What a Day

Final Update. Unbelievable.  He didn’t get to ask his question, but man, Wally-World never looked better.  Highlight of the evening: Abby asking why he was just listening to them and not singing.  She is irritated that he just sat still the whole time instead of performing.  Hard to explain the whole “potential leader of the free world takes precedence” thing.  Anyway I just talked to Toddy and he is on his way home….he said that Obama asked him what he did for a living and when Todd told him the name of the group, he said, “I’m going to look you all up on the internet.” And Todd volunteered to send him some CD’s.  Preach it, baby!!!! So, needless to say, I will have to post the funny kid stories tomorrow when I have gotten some sleep.  Thanks for all of your emails and notes of encouragement.  This served as a great distraction on a hard day….and please, be praying tonight for our country and our future president.  Goodnight!!!!
Update #3 Todd is the second one on the right of the stage, green shirt, bald head. He is next to another baldie…I can’t believe he’s that close (to the candidates, not the baldie)!!!

Update #2 Todd just found out where he will be sitting. Turns out you might actually see him because he is in the FRONT ROW. Yes. I’m serious. He is beside himself. He is all secret-service about it and keeps calling me and talking in code, telling me where he is. I don’t know that he needs to be talking in code, but I think he feels tough on account of his new outfit. He was right in the middle of a sentence and they called everyone into another room and he was like, “Gotta Go.” Click. Unbelievable. So there’s the 4:50 pm update. Also, C-SPAN will be covering the debate a half hour before and a half hour after if you want to tune in. If not, just look for cutie-pie bald man in the front row. Please pray for him to feel calm…he said that they don’t know who will ask their questions until the ACTUAL moment in the debate, where they say (for example), “Todd Smith has a question….” and then they ask it. Can you say AHOY, matey?!?!?!? I’m so glad it’s not me….

Update #1 (I’m sure there will be many today!!! Feel free to tune me out if you get bored:)) Todd just called me from a “break.” He was so excited he could barely speak. Apparently there are about 100 people who are there and he is definitely going to be “on the stage” tonight. Out of the 100,000 calls they made, he was #10, so he thinks that means he will be up there. And also, he just got to shake Tom Brokaw’s hand. I am trying to imagine what that would feel like, only in my version, it’s Brangelina. Anyway.
He might get to ask a question on stage tonight, and he is really pumped. He is going to murder me when he reads this, but bless his heart, he was pacing around our kitchen the other night in his boxers practicing his question over and over at 2 a.m. He is the sweetest thing, and his question is REALLY good (although I am sworn to secrecy because it could affect his chances of asking it). I’ll keep you posted!!!! Go TODD!!!!!!
(original post follows)
First, let me post this for you all from my sweet husband…he sent this email out this morning to friends and family.
“OK, here is the latest.

In case I didn’t tell you all. I got called randomly by The Gallup Poll last week and by the end of the conversation was asked to be a part of the debate tonight at Belmont between Obama and McCain!!

Gallup called again last Wednesday asking for my SS# and telling me where to meet today. They said I would be receiving a packet by Monday the 6th with instructions.

NO packet came yesterday so I thought, “Oh great, I just got duped by some brilliant con artist.” Angie was sweet enough to tell her Bible study last night about it and to pray about it.

Thank you ladies.

Gallup called at 7AM this morning. Apparently Fed Ex wasn’t so Fed Ex. A bunch of people didn’t get their packets, or they found them in their hedges, or on the other side of their lawn!!

All that to say I am in, and thanks to the 24 hour always open time I will be wearing something very fashionable from WALMART because I have not had time to go anywhere else!!
I got there at 2AM last night and kept all the tags on until this morning just in case I really did get duped.

I’m bringing my cell phone, but once I get to the meeting they said I will probably have to shut it off. I will try to update Angie if I can. Many of you had great suggestions for questions. Chad Cates said I should ask them about “CCM music, and who their favorite trio vocal group is in CCM!” Excellent question, but I won’t be asking that one. Allan had suggested, and I might take him up on this, that I write Selahonline on my belly, and than if I get asked a question raise my shirt up like I’m stretching and and show it off like the “Soybomb” guy did when Dylan performed at the Grammy’s!! Okay, very scary thought.

I am so excited and I can’t wait to experience this.

There is no guarantee that I’ll get to be on stage or ask a question, but if you do see me get to ask one, just pray when I talk I won’t turn into Pres. Bush on camera!! “We’re gonna put food on your family.”

take care


I’ll email everyone tonight when I get back home. We meet Tom Brokow this morning and than they will go through and choose from the questions we have pre-written down. I’m allowed to prepare two.”

So, it was FOR REAL!!!!!!! I was scared yesterday that he had gotten his hopes up for nothing. The rumor is that they only invited 150 people by phone (completely random selection!) and Todd was one of them. He went to college at Belmont and is SO excited. He is wearing a green oxford-ish shirt and khaki’s, and he has no hair, so we might be able to spot him tonight at the debate!!!! Just wanted to let you all know. Incidentally, the doorbell rang while I was typing this and “the packet” arrived. I’m sure he will keep it as a souvenir…

I’m so excited for him. Please pray for his day!!!!!

In other news, the contest for “funny kid story” is over, and I will be announcing the winners today, so check back in a little bit. I am really excited to be a part of this particular giveaway because it involves one of my best friends. Remember Jessica? Well, her husband (as you may already know) is an author, and his latest book, “Churched,” released today. It is his first hardback book, and it is HILARIOUS. He gave me an advance copy and I read it in 2 nights:) It chronicles his life growing up in a very conservative church, and let me tell you, the world through Matthew’s eyes is a treat. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can do so here. His blog is jesusneedsnewpr.blogspot.com/. So proud of you Matthew…

And the winners of the contest will all get a signed copy of the book!!!! I still have a few more to read, but I will post them this afternoon.
Finally, there is a sweet woman who I have been corresponding with in the past few months, and today is the day she welcomed her baby boy, Isaac. He lived for about 16 minutes, and is now with the Lord. Please visit her blog if you want to offer support, and please pray for great peace for her today.

For those of you who follow my blog, you may have noticed that today is the sixth month mark of our Audrey’s passing. I am okay (I think?), but really missing her. It is a rainy day here, and somehow I knew it would be. I think we are going to head over to her grave in a little while and sit. Please remember us in your prayers today, and our sweet baby girl. It is hard to believe it has been half a year since she was with us. I want to write more about what I am feeling, but honestly, my spirit just feels tired.

I know there is a lot of information in this post, and it feels a little “all over the place.” I am not editing, and I want you to know I am grateful to have this place to come with my morning coffee and just share a little life, as jumbled as it feels sometimes. Oh, how I need Jesus today.

So, in conclusion…

Pray for the hubby
Buy a great book
Pray for Stacy and Isaac (and the whole family)
Pray for me
Check back for a good laugh later this afternoon when I post the great kid stories people sent

That probably would have been easier….

I will be back in a little while~

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  • Monica

    I AM SO EXCITED…I’VE BEEN PRAYING ABOUT THIS ALL MORNING. (now I have to go back and read the rest of the post…I just got to the part that it’s FOR REAL!!!!) OH MY GOSH!!! This is awesome.

  • harmonysong

    Praying for Todd’s day and praying for you and your family as you remember and rejoice in your little girl’s life.

  • sheridan

    Wow! Glad that it was for real!

    Praying for you today.

  • Angie

    Wow! What a day! I will be looking for Todd tonight at the debate, how exciting.

    I didn’t realize it was the 6 month anniversary, I have been reading your blog since the summer and you are such a strong person, I will be praying for you and your family today.
    Take care,

  • Jess :)

    I will be praying for Todd, as well as you and the family! Just this morning, I was thinking about baby Audrey and how I would love to just go sit with her sometime and share with her just how amazing her mom, dad and sisters are! I’m glad you will be able to go do that. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love you lots,
    Jess :)

  • Kris

    Praying for you (all) today!

  • Melissa Irwin

    Yay for Todd. My oldest son, Spencer (age 19) is going tonight too and I am so thrilled for him also……as this could be a pivotal and life changing expereience.

    Praying for you today, and all your prayer requests.

  • kristina

    Praying for your hubby, for you and your entire family and for Stacy and her family. BIG hugs today, Angie!!

  • Iris

    Praying for ya’ll today.

  • Kim Bridges

    How exciting for Todd! Can’t wait to see him on TV. My sister in law also went to Belmont. You all will be in my prayers for this tough anniversary day. I pray for you every day.

  • Amanda-The Family News!

    You are in my prayers. I also read today about the loss of baby Isaac. I am praying for the family.

    Hope Todd has a great time at the debate tonight!!!!

  • Vern ~ Inspired

    I am glad he did not get duped!
    That is going to be so neat for him to participate in this.
    We will watch and pray! (Not meaning to sound spiritual it just came out that way!)

    Tell Todd to read Matthew 22:42…it has some good questions!

    Thanks for all the info and updates…Take care girl!

  • stacey

    how exciting for him! but i am really really curious how he feels about belmont waiving the no-drinking on campus policy just for the thing? i want to make a joke about catering to the liberal press, but i am pretty sure there will be some conservative press in that tent as well! i will look for him!

  • Lindsey

    Praying for you today and your family. May you feel God’s hands upon you and Audrey’s love and peace.

  • whocanfind?

    We will be praying for Todd tonight. Sadly, I think we’ll miss the debate, but we will be tuning in to youtube to see if his questions come up. We’ll also be praying for you today as Audrey is especially on your heart. You are such a precious family. The Wandells are so thankful to have known you. (Ps. I sent you an email about a week or so ago… I’ll bet your email box is really full!) I’d write more if it weren’t for rambunctious children!

  • amy

    I remembered this morning that today marked the 6th month mark from when Audrey was born. Praying for you and your entire family today. Look at what the Lord has done through Audrey’s story. Wow! :)

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL about Todd!!!! Oh, I hope he gets to ask a question!!! Rights of the unborn???? He’d know a thing or two about the power of that sweet life! Gosh, that gives me chills to think he ‘ll be there! Amazing!

    Hope you enjoy the funny stories! I read through them and laughed so hard I was crying! Being a mom creates FUN TIMES! Hee hee!

    love you girl!

    Oh, SO pumped about Churched!!!!

  • Jennifer P.

    Yeah for Todd!!! We will be watching (and praying) for him. :o )

    As for Audrey’s anniversary… I don’t know if you remember from previous posts of mine, but I lost my husband (and our children lost their daddy) in June of 2006. For the first few months that went by, I had a hard time ALL around the anniversary “date” of his death… hard before dreading it coming; hard during; hard after, remembering; hard fearing the next one and the loss of my (again) newly re-gained peace.

    It does get better. Though you always feel the loss, time mutes the pain of it. With perspective, the Lord gradually gives you some of His wisdom, and you can begin to see the purpose and the glory of their lives through His eyes.

    Angie, you are doing the godly thing, the hard thing, holding on tightly to the Lord and trusting Him to carry you through this shadowed valley to the joy that awaits you on the other side. ~The other side of pain in this life, and the glory to come in the next one.

    I pray that He will continue to bless you and guide your steps. Thank you for allowing us to see your path through the pain to the heart of God.



  • The Beaver Bunch

    Wow! Can’t wait to look for Todd on the debate tonight!

    Exciting! Also, praying for you to have peace today.

  • Kelly

    I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. It probably seems like an eternity to you. I bet you are wondering right now what she would be doing at 6 months if she was here. I know she’s be smiling little giggles at her momma – but I think she’s doing that anyway – just in a different place.
    I was going to skip the debates tonight but now I’m tuning in for sure! How cool for Todd!!! (Kind of wish it were you too!)

  • goodtwin

    Ang~ you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope Todd does get to ask a question on TV tonight. I pray for renewal of your spirit to help you carry on…..

  • Sarah

    YAY! Another great reason to tune in tonight!

    Will be praying for you throughout the day. 6 months goes by so quickly, yet so incredible slow…

  • MissMcTague

    YAY!!!! I’m so happy that it wasn’t a scam!!! I prayed for him so much last night and I’m so glad everything worked out! I’ll be looking for him on TV!

    Also, I’ll be thinking of you and Audrey today. God has done such amazing things with her life. I feel blessed to know your story.


  • Page

    You and your family are in my prayers today!!

  • Kim

    How exciting is that?
    I will be watching closely to see if I can see Todd!
    Prayers for you all today. I can’t believe it has been six months already. I hope you find some peace today.

  • Mocha with Linda

    What an emotion-filled day! So excited for Todd. Hope he gets a chance to shine.

    Hugs to you on this 6-month milestone. I know you would love to be going for a baby well-check. I so “get it” that your “spirit just feels tired.” One day at a time, my blog friend.

  • KK

    Praying for Todd and very thankful this was ‘real’!
    I have been praying for Stacy and her family and will continue to do so, without ceasing.
    And praying for you…please know precious Audrey’s legacy continues and she has the most wonderful Mother, Father and sisters in the world! Praying for peace of mind and continued healing for all of you. Consider yourself ‘hugged from Texas’.
    Cling to HIM,
    Psalm 46:10

  • Walking by Faith

    WOW!!!! That is soooo awesome!!! I was wondering how they were picking these lucky people! I'll be praying for him & McCain;)…this is the most vital election of my lifetime & I think many people's lifetime. I pray the Lord will allow him to ask his question!! Can't wait for tonight. **Praying for you and the woman you mentioned**~heidi

  • belovedaimee~

    holding you in prayer today Angie

  • Kimberly

    not to be part of the contest or anything since i missed it apparently, just had to share this with you — I have 2 little boys in my life who visited me most every day as little ones, before school age, from next door. We have several older people in the neighborhood and so I thought, “wow, this is great opportunity to teach my ‘babies’ about giving just to give, to be a good person, to help those who need it” – totally altruistic – righhhhtttt… well God thought… hmmmm let her get up on her high horse and I’ll blow her right back to the ground… Anyhow, I started out by giving them little errands to do – take a plate of food or bag of books or whatever little something or other I could come up with for these older folks.. I would tell them, “Today guys we are going to do some Jesus work.” and then send them about their delivery errands. Once in a while I would given them a quarter or whatever change I had for them doing a little odd job for me.. When they were about 5, they came over 1 day for a popsicle break and I had a bag of books for the lady across the street that needed carried over there. So, I said, “alright guys, how’s about doing a little Jesus work for me today.” and sent them out the door with the bag of books. Feeling so proud.. Standing there glowing.. and then I heard 1 boy say to the other, “I hope Jesus learns to do his own chores soon… He’s wearing me out.”

  • Carolyn

    How cool is that!!! Will this debate be televised? I’m in Dallas and have been trying to watch any and all debates…I hope I can see Todd ask his question on TV!!!

  • Amy

    well, i wasn’t sure i was going to watch the debate tonight, but now i’ll have to. :)

    sending thoughts and prayers up for you today.

  • Monica @ Writer Chic

    I am SO glad you posted about Stacy….your readership is so large, and I want as many people praying for her and Spencer as possible. Thanks, Angie.

  • iluvorb

    Praying for Todd…and glad he got a new shirt at Walmart…not that the one I saw in the video in Lexington and on stage at the Brave Retreat wasn’t awesome! :) Praying for you guys on Audrey’s sixth month anniversary also! You guys are an amzing family. I truly enjoyed haring you speak last weekend! I pray that God continues to use you all to spread His wonderful message!

  • shelby1232

    WOW that is so exciting.
    I can’t wait to hear the next update!!
    I will keep my eye out for Todd on the debate tonight. I have it TIVO’ed, cuz my hubby is working late and he wont be able to watch it till tomorrow.


  • noahandlylasmommi

    how exciting for todd!!! I will be praying for him today. Also I will pray the other requests as well :)

  • Lindsay


    I am SO glad that it wasn’t a con! I’ve been praying for you all non stop since you told us! I hope he has a great time and brings back some excellent insight to everything!

    I’m praying for you and your family daily…but more specifically, today. I hope God brings you peace today, more than anything.

  • Dawn

    Super exciting! Will be praying for Todd’s experience, and you as you support him! This is definitely an interesting time in history…fun that he’ll have this to say that he was involved. =)

  • Tiff

    Praying for you and your family toady!
    I’ll be watching the debate, looking for Todd! How exciting!!

  • Sara

    Shut Up! (said in a nice way). I am so excited for Todd. I’m telling you, I’ve had a migraine for the last two days (but I still check your blog… that’s dedication) and I got so excited for him I literally hurt my brain. That is hugely exciting for him.

    It’s rainy here today too, and as I rest in my quiet, dark little home I will offer up my day for all of you, and celebrate Audrey’s impactual life. You’re in my prayers.

    blessings on your day…

  • 2jne

    Wow that is awesome!! That is so exciting for him!!

    I am praying for you and can’t imagine how hard this is! I can’t believe it has been six months.


  • Devan

    Wow, that is great for Todd! Glad to see that he has something to keep his mind off of today’s Anniversary. Along those lines, your family is in our prayers today and every day!

    I wanted to comment on your last post – but there were so many that I knew mine would get lost in the crowd.

    I just wanted to say what a WONDERFUL job you did on Friday – telling of Audrey’s legacy is definitely your GIFT!!! BTW, I am the one who introduced myself and proclaimed my family’s love – actually I think that I told you how much my middle child, in particular, is smitten with you and your beautiful girls and knows ALL the words to “I Will Carry You”. When that video played, I really just about lost it! Good thing my Bailey wasn’t there, or we would have had some back-up vocals going on.

    Although I was only able to come to the retreat for Friday night to hear you, it was SOOOO worth it – I knew it would be! I had to laugh (to myself, of course) at all the ladies who asked if I was “new” to the church, to which I replied “No, I am here to see Angie Smith . . .” I was able to share your story with so many great women, and I know that everyone at my table left all the “braver” for hearing you and your love of God!


  • Jennie

    Will be praying for Todd at the debate tonight and also for your soul and spirits on this difficult rejoiceful celebration of the sixth month anniversary of Audrey meeting The Lord. I CAN NOT wait to see who the winner is. I was laughing out loud and slapping the keyboard last night reading through all of them.

  • Julie

    Very exciting news, praying that Todd will get to ask his question. I have a feeling it is a very powerful question and something we need to hear answered.

    Praying for the sweet arms of Jesus to be around you today. So amazing how it always rains and how he has given that to you.

    Sending love from CA, Julie
    ( reading this during homeschool time)

  • Peas on Earth

    What? Revealing his question is more of a danger than revealing that he was practicing it in his boxers???

    HA! Praying for you guys~

  • Kelly

    I seen your picture with Todd and Audrey Caroline in a scrap booking magazine. I thought it was really cool.

  • Amanda

    I’m so excited to look for Todd tonight at the debate! I feel like such a dork for this, LOL. It’s like someone I know is going to be on there or something :)

    My thoughts are with you today. I can’t believe it has been 6 months.

  • Patty

    Wow that IS alot going on! Lots of prayers for the joys and the sadness of the day.

    Angie I want you to know you are such an encouragement to me. I can’t even remember how I found your blog, and I’ve only been a lurker (until yesterday when I had to post funny stories!). But back in March we lost our little girl. Not in death, and I know its unfair to compare our loss to death, but we were planning to adopt our sons friend in China. We knew her for soooo long, she knew we were coming for her, everything seemed so God directed. Then right before we were to travel the officials in China changed their mind because my husband had cancer 10yrs ago (even though we’d already adopted twice before). It was a serious blow to the stomach and heart. We’ve all been devestated, my kids lost their sister, we lost our daughter. The orphanage was devestated as they were so happy she was coming to us (I have a close relationship with the orphanage). Her backpack still sits here empty and her new winter coat is still hanging in the closet. Its been so hard!

    Anyway, I just want you to know that your words have been encouraging to me in the darkness.

    Apparantly I’m done writing because now my 4yr old has decided he needs me NOW!! LOL!!

    Keep writing! I’ll be praying!

  • Baseballs and Tutu’s

    Yeah for Todd. That is so ironic…I was thinking earlier in the day about the fact that you lived in Nashville and wondered if you were going to get to go to the debate. I’ve watched them all so far…..will definitely be watching for Todd tonight!

    I’m praying for you today…just know that Audrey made a huge impact on this world! I also have been following Stacy’s story and have been praying for her all day..I just can’t seem to get her off my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lanell

    I am too late for the contest, as I didn’t read your post until this morning and didn’t get back to the computer until after lunch, but I thought I would share anyway.

    This story is from a couple years ago. I was supposed to be leading worship for a Women’s Retreat the coming weekend, but Satan had been working overtime on undermining my confidence that week. I didn’t feel competent enough to get out of bed, much less lead others in worship.

    I’m not sure if it was Satan going for a knock out punch or God convincing me that I needed a weekend away from my kids, but here’s what happened…

    I have 2 girls. At the time my oldest was a Kindergartner and youngest was working on potty training 101 and 102. It was the end of the week and I was attempting to get packed for the retreat, get my Kindergartner on the bus and have everything set up for my husband to be the solo parent for the weekend. I had 30 minutes until some women from church were due to pick me up.

