Funny Kid Stories

Okay, so this was a bad idea.  There were WAY too many good ones to just pick 10.  I think you should go back and read them all if you need a smile today.  If your comment is mentioned below, please go to and leave a comment saying that you were one of the winners from this contest, and Matthew will send you a copy of “Churched.”
By the way, thanks so much for all the fun comments you left about seeing Todd at the debate. I was so happy to see that the focus was on supporting my hubby getting to do something he was excited about and not about the politics.  There are plenty of forums out there where you can get into all kinds of political debates, but this is just not the place.  Thank you so much for recognizing and respecting that.  I do hope that at the end of the day we are all praying for this election and what it will mean for our country. When Todd got home last night, one of the first things he did was to kneel at our bedside (in his Wal-Mart stud-gear) and spend some time in prayer.  He thanked the Lord for the opportunity to be there, prayed for the election, and I’m sure he shared a few things that were only meant for the Lord to hear.  It is awesome that he got to be there, no doubt.  But the most important thing he did was to assume the posture of a man who wants to be in the will of God, and wants to be wise in his decisions.  What a blessing that we can all approach the Lord this way.  
I will post some pictures when Todd gets them back, and he will post his question on here as well.  A bunch of you asked, so I did want to let you know that they gave them those cameras at the end of the debate, because the rules were so strict about bringing them in.
OK, so have a good laugh at these (I sure did!) and have a blessed rest of the day…

stephanie said…
Oh my goodness…thank you, thank you for the laughs! I don’t know if my story can compare but it still makes me giggle. When my son was about 2 we were at Wal-Mart one day, and like any other Wal-Mart trip it had to invovle a visit to bathroom. So we go into the ladies room and go into a stall for him to do his business when a lady comes into the stall next to us. My son inevitably can hear her start to pee and he starts singing “everbody got to tee-tee, everybody got to tee-tee”…..Yes this does get better! Then she lets out a toot (as we call them)…my sons eyes get wide, and he sings in a nice LOUD voice,” everybody got to toot-toot, everybody got to toot-toot”. I was literally trying my best not to fall out on the nasty wal-mart bathroom floor laughing!
On another note great job on your speaking event!
Blessings to you.

Crack me up girl you are a riot!

So, for my story – First for the background. We went on a cruise my husband and I many moons ago and they had this big game on the last day were they would say something and you had to run up to the announcer and show him your number and your item and the first five people to get to him were given points and they all added up to the winner at the end – Well long story short – one of the last things they said was a man wearing a woman’s bra and I am just a little bit competitive to say the least – so I whipped mine out my sleeve like we woman can do when we are changing in weird places and my hubby (being even more competitive than me put it on and ran up there in a jiffy – and of course friends were with us and pictures were taken. Well my sweet four year old happened upon these pics one day…

The girls were at my hubby’s office with him one day (did I mention he had just gotten promoted and was running this store at this point). Well they were coloring in one of the rooms and one of the women working there came walking in. The girls whipped around and said to her oh, we thought you were our dad – and she says – oh, does your dad were high heels much (since when she walked up they could clearly hear her shoes on the tile) And my little sweety says – well no, but he wears my moms bras.

Needless to say – he has yet to live that one down and there was a quite a bit explaining to do.

Have I mentioned -we have no secrets in our house! God bless those daddy’s with little girls too.

I think I missed the deadline, but I’ll share a cute one anyway. I have two girls that are 17 months apart and a boy that is 3 years younger than my second. Point: my son has grown up with one real mom and two older sisters that think they are moms too. When he was beginning to talk (don’t know when that was, b/c,well, he’s my third and I never wrote anything down by then), I was asking him things like, “how old are you?, where’s your nose, etc.” I asked him what his name is and he says, “Nathan.” I asked him what his full name is (expecting a first and last name) and he says, “Nathan Andrew Schmidt That’s a No”. He seriously thought that was his name!! julia.
kookie krums said…
That story had me rolling too!! Mental note, put all the “monthly supplies” up in a very high cabinet!! 

I have a story from my girl . . . When she was about 2 1/2, my husband was out of town for work, and was gone for several weeks. I took Hailey with me to the FedEx office to ship a package, and of course there was a very long line. On the wall were posters of the FedEx men with their package in hand, displaying various slogans. As the line inched forward, my impatient daughter began wandering around. She walked up to one of the posters and said “Mommy, is that my daddy?” I just laughed like “isn’t she the cutest thing?” and said “no darling, of course not.” She walked up to EVERY poster in the place and asked the same question . . . and THEN . . . walked up to the scariest looking man in the line and said “Mommy, is HE my daddy?” Sheer embarassment was all that it was. I tried to explain (very loudly) that Daddy was out of town working but of course would be home soon, but I just know every person in the place thought I was a girl that got around and my poor child didn’t even know her own father!!
julie said…
You are just the highlight of my day!
Ok, so a few years ago, when my little boys were about 2 and 4, I decided to take a shower. First mistake! I put on a movie in my room for them to watch. They were very quiet and unusually good during my shower. When I got out of the shower, I peeked out and asked then what they were doing and they both told me to “SHHH”. I asked why I needed to be quiet and they said that their baby mice were sleeping. I was just pleased that they were happy and continued getting ready. When I was done, we all went out in the living room and started playing. A few minutee later, a lady from church rang the doorbell to drop off some things for the sunday lesson I was teaching for her. We went to the door, always a highlight, to meet her and her little 5 year old boy. My “sweet” little boys then asked the little boy if they wanted to play ‘mouse’ with them. The little boy said yes and off they went. As they were running off, I did hear my 4 year old say to the new boy ‘wait, I will get you one’. So, the church friend and I started talking a little when we were greeted by three boys…all with an opened tampon cupped in their little hand, petting it with the opposite hand. I was speechles and asked what they were doing with ‘those’. My 2 year old then said ‘mommy, you wanna hold mousy. Mommy see mousy tail?” 
The 5 year old had even found a crayon and gave his mouse some eyes! 
jenny~ said…
My cousin, who was 3 at the time, came home from church one Sunday and proudly announced to the family: “I figured out why we drink grape juice at church.” (You know, for communion.) My aunt, ready for a beautifully spiritual answer from her sweet, little blonde daughter, retorts, “Why, honey?” And my cousin, fully convinced that she was now in-the-know, replied “Because Jesus was the King of the Juice!” This is a classic story in my family that we still laugh about 20 years later!
penny said…
hmmmmm… how about this one. After we lost our sweety Mackenzie friends of ours offered us their beach house in St. Pete Florida. We were thrilled to be able to take the kids and get away for awhile. We had a fabulous time and the kids loved it. Right before it was time to come home they were preparing for a hurrican……. sorry can’t remember which one but I did remember to bring all the kids…. anyway, we loaded up the van and headed home. The next week I went to pick up the Logan at Sunday school and his teacher came out in the hall and asked about our vacation. I told her we had a great time and wished we could have stayed. She said “Well, I thought I should tell you when we asked for prayers and praises Logan raised his hand and said “Thanks God for letting us go on vacation it was really fun. I just wish Mom didn’t make us go home when the “hooker came”. I blanched for a moment and then realized what he meant. I told her no hooker but Hurricane….. She still giggles about it.
We were at my cousin’s wedding. Royce (3) was sitting next to my mom. She was seated next to this random man. This man was a biker dude with a long gray beard and a long gray pony tail. There was a prayer said during the ceremony, and the room was dead silent. Royce looked over at this man in the midst of the dead silence and said plain as day, “Are you God??” (!!!) Everyone around him did their best to muffle their belly laughs. The man almost lost it too. This is what God looks like to my sweet 3 yeard old boy. 

And the rest of the service Royce kept saying, “I found God! I found God!” He was so excited! And whenever a prayer would be said, he would start up all over again. “God is over there!”
lauren said…
My husband owns a restaurant and my 2 year-old daughter and I would go in and have lunch every week. After bible study one morning, I invited my friend and her 5 year-old daughter to have lunch with us. After we finished our lunches, my friend and I were visiting when both girls said they needed to use the restroom. Since Breleigh (my daughter) knew where the restroom was, and it was my husband’s restaurant, we let the girls go together and we just kept and eye on the bathroom door. A few minutes later my friend sees the girls walking back to the table. When I turn to look, I see my daugher with her pants and PANTIES down around her ankles. She is shuffling her feet trying to walk back to the table, (which is completely across the dining room!) When Breleigh sees me looking at her she screams at the top of her lungs, “Mom, I went poop and I need a wipe!” I jump up from the table, grab her, and run to the bathroom.

