The Room…

I wanted to post these so you all could see the beautiful room you helped us decorate for the Hope Clinic.  The mommy who will be in it had her baby this week, and will certainly be blessed by your generosity….
This first one is Kyla (who did not see my butt), me, and Lauren (who, incidentally, has also never seen my butt).

This last one is Renee (CEO and president of the Hope Clinic) holding up the tile that Kaye made for the house.  
The wreath above the bed is made of cherry blossoms in honor of our Audrey-girl.  I cried when I walked in and saw it all put together…what a sweet blessing you have given.  Thank you to each and every one of you who helped to make this a safe haven, and may the Lord repay you for your generosity…
Also, please pray for me if you think of it on Friday. I have my speaking engagement in Lexington and I am really wanting it to be a great night of fellowship. Please ask the Lord to bless the women who come to meet Him there.
And also pray I don’t pass out and show my pirate panties.
Love and blessings,

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  • Sara

    Oh you brave soul… Kate in a white dress near new bedding and eating chocolate. That would have made me nervous enough to pass out and show the pirates. :)

    You will be AMAZING on Friday. Even if you stumble, even if you stutter, even if you fall on the way up front. You will be amazing because you’re YOU, because of your heart and because you have something to say.

    But I’ll send prayers to you anyway… don’t forget to “blink” during your moments. We can’t wait to hear all about it.


  • One Beloved Sister

    Hey Angie. I have been reading your blog for some months now, but I don’t think I’ve commented yet. Just wanted you to know what a blessing you have been to me through the blog (I have laughed and cried as I read!), and that I will definitely be praying for you on Friday as you speak. :) God will be fabulous through you. :)

  • Wifeof1Momof4

    What a beautiful room!!!!! See what God’s children can do together, if we just let Him use us. I pray more and more blessings come to Hope Clinic.

    Thank you for letting Him use you in such a powerful, powerful way through your blog, through your trails and tribulations. What a testimony!

  • Sarah

    Angie, I love what you’re doing. I just absolutely love it. When I found out I was pregnant, a friend directed me to the pregnancy center in our city and they were TONS of help and a source of complete encouragement and strength. Life as a single parent is very difficult, but the rewards are beyond words. You are welcome to direct anyone to my blog that is on the single mom journey. I would love to encourage them.

  • Julie

    What a beautiful room!!!

    Good luck Friday! You will be remembered in my prayers. I am sure that you will do a wonderful job!

  • Jenny

    The room looks beautiful!

  • Tiff

    I’m not sure I’ve ever commented before, although I’ve read every post you’ve ever written. I’m one of the hundreds if not thousands who feel like they know you intimately though you’ve never laid eyes on us. Anyway….I’ve probably not commented because usually after reading I’m too busy blowing my nose from tears of sorrow or tears of laughter. Today it’s tears of laughter… I love your infectious joy and the silly fun you share with us. Thank you.

    I pray that the Lord will continue to show His power at work through you at your speaking engagement this weekend. You are a great testimony to what He can do through a surrendered life, and Friday should be no exception since there is no exception to His faithfulness. I’ll be eager to hear what He had to say through you!

    Many blessings~

  • Jill

    Dear Angie,

    The room is perfect!

    I will be praying for the new mother and her baby as they arrive in their new home.

    You all did such a great job!

    I will be praying for you on Friday and trust that everything you speak is ordained and already brought to mind by the Holy Spirit!
    You will breath life into the hearts of all who come to hear about His holy name and the wonderous works of His hands in your life!

    Praising Him for bringing you to this time and place – thanking Him for preparing you for a time such as this!

    Love and hugs,
    Jill in PA

  • Honea Household

    The room is perfect. It’s beautiful! You look great, by the way!

    I’ll say a prayer for you Friday and from now until then, I’ll pray that the Lord prepares the hearts of those who hear and He will prepare you to speak clearly.

    And I finally found some good panties…at Target, of all places! :)

    Love you dearly.

  • The Greens

    My wife and I get a real kick out of your blog! Thanks for taking the time to do it. Good luck on Friday.

    Jeremy and Christianne

  • Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light

    All I can say is….

    “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!”

    Love You Beyond Measure (even though you don’t know me!)

  • Amanda-The Family News!

    How absolutly beautiful!!! I think this is truly wonderful what you are part of. and how sweet of the tribute to baby Audrey.

    Amanda in SC

  • The Beaver Bunch

    I don’t comment often, but I read your blog…almost stalkerish….each time you post.

    You inspire me to be a better mother, friend, wife and follower of Christ.

    I wanna blog just like you, when I grow up.

    Beautiful room that shows the beauty of Audrey’s life and love your family has for her.

  • Eve

    I love reading your blog, it has made me laugh out loud and cry my eyes out – sometimes all in the same night.

    Good luck Friday and these are wonderful pictures of this beautiful room.

    I think this is my first comment on your blog but I have been reading it for months.

    THANK YOU for sharing your heart with us.

  • Mare

    Beautifully made, what a blessing.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers Friday.

    In his love,

  • Courtney

    Absolutely precious! Every inch of that room is precious.

    And it made me smile to see Coco in the picture, too, being that she played a part in this wonderful cause.

    God bless you on Friday…you’ll be in my prayers!


  • Rach

    The room looks wonderful!! I will be praying for you on Friday–you will do wonderful. You do an amazing job with our bible study so you will be great!

  • noahandlylasmommi

    The room turned out beautifully!!! What a blessing. Can you come decorate my house?? I will be praying that Friday goes without a hitch. You will do wonderful.

  • The Witts

    What a beautiful room! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your life with us! You have made such an impact on my life and how I am a mother to my daughter.

  • Jaci

    The room is awesome. You guys did such a great job.. I Hope you do great on Friday as I am sure you will. I will pray that you dont pass out because it is no fun..

