Y’all, I am pumped.  As evidenced by my use of the word y’all, despite the fact that I am from Cincinnati.
You may notice a new button on my sidebar.  And also, I am twittering.  Which makes me a technological genius.  And I want to use all of my new skills for good….
Let me start with a conversation I had with Kate the other day while we were walking to the mailbox.
“Come on, Kate, it’s cold.  Honey, keep up with mommy.”
“My feet hurt, momma.” 
I turn around and see her walking down the freezing cold aggregate driveway completely barefoot.
“I’ll wait for you here, momma.”
Note here that my children may need psychological help at some point, which works out well because I am a psychologist.
“No, babe.  I want you to walk with me (insert teachable moment here).”
She looks at me like she does when she has detected that I am on a mission. She starts to walk gingerly, and after a few steps, she calls out again.
“It’s too cold.  My feet hurt.” I know that this isn’t going to hurt her in the long term.  It’s uncomfortable, but not dangerous.
“Come on, hon.  I will carry you back, but I want you to walk to me.” She is mumbling under her breath, and paying close attention to where she steps. Eventually she chooses the wet grass.
After we got the mail, I picked her up.  Her feet were cold and had little pieces of grass all over them.  I ran some warm water in her tub and sat with her while our feet dangled in the bubbles.
“That hurt, didn’t it baby?” She nodded.
“Did you know that some people don’t have shoes?” She looked at me, genuinely confused.
“At all?”
“At all.”
For the next 20 minutes or so, we talked about what it must be like to have to endure pain everyday, and how grateful we should be that we have socks and shoes and warm, sudsy bath water.  I don’t want her to take it for granted.
I don’t want to take it for granted.
I heard about this great project called 50,000 pairs in 50 days. You may have seen it on other blogs as well, and I wanted to encourage you all to check it out.  $5 buys 2 pairs of shoes!!!!!! 
Oh, the thought of “Jesus” and “shoe shopping” in one sentence makes me a little giddy inside.
About 20 minutes after I posted the button on my sidebar, I read an email from Danielle, saying that she was thinking of doing a little something in honor the fact that she is about to hit 50,000 (yes, I’m serious) visitors, and she was wondering if I had any suggestions.
I laughed out loud at the irony, and told her that yes, in fact, I had a suggestion.
If you would like for Danielle to redesign your blog for you, for the next 3 days ONLY, she will only charge you $55 instead of $80.  Why $55 when she is hitting 50,000? Because she is donating $5 from every order to 50,000 shoes in 50 days.  
Which means that you get a fabulous new blog and TWO pairs of shoes are donated to a worthy cause.
Now that feels like the Christmas spirit.
Feel free to take a (barefoot) walk with you kids tonight.  And when you come back, sit with them at the computer and tell them that they can use their allowance to change someone’s life.
I want to live a grass-stained life with my babies, don’t you?
Consider me your friendly postwoman.
Mail’s here.

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  • flower50

    amen. a lesson well taught in words well undewstood…

  • Kayla Grace

    I am so excited about this cause! I saw it at petewilson and brandiandboys and got really pumped.

  • Sarah Taylor

    Oh man, Danielle’s gonna have her work cut out for her!

  • Jen

    I just wrote a post about being thankful for what I have and how I need to give to others in need during this season of Thanksgiving. The very first thing I see after writing that post is this post!! Seriously I have goose bumps! I don’t need a blog makeover, although I think Danielle is AMAZING, but I will donate $5 for two pairs of shoes!!

    I love your blog!!



  • Jaime

    What a great lesson! i will be teaching my daughter this one today–and myself!!!

  • ~Alicia~

    That is amazing… what a lesson to teach Kate. I wonder how you do it, how do you get through to young kids her age? I seem to just hit a wall when trying to teach either my godchildren or the kids at Sunday School about such things.

    However you have inspired me to keep trying! I love that you are so excited about this! Your excitement is contagious!

  • Jenna

    Awesome lesson Angie! I’m so excited for this cause!!!

  • LaVon Baker

    Angie, you are just anointed. What a tremendous response to the Holy Spirit’s leading. That kind of sensitivity to the Spirit only comes with time spent with HIM. You are a blessing to your beautiful children…. indeed, to us all!

  • Stacy

    what a fabulous lesson & an equally faulous cause!