After I get her taken care of, my husband comes up to me and asks what happened. Apparrantly a table complained that a little girl was wandering around the restaurant with her pants down and poop on her bottom. It was so embarrassing.
kris said…
My 3 year old daughter knows me. I have NO time to waste in the morning. So she PROUDLY announced that she had gotten herself ALL READY without help, from anyone! She even talked about putting on her ‘new backpack’ all by herself! Not thinking twice about it, I praised her efforts and scurried along with the rest of the morning’s duties. When we got to church, I noticed that her familiar dress had a slightly different look to it, and then I remembered her little voice “new backpack”… I turned her around to see that her ‘backpack’ was actually a pair of MY UNDERWEAR!!!

:) Angie

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  • katendan

    These are Great!!! What a way to end a work day!

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to hear his question and see his pictures!!

    Have an amazing day :)

  • Megan

    I read all of the winners and am now laughing with tears in my eyes. I missed the contest, but I’m not even sure which one of my kids’ stories I could have picked! They all were so funny!

  • Amanda-The Family News!

    Those are so funny!!! I am glad Todd had a great time at the debate!!! We were so happy to see him – and he looked proud!!!
    I saw him snapping away at that camera – can’t wait to see the pics and the question!!! Tell him to post it and we will just answer it for him in our best Barack and McCain ways….

  • Keri

    Thank you!!! I needed the laugh and reminder about how precious everyday life is through the eyes of a child!

    Can’t wait to read what Todd’s question was! Now I wish I had actually watched the debate. Didn’t know all this was going on until I got home from a VERY long PTO meeting.

  • Mary Lindsey

    Oh man! Those were terrific! I’m going to read some of them to my small group tonight. I will never look at a tampon the same again! hahaha… oh man.

  • Anna G

    The debate was on TV in the Netherlands as well and I recognized Todd immediately! So cool. You can tell him he’s now been on Dutch TV as well :)

    Can’t wait for the pictures.

  • JennyCohea

    You don’t know me, but I follow your blog regularly. I am so touched by you and your strength. I was reading in a later blog that you will send bibles to anyone who does not have one, well I don’t have one…would you send me one?

    I also wanted to say that I saw your husband at the debate last night and it was so neat to see someone who I have never met and read about…on TV. I was a little starstruck.

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration of strength, you have inspired me to want to find God.

    Jenny in CA

  • Kayla Grace

    Oh my gosh, these are hysterical!! I saw Todd last night and was so excited! Can’t wait to read on!

  • Lance and Cindy

    Hey Angie– So I read your blog every day– when I need a break from work or I need a bit of humor during the day.. Really– You and your kids and the occasional “bundle of sticks” or “pirate panties” reference often leave me in stitches during the day!
    Well, because I read your blog so faithfully, my sweet husband seems to think I have an imaginary friend named Angie. Seriously, the other night we were at Target and we are just going along, looking at fall decorations and I exclaim out of the clear blue sky, “Hey look! Angie’s bundle of sticks!” and proceed to laugh and then walk on. He looks at me with the compassion that only comes out when your husband thinks you are crazy and says, “Who’s Angie, babe?” And I tell him the story (again) of you and Todd and the girls and Selah and the sticks. I lose him at the sticks unfortunately. Oh well.
    Okay, (the point is coming.)well- I say all of this to say that last night we were getting ready to watch the Presidential Debate… and right before it comes on, I fall into something akin to a coma on the couch. (we are expecting our first child– and I am very nauseated and very tired and very happy!) So after quite awhile, I wake up suddenly and there is Todd on the screen! And I said, “Hey there’s Todd!” And my husband says, “Who is Todd, babe?” And I, in a hardly incoherent voice say something about.. “Angie’s husband…blog… sticks.. remember the sticks, honey????” And then I fall fast asleep.

    I thought you would appreciate that my husband probably thinks I made you up in a way that only pregnant women can. So add that to the list of “what to expect when you’re expecting” Fatigue, Nausea, and Conjuring up perfectly good imaginary blog friends. Oh well. :) Maybe I should get him to read your blog!

  • Kim

    I saw Todd taking some pictures and wondered if we’d get to see them!
    He sure got some serious camera time – how cool that he got to take part in something like that! I’m so proud of him! (is that weird or what? LOL)
    Congrats to all the winners! What GREAT stories!
    I wish kids could stay little ones forever!
    God Bless!

  • Shelly

    What fun you must have had reading through all those comments and choosing some of the very best! I read them all with tears of laughter in my eyes. What joy God has sent us in our children. How he uses them to humble us, to lift our spirits, to say that life must and will continue.

    Bless you Angie. Do you ever meditate on just how much Audrey has reached people – how through you, she and God, have reached us and brought us together to share your tears and laughter.

  • Shelly

    Oh! I forgot to tell you that when I was in Target (Houston area) the other day I saw the Willow Bundles!! And yeah, they’re $24.99 here too. LOL.

    Um, the word verification says “..pads”. Laughing again!

  • The O’Brien’s

    Congrats to the winners! I think at one point I thought I was going to pee in my pants…okay nobody laugh at that comment b/c we all know after you have a kid its downhill from there ;) This was the laughter I needed to end an absolutely crazy day! Thank you!

  • Amanda

    I can’t wait to hear the question that Todd had for the debate. I watched parts of the debate last night but was at the hospital visiting my grandmother so I didn’t get to see all of it.

    There were quite a few remarks on about Todd being on the debate…I think some of his CCM friends thought it was pretty cool that he was front and center.

  • Kris

    GREAT stories and…..
    YAY! I won! =) Thank you Angie! Glad that my humiliation can benefit me so wonderfully!

  • HappilyEverAfter

    Those were great!! Thanks for the laugh ladies!

    I was wondering what Todd’s question was… cant wait!

  • The Arnold Family

    I have been checking back all day like a madman.


    Thank you so much for this blessing!!!

  • Dani

    Those are just HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for posting them. I had a great laugh and shared them with my mom! Love ya, Dani

  • Kylea

    I missed the deadline, but I had to share with you a funny story that just happened with my son Ellis who just turned 2.
    About 4 mos ago, Ellis really started picking up on his ABC’s. Being the proud mother that I am I asked if he wanted to say them for all of our family at a get together.
    The Showboat that he is stands up, and we begin.
    Me: A
    Ellis: B,C,D,E
    Me: F,G
    Ellis: H
    Me: I
    Ellis: POOTED!
    Yes, in the middle of our ABC’s with my Brilliant 20 month old he yells out “Pooted” right after I. He had learned to announce when he “poots” and thought that “pooted” came after the letter “I”.
    Boys will be Boys!

  • justthinking

    If you see a copy of today’s USA Today, you’ll see Todd in the background behind McCain and Obama in the foreground. Front cover, above the fold. A little fuzzy but it’s him.

    Awesome blog, Ang –

    Can’t wait to hear the question and see the pics.

  • Penny


    I’m so glad that the crazy antics of my now 8 year old won the prize!! I need to tell you girl you are touching the masses!!! God is moving in you and through Audrey’s memory in such a bold way. I volunteer with women who “wear” the shoes of loosing a child and I have sent many to you site for clarity and comfort. Knowing that there is light in the dark as we all move through this process is so important.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so transparent… keeping us in tears and laughter, but always praising God for the rain.

  • abby

    oh my goodness.. these stories are hilarious!

    I was at a target in midland, tx and I saw “the sticks” on clearance for $16 and of course thought of you!

  • Kelly

    I was so excited to see Todd on TV last night. I felt like I was seeinig one of my friends on TV. I kept telling Scott – “look at Todd. He got that shirt at Wal-mart”. ha ha!

  • partyoffivetn

    Loved these stories…they brightened my day, and a few reminded me of the days I would find my youngest “popping” tampons out for fun in my bathroom!

  • The Kunards

    Uhm. Is it bad that one of the first things I noticed was Todd on the TV during the debate? I shrugged it off that it was someone who looked like him. Then, I checked your blog via my phone – during the debate – (I should have been listening more closely) and was shocked to see that it really was him :-)

  • Nadinsche

    Dear Angie, I am from Germany, I have never commented before even though I enjoy your blog very much! I just wanted to let you know that I saw Todd on German television only seconds ago! They spoke about the last debate in the U.S. and I saw your hubby, wearing a green shirt (I think) … see how far he has come (-:!

  • Erin

    Reading these stories made me think of 2 of my own that I should share. Thanks for triggering my memory :)

    When my nephew Matthew was about 16 months old, we had a 90th birthday party for my great-grandma (his great-great grandma!) with lots of family and friends in a church hall. At one point, my mom & I took Matthew into the bathroom (likely to change a diaper or something) and while my mom was in a stall, we noticed Matthew was crawling under a stall…but it wasn't my mom's. It was one of my great-grandma's friends, who was likely around 90 as well. To make things worse, the woman had pantyhose on, and Matthew started rubbing her legs! Luckily, she was able to chuckle at it and said "it's been a long time since someone rubbed my legs like that!" Matthew is 12 now and is so embarassed by that story!