  • Meredith

    You will do amazing on Friday! No doubt!

    The room is beautiful! Such a blessing and great tribute to sweet baby Audrey!

    I saw Coco on the floor…how is she? :)

    How’s your finger? Hopefully healing well!

    Hang in there sister!

  • Courtney

    The room is so cute! What a sweet sentiment with the wreath. Audrey’s legacy continues to grow. Amazing.

    I will be praying for you Friday. You and Jesus are gonna rock the house! :)

  • Sheryl

    Okay I was going to say something sweet about Hope Clinic and the room. And then you ended your post with “your pirate panties”. You really need some serious help. ha – that is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  • Kirsten

    Awesome!! I love that there is a subtle reminder of Audrey in the room. What a blessing she still is to so many. And her mommy – she is amazing!

    Friday will be incredible. You got this far with God – He will certainly take you all the way through your speaking engagement. Have a blast – you will bless the whole bunch.


  • Anita J.

    The room is beautiful. I will put you on the calendar for prayer with extra on Friday.

    I will be praying for you specifically with these verses in mind:
    Luke 18:9-12*
    Ephesians 6:19-20
    Acts 4:20
    *I am not sure why this particular passage came to mind, but I will include it simply because I feel I can’t exclude it!

    Thank you for following Him! And if you start to doubt the whole deal, just remember this: Lexington beats a whale’s belly. Having now been effectively convicted by this entire comment, I will close.

  • Just Me

    How beautiful! It looks so welcoming.

    I don’t comment very often, but HAD to let you know I purchased my first Selah CD’s today. The bookstore I went to was selling a 2-CD package for $10! I brought it to the counter to show the girl the sticker and said “seriously? FIVE dollars each?!” Then I said something like they must really love music and Jesus to practically give them away :o ) I turned the volume way up and sang all the way home…awesome!

    You will do great on Friday, but I don’t think extra prayers ever hurt anyone, so I will definitely send some!

  • Carrie

    A beautiful room! So glad there are still so many people who have not yet seen your butt :)

    I’m sure you’ll bless many women on Friday night! The Lord has already used you in a mighty way!

  • Amanda

    I recently spoke in front of my church. I share an anxiety problem with you and I cried daily for 2 weeks leading up to the big day. (Sometimes many times!)
    Let me offer you the assurance that our Loving God will equip you in that moment. I was amazed when my church family members told me I didn’t look nervous at all! Who were THEY seeing?! I was a child and fearful but they saw a woman of faith and that was enough.
    I will pray blessings over you and I know you will do well, friend.


  • Terynn

    I think “showing your pirates” could replace the phrase “showing your *privates*” when speaking to toddlers (or adult women who read this blog).

    I agree with Sara–you are brave with “Chocolate Cake Kate and the Shabby Chic Bedroom”.

    Lastly, I don’t know Kyla or anything, but if I look at her face closely, I think she might have seen your b*tt. Jussst kidding!

  • Vintagesquirrel

    Don’t worry about Friday too much, sweet Angie. People are going to love you…not in spite of any mess-ups or imperfections (if they do happen), but because of them. In fact, that is what draws many of us to you and your blog. You are so perfectly human, and you make each of us feel like we’re talking with an old friend.

  • CDJ

    I WILL be praying for you especially on Friday. Prayer is the key. God will use your voice and the overflow of your heart to bring good to others and glory to Himself. You just have to show up, and be cute & obedient. That's it! This is what you're so obviously good at. He'll do EVERYTHING else.

    Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. So many are blessed.

  • Marilena

    Beautiful room Angie! I love the wreath. What a sweet tribute to Audrey.
    I will be praying for you and I know that the Lord will speak through you mightily! But, just in case, maybe you should wear your big girl panties. Just kidding!
    Love ya,

  • Jocelyn

    What a great room, Angie!

    You are an inspiration for us all. God bless the Hope Clinic.

    Please remember my family in prayer as the trial is tomorrow for the abuse of my son, Trey.

    Sorry to end on such a downer…


  • bethany

    I am in need of Kate’s glittery shoes! I am going to be Dorothy for Halloween this year and don’t have my shoes yet! Too bad they will be like a million sizes too small for me!!! You’ll just have to dress her up as Dorothy!
    I am praying for your engagement on Friday sweet sister! You will be absolutely fantastic…I just know. With the way that you write, I know that you’ll be just as great speaking! I wish that I could be there. Trust God…He will be there with you. Remember that you are living you life for an audience of 1…so even though you are going to be in front of many you are truly only in front of 1….Love you girl!
    PS…the room is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Sarah

    I love the room. It is exactly my style. Good luck at your speaking engagement!

  • Mattam

    Beautiful Job on the room. You’ll be in my prayers Friday!

  • Brittany

    I love it! I love it! Wow! I love the tile so much and the words it says “There is no foot to small. . .” Wow! Audrey’s legacy keeps getting bigger and bigger. To God be the glory.

    I am so stoked about your speaking engagement!!!! I am driving up from Chattanooga, TN to see you. I am going with my sister who is a resident of Lexington and she is bringing her close friend who recently lost a little one. Looking forward to the ministering and hoping to get to meet you. Praying for you. You are going to be such a blessing to each lady as you continually have been with every single word on here. . .even when you are talking about pirate panties:)

  • Tabaitha Kaye

    The room is beautiful. I’m sure the mom will love all the care and thought put into it. Praying that Friday is everything God designed it to be.

  • campgirl1958

    Thank you for all your energy in your words. and I was blessed to have read your whole story tonight.

  • Putting the Best Thing First

    The room is beautiful. What a sweet touch with the cherry blossom wreath. May God bless you as he speaks through you on Friday.

  • Kasey

    The room is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Tippa Glover

    I got chills looking at the pictures! What a beautiful room!

