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August 2009

Bloom (in)courage, crazy love

Crazy Love…

Update on the book club…

We are so excited that so many people will be joining us, but at this point we are unable to commit to sending them to anyone else. We are doing our best to get them to the people who have already emailed, and should funds become available, we will let you know!!!
We are working on a way to get a discount, and have a couple other ideas, so we will keep you posted as we find out about those. If you want to sponsor someone’s book, please email me and let me know (see previous post for details).
Because it is going to take awhile to get all of these together, we are going to push back the start date to September 13th. Sorry we have had to change it a few times, we weren’t quite expecting the response 🙂
It is going to be great!!!! Can’t wait to dig in with you all!!!!
Much love,
Bloom (in)courage, crazy love

The Book Club

So I don’t know if I have mentioned this or if I was waiting for the official debut, but I will be doing this fun little book club with my friend Jessica Turner (who is giving away Selah CDs on her blog today), and we are seriously ecstatic over it. Danielle has been working tirelessly on a whole new button and blog that we will use for it, and trust me when I say it’s the cutest thing ever. Seriously. I CAN’T wait to start it up, and I think you all are going to love what we have come up with. We have a couple really cool secrets up our sleeves that you aren’t going to want to miss!!!

I love the book so far. I mean, really, really, really love it. I can feel myself stretching and reaching for a different version of Christianity than I have known. Francis Chan is brilliant and so easy to read and yet profoundly deep…such a hard combination to get right!!!
In my previous post, I said that we had been donated enough books/funds to be able to provide books to all those who wished to participate, but couldn’t afford to do so.

Well, the needs have increased in a glorious, overwhelming way.

So, I have a proposal for you all.

If you would like to donate a book (or bookS) to someone who can’t buy it, will you shoot me an email ( that has “crazy love sponsor” in the title? I will send you the address of someone who has requested a book and you can send it directly to them.

Maybe you own the book and have already read it and want to pass it along…GREAT!!!

Whatever you can do is so appreciated. I want this to feel like community, and if I could do it all myself, I promise I would. Unfortunately (and fortunately…), Mr. Chan has written a book that A LOT of people want to be a part of, and there is no way I can do it on my own.

I have had several people write asking to donate books and it triggered this thought, so if you can do that, let me know!!!!

Cook Publishing is also generously donating copies of the book, so thank you to them as well. We so appreciate your help 🙂
The site will be up in a few days (have I mentioned it ROCKS?!?!?!) and it will have all sorts of cool interactive stuff. We have a list of amazing guest-posters and the capability to chat live so we can all gather up and talk together.
Because we are sorting out the details, some of you may not receive your book in time to start with us on Sept. 6. But, that’s okay. Thanks to a brilliant reader of mine (thank you!), I have learned that if you click here, you can read the first 2 chapters in google reader, so that will buy us some time while we sort out details behind the scenes. If you know someone that may enjoy this book or being a part of this book club, we would be honored if you would invite them. All are welcome. Jessica and I believe that this is the start of something big and beautiful.
Okay, that’s all for now! I’m off to try and get some writing done and then enjoy a night out with Toddy for our anniversary…
Much love,

Selah, Todd

Music and Love

***updated to say that if you would like a copy of Crazy Love, please email me your request instead of leaving it in the comments because I would hate to miss it on accident…and be sure to include your address!!!! ALSO, we are planning on starting our first session will be on Sunday, September 6th…we bumped it back to make sure everyone could get their books in time!!!***

So the new Selah CD was released today, and I am pumped about it 🙂

I am ridiculously proud of my Toddy, and honestly think this is one of the best CD’s they have ever made. 
Here’s the link…it will take you to itunes, where you can search for “selah you deliver me” and purchase the cd right there. Any local store (Lifeway, Family Christian, Target, Walmart etc.) will also have it…
I love you Todd…and I am so proud to be married to a man who loves the Lord fully and with complete dedication. Your Father is honored by your offering and your heart. All your girls are praying for you today as you share your gift…
So friends, consider this an offer to be blessed through amazing music that will bring you right to the feet of the cross.
I’ll meet you there.
Much love and thanks!
*And for those of you who wrote and couldn’t afford it, the first round is going out tomorrow and we are waiting on the next shipment to come. Because of some very generous donations from people who asked to remain anonymous, we are able to send every single one requested. Praise the Lord!!!!
*If you have requested the book “Crazy Love,” just know that ALL of those are also covered as well. Feel free to email me and ask if you still need a copy!!! We have enough room financially to give several more and would love to do that. Please don’t miss a great study because if money…we would love to have you with us, and the Lord has provided a way to do that…
I also feel this pressed into my heart, and please feel free to ignore it if it doesn’t speak to you. You know I would never ask for your money if I was going to keep it myself. I have tried very hard to make it known that I am a good steward of what I have been given, and to make sure you know I am not out to make money with all of this. With that said, I would love to ask you to prayerfully consider helping “C” financially. We are making tremendous progress, and the Lord is showing up in amazing ways (you are absolutely not going to believe her story, which she is going to share here on a very special day).
Please hear my heart on this…I really want to help her, and she is about to lose her van and some other things which would really impact her life. We are actively a part of the process, but it just isn’t enough. Satan has thrown so many roadblocks in our path as she desperately seeks His will, and we know it is because the Lord is blessed by her decisions and her love for Him.
If this is something that the Lord pricks your heart about, could you please make a donation to my paypal account on her behalf (please specify that this is what it is for so I know… will take you to my account on or send me an email? 
I don’t like to ask these kinds of things, and am really sensitive about what I do, but I know that this is what the body of Christ is all about, and I want her to experience it the way I have. 
If you aren’t able or don’t feel led to give, would you please commit to praying for her? She and her family could really use those prayers…
The Lord is at work.
All praise to Him for everything we have, and praise even for what we do not…
With so much love and thanks,
Just for Fun


Here’s a funny video from last night (or, really early this morning actually…). C is HILARIOUS. I twittered it but a bunch of you don’t do twitter…

It’s all fun and games in the video, but the truth is, there is a miracle in the making and I get to watch it every day…God has FAR surpassed my dreams for this girl in ways only He could dream up. When the time is right, I’m going to share that story with you all…or better yet, maybe she will 🙂
Love you C…and the TRUE victory is in integrity, not the Cranium scoreboard.
At least that’s what we’ll say until we get our rematch.
You all have a great Thursday…