  • Julie

    WOW, that is amazing only five dollars. This Sunday loves seeing you on twitter, my secret hideout. I get the info quicker than reading your blog.

  • Beckycain6

    So cool….it is neat to hear about other people’s teaching moments. We have done that same thing, in even different ways, to illustrate to our children what the world around them is like. The body of Christ is big and dynamic……but mankind is even more diverse. Teaching our children ways to have a spirit of kindness, understanding, compassion and love is what parenthood is all about. (Well, and all the other obvious reasons–like to teach us to appreciate the simplicity of shopping when a neighborhood friend volunteers to babysit…….c’mon fellow busy Moms–you guys ever get to leave two or three of your kids at a friend’s house whilst you take the rest shopping–and you’re like “Wow, I am shopping with only 2 kids. How easy!” I digress…..

    Good job on the teaching moment, Angie. And to Kate–the other lesson is to remember to wear your shoes. (I tell my 4 yr old Kathryn that all the time.)

    Go Danielle–You rock!

    I love you all. And like Paul said, “I pray to our Lord every time I remember you……”

  • Mel

    Oh what an awesome cause!!! I love it…and you are right to remember the lesson!!!

  • Courtney

    What a FANTASTIC idea! I know it happened by chance and in the moment for you, but I am going to take my son outside in our 30 degree weather right now to help me get the newspaper and create my own teachable moment. Then we’ll take some of his recently-received birthday money and donate! I’ve already got the button up on my blog! :) Thanks, Angie!

    Courtney in Indiana

  • tahnie

    great avenue to get to the little ones! great cause too. i love reading your blog, i am fairly new here.


  • Dani

    This is awesome!! I don’t have 50 dollars to spend on a blog makeover but I will give 5$ to this amazing cause. I know I have told you before but I wanna be like you when I have children. Between you and my mom..I have the two greatest role models ever. :) You are an awesome parent! thanks for sharing with us the need of those around the world.

    Love you lots, Dani

  • Candace Jean July 16

    So glad you’re twittering now! I’ve already donated but your story was so sweet and compelling, I’m going back for more. It’s because I have a Kate and she’s all grown up now and I missed the moment in the driveway, but am so blessed to watch her continue to walk with our Lord, so I must have taught her somewhere, somehow and now I am compelled to give back once again. (Whew!) Yes, Jesus and shoe shopping. Wow. Bless you!

  • Kori

    How wonderful of a lesson you have taught your sweet Kate, Angie.

  • Kim @ My Journey

    What an awesome example to your daughter!! Hey Cincy girl… this Cincy girl loves to use the term "Y'all" after having only spent two years of my life living in the south (and still use it back here in Cincy) & I also love following you on Twitter (which I guess means I'm a bit techy geeky too! haha)….

    Love the shoes mission… heading there now…..

  • noahandlylasmommi

    what a great ideal! I will definintly be checking it out!

  • Megan

    What a great cause. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog and am constantly encouraged by your selflessness and servant’s heart!

    Megan in CA

  • Kathy

    OH MY….my Mom and I were just talking about Soles 4 Souls, she is using it as a Mission project at her church…This is too awesome…thank you soo much for your words they always seem to come at the exact time of need…hmmm….I think its called a GOD THING!! I thank him everyday for all he has given me and I also thank him for allowing you to share your life stories with all of us out here…Thanks to you also for that!
    Always in my thoughts and prayers,

  • Blogs by Danielle

    Two orders so far Angie! That’s 4 pairs of shoes in just a few minutes. :) You are amazing…

    So excited to be a part of this!


  • Kristy

    What a great lesson! I just love those teachable moments – too bad my son is only 14 months old, I have to store them up for a while! Boy, is he in for it in about a year!

  • Jennifer

    I donated!

  • Sarah

    My favorite band Hanson is did something similar for children in africa. They hosted 1 mile walks during the first half of their tour to raise money to buy and donate shoes to children in Africa. Now they are hosting walks to donate $1 to the cause of your choice. Fans can host walks and Hanson will donate the money from the private walks as well. You can choose to have it go to clean water, medical access, schools, etc. You should check out the website. http://www.takethewalk.net

  • malleri

    What a wonderful way to teach Kate, Angie. I donated through another site because i don’t need a blog makeover- but that was a good idea! I love reading your blog posts and your posts on twitter- you are hilarious! I shared your cross point videos with my pastor today, and he said he would love to share your story with the members of our church. I was wondering if that would be okay with you? I wouldn’t want to go ahead and share something so personal with 200 people or so without your approval. I hope its okay! Malleri

  • Jess :)


    What an incredibly amazing woman you are!!! I love all of your fabulous ideas of how to help others!! What a blessing you are to so many people here and ALL throughout the world!!!

