What A Beautiful NIght…

***updated for those of you who may care to know:)*** In answer to your questions, YES. It is the same sweater I keep wearing in like every picture I have posted. I got it for $12 and I love it. Most people would laugh at my closet…I would just rather buy books!!!!
Bigmama, can you help a girl out?!?!?!
I love the popping in. No stress and it takes 5 minutes. And it’s all about good causes. LOVE it.
I wanted to share these with you who could not be with us in person, as I discovered that many of my precious Sundays made AMAZING donations. I know many of you were there in spirit, but in case you would like a visual, here are some photos from Cider Carols 2008.
These first 2 are from the pre-concert dinner for special guests/donors. It looked like a Winder Wonderland! 

This next one is a picture of me and Jason Catron - he was the musical host for third year in a row…such a neat guy. And a GREAT voice. People compare him to Josh Groban. If you follow his link, make sure and watch the video of him that pops up on the right side of him singing at the Crystal Cathedral. Wow…
Thanks for showing me the ropes, Jason, and many prayers for your ministry!!! You are SO gifted. 
A view of some of the silent auction tables…thank you for your gifts, Sundays!!!
And the night begins. Soft candlelight and a room full of people singing out to the Lord in the name of a good cause…beautiful.

And here is one of Renee Rizzo, the CEO and president of the Hope Clinic, holding a very special guest. This sweet baby girl and her mommy  live in “Audrey’s Room” at the Hope House. 
Waterproof mascara? Stellar choice.
And so when all was said and done, we raised $20,000 for the Hope Clinic!!!!! We praise you Jesus, and thank You in advance for the amazing things you will do with people’s generosity.
Much love,

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  • Jess :)

    Oh Ang!! How beautiful!! Thank you for sharing some pictures with us, your “Sundays,” who weren’t able to be with you in person. However, we were all there in spirit!!

    Love you lots,
    Jess :)

  • caroline

    I am so happy about how much money you raised!

    I am praying! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)


  • georgia tarheel

    Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! Hope Kate feels better soon!

  • Laura

    Congratulations on such a successful night! Feel like organizing a fundraiser for us now! ;) Joking….kind of ;)

  • Angie

    $20,000! That’s great!! All the pictures are beautiful!!

  • Courtney

    Wow…so many more people will be blessed by this!!!!! Congrats on such a successful event…and how neat for you to see who is living in Audrey’s room. :) God Bless!

  • Mrs B

    It looks so beautiful…maybe youcould host one in KC? If I bribe you with Zoloft? :)


    ANGIE THAT IS SO AWESOME HOW MANY PEOPLE CAME OUT AND MADE A SPECIAL NIGHT FOR A GOOD CAUSE. THAT IS AWESOME. GO YOU FOR PUTTING AND HOSTING THIS SPECAIL CAUSE AND CIONGRATS ON TEH AWESOME AMAZING OUT COME. GOSH GOD IDS USING YOU TO DELIEVER AMAZING THINGS TO OTHERS IMAGINE YOU HELP OUT THAt clinic withthat special room in the name of audrey and look what happens you could do some much more now with atht money it will be used in good use. go god! i so wished i could be there but i was there in my heart. glad the day was a hit god bless hugs

  • Jenna

    Oh it all looks so beautiful! And you looked gorgeous! Your hair ROCKIN it in the picture with Jason, my friend. :-)

    It looks like a wonderfully blessed night. God is awesome!!!

  • Lu

    The photos are lovely! I listened to Jason, I think he may go somewhere ;)

    And is that white jumper you’re wearing the same one we keep seeing? :D lol Just kidding! You look stunning as always!


  • Angie

    how wonderful. thank you for the update.

  • erikmelissa

    Wow, $20,000! What an amazing amount! Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos! Love, Melissa

  • karen44

    Angie — I think you’ve “popped in” with more frequency than you’ve regularly posted! ;o)

    The Hope Clinic is blessed to have such devoted and talented people willing to help them in their cause. $20,000?!! Fantastic.

  • erikmelissa

    Oh Angie, I just read your little info on Kate, I wil pray that she feels better soon. The stomach flu is no fun for anyone! Love, Melissa

  • Tasha

    Praise the Lord!$20,000.00!!!!That is awesome!Love~Tasha in Indiana

  • Mel

    That is fabulous!!! and beautiful

  • Megan

    What a beautiful night! And congrats on raising that much money!

    I have been following you since the beginning and you have helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus and in coping with my infertility. Thank you for being open to God by bringing so much comfort to others in His name.

