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Her Eyes

***Here is Kate’s caring bridge site in case you want to keep up there…thank you so much for all of the prayers…***

I received an email from my brother in law Greg a few minutes ago, and I feel a sense of urgency in sharing it with you…Sunday’s, will you be on your knees with me for sweet Kate? I hope nobody reading has walked this road, but I know that the reality is that several probably have. I am broken for this family (they are friends of Greg and Nicol’s), and her eyes, well they speak volumes.

i think that’s all I can say, other than that I am fighting emotions of just being angry that emails like this have to exist….if it were not for the body of Christ, I would feel hopeless.
Please pray. If I didn’t believe it mattered, I wouldn’t ask. CLICK HERE to meet Kate and her family…and feel free to leave them your prayers and love.
Much love to you all.
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