    Audrey’s legacy lives on! That is so great!

    Prayers going out for you on Friday! I cannot wait to hear about it!

  • Creekermom

    Angie, you are such a HOOT!

    Anyway, I was going to be going away this weekend and I am not now, SO… I am going to check things out and see if I can run on over to Lexington from Louisville ;) I oh so wish and I will be praying about that and for you as well. ((HUGS))


  • Kathy

    Love the room!! Girl you are going to do fine on Friday – I wish there were somewhere I could hear you speak. You have been such a blessing. Even though I don’t think you’ll need them, you’re in my prayers! Hugs!!!!

  • Stacy D

    The room is beautiful. I hope your speaking engagement in Lexington is wonderful :)

  • Susie

    He definitely has a plan for you and look at what the plan has done. What a beautiful room. So, don’t worry about the speaking engagement. You got it!

  • Kim

    Angie, the room is GORGEOUS! I feel as if you’re a long lost friend that I’m just getting to know. Your words and your family are a blessing to many more than you’ll ever know. What a beautiful heart you have. Thank you! And I LOVE your humor! ;)


  • Jill

    the room is GORGEOUS!!!!
    you girls did an amazing job,
    what a blessing!!!!!

    prayers for you Angie~ but i know you will do just great on Friday and everyone who comes will be so blessed!!!

    Love ya!

  • Crystal

    The room is absolutely beautiful, Angie. I love the wreath above the bead. What a beautiful piece to use to include beautiful Audrey in the room. I know the Mama and Baby that stay there will be filled with gratitude when they see it. (Well maybe not Baby yet but she will sleep well because of you.) Good luck with your speaking engagement tomorrow and I will remember to say a prayer for you. Take care Angie and lots of love to you and your family.

  • Annie

    Praying for you today and Friday. You won’t pass out and show those awesome panties! I am sure of it!

    Praying for the dear girl(s) who enter that room. May they be filled with His Presence and be blessed beyond belief.

  • holly

    What a wonderful thing to do – so many women and children will be impacted through your selflessness coupled with the mission of the Hope Clinic.

  • Suzann

    A lovely room!

  • Tricia Moran

    Angie, you are such an inspiration to me! I am so glad that you got to decorate this beautiful room – a great start for someone who may not be as fortunate as we are. Thank you for being so amazing! I loved the part about fainting and showing your pirate panties – you should be a comdedian too! Blessings for your talk – you will be great, wish I could hear you.
    Much love
    Tricia (Irish girl) and Family xoxox

  • Jill

    Congrats on a beautiful accomplishment! That pic of Kate is awesome! Also good luck on Friday, I wish I could be there! :)

  • Dawn

    Beautiful room! Every time I read your blog entries I am inspired to be a better person – Thank you!

    I will be praying for you, Friday, that all goes well – I am confident without my little whisper up above you will do just fine.

  • Jess :)

    Oh Ang! Bless you, Todd and ALL of the others who have made some many wonderful things happen. Not only for the Hope Clinic (which is more than amazing) but for everything and everyone else who you have touched and brought to the Lord. You are just incredible and I love you for that!

    I laughed out loud looking at the picture of sweet little Kate!! What a hoot! I love it!

    I also wanted to tell you that I will continue to pray for you and know (KNOW) in my heart of hearts, that this is what you have been CALLED to do and the Lord will be right there with you every step of the way. I know, all of your dearest family and friends…no matter if they’re near, far, or in your heart…will also be with you!! May you be blessed, as well as the women who come to hear you and learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

    Sending lots and LOTS of love and hugs and TONS and TONS of prayers,
    Jess :)

    P.S. When I have a baby, can I call you to help me decorate?!? :)

  • Lynnette Kraft

    What a beautiful room! What young lady wouldn’t love to stay there? I know I would. It looks like a bed and breakfast.

    I will be praying about your speaking engagement on Friday. I’ve had a couple of speaking requests since my book became available, and while I know I can’t say “no”, the thought scares me to death! I spoke one time to 200 ladies at a mother’s banquet when my daughter Anna was 2 (she died 4 years ago at 6 years old). I was so scared all the days ahead of it, but when I was there, God flooded me with miraculous peace and it went very well. You’ll do great!

    I’ll be praying that it will just be a “talk”, not a “performance” – no showing those pirate panties! :)

    Have a beautiful day Angie!

  • The Butcher Family

    Angie~ The room is simply beautiful…just like Audrey girl! I love the shabby chic and know that those mothers who love their children in that room will feel the love you put into it. God is so good!!!
    Blessings to you~ Rebecca

  • Eric and Emily

    Wow Angie, Amazing! I saw Coco in the first picture too :) ! Nice addition to the room :) !

  • Dugans

    It’s beautiful. What an amazing ministry.

  • Leah

    Angie, thank you for doing this (and all who donated the funds). With my second pregnancy I lived in a maternity home (Lois’ Lodge) and I can tell you from experience, it is people like you who take the time, money, and effort to help the ladies make it through some tough times. It’s special “pampering” like this and support that give us hope that yes, it will be ok! And people do still care! I know the mom of the room will be so thrilled.

    So thank you. I don’t know much about the Hope Clinic but it sounds like a wonderful, Christ loving, nurturing place. Thanks for being apart of it!

  • boltefamily

    Audrey will continue to bless so many! That must make your heart soar. I will continue to be on my knees for your sweet family and for those poor women in Lexington not to see those pirate panties. :-)

  • Jo

    Angie the room is absolutely gorgeous. Wish *I* had that room (mine is decorated in Early American Attic).

    I wish that I could support the Hope Clinic financially, but a family of 3 living on one unemployment check just doesn’t leave much room for financial generosity.

    But please know that I do support the clinic in prayer and kind thoughts.