    I blogged about your Thanksgiving challenge and what it did for me. I love being a Sunday and praying for others.

    We could use some prayers ourselves, please. We are in the process of adopting and need to raise $7000 in about 3 weeks. The fact that it coincides with Advent is not lost on us and we have complete faith in God that it is His plan. The “earthly” part of us just starts to panic at the timing if we think too much!!

    Thank you for the prayers, Sundays!

  • Elisha

    What an amazing beautiful thing the hope clinic does and I am so glad that you were able to raise so much.

  • Mary Helen

    What an amazing evening! Thank you so much for thinking about us who could not attend. You looked beautiful (as always) and the Lord was there doing His amazing work! I know Audrey’s Room is a wonderful, safe haven for that sweet baby and her mom. Congrats!

  • Kristy

    I sure wish I could have been there, but I am all the way in Kentucky. I love, love, love Jason Catron – I went to college with him at Transylvania University in Lexington.

  • The Jacobsen Family!

    Wow, it WAS so beautiful! And to raise so much money… How wonderful! God is truly great! Thanks for popping in to share with us!

  • Jeankfl

    How beautiful it all was! Your Sundays are blessed to have the opportunities you give us to bless others we’d have never heard about! Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  • Miller Family

    That is so wonderful. Congrats on such a successful evening.

  • Laurie in Ca.

    What a beautiful night in pictures here. Every penny of the money raised will bless the Hope Clinic that we can only imagine. Such a beautiful cause. I am thankful for this and for you. By the way, I love your pop ins as I check on you daily. Be blessed Sweetie.


  • Jenny


  • gitz

    I got to the part about the baby and a wave of hair-standing-on-end tingles went through my whole body. Yea Hope Clinic and Yea Audrey. She’s definitely leaving an imprint.

    You looked LOVELY. And when you find a good sweater, you stick with it. Just ask this ginormous sweatshirt I’ve been wearing every day all winter. :)

  • gracethruhim

    i was going to say hello to you at cider carols (i am a sunday and a monday) but you were busy. my parents (bob (robert) and janie yeager) have been involved with Hope Clinic since it was Crisis Pregnancy Center way back when and i am always blessed when i attend an event. you did a great job, angie! oh, and thanks for calling my name in the raffle, i never win anything and won a really cool photo! hope you have a blessed christmas. ~kate yeager

  • Momma Mango

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Looks like it was a wonderful night.
    Praying for Kate – hope she feels better soon! :)

  • daniella

    You looked absolutely darling! I love your hair longer and wavy like that. I won’t deny…I’m jealous. My pathetic grown-out pixie cut makes me look like an orphan from Annie.

    lots of love!

    P.S. Blogging is much funner when there’s no pressure and you just “pop” in, isn’t it? For me, that’s when all my semi-creative juices flow in.

  • Amanda:

    I’m so glad you popped in to share that! I love the pics – thank you for posting those. I’m so happy that you raised so much money for such a great cause!!

  • Ang

    Awesome pictures!!! You all did an wonderful job!

  • Angela

    Hey precious sister..Tell your hubby I’m watching his sister on 100 Huntley Street right!! lol. I’m blown away as she is talking about her siblings, sharing stories and than I hear a story about this,,what I’ve read here, and I’m like, ‘hey, I KNOW this people’. Well I better go and finish watching the program..and WOW..the Conga, learning about his grandfather,,what a powerful story..Blessings precious one!

  • Tamara

    Wow! What a small world! I went to college with Jason, and we were in choir together for a semester.

  • Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light

    Sweet baby, made me cry. The pictures are beautiful….so happy that it went so well. Thanks for the update, and for sharing your life with us. You are such a blessing!

  • sheridan

    Amazing!! God is so very good!

  • Brittany

    Goosebumps, amazing… I teared up about Audrey’s room…

    P.S. Your hair has gotten super long!

  • Jill

    Praise God Angie!

    What a beautiful night full of memories and His magic!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Love the photo of the baby and the CEO of Hope Clinic PRICELESS!

  • mom 2 many

    Thanks for sharing the pics! What an amazing night it must have been!! I thought the job you did in “Audrey’s room” was just beautiful!!


  • Linda

    I was just catching up on your blog and saw your post about coming to Colorado in January. I struggle with anxiety too – I totally relate when you mention Xanax helping with certain situations! :) .

    Anyway, I live in CO and would love to hear more about your speaking engagement here – if it’s open to the public…I would so love to meet you. Well, I may show up and be too freaked out to actually come up to you and say hi, but I’d love to hear you speak! Keep us all posted and I’ll be praying for you for that trip!