    My youngest daughter was being babysat by Elmo and the Sesame Street gang while the eldest and I walked out to the bus stop. It had rained that morning and you guessed it, she fell into the only remaining puddle. 2 minutes to bus – which she must be on as I don’t have time to drive her to school today. We race back to the house and I run up to her room to get some dry clothes. In mid stride, I notice a strong poopy aroma in the hallway. No time to stop, must get dry clothes! Back in the entryway, I find ALL the kids from the bus stop watching her undress. Asking for some privacy, I get her changed and out the door as the bus pulls up. PTL – crisis averted! Now where was that smell coming from? As I headed back down the hallway I notice brown smudges in the carpet. “Honey? Where are you?” Her sweet little voice answers from the bathroom. As I open the door the “aroma” is overpowering. Not just for me, but for our cat that almost knocks me over as he is escaping. Did I mention he is a white cat?? Well that afternoon he was a white cat with brown stripes down one side.

    No time to freak out – 20 minutes to go….I place my not so sweet smelling daughter on the potty and gather up the spotted bathroom mats (PTL they are washable). My husband walks in the front door with a confused look as I am racing to the laundry room. “FInd the CAT!” I yell. He locates and washes the cat while I toss Karis in the tub, clean up the bathroom and scrub the “smudges” out of the carpet. No time to finish my list of to-dos, the carpool arrives for the retreat.

  • ourprecious4

    Angie, I know we only met this weekend, but right now I just wish I could just pop over and give you the biggest hug. I am thinking of you and praying for you today. I know that the day will be filled with mixed emotions and likely doubts. “But I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I know that we are all praying for you.

  • Jen

    I’ve been following Stacy and Spencer’s story for a while now, and every time I write the date, my heart hurts for them.

    I know that Audrey is showing Isaac around the Heavenly Playroom this afternoon!

  • Robyn

    OOOHHH can’t wait to hear his question. No pressure huh! Funny how you blogged about your fear of public speaking and now he will be on TV. Bless your family!

  • Cara

    Angie – you are amazing. Do you have 26 hours in a day or something?

    I read about Isaac and his family this morning – (many tears) and pray for you, a strong motivated woman only six months after your daughter’s passing. God bless you.

    Look forward to some good tales!

  • Kelley with Amy’s Angels

    I was so excited to watch the debate before I knew that your husband may be able to ask a question! Lucky guy…I wish I could ask those two a question or two (or 3, or 4…).

    Prayers are said, of course! : )

  • sheila

    Wow, that really is so exciting for Todd. Praying he gets to ask his question and it’s a good one… I will be keeping you and the DeLisle Family in prayer. Take care Angie. In God’s Love, sheila

  • SGT Sunshine

    What an amazing opportunity!! We are praying for him. Make sure you take a picture of the TV screen with Todd on it! =)

  • Jaci

    I will pray for your family as the 6 month of Audrey’s passing is here. Also hope Todd’s day goes well. I don’t know how you going to choose winners all of the stories seem kinda funny. Good luck with that.

  • Kristen

    Go Todd. Praying for you today as you miss your sweet little girl. A close friend of mine lost her little boy last night due to placenta previa….any words of wisdom on how to be a good friend through this? Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  • Clark Family

    I am praying for you and your husband!

  • Deena -

    Wow…you have this wonderful way of making us feel like we just hung up the phone with you at the end of your posts! How do you do that??!! I will be praying for You, I think we all feel dreary for you …. and for Hubby….and of course looking for him but making sure I don’t freak my family out when I spot him….. really this day is kinda a little glimpse of Hebrews for you both..(the substance of things HOPED for, and the evidence of things not seen…)

  • Life in the Bizzy Lane

    i just found your blog and will now become a “follower” :0) your blog is so moving and encouraging. i commend you for your raw emotion and your outward faith in Christ! i can not wait to stop back again , soon.
    saying a pray for you.

  • Carrie

    We’ll be watching tonight! Go TODD!

  • The O’Brien’s


    Thank you for keeping life real! You’re truly an inspiration and I am grateful you continue to share your story and audrey’s story.

    Today is a hard day…remember God IS Great!

  • Dani

    That is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to watch it and see if he gets to ask his question! Thanks for sharing and I will be checking back often for updates!
    Love ya lot and lots, Dani

  • christi28

    so excited for todd! i will be watching for him tonight!!

    i will also be praying for you today sweet friend as you and your family rejoice in audreys life!!

    blessings ~

  • Laura

    Praying for you today…I know Audrey was there with Pearl to welcome Isaac home this morning. Peace to you sweet Angie.

  • The Reid Family

    WOW! I am so glad Gallop was a real number! I am also glad you shared with us last night and we all got to lift it up in prayer. I checked your blog today b/c you said you would post either way & I am glad it went the way it did. :)

  • amy

    Praying for you on this rainy Nashville day as you cherish the memory of sweet Audrey.

  • Kendra

    Prayers all around for you and your sweet family today…=-)

  • Kara

    This is so awesome! How fun for him. :) I’ll be looking for the man in the green shirt and khakis. HA. :)

    My husband and I are headed to Nashville for our 10 year anniversary in Nov., let me know some great must sees. Thanks. :)

  • Harris Family

    Oh fun…GO Todd! I will be watching for him on TV. And for your family…funny how the Lord works. He really laid you guys on my heart this morning. Know we are praying and are so proud of sweet Audrey and the legacy that she has left behind! What an amazing little girl!

  • Isunji

    How exciting!!! I will keep Todd in prayer and you and your family as well. I’ll be watching.

    I’m sorry I missed the contest b/c my 2 yr old nephew is such a character – next time. I still think your chicken post is the funniest thing ever though! LOL!

    Have a great day!

  • Sharon

    Personally, I believe that Tom Brokaw should have been honored to shake Todd’s hand.
    Blessings always.

  • Lorri

    Thank you for sending us on to Isaac’s blog … Thinking of you and Isaac’s mom today.

  • Aim

    oh great, now another thing on my list tonight that I have to do . watch the debate. thanks for a full evening:) I guess shopping can wait for another day(when it isn’t raining) right?

  • Toiling Ant

    Reading this today 1) cracked me up, 2) made me cry for Stacy’s sorrow, and 3) gave me the only reason I can think of to watch the debate tonight. :-P

  • walkingbyfaith

    WOOHOO!!! GO TODD!! :D I'll definitely keep my eye out for him. :)

    Praying for you all on this rough anniversary.

    Love & Hugs…

  • Susan

    Wow Angie! I don’t know what to comment on first! :)
    1)I’ll be praying for all of you, that your spirit feels renewed and peaceful as you remember your sweet Audrey.
    2)I’ll be praying for Todd – what an amazing opportunity!
    3)I’ll be praying for the family of baby Isaac.
    4)I’m looking forward to updates! :)

  • HappilyEverAfter

    I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH TONIGHT!! And I am thankful “one of my people” will be asking a question!

  • susies’ ramblings

    Hi Angie,
    This is so exciting. Last week I was in a similiar situation….My kids and I got to meet McCain and Palin and it was surreal. What an awesome history class for my kids they talked about for days. Check out the pictures. http://www.susieistalking.blogspot.com
    I will be praying for Todd.
    God bless

  • Sarah Taylor

    How cool is this? Now tonight, when my husband and I are watching the debate, I’m gonna be like “do you see any guy with a green shirt and khakis and no hair? Todd? Todd?” Awesome!

  • Sue

    To be honest I probably would not have watched the debate tonight (already know who I am voting for) but now I definetely want to watch and see if I can find “Angie Smith’s Husband” in the crowd. How exciting for Todd!

    Also I just read your post before this one and I was laughing so hard that I started to cry…sooooo funny. Can’t wait to read the stories that others sent although I’m not sure that they will be able to top yours. If they do I’m looking forward to some good laughs.

    Praying for you and your family as you go throughout the rest of your day.

  • amydc

    Go Todd!!!
    Mucho prayers today for all your talking points.

  • clkight

    i had my little meltdown moment on sunday when we hit the 2 month mark. i am definitely praying for you today!

    can’t WAIT to hear todd’s question!!!

  • Kristy

    Although I know the contest is over, I have to share what my 3 year old nephew said to my dad earlier this week. Dad was driving him to preschool and they passed a farm. There were 2 cows under a tree and one cow was (how do I put this delicately) up on the back of the other cow. Keaton started laughing and told my dad to look. Dad did, but didn’t say much. A little while down the road, Keat started laughing again. Dad asked him, “Did you think those cows were funny Keat?”. Keaton replied, “Well, of course, Poppy. Have you ever seen one cow trying to help another cow climb a tree?”

    Ah, to be a child again!!!


  • Kristy

    Also, I am praying for you and your sweet family as you cherish the memory of little Audrey today and every day. Every time I think of you, I hug my son a little tighter.


  • Hip Mom’s Guide

    I will most certainly pray for you. My heart aches when I think of what you all have endured, and the grace with which you’ve done so.

    On a much lighter note, I will also be looking for the bald guy with a green shirt from Wal-Mart tonight!

  • Diana and James

    GO Todd!!! I will be watching…. I am soooo excited, it’s such an amazing opportunity! I am praying for you!

  • Darlene R.

    Somehow I missed the funny kids story contest.

    Oh well, maybe next time!

    I am so excited for Todd!

    One more thing, I got on your blog before I went to get my kids from school today and I forgot to log off before I left. Sooooo, I have been on here all afternoon! Sorry about that. It’s not a crazy person, it’s just me.

    Which on some days, I guess I could be considered crazy!

  • Elisa

    I have missed the contest but wanted to leave my story …

    My little girl AJ was in the 1st grade. At open house the fresh out of college 22-year-old teacher asks to show me her homework. A sheet with letters down one side and they are to write a word and sentence for each letter. My child has written “Bagina” for B. I say, “oh. hmmm.” The teacher bursts out laughing and goes on to tell me that when she complimented AJ on her creativity, AJ said, “I learned this word from a 2nd grader at my church. My mama, she has one, too, but she thinks it’s called a private part.”

    So much for doing a better job in that area than my parents did! :)

    Stephanie Moore, Cary, NC

  • Beckycain6

    Happy 6 month Birthday, precious little Audrey Caroline. May your perfect little face shine all through Heaven today…..those lucky angels who get to hold you and kiss you while your family waits to see you again.

    Sweet baby………

  • Sunni

    How exciting for Todd! I hope we see him tonight. Woo Hoo! Finally, something exciting in all this mess!

  • Beckycain6

    Oh, uh, err….were his boxers pirate brand by chance?

    You guys are getting nominated for being the underwear family.

    I’m not kiddin’…


  • Sarah

    Happy 6th month, Audrey. You continue to bring smiles to those you were meant to touch.

    I’ll keep an eye out for Todd! What an exciting event to be part of! (can he bring a fire extinguisher so I can pick him out easier?)


  • Brittanie

    So exciting for Todd! I wish I had TV so I could watch it. Oh well.

    And six months. I remember Cora’s 6 month mark. It was a nice day, and I wished it had been raining. I wanted the world to be crying with me. So just think of it that way. The world is crying with you as you miss your sweet little girl (and I am too). ((HUGS)) to you.

  • Brandee

    Yeah for Todd….I’ll be searching for him tonight! I’m saying lots of prayers for you and for baby Isaac’s family.

  • Sarah

    Go Todd! This is exciting! I told my husband that we have to watch tonight. After the last one, I was a bit uncertain if I could put myself through it again, but for our country, and for your husband…. we are tuning in!

  • Susan

    I’ll be watching and praying! I hope they pick him! (I admit I’ve never been so excited to watch a presidential debate!) :)
    Thanks for the update!

  • Sara

    Let’s just all be grateful that Walmart doesn’t carry man-kilts. Even if he’s nervous, at least there’s no pirate panties…

    I love that something so amazing is happening to him on the six month anniversary of Miss Audrey making her debut. As much as you wish you could take care of her, that’s how much she is taking care of all of you. She is so guiding her daddy to the front row today. :)

  • Jenny

    Oh finally! I have a reason to watch the debate! The last one between McCain and Obama was just a bit cut and dry for me…I suppose it just sounds like the same old stuff getting rehashed over and over. But I will surely watch to see your cutie pie sitting in the front row. I bet he gets to ask BOTH of his prepared questions!

  • acer4u73

    I’ve started reading your blog a few weeks ago and i have gotten such a blessing. I can’t wait to see your hubby in the front row!!!!

    prayers going out!!!


  • karina

    Wow! How cool. I have a meeting and won’t get to watch much of the debate, but my daughter has to watch it for school. I told her t keep an eye out for Todd.

    I have no idea how you will pick the 10 funniest kid stories. I read through many and there were SO many funny ones!!

    Praying for your friend in the loss of her precious baby. It will be us in a few more months over my neice’s baby Mason.

    Praying for you too. Milestones are hard. Six months seems like a long time and not long at all. Imagine a 6 month old Audrey sitting on Jesus’ lap while he tells her all about her mommy and daddy, and what good things they are doing down here to spread the gospel. I hope you got a chance to go sit by her graveside and reflect.

    (((hugs))) Angie.

  • ~Alicia~

    Wow, today is full on at the Smith household today huh?

    I think sometimes – actually I know- that God intervenes and gives us other things to focus on during tough moments like today. On the anniversary of my aunt's death, I forgot! But then later I figured out I didn't really forget, as I had felt this sad, unusual feeling all week. I remembered completely, but God intervened to make sure I didn't get lost in the pain since it was a particularly busy time period.

    How GREAT is our GOD? I have been meditating on Phillippians 1 lately… "Rejoice in the Lord". Praying for a miracle for Stacy & Isaac last night, it was hard to remember to rejoice when I knew they were going through such sufferring, but then I look at you and your precious Audrey, and the story our Lord has woven because of her life. Know that we are praying for you and your family constantly today, and always.

  • christi28

    i am so nervous for him!!! i will go check it out early to see if i can spot him. oh how i wish they pick him!!!!! i will pray right now for calm nerves!!!!

    blessings friend ~

  • Jungheims

    This is SO exciting!!! I’ve told everyone I know, but I’m sure they think I’m nuts….”You know, the woman who writes my blog? Yeah, her husband….” They all know “my blog”. Anyway, keep the updates coming! I can’t wait!

    I will say that God has made a tough day a little more joyous, hasn’t He? There’s no mistaking Who is behind this….Todd, not only chosen, but front row!! Go God and Todd!!

    Praying for all of you.

  • Kimberly

    It’s the Wal-Mart clothes ya know.. they give you a wild sense of POWER and all that… I will be praying that 1) he gets to ask his super-secret-squirrel question, and 2) he does not pass out, barf or otherwise embarass his Wal-Mart couture…

    You’ve been heavy on my heart all day in prayer and I hope this distraction provided by the Father has made it an easier day to get through for all of you.. many blessings

  • flyawaynet

    Just an FYI, if you go to http://debatehub.c-span.org/
    you can watch live streaming footage – even now while they’re setting up.
    I just saw a guy standing around in a green polo, and khakis, but unfortunately he had hair.

    If he calls you back, tell him to go to one of the black tables and stand next to the pole with the Belmont sign. :)

  • Cristi

    You talked about how your post was “all over the place”. Kinda like life huh? I was reading it and was excited for Todd. Looking forward to watching the debate and looking for him. (Cause I know him-LOL) Then on to the contest. Anticipating about winners and wondering what comments you will have chosen. Then “BAM” the news of some sweet couple only getting to be with their Issac for 16 minutes. That brought the tears. Then thinking of you here 6 months later. So many feelings and thoughts. Here there and everywhere. Just like life I guess.

  • Alysa

    I am tivoing the debate! I hope to see Todd! How exciting!

    I am praying for him and praying for both of you on this day.

  • Jenna

    How exciting that Todd gets to be on stage with our next President! I hope he gets to ask his question! I’ve been praying for you and your family throughout the day. Thank you for sharing Audrey’s story with all of us! It has been so encouraging to read your blog. Thank you Angie and The Smith Family

  • Tabatha

    Okay, so I am watching C-span on TV waiting for the debate to start, or at least to see the seats on the stage get filled… I wanna see Todd walk on the stage. And I am also keeping up with it on http://debatehub.c-span.org/, the live cam on the web. The camera guy is walking around the file room and I don’t know if that’s where Todd is “in waiting”, so I keep looking to spot him there. This is so neat. I feel like I am almost as excited as you are, and I don’t even know Todd! LOL!

  • Christy

    We are tuned in adn waiting! I am SO thankful a good Christian man is on asking a question!! THis is SUCH an inportant election. Thanks for your influence!

  • Megan

    I just saw him….I am watching the preshow thing and they showed some people sitting on what looked like a stage of some sort and there was your cutie pie bald guy sitting in his green shirt and khakis GO WALMART lol…

  • BG

    I see him!!!

  • Tabatha

    front and center!!! Between a guy with a pinkish shirt and a white shirted guy wearing a tie! Awesome!!! Hi, Todd!!!

  • Christy

    Just wanted you to know that I prayed for you today.

    That is very exciting about Todd. We will be watching!!!

  • Boo

    I just saw him on C-SPAN!

  • Susan

    I’m watching CNN and I see him – on the right. Well, at least I see a bald man in a green shirt. How exciting.

  • maryanne420

    oh my gosh angie, i just saw your husband. he’s sitting next to another bald guy wearing a pink shirt. he’s going to get a lot of coverage because he is so close to where the candidates are going to be standing!

  • Christy

    We see Todd!

    My husband is actually singing “You Raise Me Up” right now. Yeah, we are big fans of you both!!!

  • Mary Leigh and Nick

    yeah. Looks like we bible study girls prayed your Todd right into the debate.
    You were on my mind all morning and now I know why. Little Audrey must have been pulling some strings up there with God since we haven’t gotten any rain in over 6 weeks and today- He showed up.
    Our God is good, isn’t he?!
    I’ll be watching for Todd tonight. Did you let him borrow your Pirate Panties?

  • AJ

    Angie- I just saw the back of Todd’s bald head! How exciting! :-) This makes the debate tonight even more exciting :-)

  • Sarah

    Just tuned into C-SPAN and I see him! Yeah! What a great thing to be a part of and what memories!!!

  • Holly

    Watching him right now– so cool! Looking forward to more updates!
    Gadsden, AL

  • christi28

    i see him!!! how exciting for y’all. i’ll be praying he gets picked so we can hear what his question will be!! so secretive they are!!!

    blessings ~

  • Cristi


  • Traci

    I SEE TODD!!!

  • Jana

    Hey Angie,
    I have been following your blog since the beginning, but only have written once. But, I just saw Todd! ANyways, I wanted to let you know that I am going to be
    e-mailing you b/c my brother in law is dying of cancer and leaving 3 little kids behind. He is a Christian and sure of his ultimate destination. I wanted you to know what an encouragement you have been during this time. Thank you for your encouragement. By the way-Love the Maxi pads story! II was entertaining a friend and her new boyfriend and taking such pleasure in my house and my life when our dog comes out. I make such a big scene saying, “ALbert, what is in your mouth? Albert, come to Mommy. WHat is in your mouth.” Realize this was probably in baby talk. I know, very embarrassing , but then as I am laughing and talking about Albert getting into everything. I realize that he has my dirty panties in his mought. What a humbling moment!!!

  • Jan

    I SEE HIM!!! I SEE HIM!!! Oh this so exciting!! I feel like it’s one of MY family members up there!! You go Todd!!!

  • Pam

    I see him! Thanks to your fashion runway preview I spotted him in a still shot on CNN.com. Now he’s front and center behind Tom Brokaw. Bring on that question Todd!

  • Melody

    I am wathcing on line right now, as they are preparing to begin.

    I swear I just saw Todd look down and check his fly…Ha!

    I can’t even imagine how nervous he must be!

    How exciting!

  • Holly

    What a great close up!! He doesn’t look nervous at all! Can’t wait to hear his question..

  • kim

    I just read your blog for the first time today, about an hour ago. WOOHOOO!!!!
    I’ll be praying for him to be calm, and by the way, your baldie is the cutest one there! (I jsut tunred it on jsut prior to them introducing Tom brokaw, where your Toddy is clearly in the background!) He’s chatting with his new baldie friend!

    You go!!!

    blessings and lotsa love,

  • AJ


  • Courtney

    I see him right now. He looks a little nervous. I know I would be too. Praying for you both.

  • Jennifer

    I see him! I see him!! ha ha ha

  • Emily Emrick

    they just did a close up of Todd – so fun! he looks excited, we’ll definitely pray that his question is asked and that he stays calm. I’m sure you’re a nervous reck for him – we’ll pray you stay calm too :)

  • Mrs. Braman

    OMGosh! I am totally watching CSPAN and when Tom Brokaw came on, I could see Todd right there. He looked like he was working really hard to keep from grinning ear to ear! GO TODD!!!