    Thank goodness Kyla didn’t see your butt :)

    Anyone reading this post, without knowing the history will be wondering what you are talking about “pirate panties” LOL:) Makes me giggle just thinking about it!

    Big Hugs! and prayers.


  • Sue

    You make me laugh and cry at the same time!!

    Thank you for sharing once again!!!

    Will be praying for the woman and her baby that they may feel God,s presence in that room and seek Him!!!!

    I continue to pray for your family, Greg and Nicole and the Chapmans daily!!!


  • Steph

    What a beautiful room! Such a blessing indeed! Im sure your speaking engagement will go well, but will keep it in my prayers.

  • Christy

    What a beautiful room you put together… It looks pretty similar to my daughters room… I have the walls of her room painted a soft moss green, with accents of pink… and her comforter looks almost identical to the one you put in the room. I love little girls rooms, they are so sweet.

    You have touched so many lives through you blog, and now you continue doing it in very practical ways, you will be so blessed by our Father in Heaven, not only on earth… but more importantly in Heaven! Continue being the hands and feet of Christ.. it is so wonderful to watch.

    I’ll be praying for your friday engagement… the Lord will give you peace … the peace that passes all understanding.
    if you want to know more of who we(my faimly) are come check us out at

    In His Great Grace,

  • Marie

    What a gorgeous room! You guys have done such a wonderful job! Lots of prayers for a successful evening on Friday. You'll do wonderfully

    Love & Blessings,

  • team hill

    The room is beautiful. You will be great on Friday and we will be praying for you.:)

  • Jill

    I know I should be commenting on how beautiful the room is and how the mommas will feel honored and loved, but I must say I loved, loved, loved Kate in her white dress, glitter Dorothy shoes and eating chocolate. You are an awesome mom…

  • georgia tarheel

    I knew you bought some pirate panties for yourself. I pray they make you feel brave and fearless! :) You are going to be absolutely amazing on Friday and not because of the pirates, but because of the love of your Saviour that pours so freely from your soul. Hold on girls in Lexington…amazing things are headed your way!

    I will be praying!

  • Cindy

    Absolutely gorgeous. And after the pirate panties comment, I’m now laughing through my tears. ;)

  • mhutsell

    Your pirate panties…LOL! Yeah…try not to pass out…somehow I think that’d be all they remembered! I am sure God will use it mightily! Wish I could be there!

  • Tiffany

    Gorgeous! What a blessing to this new mother!

  • Lorri

    Angie…all I can say is wear your sassy jeans, you know, just in case!

  • Amber

    What an amazing gift you have been to so many women! Especially those of us who get to read about your wonderful heart on this blog! The room looks amazing! You are definitely in my prayers and I am sure that the pirates will not make an appearance Friday! Good luck and congrats on the room!

  • Cara

    Many prayers coming your way this Friday, but honestly I don’t think you need them.

    The work you do and the energy you put into other souls is enough to ensure that the right words (and lack of undergarments showing) will easily come to you!!!

  • becca

    The room is beautiful! And I will be praying that Friday goes well for you!

  • Mercy’s Maid

    You are so funny. I know your speaking engagement will go well and many lives will be touched by your testimony.

    As an aside, I once saw a bikini where the bottoms had a skull and cross bones and said “surrender the booty”. I thought it was hilarious, but I didn’t buy it because I was afraid people would be voluntarily gouge their eyes out if I wore it in public.


  • Faith Hope Love Mama

    What a beautiful room. This will be such a huge blessing. Think of the seed planting that might be happening just because of this.
    Will be praying for you tomorrow. Many blessings.

  • partyoffivetn

    I was so happy to see a new post today! The room is beautiful…and what a great way to honor your Audrey. I am so looking forward to Lexington and am praying for you!

  • Sockrma18

    God has reminded me of this several times and I hope His words will help you Friday. “WHERE YOU ARE WEAK, I AM STRONG”. In your speaking engagement tomorrow night, have no fear. God will be with you and He will be strong where you are weak. GOOD LUCK…I so wish I lived close so I could be there. You are an amazing woman and God is working through you in such a glorious way. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  • Tessa

    you did a great job! You show people that there is light on the other side.

  • sheila

    What a blessing to the new mother. It looks like a quiet, peaceful room. I’ll be keeping you in prayer, may good use your words to move others closer to him (just as your blog has done).
    I heard on the radio this morning: ‘It’s only a bargain if you need it’. Yeah, I am frowning at that statement at the moment. In light of the economic times, I understand, but come on… STICKS are needed sometimes, along with my fall decorations, and wonderful new sheet set (when you already have 5); like I change them every week and never do laundry, lol. It’s really just the little things at times. Beautiful wreath, I noticed it right away and thought, nice touch. In God’s Love, sheila

  • Mary Helen

    The room looks absolutely beautiful! You girls did a great job of creating a home for mother and baby and I know the Lord will do amazing things through this ministry. I will be praying for you on Friday, too.

  • kelly

    simply beautiful room. (i especially love the starbucks cup on the dresser in the first photo). it’s so cozy and sweet. and full of love.

    also — love your flip flops. i have the same pair — target rocks.

  • The Rhoderick Family

    What a beautiful room. What a neat thing to do in memory of your sweet Audrey!

  • Brittanie

    The room is simply gorgeous. I can only imagine how I would feel if I were in such need and came to that room. It’s so beautiful.

    And good luck and lots of prayers for Friday! (hugs)

  • Liz

    Dear Angie:
    I’m another stalker. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but once I did everything else in my life stopped until I ready every entry.

    (Okay, maybe not everything, but you get the idea.)

    I’ve erased this line several times because I’m trying to come up with the right words to say how you’ve brought me closer to God just by all the sharing you have done for me and everyong else.