    Love you tons,
    Jess :)

  • Lisa-Cinti,Ohio


    I am in Cincinnati and was surprised to find out you also are from Cinti! Do you ever get back here- if so I would absolutely love to meet you and as you say squeeze your neck! I love to give and receive hugs! What part of cincinnati did you live in- I have lived all over except the east side of town.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog, your insightful words have helped me so much along the way. You are truly a blessing in so many lives :) I would love it if you emailed me and we could “chat”, hurdlisa@yahoo.com .


    Thank you for your

  • Stretch Mark Mama

    Didn’t know you were an Ohio girl! Me too! I grew up in the northwestern corner. I have fond memories of going to Cincy. Well, mostly fond memories of Graeter’s. Yes, that’s it. :) Not so fond memories of trying to drive around in Cincy. I am far from “home” now, though, in the far NW of the country!

  • four4now

    You are just cool. Seriously. Cool.

    And “Jesus” and “shoes” in the same sentence makes me a bit giddy as well.

  • Darlee

    I don’t need a blog makeover either and would like to donate!

    ‘Tis the season for giving indeed!


  • Keyona

    Wow…what a great lesson for your little one.

  • Christy

    Wow, what an awesome teachable moment. That would be a great exercise for me to do with my 7 year old boy. Funny, but yesterday we decided as a family to get our Christmas started because we will be out of town for thanksgiving and we do our tree shopping the next day. My son about 7 minutes into decorating says he is ready to go outside and jump on the trampoline. Of coarse I said “no this is a family memory we are making by decorating together”. So he grudginly says “fine”. We get through most of the day, he was slumped and saddened (we used that to cheer him up)and then it comes out. While I am cooking he asks again… ” yes, but please get your hat, gloves and jacket” … “Mom, is Zach (his brother who he shares a room with) napping?” … “yes, he is” … “Aww man, no gloves… no fun”. Let me say at this point my blood is boiling because if he doesn’t get his way he becomes very ungrateful. I used that to talk with him about how he has a room filled with toys to play with… that for a second he needs to think about being alone, no home, no jacket, no hat, no gloves, no SHOES… “some people go without all of that every day… some people have only one shirt and one pair of pants to their name… and NO SHOES… His face got very serious looking (and my son is rarely serious), he thought about it for a moment… I challenged him to think of what he is thankful for … and then had him go and play in his playroom . Later he came back to me and asked “Are you serious, do some people really not have any shoes.” That exercise with walking to the mailbox barefoot would have been perfect. Thanks for the suggestion… I will definately use that in the near future.
    God Bless,

  • Cara

    How backlogged do you think Danielle is going to be????

    I’m in!

  • Courtney

    I got so giddy when I read you were from Cincinnati….seriously?!?!?! I’m a transplant (originally from Lima OH) but moved to Cincinnati in ’94 for college. Live on the FAR west side now (not by choice..lol). Anyhoo, that was a great lesson!

    Off to buy donate some shoes…..


  • Angela


    this is another shoe donation program.

  • Susan @ fivemangoes

    Great idea! Interesting how I have been contemplating having my blog updated for a couple of weeks now, but for some reason I keep stalling. Hm, now would seem like the perfect time! :)
    Thanks, Angie!

  • suzncasey

    Oh goodness…
    I’m reading your blog and listening to The Christmas Shoes (NewSong). If that isn’t a quiet nudge, I don’t know what is. :-)

    Off to buy some shoes!!!!

  • saramarble

    Wow, how wonderful to take such a simple thing as getting the mail and turn it into a life lesson! My boys are 3 and 4 and we will be going to the crisis pregnancy center tomorrow to give them their baby toys to share with those in need. I pray that God will help me raise my children with tender hearts and gentle spirits. Thank you for the inspiration to be the best mom ever!
    You are amazing.

  • Tammy

    What a beautiful lesson and wonderful words to us. You have a gift with words. Thanks for helping us to remember we have so much to be thankful for.