    Another Matthew story is when he was about 4, we were at the funeral home for the rosary of an uncle who had passed away. Matthew didn't go to mass much, and he was not at all familiar with this priest who was Vietnamese. In the middle of the rosary – as we are sitting in the 2nd row, mind you – Matthew proclaims loudly, "I can't understand a word that he's saying!"

    Kids, they tell it like it is :)

  • Kendra

    HA! Thanks for the laughs!! =-)

  • Julie

    Those are great afternoon pick me ups.

  • Jennifer

    What funny stories! I was just at Little Caeser’s in my town, Zeeland, this afternoon and saw your husband’s groups photo plastered on the window! Will you be at Sunday’s concert in Zeeland.

  • asplashofsunshine

    HILARIOUS!!!! QUICK… yesterday at my daughters Daisy Scout meeting, the girls are all still learning the Girl Scout Promise. My oh-so confident daughter thought she had it completely memorized and blurts out… “ON MY HONOR, I WILL TRY TO SAVE GOD….” The real promise, “On my honor, I will try to serve God…” My little girl thought she could save God. Ain’t that sweet!

  • Pierce Family Happenings

    These are great! Thanks for sharing these!
    Last night was fabulous-we were planning on watching the debates anyway, but my husband and I made it our soul mission to scout out Todd at every chance we got! :) We even watched the CSPAN coverage-oh yes, we were die-hard! We cannot wait to see his pics, hear his question, and basically know how it all came down with the candidates. It sounds like he may have already planted some seeds perhaps.
    Love you guys and your blog! Praying for you! :)
    Anne Marie (long-time lurker :) )

  • Julie

    I read the comment from ‘Lance and Cindy’ and just HAD to comment. I, too, have an imaginary friend named Angie. Serious. My husband thinks I am crazy. We were at Target the other day and I am NOT kidding, the same thing happened. I was all like “gosh, Angie was right, those sticks are NOT worth $25!”. My husband was like “um, who is Angie?”. I reminded him about the blog that I have told him several times about YET he says I never did. Which of course just validates his idea that I am crazy. So, I put a kid story on the blog (and I won!). We have 3 kids (7,5,and 1). They were all at grandma’s last night so we could have a night alone. Well, I think that my husband got a little jealous of my imaginary friend because every hour or so I would run back and check to see if she had announced the winners. He was like “what are you doing back there?” And I was like “I have to check and see if Angie picked me!” And he finally said…”wait, so who IS Angie?” I told him all about her….from sweet little Audry to the awesome decorations from IKEA in the school room…everything. The he said, in a very serious and worried tone, “So, you have never really even met her?”. I just said “nope, but I will one day!”. He just laughed and we went to the living room to watch a movie that we rented for our night alone….WHEN….the debate came on! I told my husband to wait and not put the movie on yet. He was confused because I am not much for Presidential debates especially with the night alone with my hubby. My crazy meter then went straight through the roof when I jumped off the couch and ran to the tv and put my finger on Todd’s head and said “there he is, there he is!” My husband was ready to take me to an institution, I am sure. He asked what in the world I was talking about. I said “that is Todd, Angie’s husband, and, wow, he got that green shirt and those pants at wal-mart, cause, you see, that is all that was open at 2am, and he is so excited and he even was pacing in the kitchen in his boxers practicing his question, and wow, I just can’t believe how close to the front he is, Angie must be so excited!”. My husband then said, in a very “I give up” voice……”well, I am so glad that me and you and Angie and Todd could have this night together!” Then we just both laughed and had a great night together!

  • Beckycain6

    Ha ha ha…..very funny. Good job ya’ll!

  • David and Sarah

    Okay Kris’ story about the “backpack underware” thing just killed me. You definetly chose a good winner.

  • Stacy

    Okay, somehow I missed the “funny kid story contest”! I am going to share mine anyway. Better late than never, right? My son was around the age of 3 and we were desperate to get him interested in potty training. I was at wits end with it, so I asked my husband to help, and told him that maybe he should “show him how it’s done”. So, that’s what he did. Of course there were all kinds of questions and a comment about how big it was! After a week or so had gone by, we were at church……yeah, I know, you can see right where this is going, and my son was sitting with the Christian Ed director in the back of the sanctuary, adjacent to my husband and I. All of a sudden we hear little voice say, in too loud of a voice, “My Dad has a big penis!” My husband and I tried slouching down in our pew, but it was too late, the damage had been done!

  • Bonnie

    These are all absolutely priceless! Thanks for sharing them Angie. I so enjoy reading your blog!

    I saw your hubby at the debate last night and proceeded to grab my hubby’s arm, saying, “Hey that is Todd!! That guy in the green shirt is Todd.” He looked at me with a very confused look on his face. “You know, the guy from Selah who’s wife Angie has the beautiful blog. That’s him, I’m sure of it!!” :) Guess I was right. What an opportunity that was for him, hey!? Very cool.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  • Britany

    So, there is seriously someone on the planet who has not heard of Selah? That’s so sad…

    Thanks for all the funny stories. You have no idea how badly I needed them today!

  • Jill

    Oh my goodness….I am still laughing at these!! Aren’t kids the greatest! I’ll have to remember that when my 2 toddlers are driving me crazy. =)

  • Kerry

    Stories were great. I didn’t have time to submit one – so I thought I’d toss it in here – just for fun….

    My hubby is a pastor and when our kids were small we were in a very rural area and our church was a little “Walnut Grove” style church. The doors from outside opened into a little foyer with a 2-piece bath to the left and then straight into the back of the sanctuary. The church was small – it looked full with 65 or 70 in it. The back row (back row Baptists LOL), just by the doors to the foyer, was where a couple of ladies sat who had become surrogate grandparents for my kids. Josh was about 3 at the time and had to go to the bathroom, so he went. We were having communion that Sunday and dh had just gotten to the part where he asks everyone for a moment of silent prayer and to make sure your hearts are right with God before partaking in communion. Joshy comes running into the silence with his pants and underwear at his ankles to get someone to wipe his rear. One of the “grandma” ladies jumped up, grabbed him and took him back to the bathroom to take care of him. My poor husband – it was all he could do not to break out laughing.

  • Carissalayla

    I am laughing so hard that I am crying, so funny!

  • Amanda

    I love these stories! LOL! I can’t wait until my baby is talking and all so that I can have some stories of my own!

    I was so excited to see Todd front and center right at the start of the debate! That was so cool. I wish he had gotten to ask his question, but am interested to read what it was. Oh, did they give everyone those disposable cameras to keep them from bringing in their own cameras?

  • Amanda:

    What great stories were shared!! I have MORE than my fair share, having two kids that are ALL boy, so it was nice to hear someone else’s funny stories for a change :)

  • Jenny

    I watched a little bit of the debate from Terrace British Columbia, CAnada, just to see your hubby…and I did.
    My hubby thought I was nuts when I said, “hun…look it’s Angie Smith’s husband Todd…”
    Can’t wait to hear his question!!

  • Stacy Ann


  • Us

    Dear Angie,
    Most people are posting in response to the funny stories…they are VERY FUNNY! However, I would like to hit on another aspect of the post…Todd taking the position of the Godly stronghold…hitting the floor on his knees in deep prayer. Throughout the time that I have listened and followed you and Selah, I have been in awe of your (and Todd’s) deep connection to God and the yearning that you have to follow him. You have something in that which I wish I could attian. I have the belief. I know the biblical truth, but the yearning I don’t have. I am raising my 4 children and wish with all my heart that they had an example to them that you and Todd give to your children.
    I met you this last weekend in Lexington with my sister and good friend (they call me your stalker!). You did a terrific job speaking and you cannot imagine the twitterpating I was doing in seeing you and Todd walk through the doors. I couldn’t hardly focus on the event for desperately wanting to talk to you.

  • Jules from "The Roost"

    It was exciting for my husband and I to watch and “know” someone in the audience. It was a tremendous honor to get to see that debate. What a wonderful experience that only a few people will ever get to do:)

  • created2teach

    Time for one more KID story? My husband & I adopted our children and made one of our first funny memories at Sam's. It was a few years ago. My oldest had asked for crocs a time or two. She did not call them by name. She would point and say she really liked them. I called them "crocs." My girls and I are wlking down an aisle in Sam's looking for Daddy & brother when my 8 yr old says loudly, "Look, Mommy, she has crotches!" I immediately go, "Shhh!" while I look (red-faced)to see what she is pointing at. The lady has on crocs. We had a mini-girl talk and some giggles and could not wait to find Daddy!