    Thank you for being you. Others are correct…there’s nothing you can do to mess it up on Friday because you are doing God’s work.

    I know about stage fright, though, and I will pray that you are able to enjoy the process.

    And I will also do my best to stop editing my own words, because if you are willing to be yourself, I am willing to be me.

    Thank you for that.
    Now go get’em girl! You have Him on your side and cannot fail!

    Love to you,

  • Kim

    I will definately send up a prayer on Friday. I can’t do it until Friday though, it will take me that long to clean up the coffee I spit on my keyboard reading that last line!

  • Tina:0)

    The room is absolutely beautiful & I'm sure it will be as big a blessing as you are through your blog.

    Will keep you in prayer on Friday… I'm sure that you will be amazing & inspiring! I'll be looking to hear how it went!


  • Susan

    Angie, Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the beautiful room. I cried as I looked at them, thinking of Audrey, and what a special legacy she is a part of.

    I also had to laugh, though, at the pic of Kate eating the chocolate! :)

    I have been thinking of you all week, knowing your nerves are probably frazzled at times about Friday… But I know you’ll be just fine! I will be praying, and so many others will, too. You’ll be in the presence of friends and the Lord. What is to be afraid of there? :) Those of us who cannot be there physically will be praying for you and wishing you the best.
    Love, Susan (in MN!)
    PS. I LOVE the plaque! The “no footprint is too small…” had me in tears again. It’s so true and simply beautiful. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  • Amanda:

    The room is beautiful. What good people you are. Know that you will be awesome on Friday because God is using you to do great things.

    Thinking of you always!!

  • Susan

    Sorry, “There is no FOOT too small…” I went back and looked at it again and realized my mistake.
    I do love that tile! :)

  • Jenny

    It looks beautiful…tastefully and beautifully decorated.
    I did take a deep breath when I saw Kate eating a chocolate cake of some sort(brownie perhaps)within a foot of the beautiful bedding…my boys would have (non intentionally)left remnants around the room!LOL
    Best of look to your speaking engagement…if feeling nervous imagine the whole room of them adorned in their pirate panties…

  • Melissa

    I’m in Lexington, and will be sending prayers your way! I had hoped to be at the conference, but was unable to get tickets! I know you will do wonderfully, as you’ve inspired many through your blog, you will do the same speaking to the Lexington women tomorrow night! God Bless!

  • Laura Ann

    Oh Angie…this is so beautiful. You are truly a gift from God for this sweet lady and for all of us that get to be a part of your life through the ministry of this blog. What an amazing way to honor Audry Caroline and keep her memory alive. I am so proud of you and the work you have done to make this room a success.

    Keep the Faith!


    angie oh angie, first of all what a nice room you put together it will mean so much for the women that are scard and it will give a soothing ambaunce to the babies and every one their with your comfort, prescence and the love you put in to this project, audrey carries on every day and that is amazing, thank god you didnt show you hip hugger low rise pirate panties save that costume for halloween in the privicey of your own home please!!!!! I know you will be wonderful in ky thia week, remember you are in front of alot of bible studie women on monday nights and conducting just fine with a group. think of every one is naked and laugh have fun while you are there speak from your heart you will be greqat. greater things are coming your way no room to fail us at all!!!!! never fear-o the higgly town heros are on your side!!! playhouse disney. love you glad you came back to the bloger its been quite a while. kisses and huggs…

  • Jenny

    Beautiful ~

  • Misty

    That is an amazing act of kindness. What a blessing it will be for a young mother to have a beautiful and peacful place to get to know her baby. It’s beautiful.

  • Stefanie

    I am sure you have already heard this but the room looks beautiful! May God use you to the fullest.

    I just started reading your blog and I want to thank you for opening up to us through the blogging world.

    God Bless,

  • Cortni

    Beautiful! You are amazing.

  • Kendra

    LOVE the room. May God bless the women and babies who stay in there.
    I will be praying for your talk on Friday! I so wish I lived closer and could be there…
    I am praying God fills you with His words, and the grace to speak them. You will be amazing!!
    Is there anyway you might be able to post a video of it or something?

  • Dairmans

    Hi Angie,
    I found your blog when I went to vote for another one about two weeks ago.

    I started at the beginning. I read every. single. word. you wrote. I cried with you, I prayed with you, and I laughed with you.

    I almost commented many times along your journey, but wanted to wait until I read it all.

    It took me so long to get through it because I could only read a few entries at a time. It was very emotional for me. My daughter was born on April 9, 2008. You have helped me to be so thankful for everything He has given me in my lifetime, and I know that I am continually blessed.

    I just wanted to tell you that you have touched me. I feel like I have known you all my life. You are probably one of those people who get that all the time. :)

    Oh yeah, your husbands entry was awesome! It was great to hear from him during the journey that has been your life together.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Amy

    I love the room! I think the s.t.a.r.b.u.c.k.s. really ties everything together. Spectacular!

    Thanks for a great blog. You keep me laughing.

  • Holly

    The pictures were beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.
    What a gift.

  • Mindy

    that would be awful if you passed out and showed your pirate panties!! I will pray for you.

    Love the room!

  • kelli

    Angie. I have read some of your story and was hoping to get some advice from you regarding my own recent diagnosis. Do you have a personal e-mail I can reach you at please?

  • Jenna

    the room is GORGEOUS and the wreath is absolutely beautiful! good luck on friday. you’ll be in my prayers just like any other night!

  • Donna Kay

    Girl, you just never stop cracking me up! I love you so much. And I love God more than I ever have because of your testimony. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    PS I started praying with my 4 year old grandson according to the pattern you speak of with your girls. I asked him if there was anything that he wanted to thank Jesus for and he said “For dying on the Cross~he is the Son of God!” and as I choked back the tears and with thankfulness in my heart I asked him, “anything else?” He replied, “I’m thankful that Heaven has no teeth!” (Whaaaaaaa????? was he looking over my shoulder as I viewed that x-ray picture you posted on your blog? like I said, you crack me up!