    Tricia from KC

  • Emily

    OH MY GOSH that is soooooooo cool! I called my mom and told her! I saw him a few times already! They had the camera on him for a while! I will be watching!

  • Kristi

    Aha! I knew it was him…I was sitting here waiting for it to begin, and said to my husband, “I think that’s Todd from Selah.” Praise God!! I’m praying right now!!

    Love ya’ll

  • Dana

    we saw him on cspan – Totally Cool!

  • MapleCottage

    Oh I am excited.. I hope and pray he gets to ask his question!! Hugs here.. those anniversaries can be so difficult.

  • Jenna

    aghhhh! how exciting i see him! well i see his head! and the green shirt! yay! thats so amazing!

  • Kim

    I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • KJ Schiffman

    Watching the debate right now,praying for Todd and excited for him! : ))

  • Kari

    i can see him in his green shirt! so neat! praying right now!!!!!

  • Sears Kids

    My husband and I saw him too! Wasn’t going to watch the debate tonight, but had to root for my favorite blog author’s husband!:) Go Todd!! (I also told my Mom and sister that they just had to watch!!)

  • Courtney

    We ust turned it on and as soon as they panned the floor I knew it was Todd!!!

    Hope he gets to ask his question!

  • amy

    I told my husband that I thought that was him! WAY TO GO TODD!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! :) Gosh, I’m so excited!!! We’re all praying! Doesn’t God work in the MOST AMAZING ways!!!!!!! Wow!


    I just saw Todd!

  • Cynthia Jill Photography

    Angie, I just saw Todd in the audience. Too cool! I hope he gets picked to ask his question!

  • Sara

    I so wish I was in your living room freaking out with you right now… those two bald heads are a hoot!!!


  • Tif

    WOW! Just saw your hubby!!! The guy right behind him just spoke! So cool he’s there. I hope he gets to ask his question!!!

  • melinda

    I just saw your handsome hubby and the first question was just asked! How exciting!!!!

  • Buggaboosmommy

    I just saw Todd!!!

    He looks very interested in what they’re saying!!!

  • krista

    I just saw Todd’s head! This is so exciting

  • Terynn

    I spy Todd!

  • jennyanne

    I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Audre

    I just saw him. What an honor and privilege for him. I hope he enjoys it

  • Margaret

    i see him! i see him! how exciting!

  • Erin

    I’m looking at your husband, just a few steps from Barack Obama, right this minute!!! How cool is that!?!? Nice shirt, too, Todd! Excellent choice.

  • heartsfullofluv

    He has already been on several times!! WOW!

  • Dani

    I just saw TODD!! AHHH! I am so excited! They picked the guy above him. They better pick him next! :)

  • Joy

    WOW!! I see him!!

  • ………………

    You make me laugh and cry OUT LOUD in such rapid succession that my husband thinks that I have lost my mind! You are awesome. Best wishes to Todd, it is starting!

    Ooooh I just saw him! :~)

  • Courtney

    I SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I know I’ve never met him or you in person before, but I feel like I just saw someone I KNOW on T.V.!!! How exciting!! :)


  • Life Glimpsed: The Denglers

    LOOK LOOK! 9:05 eastern std. time and i’m staring right at your todd’s noggin on TV!!! how exciting! isn’t God so good…don’t you know todd is little kid crazy excited right now?!

  • Nancy

    I just saw Todd!!! How cool is that??? I’m so excited for you all! What a neat opportunity!

  • Jody

    I just spotted Todd! How exciting!

  • $5 Dinner Mom

    What a fun and neat experience for him and your family! I hope he gets to ask his question!

  • lori

    I see your man on tv right now
    how freakin cool

  • justmyopinion12

    I see him! I see him! I don’t even “know” either of you but I feel like I do! I’m so excited for you both! What a cool experience!

  • Kristy

    I saw Todd! I can’t believe that I “know” someone who is sitting that close to the Presidential candidates!!!! Way too COOL!!!!! Do you think they sat him that close to the other baldy on purpose??? :)

  • Lyndsay

    I SEE HIM, I SEE HIM! He looks to calm, LOL. I’d be white as a sheet …

  • Leeann

    I totally see Todd!! Cracks me up that they put him with three other bald guys. Is that some kind of test for us?? LOL!!!!!!

    GO TODD!

  • Erin

    I see your husband right now! How fun!

  • Becky

    I am totally freakin’! Todd is getting so much “air time”. Woo hoo! Let’s hope his question makes it!

  • GloryandGrace

    I just saw Todd as the first guy asked a question!! My husband and I both immediately recognized him :)

  • Leslie

    Just saw your man!!! So exciting!!!

  • d

    I see him!!!! :)

  • Kerry

    hey – that’s him in front of the guy who asked question #1 – right?? That is too cool…

  • Rae

    I SAW HIM I SAW HIM!!!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!!! How exciting for your family!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

    Love to you and your family!!


  • Kendra Lee

    I see him! WOW! This is exciting for you guys. Hey, they just put the camera over there and my daughter said… “Wow, lots of bald people.” LOL

  • Tara Marie

    i see todd on the telly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrst1217

    I saw him, its only been two minutes and your darling husband has already been on the TV. You must be so proud :)

  • Misty

    I’m watching him right now, he’s like 2 feet from John McCain!! Prayers for peace, and I hope he gets to ask his question!

  • Heather

    I see him!!!! I spotted him right away and then I came and read your update- I didn’t know you already knew he was in the front row! This is so exciting!!!! I really, really hope he gets to ask his question!!!!! This is too cool Angie!

  • Julieloo

    I just Saw Mr. Angie Smith. Go Belmont Alum!!
    I cant wait to see if he gets to sing.. i mean ask a question.

  • Mountainmom

    OMG—I cannot believe your husband is sitting there with John McCain standing right in front of him!! What a memory!
    Lori in VA

  • mommymae

    i see him!! oo, how exciting for him! and you!

  • Ruth

    Forget about the three tenors. It’s the three bald guys!!!

  • Briana

    Look at Todd right in front of McCain! He should have totally worn a Selah shirt :)

  • Candice

    Wow is right – Todd is all over the TV screen – with 4 baldies in the same tv shot…amazing. Are they discriminating by making them all sit together? GO TODD!!!

  • Angela

    Just saw him!! First question, and he gets airtime!! I know that your house was full of squeals :o )

  • Kimberly J

    There he is!! Praying!! :)

  • Rachel Boldman

    I know you get TONS of comments and will probably not ever read or respond to this…but hopefully you will!!! Your friend Jessica Turner…I know her. Well, kind of. She is from Wisconsin, and in my freshman year of college I dated one of her close friends from High School. Mind you, this is way down in Florida. The reason I know who she is and why she sticks out in my mind is because this guy I dated, Dan, was completely and totally obsessed with her! He always talked about how awesome and amazing she was, and I spoke with her several times and every word he said was true! Anyway, I thought this was a crazy, “small world” story and just had to share it. So…by the 6-degrees-of-separation dealy, You and I are totally BFF! Just kidding. Oh, and I just saw your hubby on tv!

    Rachel Boldman

  • Susie

    I see him too!! Did he get picked for a question?

  • Wayne Images

    I see him! I see him!

  • touchofglory

    AHHHH! I’m watching from KY, just about an hour and a half away from you guys, and I feel like I’m watching a friend on TV!!! We’ve never met, but I feel like I have a friend at the debate!!! I’ve been telling my husband about this all day! You must be so proud!

  • S

    I have not read the blog today and I just turned on the tv to watch the debate and I saw Todd right up front! I screamed at my husband, “That’s Angie’s husband, Todd!” Of course, he had to think who I was talking about and I jumped online to be sure it was really him! Ok, I’ll start praying now! Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Jennifer

    I JUST SAW TODD BY THE BALD GUY! Wow that’s a good looking shirt from Wal-mart. He’s on their a ton! How cool!!!

  • Jules from "The Roost"

    OH MY GOSH!!! I see him on TV. I don’t even really know you but I am excited. I feel like I know you! I am praying . Oh my gosh this is exciting! Did I say Oh My Gosh:)

  • Anita

    It’s kinda weird that I’m watching your husband on t.v.

  • Queen B

    Just saw him!!! Praying for him!

  • Jamie

    OMG, I was watching the debate, as I clicked on your blog!!!! That is so cool. I am looking at Todd right now, he’s sitting next the boy who looks 15.

  • Sara

    I see him! Looks great :) That is so exciting for him – must be very cool to be a part of the debate.

    I am praying for you today. I know it is tough. She must be so proud of her daddy tonight!

  • PletcherFamily

    I think I see him!!

  • lespitts

    wow. he has a good seat! i just turned it on and he is front and center…looking all prim and proper!!! that is so exciting!

  • Jennifer P.

    I see Todd!!!! :o )

  • Carolyn

    Just saw Todd on tv. How oool is that!?! Hope he gets to ask his question.

  • have a lovely

    I will have to come back and read this post…but I just got on your blog because i thought i saw your hubby on the front row…the top of your post confirmed it. wow!! hopefully he’ll get to ask a question

  • Tracye

    I see him! I see him! I see him!

    Right there behind McCain!

    GO TODD!

    Already prayed for him!

  • the rye family

    cool – feel like jules – like we know you and one of our friends is THERE!! :) good looking walmart “duds”! :)

  • Jennifer

    My hubbie and I are cracking up. There are sooooo many bald men, but I noticed Todd right away. He is now counting them….oh brother. Todd looks so serious….

  • joyboytinkertoy

    i totally see your husband.. i checked here just to see if it was him.. i was like that so looks like her husband.. how cool.

  • Anna

    I had no idea this was going on at all! My husband and I are watching the debate right now, and at the first question, they showed the man who asked, and I jumped, because I recognized Todd beside him immediately! How awesome!

  • Coaches Silvia

    I see Todd! I turned on the debate and checked your blog at the same time. I was reading and glanced up at the tv and there he is! Anyway, I’m praying for him.

    Love your blog by the way. Thank you for opening your heart up and serving the Lord in such amazing ways. You are an inspiration and I have used many things you’ve said with the teenage girls I mentor.

  • Joelle

    angie! this is SO COOL! and apparently you have to be bald to be in the group!! he will do great. me and my friends who all work in the senate are watching tonight and cheering him on! now you will just have to come to DC and let us show you around!

  • Cindy-Still His Girl

    Wow! Front row! Witnessing history! I’m paying as much attention to him as I am to the candidates. ;) Tell him he looks good. Praying for you today.

  • Donna Lyn

    I saw him I had to put it on live pause so I could show my son who he was. I bet it would be SO neat to be so close to all the action. I just hope he gets to ask his question.

  • Mare

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Carrie

    So fun! We’re watching it right now. Weird … that I think I know him. I just told my husband “There he is, there he is!” He said, ‘Carrie, you don’t actually know the guy!” Can’t wait to hear his question :)

  • Emily

    Hey Angie,
    I’ve emailed you once before and I read the blog often. I hadn’t read your blog today but just started watching the debate. All of a sudden I looked up and I saw him and thought– I think that’s Todd, Angie’s husband. Just from your few pictures on the blog I knew it was him. You must be proud! How cool! Mr. Angie Smith on national TV! I can’t wait to keep watching.
    Keep writing! So many of us love it!

  • Kim

    I see him! :) Lovely green shirt!

  • B&C

    I am watching this tonight because of your blog (canceled other plans with softball team!) and I was rewarded to see Todd – proof real people get to go to these things!

    Good luck!

  • B&C

    I am watching this tonight because of your blog (canceled other plans with softball team!) and I was rewarded to see Todd – proof real people get to go to these things!

    Good luck!

  • Dugans

    My husband just turned to me and was like hey is that Todd Smith? The guy from Selah ( we were just tuning into the debate)
    I was positive it was, how bizzare, so I went and checked your blog – cause you would say something right! And it is.
    Very very cool.
    btw- love that he is wearing a Walmart outfit.
    ..ok i am going to actually pay attention now.
    Bless you

  • Jenn

    So I turned on the debate, hadn’t checked the blog at all today and the first person I see is your husband sitting in the front row. I immediately ran to the computer to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Congrats to him. That would be an awesome experience.

  • Courtney

    Oh….and he’s much cuter than the baldie next to him! :)

  • Baby steps to where we want to be

    AWESOME!!!! i totally just saw him and pointed him out to my hubby and said “i know him… thats Todd my friend Angie’s husband” he laughed and asked if was one of my “blogging friends”

  • Mandy

    Oh.My.Word…I can’t believe that you are married to a celebrity. My husband and I are watching and I can’t listen to the candidates for looking for Todd. How cool is that!!!


  • Traci

    Oh, Angie!! This is SO cool!! I don’t know either one of you, but I have been reading your story since day one. One of my best friends attends your bible study and I feel like I know you. To see Todd on TV feels like I’m seeing someone I know!! This is too cool!! I hope he gets to ask his question! Thinking and praying for you always,

    Traci VanNostran

  • Leeann

    I see him, I see him, I see him!
    and his outfit looks great! praying!!

  • Amy Lafayett

    Crack me up. When I saw him right there IN THE FRONT all I could picture was him with his shirt raised up and selahonline written on his belly that he talked about in his email. My husband asked why I was laughing out loud when I first turned on the tv and saw him. I hope he gets to ask a question.

    How exciting. I hope he gets to ask his question. . . if not, can you tell us what he was going to ask? I feel like I have a friend there and I don’t know you all except for your blog and that I am a Nashville girl too!! :)

  • Jaime

    I didn’t read your blog all day and I turned on the debate and thought hey that’s Todd! How cool is he! So exciting. He looks so serious

  • The Mom

    Wow! First person I saw when I turned it on was Todd! (I think he’s getting more face time than anyone! Heehee)

  • kinsey

    I feel like I know Todd as I sit here and watch! Fun!

  • I’m Kelli.

    I see him!! I see him!! yay! :)

  • Rachel

    I see him! I see him! Right there where you said! Green shirt, bald head (my husband is a baldie too!) How exciting! I hope he gets to ask his question.

  • Brandee

    Waving to Todd on the screen… I have my 18 month old saying “Todd” everytime she sees a bald guy on TV …LOL, and my hubby is a baldy too :)

  • painterschik1

    There he is! How cool is that. Go Todd! REPRESENT!!

  • Jenn

    Watching Todd, I mean the debate, too!! I spotted him as soon as we turned it on! (And my hubby, who also reads your blog, was like “Yep! That’s really him!”)

    Prayers going up! So excited for him!

  • Erin McGraw

    I am so excited for you all. I have been following your blog for a while now. I sat down to watch the debate and thought, that looks like Angie’s husband. So I checked your blog and sure enough it is him. I am watching with much anticipation. God Bless you and your family, thanking for being so honest with how God is ever present in your lives. Erin

  • LaTricia

    I just saw him on TV! How exciting! I pray that God will be shown in this debate tonight. I hope you recorded this!!
    LaTricia from Virginia

  • paula08

    I can’t believe he’s right there in the front row! I feel like I know him personally and I plan to go to work tomorrow and tell all my friends that I knew someone at the debate! :)

  • Darlene R.

    I see him! That is so stinkin’ cool! I found him right away!
    So glad it’s him and not me!

  • Baseballs and Tutu’s

    I see him! His new outfit looks great! Hope he gets to ask his question :)

    Yeah for him!!!!

  • joyfullness

    Angie..i have been following you and your family…not really..just on your blog…for awhile now..
    i just started watching this debate..and saw your hunky hubby on the front row… i had not read your posts this week yet…and had to see if it was real…because i knew you would be blogging about it if it was!!! This is so much fun for your family..and i feel like Todd is representing us all..
    Great (affordable) new outfit!!
    and from a real family..with a real wife…who loves our very REAL GOD!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!
    ok..back to the debate…

  • Tara Renae

    LOL! I see him– I see HIM!!! And, might I add that he looks sharp in his Walmart garb! It’s not easy being green… but he makes it lookk like a piece of cake. Or, in this case… a piece of debate. Go TODD!!!

  • Mindy May

    My cousin recognized Todd from the pictures on your blog. We both are praying for him to be chosen to ask his question. We are also praying for your family today.

  • Sneaky Momma

    Wow! Way too cool! What an awesome opportunity!

  • Julie

    Watching and praying!!

    This is so cool, by the way! I can totally picture all of us sitting in front of our tvs pointing out the baldie on the right in the green shirt and squealing. I even told my hubby that his shirt is from Walmart, like a total smarty-pants. hehe

  • Amanda

    I saw him right away! And I had to laugh when I saw the baldie next to him AND the baldie behind him! Did they powder their heads backstage to avoid major light glare from that section??? :)

  • Alysa

    Wow! He is right there! How fun :)

  • Heath and Karen Orr

    I just saw him too! He looks GOOD! Hope he gets to ask his question. Praying!!

    Karen Orr

  • kc mom

    I am all excited sitting here in my living room with my parents, husband and daughter. I keep yelling at the screen, “There he is!!! Do you see him?? That is Todd. I know his wife’s blog!!! He’s the one in the green shirt, bald head!!! See him, see him???”
    Ok, they are kicking me out to the garage. My mouth has been taped shut……atleast I can still type out my excitement!!!

  • Silvia

    I recognized him before I even checked your blog. I have to pause my tivo to come check your blog and get some sort of confirmation. I’ll check back after the debate is over. How exciting!

  • Mishel

    Yep, I see him too! How cool is that?! He looks very intent. : )

    We’re praying for him!

  • Jenny

    Todd for President!

  • allyhoff

    Is he next to the guy in a salmon colored shirt? That is so cool! Is he going to blog about the experience????

  • Amy’s Blah, Blah, Blogging

    Everytime I see him I think, hey, there’s Todd from Selah…how totally cool!! Good for him and I am interested to hear his question!

  • thoughts and ramblings

    I SEE HIM I SEE HIM!!!!! lol.

    YAY TODD!!!!

    How exciting!

    If he already asked his question, I missed it. :(

    Prayers for peace and calmness!



  • new mom in law

    I see him! I called my daughter-in-law and said *one of our Blogger hubbys is on the debate* We have a BFF on tv!!! Praying!

  • Erin K.

    Oh my word! I haven’t been on your blog for a few days so I didn’t know anything about Todd being invited to the debate tonight. I wasn’t even planning to watch it but DH has it on, and I was half watching it I did a double take and said, “Oh my word! That has to be Todd!!!” DH thought I was crazy – “Todd who??”

    I’m so excited that I was right! How cool!

  • Aspiemom

    I see him, too! At first I went running to turn on the TV and look for “the bald one” in the front. Then I started laughing at how many baldies were in the front! I’m glad you told us his shirt color now.

    Thanks for telling us about Stacy and her baby. How sad. I prayed for her and will check with with her blog.

  • Mommynurse

    I see him! That’s awesome.

  • Finding Normal

    Too cool! I had to hope online to see if you had updated. I was thinking that was Todd. I hope he gets to ask his question. And is he REALLY undecided?!?! I just can’t fathom being undecided.

  • Kim

    SO awesome! I see him! He’s gettin’ lots of air time!! Praying for God to speak through him!!!!

  • laughing out loud

    I told my husband that i “knew” someone who might get to be a part of the forum tonight…and he totally did not believe me…then it started and I said, ” OMGosh…bald head green shirt…there he is!!!!!

    How exciting is this????

    I hope he gets to ask his question!!!!


  • hateful britches

    Angie, I’ve never commented, emailed, anything – but when I saw Todd in the audience tonight I paused the tv and blurted out to my husband “That’s Todd Smith! He’s the husband of AngiewhoseblogIread!” So awesome! He’ll do a great job if he gets chosen.
    ~ have prayed for you guys

  • Lori Heinrich

    My poor husband is tired of hearing me:

    “Angie’s husband, Todd, is going to be on the debate! I can’t wait to hear his question!”

    “There he is! Right there! Did you see him? Let’s rewind…”

    He chuckles as he wonders if I remember that I have never met my dear friend, Angie, or her husband!

    I’m praying for you both tonight and sending love from a distance.

  • Ruthanne

    So, I hadn’t read your post yet today and knew nothing about Todd being on the debate. (I swear, I didn’t.) I tuned into the debate and as I was walking through the living room, I saw a bald guy in a green shirt and said, “That’s Todd!” (like I know him personally) I immediately called another friend who reads your blog and said, “Look at the guy in the green shirt–it’s Angie’s husband Todd.” She was yelling at the TV–”move over McCain–I want to see Todd.” LOL

  • jamie b

    I just saw your man next to 2 other bald men :) How awesome he was on camera first thing! I am just starting to watch so I can’t wait to see if he gets to ask his question :)

  • melinda

    That handsome baldie is all over the television air time!!!

  • Erin

    So do you think that he is actually paying attention or just rehearsing his question in his head? That is what I would be doing because I would be so nervous! Blessings to you both and I am glad that you have something fun today to keep your mind off of this sad anniversary.

