the fine print… off ENTIRE purchase.

    “Uh, Mom,” I suggested… it being August and all… “That means we could use this to buy all our school supplies…”

    The irritation is suddenly gone, and in its place an excited light. School supplies for three kids at half-price — now there’s a prize!

    So we went and picked out our lunchboxes, our backpacks, our pencil boxes (do kids still USE those?), etc., and then the grand prize. My father, watching me gaze longingly at the much-coveted Trapper Keepers, pointed out to my mother that thanks to me catching this plate, she was saving a goodly amount of money on our school supplies and he really thought it fair to allow me to have the desired Trapper Keeper, all things considered.

    And my mother consented! I carefully looked through all the Trapper Keepers to find the very best one.

    And of course, I chose Three Kitties in a Basket. I kept that thing for YEARS, I might have it yet in a box of childhood belongings, for that matter.

    How hip it is to be hip. :o )

  • Traci

    Oh Angie, it gets soooo much worse as they get older. Canaan is 15 and trying to find her a swimsuit this year had me almost in tears. Everything is “sex pot” nothing says “I’m a nice girl with morals” yeah. Thank goodness the other two are boys, and as we’re considering more kids I’m kind of hoping for a boy just because you don’t have this issue!

  • Jennifer

    Trapper Keepers! Memories! I loved my Trapper Keeper, but I can’t remember what was on the front. And girl clothes? Very annoying. I have a 7 year old girl. I cannot stand the shirts that are made to show their bellies already at this age. And why do all girls dressy shoes have to have a three-inch heel? I don’t even wear heels that high. Come on! I remember being shocked at JC Penney’s when I saw bra, underwear combos in size 6. Why does a first grader need a bra? I also stick to modest underwear! There’s no way I want my daughter running around in that stuff. Good for you! I feel sorry for Daniela!

  • Jenny

    So funny!!! I was in a store the other day and I saw all these little girl outfits (toddler size)with the the words, “Juicy Couture” on them. What is a “couture”? I guess its a brand name or something, but my word was I shocked! Even if it isn’t meant to sound awful, does it not! No offense meant if anybody loves that brand. :) I refuse to have the words “Juicy” displayed on my clothing, let alone my daughters!

  • Jennifer

    One mom in the beginning talked about triangle bathing suits. I have to agree. Why do little girls, mine is 7, need a triangle bra top on a bathing suit. My mom and dad buy my daughter a swimsuit each spring and i always specify “NO TRIANGLE BRA TOPS!”

  • Jennifer

    And what is with writing on the butt of little girls pants? It’s disgusting on adults also!

  • Allmykids123

    Hi Angie:
    I know you follow MckMama’s blog closely. She got some really bad news today and I thought you’d want to pop on over there.

    Lovin’ your blog, by the way.

  • Erin

    I know the sticks you talk of and I want them too! I don’t think they are worth the price as well! =)

  • Playground Monitor

    Ah yes… the baby skank clothes. My granddaughter is only 2 years old but some of the clothes in 2T and 3T look like they’re for a hoochie mama.

    I’m afraid I don’t have a Trapper Keeper story. In my day we just had plain notebooks but my sons had Trapper Keepers. I’m thinking theirs were Masters of the Universe or Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles or some such.

    Times have certainly changed. Lots of things are for the good (like drugs to fight diseases, energy efficient cars, cell phones, the Internet, those ear thermometers so you no longer have to stick a rectal thermometer into a baby who’s already upset) but I’m afraid fashion has just gone too far.

    Thanks for the laugh — especially your daughter’s confrontation with the woman in Kroger.


  • Rami*Reconciled

    Ahhh! I had a good laugh while reading this until I remembered that in less than a month I will be the mother to a beautiful little girl. Ooo the challenges ahead…

    I had a really ugly trapper keeper, it some kind of glass bottle that was ‘spilling’ a beach scene. Ugly, but we were poor and it was one of the few left so it was on sale. I was so proud of it tho! hahaha

  • Peas on Earth

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, my dear! Do I (and tons of your other readers, as evidenced by 385+ responses so far!) feel your pain! I remember when my daughter graduated to the “big girl” section …. oh how I mourned! I was completely appalled, to be quite honest. It’s really just one set of clothes that span the sizes, and in case no one has noticed, there is a HUGE difference between 7 year olds and 14 year olds … though, to be honest, I really don’t want my 14 year old wearing that kind of cra-, uh, junk, either.

    I wish I could give you great suggestions of clothing outlets that don’t offend … do you have The Children’s Place? My friend swears by them. Me? I shop the thrift stores. They may be “old fashioned,” but think of all the money we have left over to do fun things with our kids! (and pay the bills, yes.) Hang in there, kid!!!

  • Aimee

    Oh my goodness Angie….I swear….I had a similar experience at Target just a few months ago. I came home and was almost yelling at my husband because ALL of the training bras are padded! And many were downright sexy! I could not find one plain white unpadded cotton bra appropriate for a little girl. I was so miffed. (By the way, my daughter is 9 months old, and I was actually bra shopping for myself and got distracted by all the pre-pubescent padding. But it still made me worried for her and the message that young girls are being sent.)

  • Anita

    I have not posted until today but have found your blog to be such a blessing to my heart and my life as a wife and mother. Thank you for your transparent, funny, bittersweet posts. God is using you.
    I must comment on the Trapper Keepers. I grew up in a large family and all my parents could afford were the Pee-Chee folders…remember them. I ALWAYS wanted a TP so I bought one myself last week at the 75% off sale at Target…still couldn’t bring myself to EVER pay full price! I’m so excited to be using it for something, someday.
    I am also dismayed by the twisting of beauty that goes on in the fashion industry…especially with our young ones. It makes a difference to your girls if you set the standard…I can tell you from experience. My 18 yodd is carrying on the standard we tried to set with her by going against the “grain” of society. Show them what true beauty looks like and they will certainly have a better opportunity to recognize the counterfeit.
    Blessings and courage.
    Anita Terpstra

  • Janene

    Been there, done that! If you think the 4-6x section is a shock wait until you get to the 7-16 section! Oh my word! There just aren’t words enough to express my distress over the hoochie-mama clothes they think girls 7+ should be wearing!

    My girl is 13 and we’re still buying the Hanes Her Way/Fruit of the Loom briefs. Thankfully she has absolutely no interest in bikinis much less… gasp… thongs.

    We trying our best to raise our girl to be modest and it is difficult at best to find modest clothes that aren’t low cut or tight. you simply have to keep looking!

  • RSR2003

    Well if this isn’t the LORD prompting me AGAIN to teach another year of purity ed. to our church’s young ladies..I don’t know what is?!?!? I call it the Purity Project and will prob. blog it..will send you the link when we start. :)

    Do you mind if I use your frustrations for an example of how society is targeting our young ladies THIS young?? :( (( I last taught it two years ago and this wasn’t specifically one of my points..but I’m gonna add it!!!

    Great writing as always A :)
    For His glory!!

    Rosie………:) :)

  • Melissa Irwin

    my trapper keeper had horses on it. i had forgotten until you reminded me.

    i guess i don’t have this shopping trouble since i have boys. there never has been and never will be anything obscene about tighty whities, other than the fact that are simply, tight and white.

    thanks for the laugh. you are hysterical!

  • Amanda

    Hilarious!!! I needed that! I so had a unicorn trapper keeper…those things were THE greatest!!! I will agree with you on the sticks with the red sticker on them and only $4 off the original price… I go to Target too much, however have learned not to get overly excited when I see a red sticker anymore!!!

  • Laura

    I was rolling on the floor laughing when I read this! The panties for little girls are just plain crazy! And the Target red stickers are just there to draw us in…I like to wait until there are a few stuck on top of each other then it might be a whole $4.29 off the price.

    Oh by the way I had a zebra print trapper keeper before zebra print was cool. It might be a collectors item now if I still had it!

  • Liz

    I am soooooooooo with you! I refuse to dress my little girls like hoochie-mamas and now days, that's about all you can find in the clothing section of Walmart, Target, JCPenney…everywhere! I've moved from regular department stores to ebay, garage sales & the Goodwill store for their clothes. Not to mention hand-me-downs from like-minded mamas! High five, girl!

  • Delana only gets WORSE. My DD is 10…but is in Junior’s clothes…size 3 and 5. Talk about TRAMPY stuff. I have the worst time finding appropriate clothes.

    But, the bathing suit it the worst. She is tall and thin, thus necessitating the juniors clothes, but she is not, well, shall we say it…developed. Yet all the bathing suits in her “size” had padded and shaped “brestage
    . IT IS AWFUL and I long for a better, simpler time for my girl.

    I had a trapper keeper in the 8′s, but it had puppoed!

  • Kristin Coile

    Thank Goodness Someone else agrees with me! I have a 6 year old and I cant find a pair of jeans that don’t show her Butt crack. It drives me crazy. I thought Barbies and dolls were pretty safe for a 6 year old but watch out! I went shopping with my daughter for her to use her birthday money and they had Bratz dolls for halloween. In french maid costumes and Sexy Pirates. I was appalled!!! In fact I have thought seriously about sending the company an Email.

  • Megan@Hold it Up to the Light

    K, so I know this is supposed to be about our little girls and the very “grown up” things they are exposed to, however, my other concern is with the attire I have seen on some MOMS around my haunts!

    At preschool storytime last week, a Mom bent down in front of me to say something to her little one, and I was FLASHED YA’LL!!!

    String. THONG. Bikini. Low Rider Jeans, and when she turned around, I realized that her Boobies and Bra were showing too!

    Please, oh please, tell me if my “coin slot” (yep, that’s what they call it) ever show in public….NOT a good examply, ya’ll!

  • the rye family

    Oh, my 403 comments – you may never get to mine, but when my oldest was 2 years old, she was VERY verbal and at Christmas, we decided to focus on JESUS, so she knew there was no santa – well, the well meaning check-out lady says to her, “Honey, what is Santa bringing you?” To which my very honest 2 year old replies, “Santa doesn’t come to my house.” (said complete with a sad face!) the poor clerk did not know how to respond – thinking maybe we didn’t celebrate the holiday and I was so intent on trying not to laugh, I just gathered up my daughter and my packages and headed out the door! :)

  • Michelle

    Hi Angie,

    My Name is Michelle and I have followed your blog for about 6 months. I think i just peed my pants.

    I work for Nicole Johnson, one of the Women of Faith gals (not sure if you’ve been to one of these fantabulous events but i’m sure some of you ladies know what i’m talking about!) and when i read your incredible stories, behind-the-scenes moments with your girls – I just wanted to share this incredible piece that Nicole wrote, “The Invisible Woman.”

    You can check it out here: (and you other moms will love it. I’m biased, since she’s my boss, but you WILL love it :)

    Thanks for your stories. I look forward to seeing where pen meets paper with your life….

    With Hope,

    Michelle Randall
    Project Manager
    Fresh Brewed Life, Inc.

  • LJFredricks

    OK I have not commented on your blog before but you have made me just about pee in my own underwear!
    Just a note. My 5 year old recieved some underwear from her Grandma that made me blush. She loves them so I let her wear them. Let me explain why. She and her older brother for some reason try to sneak out of the house with NO UNDERWEAR. Its horrifying especially since Mya loves dresses. Just imagine getting a “flash” as I have. I have taken to random underwear checks and keeping some in my van just in case!

  • ~Shelly

    I have twin daughters too. I had a hard time moving up to the big girls section too. Words across the rear (words that have no business on any girls rear), Sparkle across the breasts, v-cut shirts, short shirts made for Brittney Spears and the like. It is extremely difficult to find “normal” clothes for little girls at a reasonable price. The boys clothes are half as bad.
    FYI – I didn’t have the trapper keeper with the Unicorn but I soooooo remember it. You were cool Angie. I love reading your blogs.

  • Mike & Kim

    Okay…this was hilarous! But it did bring an:

    Ahhhhh…the beauty of having ALL boys!!! Boxers (plain colored, plaid, stripes) or sliders (again, white, black, maybe navy…), jeans, and t-shirts and they are good! Thank you God!

    Coming from a 20th year teacher… thank you, Angie, for caring about and loving your children SO much that you are willing to teach…and reteach. You would be FLOORED to know how many moms just go ahead and buy…cuz it’s “in” or it’s what the child wants!