  • Ashlie

    The room is beautiful!! The money was so well-spent and I know the new mother is going to love living there!

    You’ll do great at your engagement. Whatever you say, it will speak to someone’s heart because there are no coincidences. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience!

  • whippetmom

    I’ve been a reader for a few months now, but I’ve never posted a comment. Your blog is such an inspiration both faith-wise and mother-wise. I have never laughed or cried more than reading your blog.
    Good luck at your speaking engagement, I will be praying for you!! :)

  • The Golf Widow

    Beautiful room. Only a vet mom would be cool with a white dress and brownie!

  • Amanda

    The room is so beautiful. I love the wreath. What an awesome tribute to your sweet baby.

    You will be GREAT on Friday. I want you to come speak somewhere in Texas so I can SEE you do great and give you a big hug :)

  • Anothermadhousewife

    The room is beautiful!

    And I look forward to hearing your report about Friday night. Before you ever told us about your first speaking engagement, I remember telling my husband, “this woman will be writing books and speaking at conferences.” You really have a gift for communicating profound truths, in a down to earth way (and often hilariously — is there an adverb form of hilarious?). Anyway, I know it will be great! Erika :)

  • Julie

    Praying Phillipians 4:13 for you on Friday.

    Love the beautiful room, what a great memory of Audrey.

    Most of all I love my pirate panty wearing sister in Christ

  • Diana

    What a beautiful place to find peace thru Him!
    You will touch many lives on Friday- all in a good way just because of who you are!


  • Melissa@MamaMonoblogs

    The room is beautiful Angie. What a fabulous and blessed way to honor Audrey’s memory. I love the personal touches. I also love the picture of Kate. She looks so cute in her white dress with chocolate all over her face :o ) LOL You’ll do great at your speaking engagement! Don’t worry! YOu’ll have everyone crying, laughing and drawing closer to the God you give the glory to. You have a talent He has blessed you with and He will give you the wisdom and strength to use it. Just picture the audience in pirate panties if you get nervous…LOL

  • SWilliams

    We’ll be praying for you. Although, after listening to you speak at the Monday night bible study, I don’t believe for a minute that public speaking is not one of your gifts :)

  • Jen

    The room is beautiful! You did a great job of picking stuff out!!

    If you do fall, people will be grateful that you have panties on. Even if they are pirates.

  • amy

    I haven’t commented in a while b/c I’m usually feeding a baby as a read and don’t have a free hand to type. I just wanted to say how beautiful the room turned out, how AMAZING a legacy sweet Audrey has, and how I will be praying for you tomorrow. I sooooooo wish that I could be there!!! I have NO DOUBT that our God will be glorified in and through you!

    Love you girl!

  • Devan

    See ya’ on Friday!!!

    Wow – I am so excited just to type those words! I can’t wait! My prayers are with you, but I know that you will be GREAT!


  • amber

    Seeing that Coach purse in the corner of the picture reminded me of something that happened the other day as I took my 3 yr. old to her preschool class. (When it happened I immediately thought of you :) )
    One of the little girls in her class walked in carrying non other than a Coach purse!! The mother then tried to get the little girl to tell everyone what kind of purse it was! As if she were proud that her 3 yr. old not only was carrying a Coach purse but knew what it was!! I just had to laugh and think of you. Enjoyed seeing the room!

  • Keri

    Me too!! Tomorrow night, here in Houston, Lakewood Methodist church. I pray I don’t throw up on stage. That would really take away from the message, I think!

    I’ll be praying for you!

  • Lauren


    both your family and the room.

    I thank God on every remembrance of you, my sweet sister in Christ. I have never commented before, but having experienced deep loss last November, your blog is one of the ways God has been close to my broken heart. You are anointed and called to minister to women, and I have no doubt that God will show up and show off His power, His glory, and His love through you.

    Grace and peace,

  • Rebekah Walker

    I hope your little one didn’t touch the nice white and pink bed with those chocolote hands! :-)

    The room looks so nice!

  • clkight

    i knew you got those panties for yourself! ;)

  • Stephanie

    Oh Angie, what a beautiful room that is such a fitting tribute to your sweet little Audrey. I bet you are very, very proud of how that turned out. What a blessing you are to that new Mom who will get to live there. I can think of no better way for you to spend that money than that! I hope you are richly blessed from this experience with the Hope Clinic. We are blessed by your honest vunerablilty Angie. It’s a pleasure to “know” you! I am praying even now for your speaking engagement and wishing I could be there! Let us know how it goes!!

  • agepe

    Nice blog. I like it!

  • Beckycain6

    I think you ought to wear men’s “Hanes” undies. You know, if you get a cut on your other finger from the mic or something. That’d throw everyone for a loop if you flip over the stage and instead of showing off the pirate panties–you’ve got the Michael Jordan things going on. (They say if you are nervous you should picture the audience naked–but I promise you that if you just stood there with those goofy shaped guy underwear on…every time you thought of them—you’d giggle for sure! Picture this:

    “Angie, are you okay, you keep losing your train of thought. Are you drunk or just nervous?”

    “Me? Oh no…..I’m not nervous….I am wearing men’s underwear……..”

    Now that would be something to blog about…….

    Good job on the beautiful room for the Mommies in need. I think it is such a precious thing….

    And Kate needs a toothbrush. Ha….looks like my Kathryn after an oreo. Chocolate EVERYWHERE!

    Much to love you! Praying for ya on the speaking thing….

    Blessings in Him,

  • Beckycain6

    Oh yeah, and I’d say the chic to your right looks a little uncomfortable. I think she may really have seen your butt and just didn’t tell you because she was embarrassed for you. You never really can know these things……….