  • Stacy

    I hadn’t read the blog lately so when I started watching I thought, Gosh that guy looks familiar, then it dawned on me who he looked like. I thought I would check out the blog and see if it really was him and sure enough. What a giant privilege! God Bless your family.

  • Laura Ann

    I just saw TODD and he is looking so handsome. He is FRONT ROW JOE!

  • momofonefornow

    I just tuned in and they panned right to Todd. I was all (in a squealing voice) “There is Todd! He’s totally 5 feet away from the next President of the United States!!!!”

  • The Reid Family

    Todd looks great! What a great plug for Wal-Mart. He needs to be a walking spokes person for the company. Way to go Todd & Angie.

  • Lucy

    I just saw him on tv…. so so cool!!

  • Kelly

    Before I even read this post, I spotted Todd (since I “know” him from the blog). Anyway, I screamed and about fell out of my chair. My husband thought I was crazy. You could see him so well! Especially during the beginning. I mean John McCain was practically touching him:) Way to go Todd! We are from Nashville, and my hubby saw one of his classmates, too…Random! Now I believe that the Gallup polls are for real:)

  • Tim and Leslie

    I am watching right now! He is getting some serious air time!! Go Todd!!!

  • Mark and Niki

    I see him, I see him!

  • Lissette

    Oh my goodness! Not knowing about this post, my husband pointed out Todd in the Audience and I said “let me check Angie’s site”. Sure enough, it is Todd! Wow! How interesting! Good luck to him!

  • harmonysong

    Just turned it on and saw Todd! I was all bu myself in the kitchen, but got so exited and exclaimed “There’s TODDY-yay!” I am sure he would not approve of anyone calling him that aside from you, but it just came out! :)

  • Ashley Beth

    It’s like Todd is the star of the show, he’s on there so often! And that outfit looks good – totally can’t tell it’s from Wal-Mart! :) So fun, way to go Todd! Praying for your whole family today, as I do everyday! Blessings…

  • joyjaxjenna

    Okay, I never comment, But I have to say…Very Cool! I see your hubby and he looks great! You should be very proud. I only hope we get to hear his question! I had to make a couple phone calls to some people today to say, "hey, did you see that Angie's husband is going to be at the debate tonight?" It's like we know you all personally :)
    And since I never comment, I wanted to say that I saw the pictures of the room at the Hope Clinic and it brought tears to my eyes. Very pretty…but who could expect anything less coming from such a pretty spirit as you.

    Thinking of your sweet baby & family today.

  • Holly

    I SEE HIM!!! This is so cool, I am so excited for him Angie!!! The funny part, I started reading your blog while Tony and I are laying in bed watching the debate, I told Tony.. Todd’s there… then, Tony says “there he is.. that’s him” -LOL, my husband found Todd… so funny, you’d think we knew you guys for really real not just for real :) So, happy for him! And he looks just find in his new duds!

  • Grace

    I saw him!! How exciting and what an awsome experience!

    Praying for you and your family today and for baby Isaac’s family.

  • Smoochiefrog

    I tuned in just to see if I saw him. There he is, right on the front row! Cool!

  • evelyn

    oh my goodness he’s on the front page of the msnbc website!!! looking very serious..how exciting!!!

  • Jennifer

    They said the people in the hall are undecided voters. Is Todd truly undecided?

  • GE is me

    So I haven't been on here in a few days. My husband & I are watching the debate on Fox news tonite & I'm looking at the crowd & I see this guy in a green oxford shirt who's bald. I'm like that looks like Todd Smith from Selah & the debate is in Nashville tonight…hhhmmmm. So decided to come on line & sure enough. It is your hubby. He looks great & very intent- hanging on every word these candidates are saying.
    My question is this- Brokaw said the crowd was people who are on the fence in regards to who they are voting for. Yet reading your blog, it doesn't sound like that is the case.
    Praying for peace for you today & that we get to hear Todd's question.

  • Meredith

    I so see your husband! How weird this will be when he reads all those post of us crazy people that were staring him down during the debate. Bless his heart! Love your blog and love you! You’re a blessing.

  • Tracey

    I just spotted Todd while watching the debate and came over to your blog to confirm it was him…I never recognize anyone!

    Unfortunately, my husband got so frustrated with the candidates answers he had to turn if off because he was starting to say cuss words. We are taping it so I will go back and watch to see if Todd gets to ask his question!

  • natalie

    everytime I see Todd back there I see your beautiful face in my mind, you guys fit so perfectly together. Such a cute couple!!!
    what a gorgeous family you are…you two and all 4 of your girls.
    You all are in my prayers!

  • Cassie

    I hadn’t read your post earlier today….and was sitting here watching the debate…and I told my husband…That is Todd…He is the lead singer of Selah…the husband of a blogger friend of mine…so I came and logged on to be sure…and I was right!!! Go Todd! Praying for him….God Bless.

  • Tales From the Eurovan

    I just saw your hubby on TV!

    How exciting!!
    Take care,

  • Jessica


    Check out the picture on MSNBC.

  • Melissa

    This is, maybe, my 2nd time to comment. I hadn’t read that Todd would be on tonight, but I just saw him and came to tell you! Duh, you blogged about it! Well, anyway…I saw him. :)

    Now, time to go read the rest of your post…

  • Courtney

    I just got on to write you a comment to ask if Todd was on the debate. Lo and beyond you had already written about it! Now I feel like a super stalker for recognizing a man I know from a BLOG on tv.
    Hope he has fun!

  • Southern Gal

    He was easy to spot and not because of the bald head…gracious, there are lots of bald heads there…but because of his green shirt and bald head!

    How exciting!


  • Matt and Cristin

    I just saw your hubby! Yeah for you guys! :) How fun…!!!

  • Erin

    hi. just saw Todd on the debate…I came right to the blog to see if you had mentioned it. I told my husband it looked like him and then i remembered it was in Nashville, it probably was him. that’s awesome, I hope he borrows your blog to tell us about it! God bless!

  • Wendy

    I am watching the debate right now and thought I saw this man who looked like your husband so I got on your blog to see if my hunch was right. Yay for Todd….am praying right now that they ask for his question!

  • Erin

    Here’s the question. Your husband has been on TV before: is this like a million times more exciting?! And let me also just mention how impressed I am with him for keeping the same pose these last 55 minutes. I would have shifted in my seat at least 49 times by now!

  • busy momma

    You are cracking me up! And I must hurry and get back to the tv….I just had to see if there were updates…my family was laughing at me because I acted like I really knew the man with the green shirt. “Yes. It’s Todd Smith. I know his wife.”
    I guess that was somewhat of a lie…I only feel like I know y’all :)

  • laurieboozer

    It’s 9:45 p.m. and I’m watching the debate while I’m doing my job at the computer (medical transcription) and I see this guy and think – wait a minute that’s Angie’s Todd – oh my goodness! I had not had a chance to read the blog today so I immediately came to it and scanned it to see that it really was him! Wow! How exciting for him! Okay, back to work (and the debate.)

  • Rosie Vaughn

    I am sitting here watching the debate and THERE HE IS!!!! How proud you must be! Such a talented man – such a beautiful family! I stumbled upon your blog today and can honestly say that my life has been changed! I am a 47 year old mother of three grown children in Western New York. I have never questioned my life and have been living day in and day out in what I now realize has been a “fog”. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. After spending close to eight hours (whew) reading your pages and pages of the heart wrenching, amazing details of your life, I realize that life is so much more than I have been living. It has been a soul searching day of tears, smiles and a deep realization that I have missed so much that has been right in front of my nose. We, (my family), have drifted from the church and God over the years and I am so saddened by that fact. Your pages and your words and your sweet little baby girl touched me so deeply today that it has literally brought me to my knees in shame and grief. I have found myself begging God tonight to forgive me for turning away from him and asked him to let me back into his arms. I hope that in time that I can find the peace you have ever present in your life. I know deep down that He has never let me out of His arms and that it was me that turned away, but it was for reasons that are too deep to get into right now. Your faith and your love shows me that it is possible to find peace in His care and that no one is ever alone. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your life and I know it was not a “fluke” that I stumbled upon your blog today. With all the thousands of blogs out there, the chances of me finding you today was nothing short of a miracle! Praise His pushing me in the right direction! the fates smiled on me today! Your baby girl’s miracle has worked once again and you should find comfort that her magic is still at work! She was truly a gift to this world. A special gift to me today! Thanks so much for touching my life! By the way…your husband look so handsome on TV (LOL)!

  • Emily

    SO cool. I saw Audrey’s daddy RIGHT NOW. :)

  • Worshipping One

    Well, I didn’t read the post until after I recognized Todd in the front row at the debate. How cool is that… a chance of a lifetime. I went to the blog site and sure enough you told us about it. I’m praying for Todd, he is still waiting to ask “his question” GO TODD!!!! Angie loved the maxi pad story! Never a dull moment at your house.

  • Sarah Taylor

    Gosh, I’d be so afraid I would accidently pick my nose or fidget with my hands. The whole time I’d be thinking “no sudden movements! don’t look like a dork!” He’s doing great Angie! I hope you’re DVR’ing it so he can watch it back later. That green shirt looks great on our HD screen! -Sarah from Seattle

  • Leigh Howe

    I just got home (10 minutes too late to see this debate from the beginning…darn…did I miss Todd’s question?!?!) and I thought “oh yeah this is in nashville…I wonder if angie and todd are there?”

    then i started reading your post 5 minutes later and find out todd is there! how funny!

    i called my mom and said, “remember i told you about meeting angie on saturday at the retreat? well her hubby who sang so beautifully that day is sitting right on john mccain’s left!”

    how funny i wondered that and “voila” – right there he is!

    I am praying for you all today. I noticed the date… God’s best to you all.
    -Heather (Southland)

  • Rob and Amy

    yup…right now…while talking about healthcare being a right, necessity..etc..you can see Todd clear as day behind McCain!!!!! Crazy!!!!!

  • Missy

    This is crazy! I just came in here to see if you had posted recently b/c I SWORE that I recognized your husband on the debate but thought “No way-I haven’t read anything about it on the blog” so I will just comment and ask if he is there b/c it sure does look like pics of him from the blog!!! Sure enough-there it is-the latest post! That is pretty scary that I have recognized him from this!!! I feel like a stalker now! :) Just kidding-I recognized your friend Jessica at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and was scared to say anything to her that she would be scared that I was stalking her!!!!! Funny! Tell him Congrats on getting to be there!!! My friend is a Super Delegate and lives in Franklin and didn’t even get to go!!!! Can’t wait to hear updates!!! Missy

  • Matt and Becca

    I do not know you at all, other than through this blog, yet I was freaking out when I saw Todd, “Oh my gosh! There he is! Babe, that’s him right there!” Poor DH was clueless…

  • Cass
  • Beth

    I’m watching and I see him, Angie! I sure hope he gets to ask his question!!

  • SaraMelene

    I KNEW that was your husband! That’s great he gets to be there. I recognized him and then came to leave a comment here-and was happily surprised to see you had already written about it. I hope it’s an awesome experience for him.

  • momof2greatboys

    THERE HE IS!!! YEA!!! What a privilage it is to be on that stage!!! Praying that God will use this moment to somehow glorify HIM!!! God Bless!

  • Krystal

    Oh my goodness I see him! He is front and center! How awesome is that!

  • ~K.m.L~

    We recorded the debate and just when I walked in the room your husband was on TV and I blurted out to my husband…”Hey I know that guy!”"He’s sings in Selah!” Ok, so I don’t know him, but I did recognize him:) Then I had to jump on your site to see if it was true.

    Praying for you tonight.

  • Amy

    i rushed home tonight so i could see your honey on TV! wow! i told myRobert (my Mr.) that my friend’s husband was in the presidential debate audience. and he said what friend?…and i had to tell him ANG! then i had a lot to explain…(no, i don’t really know her, yes, i just read her blog…blah, blah, blah)

    yes, i know we have never met, but you are my friend and hopefully one day we will meet. so proud for Todd! way to represent! lol!

  • Joy

    We are watching the debates and my husband says, “Hey, that guy looks like Todd from Selah, look him up!” So we checked your blog. Thanks for posting that info. Neat to see him there. :)

  • Donna Kay

    WOW, Just logged on to your blog while watching the debate! ! ! ! So glad I did, He is getting a lot of air time! ! ! ! Really somethingg!

  • Jan

    How exciting, you must be so proud!!! What a wonderful opportunity he had…how cool:)

  • Pam A

    I’ve been watching him the whole debate! How exciting. From the posts, I thought maybe he’d be up there grinning like a cheshire cat, but he’s acting responsible and calm! :)

  • surfmomma4

    Hi, I didn;t read your post about Todd, but I sure did recognize him and had to hurry up and sign on to see if it was him..how cool for him..way to go..

  • Katherine

    So cool! I just saw him. I like the town hall format.

  • Yvonne


    I just have to tell you that I have been reading your blog and praying for your family for the last 10 months. I am sitting here on my couch watching the debate and keep thinking, that really looks like Todd Smith (even though we have never met!) Then I thought Angie will have it on her blog if it is and sure enough! CRAZY! Just wanted to let you know that I recognized him simply from reading your blog. I pray for you all everyday and am so excited that Todd is getting to be a part of history tonight! God Bless!

  • KL

    I have never read your blog until today. Found it through My Charming Kids blog. I am married to a Todd also and have 4 kids. Anyway, just saw your Todd on the Debate in the background. Pretty neat! Hope your recording it:)

  • Mary

    You know what’s funny…. this just shows how much blog world joins us. I feel like you’re a real friend cause I just got excited to see Todd in his green shirt like you said. LOL! My husband thinks I’m a nut job. Oh well. You brought a smile to my night. :o )

  • Kathi

    This is so awesome Angie!!! I am watching Todd right now on the debate. I hope he gets to ask a question.

  • Amy

    How exciting! I’m so glad it’s not me, I would be so nervous. I’m watching it with my husband right now. I hope we haven’t missed his question. I hope you’re recording this! :)

  • Lynne

    I just stumbled on to your blog while listening to the debate…read that your husband is there and what he’s wearing…looked up and there he was right in front of me. Wierd! Definitely cool. Congratulations to him.


  • Tif

    Hi again!

    I started this post to you earlier but got distracted at work and never came back to it. I hope that all of the excitement of the day has helped “distract” you from your pain related to your sweet dear Audrey.

    I wrote a tribute post to you awhile back as your faith has been such an inspiration to me. My kids know of your story and know that it’s forever changed our family as I am a much better mom today…as a result of your testimony. We as a family lift your family up in prayer on a daily basis.

    After unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep last night, I gave up and began to spend some time with God. I laid awake most of the night grieving, praying, begging for dear Stacy that God perform a miracle through sweet Isaac.

    Six months ago today, it feels just like yesterday, I did the same for you and your Audrey.

    I can attempt to carry grief for both of you and Stacy…and I can tell you my heart aches…feels broken…so broken. But the reality of it all is that I can’t know how it truly feels to walk in your shoes. I can’t even imagine the pain….if my heart hurts the way it does as an outsider …again I just can’t imagine the true pain.

    Please know that you are covered with the prayer of so many….and will continue to be throughout the days ahead. Know that my children pray for your girls…that God will give them peace and understanding about not having their dear sister here on earth with them.

    Thank you again for your courage to share your life with so many.

    In His love,


  • Kahla

    I see him, I see him!!! How awesome!

  • Di

    I am so excited! So my husband and I were watching the debate; I saw Todd and said, “That looks like Angie’s husband, you know from the blog I love, ‘Bring the Rain’ “. He said really? The more times I saw him I KNEW it was him. So I decided to check your blog to see if I could verify. Sure enough… I am PRAYING for him. What an awesome opportunity the Lord has given him!

  • Just a simple gal

    WE SEE HIM!! How exciting – and funny ina way that he’s nervous about it when he sings in front of people night after night. Praying for him – and we hope we can see him ask a question !

  • Kathleen

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just saw him! Just now read the blog and looked up and there he is!!

  • Kelli Davis

    Yeah Todd!! He looks very serious. Very intense (secret-service like) and professional. Waiting for his name to be called…
    Pretty suave outfit for Wal-Mart… Who says you can’t get good fashion for cheap?!? :)

  • Melissa

    I saw him!! I saw him!! There he is again. I am so excited to see someone I know.(But don’t really know.:)) GO Todd!!!

  • Courtney

    I was watching the debate and just saw him. I turned to my sister and said, “Oh my gosh… I know someone up there on stage!” She said, “Really, who?”

    “Umm… ok, I don’t actually know him. I read his wife’s blog and I love his music though, doesn’t that count?”

  • Amanda-The Family News!

    I SEE HIM…I SEE HIM!!!! I am SO super excited for you, him and well, just everyone!!!! how COOL!!!! He looks to be doing a super cool layed back job!!!

  • Melissa

    I just emailed you because I hadn’t read your blog yet today. LOL. BUt I see that I was right…I spied a baldie that I thought looked familiar!! LOL. How exciting. Shannon Stinson (who is doing your Stepping Up study) read your story through my blog and I am so glad she and many other women are able to do this study with you. I did it this past summer, and as you know, lost my daughter March 8th, 2008. It was perfect timing for me. How are you liking it??

  • Tamara

    I so see him! I am cracking up that I actually know someone (ok, so I don’t know him personally but I love your blog and live in M’boro ;0) HOW COOL!!!!!!

  • Iris

    How Cool!!! I hope he gets to ask his question!

  • Jill

    This is so exciting for Todd. I can hear the monologue when he gets into bed tonight. He looks like he is listening so intently. I want to thank you for the blessing and encouragement you have been to me. I love your stories, and how you are living out your faith in the most real and beautiful way. Thank you! Jill
    P.S. Go Belmont! My brother graduated from there in the early eighties.

  • Kyle

    I see him!! So cool! I feel important just because I “know” him!!! Can’t wait to read about his thoughts on this experience. Praying for your family!

  • Bo and Becky

    Angie, I had not read your post until just now. My husband and I were watching the debate. I see Todd and say to my husband, “That looks like Angie’s husband, Todd. You know the singer with Selah. He agrees.” I tell him I’m going to see if you had posted anything about it, and low and behold, you have and it is him! This is great. I hope I haven’t missed him asking his question. I will be back to see what else you post!

    Becky in Alabama

  • SB

    I just saw Todd….and the other baldie. =o) Looking for him in the audience is more exciting than listening the debate. lol

  • Davis Family Blog

    OMG that was funny! I ready your blog outload and told my husband to look for Todd…when he saw him on the TV he said leave a comment to her saying, “I saw him and his armpits were sweaty!” LOL

  • Kiley

    I’ve been following your blog for several months now. Thanks for you strong commitment to Christ and the grace and strength and reality you have shown in circumstances that many of us have never been through. You are inspirational!

    Praying for your family and excited for your new homeschooling adventures. We homeschool our boys, too!

    AND…thank you for posting about Todd being on the debate tonight. I spotted him right away and got out a Selah CD to show my husband. He didn’t believe it was him. And so I sat nose to nose with the TV comparing CD to the man on the TV insisting that it was Todd. Finally I said, “Well, if it is him, I bet it’s on Angie’s blog!” How awesome for him!

  • Ang

    He has been on a lot!! I have watched the coverage on Channel 4 since about 5 pm. They even had impersonators on of Sarah Palin, George Bush and Bill Clinton! I bet Nashville is CRAZY today!

    It seems as though you had an exciting day to distract you!

  • The Oakes

    just got home….and it looks like I may have missed his question. Please fill me in!

  • Sara

    This is so awesome. I hope he gets to ask his question.

  • Marilena

    I see him!! How exciting!! I hope he gets to ask his question!!


  • JoyInHim65

    I see him, Angie! :) Awesome!!!

  • Ashlie

    can you share his question w/ us…in case he doesn’t get to ask it! so exciting….

  • Pam D

    I've been watching the debate… just checked your blog for the day and WOW… I saw your man!!!! How very cool is that? OOOh…. there he is again, RIGHT behind McCain as he talks about Putin!!!! whoa. I'm from Nashville.. my mom and bro said it's wild there. So very cool to be a part of history.. wtg, Todd! :<)

  • Mom23

    Had not checked your blog today. I sit down a few moments ago after getting all the kids to bed, turn on debate, call my mom, and turn on computer to check email. As I’m talking w/ her I glance up and see this guy and say hey I think that’s Todd. She says, “Todd who?” I say, “Angie’s husband.” She says, “Angie who.” So I remind her of your blog and hang up so I can check to see if you have a post and sure enough! I feel like I’ve known you for some time and have truly been inspired by your blog. Praying for you and your family.

  • Chris

    I just turned it on (about halfway though) and saw him first thing! Exciting!!!!!!! my hubby thinks I’m nuts, lol.

    I hope I didn’t miss his question!