  • Lynnette Kraft

    That’s awesome. Isn’t Danielle great! I’ll go and take a look at the ministry – I hadn’t heard of it yet. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Blessings Angie…
    Lynnette :)

  • Matt and Amy Snow

    AWESOME!!!! What a great idea! Thanks for the insight of walking without the shoes–can’t wait to spark conversations!

  • The Christenson’s

    I know this is random, but I got to your blog through someone else’s blog and I love your story about teaching your daughter about the need to help others with things greater than ourself, in this case, by giving shoes. I hope you don’t mind if I share your story on my blog. I love the story and want to allow others to be touched as I was by your teachable moment and be called to give to this cause. I don’t have children of my own to walk to the mailbox just yet. I hope you do not mind!

  • Courtney

    Okay…I just did it! I asked my son to go to the mailbox with me to check the mail (he’s 4…he doesn’t know that mail doesn’t come on Sunday). We didn’t stop to put on our shoes, and trust me, he realized right away that his feet were freezing. I took my sweet time getting there, looked at the stars, commented on the moon…he couldn’t wait to pull me back inside. We headed upstairs and started some bath water to warm up our tootsies and have a talk.


    “Really? Some people don’t have shoes? Well I have an idea…when my feet get too big, we can give my shoes to them!” {my heart starts to swell}

    “Oh, honey! That is such a great idea, but do you know what we do with your shoes when they get too small? We give them to Ellis (his younger brother)!”

    “Oh, ya.”

    “But do you know what a friend of mine told me about?….(insert story about Soles 4 Souls)”

    “I have $5 in my piggy bank!”

    “What a great idea, Lane! I’m so proud of you for thinking of that! {wink}”

    We proceeded to dry our feet, open his piggy bank (and wouldn’t you know it, but a crisp $5 bill was the first thing to be pulled out), and head to the computer. I had him do all the clicking and a lot of the typing. He couldn’t have been more proud, and neither could I.

    Thank you, Angie, for this great opportunity to nurture my son’s servant’s heart in such a tangible way. :)

    Courtney in Indiana

    p.s. I took a picture of him on the computer in the middle of his “moment of giving” and posted it on my blog, here. :)

  • xuKEHobx

    Awesome idea, Angie!

    Ever since the day I started reading your blog I have felt as though I know you! And now I find out you are from Cincinnati and I have to wonder if maybe the connection is closer than I thought as I am a born and raised Cincinnati girl myself! So… here comes the most important question… eastside or westside?

  • erikmelissa

    What a simple but powerful way to teach our children about loving others…just as Jesus taught us to do! It is amzing what just $5 can do for others, a life changing gift that is so small. I will be doing this with my children tomorrow, although we may not make it all the way to the mailbox…it tends to be freezing in MN this time of year :) . A happy Sunday for you! ~Melissa

  • Amber

    I love you! Your courage, strength, and determination to teach your daughters to walk with Christ is inspiring. I hope I can teach my daughter lessons as you teach yours, with compassion and wisdom.

  • The Gang’s All Here!

    Oh, I was just thinking the other day that a new look would be a great way to start the new year.

  • Tessa

    Count me in! I love this!

  • Kristi O

    this is a cause after my own heart…. btw.. twitter is so fun!

  • Amy

    I love those sweet moments! Thank you for the teachable moment for me to pass on, and the worthy cause to help with! Wonderful!

  • Aleta

    how wonderful!!! I would do that with my kids, but it is currently -15 and 3 feet of snow out… maybe in May when the snow melts… (I like in interior AK!)

  • andee

    What a great way to teach such a valuable lesson! Thanks for sharing!

  • ~*~Brianne~*~

    You seriously NEVER cease to amaze me! You are an amazing, amazing woman. I don’t even know you, and I can just tell what an amazing person you are. I’ll definitely be donating! :o )


  • Fran

    So beautiful Angie!! What a precious moment for both of you.

    You see…you had a sweet time with her, a teachable moment for you, and now you have empowered all of us!!!

    Thanks Angie for encouraging us and blessing us. I’m praying for your family right now as y’all start your week!


  • Jen

    What a great lesson!!! Thanks for sharing that. Your blog is pretty amazing.

  • _________megan______________

    We say y’all in da Natti’

    Enjoy ur blog :)

  • The Sharp Family

    I just donated twice, both in honor of my children. Thank you for making us all aware of this great cause!