  • Laura Ann

    It was great to see Todd last night…I can not wait to hear what his question was and to see all his pictures. I actually fell asleep before it was over and the first thing I asked my Husband this morning was…Did Todd get to ask his question?

    If you read this comment, check out my blog entry for today. I know you have nothing to do in your spare time (ha ha), so thought you could start planning that retreat for all of us. My friends and I have joked about this for month, but I think it would be an awesome weekend get away! You and Kelly would do a great job and be a wonderful example for all of us.

  • sawicky99

    That was hysterical!!! Thank for you for the good laughs!

    And it was SOOOO fun to see your husband at the debate!

  • Alison F

    Since I have never commented before, I may seem like a strange person for posting this comment, but I laughed so hard and had to tell you that I know the perfect website for Abby and Ellie (and the little boys who played mice)–it’s called , and it’s hysterical, albeit a tad weird. Who knew that these “products” were more fun as crafts? Apparently, the kids did!

    Love your blog, the serious and the seriously funny, like today.

  • Terry

    I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a comment here, but have been reading you blog for a while and never fail to leave without having a good laugh or being inspired by you.

    This post has me ROLLING with laughter! I have to say, all of the entries are hilarious, but Lauren’s (with the daughter that walked across a restaurant with her pants down and poo on her butt) is STILL making me laugh so hard I’m in tears.

    Thanks for laughs tonight!

  • Lindsey Poulos

    I have just started reading your blog after being connected through a friend of mine who was connected to you. (that didn’t make any sense, I know) Anyway, we are all connected in more ways than one…we are sisters in Christ and the mother of twins. I enjoy reading your blog for these reasons and more. And I am grateful to have been introduced to the group Selah….love their music. I even watched the debates (which I normally find VERY boring, although important) because I felt like I was going to see someone I know. That is how you make your readers feel….like we know you. God bless you and keep it coming…

  • Jennifer

    I love the idea from Amanda-The Family News! When Todd posts his question, we have to assume the role of McCain or Obama and answer accordingly. Now that would be a fun contest!

  • Aspiemom

    I really enjoyed reading those stories!

  • little kit

    Thanks for giving me a laughter break today :) I love hearing about the funny things kids say and do. I can’t wait until my boy starts saying funny things.

  • Sara

    How about Sydneys “Come on, B****!” Would that have warranted a free book??!! Hope to talk to you soon :)

  • Jeankfl

    It was so cool seeing someone I “knew” up there! Todd looked so serious! I’m just glad to know that it really is just “people” up there, and not friends and supporters only.. Good for him!

  • melanie

    just wanted to let you know that todd’s picture was in the chicago tribune. he didn’t make the front page but there’s a nice shot of him on page 10!

  • amber

    Let me just say that I feel so normal reading all these comments. I am not the only one who…..

    1. my husband thinks I’m crazy because I read your blog so often and call you my “friend”

    2. only watched the debate so I can see your husband in his wal-mart clothes

    3. seriously think I will meet you one day :)

    4. can’t wait to hear what Todd’s question was!

    5. look for those sticks when I go to Target now.

    As always, thanks for letting us be a part of your lives. Selah has always meant a lot to me through their music (We almost lost our son when he was 2 wks old due to RSV and their song “Part the Waters/I need Thee” would always calm him and “Press On” was so comforting when I lost my brother) so “knowing” you all this way is so exciting!


  • Hayley

    how fun! I love to read your blog and have never commented before. I read like we are friends and got so excited a minute ago to see Todd on Letterman! He’s famous! Thanks for being so honest and real with those of us who feel like we know you!

  • Catherine

    OK, it’s 10:55 my time- I am watching David Letterman and guess who I just saw- Todd! They superimposed Kim Jong III’s face on the guy that was sitting next to Todd (don’t ask) during the debate. So not only was Todd on national television during the debate- but now he’s a superstar on Letterman!

  • Sue

    Thanks again for making my day by posting these stories. I think that I am going to go back and read all of the stories in the comments of the other post.

    It was fun seeing Todd on TV for the debate. I told my family that I was watching the debate because the lead singer of Selah was in the audience and they all thought I was a little weird. But the truth is that through your blog I feel that I “know” you, Todd and your girls. My 10 year old saw who he was and said that your twins looked just like him. She still remembers the video I showed her of “Kate has a lot to say” and the expressions on the twins faces. We always laugh when we think of that video.

    Thank you for the joy that this blog brings!!!!

  • Catherine

    I am still awake and now I am cracking up. The late show with Craig somebody just played “Find the bald guy at the debate”, yellow arrow on guess who’s crome dome? Yup. Todd. And some others… I say it’s time for the baldies of the world to unite- I count my handsome hubby in the pack! I really need to go to bed.

  • Joy

    I saw him… I saw him… but I didn’t have my camera in the room… but I did take one with my cell phone… lol… if you want I can send it to you.

  • Q’s NEWS

    YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS…..I was watching Late Night with Carson Daly and of course he was making fun of John McCain and Barak Obama. So he says he got so bored during their debate that he started counting bald guys, and he showed a picture of TODD with a blinking arrow over his head blinking, “Bald guy, Bald guy” – you have GOT to contact your TV station (he is on NBC here) and see if you can get a copy of Wednesday night’s show. I immediately DVR’d it – now if I can find someone who knows how to lift it off the DVR player to a DVD I will send it to you.

    Tell Todd he is famous – oops, he already was….well tell him he is MORE famous than when he went to bed last night!!!!

    I am dying for you to read this post! AND when I saw his green shirt I was thinking, Oh man, there is his Walmart Shirt – you couldn’t even tell :) He looked so interested and so sincere – you would’ve been so proud!!!!

    Let me know you got this message – I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight!

    Love from WV,

  • Soldier in Training

    These are HILARIOUS! I laughed till I hurt! Thanks so much for sharing…

  • Lynette

    I missed the deadline but have a story for you.

    We were teaching our 3 year old that we ONLY color on paper…not the walls, not the furniture and NOT our skin. A few weeks later we were in church and a man was sitting in front of us. His arms were covered in tattoos. Very loudly she says, “Mommy, look, that man colored all over his arms! That is BAD!”

  • choosejoy

    Love your blog, love what God is and has been doing through your lives, love those stories from you and all the others, love to laugh and cry with you!

  • Jane

    Hi Angie and Todd, just letting you know that I saw Todd on TV here in Melbourne Australia last night! Just thought you would like to know.



  • Open your Eyes…

    I 3 year old Royce story had me in stiches about asking a man if he was God! Wished I was there! Thanks for putting smiles on my face ladies! X.

  • Heather

    Well, I was just reading some comments and this won’t beat someone seeing him on German tv, but last night, did you hear or see him on David Letterman?! He used a clip of the debate and Todd was the ONLY one they showed!! I bet he’s wishing he got royalties every time they show him!! He can share this with his grandkids someday!

  • Kyle

    So funny to read all of those stories! I can’t wait until I have children of my own and get to live out some of these stories… although I could do without the mice tampons and the backpack undies!!!

  • Ruth Ann

    Angie- I just wanted to say that seeing Todd on the debate was really like watching a friend on TV. I was so happy that he was there and that I could identify with a face in the crowd. It made it feel more “real” to me, I guess. I will be interested to hear what insights he personally gained! Hope you are all doing well!

  • Kookie Krums

    Angie – thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners. Those stories were great, I was cracking up through all of them. Fabulous contest!!

    I have enjoyed your blog so much. This December will be six years since we held our Madison Riley for way too short of a time, two weeks after I said goodbye to my Daddy. Your blog has enabled me to let God start healing some pieces of me that I just didn’t know how to give back to Him. Everyone I know that is going through something similar now gets directed to your blog, and I’m so thankful for your ministry.

  • findingourdaughter

    Love them!!
    God bless the little children!

  • Anothermadhousewife

    Aren’t kids great?!? They keep us laughing and humble all at the same time. Thanks for sharing these. Erika :)

    P.S. So glad your speaking engagement went well this weekend (knew it would)! Let me know when you’re ready to do a weekend, women’s retreat. . .I think our next one is booked, but how ’bout Feb 2010? ;)

  • Kruger Kids

    I know it’s too late to post a story, but I have a great one of “true Mommy embarrassment” that I just wanted to share.

    My little guy occasionally confuses the words “dimple” and “nipple.” And even sometimes says, “Nimple.” So you know this is going to be good…

    I needed to return some shoes I had gotten for my three year old guy at Old Navy. I gave them to him, with the receipt and told him what to do as I was standing behind him. He handed the shoes to the cashier and said, “I’d like to return these.” She asked if he had the receipt to which he said, “Yep, right here!” and handed it to her. She smiled her great, big, dimpled smile at him, when he excitedly looked at me and loudly said, “Mom! Does she have big nipples?!”