  • Mike & Kim

    Okay…this was hilarous! But it did bring an:

    Ahhhhh…the beauty of having ALL boys!!! Boxers (plain colored, plaid, stripes) or sliders (again, white, black, maybe navy…), jeans, and t-shirts and they are good! Thank you God!

    Coming from a 20th year teacher… thank you, Angie, for caring about and loving your children SO much that you are willing to teach…and reteach. You would be FLOORED to know how many moms just go ahead and buy…cuz it’s “in” or it’s what the child wants!

  • Mike & Kim

    Okay…this was hilarous! But it did bring an:

    Ahhhhh…the beauty of having ALL boys!!! Boxers (plain colored, plaid, stripes) or sliders (again, white, black, maybe navy…), jeans, and t-shirts and they are good! Thank you God!

    Coming from a 20th year teacher… thank you, Angie, for caring about and loving your children SO much that you are willing to teach…and reteach. You would be FLOORED to know how many moms just go ahead and buy…cuz it’s “in” or it’s what the child wants!

  • Mae

    My personal goal is to dress my children (ages 3 & 1) in matching or coordinating smocked dresses w/ bloomers and a john john for my son until they are AT LEAST 27. Yes, I realize they will be "labeled" as weird, but at least they'll be modest and not partaking in plumber-blushing-activities.

    Start the revolution!

    P.S. Gymboree has FABULOUS panties that are A. decently sized B. age appropriately cute C. so comfy feeling that I wish they made them in mommy sizes. :)

  • natalie

    I can’t believe I’m responding when you already have 407 responses. But I have to chime in, too. There is a whole community of mothers out there (somewhere in the blogosphere) who are pushing for modesty for their daughters. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the group or I would surely share it here. I came across it several months ago. As the mother of a very precocious almost three year old (your Kate’s stories remind me of my M’s), I see many battles in our future over attire. M is VERY, VERY tall for her age, so we are going to be heading to the big girl section before she’s really old enough to even be on that side of the store. I do sew, so I have a little bit of control over what she wears.

    On the other hand, I teach second grade at a fine arts magnet school. Each year, the primary grades put on huge productions involving costumes, etc. Of course, I’m responsible for helping the children change into and out of their costumes. I’m ALWAYS shocked by the immodest underclothes my sweet little children wear. It truly is appaling. I know all about supply and demand, but we MUST cloth our children in underwear. Not sure how to take a stand against the culture on this one.

    Great dialog, as usual.

    Oh–my trapper-keeper story. My mom wouldn’t buy one for me when I was in third grade. My supply list CLEARLY STATED no trapper-keepers. That did not deter me. I asked our neighbor if I could help her with her children. She was about 12 months pregnant (you know…that huge, uncomfortable stage) and was happy for me to bathe her kiddos for her. She paid me about $2 a bath, so I saved my money to buy my own trapper-keeper!

  • Carrie

    I so had that same 3 Kitties in a Basket Trapper Keeper!! It was the only one I ever had – for some reason, my school quickly banned them. Maybe it was the incessant velcro noise every time a kid opened one :)

    I love Target, but for the record, their red stickers drive me insane! A clearance isn’t a clearance until it’s at least 40% off. I used to work customer service at Kohl’s and they know what a red sticker clearance is! I could get the greatest deals before they hit floor. Can you say espresso maker for $5 or clothing for pennies on the dollar?? HEAVEN!!!

    Thanks for the laughs, I needed it today!

  • Lindsay

    You are so awesome! Thanks, as always, for the smile. :) I teach the 7th grade, and some of the things my students wear to school just blows my mind. So keep fighting the good fight!:)

  • Molly O Designs

    I think we were seperated at birth. You must be my sister in some way shape or form! I am with you 100%! I have even been known to lecture another mom who gave me daughter a Bratz babydoll for her birthday. Do you know that Bratz babydolls have thong diapers?!!! I am not kidding. Because a thong is oh so necessary for a poo’ing baby.

    I’ve had the same problems with the clothing for my girls. So I started my own clothing line :) I decided to try and beat them at their own game. Even if no one else buys my clothing, at least my girls look like girls and not walking Bratz dolls :)

    Love your blog. Keep us posted on the sticks. LOL.

  • created2teach

    I teach middle school. I understand the fashion frustration. I have elementary age children too. I cannot understand why people want to wear pants or shorts with words on their behinds. There is a Hannah Montana craze among elementary school kids. I seldom allow my young ones to watch it anymore.

    Your delivery is hilarious. Has anyone told you you should write books? lol. I believe I have! My favorite school floder of all time has a picture of a big monkey wild eyed with his mouth wide open. It still makes me laugh. Yes, I still have it. I keep my own childhood poems and songs in it.

  • Michelle

    I agree about the age appropriateness of little girls clothing…it’s just not! And it’s terrible! And I also dress my children alike, yes, I have ALWAYS been one of those, and I find that if you go to the Children’s Place, they sell things in the toddler section that match things in the big kid section. I think they might have appropriate undergarments, as well.
    My favorite trapper keeper had a dolphin on the front and I think a rainbow, or something. But man, those plastic trapper keepers where to die for!
    You know, you might be able to pick your own cute bunch of sticks for free in your yard, or something…just a thought.

  • jhauser

    Precious story! I want you to know I had my 3 sweet boys around my table for school this morning and I prayed for strength to raise them to be Goldy men in the face of all that surrounds them in this world. I take heart to think of you around your table doing school raising beautiful young women with a heart for God! And you could always go to the boys section and still find Spiderman and buy size 6…plenty of coverage :)

  • Jennifer Poole

    I’ve found some really great modest choices on the Land’s End website. They have those neat-o “diving” swimsuits for kids, and some modest ones for ladies also. (not the diving ones, though.) Nice part is, you don’t have to drag the kids through the store, not knowing what you’ll have to look at. Just order from home! I don’t know what their underwear selection is like… I’ll have to check it out myself!

    I never had a trapper keeper, but I found out you could make your notebook cover look cool by taking an eraser and erasing the color off and making designs…. I guess I wasn’t very trendy with the school supplies. ;)

  • hollandfamily4

    too funny. I was also looking for some full coverage girl briefs (for my 4 year old) this weekend. I was in target for over an hour…never did find any!

  • Carissa

    Oh, and also Ikea! Just recently was eyeing a bundle of sticks there myself and remember thinking “What a great deal”. Of course I can’t remember how much they are now.

    What the heck! Just come to Orlando and we’ll go to Old Time Pottery and Ikea together and get ourselves some sticks ;)

    ~Carissa from FL

  • Powell Family

    My husband is a high school teacher and he talks about how all he sees are breasts and bottoms all day long! Because of this, we have taught our children about modesty from a young age (including our son, hopefully that will carry over to the teen years!) It’s quite funny, when someone is half-naked, they whisper to me, “NOT modest!” This has also helped my 6 year-old to make her own decisions about modesty. Sometimes she even tells me if I pick something that is too revealing! I often shop at nice children’s consignment stores and find more modest styles or buy larger skirts and have someone take the waist in (my mentor is also a seamstress:) As far as matching goes, some stores have similar styles (like Gap) in the girls and toddler department but the price jumps! I have also said the same thing to cashiers about modesty, I will try to find a way to forward this on to some stores!
    In Christ, Dana Powell

  • Kerry

    I have a 12 – almost 13 – yo daughter. It has been a pain shopping for clothes for her since she was about 6 – and it just gets worse. The good news is… she is completely on board with the OK and not OK… whew, it took! I want her to look cool (and just ask her – she is the epitome of “cool” in her world – which admittedly is a private one, invitation only, please) But, yeah… rules here are no belly, no underwear, no butt showing… I seriously thought that was pretty basic – and yet, close to basically impossible!

    RE school supplies… I was deprived the cool binders, etc – guess my mom didn’t want to pay for them for all 6 of us! I try to make up for that lack with my kids, though!! …but, hello… this year – for the basics only shopping trip – as in only what was on the list from the school… we spent $220!!! I ONLY HAVE 2 KIDS!!!! ugh…

  • georgia tarheel

    I just wish my almost three year old would want to wear panties (no matter what design, saying, butt-crack or no…)She loves her diapers and wants nothing to do with potty training and I don’t know what to do!!!

    I will hopefully join this panty struggle soon. It is not the same with boys…they don’t care what theirs looks like and I catch my six year old sometimes trying to go without! GROSS!

  • bunchofbull-ers!

    I LOVED my Trapper Keeper so much that I named my hamster Trapper. Thanks for bringing back that memory. I really thought that those were the coolest thing ever! While school shopping this year, I was trying to explain to my daughter how neat they were….I just got this weird look?!

    Love your blog!

  • Jessi

    I don’t have children but I must agree with you. Why can’t they just have regular clothing? They grow up so fast anyways we don’t need to help by dressing them like they’re teens!

    I pretty much only buy stuff that’s on clearance and I hate when stores say something is on clearance and it’s only marked down $1.50, $3 ect. That’s not clearance!

    I had a lot of trapper keepers but I must say my favorite was the year I had a plan red on that I had all of my frieds write on. I still have it and it’s fun to look at once in a while and read what they wrote and remember what went on that year. My other favorite on was white and it had clear pockets that were different sizes that you could put notes, concert tickets, pictures, ect. in.

    Thank you for writing. I love to read your blog and how animated you are in your writing. I feel like your right there talking to me when you explain every detail. It makes it soooo much more interesting.

    Many prayer and God bless to you and your family.

  • Flip-flop Mama

    I know just which googley eyed days of the week panties you’re talking about. . I spent quite some time in the Target undies aisle too :)

  • Martha

    I couldn’t find a swimsuit for my 3-year-old this summer! Thank goodness my niece had a nice, hand-me-down one-piece suit that actually covered her body. As for the undies…same thing. I have to search for appropriate undies for my daughter. I found a package of bikinis in the toddler section that had the word “sweet” written across the front. Wrong on so many levels!

  • Melissa

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented, but I love your blog! :) (I’m a friend of Adrienne’s, by the way).

    Anyway, I’ve only had my little one home (from Russia) for a little more than a year…so my stories have yet to come. But I did want to tell you that I had the awesome, coveted “Three Kittens in a Basket” Trapper Keeper when I was in 3rd grade. My aunt won the “most awesome aunt of the year” award for getting it for me…I had the Trapper Keeper for one day and it was stolen. I was heartbroken. But I hadn’t thought about that in a while, so thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)

  • Mountainmom

    I have only read a few comments, but oh, I could write a novel in response to this post. Lucky you, I’m too tired.

    Most embarrassing commentary: My 9yo daughter Audrey, in the grocery store a few years back in a VERY LOUD WHISPER: “Mom, I don’t think she’s modestly dressed!” I clapped my hand over her mouth and quickly turned an aisle. Unfortunately, we have had many a discussion on the way home from church. At this age, though, she gets it. Someone gave us some bags of clothes, and she knew exactly which pieces to pass up without my input.

    We lived in South FL, the land of perpetual summer, for 11 years. I have found that people cover up here in the VA mtns at least half the year becasue it’s COLD!

    If you’re serious about the clothing issues, you’ll have to get online unless you want to spend hours scouring store racks.
    Panties: WalMart
    Swimsuits, jeans, and dresses (matching in all sizes): LandsEnd They have a free shipping code right now. Email me if you want it–it’s on a catalogue downstairs.

    Lori C. in VA

  • Tara

    Oh, how you make me smile!! I hear you with the kids clothes. We have two boys and I am not sure if I am ready for a girl. Just looking at the options you have, if you can call them options, makes me sad. Like you said, just let them be kids. My mom always dressed me in polly flinders, remember those!!

    I also had the three kittens in the basket trapper, in fact it is still in a box in the basement.

    And whoever decided that a skull and cross bones are cool for children, or anyone for that matter, should have their head examined. Seriously!

  • creative gal

    Although I do not have children, I continue to be amazed at the clothes some parents allow their little girls to wear. I see kids everyday, and I agree- LET KIDS BE KIDS! BTW: Check out my blog for some blog candy and a thank you for my goodies.

  • creative gal

    Although I do not have children, I continue to be amazed at the clothes some parents allow their little girls to wear. I see kids everyday, and I agree- LET KIDS BE KIDS! BTW: Check out my blog for some blog candy and a thank you for my goodies.

  • creative gal

    Although I do not have children, I continue to be amazed at the clothes some parents allow their little girls to wear. I see kids everyday, and I agree- LET KIDS BE KIDS! BTW: Check out my blog for some blog candy and a thank you for my goodies.