  • Big Mama

    So happy for you!

    And, yes, I am always available for shopping assistance. :-)

  • Monica @ Writer Chic

    Angie — $20,000! That’s fantastic. I wish our schedules would have allowed us to be there. Next year, for sure!

  • Keyona

    It was very beautiful! :o )

  • Kelley with Amy’s Angels

    Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this!!

  • KK

    How beautiful and so thankful for The Hope Clinic.
    Blessings to you and yours today and every day,
    Psalm 46:10

  • Christy

    wow, 20,000 for the HOpe Clinic… that’s awesome. GOd is soooo good!
    Have a great time just popping in and out, I know it’s nice to be stress free! have a Merry Christmas with your family… enjoy every moment of it!

  • Kristy

    How wonderful to hear that the night was such a success. I can only imagine the ways that the Lord is going to use ALL THAT MONEY to help others. Wonderful.

    I love that you are “popping in” I love your other post, don’t get me wrong. But, now I feel like we are really getting to know the spunky little you that you are.

  • The Long Family

    That’s amazing!

  • Kristy Tootle

    Angie, I am not a regular poster but thank you for being another (so rare to find) girl that prefers books over tons of clothes in the closet….thank you, thank you, and thank you….it made my day!!!

  • Vashti

    Wow looks like you had a stunning evening! I am so excited about all the money that was raised. God is so good!

  • Katie

    Hi Angie and the Sundays,

    I’m writing with a prayer request because I believe in the strength of you, sweet prayer warriers.

    My friend Heidi in Michigan(http://dekorne.blogspot.com) is a faithful reader on this blog. Yesterday her 2 month old daugher Kaiya was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. It is a scary time, with the first 48 hours very critical. I’m humbly asking for prayers that God completely heal Kaiya, with no brain injury, hearing loss, etc.

    You can visit her blog for updates. Angie, and your Sundays, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    ~Katie in Texas

  • noahandlylasmommi

    That is wonderful!!! What a blessing for The Hope House! Look at what Audrey has done already! So many of us came to your blog to read about her and how great things are happening here!

  • Tiffany

    Ang that is wonderful! That makes me so happy about the money that was raised for such a wonderful cause. Thanks for sharing those pictures with those who can’t be there (if I lived in Tennessee I would have been there in a heartbeat!) Yay yay yay. It looked gorgeous!

  • HIS Child


    I know that you are giving Him some Praise!!! I love that He fills us with our hearts desire and He is so tender to us others to be privileged to participate.
    The fact that you were able to see the precious little one that is sleeping in Audrey’s room is like the cherry on top of the sundae.
    You and the family are in my prayers.
    God bless and keep you this Christmas.

  • Nicole

    That is so exciting that you raised that much money!!!

    I was just catching up on your blog and noticed you are coming to Colorado!!! Please keep us updated on the dates…I would love to meet you!
    Nicole Fuhrmann

  • Diane

    Angie, I don’t have a twitter but follow your tweets. Just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you this weekend… that God will give His grace and mercy to you and put peace into your heart.

  • Marilena

    It looked so beautuful! So happy to hear it went well.
    I’ve been checking your tweets and I’m so sorry to hear that Kate is still sick! We all had a stomach bug last week but it blew over pretty quickly. I know what you mean about enjoying the cuddly side of her. Sometimes I feel guilty because I actually enjoy when the kids are sick (when it’s something that is not serious) and just want to cuddle.
    I’ll be praying for her and for Ellie’s test results also.
    Love you,
    P.S. I wish I could do that twitter thing but I just don’t get it. I’m not good at the whole tech thing. I don’t even know how to text with my phone! I know, I’m a dork…

  • Donna Lyn

    Books!! A girl after my own heart. You can give me books over clothes, flowers etc…
    I wish Texas was closer, looks to have been a beautiful evening.

  • Aunt Rhody

    You are one incredible lady. I’m just blessed to know you through your blog. May God multiply all that you do to bless others.

  • Holly

    What a fun night! Oh how I wish Nashville was a little closer to Gadsden, AL!