    I froze! Staring at him, because I couldn’t BEAR to look at her, I had to think and THINK QUICKLY about what he was saying!!! “DIMPLES! Honey, do you mean ‘dimples’?” I asked. To which he, thankfully, replied with an excited, “Yes! On her cheeks!”

    The poor high school girl was whiter than a ghost. We quickly got our money back and left! I should have just let her keep the money.

  • Abby

    Love “Nathan Andrew Schmidt That’s a No” and “Mom, see mousy tail?”

    Hilarious…thanks for the post!

  • Tina:0)

    Okay, so I missed the deadline,too, but thought who couldn’t use another good laugh!

    This was about 20 years ago… my cousin was in his first year of preschool. My Grandpa had just had the joy of getting hearing aids. Of course, if you know anyone with hearing aids, you know that if you press on their ear (as if hugging them, etc.) they make a squeeling noise like a whistle. Well, we all know how competetive little boys can be. So at preschool my cousin was standing talking with some of his classmates. They were talking about things that people they knew could do that were “cool.” Towards the end of the conversation, my cousin interjects “that’s nothing. My Grandpa can whistle through his ears!” To this day, we don’t let him live that one down. Its always good for a chuckle at family gatherings!

  • Angela

    Those stories cracked me up. I missed the contest, but have to share this anyway….

    Tuesday I dropped our almost 2 year old off at MDO and the other kids were sitting at the table looking at books and working puzzles. One of the other kids held up a puzzle piece of a duck and the teacher asked him what sound a duck made. My child screams “BOOM BOOM…SPLASH” OMG I wanted to crawl under a table….he isn’t even 2 yet!! (My husband has just taken up duck hunting and the boys all love to watch Outdoor Channel and Versus.) The same afternoon, as we are leaving the church there is a dad coming to pick up his child. He stops and says Hi to my middle son who is 3. Ethan looks at him and asks,”What’s that all over your legs?” Before the guy could say anything, my oldest (who will be 6 next week) explains to Ethan that they are called tatoos and then further explains that the man made a bad bad decision and that those tatoos will stay on until he dies and Jesus gives him new clean legs.

    And yes, this all happened the SAME day. There is never a dull moment with 3 little boys!!

  • Lee

    This is for Todd~

    Heard you on WMBI (Moody Chicago) this morning. EXCELLENT question! I so wish they would have picked yours. The other bald guy by you asked a smiliar question but I think yours was worded a bit differently and might have gottena more specific response from the candidates.
    Are you willing to share your preference of the two?
    Angie ~ GREAT job keeping us to the minute while your Todd was there. You two are simply adorable.

  • Moore Family

    I have to say…I’m another “Lance and Cindy” (read comment above). Every time I say “Angie this….” or “Angie and Todd that….” Or, “Angie’s girls said this…” – my husband is like, “So, you just wish she was your best friend now!” I tell you ARE my friend and you pray for ALL your blog readers! He said “Oh yeah, has she ever written you back???” then smiled this “see I told you so smile”. He thinks you really don’t exist. He’s always picking on me…. :) On another note, I’ve been wanting to move to Nashville for like 10 years now. Now, my husband’s convinced it’s because I want to live by you, talk to you, be your “best friend”. I told him NO! I’ve always wanted to move there and you would think I was stalking if I did that! :)

  • Leigh

    This came from my girlfriend yesterday so I just had to share…

    As some of you know, our family sees a chiropractor – the girls have gone since babies…
    Last Fri. we were talking about them going with my mom. Hope needed to because someone fell on her at soccer. Hailey says, “Yeah, I need to go, too; my neck really hurts” I said, “It does?” She said something along these lines, “Yeah because we bow our heads SO MUCH in preschool…my neck hurts..we pray at chapel, we
    pray at snack and we pray before we go home…”

  • Brittanie

    Okay, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. That was wonderful. It almost makes me afraid of when Erin gets older though!

  • Lindsey

    that WAS todd!! i was watching the debate and just kept thinking it looked exactly like him! haha. awesome.

  • Kelly

    So, I’ve been following this Todd at the debate thing and one question keeps coming to mind. He’s like big time singer man, on stage all the time, did not have anything in his closet to wear to the debate? Maybe a Selah t-shirt?
    Just wondering why the Wal-mart run, not that he didn’t look really cool. Just curious. :)

  • Kim Kiehn

    I know I’m too late for the contest, but I thought I’d share one with you for your own personal giggle. Actually, with my 4 kids I could probably write a 5 year run sit com, but I digress..while preparing supper one night, my 4 decided to have running races from one end of the house, around the kitchen island, and back..several times. I was okay, and asked calmly for them to quiet down and slow down, but…well, let’s just say my head spun around and I lost it about the 3rd time. My stunned children left the kitchen calmly and gathered in the living room. Curious, I peaked in just in time to hear my eldest (I think he was 8 at the time) gather them in a huddle and say “Guys, we need to have a prayer meeting for mom. She’s lost it and only God can help her with this.” And they proceeded to tell God about their stressed out mother..complete with “mmm, hmm’s” at appropriate intervals.
    Kim in Maine

  • Brittany

    These are all great. I think my favorite is the story of the “mice”.

  • Susan

    I just have to say that I think it’s hilarious that so many of our husbands are on the same page when it comes to all our talking about “Angie”. I’m glad to see I’m not alone! During the debate, my hubby would start talking about the candidates or one of issues being discussed, etc, and I’d just say, “Yeah, but look, there’s TODD!!” Eventually he just rolled his eyes and laughed at me, but initially he was confused, too. :)

  • Baxters

    Angie, I have to say that you are such a blessing. I have been reading your blog since about mid April and you always make me LAUGH OUT LOUD – even through my tears. I just caught up on your blog since the panties & sticks incident in target and again, you never fail to put a smile on my face. I have been praying for you and your family since I started reading your blog. Thank you for being so REAL! You are truly a breath of fresh air. Elizabeth

  • Leigh

    Here is the funniest kids story that I have just for one more good laugh for you. I was a nanny for about a year for two of the hilarious kids, Christian(2 1/2 at the time) and Belle (4 at the time) of an amazing single mom. My now husband, Gray (then just boyfriend) and I used to babysit for her at night once a month just to give her sometime to do whatever she needed. One night the kids and Gray were playing in the den while I was making dinner in the kitchen, I stuck my head around the corner to ask them what they wanted to drink and Christian was sitting on Gray’s lap. Out of know where he grabbed Gray’s face and pulled it close to his and announced “Mr.Gray, I am sitting on your penis”. I ducked back into the kitchen trying not to wet my pants. Gray took Christian off his lap very quickly. There mom just about died when we told her but we have had many laughs about it since then.

  • laceylyn

    you must be a uber fast reader! sheesh – I can’t imagine reading all of those posts!! but thanks for posting those!! hilarious. I think lauren and kris had the best ones. Poop stories are the best (why is that?).

  • Jessica

    This email came to me and I had to share it with you….

    JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister. After a while he asked: ‘Mom why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?’

    MELANIE (age 5) asked her Granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn’t remember any more. Melanie said, ‘If you don’t remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six.’

    STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his Mom good night. ‘I love you so much that when you die I’m going to bury you outside my bedroom window.’

    BRITTANY (age 4) had an ear ache and wanted a pain killer. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle. Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a child-proof cap and she’d have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: ‘How does it know it’s me?’

    SUSAN (age 4) was drinking juice when she got the hiccups. ‘Please don’t give me this juice again,’ she said, ‘It makes my teeth cough.’

    DJ (age 4) stepped onto the bathroom scale and asked: ‘How much do I cost?’

    MARC (age 4) was engrossed in a young couple that were hugging and kissing in a restaurant. Without taking his eyes off them, he asked his dad: ‘Why is he whispering in her mouth?’

    CLINTON (age 5) was in his bedroom looking worried. When his Mom asked what was troubling him, he replied, ‘I don’t k now what’ll happen with this bed when I get married. How will my wife fit in it?’

    JAMES (age 4) was listening to a Bible story. His dad read: ‘The man named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city but his wife looked back and was turned to salt.’ Concerned, James asked: ‘What happened to the flea?’

    TAMMY (age 4) was with her mother when they met an elderly, rather wrinkled woman her Mom knew. Tammy looked at her for a while and then asked, ‘Why doesn’t your skin fit your face?’

    The Sermon I think this Mom will never forget…. this particular Sunday sermon…’Dear Lord,’ the minister began, with arms extended toward heaven and a rapturous look on his upturned face. ‘Without you, we are but dust.. .’ He would have continued but at that moment my very obedient daughter who was listening leaned over to me and asked quite audibly in her shrill little four year old girl voice, ‘Mom, what is butt dust?’