  • Kristin Ross

    I loved this entry! Hear hear! Kids should be kids, not little versions of adults (should we be dressing this way too?). I saw an add for Gap swimwear a couple of years ago. It was a sweet little baby girl, maybe 11 months? Button nose and a cute little straw hat. What was she wearing? A triangle white knit bikini. Padded triangle bikini. Padded! This innocent 11mo had little boobeies! (Can I say that on this board?) How terrible! i don’t know what sort of advertising agent that passed by, but they sure missed the mark! Kids are supposed to be innocent and well, kids!


    at the edge of my seat post is correct! i too have the hardest time either they want our kids to look like hussys or something else its crazy, we need to be a clothing designer and start our own fashion. well gale you found them sister! and thank god you did not buy those sticks, ill send you some if you really want them for free! ill go out back and hand pick them especially for you lol, that was too funny. now iam wondering who would spend money on them and what they would do with them?things that make you go hummmmmmmmm really. i hear you about our babies growing up, my 2 year old is starting to speak something new comes out every day and iam getting sad that she growing to fast.i already have a 8 year old turning 9 on new years eve that is scary, well gymboye has all the matching clothes you might find styles there they have a online shop. good luck keep teh control and do not buy the sticks:) blessing

  • Baby Tunnel Exodus

    I'm giving your whole post an Amen. Because little girls should dress like little girls, sticks should not cost so much and I too have expressed my dissatisfaction at Target to a worker who spoke no english. Ahem. I have also looked at my child having a fit in the cereal aisle and wondered aloud, "where is your mother."

    On the upside, I looooved my Trapper Keeper; it was "tricked out" with weird 80's art; really geometric, and I even had the pencil bag that clipped inside. (rubbing fingernails on chest) yeah, I was awesome. Pppppfffff!

    My children are 9,4 & 2 and I'm also one of "those moms" who likes to dress my children alike (especially for Holiday pics!); the best place I've found to do so over such a big age gap (and oh yeah 2 sons, 1 daughter) is The Children's Place.

    I ADORE your blog. It has Changed My Life. Blessings!

  • Rami*Reconciled

    I’ve been thinking for a few hours about the sticks. I thought so hard about them that I had to leave another comment. I really don’t understand the sticks? Why buy sticks? I reasoned that you must live in an area that has no trees? I don’t really understand decorating with sticks which is what my friend suggested you did with them, but to each their own, I decorate with pine cones sometimes. But I don’t buy them, I pick them out of the yard. So I have to ask, just what do you do with the sticks? Are they big sticks or little sticks? Maybe colored sticks? Or just plain old sticks? If you don’t have any sticks outside at your house you shouldn’t have to spend money for them, goodness I could send you some sticks. But for real, what do you do with the sticks?

  • Camelia Grace

    OK, I’ll confess. I’ve got a few particularities where children’s clothing is concerned. I have an 11year old daughter, and boys ranging from 11 to 4 (one of whom is on sensory overload most of the time). So, in the interest of directing us all to support those stores that DO hear us, and rejoicing with that which is good, I’m generating a “top 10 list” for dressing children respectably and in clothing that is appropriate for their developmental needs. (Who puts jeans with snaps and a zipper on a person who is just struggling to get to the potty on time???)

    And the top 10 list is:

    10. Regarding swimwear, for all girls, but particularly those in that awkward stage between older girls clothes(14/16 and juniors (0/2), avoid mall stores and chains altogether. Modest swimwear not exist in these places. Sporting goods stores that carry swimsuits for competitive swimming (though a little more pricey) is well worth the extra money spent.

    9. Undies and t-shirts: buy tagless!

    8. Old Navy has recently carried some very nice t-shirts for older girls/young women with positive, affirming statements like “Amaze Yourself”, “Plant Flowers”, and “Dare to Dream”.

    7. Old Navy also carries young juniors pants (0 and 2) in a variety of crotch-to-waist options, one of which is full coverage. A variety of lengths also in these sizes.

    8. Young children should not be used as agents of advertising. That means I am not going to pay company X to put your name brand on my child and have him/her srut around your brand for you. Reeks of child labor and prostitution, to me.

    7. Kohl’s lately has had some cute older girls AND boys shirts with Dr. Seuss (red fish blue fish, etc.) that are just “retro” enough to be hip but affirming their innocence as children.

    6. Grab any girl snow pants and show boots you can find RIGHT NOW, because by the time the show flies, they’ll all be gone and you’ll only be able to find boys. (Certainly not from a sexist expectation is that only boys like to play in the snow???)

    5. No writing across bottoms…designed only to attract attention to an area I’d rather not be attended to. By anyone.

    4. Examine the designs of boy shirts very carefully. Last week, I came home from a shirt from Target for my 11 year old son, who did just that. His response? “Um, Mom, this shirt has Neptune on it?” Not understanding his objection, he replied “Neptune, as in the ‘god’- emphasis added with finger quotes- of the sea?” Oops. Back to Target.

    3. No padded bras for any breast ever. Not Moms, not kids, not teens. If breasts were supposed to be that big, God would have made them that big. Girls and boys see Mamas wearing them, and… voila’- that’s what you think a bra is. Soft cotton seamless only.

    2. Don’t expect a respectful attitude from your child if you allow shirts that promote otherwise. Seriously- I’ve seen shirts such as ‘those of you think you know everything annoy those of us that do”; “I’ll trade my brother for your (insert meaningless posession)”; and “What makes you think I care?”. Nope. I much prefer the “I cannot live without books” shirt that my son wears (at least) once a week.

    1. NO thongs anywhere! Not on little girls, or middle school girls, or high school girls or college women and most certainly not Mamas whose kiddos help with laundry. (After all the kids are in bed and the door is locked is a different story…) :)

    1/2. Use every teachable moment you can find about modesty and healthy body size.

    Whew! I hope a few of these suggestions spark some creative shopping among us modesty-protecting mamas!


  • Becky

    xAgreed! My daughter is only 9 months old, but having taught kindergarten for 5 years I saw it ALL, let me tell you! Literally…half shirts/low rise jeans/zip up go-go boots and 5 YEAR OLDS who had professionally hi-lighted hair so they could look like Hannah Montana! NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE! How sad that this attire is becoming the rule instead of the exception!

    Trapper Keepers…now there’s a blast from the past! I
    my Poochy trapper keeper! She was this little white dog with a pink collar! How I remember that fact yet have no earthly idea what I did this morning is a profound mystery. But as soon as I read your post, I had trapper keepers on the brain! I even got the parentals to spring for the matching pencils that year! Poochy 4-eva!!! HA :)

  • Kendra

    Oh, Angie. Too funny. I wonder if Danilea reads your blog?!? =-)
    I don’t have kids yet, but while shopping for my 7 year old niece recently, I thought to myself “Barbie will be safe”. Oh how I LOVED Barbie when I was her age…and until I was like 13. Seriously, 13. But all I could find was “America’s Next Top Model Barbie”!! With legs a mile long and a barbie-sized washcloth for shorts!! Add in the triangle top “shirt” and I was done. Not that Barbie has always been a Proverbs 31 woman…but still, this was something else.
    Oh, and I totally had the tetris trapper keeper, and I carried it in my Espirt bag, while wearing my neon green L.A.Gear’s. Those were the days…
    =-) kendra hoffman

  • LBakker

    Let me start by saying that this is the first time I’ve posted to your blog, because I just discovered it today… about 15 hours ago. Yes, it’s true that I’ve been at my computer during almost any free moment today, crying, laughing and feeling SO blessed to have found this site. Thank you for that.

    Our family has lost two little angel boys (my nephews) and I have seen the way that God works in the most difficult situations, and I have to commend you for your honesty and your willingness to share all of that with us. Yes, you know, your million or so close friends and family. :)

    Next, I had the kittens in a basket Trapper Keeper, thank you very much. And I was quite aware that I was “all that and a bag of chips!” Looking back on it, there’s a distinct possibility that maybe I wasn’t exactly ALL that…

    I also want to prepare you for the fact that shopping for “nice girls” clothing doesn’t get any better from here on out. My daughter is 10, and it’s completely scary to try to shop for her these days! Maybe we should start a clothing line? hmmmm…

    Lastly, will you be at the Selah event in Zeeland Michigan on October 12? I would love to meet you. :)

    Laura, in Michigan

  • seth

    You have me laughing so hard girl! I feel like you are me talking (except I have 3 boys around the same age as your girls!). I am always a sucker at Target and I am always picking up sticks bundles. I usually envision my entire house in my head and try to figure out a place where these sticks (or basket, or rug, or whatever) would look good. I spend so much time day dreaming in the aisle (sp?) that I loose track of time and I usually end up empty handed :) . My poor husband just rolls his eyes (if he’s with me, that is)–gosh I love him!

    I am thankful that you are this way with your girls. Training them to be godly young women! Next to praying for my boys’ salvation, I pray everyday that God would bless them with a wife who loves Jesus. So, from my end– thank you! You give me a smile and some hope to know that their are mothers out there who are training their young girls to be like Jesus!

    Sometimes I have felt “overprotective” with my boys or like I am the only one who doesn’t let my kids watch certain shows (or whatever), but God gave them to us only and it is up to us to raise them in the manner we think is most pleasing to HIm. It doesn’t matter if we appear “off our rocker”. We will be the ones who have to answer to God for the decisions we have made concerning our children. So, keep up the good work–You are not alone!!!

    Oh, and I had a black Trapper Keeper with Mickey and Minnie Mouse standing back to back on the cover, wearing the famous colors of the time: teal, pink and purple! Wow!!! Ha! What a funny memory. I even had matching folders inside (all disney characters) LOL!!!

    Sorry to go on so long. Thanks for the laughs and the encouraging post. Praying for you as always! Anya

  • Janelle

    Okay, so I bought my three kitties in a basket trapper keeper with a five dollar bill that I fished out from behind the popcorn machine at the local Target. We couldn’t quite reach it, so my dad got a rake from the garden section and asked for my wad of gum. How’s that for a trapper keeper story? I loved that thing with all of my heart and kept it until I graduated from high school!

    As for the panties story, I loved it! You have such a way with words and I absolutely love your blog, as well as, your husband’s music!

  • Erin

    I have a 3 month old, and just tonight we went to target to get some long sleeve onesies…I always walk past the “little girl’s” panties on my way to the baby stuff…and about 3 weeks ago, I had the same conversation with my husband about those same panties. I can’t believe that they don’t make normal panties anymore! it drives me crazy and all I can think is how long will it be before they start selling g-strings and thongs for 4 year olds…my daughter will never wear them…I will defintely be shopping for princess panties and not hipsters and bikini undies for my little girl when she starts to wear them!!!

    and regarding trapper keepers…I never had one but always wanted one. I had one of those mom’s that didn’t see the point in “style” so we just had what was cheap but well made…but I do remember the unicorn and kitties from my friend’s TK’s. :)

  • margaret

    I have a 4 year old daughter and I feel your pain. While grazing through the “big girl” section of things-to-come I saw a pair of size 5 underwear that were the low-rise kind. That was enough to make me look twice (in shock)and when I did the double take I realized they had a pair of cherries on them and the words “so sweet.” I realize that I may be reading too much into this but there definitely seems to be an inuendo there! My 4 year old still likes Dora…. not sexy fruit!!!

    By the way, I had the partner to your 3 kitty Trapper Keeper… the puppies-in-the-grass one. And I used it for more than one year because it was so cool.

  • Julie

    WALMART! Your standard Fruit of the Loom briefs. Love them- searched everywhere- and now my little girls tushies aren’t hangin’ out.

    Now someone find me some non-lowrise jeans for these kiddos?!?!? I have looked EVERYWHERE!

  • Tammi

    Hi Angie,

    Trapper Keepers…YES! Loved them!! Completely stocked with personalized pencils, erasers and even a stamp with my name on it! Oh…and maybe a few smelly or puffy stickers to trade!

    Glad to hear that there are so many other women who feel the same about the clothing issue. I understand as I have three girls. My suggestion is a Carter’s outlet. They have matching clothes beyond size 5T (yes, I’m one of those moms too!). Also, they have cute girl panties. Land’s End would be another option.