    Life is dangerous.

  • Lisa

    I am sure you will do an amazing job on Friday! I will be fasting and praying for you and your time there with everyone! I have no doubt that you will be amazing because you never cease to amaze me! God has blessed you and will continue to bless you in all that you do Angie, believe that and cling to it!
    The room looks amazing too! I love the picture of Kate!

  • Carol

    Hey Angie,
    I am so happy to see the realization of part of your dream and to see the beautiful room decorated in memory of Audrey Caroline. You are so cute and little and adorable!!!! I am the one who sent the Audrey watercolor and poured out the story of my life. You give me strength each day as I look to your blog. You also inspired me to start my own blog. I am loving it! I hope I can be of some inspiration to others. Love, Carol

  • Anna

    Ok, two things:
    A) I love that coco is in the top picture with you. You should do a Coco sighting contest and sneak her around places and take pictures. Lame? No? Ok… mine is called Charlotte… we can be weird together with our Coach’s =)
    2) Kate looks HOOOOOT with her smiling brownie face. Diva in the making if I ever saw one!

    Praying for you for your speaking engagement… and hey, if you freak out, just start speaking in jibberish and say the Lord called to you minister in tounges… what, spiritual gifts can appear at any time! Duh.

  • Sheryl

    Sweetie, I’ll be praying for you. In fact, I’m starting now.

    Sheryl D

  • Becoming Me

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Suzanne W.

    It’s an absolutely beautiful room!
    I know you will do a fantastic job on Friday-just pretend like it’s all of us here. :D

  • Angie

    Oh Dear Angie, we will be praying for you tomorrow. You will do awesome you are such an amazing woman and you have help us all grow so much. You will be amazing just be yourself and the Lord will help you with the rest.

    What a beautiful room you have create. God Bless you.
    Adrian MN

  • Mab

    loved that last pirate panty comment you made. you always always make me smile.
    you go girl!!!

  • Hear My Cry

    You done a great job on the room. Yay!

  • Julie

    What a beautiful room…you did an amazing job. Beautiful tribute to Audrey.

    I am praying for you for Friday’s event. You will do amazing – I just know you will and wish I could be there!

    Hugs and prayers!

    P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for the Selah box set. I was one of the lucky winners and love, love, love the music. Thank you to Todd and Nicol for sharing their beautiful gifts with so many.

  • Phyliss

    I echo what Sara said~
    You will be AMAZING on Friday. Even if you stumble, even if you stutter, even if you fall on the way up front. You will be amazing because you’re YOU!
    ~~ because of your heart and because you have something to say.

    \o/ hugs

  • Tammy

    God will give you everything you need on Friday. We will be praying for you and looking forward to hearing how it went. The room is absolutely lovely. What a blessing.

  • Sarah-Jane

    hey, would you post the details about speaking in Lexington? I live in Lexington, and would LOVE to come hear you speak!

  • Nicole Leeann

    Hey Angie…

    I just said a little prayer for you tonight and I know that God is going to bless you tomorrow and all the people who get to hear you speak.
    May God bless each heart in that room!


    …nice job on the decorations! it looks like my room! God bless

  • katemcdonald

    What a beautiful room


    Just prayed for you:) The room looks great! What a blessing for all involved!

  • Mom 4 Life

    Hi Angie:),
    I have been in a bit of a blog funk. I have a post that I am working on but . . . just having a hard time writing. I decided to read your blog tonight rather than head to bed LOL and want to thank you for bringing some laughs my way. I got all caught up on your panty fusterations (I hear you girl, keep talkin’) and stick stories (ya I own some, got them at IKEA for 9.99 I think) and all the other great stuff. Loved the picture of you and Todd LOL. So anyway, from one mom to another and especially one hurt heart mom to another, thank you for giving me a light note to end my day on. With love, Heather

  • Blogs by Danielle

    Looks amazing! Love it. You’re doing such awesome things, Angie.

    Hopefully we will be able to catch up soon. It’s been a while.


  • Jennifer

    Good luck today!!! You have been a living angel to so many people! You will do great!

  • Willow

    Angie, I know you really aren’t into blog awards and stuff but your faith and your joy and your conviction have been SO MUCH a part of my revitalization in my Christian walk. My devotional blog just received an award yesterday and I wanted to share it with you whether you choose to display it or not. It’s here:

    Thank you for sharing the journey of your life.

  • A 5 time mom

    How wonderful to see all the Lord can do through the faithful works and prayers of His people. What a beautiful haven for this new mommy and the new ones in the future.

    Blessings for God’s presence and grace with you as you speak for HIM today.


  • WJS

    Love the room!!! Had to tell you, I went to Target last night and saw “the sticks”, they were stil $29.99 at my store!

  • Kim

    You’re hilarious-I bet you really did buy those pirate panties for yourself.
    Praying for you at your speaking engagement! You’ll do great.

  • sheila

    Wahoo, Friday is finally here. I sooo wish I could hear you speak, God speak through you. Allow him to give you peace and joy today. In God’s love, sheila. PS: can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Kristi

    The room is beautiful! I pray the Lord will bless you and all that are in attendance where you are speaking. And I pray that you don’t show your pirate panties….LOL!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  • cantwait30

    You will be great. The people in Lexington will be blessed!

  • Stephanie

    Kate is lovely, as wonderful. In white – and the room is beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Beth

    The very reason I don’t wear my pirate panties very often. I just raised both my hands in the air and prayed a cheerleader-type prayer to our glorious, faithful God for your event in Lexington.

  • mrs. gathright

    I love the idea of this home! I once had a passion to open a place just like this…A place where young mommies can come and stay and learn about raising their babies! My desire to make a haven like this came about when I was around 17 years old. I’m now 23, married and have a one year old and have no idea where the time would come from but I’d love to fulfill this dream one day. It has really been a passion of mine for years!