  • Mary Lindsey

    Oh my gosh!!! I see him I see him!!! That is too funny!!! I am watching the debate and I decide to check on some blogs… and I read yours… too funny!

    Tell him he is doing a great job! I would be scared to death and probably throw up! Way to keep the cookies down, Todd! HA!

    Can’t wait to hear the winner of the funniest story!

  • meldoy

    did they tell the audience that once they sat down they couldn’t move a muscle?? it seems like no one has moved an inch since this night started :-) todd looks comfy enough, but the younger guy next too him (not the other baldie) looks to be getting a bit uncomfortable.

  • .Bella.

    I SAW TODD ON T.V.!!!!

    That’s so cool!

  • noahandlylasmommi

    I saw Todd!!! How neat!

  • Julie Marler

    Make sure you tell Todd that he’s looking mighty fine in those 2am Wal-Mart clothes! Like I said before – if you can’t find it at Wal-Mart then you just don’t need it!!! HA! Mammy

  • Krista

    Your husband was just remarkably close to McCain when That other guy asked his question… Pretty cool, whether or not you like McCain!

  • Kathi

    Wow! The guy RIGHT NEXT TO TODD just got to ask his question!!! Oh my!!

  • Luvmy5

    I found your blog by way of Sonlight Curriculum. I am so excited to see your husband on TV as I type this! That is so cool! My daughter attends Belmont and is watching the debate in her dorm room. She’s a McCain supporter, but sadly in the minority at Belmont.

  • LaLa

    I know you are recording it…you have to take a pic of the TV with him in the background…I can’t believe the guy beside him just got a handshake!

  • Polka Dot

    This is what I get for not checking in today LOL

    I was watching the debate and said … wait … is that Angie’s husband??? (notice how I said Angie’s husband, not Todd from Selah hah).

    So here I come, thinking I discovered something no one else knew and … well … it’s what I get for not checking in earlier today lol

  • created2teach

    My huisband just said, “Right beside him!” because the next guy asked a question. If I had not known Todd was gonna be on this debate, I would have flipped out when I saw him. lol. I told my husband I would be more interested in being in the same room with Todd (as I would Angie or Nicole) than I would either of our candidates. This is too cool.

  • Mercy’s Maid

    I thought that was him! I’m excited for him. I hope he gets to ask his question.

  • Tessa

    I saw him! How cool is that? What an experience! The other bald guy just asked his question … so Todd is right there! I am just wondering if I would have recognized him if I would not have read your post first!

  • MandieGirl

    Your updates are so FUNNY! :) I see your hubby right now! So cool!

  • Leslie

    THIS IS AMAZING I SEE HIM!!!! I follow your blog and share it often with my husband. I found your blog through about 4 blogs and LOVE the way you write and experience things.

    When my husband turned on the debate it was really quick and I was like “WAIT! There he is!!!!”

  • Bo and Becky

    Angie, I had not read your post today, but spotted Todd on tv during the debate. Did I miss him asking a question? The baldie beside him just asked one! When I spotted him, I told my husband that I thought it was him and decided to check your blog for a post. Low and behold, it is him. This is great!! Congrats to Todd for making the cut on the invitees to the debate. Will be watching to see if he gets to ask a question, if I haven’t missed it already.

    Thanks for all that you do. I love reading about you and your family and the work you all do for the Lord.

    Oh, and I’m so glad to hear the your first public speaking event went so well. I knew it would. You have a Gift, and you are using it to glorify God.

    Becky in Alabama

  • bbcobby

    I’ve read your blog for months and months and never commented, but couldn’t help it when I realized that the guy next to Todd was asking a question. Awesome.

  • Amy

    i recognized your husband just now (from your blog’s pictures) and logged onto your website to see if it was really him!! :)

  • Dana D

    SEE HIM!!!

  • Teach Me to Be Still

    We see him!! My kids (and now my husband) think I am so strange. They keep asking “WHO is that??” I had to give the long explanation of the wonderful blog, little Audrey, Angie, her kids and her husband….they are eyeballing me in silence. They cannot understand that it feels like I really know you! LOL. They are sure that mom has gone to the dark side. In the end, I told them “He is a brother in Christ!” That satisfied them :-)

  • ski

    I am ALMOST jealous! Your husband is close enough to smell thier sweat!! What an AMAZING experiance!! WOW! Too bad he hasnt had a chance to ask his question…I am curious as to what it was.

    On a personal note, I remember the 6th month mark after losing my first son. Next Thursday (the 23rd) my sweet baby will be 10 years old. I am still going one day at a time.

  • Mind Your Manors

    Saw your sweet hubby! YEAH! Bask in the moment… too cool!


  • Rachel Marini

    i thought that was him!!! i ONLY recognized the ‘bald guy in the green shirt’ from your page!! too funny!

  • Angie

    Oh my goodness it was so neat to see Todd on TV. Way to go Todd!!!

  • Lisa

    I just about fell off my chair when I saw Todd in the front row. I havenn’t read your blog for a few days so it was a total surprise!! I guess that’s what I get for not checking in!! Great job Todd, we are so proud of you!! Lisa in MN.

  • Sara

    Dang… last question. Are we going to find out what Todd’s question would have been?

  • Deb Lieber

    Oh wow. I was watching–totally unaware of any of this–when my husband and I started a discussion/argument about the candidates’ positions. He kept talking and I kept getting distracted because I was seeing someone in the audience that I thought I recognized. Gosh that fellow looks familiar. . . who IS he? Then, someone said something about Nashville and I thought, “Aha!. . . no, could it be?” and I grabbed my computer to check my favorite blog. My husband said to me, “Are you looking online to check my facts?” and I said, “No, I think I know someone who is in the audience”. “Ok. . .” he said. (I don’t think he believed me). Oh, I was right! I got to show Bill what Todd looks like and it was a helpful link to show him more about the family whose blog I’ve been reading for awhile now. This is just too weird, and great! But still, small world!

    I’ll be be praying for you during this day, and beyond.

    I’ll also pray for baby Isaac’s family. I wonder what he’s seeing right now. . .I wonder what Jesus looks like? God be with his family, to give them peace and love.

  • Carey

    I’ve been watching the debate and just noticed this guy and I told my husband that he looks like a husband of a woman’s blog I read. Weird I thought and then I pulled up the info and it is in TN. I said, “That’s got to be Todd!” I checked your blog and I’m not loosing my mind. I’m so jealous of him right now. What a cool experience. I’ve been a followerer for a few months and I love your blog and pray for you often. You definitely have a gift in writing!

  • Cassie

    so funny…I haven’t checked your blog today (I know, I know, shame, shame). Anyway, I was watching the debate and I was like, whoa, that looks like Angie’s husband!

    Way to go Todd!

  • Jenn’s Blog

    :) I saw Todd!!! :) Hi! I have stalked your blog for soo long!! I have been praying alongside your family long before sweet Audrey came into your lives. But I had to comment because when the bald guy was reading his question Todd was sitting right next to him. :) Yay, he got on TV!!

  • Brandee

    Awwww, Angie you MUST tell us what his question would have been!

  • Lynn

    how cool was that experience?!?!

  • Heather

    CRUD!! We got to see Todd lots and lots, but we didn’t get to hear from him!! Every time Tom announced it was time for another question, I prayed it would be him! Shucks!
    On a different note, his Walley World duds looked quite nice. Hubby said he did good. ;)

  • Sarah

    I SEE HIM I SEE HIM!!! I only just tuned in for the last few minutes but he was on the tv most of that time. How exciting! Just think about it, he will be a lasting part of history because of his ability to be at that debate. That will be media that will be used for centuries in our country. Todd will go down in history!

  • Lonnie and Melissa Haber

    I was watching the debate and immeidately noticed Todd, so I had to get on your blog and see if you had mentioned anything about it-and of course, you did. The kids were excited to see him, especially Taylor (my 7-year-old), as she still loves hearing his voice and we continue to listen to his solo album.
    -Melissa Haber

  • Megan

    Was he actually at the debate? I think I just saw him! My hubby said, “That guy looks normal and about our age,” and I said, “WAIT! I THINK I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!”

  • they call me the boss

    I was watching the debate and screamed to my husband “that’s Todd Smith”! I ran to the computer and checked the blog and sure enough it was him! Exciting.
    Keeping you all in my prayers on this 6 month anniversary.

  • All About Huck

    I thought I recognized Todd and was thrilled to get on here and find out that I wasn’t imagining things. :) What an amazing experience!

    This is my first visit to your blog and it is amazing. I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out for the last hour. Thank you for sharing your testimony!

  • Anna


  • Rami*Reconciled

    yay I totally saw him! quite a few times, I wonder if he knows exactly how much he was on the camera? lol!

  • Sarah Taylor

    Looks like they were all given disposable cameras – can’t wait to see his pics!

  • Bickers Family

    I saw him!!!! Woohooo!!

  • Jenna

    i just watched your hubby shake John McCain’s hand! how awesome and what a privilege he’s had to be a part of this debate!

  • LeeAnna

    Angie, He looked so handsome! What an exciting experience!

  • MapleCottage

    Awww I was really praying Todd would get to ask his question.. Good debate but that was very disappointing! Do we get to hear his question?? :)

  • Nancy

    I’ve never left a comment here, but have been so encouraged by your story. This is so funny, I just had to share! As I watched the debate (which I wasn’t even thinking of where it was), I thought that there was a guy that sure looked like Todd Smith sitting in the audience! I brushed it off, wondering what the chances were that it was the case. But I came here and found out it was really him that I saw!! So cool!!

  • Pam A

    Aw, bummer! I was hoping that he’d get to ask his question. Do we get to know what he was going ask??

  • OMH

    I saw your husband looking great…….I was beggining to think they had placed all the Bald guys in the same section then I noticed some in another area….

    The funny thing is I thought the last question was the lamest and the press is all “That was the best question”

    Thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

  • Dana D

    OK, I have a question… did they furnish the audience members with cameras? Everyone seemed to have yellow disposable cameras? Just wondered if maybe people weren’t allowed to bring their own?

  • Susan

    I saw him taking pictures at the end! Did they give everyone cameras? How funny! Are you going to post some pics? What a neat experience for him, although a little disappointing that he didn’t get to ask his question. Bummer. Now can you tell us what the question was?

  • cindy

    Dadgummit. If he was given the opportunity to ask his question I missed it! If you can let us know now, I’d be interested to know what Todd was planning to ask.

    I have been extremely blessed by your continuing story and I want to thank you for being courageous enough to share it with us.

  • Ashley Beth

    I saw Todd snapping pics, have him post them here so we can see what it looked like from his point of view! So exciting for you guys!

  • The Eckerts

    He just got a picture with Obama!

  • Godz Gurl

    You couldn’t tell that he was out at 2 am at Walmart shopping. He looked very intense. I was waiting to see SELAHONLINE.COM on his tummy though. he he he

  • Courtney

    ha, I just saw Todd get his picture made with Obama. You have to post that on your blog. hehe.

  • surfmomma4

    Yea Todd just took a pic with Obama..what a night right!!

  • Southern Gal

    He’s actually had his picture made with Obama and is now having a private conversation with him! Now he’s a celebrity…oh yeah, he already was one.



    i saw todd anagie he was so close watch the news he will be on they keep showing everything awesome be proud and what a day to rejoice audrey she was so excited to see her dad on t.v wow

  • Cara

    So, I hadn’t read your blog today yet, and there I was watching the debate, and all of a sudden…there was Todd!! It was so neat! I had to jump up and show my husband exactly where he was! And I told him, “Angie will definitely blog about this!” And then I come over here, and you already had! Yay! Now, I only watched the debate in pieces because of my two little kiddos under the age of 3 (imagine that!), so I didn’t see if he got to ask a question or not. Very cool!

  • Katie

    Crazy!! I was watching and saw Todd, and thought, “Wow! That looks like Todd Smith. Hmmmm….strange!” And sure enough, while watching, I also checked my fave blogs (you’re one of them!) and it WAS Todd. He got some good air time:) My hubby kept saying about Todd, “He looks like he’s really intently listening to the candidates!” It was a compliment:)

  • A & B

    My husband and I were just commenting on how strange it must be for you to watch your husband rubbing elbows with the candidates on national tv. Even I just got giddy watching him have his photo taken with Obama – you must be squealing!! :)

  • Inkling

    I’m at my folks in St. Louis, MO visiting from my home in Canada. I came in just a few minutes ago from visiting with a friend to see my dad and my husband watching the debate. At that very moment, the camera panned to your hubby, and I told my dad who he was. Of course, he had to go and tell my mom who has been reading your blog since I told her about it. Since I’ve been so busy visiting family on my annual visit, I’m behind on blog reading, so this post wasn’t on my radar yet. Very cool. Tell your husband he looks good in green. =)

  • Jen

    So we just turned on the debate and I see this guy who looks an awful lot like Todd. And I start telling the camera man to pan back so I can another look. I explain in the interim to my husband who I think it is. I just can’t let it go. Zoom in for goodness sake! Then I ask my husband where they are debating and he pushes the info button. NASHVILLE…that is definitely him! So then I check the blog and see the updates. I can’t believe how excited that just made me. I feel like I know you guys. I’m sorry you didn’t get to ask your question Todd. I am sure it was a good one!

  • A & B

    My husband and I were just commenting on how strange it must be for you to watch your husband rubbing elbows with the candidates on national tv. Even I just got giddy watching him have his photo taken with Obama – you must be squealing!! :)

  • Mindy

    I see him!!!

  • Krystal

    I just saw him!!

  • Three Fold Cord

    I just came in to see if it was Todd!! I was watching a recap of the town hall meeting and recognized him right away. WOW

  • rebecca

    I saw Todd!! I was so excited to see him so close to the candidates and to be able to say that I “know” him! I can’t imagine how excited you and the girls were! What an amazing opportunity and what a story he will have to tell the grandkids one day. :)
    God Bless!

  • allison

    bummer he didn’t get to ask his question…

    He looked so somber the whole time :) …it was funny to see him smiling as soon as it was over…and then pulling out the camera and snapping away!

    What a neat experience!

  • Tina

    My son was the one to recognize him (he LOVES Selah) and at first I kept telling him, no, that’s not him. But then when they got more close up, I told him I would visit your blog to see if you had mentioned anything!

    Very cool.. too bad he didn’t get to ask his question. Do we get to know what it was now? LOL

  • Amber, that’s me!

    He did such a good job- he looked so cute there on stage! I was just giddy watching the debate- that is not really not my thing! My husband came home and I was on the phone with a friend who was also watching. I told him I know this guy and then had to tell him the whole story because he thought I was nuts talking about this guy in the green walmart shirt- which looked very nice by the way! Just wanted to say good job to him and that I had been praying for you today. BTW- are you going to share his question with us?

  • David and Sarah

    Okay Angie,
    I was at church this evening but was able to catch the last ten minutes so I saw him. What a handsome man you got there. I bet he is floating on cloud nine!!!! He looked so intensely involved when I saw him. He would fit right in with the Secret Service (Presidential Detail) if he had a little ear piece in his ear and a gun under his arm.

  • Gracie

    What an awesome experience! I was so excited to see Todd there! He looked great and but I am so bummed I didn’t get to hear his question! Oh and how lucky to get to meet Barack and John McCain. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight as you go through this day and remember your beautiful girl.

  • Nicole

    I saw him!! YEA!!! I was so excited! How awesome!

  • Judy

    I wasn’t even going to watch the debate (just a bit sick of it all at this point) but I had to watch to see if I saw Todd! I hope you were recording it because you got to see him almost as much as you saw McCain or Obama!! What an incredible experience. I even called my mom and told her to tune in to see “the guy from Selah.” It’s so funny how I feel like I just saw someone I know on TV, yet I really don’t know you guys! Isn’t this blog world crazy?!!

  • sawin

    I was SERIOUSLY just watching the debate and I thought….oh my, that really looks like Angie’s husband!!!! I came here to check it out…!!!!!!

  • Dona

    I saw him when we watched the debate tonight and I told my husband that I was just sure it was him….I was right!!!!!
    (I hadn’t read your blog since I got home from work just before the debate started).
    So can you reveal now what the questions were…Got a great shot of Todd when the baldie next to him asked his question….
    GO TODD!!!!!

  • tn-girl-n-ms

    I know my family enjoyed watching Todd…ummmm… I mean the debate….How cool that he was that close to John McCain!

  • Michelle

    Okay, lots I want to comment about on your post today, but, let me just go ahead and say one thing…HOW GIDDY AM I THAT I WATCHED C-SPAN BEFORE,DURING, AND AFTER TO WATCH TODD…YOU WOULD’VE SWORN HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND! WHAT A NEAT EXPERIENCE FOR HIM! THE WHOLE NIGHT! I saw all of his pictures taking, so I expect to see a post! How were you during his national tv debut? Love you Angie! You’re too precious!

  • Diana

    I think they showed your husband more then Tom B:)
    I even told friends to look for him as I was so excited that I actually “knew” someone there!!!
    How EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alisa

    YAY for Todd! It was nice to see your Todd and how awesome he got to shake hands and get pictures with Barack Obama!!

  • Tabatha

    Todd, the mike man! I hate he didn’t get to ask his question… are you going to clue us in on it, or must it remain a secret? Can you believe it… the man behind him and baldy next to him get picked, but not Todd. He just gets to man the mike.
    I did see him shake Michelle’s hand and then he shook O’Bama’s and HAD HIS PIC TAKEN WITH HIM! Okay, that’d better show up on the blog really soon!!!!!!! Although, I do wonder what happened to McCain? He shook a few hands then split with Cindy.

  • christi28

    ok – my husband was laughing at me. i kept saying….. “there he is, right there, with the green shirt on, the one with the same bald head and red go-tee (sp?) like you have……”

    he said, “christi, you act like you know these people” and i said, “well i do, but dont, but actually do.” i know you dont know me but i feel like we have been friends for years. silly i know. the Lord has used you in so many ways that you will never know of on this side of heaven. you and your sweet familys testemony has touched so many people.

    oh how i wish i was there with you in your living room squilling with you in excitement.

    our God is good!!

    blessings ~

  • Devan

    Ohhhhhhh, I just wanted to hear Todd’s question – sick w/ KY allergies on my end – let Todd know that WE WERE PULLING FOR HIM AND WE SAW HIM MORE THAN 10 TIMES NATIONANALLY!!!! The kiddos thought it was WAY COOLER . . .

    Oh, wait, We live in KY . . .

    Yeah, you guys WIN!!!

  • SRC

    This is crazy. I have only read your blog once before, but I read the WHOLE thing. Then, about a week later…tonight, I am sitting here on the west coast and my husband and I turn on the debate. We have just gotten home from the NICU, where our daughter is. Anyways, I said to my husband, “the guy in the green shirt looks like the Dad on a blog I read”. Then I waited a minute and I said “if this is being filmed in Nashville, that is totally the Dad from the blog”. Sure enough, minutes later, Tom Brokaw says something to the effect of “thanks for being with us from Nashville”. Then I immediately got online to look at his picture and sure enough, I see the updates! How exciting!

  • Angela

    AWESOME!! That is so crazy. We’re at Children’s right down the road in our hospital room. I’m pretty sure we can see the hall from our window on the sixth floor!

  • SingerMamaMelody

    Oh my goodness! I KNEW it had to be Todd in that front row – right away when I saw him I knew it had to be him. So I came and checked your blog and sure enough, that was your Todd! :) How fun and interesting to be a part of that debate. I was praying for him. Can’t wait to hear more about his experience, if you guys get a chance to write about it.

    Oh, and the “pwetty stickers” story was absolutely hilarious! I was completely cracking up and had to read it to my husband. I could just see my 2.5 year old daughter doing something like that. She LOVES stickers…oh boy…just wait until she discovers the kind of stickers that your girls found! I might have a similar scenario on my hands. :)

    And I also wanted to tell you that I really loved seeing the photos from the room that you helped to decorate. What an amazing ministry. I’ll pray that God uses that room and that ministry to help those women.

    Blessings to you guys…I’m praying for you!

    Melody in MN

  • Jaci

    It is too funny I was telling all my friends Listen for the name Todd Smith, I know him from Angies blog. It was funny I spotted him immediately and told my husband that is Todd. Too bad he didn’t get asked a question!

  • Dale

    he he, I had to come to the blog tonight because I told my mom as we were watching the debate that that looked just like my “friend’s” husband. Then I realized it was in Nashville so I was even more sure!! I can’t believe he was there and that I recognized him! Pretty proud of myself, I must say! I will read the entire post but have to get home now.

  • Stephanie

    Ok, loved watching your sweetie tonight in THE FRONT ROW!!! I made my husband watch and I called my parents (who all love Selah) and we kept waiting and hoping he would get to ask a question!! I almost had more fun watching him (he got lots of air time!) than the actual debate!! What a fun thing for him, did your girls see him on TV?? I bet they loved that!! Thanks for sharing the updates with us…what a funny and totally random opportunity! Glad he took it!!!