  • Sandys2girls


  • the girls

    i agree with you 100%. i my little girl allie just turned five and i noticed every where you go clothes are leaving very little to the imagination. tonight we were waiting in line to check out and allie was looking at the “ladies” on the front cover of a magazine and they had very little clothes on and she said what they need is JESUS. i said you are so right, people that love JESUS wouldn’t wear clothes like that. i hope my little girls will always remember that.
    as for the trapper keeper i was into pac man i had all of the cool things in the 80′s. the 80′s rock!
    i enjoy so much reading your blog. i wish i could see you in lexington but finances will not allow it. maybe next time. GOD BLESS!

  • the girls

    let’s not get started on the Brat dolls that is why things are like they are. those brat dolls are nothing but a way to think it is cute how they brats dress with lip stick and make-up and hardly no clothing. then kids want to dress like brats. i have said from the start my daughter will not watch the brats nor have any toys from made by them. even not to long ago someone had gotten her a brat gift and my daughter said thanks but i am not allowed playing with the brats.

  • Kathy

    My daughter is 10 now and wearing a women’s 8 shoe. Most of her jeans this year are size 12′s. She is super skinny and needs the lower panties to fit her right. Otherwise, they come up to her armpits. :) Plus, with cute jeans, they are the only ones that don’t show. I have a harder time finding shirts for her. Just who are the smalls and mediums fitting anyway?? We hit the consignment stores often and buy Abercrombie and Ltd Too clothing there some. She’s teeny and needs the larges and XL’s so they aren’t skin tight!! That bothers me more than panties for sure.

  • propwashz

    For all the mamas (and daddies) out there who hate the low-rise girls pants and short shorts fashions out there — shop the boys dept.
    you can get jeans (of all colors),khakis, jean shorts ,khaki shorts (also of all colors) plain pastel t-shirts and polos ,pastel stripes–etc ,etc –you get the idea.
    Then accesorize -iron on flowers,kitties,puppies,princesses–cute little girl tennis shoes (they can be found),hair ribbons or cute pony tail holders and/or barrettes..
    Most of my grandaughters jeans and shorts and t-shirts come from the boys dept — and nobody knows (including them) :)

  • Addimando Family


  • The Thomas Troops

    We have four children, two of them being girls (14 and 11). God has been so good to us and it’s been a GREAT opportunity for the girls and I to trust Jesus with even things such as this. We always start praying before we shop. The girls do want to enjoy the clothes they wear, but modesty is a must. A sweet friend of ours started the “Daddy has the final say” when it comes home. They LOVE showing Daddy everything and although we’ve had some tears, in general, they feel very protected by their father who approves all girls modesty issues in this house. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to trust God, although not always a fun one.

  • dream-catcher57

    I have the three boys (twin boys age 3 and a 4yr old) and I have a really hard time finding clothes that are NOT fighting character, or have skulls and bones on them. I went to two stores yesterday looking for PJ’s (size 5) and walked out empty handed from both stores b/c I wouldn’t buy the above. They don’t even have to be elmo PJ’S. I’ll take a solid colour, some trucks or cars or something. but I’m sorry I REFUSE to buy clothes for my children with a skull and bones. What’s the point?

    We found out on Friday that we are adopting a baby girl (4 months old) and things like this scare me! :(

  • karina

    You are not alone. My daughter is 12 now. When she was 5 her small feet hit a child’s size 11. At that time the fashionable shoe style was chunky heels. I searched and searched for shoes for my 5 year old that weren’t chunky 3 inch heels, because hey, she’s a little GIRL not a teen, not a street walker, not a runway model, just a kid. Besides the fact that the shoes were just “too old” for her, they were also a safety hazard. I mean, what 5 year old do you know that can balance while walking in flats?

    Now that she’s 12, she’s very modest (thank you Jesus!) and when given her choice of undies (just last week) she chose the briefs. I do agree that Wally World has a better modest selection of panties for girls.

    As for the $25 sticks on sale… here’s a bargain price for you, if you want sticks, I have a bunch in my yard that I will send you for the cost of shipping. My boys would have a wonderful time gathering sticks (boys are good at that!). Just don’t understand the stick thing.

    Thanks for the laugh, and my Trapper Keeper had a rainbow and waterfall on it! I loved my school supplies!

  • Daron and Theresa

    Your post cracked me up..and confused me at the same time. My daughters are 18 and 16 and I have been going through the trashy panties, thongs, and padded push up bra issues…didnt think in a zillion years that parents of 5 and 6 year old were going through the same thing!!! YIKES! We need to write letters to the fashion designers…lots and lots of letters expressing our ANGER at them designing innappropriate clothes for our girls. Who is designing these toddler thongs is what I’m asking???? It’s hard enough to try to instill modesty in our girls!!

  • nwkinjapan


    I have been a lurker on your blog for some time now. I look every day in the hope of finding a new post to make me laugh, cry, or just make me think. Your posts are so real, and you write so well. No wonder there are already 456 comments just on this sticks and panties post :)

    Keep writing and inspiring others. You are truly a gift.
    Amy in Japan

  • Tiffany

    Alright, so I thought about sharing this the other day when I posted but I was still too mortified to do so. Now that I've had a good laugh about it, I thought you should hear why I will now be doomed to wear a wig AND mask the next time I shop @ Target…..

    I was taking my girls (3 & 4 years) to buy some new shoes and crouched down to assist my 3 year old in trying on her princess shoes. I heard a strange sound and thought it was the velcro from the shoes. After picking out 2 pairs of shoes I continued to shop there for about an hour. Fast forward to our house and me helping the girls take their shoes off—again, I hear the same funny noise. Hmmm, that's weird. I stand up, turn to walk out of the room and my 4 year old announces, "Mommy, I can see your bottom." I reached behind me and it was true….my pants had completely split open at the seam. Let's just say, it wasn't a good day for a thong. I'm pretty sure it will be weeks before I have the courage to walk back in to Target, wig and all.

    Tiffany :)

  • Carrie

    My husband and I question little girl clothing all the time. Our daughter, who is five, isn’t allowed and never will be allowed, to wear a bikini. She doesn’t always understand that, but she does “understand” what dressing like a hoochie momma is and knows that we are NOT going to have a hoochie momma in our family. Luckily for us, most of her clothes come from people I used to work for and they are pretty conservative in how they dress their kids as well. We don’t have a problem with underwear, except for the fact that we have a ton of it that is not worn. I have trouble finding legging shorts for under her dresses. Now that summer is pretty much over I won’t have to worry about finding the shorts and she has ton of leggings for under her dresses. We have to occasionally tell her to “just say no to crack” when she crouches as her bum shows sometimes.

  • Kim Kiehn

    You are HYSTERICAL! And I mean that in the “you’re very funny” not the “I’m gonna slap you if you don’t stop” way ;-) Anyway, one thing you can be thankful for in all this is you have other Target’s to go to :-) I have to drive 3 hours to get to one and then another hour to the next…not that I have, but hypothetically it’s possible…If I had a panty melt down, it could only be at our one and only WalMart and half of my husbands’congregation would be in the store and I’d hear about it walking through the coat room on Sunday on my way to worship…choice is good!
    on another note, our Sunday School class in Caribou, ME is doing Stepping UP with Beth Moore too…how are you liking it? Keep writing!! You’re great therapy!

  • IamDerby

    We had the same problems with swimsuits. She tried one on that had me thinking, “only if you were trying to sell yourself on the street!” We buy undies at Mervyns, yes I have seen those horrid little barely there little girl underwear. We go for the briefs. As for trapper keepers. I had several most with unicorns or some such nonsense. I also had the kitties in the basket.

  • "The Verhulsts"

    You must read “the book “Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom” by Celia Rivebark. HILARIOUS!! It’s slightly irreverent, but so are low-riders for tots! Enjoy- I nearly wet my pants laughing so hard:)

  • Mellissa

    I am so glad it’s not just me! I am preggo with #1 and I had a fit a year ago when my 5 year old niece was wearing sweats that said “Cutie” on the buns. Really? We need people to stare at little girls backsides? I hate that!!! And the underwear thing drives me nuts too! (and I am not a mom for 4 more months!!)

  • Momthots

    Ugh! I have both a 14 year old son who is exposed to rampant “tramp attire” at school and a 9 year old daughter for whom I’m desperately trying to find age appropriate clothing. Jeans are sexy, tops are covered with Disney actresses or proclaim disrespectful attitudes, shorts are micro-short with words like “juicy” across the rear and the underwear….don’t get me started. I’m thankful my little girl is a tomboy and an athlete. She’s often found wearing her big brother’s out-grown clothes. Heaven help us all!


  • Jenny

    I had to do the same thing this year….move to the big girls section at the store. I am bothered not only by the underwear, but by almost all of the clothing as well!

    Good luck with your search.

  • laceylyn

    LOVE it! hahaha
    I know what you mean!
    I often feel the need to voice my opinion to whoever when I am irritated. I don’t know why – no one ever cares. :/ It’s a red head thing I think… ;)
    I saw a 4th grader walking in school this morning with a short jean skirt on and knee high pleather boots… really?!! not only was it tacky – it was provocative. No wonder we have so many sex offenders these days.

  • Jane

    You make me laugh! Last spring I was on the hunt for a swimsuit for my 6 year old. You would thought she was 16. It was bad. Thank the Lord for Lands End.
    Charlotte NC

  • Jessica

    If you live near an Ikea you can get a huge bunch of sticks for like $6 it’s been a long time since I got them there but I’d bet they still sell them. As for the rediculous underware, I cringe at the thought of dealing with that in a few years. My Sophia is only 20 months old but I would have spoken to the employee also, too bad she didn’t speak English! One more thing, I’m not a dentist but I recently went to D.A. school and those teeth on the xray are going to be big. My sons were the same way, it takes a while to grow into them but it will eventually happen.

  • Misty

    I’m there with you on the panties. When I first decided to start potty training my daughter back in April (she wasn’t quite 2), I got her some 2T panties. I bought a smaller pack with the princesses on it (b/c they were more expensive), and a 12 pack of solid colors that were cute. I didn’t notice until I got home that the 12 pack was BIKINI briefs!!!! in size 2T!!!! They actually fit her fine (just under her belly), but I couldn’t believe they even make them that little! We’ve gone to 3T and 4T now and they’re massive :) .

  • jami

    I love this blog. As a Mom of a 4 and & 7 year old girls I have considered learning how to sew. I feel your pain in the clothes search.
    Thanks for blessing me with each post, Jami

  • karen44

    I brought up my concern to JCPenny after they’d renovated the store. Moved entire departments next to new sections.

    My grievance? They moved the womens’ section (panties, bras, thongs — on mannequins)to the section next to the pre-teen boys department. Okay it wasn’t next to the older boys/teen department — but is that what I want my innocent (I hope!) 11-1/2 year old looking at while he’s trying to find a mom-approved t-shirt that does not contain bad words or skulls?

    “I think not”!, the reader says indignantly.

    I thought so, too!

    (Apparently only one other mom complained. Go figure!)
    -karen l.

  • Brooke

    I went to a dear friend of mine's daughters 7 year old birthday part a few weeks ago. As she is opening her presents in front of most of her school mates & friends-including boys, what had someone given her…. a bra. Yes, A BRA! She is 7!!!! No it was one of the little starter bras, but still she is 7 and is in no way in need of one. I thought my friends head was going to shoot off and land on the Sponge Bob Cake.
    I have a 2 year old and won't even let her wear a 2 pc. swimsuit. I just don't. My friend said, that is silly, she is a little girl and I said exactly–I want to keep her that way!
    My trapper keeper was blue!

  • Lena

    I am a first time poster to your blog but thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Your writing so is real and either has me laughing out loud or covered in goosebumps. I am not a mother but I have a mother who loved to sew. Using scraps of fabric used to make t-shirts and dresses, she would sew underwear for me. That’s right…my mom made my underwear for a bit of time. I honestly don’t remember how old I was; probably 4 or 5 but I do recall that I had a pair fashioned from the same material she used to make a t-shirt for me. The fabric said “I’d rather be camping”. If you know anyone who sews, maybe they can fashion underwear for your girls in a modest style :)

  • Mary

    OH MY! Thanks for the good laugh! By the way, I too had the treasured 3 kittens in a basket Trapper Keeper. We were so cutting edge!