    Make sure you pass this one on and spread the smiles….

  • Jill Young

    So, I haven’t read your blog in a few days. I hadn’t read the debate day post when I turned on the debate. I’m sitting there watching with my husband and I start yelling “Honey, there’s Todd, you know, from Selah”. Then I said, “I have to go log on to Angie’s blog because I’m sure she’ll have a fun post about this.” So, I run into the computer room and take forever to dial up to the internet (we live in the “hollers” of southern Ohio and can’t get high speed). By the time I log on, there are like 200 comments already about seeing Todd. Then I see the funny kid stories. I was rolling. I was so sad I couldn’t share mine, so I’m sharing it now since it happened that same night.

    My little Owen is 3. He asked my husband to get him a cup of “plain milk.” Now, plain milk is actually chocolate milk to Owen. I used to mix chocolate milk and white milk together so he wouldn’t get so much chocolate until he caught me doing it. Now he insists on PLAIN chocolate milk. Anyway, he wanted some plain milk. We were out of the store bought chocolate milk so my husband mixed some syrup into regular milk and hands it to Owen. He takes a drink and starts hacking like a cat with a hairball. “This is yucky” and he starts hacking and spitting everywhere. I realize that I had made biscuits for dinner and that the buttermilk at the front of the milk shelf. Ummmm, yes, my husband (who is colorblind and doesn’t know that buttermilk has a GREEN lid and NOT a blue lid) mixed Hershey’s syrup in buttermilk. To his credit, he did taste it to see what concoction he had given the poor child. Owen hear my husband say “ewww, that’s gross”, so now “gross” is part of my 3 year old’s vocabulary. We are still laughing about it!

  • Jill Young

    So, I haven’t read your blog in a few days. I hadn’t read the debate day post when I turned on the debate. I’m sitting there watching with my husband and I start yelling “Honey, there’s Todd, you know, from Selah”. Then I said, “I have to go log on to Angie’s blog because I’m sure she’ll have a fun post about this.” So, I run into the computer room and take forever to dial up to the internet (we live in the “hollers” of southern Ohio and can’t get high speed). By the time I log on, there are like 200 comments already about seeing Todd. Then I see the funny kid stories. I was rolling. I was so sad I couldn’t share mine, so I’m sharing it now since it happened that same night.

    My little Owen is 3. He asked my husband to get him a cup of “plain milk.” Now, plain milk is actually chocolate milk to Owen. I used to mix chocolate milk and white milk together so he wouldn’t get so much chocolate until he caught me doing it. Now he insists on PLAIN chocolate milk. Anyway, he wanted some plain milk. We were out of the store bought chocolate milk so my husband mixed some syrup into regular milk and hands it to Owen. He takes a drink and starts hacking like a cat with a hairball. “This is yucky” and he starts hacking and spitting everywhere. I realize that I had made biscuits for dinner and that the buttermilk at the front of the milk shelf. Ummmm, yes, my husband (who is colorblind and doesn’t know that buttermilk has a GREEN lid and NOT a blue lid) mixed Hershey’s syrup in buttermilk. To his credit, he did taste it to see what concoction he had given the poor child. Owen hear my husband say “ewww, that’s gross”, so now “gross” is part of my 3 year old’s vocabulary. We are still laughing about it!

  • Creekermom

    WOW! Praising the Lord for laughter…
    Thank you!

    Angie, I bet it was SO hard to chose as they were all very good!

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Mary

    well i missed the funny kids story too but decided to throw it up here anyway.

    One day when my oldest son was about 3 we were in the grocery store with his new baby brother. He was always interested in the gumball machines next to the exit. We had started teaching him that if he was good in the store then on the way out he could have a quarter for the machine. Well one day we were in the store and the baby was in the seat in the front of the cart and he was in the back. He was begging and pleading for a quarter for the machine and I would not give in. Well we were in one of the isles and this little old lady walked up and was admiring the baby. She looked at my son and said “You are sooo lucky to have a baby brother, I wish I had one” to which my son replied “YOU CAN HAVE HIM FOR A QUARTER”.

    We still laugh about the day that he tried to SELL his baby brother!!

  • kristi

    Even though the contest is over I wanted to share this with you. When my son (now 21) was almost 4 we were sitting in church and I noticed him staring HARD toward the front of the church. Finally, he says (in a VERY loud voice) “Mama, Jesus has to learn the alphabet too?” I didn’t know what he was asking me that for so when I asked him what made him think that he pointed to the cross and said, “There’s a T right there!”

  • Kelley

    Your husband was just in an SNL skit!

  • ClubZ

    Oh my gosh, Angie, did you just see that Saturday Night Live (on Thursday) joke about Todd’s baldness!? So funny!

  • Jaime

    I’ve never commented before, but my husband and I were watching SNL Thursday Weekend update and your husband’s picture was on it for part of the debates.

  • kelsey

    I just saw Todd on Saturday Night Live! They’re doing an election special and when they showed a clip of the debate from the other night on “Weekend Update” I swear I saw him! I think I clued in when they said something to the effect of, “Undecided bald men.” Did you watch it? You might have to look on if you didn’t!! How fun!

  • adafloyd

    Hey, Angie! Todd got mentioned on SNL Thursday update… as one of the “100 undecided bald dudes”! HA! Had his picture dead center behind McCain.

    Just thought you’d like to know his fame isn’t over yet — hey! He can say he’s been on SNL now! Congrates, Todd! :o )


  • Organized Chaos

    I was just watching a special edition of SNL on Thursday night at 9:3…they were doing the weekend update and discussing the debate on Tuesday night. They said that the audience members consisted of a randomly selected group of bald men…then it showed a picture of Todd and the guy to his left and the two guys behind him who were all bald! It got a lot of laughs!

    Personally I think Todd should have worn one of his “funny shirts” from HS instead of his Walmart threads and he would have been selected! :)

  • April

    Angie! Did you see your husband on SNL tonight (Thurs)?!! They did a joke about 'baldies' and had a pic of him and the guy next to him! It was with Amy Pohler. Don't know if you caught it, but I thought of you right away and had to check & see if you posted something on it! :)

    I didn't know you posted anything yesterday either, until I saw Todd at the debate, and said to my husband as we were watching "Hey! That's Todd!" My husband was like "Who???" And I said "Todd! From Selah!" He had to joke with me and say "Oh yeah, well that's Margaret Hunt!" (totally not even true) Anyways, then I had to jump online and see your post. You guys are the cutest!!

  • Megan

    Just to repeat everyone else, Todd was just on SNL!

  • Lacey

    I saw a link to a website today and thought of you. You may have already seen it but October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

    God Bless.

  • Room for Grace

    Speaking of funny, did you see Todd on Saturday Night Live tonight?!!!! They made a joke and showed his picture! Hope you got to see it!

  • Jennifer

    how much fun to see someone i “know” (of :-) ) on TV, two days in a row! hope you get to see the clip of SNL if you didn’t already!! :-)

  • Haute Mama

    Just saw your hubby on SNL – funny news bit about bald dudes. Hope it made you guys smile!

  • 4 Smith’s

    Well, Angie, Todd made it on SNL!!! There he was on the front row during weekend update, mind you on a Thursday special episode!! I have it and will keep it if you would like it!!! Let me know!!!

  • jilljohnandhope

    Totally just saw Todd on SNL! Obviously I’m not the only one! It was so cool though!

  • Amanda

    That was a good laugh. You just can’t get any better entertainment than the honesty and creativity of children. That must be why Jesus enjoyed being around them, too. I’m glad God has a sense of humor.

  • Ern5400

    Hey Angie,
    I’ve been following your blog for a few months and got to see your husband on the debate the other night. Tonight as I was watching SNL Thursday night edition, they made a joke about the baldies in the audience during the debate and voila, there was a picture of Todd and the bald dude sitting next to him. Thought you’d get a kick out of this.

    God bless,

  • jilljohnandhope

    This is from a post from our blog from last December. I know it’s too late for funny kid stories, but I still wanted to share!

    *We had just sat down for dinner one night and John looked over at the side of our white cabinet and saw that there was a little drawing with a blue marker. He looked at Hope and said “Hope, who wrote on our wall?” She looked straight back at her Daddy without flinching and said “Jesus.”

  • Chel – An Abiding Branch

    When my daughter was 4 we attended a baby shower at our church. When the party was over and she had her cake, we all began to clean up and she just sat there perfectly still. As she sat so still it peeked my interest so I went to her and asked why she was still sitting there. She answered with a question, “When are we going to wash the babies?” We still laugh at this and she will be 16 in 2 months!