  • laytonfamily

    how exciting (I’ve been reading your blog for some time now – first time posting). I waited hoping they’d ask your hubby’s question .. too bad they ran out of time!

    Hopefully you’ll consider posting it tomorrow!

  • Jen

    I saw Todd, too! Yay!! Wahoo!! What an awesome opportunity!! :o )

  • amberdawn

    How crazy that you could see him the whole time! Too bad that he didn’t get to ask his question! :(

  • The Osborne Family

    I totally saw him! I told my hubby, “Hey, you know that funny story I told you about the little girl accusing her mom of not liking chickens? There is her husband–right there in the green shirt!” He got tons of face time!

  • JandM

    Sorry about the question on the other post regarding Todd and the debate! I was catching up:) He did great! What an opportunity!

  • Nicole

    I just saw him and I was so excited. I told my husband how cool it was and he just acted like eh, no big deal. I looked at him and I said, “I KNOW his wife!” LOL

    Well, at least I FEEL like I sort of “know” you. Ha ha.

    I’m bummed he didn’t get to speak! So are you gonna tell us who he’s voting for?? ;)

  • the ruffhouse

    Oh my goodness. Sadly, all I can think about right now is the cartoon Hallelujah song since I saw the name Chad Cates in Todd’s message. Takes me back to college.

    I’m so glad Todd looked so hip! Wish the lady with purple panty hose and open toed shoes would have gone to WalMart with him.

    And of course, your family is in my prayers on this anniversary day.

  • Mandy

    I missed the first 30 minutes, but I tuned in at 9:30 & saw him! So cool! I was telling my husband all about it like you both are old friends and he just gave me this look that says, "are you nuts?"!

  • dananderin

    I have never really commented on your blog before, maybe only a handful of times. I haven't read your blog in a few days & I turned on the tv to watch the debate & I said to myself….that man looks familiar to me….I think that's the husband of the lady with the blog I have been following! So I came on here to ask you & ta-da…you've already have it here. ;)
    Now I will go back and read your post. Blessings to you, you are such a testimony and amazing example to me of the Father's love. Thank you! You make it look so easy.

  • Laura

    I was watching the debate, and, since I hadn’t checked your blog yet today, was in complete surprise to see your Todd sitting in the front row! I told my husband who it was, checked your blog, and sure enough :) ! How exciting! Can’t wait to hear what that experience was like!

  • Julie

    I saw Todd!!!!!!! I had absolutely no idea he was going to be on because I haven’t gotten on your blog in a couple of days. I was so excited I about wet myself. I said,” Oh…..Oh….theres Todd!” like I know him so well. Funny how when you read about someone’s life like we all have your’s, we feel so close to you! Anyway, so I am sitting on my couch freaking out wondering how Todd got on there and so excited, and I noticed how somber he was. I was glad to see him smiling once it was over. it must have been nerves or his concentration level. Todd, on a serious note. How did you feel spiritually during the debate. I know that you had prayed and that many had prayed for you, so will you share how you felt sitting in there. Did God speak to your heart as you listened to these candidates give answers to the questions. I have been spending a lot of time in prayer regarding these elections. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by looking them in the eye or even being in the same room as them. Will you please share with us if or how God spoke to you while you were there.

    Julie G

  • Just Me

    What a Day it was!

    I really wanted to hear Todd’s question…darn, but he did a GREAT job staying focused and attentive (my tendency to be a bit ADD would not have been able to do that!). What a great opportunity!

    I noticed last night that today was Audrey’s six-month birthday, so definitely was praying for you all day.

    Take care. Have a good night :o )

  • Wendy

    Hi Angie – I had not read your blog yet today and as I sat down to watch the debate I said to my husband “Hey, that looks like Todd”, my husband looked at me and said “who is Todd?” I said you know, Bring the Rain! I got so excited I went to check your blog to see if you said anything about it and sure enough it WAS him! How exciting!!!
    I’ve never commented here before, but I really love your blog and you have no idea how much this blog ministers to my heart!!
    Blessings to you!!
    In Colorado

  • Lindsay

    We DVR’d the debate tonight and I’m sitting here glancing up at the TV every now and again…and low and behold I look up and your dear hubby is on TV. I said “Hey! I know that guy!” to which my hubby says, “whatever, you do not.” I said “I do – I can show you right HERE!” and I pulled up your site and then saw all the stuff you wrote about him being there! LOL – I recognized him before I even knew he was going to be there…weird.

    And I also want you to know that I’m praying for you today – I can’t imagine what it is like for you, today, and every day.

  • Holly

    I knew that was him! I was telling my Chris and our friends watching the debate–that looks like Tood Smith! How much fun!

    Did you get your cookbook, Angie? ‘Hope so!

    Love and prayers,
    Holly Smith

  • jen

    My husband and I are watching the debate and I thought I saw your husband. Then I asked my hubby “where is this taking place?” He said TN and then I exclaimed…That’s Angie Smith’s husband I am going to check her site. To think that I never would have recognized him 10 months ago!

  • Barb

    I turned on the debate briefly and thought “that guy looks like Todd Smith. what a coincidence.” Apparently not so much. How cool that he got to be there!

  • Kathy

    I was watching the debate and I asked my husband if that was Todd from Selah in the front row.

    I had to come online and laughed when I saw that I was right!

    Thinking of Audrey today

  • Holly

    Of course, I meant Todd and am a goober at typing :) Sorry about that…

  • oceanstategal

    Hi Angie-

    I missed the debate – but saw the highlights and TODD! Very cool!

  • Ann

    Hi Angie! I usually check your blog every day, but haven’t for the past few days. Tonight when I was watching the debate, I saw a guy who looked like Todd, but I thought I was crazy. What are the odds, right? Then they said the debate was held in Nashville and I was really wondering if it was him. Then, I read your blog tonight and it was! I’m excited to read your updated blog on Todd’s experience. Thanks so much for your posts. They are really inspirational and help keep things in perspective.

  • Maddy

    I haven’t checked your blog in a couple of days. I TIVO’d the debate and am sitting here watching it. I literally saw Todd and I just kept thinking how familiar he seemed. I paused it when it panned over him again and then it hit me…they’re in Tennessee, and that’s..that’s..that’s TODD AS IN ANGIE AND TODD!!! My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind btw. lol lol

    How very very cool! If he doesn’t get to ask his question will you post it here just for all the nosey rosies?


  • Melissa Irwin

    A’hoy Toddie! You were so handsome in your green shirt and your slick head…(I can say that cuz I’m married to a baldie). I thought it was interesting how many bald men made it into the camera lens…..but anyway…..Todd looked extroidinarily calm. I am now dying to know what his question would have been. Was that cool or what? Is Todd going to go into politics now?

  • Alaine (or Lanie)

    I was sitting here doing my Bible Study homework (the night before it’s “due”) and my friend Leah called and says “TURN IT TO NBC”. And I was thinking…it’s the presidential debate…no thanks. I’ve had enough. But I did it anyway and I see Obama. Ok….then she says “well, hold on” and next thing I know there is TODD right behind John McCain looking all serious.

  • Allmykids123

    Darn it! I just knew that was your hubby. Selah played years ago for The Buckner Fanning School at Missions Springs and I remembered him from that night.
    He did great!!

  • Mattam

    I’ll be watching and praying!

  • Jacquie

    I always wondered how/where they got those people!

    When I saw Todd on the TV, I told my husband, “There’s Mr. Angie Smith!!” Ha!

  • MissMcTague

    Joey, Lauren Leigh, and I were watching the debate and SO excited when we saw Todd!!! How exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

    Thinking of you always!!

  • DeAnne

    That is so funny, my husband and I were watching the debate, I thought that was your husband sitting there. I knew that I had better tell my husband that I knew that man, just in case it was him so I would look good. HEHEHE. I sat down at my computer and sure enough it was Todd.

    How fun and exciting!!!

    De Anne

  • Lisa

    I SEE him.. he is SO cute!! Yeah!!

  • Jungheims

    Well, you might not have gotten to ask your question (even though I am sure it was the best in the room) but you looked great sitting there! Wal-Mart really works for you! It was great fun for all of us just to see you there. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • Lynn

    Awww. I had to laugh as you told us early today, to look for the bald guy!LOL! Within the first several seconds of the debate, the camera panned his section first and I spotted Todd right up front… and the bald man beside him… and the bald man behind him! LOL!!! Good thing we all know what Todd looks like cos he had lots of {bald} company this evening! he he he!

    Well he did great! He was on camera a number of times and every time, he appeared very interested and attentive! He’ll have to share his impressions since he was there in person!

    I hope you had a peaceful day today as well. I thought of you a number of times today.. Bless you all!

  • All That We Let In

    Were you able to go to Audrey’s grave today, Angie? I’ve been thinking of YOU through all of this excitement today.

  • David, Jennifer, Peyton & Preston Reed

    Ok, just got home, got the kids to bed and switched on the TV to watch the debate. I instantly recognized Todd and rushed to my computer to check your blog. I’m so excited for him!! I’m bummed that he didn’t get to answer his question, but HOW NICE of him to pat the other “baldie” on the back when he got to ask his! Your blogger fan base is so proud of him!!

  • David, Jennifer, Peyton & Preston Reed

    Ok, just got home, got the kids to bed and switched on the TV to watch the debate. I instantly recognized Todd and rushed to my computer to check your blog. I’m so excited for him!! I’m bummed that he didn’t get to answer his question, but HOW NICE of him to pat the other “baldie” on the back when he got to ask his! Your blogger fan base is so proud of him!!

  • DeAnne

    Me again, Angie what an impact you make on everyone. I was reading the other comments and we all “know” you and your family as our friends. That is just awesome.

    Saying a pray up to God about Audrey’s 6 month birthday.

    Bless you all,
    De Anne

  • Robyn

    Ok we have to know what his question was even though he didn’t get to ask?!

  • Jenny

    My kids were super excited to see Todd Smith from Selah on TV! Bummer that he didn’t get to ask his question, but I bet it was really neat to be there!

  • Julie

    Todd was the star, he looked great in his Wally world clothes and you could see him the whole time. Praying that Obama really does look Selah up.

    Glad you could feel the prayers today. God is so amazing.

    Julie in CA

  • tickledpink

    Your husband looked great! He was right on the camera when the guy next to him asked a question. That green shirt did not look like Wal-Mart! He was dressed very nicely! That was awesome that he got to tell Obama about Selah! How exciting for Todd!

  • Linda

    We watched the debate but I didn’t know Todd was there until I just opened your blog. They’re talking about the debate on the news so I stared at my tv intently to see if I could see him and sure enough, there Todd was-right in the front row! I ran in to the bedroom and told my husband and he’s watching more coverage of the debate and they kept showing Todd again so I got to point him out to my husband!

    That’s so neat that he was able to be there and that he got to chat it up with Senator Obama!

    ::Switching gears here::
    I also follow Stacy’s blog (that’s how I came across your blog). I kept up with the updates from her friend today and my heart just breaks for them. She’s been in my thoughts all day. And all of this on the 6 month anniversary of when you lost your precious Audrey Caroline.

    You’re all in my prayers.

  • shelby1232

    Wow, what a great memory this is going to be!!!
    Todd looked great in his green shirt. I can’t believe he was so close to McCain.

  • Tracy

    How cool it was to see Todd – which I recognized him immediately! He was siting so close that he could probably feel McCain’s bodyheat when he was right.in.front.of.him.

    Todd was there making some history tonight on a day where you both probably needed the distraction.

    May God continue to bless your (and your brother’s)entire family…

  • IDK

    What an awesome experience for Todd. I thought that audience members had to be undecided voters – was that not the case?

  • Lees

    OK – we missed the original live debate because we got caught up at Islands… where are our priorities? Dinner out with 3 kids under two takes WAY longer than we think!

    Tell Todd that I appreciated his intelligent looks, the brow furrows and the head nods every once in a while… seriously – he really looked like he was into it – and that shirt from Walmart – great color on TV…

    In all seriousness, THAT is why God placed Todd there tonight – not for the chance to ask a question but for the chance to share THE ANSWER… Christ with the one who could be the next leader of the United States… so cool that Todd was open to the Lord’s plan! Just thnk of the places we will land if only we allow God to set the stage and minimize our fears for His glory!…

  • Addimando Family

    How funny! (a good way funny) I caught a glimpse on cnn.com & totally seen Todd a lot! Is it funny to see him tv?
    I was at the end of a price is right show once! Not because I won but because I went with the person behind.. her son had won and it's so funny to see someone you know on tv!
    Have a good one.

  • Aim

    Wow! how exciting. Yes I did watch most of the debate. I accidentally taped it. I went out shopping(I know. and after all of the talk about sacrifices) and forgot to tape it but got home and realized I did after all. anywho.

    Your husband looked pretty good up there watching our candidates. he looked so serious and I was waiting for him to look at the camera and smile or give you guys some signal hellos or something. oh well. how fun was that for your girls to see their daddy on tv like that. I know he is always on stage but this was a pretty important night. How fun!
    k get some rest! I am looking forward to some kid stories tomorrow!

  • Cherrie

    Amazing. I feel like I know you guys and am so excited pointing Todd out to my kids and saying “Thats my friend Angies husband. There he is, in that little herd of bald guys” Angie, you have such a way of making everybody feel like your best friend.
    Today we are praying for you also, knowing the tug of pain you must be feeling missing your sweet girl.
    It is so bittersweet-and a genius of hope-that God shapes our hearts to hold both sorrow and joy. What a great God to hold you, and the family who just lost their son, as you each journey through deep waters.
    Your love and honesty have been a gift for all of us who have come to know and love you from a distance. I love how this blog feels like a great big community of sisters.

  • Annie

    I only watched to see what brilliant question your husband had prepared. Was sad to see he didn’t get to ask it. Glad you had a distraction for the day.

  • Becca

    That is so exciting!

  • hollyandco

    ok that is so funny – I was watching the debate and I kept thinking how much the guy in the green shirt looked like Todd from Selah – I had to jump on my computer and pull up the blog to see because surely you would have talked about it and well… it really was him! What an amazing thing!

  • Giveaway Queen

    I saw your hubby! How fun!

  • Kendra

    He looked great Angie!! Too bad he didn’t get to ask his question.
    And Angie, I just wanted to say I REALLY respect that you haven’t gotten specifically political on your blog. =-)

  • Kara

    a friend and i went out to dinner tonight in downtown san antonio and they had the debate on at the bar. he turns to me and says “do you want to watch the debate or visit?”, being the people person i am i say “no let’s just visit.” we sit down, i look up and the tv happens to be facing our table (not at the bar) and the first person i see is todd! i got all excited and then had to explain who todd was. what a cool experience for him to be there, thanks for sharing!

  • Julie

    I can’t believe how many times they showed Todd! For the record…

    1) Green is his color
    2) Nothing better than a man with pants that are the PERFECT length
    3) Brangelina. For sure. I’m with you sister.

    All aside, I am praying for you on your 6 month anniversary. Sweet Audrey must be so proud of her mommy, daddy and sisters. Really. What a joy you all are… and I just pray for you today and the Lord know specifically where you need prayer so I will just shoot those prayers up to Him.

    In His Name,

  • Julie

    I can’t believe how many times they showed Todd! For the record…

    1) Green is his color
    2) Nothing better than a man with pants that are the PERFECT length
    3) Brangelina. For sure. I’m with you sister.

    All aside, I am praying for you on your 6 month anniversary. Sweet Audrey must be so proud of her mommy, daddy and sisters. Really. What a joy you all are… and I just pray for you today and the Lord know specifically where you need prayer so I will just shoot those prayers up to Him.

    In His Name,

  • twinmommy

    So…what was his question? Since he didn’t get to ask it…I am curious what it would have been.

  • Katie

    Just wanted to let you know that Todd’s face was front and center on BBC London news and our local Belgian news coverage…GO TODD!!!

  • TMI

    Best luck to Todd!

  • Stretch Mark Mama

    Well, that just perked up the debate about 8746352%. Almost the first person shown on the tube!

    Crack me up about him not “singing.”

    THAT would have been worth watching, though!

  • MichelleCocis

    Just as i was reading your blog about the political debate i had the 5 o’clock news on tv and as i looked up i was like woooowwwww theres todd smith… and i live in australia so he made global headlines hehe

    keep up the good work :)

  • Amy

    Okay, I’ve been a lurker forever, but I must comment…

    I was watching the post-debate coverage on CNN, and I saw Todd have his pic taken with Obama…

    I told my husband, I think I know that guy! I think I read his wife’s blog!!

    LOL! I bet it was a great experience!

  • S.

    Pretty cool…I was amazed at how many bald men there were…how did that happen…lol!

  • AMJsMom

    Ok, Angie I read NONE of your posts yesterday (which is odd because I usually check in once a day even though I know you dont usually post everyday).

    I watched about 1 minute of the debate last night before I fell asleep. All 3 of my kids decided that 5 am would be a ‘great’ time to get up this morning, so I turned on the tv and was watching a rerun of the debate with all 5 of us smooshed in our bed. By the time I tuned in, the debate was about 3/4s of the way over, but I sat straight up in bed and said “Thats Todd!!” My huband was a little taken back, but I ran right to get my laptop and lo and behold it is true!! I just cant believe I picked him out of a crowd like that without knowing to look for him.

    And just as an aside, I live in NJ and worked for the Gallup Poll during the early parts of the 2000 election. I left before it was debate season, so I never got to experience the whole process, but I’m sure it would have been great!

  • Aileigh

    I didn’t read your posts yesterday and while I was watching the debate, I thought I saw Todd! I swore it was him and even told my husband while we were watching. This morning, I got up and checked your blog first thing! Low and behold, It was him! Even though he didn’t get to ask a question, it was cool seeing him there! :)

  • Leslie

    I was so excited when I saw Todd. I was telling my husband “Look, there he is!” I don’t think he was as impressed as I was, but that’s ok. Then, I had to explain how I knew Todd, or maybe how I don’t know Todd, however you want to look at it. Anyway, I am glad that he got to be there for this piece of history, even if he didn’t get to ask his question.

  • Diana

    But – what was his question? Can you answer that for us now?

  • Dawn

    I saw his green shirt right away – after I gave up the bald head search (too many there) LOL! I ran upstairs to my half sleeping husband – turned the channel and said “I know him – his wife has a blog”. I felt so cool! Too bad Todd didn’t get to ask his question – what was the question, BTW?

  • Johnson Party of seven!

    I was sitting watching the debate and then … there he was. I had not seen your blog but I recognized him immediatly. At first, I am like, “hey! theres my buddy… whats his name? Oh my! Thats Angie’s husband! That is who that is!”. I was texting friends who follow your blog to clue them in… as if they didn’t already know!

  • The Price’s

    How funny, I saw Todd last night and as my husband walked in the room I said, ” I know this guy right here(pointing to Todd on screen)…err, I don’t know him, know him…I know his wife..err..I don’t know her, know her, but I read her blog!!!” He looked at me like I was crazy!! ha-ha Tell Todd he did great. He seemed to REALLY be concentrating on what the candidates had to say..or else he was really bored! HA!

    And I didn’t know it was now pronounce PAHKisTAHN…haha (if you know what I am talking about)

    Have a great day!

  • heatherO

    I was watching last night (not having read your blog) and I spotted your hubby like I knew him. I kind of barked out, “I think that is Angie’s husband, Todd!” and mu hubby was like, Angie who? And I said, “Angie from the Rain blog I read.” Then once he realized I was talking about cyber-pals, he totally blew me off as a lunatic. :) SO I am glad to see here that I was right! And for the record (I have never commented here before), I found you over the summer after my dear friend lost her 4th child at 8 mos old and you have been a ridiculous source of comfort to her, to me, and I know to countless others. You have such a gift for writing…I hope you blog forever! I laughed out loud when I read about your maxi-party. My brother got caught as a kid using tampon applicators as a syringe playing doctor. Good times…
    Anyhoo, thanks for pouring yourself out here. It is truly a blessing.

  • Jennifer Powers

    This was the most fun I had watching a debate. I felt like I knew someone sitting there. How fun. I kept hoping that they’d call his name for a question. I’m a bit bummed but wow what an experience for Todd. He did look great sitting there and I was telling everyone I knew who he was. So much fun. I can’t wait to hear all of the kid stories. Also, your sweet family is always in my prayers. Take care.

    Jennifer in OK

  • Abigail

    Yay for Todd! I pointed him out to my husband and we were praying for calm for him!!!

    I thought he looked like a wonderful listener, as if he was the only person in the room that they were talking to (unlike most of the audience). Yay for getting to talk to Obama!

  • Vicki

    I’m laughing right now. Why? Because last night, as I was watching the debate, I thought “Wow, that guy really looks like Todd Smith!”

    Obviously, I didn’t read your post until this morning. Too bad he didn’t get to ask his question. Can you tell us what it was now?