  • Kristy

    I had the same problem at Kohl’s about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately they had no more 5t panties so I had to roam to the actual BIG GIRLS section to see if they had any there. At the time I didn’t realize what this meant, but it didn’t take just second for me to realize not only were the “low rise” and “bikini cut” just in poor taste. I also realized that right behind me were BRAS. I kid you not I almost had a complete melt down in the girls section of Kohl’s in Hermitage! I was looking for panties for my almost 5 year old in the same area as BRAS and inappropriate panites. It’s been 3 weeks and I can’t seem to NOT talk about it.

    By the way I love the honesty of children, sometimes no matter what is said or how embarrassing it is you have to smile.

  • Alyssa K. Krebs

    I love your stories! I am only 15 but I completely understand. I am the 4th of 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls, and have been wearing misses clothes since I was 13. I can usually find decent junior shirts and skirts but jeans are a whole different story. Especially since I am 5’11′. All that to say that my family has always been modest. My mom never let us wear short skirts or immodest shirts, or even super tight jeans, even though all of these things seem to be popular.
    Good luck and thanks for posting!

    Alyssa in Nashville!

  • Christina

    I hate that it’s so hard to buy clothes, especially when it starts so young for them! I have that problem with my 3 year old, looking for swimsuits is at least easier at the 3 section but come on, bikinis for 12 months? Makes me crazy. Thanks for the heads up on the panties. :) I’m there with you, why make them sexy? Ick…

  • The Smiths

    What an enjoyable read! You are so eloquent. You always have me sitting on the edge of my seat, to read what happens next.
    Im Thankful that i dont have buy panties yet for my little one (she is 10 months)But maybe i should, incase the brief panties are obsolete when it is time for panties for Lily.
    Thank you for sharing about the little things in life–that make such an impact on the bigger things in life.
    -Joy in TX-

  • hollyandco

    First off – I cannot believe all the comments! Holy Cow !

    Second off – I found some very cute, very normal, solid colored panties at Costco for my 6 year old – highly recommend – don’t know if ya’ll have Costco but – here in Texas (and yes – I use the word ya’ll alot – I even say on a very regular basis – ok – all of ya’ll need to…)

    Anyway, I digress…love the post – you always make me smile – oh yeah – by the way – I put down a ladybug bag that I almost bought for no good reason from Target except that it was 3 dollars off – those red stickers – they will get you every time.


  • Rebecca & Sam

    so didn’t have it in me to read every single comment but my girl is only 4 weeks old and i have already started talking to her about being modest. yes i tell her that we don’t want our shirt to fall off our shoulders, etc. i don’t even want to think about when she (gulp) 6 years old or shopping for underwear for her. this is ok to talk to her about early on right? :-)

  • Rebecca & Sam

    so didn’t have it in me to read every single comment but my girl is only 4 weeks old and i have already started talking to her about being modest. yes i tell her that we don’t want our shirt to fall off our shoulders, etc. i don’t even want to think about when she (gulp) 6 years old or shopping for underwear for her. this is ok to talk to her about early on right? :-)

  • Rebecca & Sam

    so didn’t have it in me to read every single comment but my girl is only 4 weeks old and i have already started talking to her about being modest. yes i tell her that we don’t want our shirt to fall off our shoulders, etc. i don’t even want to think about when she (gulp) 6 years old or shopping for underwear for her. this is ok to talk to her about early on right? :-)

  • Tracy

    I know exactly what you are talking about!! If you think Target is bad, just wait until you hit the department stores. It took forever to find an Easter dress that my daughter could wear to church that didn’t make her look like a hoochy momma or make my husband pass out. They even make thongs for little girls. We wouldn’t want our 8 year olds to have panties lines. It has become more difficult to find appropriate clothes (jeans that don’t show their bottoms or are skin tight, shirts that don’t have HOT written in glitter across the chest, etc.). I was given this website by a friend:
    Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree and carries sizes 4-14. The clothes are cute AND appropriate! You can order online. It may cost a little bit more – but they are cute. Happy Shopping!!!!

  • Kim

    Oh, you had me laughing so much! Not just because of your amazingly funny writing style, but because I, too, have been right where you are. Little girls are forced to grow up too early…panties and all! Thank you for the laugh.
    Also, I’ve been doing the Beth Moore “Stepping Up” study, and I am feeling myself falling more in love with Jesus each day, after being too far from Him for too long.
    Thanks for keeping such a wonderful blog.
    Blessings! Kim in Indiana

  • Darlene

    wow. you are so. stinking. funny.

    first of all, preach on sister! leave our kids out of your marketing – um – smut! let my little kids be, just that: kids. thanks for your funny, but TOO sadly true rantings.

    secondly, almost cried at the mere mention of the Trapper Keeper. To be honest… I cannot remember what mine looked like. BUT, never fear, I am off to Google it. Ya know, to trigger my memory.



  • Erin

    I have a 5 year old daughter, it costs a little more, but Lands End Kids is the place to shop. And you can still have your girls match.

  • Anderson Real Estate Team

    oh wow, your blog just hit home for me BIG time and I just had to comment! I also have the younger kids (2 and 4) and 1 (6) graduated into the “boys” section dressing/matching/coordinating dilemma going on. I was buying them shirts just the other day for pictures and I found 2 adorable coordinating plaid shirts for the younger boys, but quickly realized they don’t have them in 6T for my oldest. So I went over to the “boys” section and after much searching found some plaid shirts that, although not matching, would work with the other 2 I had already picked out. By now, I’m totally running late for an appt and have to jet out quickly. As I’m putting my loot (no sticks, but some other equally “important, must have items” up on the conveyor belt to pay, I notice the back of the “boys” plaid shirt has SKULLS AND CROSSBONES AND RHINESTONES AND SOME RANDOM SAYING ABOUT DESTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION!! I’m totally mortified, but don’t even have time now to go back, so I just figure we’ll buy it and he can wear it for pictures and then I’ll return it. I was so ticked though, seriously, skull and crossbones? On a 5 year old? He can’t wear that to church! I was able to keep the tags on and return the shirt right after pictures! It all worked out! But, I totally feel your pain. I don’t have girls, but I have the same problem with buying boys’ clothes. Why does everything have to have skateboards and guns and semi-crude sayings and superheros and dark death evil stuff on it? How about just sports or trucks or animals like in the little boys section? I’m very fired up on this subject! Anyway, thanks for writing and sharing! I love your blog and I feel like I know you! God Bless. Rachel from Washington

  • Sheri

    Ok, I’ve read your blog for months now, and laughed and cried with you, but this is the first time I’ve felt like I have to comment. I, too, have a 5-yr.-old girl moving up to the big girls section at Target (and a 3-yr.-old little girl to make a matching set with :) , and I’ve been on the Great Panty Quest for several years. The cut of most panties for little girls – even decent panties- always has a lower waistline and higher cut legs than I’d prefer. For a while Osh-Kosh made some good ones, but now they’ve redesigned them. Argh!
    My mom found a pair of Sears panties that belonged to me when I little – you wouldn’t believe what fantastic coverage (and rock the house little ruffles along the leg openings) they had. Oh, for some Sears panties in my girls’ sizes… :)

  • DeeDee

    Maybe the dress thingy is just an DNA thing….b/c I dressed my 2 daughters alike for years.

    Now my daughter dresses her 3 daughters just alike. (Old Navy and Babysrus is great for this kind of fashion statement.)

    We must not forget the big bows and smock outfits!

    As a grandmother I am totally frustrated at the size 6 & up fashion….6-9 yr olds are not THAT OLD YET! Maybe I will have to convert to sewing my granddaughters panties…I must say that I don't go into the pantie section alot for them.

    I cannot remember myself having the Unicorn folders BUT I remember buying them for my daughters! does that count? Unicorns, kittens, polar bears and anythingthat had a sparkle to it. Of course they had to have 1 for each subject! All I had was a fat blue notebook w/paper and tabs.Designer notebooks was not the IN-Thing in the late 60's early 70's. Now I am telling my age.

    Joy, Debi

  • traewilder

    Oh, my good gracious, just let me tag along with you on the way to Target one day. I can rant right along with ya in those aisles, sista! (And I am a northerner, and as white as white gets, so I don’t throw THAT lingo around lightly, either!)

    Seriously. My girl turns 6 in 2.5 weeks. I am also now shopping the Big Girls section, and I HATE it!!! I personally would not dress my puppy dog (if I had one) in most of those clothes, and I really, really HATE that I end up sounding just like my mother when I say stuff like that. ;) But it is what it is.

    Thank goodness for the resale shops. Someone out there has lots of money to spend on modest clothes that their kids never wear, and I thank them very much for their contributions. ;)

  • Darlee

    For cryin’ out loud! I too get frustrated when trying to keep my daughter innocent with her attire (and all other things for that matter). I tried to have the “Birds and the Bees” talk with her the other day (she’s 10 and I thought it was time because of the things she repeats from her schoolmates) …it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped for. I was calm and broached the subject with keen sensitivity. Remembering that she is 10 and realizes that the cartoons are wrong…you can’t have an instant family with just a kiss, I proceeded with caution. When I got to the part of “the male kitty puts his…” She screamed and covered her ears, yelling, “I don’t wanna know!” She clearly wasn’t ready. Thank God. BTW, before she displayed her “I’m soo not ready for this” behavior, I thought (my bad) I would use animal imagery to help, so I typed in “rhino mating” at the Google prompt. I was shocked, horrified and permanantly traumatized at what I saw! Needless to say I couldn’t show her the image and I had to go lay down.

    I feel your pain, sista!


  • traewilder

    Oh, and one more comment on the panty issue:

    To all moms who sew: Sewing panties for your daughters? Acceptable. Sewing them using red, white and blue patriotic eagle fabric? NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Sewing them using said fabric for a child who must change gym clothes in front of her junior high classmates? TRAUMATIZING FOR LIFE!!! Frugal is good, but if you can swing the buck or two for new, NORMAL fabric, please do so. Your children will be ever so grateful.

    Just in case anyone’s curious. ;)

  • {lacey}

    I’m right there with you on the woes of modestly dressing our little girls. But I’m surprised at all the people who said they’re glad they have boys instead of girls…I have two girls (3 and almost 1) and one boy (2). And while it’ll be a pain to find modest, hip girl clothes, I’m MUCH more dreading trying to teach my son not to look at those girls whose parents let them dress like hookers. It seems like it’ll be much more difficult to train my son’s eyes to look away from something that he’ll someday find tempting.

    And I had the kitty Trapper Keeper. And the plastic t-shirt holder and layered scrunchy socks. Do you remember Chia Pets?

  • pilgrimwanderings

    I am SO glad I have a boy. Boxers or briefs is as hard as it gets. lol

  • shana

    i just recently found your blog, completely by “accident”. i just want to say i am so sorry about audrey. i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. thanks so much for sharing your story and your amazing faith through this tough journey.
    shana in minnesota

  • Rowe/Eilene

    I agree. $4 off is NOT worthy of a red sticker.

    I think they need Moms to purchase children’s clothes for stores, cuz no normal person wants to dress kids in such trash! I don’t want to wear plumber panties, so why should kids be subjected to them as well!

  • Robyn

    Laughing at the panties, I went through that this year too. And I also have three girls and am forced to coordinate as well because the oldest has grown out of the 5T. I so relate to hitting all the targets… I love ebay it is a wonderful thing when trying to get matching(coordinating) stuff without dragging all the kids out! You have a beautiful family. I know you will always have 4 girls. You are an inspriation. Thanks-

  • Richard and Becky

    Angie, this post left me bent over laughing also! I don’t have any girls but two toddler boys. Although I hopefully won’t have to worry about my boys dressing to scantily (is that a word?) I have also been greiving the loss of the “little kiddo” section. My older son is very tall for his age and at 3 1/2 is between a 4T and 5T. I have been horrified by some of the things I have seen in the “big boy” section at Target, Walmart, Kohls, etc. Shirts with inappropriate sayings, skulls and bones, etc. Do we really have to start this battle so young? What is our world coming to? My husband has said he will be scared to death if we have a girl because of the selection of little girls’ clothing these days. Let us know if you find a solution though so we can spread the word!

    PS I had a Lisa Frank trapper keeper that I believe had ice cream and unicorns also!

  • Rebecca

    This made me laugh because I have been there! Not yet with the undies because my daughter is still in diapers, but with clothes in general. Even with boys. No, boys clothes are not low cut & skimpy, but a lot of boys clothes have skulls/weird graphics or goofy sayings. My son has seen me climb up on my soap box about clothes, toys like Bratz dolls, etc. at Target and elsewhere.

    And I would not have paid $24 for the sticks. I have sticks, but I think they were much less.