  • AJ

    Just felt led to let you know I am praying for you. Melancholy days are all too familiar to me. Just e-mailed some pictures to Todd from last Saturday night’s show in IL. You gotta check out the pic of our baldie hubbies singing the glory of God together!
    With love–Amy

  • Lynn

    Been composing an email to you in my head for weeks now. Finally had some time and somehow I lost your email address. The “email me” on the side of your blog isn’t working…didn’t want to write everything here so if you want my thoughts on several things shoot me an email.
    Prayer Bears
    Email Me

  • Stuarts

    It looked beautiful. I gotta tell ya, I am wishing that my husband would get a job transfer to Nashville so we could participate more in these events, but what a joy it is to be able to rejoice with you from afar (truthfully, I’ve always loved Nashville and that is one of the places that we’ve said we would move if the oportunity ever arose). Thanks so much for what you share. Even when you just “pop in,” your words and spirit are so impactful and challenging and gracious. You have a special gift and I’m grateful that you’re so willing to share it. God bless and I’m so glad Cider Carols went so well.

  • jerriann

    I couldn’t sleep last night and finally got out of bed at 3 this morning. I am new to the blogging world so I decided I would get on-line and check a few things out. My friend had your link on her list and I clicked on. I cried from 3:30 to 6:3o this morning, but it was the good kind, like being washed by the Holy Spirit.

    I started with the Dec ’08 postings and decided I wanted to experience this story from the beginning, so I backed up to January and read through April. My birthday is on April 7th.

    I heard my husband get up so I came down stairs, he looked at me for a long moment and asked “what have you been doing”? I told him about you and your blog. I couldn’t tell him without crying. He asked me why I would do something that would make me cry like that?

    What can a women say? Because, it was good!

    I hope that doesn’t insult you, it’s not meant to. I cried with you, laughed with you, cried over my own past, and grieved for my brother’s loss.

    I got back on-line and finished reading your year and all I can say is

    W O W !!!!

    I feel like I know you and the girls. I am so cracked up by them and by you. And I am so touched by your whole family. I am speechless, but only momentarily.

    Your writing is so good. Girl, I think a whole new world has opened it’s doors for you.

    I love Beth Moore too, I broke free of chains of unforgivenees that I had carried for 25 yrs in Breaking Free. I love Patriarchs and Daniel and I am about to do Stepping Up and then Ester.

    I was 16 when I became pregnant. I had an abortion and time froze. I could not move past that moment. Instead of turning my life around, I took a left turn. And then less than a year later I did “it” again. I jumped in the pit the first time, this time I dove over the edge. I lost myself and any opportunity I would ever have for an education that year. I wanted to go to Southwest Tx State in San Marcos to college but I didn’t think they would let me in and I was afraid to go. I skipped so much school to get high that the school counselor was coming to my classroom the end of my Senior year begging me to pass the test I was about to take. I made out, but just barely.

    I gave my life to Christ when I was 28 and I asked God if I could tell my story, but I asked Him if I could wait. I didn’t want to embarrass my kids and I didn’t want to give them permission. My twins graduated High School in ’03 and in ’04 I began telling our story, mine and God’s.

    I am not afraid to fly. :)

    I realized that I had never truly understood my brothers loss when his son died the day he was born. And I suddenly mourned that I never got to touch Adam, never held him, never felt his weight or the touch of his skin, never felt his breathe. I felt sorry for Stan but never mourned for the loss of Adam.

    I also realize that I have never understood the grieving process. I have always felt awkward around it. I don’t think I will ever feel that way again.

    Thank you Angie, I am forever in your debt and forever a fan. By the way I love Selah too!

    God Bless you and your family,

    Jerri Ann Smith
    “Salty” Sister from Salt Creek Ranch

  • shepherdsgrace

    was wandering and found your blog…I am blessed beyond measure at your sharing and Christ’s joy in you….


  • AGibbs

    Hey Angie, I am a friend of Debbie’s and have been reading your blog for awhile. I was at Rocketown last week and had a beautiful time. My daughter danced “near” your girls the whole night but wouldn’t get close enough to ask their names or dance “with” them. Anyway, you did a great job as MC! Amanda

  • Fran

    WOW! These pix are so beautiful and I’m so glad that the night was just as beautiful. Tears and all.

    Much love,

  • Aunt Rhody

    I did it. I downloaded Rose of Bethlehem and this will be one I listen to repeatedly. Thank you, Selah. How I wish Nashville were closer to home. I would love to play for a Christian album someday. The strings on “Rose” are just exquisite.

  • Amie@HeartSmiles


    Praise be to GOD! This is just

    Thank you GOD!


  • Marla Taviano

    Would you pray for my friend Amy and her husband Billy? They found out a few weeks ago that their unborn baby, Abigail, is not going to live. She’s due in March. I don’t know all the details, but I know God is giving them strength. This is their first baby. Thank you, Angie!