  • Alysa

    What a great idea!

  • Tami

    GREAT cause… REALLY… this is what Christmas is about!!! I witnessed a wonderful sight tonight. My boys are part of a “smallish” AWANA group locally. Their group donated a total of 122 Operation Christmas Child boxes FILLED with Christmas goodies and God’s story and love. It was truly amazing to see this table stacked high with these boxes and then watch as the kids VERY excitedly loaded the boxes into a big van. The smiles on their faces were priceless! My boys donated three boxes and they had such fun deciding what to put in them. I HIGHLY recommend getting children involved in any way possible to be the “missionaries” that God wants us all to be. It’s so rewarding… in SO MANY ways! Great story, Angie!

    Oh… and Happy Thanksgiving to ya’!

  • Vashti

    Angie, I am someone who lives in a country where most children have no shoes. I have given shoes out with the organization that I run and seeing their faces with their brand new shoes is the best gift ever.
    Thankyou for making this a family mission and a blogging mission.
    I pray that God blesses each one who gives.
    It is the season after all!!

  • Whitney

    So glad a found your blog. Your story is such a blessing :)

  • Becky


    I did not realize – I am in Walton…just across the river. We are neighbors! :)

  • mom24boys

    Woohoo! I donated and added the button to my blog! All my boys contributed, too! Thanks for suggesting a meaningful way for them to give back during the giving season!

  • Jules from "The Roost"

    What a wonderful reminder for not only your daughter but me as well. Thanks for letting us know about this ministry!

  • screamofcontinuousness

    wow Ang. what an amazing spirit God has given you.

  • Kim

    What a great lesson for Kate and one I bet she doesn’t forget anytime soon.

  • Sadrijen

    Hi Angie,

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile, ever since I saw it on celebrity-babies.com. You have been in my prayers several times over. Anyway, I went on a missions trip to India last year and was enamored with children having no shoes. I just saw your post for the 50,000 shoes and I have posted it in my facebook to help with the cause! Thanks for sharing! Stacey

  • Becoming Me

    Your kids are so so blessed to have you as their mommy. What a wonderful cause. I certainly will take the time to do this.

  • AsIponder

    What a great way to teach your kids the needs of the less fortunate! Love your blog by the way! You have a sweet heart!

  • The Wade’s

    Such a great teaching opportunity for Kate. I headed up a church shoe drive for Soles4Souls back in April and we raised 627 pairs! They are such a great organization.

    I also just contributed to the 50,000 shoe drive. Thanks for sharing about it.

    Have a great day Angie!

  • Fairy Tales and Fireflies

    Hi Angie,
    I started reading your blog about a month or so ago. I’ve been going from the beginning and have resisted, on several occassions, commenting until I got to the post that was the most recent and I was all caught up. I was so excited today when I realized I was reading the most current post! I’m sorry this isn’t about the cause. For a while now I have wanted to give you a gift – not a tangible gift but one that I believe would bless you. My husband, like yours, is a singer/songwriter. He’s not famous, doesn’t have a record label but he’s pretty, darn good if I do say so myself. Anyway, a few years ago he wrote a song that was meant for the families and friends who were grieving the loss of several children who were killed during a school shooting in Wedgewood, TX. The song, since then, has taken on a life of its own which God the Father has used in incredible ways to bring peace and comfort. I wanted to send you a link so that you could hear it. I know you’re probably overwhelmed with people saying, listen to this or that or read this or that. If you don’t listen, I understand. I’m not doing this to bring Marty credit (that’s my husband). I honestly just thought that as Thanksgiving draws closer, you might like a little bit of extra comfort. I also believe that the Lord is asking me to leave it here.
    Here’s the link. http://martymikles.com/music-group-2.html
    The song is called “Don’t Worry Child.” I really hope that it ministers to your heart.

  • four little blessings

    Thank you for always thinking. We took our four littleo ones to Target yesterday, and told them they could go crazy buying for Christmas, but with one catch. We had adopted a family that had kids the same ages and genders as ours… and each of our kiddos was to buy like mad for their “adopted” brother or sister. Talk about a teaching moment… we ransacked Target and 2 hours, 2 carts and 50% over our budget later, we walked out with bags and bags of stuff for someone else. And three kids smiling ear to ear. Because, for Jesus’ birthday, they got to give it away. Just wait until I tell them about the shoes… I am pretty sure there will be some piggybank smashing tonight. Thanks for YOU!