    I hope there is a huge change in clothing trends for young girls before my little girl graduates from the toddler section!

  • I’m home now what?

    I had to hide from our wal marts manager for a few months till he transferred. I confronted him on the clothes for little girls and told him I didn’t want them to look like little street walkers. They eventually got a little better. Hope they stay that way but not holding out much hope. My 6 yo dd is always pointing out girls that are not modest. It’s always a loud whisper of “mom she’s NOT being modest!” lol

    Both my girls do wear the bikini panties but not the crazy ones. They both always complained about wedgies and they don’t get them w/ the bikini’s.

  • Nancy

    I’m so glad you asked…When my twins (Abby and Adriene) were younger, I had given such a good lesson on handling the situation of abduction. I explained that if someone were to try to take them that they should shout. “This man (or lady) is not my daddy (or mother)!” Also I addressed the subject of talking to strangers. You know how it is, you just have to cover your bases. Well on one visit to the mall and eating at our favorite place Chick-fil-A, Abby says to a lady sitting across from us, “This lady is not our mother. We don’t really know her!” And on a separate visit, Adriene crawls under a bathroom stall to talk to a stranger! I was first of all aghast because of the germs of a public bathroom floor. I tell her later that she had “gone under” to talk to a stranger. She replied, “No, she wasn’t a stranger; I asked her what her name was.” Some days you just have to wonder…

  • abbey0512

    At Target, I am frugel with my redstickers. I scan to the top left, looking at the number in the corner. a “30″ means it is only 30% off, so it almost immedietly goes back on the shelf. A ’50′ will get a closer look, a “75″, “80″ or and an especially rare but very happy to find “90″ always get multiple looks. That’s how I judge anything on sale there, I 1st look for the sticker, then for the number, THEN for the percentage. It is all very scientific-like!
    Love your blog!!

  • Tyler and Brenda Foss

    I have to agree with the pantie argument. I am dreading the day my youngest girl grows out of a size 4/5. I don’t understand why things can’t be cute anymore. This bothers me so much that I have taken to making clothes for my three girls myself. They are fun, cute and anything but boring and yes sometimes they all match. ;)

    Aside from this Angie,I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. It is so awesome to see how God is working in your life. I thank Him for His faithfulness to you and your family and pray that He will continue to use you as the blessing you are to many people. Thank you for your transparency and allowing us to see the light of Christ in you. May you be richly blessed.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  • Heather

    I have the same problem and my girls are 4 and 2. Right now there are over 500 comments on your blog agreeing with you . . . .doesn’t that prove there is a market for modest clothes for children?

  • Mindy

    I really am not up for going through 504 comments!! Where are your favorites?? I want to see!!

  • Jen G

    Well, luckly I won’t have this problem-because I hear they don’t sell those kinds of panties at the convent ;)

    Kickboxing Mama

  • queenie76

    I TOTALLY had The Trapper Keeper! Mine had some sort 1985 design on it , I do recall the Kitties in the Basket one however… Gotta love the 80′s … As for the Panties , bless your heart… When I was a kid my mom bought us Under Roos, I had Wonder Woman and R2D2 YES! I remember having the undies with the ruffles on the bottom when I was the girls age… I mean, ALLS YA Wanted was some Prncess Panties..and maybe some sticks! LOL!!!

  • Katie

    I totally understand.
    And, is it just me, or is Target the best place to spend time?
    The other day, I was looking for something for Sophie and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I was so upset. A lady at work asked me if I had tried…(she named like 5 other stores). Umm, I said, no, just Target. It is like the only place I can go and get some snacks and shop. Fave place, even if their panties are from the devil (even womens department) and their return policy stinks.

  • Katie

    Oh, forgot about the trapper keeper. Can’t remember what was on it. Only remember the spiral with a puppy on it that was raised and you could do a rubbing from it.

  • Susan Collins

    How funny! I love it when something takes me back to my childhood..and this certainly did as I had a unicorn trapper keeper too!!!- because I was in the “unicorn club” with 5 other little girls (another fun thing to reminisce about- clubs!). Now- at my sons school, trapper keepers aren’t even allowed- of all the nerve!

    I don’t look forward to the challenges of dressing a little girl! My daughter is only 5 months old and it is very scary to think about what she’ll be subjected to and even more so what my 7 year old son will be tempted with. He already notices when a girls jeans are riding too low and she has “carpenters cleavage”. He looks at his Dad and I and points sheepishly…what do you say??? Lastly, are you serious??? THONGS for 5 year olds? I can’t even stand to wear one- let alone a little girl! And one more thing…I’m feeling a little guilty because I bought this cute little pink and brown triangle top bikini for my baby for next year- she’ll be one. Do one year olds have to modest, cause if so- I guess I’ll take it back….
    As a parent I feel helpless. All I feel like I can do is not purchase the offensive items- but someone else will. It truly is a helpless feeling and I pray every day that I do my best at raising children who are wise and make Godly choices. I certainly know it may not always go the way I plan and pray for, but again- what else can we do?

    Love the blog! Wish I could be as eloquent with words as you are Angie! God Bless!

  • Em and her BOYS!!

    Thank you, I needed that! Tears are rolling down my face I am laughing so hard! I was glad when I had babies because now I could pretend that I was talking to them in WalMart…rather than rambling to myself about the injustices!! LOVE IT! And yes, the fashion choices for girls now is RIDICULOUS! I teach fifth grade, and my husband is a youth minister. It is so hard to find decent covering clothing for them. And have you ever tried to describe a modest bathing suit to a 12 year old girl who has only been taught modesty by today’s society??? It’s a trip!

  • Jess

    so I’m a little out of it but are these sticks you are referring to incense sticks????

  • ash

    They do have the character panties in size 6 and up at Walmart (gasp!). We don’t have a Target in town so I do have to get some essentials there. I do believe I have bought up to size 8 in the princess!

  • Soldier in Training

    I have never commented on your blog before, but I have read your posts many times.

    You are completely normal…unfortunatley there are not enough other moms like you out there.

    My daughter is 4 1/2 and I am concious of these same things.

    I would also add that I am sick of the Hannah Montanna craze…I too walked the line with cool Trapper Keepers, but somehow we went from kitties in a basket to a tween idol that has posed half-nude for Vanity Fair at age 12. What in the world??

    Even Lisa Franks has changed images. Back in the day, I owned her stationery with the cute little puppy and kitten…now there is stationery out by Lisa Franks that is called “Fashion Flirts.” In case you didn’t hear me right, that was “Fashion FLIRTS.” And the “flirts” on the front are eyelash battin’, makeup and halter-top wearin’, convertible drivin’ girly girls.

    It’s definitely up to us to teach our little ones modesty!

  • Camelia Grace

    I wish to post this comment with the utmost of respect and grace toward all who have commented. It is not my intention to offend or point the finger, but rather to point out a theme I see threaded throughout the blog responses that concerns me. After much prayer and contemplation, I feel compelled to respond.

    Last post, we learned of Rahab and her occupation as a prostitute. She was a woman who was improper and immoral in her conduct. (And might we assume her dress?) We also learned that she and her family were spared and redeemed, because of her great faith. Rahab was also part of the lineage of our Jesus.

    When we use the words “hoochie mama”, “whore”, and “tramp” to describe women we do not wish our daughters to emulate, what are we communicating about these wounded women? Labeling and namecalling hardly seems to be the response that Jesus calls us to have; rather, let us love our girls and protect their virginity and modesty. AND, let’s be just as compassionate and loving as our Jesus toward women who find themselves trapped in the humiliating profession of prostitution. I believe our Jesus calls us to treat them with nothing less than dignity and grace.

    I love this blog, and want it to remain accessible to everyone… even the impure. I qualify– how about you?


  • Julie

    I have been using the new follow feature on Blogger and saw you updated. I never come back and read comments. I am so glad I did, one caught my eye when she mentioned my comment and I saw another comment from her down toward the bottom.
    Sethswifeandmomof5, I am praying for you tonight here in CA. Amazing how now God has me praying for other people through this blog. I know it was God orchestrated I come back here tonight.

    BTW, I did carry my Trapper Keeper in a white Esprit bag with the Esprit written in different colors!

  • Kim & Aud

    Well, the time in PA is now 4:14, meaning I just spent the past 5.5 hours reading your blog from January to this post.
    To say thank you seems almost trivial, for what you have done for so many.
    I have been moved to tears (a lot), laughed out loud (often, broke out into song (loving Selah), and started a whole new relationship with God in the past few hours reading your posts.
    I think I’m finally off to bed now (I was about to log offline when I got a msg telling me i HAD to read your blog around 10:45 last night), I look forward to future posts from you.
    Thank you again, for allowing our Lord to use you in such a magnificent way. God bless technology!!
    ~Kim in Hershey

  • Kim & Aud

    Well, the time in PA is now 4:14, meaning I just spent the past 5.5 hours reading your blog from January to this post.
    To say thank you seems almost trivial, for what you have done for so many.
    I have been moved to tears (a lot), laughed out loud (often, broke out into song (loving Selah), and started a whole new relationship with God in the past few hours reading your posts.
    I think I’m finally off to bed now (I was about to log offline when I got a msg telling me i HAD to read your blog around 10:45 last night), I look forward to future posts from you.
    Thank you again, for allowing our Lord to use you in such a magnificent way. God bless technology!!
    ~Kim in Hershey

  • Kim & Aud

    Well, the time in PA is now 4:14, meaning I just spent the past 5.5 hours reading your blog from January to this post.
    To say thank you seems almost trivial, for what you have done for so many.
    I have been moved to tears (a lot), laughed out loud (often, broke out into song (loving Selah), and started a whole new relationship with God in the past few hours reading your posts.
    I think I’m finally off to bed now (I was about to log offline when I got a msg telling me i HAD to read your blog around 10:45 last night), I look forward to future posts from you.
    Thank you again, for allowing our Lord to use you in such a magnificent way. God bless technology!!
    ~Kim in Hershey

  • A 5 time mom

    I agree wholeheartedly on this post and comments. The society is growing our little girls up too quickly with clothing inappropriate. Thanks for speaking out on this sister!


  • Amy

    I just read this post and oh my goodness, it’s funny! I remember the trapper keeper, I wish they still had those. I had one with puppies on the cover. :) I went shopping for my 6yr son the other day and about had a melt down because I had to go to the ‘big boy’ section. My son was actually very excited about this…by the way I’m confused about all the skulls my self. They’re everywhere. What happened to Thomas(the tank engine) or Super heroes, or race cars? Thanks for the laugh!

  • Deborah

    Angie you are a hoot! I have 2 boys, a 14 year old and my baby is 6 months. I’ve always wondered why God hasn’t given me a girl….. now I know! No panty problems here! ;)

  • The BierNUTS

    In 5th grade I transferred to a new school and was terrified. I ended up befriending a girl because we had the same Trapper Keeper…the kitty cat one. We have now been best friends for 26 years! Makes for a good commercial doesnt it?

  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    This is hilarious. While I never had a trapper keeper. We were poor-really. I would so have loved the kitty one. :)
    The panty problem has been a problem but I found that Walmart has regular old panties and Sears. Not sure if you have those stores around or not. My middle child is 6and loves princesses but we got some Hanes with flowers and girly things that were an alright substitute. Good luck on the search when they are 9. That’s my new dilema. For the record-I would not have bought the sticks either. :)

  • mandy_moo

    In what world is it okay for anyone to dress their little girls like… well… hoochies? It’s hard not to just throw up your hands in frustration and wonder why the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket!! But it’s good to know there are still plenty of people out there who insist on having modestly dressed kids!!!

  • Kelley

    First of all, your blog is amazing. Second, I completely understand your clothing dilemma. I am 25 and have an 8 year old step-daughter and I HATE the fact that everything is skimpy or has a skull and cross bones on it. What is UP with that? And those Bratz dolls – I could seriously go on and on…
    But back to the good ‘ole days with Trapper Keepers…remember Lisa Frank? I was such a huge LF fan…and everything was so bright and pretty and not semi-profane!

  • Kim

    Loved this post! This summer during lessons at our pool a little girl about five or six came in wearing a cute black and pink, very modest swimsuit. It had capped sleeves, a little skirt and a longish-leg cut. I was about to go find her mom to ask where she got it, when she turned around to reveal “No Exposure” written in sparkly, flowery print right across her bottom! Huh? You cover her up nicely and then draw everyone’s attention to her rear-end?