  • Melody

    I am sure you are aware of this but it just showed a pic of Todd on Saturday Night Live from the debate the other night!! Yall are famous :)

  • Tracy Carson

    Totally got so excited to see Todd on SNL! My husband was like, “You don’t even know them…why are you so excited?!” I had to inform him that I did know you…albeit virtually, that in fact I knew you very well!

  • Sarah

    I know that I don’t know you, but I totally feel like I do because I read your blog all the time! Anyway, I was watching that SNL Thursday night special tonight at 8:30 and they totally made a joke about Todd and the other guys he was sitting with at the debate. It was something about them all being “bald men”. My husband shaves his head as well, and so I relate to that, but I thought it was really funny and wanted to make sure you caught it!

  • Melody

    Angie! Todd was just on SNL! :) They said something about the town hall portion of the debates consisting of “8 bald dudes”. Check it out! LOL

  • jayfersgirl

    So many people have already commented on this, but I was so excited to see Todd at the debate and then again on SNL tonight — my husband had to pause SNL while I got all excited that he was on and part of the punchline to a joke:)

  • erinz

    I read your blog after the debate so didn’t see Todd…but….last night on the SNL Election Special – there was a photo of him and the man sitting next to him (on the Weekend Update). I told my daughter…Hey! That’s Angie’s husband! You two are so famous!

  • Dugans

    Hi Angie,
    Is there an IKEA in Nashville?
    The reason is, my friend just purchased the set of twigs that you like at Target, at IKEA for only $15. Ok- so maybe it still is a bit pricy for twigs, but it looks amazing in her home!

  • Kristy

    Those were hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I think the mice one had to be the funniest!

  • Amy Lynn

    Angie, I think your husband was on the Daily Show two nights ago (Jon Stewart was making a joke that all the guys in the audience were bald men, and there’s a close up of Todd.)

  • Amber

    Hi Angie…

    I just wanted to let you know that Todd made it to the special edition of Saturday Night Live last night…a picture of him while Amy Poehler made a joke about “the bald guys.” How awesome is that!!!!!!

  • Ellie

    Just thought I would let you know that Saturday Night Live had a thursday mini show with a “weekend update”…their whole show was about the debate. During the “weekend update” part they made a joke about the debate and showed a picture. I swear that your hubby was in the picture!!

  • Michelle

    Did you see the Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend update. A picture of Todd was part of it. It was funny. You will have try and check it out.

  • justspeaz

    Ok, so this has nothing to do with the last post. But, I wanted to say my husband and I watched the WHOLE debate so we could hopefully see Todd ask his question :( Otherwise, I think we would have shut it off sooner. But last night, on the special “SNL Thursday Update” They showed a shot from the debate and it was perfect of Todd, so if you missed it, you may have to down load it and watch! The kid stories are hilarious too!

  • My2Gs

    Thank you Angie for opening your heart. I love reading your blog and I have nominated you for an award. You can check it out here

  • Amy Lynn

    Ah, yes, I was thinking of SNL, not the Daily Show! Oops!

  • Sarah

    This isn’t related to this post but I wanted to let you know that on Yahoo news they were doing a thing about the geneology of the presidential candidates and when they were talking about Barrak Obama, they showed a clip from the debate and Todd was in it. He was actually center screen and Obama was off to the side. Remember, I commented and told you that the media from that debate would be used for generations to come? It is already happening. Todd will definately go down in history :)

  • Sheila

    Did you see the SNL Thursday edition last night on tv? On the weekend update portion they made a joke about all the “bald guys” in the front row of the debate on Thursday! They showed a shot of Todd with all the other hairless guys around him. Pretty funny! He looked great!

  • Christine

    I was just stopping by myself, to point out Todd on SNL!

  • BoomBotsmom


    Thanks for your blog, I read it faithfully.

    Did you catch the SNL special last night? They specifically made reference to the two ‘baldies’ in the front row…one of which was wearing a green shirt.

    I hope you can catch that somewhere on YouTube or somewhere.

  • Mandy and Jack

    Okay, so other people already told you about Todd on SNL’s Thursday Weekend Update, but man, I was so excited. The people I was with thought I was crazy. I was like “That’s Todd! That’s Todd!!!” They were like “Todd who?” “Todd Smith! Angie Smith’s husband! In Selah! You know, the lady I’m blog stalking?” Then they understood. “ooh yeah, the lady you’re blog stalking.”

    And your kid stories were so cute. Reminded me of the story my parents tell about overhearing me talking to my friend about how Santa Clause wasn’t real when I was about 5.

    “If he’s not real,” she challenged, “then who brings all the presents?”

    “I don’t know,” I said, after thinking for a moment. “Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny.”

    Always praying for you and your beautiful family!! Much love!!

  • Mandy and Jack

    Amy: “The second presidential debate was held Tuesday night, and the town hall format featured an audience comprised of a diverse cross-section of eighty undecided bald dudes.” [shows a picture of Todd, the guy beside him, and McCain]

    I think the video is here; there are several from that show:

  • Kim

    Just in case you didn’t get my email-they had a clip from the debate on a special Thursday night Saturday Night Live show. They made a comment about all of the bald guys-and right there was your Todd with 2 other bald guys in his section and John McCain!!!

  • Rachel C.

    Haha…I came here to tell you that Todd made it in an SNL joke…but others have already got that covered :) Well, it was fun to see him again!

  • Heather

    There was a joke about the debates last night on a special thursday night edition of SNL. Todd was in a picture with a few other men he was sitting near and it said it was a debate full of bald guys or something like that…you should try to find it on Youtube!!!

  • Heather

    oops I should have read the other comments before I posted :)

  • Emily
  • jsuggs

    Angie – I decided to start leaving comments instead of always sending emails. I know the funny story thing is finished, but I had to share these funnies with you. A friend of mine said one time she was in a worship service and looked over to see her baby who had gotten a tampon out of the diaper bag, and unwrapped it. The worst part was that she was chewing on it and it had started to open up. She was mortified! Also, my sister and her husband bought their son a Wii last year. She took her daughter- Bonnie (who innocently referred to the Wii as a “WiiWii”) to the electronics section at Wal-Mart one day. As they were making a purchase Bonnie sweetly informed the sales clerk “I like to play with my brother’s WiiWii”. Talk about having to find a back up store!LOL My sister quickly explained what Bonnie was referring to.

  • Jenifer

    Ive been reading this blog since you were pregnant and have never posted. I just had to say thank you for all its done for me. Maybe Im being extra sappy (can i blame preggo hormones?) but, as a mom to 3 and one on the way, I have to just thank you for sharing your kids, your loss, your life, and for my selfish reasons, for showing me the way, slowly, back to Him. Thanks for the laughs as well. I suppose I should get back to making my “scoopa dillas” (says my 3 yr old), aka quesadillas. ;)

  • BankingPennies

    I absolutly loved reading everyone’s stories! I laughed and laughed.

  • perilloparodies

    I love stuff like this… great choices!! and,by the way, observation… i sign my name first and then add the smiley face after it… you put the smiley face before your name…like i said, just and observation. thank you for the chuckles. i think this could be a regular fun time like, oh, every other month. kids always come up with funniest things to say and do, and Laughter IS a medicine, soo… anywho, have a great day…

  • Amy

    I TOTALLY saw your hubbie on tv. Ok, so it wasn’t the debate…but on SNL’s Thursday night show. They slightly made fun of bald men, but still, he got noticed! That isn’t a bad thing at all. And yeah, I most likely wouldn’t have put 2 +2 together unless you described the green button down and pants. But still!

    Your family is even more famous now. This is almost as cool as when I met Sammy Sosa and Ryne Sandburg. :) Congratss!!

  • Life As A Newlywed

    All of these stories are precious! I laughed the hardest at Julie’s and her tampon mice. Too cute!

  • Mountainmom

    Those stories were GREAT—way better than Readers Digest! I also loved the other tampon-mouse one, where he made it a special shoebox house for show-and-tell, and the nosebleed story! I am SOOO glad I don’t have any stories to rival these—I’ll gladly pay for a book instead! :-)
    Lori C. in VA

  • sethswifeandmomof5

    Well, I know its late but I just thought of a kid story. I have 5 children, so when you first asked for stories I knew had one. Instead, I went TOTALLY blank and couldn’t recall a single one. Reading all of the ones you posted jogged my memory.