  • Bri

    The room is beautiful, and your blog is amazing.Thanks for the constant spiritual inspiration, not to mention the laughs, the butt story is hilarious, i feel like you could be transplanted into my group of girlfriends, and would fit right in without missing a beat! What a joy it’s been to follow your days. Your writing is transparent, amazing, godly, and a blessing from God. Thank you for opening your heart and life to us all.

  • creative gal

    I love the room! I know that your speaking engagement is going to impact many! God is walking with you tonight! Hugs from NC!

  • creative gal

    I love the room! I know that your speaking engagement is going to impact many! God is walking with you tonight! Hugs from NC!

  • Susan

    Angie, praying for you right now… though I don’t know when you’re speaking. Its just after 8PM here in MN.
    And is that Beth Moore that commented a few people above mine??? :)
    I hope you had / are having a wonderful evening!
    Blessings, Susan

  • Holly

    I’m praying as I post. It’s Friday night and you are shining! I know God is being glorified through your words and the way you live your life for Him. You go girl!
    NOw, plan a trip to Alabama so I can see you myself!

  • amy

    I wanted to leave a comment to let you know I’m praying for you tonight and can’t wait to hear all about your speaking event…AND is that a comment from Beth Moore?!?!?! YAY!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I know she’s one of your heroes! She’s one of mine too, as are you!

    God bless you girl!

  • christi28

    what a beautiful room. what a blessing y’all have given this sweet new mother. i know she will just love it!!

    blessings ~

  • vaneblu

    what a beautiful room!! Those ladies are so lucky that people like you and all the ones that help exist… I am so happy to read this and see the pics :D
    Kate looks so much like the twins in that pic, I had to look twice before recognizing her ;P

  • Kim

    Wow, that is amazing! Love your blog and what you are doing!


    I hope your speech went well and you didn’t falter–AHOY MATEYS! :)



    P.S. Hope has a beautiful aura within the room, thanks to God’s blessings and his helpers,..YOU!


  • Sara

    Hope you enjoyed last night, or at least feel good you got the first speaking engagement behind you! Can’t wait to hear all about it… and hope there are no butt shots involved…


  • faithful love

    The room turned out great!!! Love the serene for a baby and new mommy.

    Had to say, love Kate’s shoes!!! I bought a pair of “Dorothy” shoes for my niece’s daughter and one for a future granddaughter in case they don’t make them anymore…my friend’s daughter has torn the toes on 3 pairs of those, she wouldn’t wear any other shoes but those…so funny…well, off to see the wizard..

    Thanks for the wonderful blog you share, it’s inspiring to follow the Smith family adventures…um, sounds like a movie title…


  • mandy_moo

    it’s beautiful!!! :)

  • Keri

    Ok, it’s Saturday! Did you survive last night? It was a first time speaking event for me, too. It was absolutely incredible!! I loved every minute of it and am so excited to have been used by God to speak to those women.

    Can’t wait to hear how your event went and all the amazing things God did through you!

  • Amber

    I was at the conference in Lexington on Friday when Angie spoke. HOLY SMOKES! It was AWESOME! She did an amazing job, and apart from her revealing that she could not feel her legs, she was a natural…I never would have guessed this was her first time to speak. Her speach was slow, her one liner’s hilarious, and her heart real. Audrey’s legacy has touched my heart and the bravery of the one who shared it leaves me speechless. Thanks, Angie, for your obedience instead of plucking out your eyelashes!

  • Darlene R.

    Hey Angie!

    I guess you met a friend of mine, Michelle, at your conference in Lexington this weekend. She told me to let you know that I am the Darlene that you talked to at the Chili’s in the airport after the cruise. :)

    I am also the one that e-mailed you about a church when we were in Franklin this summer.
    (I also offered my son, Ben, for Todd to borrow a few weeks ago when he was threading needles!)

    I think my BFF, Tasha, is coming to the Selah concert on the 17th of this month. I know you have corresponded with her also.

    Anyway, this is me!

    Darlene – Indiana

  • Connie

    Hi Angie! A friend just introduced me to your blog, and I’ve only read the last few posts, but I loved them! Beautiful room…how fun to decorate it like that. We’re looking at decorating rooms in a local medicare nursing home. Many of the residents are bedridden and have had no visitors in over a year. How sad!

    I too get frustrated shopping for my girls!! I have 7 kids (4 boys, 3 girls), 5 homegrown and the youngest two are adopted (From Colombia–home 18 months). About Modesty–there have been a few moments when I wanted to say to a woman “Hey, nice cleavage! Thanks for sharing!” I cannot figure out how to point out to them that we really don’t want to see their “privates!” Thanks for making me laugh. I needed the endorphins. :)

  • Connie

    Oh, and I knew one other person who had seizures when she passed out. It was kinda scary, especially since we were in Mexico at the time…

  • Amber, that’s me!

    That is a really nice purse on the floor by the pack and play! ;)

  • Laura

    Hi Angie, I have to say I’m in love with that brown and pick playpen!!! YOU DID AN outstanding job! any mother will be lucky to stay there. What a great job!!!!

  • today is the present

    The room is beautiful and they should hang a picture of you because your clothes went well with it that day :)

    I like the idea of the "coco sighting" that another poster suggested. Just like our homeschool curriculum, Sing Spell Read and Write, when the kids are looking for the little bug (too early in the morning, cannot remember the little guy's name)…more coffee….Okay, so I went and looked. In SSR & W it is "can you spot gus?" so you could do "can you spot coco?"…One more thing to do in your life, right? Make sure your purse is strategically placed in pictures! :)

    Thank you for the laugh over the pirate undies! Hilarious!