    Always praying for you,

  • The Woman Formerly Known as Jenn

    I did not read this post until this morning (Wed), but last night I was watching the debate and said to myself, “Wow, that guy in the green shirt sure looks like Angie’s husband.” I am cracking up that it was actually him!! Amazing that I recognized him on TV just from his pictures here … must be because he’s a hottie ;-) .

    What a cool experience for him! Oh, and I wish he would share his question for us all to discuss.

  • The Woman Formerly Known as Jenn

    And obviously I did not read the above comment before posting, or I could have just said “Ditto Vicki!”

  • Beth

    I just KNEW it was Todd that I saw this morning from a clip on Fox News!

    I have not been checking in as regularly as I should be, and regret that.

    I attended Freed-Hardeman University (not that it’s “linked” to Belmont, but it sure feels like there are fewer and fewer kids today who are choosing Christian colleges and universities to attend).

    As always, I am praying for each and every one of you.

  • Sarah

    Angie…I got hooked on your blog from jessica’s recommendation and usually check it regularly. I’ve been out of town, however, so I hadn’t checked it and didn’t know all the stuff about Todd being chosen to view the debate. So, last night my husband and I are watching and, as he’s making very intelligent comments about the political issues, I say, “Hey, I think I know that guy in the green shirt in the front row. Well, I don’t KNOW him, know him, but I think he’s the husband of Angie’s, you know, the blog I check who is friends with Jess down in Nashville?” He just looks at me like, “Why are you stalking this family?” So, when they said the debate was taking place in Nashville, I knew it was Todd and told my husband that he probably got to be there because he’s a celebrity! So, I had to check your blog this morning to see if it really was him. How fantastic! Blessings to you and your family.



    104.7 The Fish in Atlanta: Kevin and Taylor in the morning…when Taylor was giving the news she talked about the debate and said “Oh my gosh, I saw Todd from Selah in the audience, you know, Nicole’s brother.”…..It was cool.

  • Rachel

    okay, i have never left a comment before, but last night, i was watching the debate and thought, “gee, that guy looks like Todd Smith!” and left it at that!!! i guess i need to trust my instincts more! :)

  • starlightmommy

    and now I feel dumb for hanging up on the gallop poll the other day. It was just that I was tired and my kids were cranky and the last thing I wanted was to tall to a “poll!”

  • Laurie and company

    How crazy hilarious to be watching the debate and see your husband. I hadn’t been to your blog that day so I had no clue. But it was like “Hey, he looks like Bring the Rain Angie’s husband”. My kids looked at me like I was nuts…so I jumped onto your blog and sho’nuff…how. stinkin. cool.
    What an opportunity! Wow. I’m speechless!
    Hope the rest of your 6 mo anniversary was special…you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Angie! hugs! Laurie

  • Hotmama 2 3

    This is great! I didn’t get to read your blog yesterday as it was a crazy busy day so I didn’t realize their was a chance he would be on the debate. Once hubby and I tucked the 3 little ones in bed we sat in bed to watch the debate.
    I told him I think that is the singer from Selah, I read his wife’s blog all the time. I bet that is him! Hubby thought I was drinking however he did the courtousy nod and grin. :)
    Now that I checked your blog this morning I have proof that I wasn’t closet drinking last night. :)
    To bad he didn’t get a chance to ask a question! It was great though.

  • Katie

    I loved it! He was so serious! Well, since he didn’t get to ask his question, do we get to hear what it would have been? Oh, and, that first lady to ask a question should have practiced in front of HER bathroom mirror until 2 AM. She got flustered.

  • Brie

    I didn't read this post until this morning and as I was watching the debate last night I saw him and said to myself, "That look an aweful lot like Todd from Selah & Angie's husband!" I was planning on writing you this morning to ask if it was, but I guess I don't have to! How exciting!!

  • Jen D

    I saw him too! Last night on the 10:00 p.m. local news he was also a part of every clip that they showed of the debate. Pretty cool! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  • Mom

    On the St. Paul Pioneer Press online, Todd is front and center today!
    Sheila in MN

  • Susan

    When we saw Todd at the debate we were sqealing with delight, so I can only imagine how exciting it was at your house!!! That must have been so exciting for Todd to be there…this moment in history. So cool!


  • Melissa Ward

    So, can you tell us what his question(s) would have been?

  • lori

    So if he’d had gotten called what was his question

  • Liz

    Ok, I’m lost. You said “wally world never looked better”. ??? Around here, “Wally World” is the nickname for Walmart. What on earth are ya talking about?

  • Aimee

    I have generally been tuning out anything related to campaigning(I am just so done already!), but I recorded last night’s just to see if I saw Todd. Who would of thunk’d he’d be in the front row!??! AND, they did alot of shots where he was visible! Yeah, he didn’t get to ask his question, but he still made a ton of air time! Looks like he had a good time regardless, though a song would have been nice! =)

  • CMatthews

    What a great God we serve. On a day that He knew would be so incredibly hard, He provided something fun and exciting for your family. I know that can’t take away from what your feeling. I mean, if I had a heavy heart I can’t imagine……
    But I was so excited that you all got to experience something so fun and different. God is good!

  • walkingbyfaith

    I SAW HIM!!! :D

    Green shirt, khakis..right in front of the guy named Allen who asked the first question. That was too cool. I kept watching and waiting for him to get to ask a question, but I still think it’s awesome he was picked and got to be there. :)

  • Lisa and Madeline

    I have not been to your blog in about a week, but as I was sitting at home watching the debate-I was like, That is TODD. I called my mother and was like, I know who that guy in the green shirt is, I dont “know” him, but I follow a blog about their family.

    How cool is that he got be there!
    Louisville, KY.

  • Christi

    Wow! He was right there in the middle of it…neat. Hope you taped it. Since he didn’t get to ask his question, are you allowed to share it? I’m just curious. I felt the questions that were asked could have been a bit more diverse.

  • Lisa

    Praying for your sweet family – as I have been since March – during this time. I have to tell you, I didn’t read your blog in the last several days. So last night my family and I are watching the debate and I start yelling and pointing and my family is like, yeah, the two candidates for President! It took me forever to spit out it was Todd in the front row! How cool!!! So the first thing I did this morning is run to your blog for the scoop! He really did look very ‘secret service’ in his posed look. Very professional. And, the WM digs looked so nice on him! Take care of all of you…

  • Mary Helen

    Angie, what a blessing for you guys today! I strongly believe that this was the Lord’s way of comforting your family on day that has the potential to be very difficult. My sister and I watched last night and were sooo excited to see Todd on the front row! And how cool that he is going to send Obama some CDs. God does amazing things! You guys are great and are in my prayers.

  • Yvette

    I was so excited last night when I was watching the debate with my husband and saw your husband on the front row! It totally recognized him and the checked your blog to confirm!

    I hate that he didn’t get to ask his question, but how awesome to get to be there!

    I absolutely love your blog! It’s both inspiring and hilarious!

  • Lindsey

    I was up with my baby at about 4 am and the news was running some clips of the debate…and the camera showed your honey numerous times just during their “highlight” clips!!! I was so excited for you and him!

  • Kris

    Like Abby, I was disappointed that Todd didn’t get to sing all night!!
    What a FANTASTIC experience! I can’t wait to see the picture he took with Obama!

  • Jennifer Burgett

    I was watching the debate with my husband last night and said – “Look there is Todd”
    He looked at me like I was crazy so I had to confess my addiction to your blog. He still looked at me like I was crazy!

  • Lauren

    I can barely believe it Angie… I was sitting there watching the tail end of the debate and saw the guy right next to Todd ask a question and didn’t even notice Todd sitting there (didn’t read your blog until just now!)! I just called my husband and told him that the guy next to him was Todd and he said “You know, he looked familiar but I just thought I was crazy!”

    What an awesome opportunity for him. Tell him we’re sorry he didn’t get to ask his question, but it was a great opportunity to spread the beautiful music of Selah to the candidates! Go Todd!

  • lora

    This made the whole presidential debate actually a little fun to watch!

  • annmarie

    I watched him the whole debate! Right in the front row! I was praying he would get to ask his question – can you tell us what it was?

  • Tina:0)

    How cool is that?! He looked like he was very intent on what each candidate was saying.

    I do have to agree that a song would have boosted the ratings maybe:D! That, & maybe if he'd done the belly thing like he mentioned (lol)!

    What an amazing opportunity to minister through his music! Way to go, Todd!!

    PS – praying that your day wasn't too bad yesterday & that they get easier, with the wonderful memories you have!

  • R. Marshall

    I wasn’t able to read your blog yesterday, so you can imagine my surprise at seeing your husband sitting in the front row at the debate. At first, I was wondering if it was him because he looked like him, but I knew it had to be him. I ran upstairs to tell my husband (who looked at me like I was crazy) and then called my mom to tell her that your husband was sitting in the front row at the debate (she follows your blog through me) and she was really excited as well. What a blessing for him to be a part of a history making election. I hope that he was able to get a better sense of the candidates from the face to face interaction. God bless our country and a pray that the leader He chooses will truly make a difference.

  • Kim

    This was SO cool! I’m all pointing to the screen everytime they show Todd saying “there he is!” We were very excited to know of someone there.
    Are you still gonna post Todd’s questiong that he was gonna ask? I’m curious!!

  • Catherine

    WOW you have 564 commments!
    I have been a loyal follower of your blog for a few months now. I love your writing you are so funny and genuine! Anyways, lastnight I read your post and then I felt all excited when I saw your husband. I was nervous for him! What an amazing experience!
    God Bless!

  • Pajama Mama

    So…I totally checked your blog today bc I THOUGHT I saw Todd or somebody that looked like Todd’s picture (since I’ve never seen him in real life bc apparently Selah refuses to come to South Georga or something…) on the debate last night….and I thought…well, they do live in the area. I figured you’d blog about it..And, I was RIGHT! It was Todd in the green shirt!!! What a COOL opportunity!!!


  • Annie

    So stinking cool about the debate…Todd feels like family. Even my Mom knows all about you and Todd, and knows who I am talking about when I call you by name.

    I am praying for you also as you remember your sweet girl. I actually love the rain when I am grieving. Makes me feel as though God is just washing me. And grieving with me. It is refreshing in a way that only one who has experienced this kind of life can understand. Blessings to your day Angie.

  • Amanda:

    I saw Todd… he DID look SO CUTE!! I’m sorry he didn’t get to ask his question, but it’s awesome that Senator Obama seemed to take an interest in Selah! How fun for you guys!!

    I’m very thankful God provided you with a distraction today. I’m SURE you needed it!

  • The Miller Family

    i laughed at myself multiple times last night because i got excited whenever i saw todd… and technically, i don’t “know” you guys, but it was like my friend was on tv in the front row! :o ) so awesome! love and prayers, as always, to you guys…

  • Pipsylou

    Oddly enough, Todd looked…presidential…perhaps there is a calling there he doesn’t know about yet?

  • JenB

    What was his question?? Watched the whole thing pretty much to see if he would get to ask his! What a very cool experience for him!

  • Kimberly

    I saw him – geesh, there were at least 3 bald guys — bald must seriously be in! — but picked him out of the crowd quickly, it was that fine Green Wal-Mart shirt – he stood out from the crowd!!

    The debate was a total disappointment – the questions were sterile – it was not a true “town hall” meeting. If you never been to 1 that really is a “town hall” forum, I strongly suggest everyone go to 1 for both candidates – it gives you a much truer perspective on who would be a better lead for the free world to see them think on their feet

  • mindibz

    Spotted him immediately and went all crazy making my husband rewind then pause it to point him out! My husband was all “Now, who is this again?” I felt like a computer geek who only has online friends as I explained that it’s “my friend” Angie’s husband, then had to further explain that I’ve never actually met you, nor do you know I exist, but that I read your blog daily! Too funny!

  • Mary

    ok. i felt like one of my friends was up on the stage last night.:) i kept telling my husband, “it’s the bald guy! there he is! i know him!! well, i don’t actually know him.”

    if i’m honest i was actually a little nervous for him. weird, i know.


  • khryspeters

    I saw him…it was funny that they were told not to show any emotion. Todd did well. I would have been so nervous!

    Angie, I just wanted to say…you are such an inspiration! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. Writing can help you heal as much as anything. I love to write myself. When Wal-mart had the school supplies sale and the sprial notebooks for 5 cents each, I bought 100 of them! My husband just laughed but he knows I’ll use everyone of them to journal or just to write he and my children letters (I’ve written them one every week since they were little, I’ll pass them along when they get married and have children).

    You guys are in my prayers…so is little Audrey Caroline. She is among the little angels surrounding Jesus that watch over us during our struggles.

    Have a wonderful day Angie!

    Khrys Evans – Atlanta, GA

  • stephanie garcia

    What an emotional rollercoaster of a day and night! I was wondering, will you share the question with us now?? :)

  • Rowe/Eilene

    So what was his question going to be? I was hoping he would get to ask it!

    We all need to pray for this election, and for our country. I’m a McCain supporter, but if Obama wins, I will respect his leadership.

  • mom22girls

    Okay so I haven’t checked in for about a week but watched the debate last night and was absolutley positive that Todd from the blog I follow was sitting in the front row of the presidential debate! Guess I was right! How AWESOME!

  • Susan

    I saw your husband. I did not read the blog before. But my husband and I made a comment about him during the debate. I remembered what he was wearing and it is your Todd.

    I prayed for him when I saw him, not knowing who he was, that God would give him a clear mind and not decide based on the outward appearnce or be taken in my great words.

  • The Rhoderick Family

    That was the neatest thing to see him sitting right there! So cool! I bet that was quite an experience. I hope you are getting through your week with your head up. Always thinking of you and your family.

  • DJP

    Hope you do tell us what the question was!

  • Tracie

    I’ve been following your blog for several months now, but have never commented. I talk about you all the time and told my husband last night that we HAVE to watch the debate because Todd is going to be there! I couldn’t believe the first question was asked by the guy sitting right behind him! I shouted “There’s Todd!” when I saw him. My husband said, “you have to comment now”. Todd looked great, very calm and interested in the topics. I was praying for him and your family as well. I know it was a tough day for all of you for many reasons. Angie, you are such an inspiration to all. I look forward to your posts and really admire you for your strength. Keep it up! You have a lot of support out here!

  • Amber

    I saw him on TV!!

  • becca

    Hey Angie! I hadn’t read your blog to see that Todd was going to be at the debates, but as I was watching, I totally thought it my head, “That looks like Todd Smith, Angie’s husband.” And sure enough when I read your blog last night after the debates, I saw that it was him. I was laughing so hard! I’m glad he enjoyed it, and how exciting for your girls to see their daddy on TV! What an awesome memory. Praying for you as you remember see Audrey as well!

  • Lindsay

    How funny – we were watching the debate and I said to my hubby “hey that guy looks just like Todd from Selah. I read his wife’s blog and they live in TN. But no way, that couldn’t be him.” Then I check your blog today and it was him! You guys have the craziest life!

  • Lauren

    Hi Angie–I’ve been a reader for a while, but don’t think I’ve ever commented. I couldn’t wait to check your blog today, because last night while watching the debate, I saw your husband and thought–wow, that guy looks so familiar, who is he? Then a few minutes later I said to my husband–Oh my gosh, that’s the husband of of a girl whose blog I read! I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t read your blog yesterday, so I had no idea. How fun!

  • Jenn in GA

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! and we didn’t tune in, because we had no idea because i didn’t check your blog yesterday! all the more reason to have you in the goog reader…

    this election really is in God’s hands, and tell todd i’d love him to post here his thoughts after hearing both candidates. what an opportunity!

  • Tiffany

    I knew it was your husband I saw on the debates last night! I told my hubby but he called me crazy. I knew it! And I didn’t even see this post! hehe. That was really exciting.

  • Richard and Becky

    It was so exciting to pray for Todd last night and hear how close he was. The front page of my hometown newspaper this morning had a picture from the debate and I could see him in the background!!! I’ll have to scan it in and email it to you ;0)Glad to hear you were able to enjoy the day and remember sweet Audrey!

  • Lisa

    Yes, I saw him and recognized him immediately from your blog and his CDs. I tried to explain the whole “relationship” to my husband but the coolness was lost on him! :)

  • Wayne Images

    So, what was his question?

  • Mom to my China Posse

    I did see Todd and didn’t even know he was suppose to be at the deabate! I didn’t read your blog for a few days but when I seen him I ran to see if my eyes were deceiving me! That must have been a awesome experince. Kathy

  • Aggiema (Michelle)

    I had forgotten all about the debate last night in the rush to get homework done and fix dinner but saw it on the internet (that’s where I first saw Todd) and then turned it on the big TV so my family could see. My daughter thought that was so cool, that the singer from Selah was at the debate. Sorry Todd did not get to ask his question, can you tell us what it was now?

  • Kathy

    Todd – Way to go! I didn’t know anything about you being on when I turned on the debate. I was watching John McCain and noticed this good looking bald guy in the background. Wow, that looks like that Todd guy! No way! Well…maybe…since it’s in Nashville. I couldn’t wait to check Angie’s blog this morning. I sure would like to know what your question was going to be!

  • Lisa4Him

    How Exciting!!! I actually missed reading your blog yesterday, but saw Todd last night on the debate. At first I thought to myself, “that looks like Todd” and then the more I looked at him, I thought, “that IS Todd!!” So, I got on your blog today to see if there was anything posted about it, and boy was there! I wish that he’d been able to ask his question!
    Praying for you, Angie

  • Bestill

    This was so funny. I don’t have the internet at home right now so I hadn’t seen your blog, but when the debate was on and they panned the group, I was telling my son, “that guy looks familiar. Wait a minute! I think that’s Todd Smith!” LOL Of course since I don’t really know ya’ll he didn’t understand why I thought it was so cool and pretty much dubbed me a nerd, but LOL I think it would be way exciting to be there.

  • Hannah

    I saw your hubby over and over on t.v. lastnight. I was so pumped about it. I kept telling my husband- that is Angie’s husband. He was like, “who is Angie.” They just don’t understand this blogging thing. Anyway- it was really neat and so good he got to be there and even better that Obama might start listening to his music. He sure needs it!

  • Diane

    I saw him at the very end… as the show was ending. I looked at my husband and said, “That’s Todd!” :)

  • Mindy

    I saw your hubby during the debate last night. I also meant to leave you a comment letting you know that I saw a scrapbook layout of you in the latest Memory Makers magazine.

  • fransmomma

    i told my husband i wanted to watch the debate and he looked at me like i had 3 heads. so i made him read the blog post and told him i wanted to see if todd was going to get to ask his question. he still thinks i’m a goofball, but it was great to see him on t.v. and sooo cool that obama wants to hear his music! :)

  • Neilson Family

    I was SO excited to see Todd on TV last night. I yelled for my husband to rush into the room so I could tell him that someone I “knew” was on TV. I was happy to share the story with him, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. Todd looked great. Congrats to you both, for the big debut!!!

  • La Familia Garcia

    So yes! You’ll have to reveal his question since he didn’t get to ask it. But how cool he was in so many shots thoughout the whole thing! Was he really as excited as he looked??? haha…I mean he sure controlled it well. ;)
    Thanks for keeping us informed!

    “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”
    Matthew 5:16

  • One Blessed Mama

    Hello Angie,

    I have not commented often but I have to tell you. My family and I were watching the debate last night and all of a sudden I see this guy on stage. I had to do a double take. I said, “hey, that looks like Todd Smith of Selah”. They said no way. I said yes, “it is”. That’s my boy,I love Selah and was so blessed to see them a few years back when they came to Maryland with Amy. Anyway, my son pulled out my Hiding Place CD and sure nuff, there he was. Of course, I had to see if you mentioned it at all on your blog and sure nuff, you had. Too funny. What an exciting time.

  • Sheryl

    Ok hadn’t been here and came to see if by some weird chance Todd was at the debate last night. I kept looking at him going that looks like a lot like Todd. Ya know, like I KNOW him.


  • movingthroughlife

    Way to Go Todd….I to was hoping for the Selah shirt.

  • Amy

    I too only watched the debate to see Todd on there! He looked great in his Wally World outfit and didn’t look nervous at all!!!! I also felt like I “knew” him through you Angie!

  • Jen

    Every time I saw Todd, I yelled out (to my husband sitting right next to me) There he is!! Did you see him!!! Look, there he is again!!

  • sethswifeforlife

    I am watching the debate last night, and I was like “That’s Todd Smith” from Selah, and my husband is like “No way!” I told him I thought for sure it was, and lo and behold I check your blog today and it sure was!!!! :-)
    What a neat opportunity.
    Now, what did he think of the candidates?

  • Melissa

    I thought that was him. I kept telling my husband – “I know that guy!” Of course he was very interested how I knew him :-)

  • Michelle

    It was so exciting watching the debate last night and telling my husband that I sort of know your husband. lol It was fun seeing him up there. He is a cutie.