    My five-year-old dd just “graduated” from the little girls section this year, and we’re all in mourning for the good old days.

    My mom finally let me get a brand new Trapper Keeper my first year of jr. high, and I chose the…kittens! That section of the post had me laughing out loud!

  • Ashley

    i just love reading your blog, and today you have me laughing out loud (while I am in my office:)). I love the pantie story and WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with you, and I’m not even a mother yet. Kudos to you for teaching your children the way of the Word in every step you take…I hope that when I am a mother one day, the I am the teacher and guide that you are to your children!

  • Teresa

    Oh how I understand the struggle! I have a two year old daughter and I am already grapling with the idea of modesty and innocence in this fallen world! Thank you so much for this blog! you have made me laugh out loud, cry out loud and pray and praise His Name out loud! you are such a blessing and I am blessed, encouraged, validated and lifted up by your blog… May God continue to use your wit, humor, strength and faith for his glory. :~)


  • Tricia Moran

    Wow, I’m kinda glad that my computer was broken for three days in that all these others stated more eloqently than I could have on your subject! I laughed at your post, but I have faced the same problem for years. Once my daughter grew out of the six and under, it’s been really hard to find things that are appropriate. I’m always thankful for hand me downs. Now she’s ten and still wears a size six/seven, which makes it a little easier.
    What bothers me most (along with the thong underwear!) is the things that they WRITE on the tee-shirts they sell. Such as “It’s all about me..” – I mean what message is this sending and the list goes on. My little one has not a lot of choice in the matter yet, she is still very innocent, but it seems to get harder and harder to buy things that are not way out of my range of appropriate.
    It’s not wonder we have such a problem with children not being children – they don’t even get the chance! I had a friend who bought her six year old a “bra” because she wanted to be like the bigger girls. I just thought, why rush it all?
    Anyway, despite my intentions, I DID get on my soapbox, but I am very glad to know that I’m not the only Mom out there who has these concerns and issues. Thanks for giving us an outlet. :)
    Hope you are doing well. I keep you in my prayers and your family.
    Love, Tricia (the Irish girl) :)

  • julia and andy

    When my girls were about 4-6 years old, they were obsessed with wearing their Little House on the Prairie dresses. My mom had taken each of them to the fabric store and they got to pick out their favorite prairie-type cheap fabric for her to make them a dress just like Laura and Mary’s. They seriously imagined that they were walking into Mrs. Olson’s store and searching through fabrics just like Mrs. Ingalls. And to add to the Ingalls look, my mom even found some of her old huge wire-rimmed 80′s glasses and let the girls use them to be “almost blind Mary”. Then my mother-in-law bought them realistic bonnets at Connor Prairie (in Indianapolis area) and real slate boards with chalk. They would wear those dresses with a white apron on top, empty eyeglasses, a bonnet tied tightly around their sweet neck and carry the slate and chalk in a small tin pail for days at time, even while I was out shopping. I homeschool and was a bit freaked out that people would typecast me as some homeschool-prairie-weirdo mom who dressed her kids like that on purpose. So, on the days we went to Target or such, I would make sure to make myself look extra cute and actually wear lipsick. My husband was horrified that I would take the girls out looking like they did. But I just smiled and thought, there will be a day he will wish they wanted to dress like Laura and Mary and not like someone else. Well, now our girls are 9 and 10 and they are surrounded by girls who shop at trendy and expensive clothing stores. And although they still love watching Little House on the Prairie, they have long outgrown the dresses and haven’t requested new ones. Oh, to be back in the prairie dress days! julia in IN

  • Violet

    I don’t have any of my OWN kids but I have LOTS of little girls in my life.

    My best friend has 6 sister, so their are 7 girls total (and 2 boys). The youngest of the girls are ages 5 to 11. We have an outlet mall here and it has childrens place, osh kosh, and a couple other good kids clothing stores (it even has a Libby LU store). I have found Osh Kosh and Childrens place good stores for modest clothes. Since it’s an outlet store things are discounted, and if you get things off season or of the sale rack, you can get them REALLY cheap.

    For Undies, Fred Meyer is actually a good place. Not sure if you have “Freddy’s” but, I have found those “boy cut” or “short” undies. They are cute, and in style, and cover MORE Than most undies.

  • yellodaisy

    Well, I have two boys, so I haven’t had any clothing issues,yet. We are hoping to adopt two girls and I plan on doing alot of my shopping online at LLBean and Land’s End (the clearance section!). I will say, though, I had to have a talk with my 9 year old about why he should keep his shirt on at soccer practice. The coach allowed them to take their shirts off, but there were girls playing nearby, so I told him that was definitely a no-no.

    By the way, I didn’t have a Trapper Keeper, just the old-fashioned denim-looking binder. But, my first grader has a green Trapper Keeper this year that he adores!

  • Carli Webb

    I think that audrey caroline is such a beautiful name! May I ask the middle names of your other girls?

  • Creekermom

    I have to just add my 2 cents here and say YES, I agree 100% with all of you. I too have an issue but when you have a child who is only 5 but in the 95-97% range you automatically have to go up in size and THEN you get the stuff that makes them look like Hoochie Mama’s or worse.

    I too have issues with FINDING modest clothing without having to buy fine clothing for everyday.I also can’t afford to have all Strasburg clothing for every day either… . I think you know what I mean.

    Another thing don’t get me started on having writing on the “behinds” of our girls on their pants, shorts or whatever… Men are visual and just having that printed on there just makes men look… it is hard not to.
    So we don’t wear anything like that as well… The bathing suits were ridiculous this year! We seen bathing suits that were cut so low in the back almost past the tailbone area!

    We are teaching modesty in our home, I am saving to get the sewing machine that I want that can almost do anything and then some. ;)

    I never had a trapper keeper… I guess I missed out on that one, but then again, I might be a bit older than most of you so maybe they weren’t really popular until I was in high school and we had to carry our books, way before bookbags were popular or a necessity. LOL

  • Made in His Image

    Hi Angie,
    You have hit on one of my biggest annoyances! I have 2 girls 10 & 11. My 11 year old has been wearing bras over a year now. shopping for them is a nightmare. Most of the young girl bras are all padded! I do not want my little girl walking around in a padded push up bra! She is very much a tom boy(thank God)still and is almost in tears with all the lacy too grown-up looking under garments for her age.Thank God we also homeschool so having to "fit in" with the clothes is not an issue for us.

    Jeannie in Iowa

  • Aimee

    I only have a 1 1/2 year old daughter (and an older boy) and I have ALREADY noticed the “low riders” in the baby section.
    Last year, I purchased a pair of jeans for my baby girl, at Target -in size 18-24 months, thinking they were just “regular” jeans. I had no reason to think otherwise….
    Well, when she finally fit into them, I realized that they ARE low riders! Her diaper sticks out from her jeans about 3 inches -and if she wore just panties, you’d probably see a plumbers’ crack too! Good grief. She’s not even TWO!!!! Something needs to be done!

  • Polka Dot

    You probably won’t see this (I think I’m #536 or something hah), but I was in dollar general today and noticed they had little girl panties – the right kind! with dora the explorer and such on them. Not bikini and no butt showing ones, either.

    You might want to run into one and take a look at their stock.

  • Natt

    Over here in the UK I have seen bras and panties in proper adult designs for 6 year olds.

    I have also seen t-shirts for ages 5+ with slogans like “hooker in training” on. And dont even get me started on the whole playboy bunny range for pre-teens.

    I really hate it. What happened to wearing pretty dresses? I remember wearing such gorgeous party dresses at 7 or 8 to school parties – now its all short tank tops and tight pant shorts. All with a push up bra underneath. And they wonder why teenage pregnancy rates are so bad in the UK…..

    I’m very glad I have 2 boys (which I dress the same, or at least co-ordinating) and dont have to worry about any of this stuff yet.

  • the myers’

    God bless you!! I am so thankful to have a boy (even though I realize this comes with other issues!!). Something like this would drive me nuts…kudos for speaking to Target personel….whether she understood or not.
    I do not understand the need to make children grow up so fast. Doesn’t it happen too fast already???


    p.s-I think I’ve totally blocked out the ‘trapper-keeper’ phase. Thanks for bringing it up. I’m sure my mom still has mine. She keeps EVERYTHING!!!

  • Felton/Casey

    That is so funny! I had to go bra shopping for my daughter for the first time two weeks ago. So I went to WalMart, to the kids section. There I was looking for something simple and cute to get her use to wearing a bra. Anyhow, the whole section has a small selection of sports bras, and the rest are seriously padded bras. Like real, making your boobs look a little BIGGER, brightly colored, padded bras. I ended up going with the sports bra and let her pick a couple of cute little bras, but almost the whole section was worth avoiding.

  • Christine

    Hi Ang,
    I check your blog often, & I love reading it. I also pray for you all. I was listening to a Selah CD yesterday, & Todd was singing "It is Well." It just hit me all of the sudden. I stopped the car & prayed for all of you.

    Anyways, veering back to the reason for my comment, I recently found a shirt at OLD NAVY with "OMG!" printed on the front. For babies! And toddlers! And little girls. What is going on?

    You keep bloggin', girl.

    Sis in Christ,

  • lilgirlsummers

    I just found your blog and wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it. I’ve been going back (slowly) through your posts, and I must say that I will be checking your blog everyday for new posts! Kudos to you and God bless!

  • Marie

    I am in total agreement with you about the panty thing and have had the same experience shopping for them for my now 6 year old daughter. Fortunately, we have already covered the modesty issue with her,and I am happy to report that she remembers about wanting to be modest. She prefers wearing a cami or a tank top over a v-neck shirt just to be on the “safe side”. Hopefully, she will remember this in her teen years when peer pressure is so much more intense. I want her to be modest because it’s pleasing to the Lord, not because Mommy and Daddy say so. Our only problem with her now is her craze with High School Musical. In my humble opinion, it’s not exactly appropriate for a 6 year old. How do we guard our children from this stuff when it’s in their faces and on everything everywhere?!?!? Praise the Lord that she belongs to Him and that all we can do as parents is train our children up in the ways that they should go and pray they will not depart from it!

    Oh-I’m one of those moms too, matching my girls all the time. Even though it’s kinda hard with a 6 yr old and a 21 month old. I’ve had to resort to sewing the matching clothing if I want it myself.

    Blessings to you and have a Happy Day Angie! I wonder how you have the time to read so many comments?

  • So Blessed

    It does my heart good to read this post. I guess I’ll have to admit ONE good thing about being 50…is that my two girls grew up in the time when it was fashionable to wear dresses that were smocked and French hand sewn until they were 12. And of course, that included hair bows…my youngest, Abby, wouldn’t even take her hairbow out to go to bed! Take it from me, they grow up so fast anyway…so keep them dressing age- appropriately as long as you can!

  • Tiff

    Angie – I have read your blog for awhile, but have never left a comment. I admire your sweet spirit and your testimony for Christ!

    I enjoyed this story and as I have a 5 yr. old son, I’ve never shopped in the girls panty department. But now that I have a baby girl I know the day will come and I’m sure I’ll react the same way that you did!!

    Oh and I also had the unicorn trapper keeper!! I was the envy of school that year! LOL

    Tiffany in Pa

  • McMaster & Storm

    olive juice kids dearie.
    maryellen kane {founder} is quite a visionary on how kids should look. she has a following. she does sell the french line petite bateau of undies for little girls and boys too.
    not super cheap but not outlandish either, worth it.
    she used to work for some major fashion houses.
    very old school with a modern twist.

  • McMaster & Storm

    olive juice kids dearie.
    maryellen kane {founder} is quite a visionary on how kids should look. she has a following. she does sell the french line petite bateau of undies for little girls and boys too.
    not super cheap but not outlandish either, worth it.
    she used to work for some major fashion houses.
    very old school with a modern twist.

  • McMaster & Storm

    olive juice kids dearie.
    maryellen kane {founder} is quite a visionary on how kids should look. she has a following. she does sell the french line petite bateau of undies for little girls and boys too.
    not super cheap but not outlandish either, worth it.
    she used to work for some major fashion houses.
    very old school with a modern twist.