  • Rebekah Walker

    WOW. Yesterday in church the pastor (my dad) talked about counting your blessings. He used an example of a warm house and that we do have heat. I live in Vermont and the temp. these past few days have been in the low 30′s. COLD. Well…

    just this morning we woke up with no heat. My husband just put a wood boiler in and he puts wood in it before he leaves for work. (about 6:00) and when my son and I woke up around 7:00 it was 66 in the house and the boiler was not going (for some reason it went out). Since it is new I have not learned yet how to fire it up. So, it is 3:30 now and the house is 58. BRRRR. As I am typing my fingers feel numbish and my feet are sooo cold it really does hurt to walk! As I am sitting here in fleece and covered in blankets I decited to stop by your page and it is just ironic that this was the post you wrote. It really does make you count your blessings and does make you think about those people without heat. Thanks for this post. I am thankful this is just one day cold and by night I will have heat.

    A VERY COLD Rebekah

  • The Werdebaugh Family

    Great post, Angie! My son is 12 now and I still try to use every moment as a teachable moment. So glad to see other parents that do the same!!

  • amjsmommy

    Hi Angie,

    Thank you so much Angie. I keep trying to think of ways to show my girls how much they have and the need to help others and this is just it!!

    I’ve emailed you a couple times with the stories of my friends and mine. My dear friend lost her baby girl at 22 weeks, just days after my 3rd healthy baby girl was born. There I stood with arms overflowing with beautiful, healthy children and my friend stood empty. I could never get up the courage to send her your blog, but I really really wanted her to hear the song and thought she could benefit from your outlook on pregnancy loss and life in general. Well I finally decided that on the week of their birthdays (her baby’s and mine) I would send her the link to the blog. I figured it couldnt make her any more sad then she would be that week any way and just maybe it would help. Well after a long year and lots of procedures she emailed me today to tell me that she is 14 weeks pregnant.

    Angie, I stand here with tears streaming down my face and in awe of our God. Based on her being 14 weeks, I calculated back to her conception date. I screamed when I saw the date on my computer screen. I came up with my daughters first birthday…just days after I managed to find the courage to send her over to your blog…what an awesome God indeed. The coincidence is just too great for me to dismiss.

    Please pray that all will go well for my friend.

    Thank you Angie!!

  • Lori

    I didn’t know you were from Cincy! Yay, you’ll have to come back home soon and have Selah do a concert here!

  • Michelle

    I couldn’t afford a blog make-over, but I sure could afford to buy a few pairs of shoes for someone! Thanks for the post!

  • Bridget

    Love the Jesus and shoe shopping in one sentence!

  • ssbean

    What a wonderful way to teach your child. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you as you teach your children. I’m about to have my first, and look forward to the little lessons I will be able give from day to day.

  • Meredith

    Just discovered your blog and I’m rendered speechless. Thank you for sharing such intimate truths with dignity, grace and humour. I’m on the other side of the world, but we are united in Christ. Nice to meet you!

  • Jill

    Great cause – posted about this last week!

    Thanks for spreading the news! Praise God we are all coming together for such a great cause!

    Hugs and blessings – Jill

  • jenb

    Hi, found your blog just after the 7×7 button post. Went back to the beginning and have just caught up. Your story is sad and happy and joyful and so many things. Today is my sweet girl’s 1st birthday, and I cannot imagine life without her or her brothers. I’m not much of a writer but I do enjoy reading others blogs and your in particular. Thank you for being so open and honest with your feelings and being vulnerable enough to share that stuff. Will meet you one day when we leave this world behind. Sister’s in Christ forever.

  • jenb

    Need to add it’s 25 here not 24th, by baby’s 1st birthday is the 25th. today in Australia.

  • Danielle Holsapple

    I am so glad that you posted about this project…I have never heard of it! THANKS! And GO DANIELLE!

  • dipermits

    I love your blog… I want you to check out thegiftrevolution.com. We are trying to inspire the world in 25 days… We can use your help and prayers…

  • Stephanie

    One down side of living in Alaska… I can’t let my little ones walk outside with no shoes in below zero temps! :-( I’ll have to think of something else.

  • Wanda

    I blogged a post about this and several other awesome ministries to support this Christmas.

    Go see! And do!

    We are all so blessed….