    You must be one proud wife? :)

  • Kristina Petrella

    So I JUST….actually I hadn’t finished reading your post…I just decided to switch the channel on the tv for no good reason and LOL the next channel was C-SPAN and the debate replay was on and OBAMA was answering a question about Israel and he was speaking right to Todd and the man sitting next to him. Ha! Made my day. Anyhow…praying and asking that God would wrap you up in his arms…just like Audrey is right now and that he would give you just a glimpse…a sweet glimpse of how glorious heaven is.

  • Madeline

    Todd CAN NOT send that baby murderer a CD. Look at his views on partial birth abortion and his vote on the Born Alive Act. He should have told Obama to screw.

  • Jamie

    I am not sure what was more exciting last night – watching the candidates or anticipating Todd asking his question. :)

    It is killing me… Can you share his question now?

  • Danielle Marie Oakes

    Angie, I saw Todd right away and new him from reading your blog. wow!

  • four4now

    You guys are a freakin’ trip!

    We waited all night for Todd to ask his question.
    Maybe next time!

    Thanks for the fun updates!!!

  • four4now

    P.S. What WAS the question, Todd?

  • Honey Bear

    Oh my gosh!
    I thought that that was Todd!
    He looked simply divine sitting there so very patiently.

  • Lisa

    I called one of the christian radio stations in Atlanta during the debate to let them know that Todd was on the stage….They had already recognized him! I came across your blog last week and read the entire thing within a few days & cried many, many tears. Thank you for telling your story. You are an amazing writer that draws the reader in. I cant wait for you to start writing books. hint. hint. Please continue to inspire us all as God maps out your life.

  • Gayla

    I turned on the debate last night, and immediately saw Todd. I hadn’t looked at your blog, so didn’t know he would be there. Anyway, I said to my husband, “I know him…well, I don’t know him, but I know his wife…well, no, I don’t know her, but I “know” her.” Poor guy. Anyway, I hope you post his questions – I’d sure like to know what he was going to ask. So proud of his sweet spirit in offering Obama a CD. We’ll pray God’s Spirit breaks through – He is able!

    I have to share a sweet story on my homeschooled son. This morning he came to me, so excited, and said, “Mom, did you know ‘w’ is a romantic letter?” “No, Zachary, I didn’t realize that. Why is ‘w’ a romantic letter?” “Because it’s two ‘v’ letters joined together. I drew a heart where they connect.” Oh, my! Where does he come up with this stuff?! He’s nine, and has always loved the girls – I’m going to have to keep a close eye on him!

    Praying for you!

  • gpwood

    How can you be a christian and an Obama supporter? Such a contradiction. We are gonna need to pray if he gets elected.

  • Kristi

    I hadn’t checked your blog for about a week, and when I turned on the TV and saw Todd sitting there I was so excited!! He sure did look handsome! I’m bummed that he didn’t get to ask his question, but so excited that he got to be there! We are big McCain/Palin fans here, and I hope that’s the way you all have gone too. ;-)

  • bak2345

    Immediately when I saw him on tv, behind McCain, I told my family, “Hey, that’s the guy from Selah!” Sure enough, I looked it up, and its true! Very awesome! Praying for you all!

  • Kari

    Watching the debate last night I felt like I knew your husband. I called my friends and said “I know the guy in the front row” and they were like “really how?”…kind of hard to explain that I didn’t actually “know” him-just through your blog! Anyways I am an avid reader and now a big Selah fan! God Bless

  • Lorri

    Madeline, I think your comment was offensive and un-Christian. I don’t recall Angie ever stating she was an Obama supporter, gpwood. How can YOU be a Christian and make such a statement as “How can you be a Christian and an Obama supporter”??

  • heather

    I love reading Angie’s blog, because it’s so positive and lifts my spirits so much, but it kinda ruins it for me when I see negativity in any form– even with political views. I won’t say which candidate I’m in favor of (although I will admit that I am pro-life), but I will say that I always try to see the flip side of the coin, to not judge others or their views, to try to be as Christian and Jesus-like as possible, keeping in mind His tolerance. I think we all forget that from time to time. Please no bashing on here– even if it is political. I so enjoy coming to Angie’s blog as a safe haven of positive thoughts.

  • Pufferfish Mommy

    We all need the Good News of God’s saving grace. Including Obama. Send him a CD. :) Send McCain one, too, just for good measure.

  • Cindi

    I was watching the debate last night and John McCain walked across the audience and I was like..I know that guy…right there. That is Todd. What is Todd doing at the debate? I yelled to my husband in the other room…. Todd is on T.V.! He was like…who is Todd? I said Angie’s husband from Selah and he understood.:) That was so cool! I had no idea so I came and checked the blog! Way to go, Todd! I just wish you could have asked your question. :)
    Praying for yall, Angie and for Stacy and her family. **Cindi**

  • C.

    Did you know that you and Todd are mentioned in an entry on the Corner on National Review Online? Scroll down to an article by Kathryn Jean Lopez called Silent Scream.

    So cool!

    I love your blog, I love that Todd was able to be at the debate and talk with Obama, I love the way God uses his people!

  • Lacey

    I KNEW that was him! I haven’t read your blog in a few days so I had no idea Todd was going to the debate. My hubby and I were lying in bed watching when a shot of him came up sitting behind McCain. I said “hey that’s that Todd Smith christian singer guy!” I was so excited to see him there! I love your blog by the way!

  • Jenny~

    Hey Angie, now that it’s over, I’d love to know what Todd’s question was. Please enlighten your dedicated blog readers…

  • Julie Marler

    One last question??!!?? Did Todd come away with a “feeling”, conviction, or convinced of which candidate would make the best president?? I’m pretty sure which one I’m voting for – but I have NEVER seen these two candidates anywhere but the TV and that’s always “marred” by the media’s commentators. I would love to know Todd’s opinions on the debate and what he felt. Maybe a future blog??? Oh yeah – what was his question???

    P.S. I’m with Abby – how come Todd wasn’t singing. I would have loved to seen that instead of the debate!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow was he close! The show a newscast at the school I work at and I was watching today and said “Holy cow! I know that guy!” He was looking good in his Walmart outfit!

  • HappilyEverAfter

    I spotted the bald head and green shirt right away! Everytime he was in the picture (which was a lot!) I kept telling my husband “That is so cool!” Finally he asked “What is the big deal?” I said “That guy right there… I have prayed for him!”

  • Longmeadow Mama

    Now that the debate is over, we just have to know what Todd’s question was!!! Do tell!!

  • Jennifer

    That’s awesome! We’ll pray that the Lord will use Todd’s talent to reach that man! :)

  • liz

    HEY!!! First i wanted to say thank you for your blog… God has given you such a great gift with words… I often leave your blog feeling completly inspired… This Sunday our pastor spoke about gifts… and for some reason i thought about you…. sure some of us may be good at writing (i however am not one of them) BUT the way you can speak streight to my heart so much so that i feel completly challenged and inspired… thank you for shareing with us!!! I also wanted to say how odd it was to turn on the TV and see your hubby… sure this blog stuff is real… BUT wow never so real!!! i liked his walmart selection!!! :)

  • Kimberly

    I thought that was him…i wasn’t sure though…how cool!

  • dlyn

    Wow – I was right – I had no idea Todd was going to be on and when the guy next to him asked his question, I was like “That guy looks just like Todd Smith!”

    And still praying for all of you.

  • Bttrfly1976

    I think he did Walmart proud!! I was so excited for him to be right there in the middle of it.

    I will say though, there were several times throughout the evening where I would roll my eyes at one comment or another. I was amazed by the audiences ability to look completely unbiased during the entire debate, regardless of who they supported.

    You did good Todd!

  • asplashofsunshine

    I watched the debate and thought to myself, “OH I KNOW HIM… OH WAIT, NO I DON’T!” I felt like I was watching the guy in the green shirt and khaki pants like he was my brother or something. What an honor to sit in that crowd! I am sure he will always be a part of history. Imagine your girls watching debates when they are 40 years old, and one creeps up from the 2008 election, and Daddy is sitting there. AMAZING!

  • Michelle

    I’ve been following your blog since I had my miscarriage 3 months ago and I will say you have truly encouraged me . I have never commented on your blog because you get so many as it is that I would probably be lost in the crowd but I did want to post today. We recorded the debates and after just reading your new update I turned it on just to see if I could see Todd and there he was on the front row just like you said. That is so exciting for him!!!!!! He’s famous in more ways than one!! God Bless you all. You guys have and are in my prayers.

  • Courtney Walsh

    oh my gosh, I just saw this today and I THOUGHT that was him on tv!!! how funny! I kept thinking, “Gosh, that looks like Todd Smith… how weird.”

    I thought I was crazy!!

    :) You got it right – preach it. Maybe Obama will get saved! lol :) If any music could lead someone to Jesus, it’d be Selah’s!

  • holli

    Hopefully you saw his picture in the USA Today!!

  • One Beloved Sister

    Hi Angie. I hadn’t checked your blog in a few days so I didn’t know about Todd being on the debate. The funny thing was, the whole time I was watching I was saying…”That guy on the front row looks just like Todd from Selah.” And we commented on how much he resembled Todd, and how the debate was in Nashville so it really could be Todd, but no, it probably wasn’t Todd because, you know, there’s only ONE Todd. :) So, so funny to log on today and find out it WAS the one and only Todd! :) What an amazing opportunity!

  • Anna

    It was neat seeing Todd on tv last night…hope he enjoyed himself!! What a fun experience. :)

  • Equality For All

    Just to clarify –
    Obama is a Christian.

  • Lori

    I bet your hubby didn’t expect that he’d be seen all over the networks when the debate is replayed, huh?

    I’m up watching Letterman. They put Kim Jong-Il’s head on the baldy next to Todd…and Todd looks so serious…it was hilarious!

  • Raechel

    Hey Angie,
    Not sure if the Smith family was watching Letterman tonight or not, but Todd made a few appearances! HA!


  • Tina

    Ok, I had to tell you this.. I was up feeding the baby last night and on one of the late night talk shows (I don’t know the host’s name) he had a thing called count the bald guys at the debate… And of course they pointed out Todd. IT had me laughing at around 1:30 am.

  • MBKimmy

    Since he didn’t get to ask his question can you post it?!

  • Jill

    We watched the debate (and Todd) and it was so great to know that someone who represented our family values and thoughts was there in the audience even if he didn’t get to ask the questions. Thanks.

  • Chelsa

    So my husband thinks I'm a nut! :) He has always thought this blogging thing is totally ridiculous and laughs at me for doing it! Anyway, we were watching the debate and I was looking for your hubby & at the point where I seen him I actually made Ryan (my husband) rewind (we have DVR) the tv so I could see it again! lol. He was like what are you looking for?! I told him and he just rolled his eyes and said "cool." lol!

  • Kristie

    I stalk your blog and my husband makes fun of me for doing so. Needless to say when I swore I recognized your husband at the debate, he deemed me crazy. Couldn’t believe it when I saw your entries about it today!

  • m

    I only watched the debate because Todd was going to be up there…and my kids were so excited to see him as well!!! But what blessed me more is when I told my sister-in-law about him talking to Barack Obama, she said “well praise God…He has His ways of getting His message out doesn’t he”…incidentally my SIL loves Africa (her parents were missionaries) therefore I had given her a cd a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing his story!!

  • Julie


    Not sure if you read comments much, but I was referred to your blog by my cousin linds, who is an amazing mom and christian woman. I love your blog, and eventhough I don't have children, nor am I married (yet…hopefully engaged soon), I find inspiration and hope in your posts. Here's why I'm writing, My Bible Study friend had 3 miscarriages before having her little baby girl, Delaney, and she got pregnant again only to find out, again, that she had a miscarriage. She told me that with the past miscarriages, she was unable to open up to anyone, but with this miscarriage, she feels comfortable and willing to open up to me! She is having a d & c tomorrow (I'm clueless as to what that is) and is turning to me for inspiration. Like I said, not a mother and not married…any advice? I am a Christian woman and my first reaction is to remind her that "God has a plan and reason for everything," but I don't want to come off as cold and shut her down from opening and expressing her feelings b/c I do want to be there for her. Hope you read this:)

    KC, MO

  • Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot

    Totally late here, but I saw him on the debates. My husband commented on the two bald men next to the sixteen year old boy!

    Glad he had fun and made a good memory.

    I can’t believe he didn’t take a cd for both of them!

  • Harris Family

    I saw Todd on TV and I was telling Flint all about him as if we were tight friends or something!!! I was dying to know his question! At least you got lots of air time!

  • Ali K

    Angie, we’ve never met – I’ve been reading about your wonderful family for a while now….I must admit though, its been a while since my last visit…anyway, I was watching the debate and thought “Gee, that guy looks like Todd, Angie’s husband – I’ve got to get online and check her blog.” well tonight and did and I just got such a kick out of the fact that it was him!!! :) I must say… he’s very handsome :) Go girl :)

  • kate

    Just saw Todd on SNL’s Weekend Update Thursday! :)

  • Christi

    They just showed a pic of your hubby from the debate on SNLs special Thursday night political coverage. Amy Pohler was definitely making fun of all of the bald men in the audience :)

  • momofonefornow

    Todd’s on SNL!!!

  • Helen

    and now your beloved was also on and SNL special….

    as a bald dude.

    A great lookin’ one (from the wife of those almost “shaved” guys)

  • Lindsey

    Oh my goodness, I know this is late, but I just saw your husband on the SNL Thursday Night Update! (It’s running from 8:30-9:00 Eastern time on NBC). They were, well, making fun of all the bald men in attendance at the debate sitting together, just like you did! Cool!

  • Stephanie


    My hubby just said "Hey Babe, your friend's hubby was just on SNL!!"

    He rewinded it so I could see & sure enough, there was Todd!

  • Becca

    LOL! I had no idea that your DH was going to be at the debate, but while I was watching it, I kept thinking, “Boy, that looks like Angie’s DH!” Then, the camera would pan back to that section and I knew that it just had to be him. Well, I told myself that I had to come check on your blog to see if it was really him, and now, it’s taken me this long (I have a two year old and a 5 mo. old) to verify that yes, it was indeed, Todd from Selah. Ha! He looked like he was very intrigued. He did a great job at being an audience member. It’s too bad he didn’t get to ask his question. I’ll bet your girls were ecstatic to see Daddy on TV!

  • Mama Bear

    Oh my !!! I knew it!! first off I had to post my comment here because I did not like there were 666 coments so I needed to be 667 – lol! I have been following your blog for months I live in Mississippi and when I was watching the debates – I was like oh my that is Todd!! (like I know you guys on a first name basis) then I come here tonight and I was right!!!! anyway just wanted to post that I was watching– what an exciting experience!

  • Nai Nai

    I saw Todd and he did super!!! I was decorating my home when my friend call and said Todd's on the debate and we were all glued to the TV waiting to see Todd and to hear his question. Todd was our star of the night.And he was so close he could have touched Obama & McCain

  • Mrs. Stringer

    Did you see Todd on Saturday Night Live? They did a joke on the Weekend Update about the number of bald men at the debate. They showed a picture and he was right in front. I called a friend of mine right away to let her know he made it into a Saturday Night Live joke.

  • jenn

    not that i think you’ll get to my comment… i think i’m #700! =) just had to say that i did not realize your hubby was going to be in the debate audience, because i had not yet read your post. BUT… as i was watching with my husband, i saw your todd sitting there and got SUPER excited that i recognized him. =) i figured it could possibly do with a college connection. what an awesome experience for him!!!

  • Jessica

    Did you see Todd of the Special election edition of SNL? It came on tonight (Thurs.)Amy Poehler made a comment about all the “Bald Dudes” at the debate, then showed a picture with McCain in the foreground, and three bald guys (one of which was Todd) in the back ground. Too funny!!!

  • Diane

    And even two days later Todd is back on TV…he made it onto the Saturday Night Live Thursday night Weekend Update! In the very beginning they commented on who was invited to the debate to be in the audience as 80 undecided “bald dudes” and showed a shot of McCain with Todd right there over his shoulder! Did you catch it?!?

  • Christy

    I just had to comment on the fact that when I went to watch the SNL clip with Todd, my computer video got stuck on his picture while the audio went on. So, my kids and I got to see how handsome your hubby looked for about five minutes while my computer figured itself out!

  • Sue

    I went to my married daughter’s house last night for dinner and to watch ‘The Office’. We left the TV on and SNL had a special edition (as mentioned in the previous comments) and I saw Todd. It made me smile that his Wal-mart outfit made such a great impression that it was aired again! How exciting to be on TV twice in one week!
    Also, I wanted to post when a contest was not in progress, so you know I find you such an incredible blessing whether you are giving prizes away or not!

  • Shoofly Mama

    I don’t know if you happened to catch “SNL on Thursday Night” but they did a segment about the debate, and they showed a segment about “all the bald guys” in attendance, and your sweet hubby was shown in the picture! I missed the debate (kidney stone, ouch!), but I did see him on SNL. You might could catch it on NBC.com.

  • Andrea

    FYI… Todd got 5 seconds of fame on SNL Weekend Update Thursday. We just watched it online. It’s about half way through the skit.

  • Randa Clay

    A bit of a late comment, but I wanted to share that my 3 year old son was excited to see Todd on TV – he is a HUGE Selah fan. I said “look there’s Todd!” and he wanted to know why he wasn’t singing, just sitting there.

    The first time my son saw a video of Selah on YouTube, after listening to the CDs so much, he exclaimed, “he’s singing without any hair!!” and then “well, he will have to go get some at the store.”

    Blessings to you and your family.

  • Kelly Fowler

    I’ve been reading you for a couple of weeks now, and you are truly an inspiration! :)

    My point of this comment however, is about your husband on the debates. Did you two happen to catch the SNL Thursday night ‘weekend update’? They made fun of all the “bald guys” on the panel at the town hall meeting! It made me crack up and I thought of you instantly! Praying for you guys!

  • Bestill

    I missed this earlier, but I have a funny one to tell you. When I was potty training my now 4 yr old, it was just prior to her turning 2. Thus, modesty was a NON issue for her. One day we went to Walmart and she had on a cute little dress and was all ready to go. Her independent streak insisted that she climb into her carseat by herself and I would buckle her. Well, we got to Walmart and when I lifted her out of the car seat and picked her up, imagine my shock when her bare bum hit my arm. We made an emergency run to the little girls’ department and bought some new Dora panties and then went to wait for my car to be done in automotive. When we walked into the automotive department there were two elderly gentlemen already seated there, drinking coffee, waiting for their cars. My daughter, in all of her excited glory, throws her dress up and says, “Look, I got new Dora panties!!!” They laughed while I tried to keep from falling over in an embarassed faint.

  • Hilary

    Although I missed the debate, I was just watching the SNL Thursday Update online at nbc.com, and from the second skit, I quote:

    “The second presidential debate was held Tuesday Night and the Town-Hall format featured an audience comprised of a diverse cross-section of 80 undecided bald dudes.”

    Your Todd was right in the center of the photo behind Amy Pohler! I just had to share. :)

  • The Allen Family

    Just wanted to let you know that if you go to mccainblogette.com there are a few pictures of Todd in the post entitled “Nashville Debate Part 2″

  • Lori

    Hi Angie, This is totally off topic, but just wanted to say that my husband and I are going to see Selah at Moody on Nov 22 (in Chicago). We can’t wait! (Avalon will be there as well, but I’m most excited to see the husband of the woman whose blog I’ve been reading since early February).
    : )

  • December Dreamers

    while I was watching the debate I thought, “that looks like Todd Smith.” Then I thought I was crazy. I have never been to a Selah concert and had only seen his picture on your blog. How great that he was able to be there is such a prominent spot! The good news is that I am not crazy. lol. That is a nice conformation on a Monday.

  • Robin

    did you see that your husband made the SNL skit on Thursday night????? They made a joke about bald guys in the debate audience. :-)

  • Lori C

    I didn’t get to watch the debate because I was at a PTA event. But I did see your husband last Thursday night on a SNL thursday night update. You might already know this. But I just had to share. Just in case you didn’t I’m sure you can watch it on you tube.

  • Kara Lyn

    Not only was Todd on TV but he made it into pictures on Megan McCain’s blog… LOL!


  • Michelle

    You are going to laugh at this but I saw him on the debate and actually made my husband watch it. I said, “honey does he look like someone we saw on tv being wanted or something he looks so familiar to me.” He said no but maybe check “the registry” and I said well it isn’t in our area why would be be on national tv? My husband said well why would a wanted man be on tv….I laughed and said, “wouldn’t that be the idiots luck he got picked to ask a question on national tv and how could he say no? ummm I am a wanted criminal?” This is so funny I have been trying to figure out where I remembered him from and it is your wonderful hubby not a bad man!

  • Erica

    That is so funny…I know I am really late commenting on this, but I had no idea. I actually watched the debate and saw someone that I thought looked like Todd. Now I know it really was! Verycool.