    So, now I have one to share:

    My husband had a pair of red underwear that came in a package with some others. They weren’t his favorite pair but they were still good underwear. They were very “manly” boxer briefs. (Just clarifying that they were not feminine in any way. I didn’t want anyone picturing my husband in sexy, lacy satin…not that I want anyone picturing my husband in ANY kind of underwear, but you know what I…oh, nevermind!) So, anyway, I can’t remember how it started, but he jokingly started calling them his “fire panties”. In the privacy of our home he would flash a little part and say, “Like my fire panties”? We only had 2 cildren at the time and they were very young…2-ish. Well, our younger son must have heard his daddy say this several times, because one day he flashed his little undies (which, of course, happened to be red that day) at church while we were fellowshipping with some friends after the service and yells in his shrill toddler voice, “LIKE MY FIRE PANTIES”?!?! I HAD to explain to a few friends. Our church was teeny-tiny, so basically the whole congregation were my friends. It kind of became a church-wide joke. My husband would blush when people (often) asked him if he was wearing his fire panties. Well…my husband is going to he a pastor soon. Can you imagine one of our old friends or acquaintencas from that church ending up in a church he pastors in the future?? They will be sitting there imagining thier pastor wearing his FIRE PANTIES!! Oh goodness!!

    p.s. Way to go Todd. Sorry you weren’t able to ask your question. Can’t wait to find out what it was. I’m sure it was a good one.

  • Kathy

    Oh how I love coming here!

    It is so wonderful to laugh!

  • Kathy

    Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.
    Psalm 126:5

  • KK

    What wonderfully ‘funny’ stories. Goes back to the old saying, ‘kids say the darndest things’!
    Todd made the debate much more interesting and it was great to see people being photographed with him, maybe he should have run for President!:)
    Cannot wait to see what his question would have been and also to see his pictures from his exciting day and night!
    Blessings always,
    Jeremiah 29:11

  • Krista

    Did you Thursday night’s Saturday Night Live primtime show on NBC? Well, they were, of course, making fun of the debate, and they made a reference to it being a gathering of balding me (apologies to Todd!). Anyway, the screen shot they chose to show had Todd front and center. He was a popular guy this week!

  • Kirsten

    I’m so excited — we saw Todd at the debate on TV. I did a double take and then thought, “No, it couldn’t be him; he has too much going on.” How cool!!! I’m tickled to know that was him. We are majorly jealous.

    Can’t wait to read all the funny stories – I was too thrilled to wait to comment.

    We love your family!!!


  • creative gal

    Way too cute!! :o )

  • creative gal

    Way too cute!! :o )

  • Paula

    I bought Churched and it was so funny! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Shelly/Michelle

    Have you seen the Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update Thursdays”? I’m watching it online right now, and they showed a shot of Todd at the debate. They even made a crack about the “bald guys” in the audience! Just in case you hadn’t seen it…

  • Jennifer

    It was SO nice to meet you tonight at the Community Reformed Church concert in Zeeland, MI. I was the “loner” in the group of girls waiting to talk to you in the intermission. :-) I love your blog and I LOVE Selah. Their voices give me chills. Hope you have fun in Mackinaw. :-)

  • Alaine (or Lanie)

    It's 12:20 am and I'm up looking at the 300 pictures I took tonite at the Selah concert in Zeeland. I have some good ones and I'll send them on to you once I'm done editing out all of the stuff you don't want to see (like the one where Amy's making a face that seems to say "who ARE these people???"). Ha! Anyway, it was really nice to meet you and get to talk to you and see you interact with your girls. I've loved Selah for about 3 years now (I found my way back to God about 4 years ago) and I still get swept up in Todd & Amy's singing…and Allan's piano playing…they are just amazing. But now that I've been reading your blog I have so much more to be excited about. You are amazing Angie…you are so sweet and hilarious. And your girls…what can I say? They are adorable and very entertaining. Especially when they're all hopped up on sugar and lack of sleep. :) Anyway, it was a pleasure. I wish we could have hung out at Target…it happens to be my favorite store, too. (except for the pirate panties of course) Maybe next time!


  • megan

    Don’t normally leave comments. But thought you’d like to know, there are photos of your husband at the debates on Meghan McCain’s blog. :)

  • zachsmom

    THANK YOU …Thank you for sharing your story and posting all of the funny stories. children are wonderful..

  • Linda Goossen

    Hey, Angie,
    I found this site today while ‘stumbling’ and thought you would get a kick out of it!

    Thanks for your blog!

  • Brianne


    I just came over to your blog from MckMama’s blog. I have spent the last hour crying, adoring your beautiful baby, and praying for your family. Praying you will continue to feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you. In the short time I have been on your blog, you have amazed me in many many ways. I can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through and are still going through. Reading the stories of Elliott and Luke also brought tears to my eyes. I am going to come back to read more, but I just wanted to stop by and say that I am praying for your family, and for the grief that you are going through. Your girls are gorgeous. Audrey is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.


  • CMU

    Angie – your blog continues to bless many people. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mark & Judi

    Hi Angie, I just wanted to say what a blessing you and your family have been to me. I have tried to keep up with your blog–but I think I’m a little behind.
    We are planning on going to the concert in Michigan next week and I knew I wouldn’t probably talk to you but I wanted to share with you the story of our daughter Shelly. 3 years ago when Shelly was 8 1/2 years old God decided to take her home to be with him and give her a gift of a new heart! She was in my arms when she died. I’m sure Shelly continues to be part of the welcoming committee with all the little angels God calls home. Anyway, if you have time, please read her story. You can find it at Thanks. Have a wonderful fall day!

  • Mark & Judi

    Hi Angie, I just wanted to say what a blessing you and your family have been to me. I have tried to keep up with your blog–but I think I’m a little behind.
    We are planning on going to the concert in Michigan next week and I knew I wouldn’t probably talk to you but I wanted to share with you the story of our daughter Shelly. 3 years ago when Shelly was 8 1/2 years old God decided to take her home to be with him and give her a gift of a new heart! She was in my arms when she died. I’m sure Shelly continues to be part of the welcoming committee with all the little angels God calls home. Anyway, if you have time, please read her story. You can find it at Thanks. Have a wonderful fall day!

  • Susan

    Hi Angie,
    I hope you are having a good week! From other’s comments I see you are on the road with Selah! :) I wanted to share with you and Todd that I went out and bought 4 Selah CDs on Friday and I don’t want to stop listening to them!! (And Angie, I had the opportunity to share of your blog with the cashier, who loves Selah and has seen them in concert!) I read all of the album jackets from beginning to end, and I love the notes you all (Selah) wrote with the lyrics. It shows how much the music means to you, and I appreciate that.
    My children (ages 1 – 6) LOVE the Congolese hymns / songs… I think it’s the drum beats :) My baby, Ruby, loves to dance to Esengo – one of our favorites – and when the song ends, she says “UH OH”.
    I see that Angie, Ellie and Abby are in the “background vocals” for that song, too! So neat!
    Love you guys!
    I’m praying or safe travel and blessings for you all, and that many will be blessed through your concerts! :)

  • Tabatha

    You have given me some wonderful laughs today!!! And as for you…. you’ve been TAGGED!

  • Brittney

    wow… those are soooo hilarious! I love the way kids think and the things they say and do…. well, for the most part :)

  • Anonymous

    ok,I should not have read these at work..I’m trying to stifle my laughter in my cubicle!!! Brenda

  • Kathleen in TX

    I have been reading your blog now for the last six months. You have taught me so much about faith and blessed me with your posts in so many ways! I loved the funny kid stories, they were so precious! I have been praying for your family and will pray for those on the next post.



  • threemainboys

    Wanted to share a funny kid story..even though it’s beyond your contest dates.

    After church one Sunday our family climbed into the car and my oldest son Jordan, 6 at the time, handed me a picture he had colored in Sunday school. It was a picture of Balaam and his donkey. We were discussing his paper and his Sunday School lesson, and I asked “Jordan, who was the man in the Bible that had a talking donkey?” My younger son Grant,3 at the time, said “I know mommy, I know.” Not being in the same Sunday School class as his brother I was curious to know his answer. “Who was it Grant?” I asked. “It was Shrek!” Grant proudly exclaimed. The whole family burst into laughter and Jordan said “Silly Grant, Shrek’s not in the Bible.”.

  • threemainboys

    tried this a minute ago and got an error message, hopefully I didn’t post twice…..

    Wanted to share a funny kid story..even though it’s beyond your contest dates.

    After church one Sunday our family climbed into the car and my oldest son Jordan, 6 at the time, handed me a picture he had colored in Sunday school. It was a picture of Balaam and his donkey. We were discussing his paper and his Sunday School lesson, and I asked “Jordan, who was the man in the Bible that had a talking donkey?” My younger son Grant,3 at the time, said “I know mommy, I know.” Not being in the same Sunday School class as his brother I was curious to know his answer. “Who was it Grant?” I asked. “It was Shrek!” Grant proudly exclaimed. The whole family burst into laughter and Jordan said “Silly Grant, Shrek’s not in the Bible.”.