  • Becky

    Angie – you are an inspiration! I am joining you in this mission and calling on my readers to help as well. I am also offering to give $1.00 for each person that donates and leaves a comment stating that they did so.
    Thank you for the inspiration you are!

  • Carissalayla

    Angie I don’t know if you have seen this youtube video of cardboard testimonies, it’s amazing and I wanted to share it with you.

    God Bless, Thank you for you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  • montanadays

    Yea! I bought 4 pair!

  • Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace

    Thanks so much…I signed up for my blog makeover at Danielle’s site yesterday! I am so excited about the makeover and the cause. What a great idea. And, as always…your post and your teachable moment with Kate – awesome. You are such a blessing to so many.

    Just Another Sunday Sending You Love,
    Kelly Gerken

  • Elizabeth

    That is such a valuable lesson to teach children, or ourselves for that matter. I don’t have kids but I have nieces and nephews and will be sure to let them know. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  • Holly

    What a great lesson! Thank you for teaching :) God smiles on you.

  • Erin

    Hooray! Thank you for sharing this Angie! I just bought 6 pairs of shoes “for” a secret santa (in her name). What a wonderful thing!

  • Katie

    My friend Erin sent me the link to your blog…I finally sat down and read most of the Audrey story the other day…thank you for sharing it. I have passed on your link to several other friends…you write beautifully, but what is most beautiful is the way you live openly and genuinely before the Lord. God has used Selah’s music to minister to me in many ways as well…quick testimony “Wonderul, Merciful Savior” is one of my fav. worship songs and God used the lyrics, “You give the healing and grace our hearts always hunger for” to minister to my need to forgive someone who had deeply hurt me- He showed me that forgiveness was not something I could muster up, but that it was a gift He alone could give. Thank you also, for including the “Bring the Rain” lyrics…we are gonig through a time of transition in our family and that line, “Bring me anything that bring you glory” and the “Praise you in this storm” song by “Casting Crowns” have being an encouragement. Thanks again for sharing your story…it inspired me to be more diligent in telling mine as well- for His glory. I know you are busy…but if you get a chance our blog is:
    Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving.:)

  • Katie

    Whoops, I typed in our blog wrong…it is:

  • Mrs. McGoo

    Here is another org that donates shoes, but this is where you buy one for you, and they donate another pair.


    A great way to buy a Christmas gift for someone and let them know their gift just shared a gift with someone else.

  • Ang

    Oh what a beautiful lesson!!

  • Sam

    I found your blog through the Nester. What an amazing thing. To think for only $5, two kids can have something so simple but as important as shoes. I was inspired and purchased 4 pairs.


  • Jessica

    What an awesome lesson to teach Kate! I have loved reading your blog, watch for an email, I have many things I feel I need to share with you.

  • Lucy

    Angie. I love reading your blog. It has transformed my perception of life and grace. I am very grateful for that. Thank you for your words.

    Also, as the holidays are approaching, I am looking for some ways to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with family. I have a 17 month old daughter, and I would love her to focus on the miracle of the birth of Christ rather than Santa. I am wondering if there are an traditions that you have with your family that you would like to share? Thank you.

  • Laura

    I donated $5 for the shoes! Thanks for highlighting this cause.

  • Kristen

    I have to tell you I love that beautiful, harmless, but effective way you demonstrated to your daughter other children’s need for shoes! I shared it with my husband. It’s inspired us to keep an open mind to watch for those kinds of opportunities to teach like that.

  • CMU

    Angie, the girls collected shoes @ school to donate to Soles for Souls. DCA collected 21 large trash bags to deliver to help those in need. This organization began with the tsunami & also accepts gently used shoes.


  • Michelle

    I just went into the other room and thanked God for the wait that we are enduring to adopt our first child.

    It was hard.

    Very hard.

    But I’m glad that I did it. And I’m glad that I came her and read this today.

    Thank you.

  • Kristy

    I love this post. I admit that I often miss the teachable moments – mostly because I lack creativity! Thanks for giving me the ideas I lack! Very sweet.

  • Denise

    You are a dear blessing.

  • Emma’s Mommy

    I had never heard of this until I read it here on your blog a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I was in Nashville at Opry Mills Mall and they had little collection containers EVERYWHERE. At one point there was a HUGE clear container in the middle of the aisle full of shoes. It was an awesome sight.