  • Mashel

    wow, I am comment #545, I wonder if you even get a chance to read the comments this far down in the line up?
    I can’t agree with you more! It is ridiculous what our little kids are wearing right now. I was actually a little suprised that you didn’t see a pair of thongs in that size, because I HAVE!!!! Isn’t that insane?! And the skulls and crossbones thing irrates me to no end! You see them on everything! I got a magazine the other day with a beautiful 3 week old baby girl on the cover, WEARING A CROSSBONE AND SKULL ONSIE~!!!! AT 3 WEEKS OLD! AND A GIRL!!!! It was even in pink, as if that made it cuter!
    Anyways, I get you girl! Maybe we should go into a business that manufactures and designs kids clothes that are made for kids? (not to mention, matching sets for all ages!)
    and my trapper keeper? I had the cool Liz Frank one with the drama faces on it, you know the black and white ones (what are those things called?)I think I had one with a face in white and a tear going down her cheek, and a red rose. How depressing now that I think about it. I was much happier when I found the kind the you could stick pictures in. So my love for scrapbooking began…..

  • Mom2anAngel&amiracle

    Well I would say I am shocked but the winner for me was a mother daughter team at Kohls, the kid was all of 8 and they were shopping for matching THONGS…and we aren’t talking shoes! ewwwww

  • Mom2anAngel&amiracle

    Well I would say I am shocked but the winner for me was a mother daughter team at Kohls, the kid was all of 8 and they were shopping for matching THONGS…and we aren’t talking shoes! ewwwww

  • Mom2anAngel&amiracle

    Well I would say I am shocked but the winner for me was a mother daughter team at Kohls, the kid was all of 8 and they were shopping for matching THONGS…and we aren’t talking shoes! ewwwww

  • Stephanie

    you are as hilarious as you are inspiring! Thank you!!
    As a mom of an 8 yr old boy, I am always chagrined at the suggestive dances and apparel that overcrowd “children’s” shows…(think Hannah Montana for example)…it’s so sad to realize how Satan has infiltrated designing minds to bring suggestive clothing, dancing,music, etc into the homes and lives of our children. And as Christians, we find ourselves tripping over ourselves trying to protect them from it only for something new to come along the next day!
    I’m with ya on ixnaying the panties. I would have too!

  • jbugg412

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now and have never left a comment, because I never really knew what to say or maybe I felt like I had too much to say. Anyway, now I must leave a note….. Girl I walked that super cool,cutting edge line right with you…I rocked a Trapper Keeper with adorable baby seals on it…hahaha

  • Astraea

    I had the same experience at Target!! My 4-year-old doesn’t need her crack showing either! Luckily, the Circo brand had some really cute glitter ones. Next thing you know they’ll be making thongs in a 6!!!

  • acer4u73

    I saw those sticks and thought to myself, “self? these are sticks, I can go find some sticks and tie them together myself. right?” I love those sticks as well and have to confess, I considered them until I saw the price, but I have been thinking about those sticks and now I think I can let them go:)

    I thought I was the only one who felt the way you do about little girls underpants. We are staying at the beach this week and little “el” came to swim one day and her underpants were polka dot high cut underpants. I mean, does she ‘really’ need high cut?? I don’t think so!!

    Thanks for your posT!

    Leigh-NC er FL for the week

  • a woman found

    okay, i’m up and this my time with Jesus, but i find myself migrating to your blog only to find myself cracking up at 5:30 am about panties and sticks thanks to you! YOU ARE HILARIOUS LADY!!!

    Anyhow, i don’t have girls, but I would fell JUST LIKE YOU if I did!

  • Mekia

    I am still laughing even the second time I read this. I just want you to know that 2 years ago I basically launched a campaign against Old Navy for just the same reason. All I wanted was a nice pair of stretchy waistband jeans for my 3 year old. That was obviously too much to ask. All Old Navy had was skin tight, shapley, “skinny” jeans for ALL ages. Even the babies!!!
    I kindly inquired with the nice sales lady about where to find the normal jeans and she looked at me as if I were from another planet.
    Needless to say, I got nowhere and I was so incensed by the display of low rise, skin tight, flare bottom jeans for toddlers that I took it up as my mission to complaim to anyone that might listen. :) My friends and family all acted like I was crazy. I got many “Yeah, that is terrible” responses while they gave that nod and smile and looked around to see if anyone else was hearing this.
    I eventually wrote Old Navy a letter with no response. I used to love their store, but they obviously care to keep up with the fashion rather than provide moderate dress for little girls.
    I completely feel you on the panty thing!!!
    Oh, and if you really want to be shocked, go into Limited Too and look at their panties. Don’t forget your camera!!

  • Juli

    Angie….i tagged you….go to my blog and check it out!

  • Janna

    Oh my goodness, Angie, this post had me laughing out loud. :) It’s horrible though that there was little underwear to be found for kids who want to be kids though… I don’t get it. :(

    But in terms of the Trapper Keeper, I definitely had those “back in the day.” I don’t remember what mine had on it though… I think it was just a cool abstract pattern. I remember the inside rings though were plastic and I think there was something you had to slide to open them? Am I remembering that right? Boy, that brings back memories! I thought those things were SO cool. :) And… at my school, for some reason it was really hip to have colorful paperclips! I have no idea why. I remember that I was extra cool because I had found purple ones somewhere. So bizarre. ;)

  • Amanda

    You are spot on, I have two girls in 4T & 6 size clothes, and I have the same struggles. Target must have mothers mapped out to a t, because your trip there sounds very familiar.
    Hopefully our girls will realize we did our best for them.

  • Joy

    LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY OVERE HERE!!! I know what you mean about kid panties. I mean, *I* don’t even wear stuff like that. I wear, what we call, GRANNY PANTIES. Probably way TMI but seriously… I save the good stuff for the husband. But when I’m cleaning the house? I’d like to be comfortable, thank you!

    I didn’t have a Trapper-Keeper. I was a huge fan of Lisa Frank, though!

  • roscoepc1

    I call it the "Jr. Hooker" department. Thankfully, both my girls (6 & 10) are pretty modest, but it requires a shopping technique similar to storming the Bastille to find anything wearable.

    I don't have a problem with either Hannah Montana, or High School Musical…both wear fairly modest-yet-fashionable stuff….it's the Bratz trash and trashizing (I invented the word, lol) of even Barbie that drive me nuts.

    Oh, and I'm an "older" mom, so I have no clue what "Trapper Keepers" are….anyone want to share a pic?

  • Gail Lynn

    Maybe we could take our “signs” to the streets – or sidewalks of Target~~! I am so sick of trying to dress a baby girl appropriately rather than like a 16 or 17-yr old on the prowl!!! I guess we all take it stitting down and therefore, nothing is done about it!

    I’m right in line with the rest of you girls. Mama used to make “bloomers” to go over our underpainties so we were COVERED!

  • wingepr

    I’ve been reading your blogs now for several months, first, my heart goes out to you.

    Second I was just discussing this with my best friend this morning.

    I’m a mother of three, two older boys and a little girl we just adopting from China.

    I’m a big beliver of dressing this child as a child.

    So I totally agree with you on the panties. Someone told me the other day they now make thongs for little girls, “Are you Kidding”

    Just wanted to say, I love reading your blog, and your children are beautiful.


  • Olivia

    I have had the same problem finding appropriate clothing for my 5 year old.

    and on the TrapperKeeper topic, mine was purple with a palm tree and sunset on a beach. It got left in my desk on the last day of 5th grade…bummer

  • Jenn

    Okay I am ROFL that 561 people commented on a panty post! :-)

    I’m so sad that Yan is now out of the little girls section as well…it’s ridiculous what they are pushing at such a young age! Go girl…tell Daniela…she may actually be the one who almost started yelling at me for using coupons at the Charlotte Target!

  • Krista

    Hot pink Reebok high tops with a velcro closure above the laces.5th grade, circa 1986. That’s style for ya’!

  • mrs. owl

    Oh Sister! I have been down your road..3 times. I have 3 girls and let me tell you it is getting harder by the day! We have managed to stay away from all the clothing with “famous people” on them and even keep that annoying Bunny with his comments out of our home. I am sure you have seen him around. I will encourage you to keep the faith. My girls are all very aware of what is appropriate and what is not and honestly they actually understand why they should be modest and it doesn’t appeal to them to dress that way. We have managed to stay fashionable, but modest. Side note..modest clothing seems to cost more than immodest..go figure!

  • Karen Deborah

    Crazy to have “sexy” clothes for children and then wonder why we have predators? You think that is bad go check out baby bibs!

  • Lewis Family

    OK, there are already 565 comments, so mine may not stand out or even get read, but I had to say, Angie you are blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for making me laugh… again.

  • Leah

    Modest undies is a new one for us too! I was looking for some that would come up to her belly button cause even at 6 she’s tiny and all I could find were the same panties at my Target. So up to the belly button it is.

    Funny story – I had a really hard time teaching my daughter about washing her hands. She just hated it. Then we went through a hand sanitizer stage cause she has minor sensory issues and hated the water and the air dryer in most stores.

    So by 4 I think I finally get through to her about washing her hands and we’re at Books a Million and we were washing her hands and this lady comes out and comes out to the mirror – checks her hair, puts on lipstick and not ONCE washes her hands. So my bright child says – hey you need to wash your hands – you’re going to spread germs and get sick or if you have kids get them sick.

    I was SOOOOOO embarrassed. The lady dutifully came back and washed her hands.

    But OMGOODNESS….That day I wanted to tell people she was my niece and her mom was OCD about hands.

  • Rebeckah

    This is amazing! Unfortunately, I don’t have any girls…YET, but I do see the clothes they make for little girls at places like Target and Gymboree, and I think there is a lot of RACY stuff out there! Whatever happened to pretty dresses and ruffles? I hope you didn’t buy those underwear! CRAZY!
    Your blog is beautiful.

  • Lucy Stern

    If you are going to keep dressing the girls all the same, I hope you have a sewing machine. As they get older, it is harder to find modest undies and clothes….My girls are 28 and 30 right now and they still have a hard time finding modest clothes…..

    Now I am helping to dress my three year old granddaughter and she loves her Dora panties.

  • Kim H.

    Your posts are absolutely hysterical…

  • Wendy Willard

    And can we talk about the pre-teen bras please? My daughter is just 9, but has already started to develop so I am buying her these flat bras (they work great for this in-between stage). Anyway, so last night I’m at Target looking at the multitude of flat bras in like a trillion colors and patterns – even with that skull and crossbones! Who wants that on their BRAS?! I could NOT find a package with more than one white bra. All the packages with 2-3 bras had just one white and the rest where striped or said “princess” or “xoxo”. Seriously – does Target think we’re raising hookers or what?

  • eastandwest

    First, I want to say that the world needs more Christians like you. You are the real deal, authentic in your love for Jesus and authentic in your love for Target- you are such a genuine person.

    Second, I am going to see Selah tonight!!! I am beside myself with excitement. It is the first real date my husband and I have been on since adopting our beautiful three year old daughter from China.

    Last, I will share with you my best kids story todate. A few weeks ago my oldest daughter Grace and I were walking through the TJ Maxx parking lot, when her hand ran across my engagement ring. She said, “That’s the ring daddy gave you when he dated on you, right?” “Yes,” I replied, “That’s the ring daddy gave me when he dated on me.” Then she said, “And after you get married, you don’t get dated on anymore, right?” There were a few ladies in the parking lot bent over with laughter. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it’s after the kids are born that you don’t get dated on anymore.

    But I’m getting dated on tonight- Selah here we come!

  • Katie Turner

    ok, this post is older and yes, I’m still reading and catching up to become current — but I must tell you this post made me laugh out loud! I don’t have kids yet (been married 1 year now) but I love your openness about your mom moments! Thank you for sharing!!

  • stamper1820

    I kept waiting for the punch line to be that you were in the teens or adult section and just didn’t realize it! I was shopping for little girl’s panties the other day in Wal-mart and found a PLETHORA of princess and Hannah Montana to choose from. That’s just CRAZY about the low-riders, geez! We don’t have kids yet (the panties were for a little girl my parents support in South America) but that just makes you think, what in the world will it be like in a few years when I do?? Wowzah!
    My mom was totally against the Trapper Keeper thing for some reason…looking back I have NO idea why, all I can remember is that she’d never let me get one! But you better believe I had every other item Lisa Frank ever made! Pencils, pencil boxes, folders, lunch box, the works! What a hoot!

    Flowery Branch GA

  • Terry Lynne

    I have to add that I Had a Trapper Keeper w/ a Unicorn on it as well! How cool can you get! = )