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Anything I Missed?

***Thank you for all of your great questions-I knew you weren’t going to let me down. Keep ’em coming!!!! I am taking notes and they are really helping me process some things I think I will add…I so appreciated hearing your voices in all of this!!! Thanks…***

First off, the quote thing is rocking my world. I started to write them out with a pen and then I decided there were too many so I’m going to print them all out. If you need some motivation for the day, or you have a great quote to share, please go to my last post…so great. We were sitting outside and I kept going, “WOW,” and “Oh that’s good.” Todd made me read them out loud 🙂

And because you all are so helpful, I want to ask a favor of you. As I have been writing the book, I have really been telling my story but I feel like so many other people were a part of it. Some of you have been with me from the beginning, and many of you have been through a similar situation. I want you all to be a part of what I am doing now as well, and to that end, I would love to ask you to send me any questions you may have that I have not addressed on my blog.
I’m sure there are many gaps I have left, and I would really love to get a feel for the largest ones so that I can add them into the book.
I hope this makes sense. I haven’t had my coffee yet.
So, feel free to leave your questions about my pregnancy/family/life etc. (whatever!) here or in email if you prefer.
I said yesterday that writing a book is like a marathon, and I am really grateful to have you all running with me.
Not that I run. Ever.
Maybe I just answered your question…
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