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Anne and the shower…

After I posted that little teaser the other day, I knew I was going to have to come back and fill you all in a bit on Mrs. Jackson.

It all started in Uganda, from what I hear.
Keely, the brilliant Compassion photographer, was Anne’s roomie.
One day as Anne is leaving the room, she hears a loud noise that kind of sounds like a human body falling. So, she walks back to the shower area and asks if Keely is okay.
Keely is not okay.
She has slipped and fallen out of the shower and cracked her head open, which resulted in multiple stitches across the forehead (given outdoors with bugs swarming around and no anesthesia….yeah. I threw up a little in my mouth too.)
Turns out, Keely is even going to have to have more surgeries to fix her precious face (she also broke her nose in several places).
Don’t be concerned. She is still gorgeous, inside and out.
Did I mention that wonder-Keely still photographed the entire Compassion trip, despite the injuries? Seriously. The girl is some kind of amazing. Boomama was on the same trip, and according to her they were trying to tell Keely it didn’t look that bad as the blood was dripping everywhere, because they didn’t want to freak her out.
You know, because of the third world country/stiches to the head combo not being umm, desireable.
Let’s fastforward, shall we?
So you all know that attempted shower killer Anne was my roomate in India, and to be honest, she doesn’t come across as dangerous. She’s sly, that one.
The way it works in our quirky hotel room is that you have to have a key card in a little holder to activate the lights in the room. It’s really weird, and may have all been a part of her plan…
I am getting ready to jump in the shower and Anne says she needs to run an errand (it’s all coming together now…). When she leaves, she somehow “FORGETS” that when she takes the key that’s plugged into the wall, the lights go off within a few minutes.
And did I mention that at that point, the room is PITCH BLACK DARK.
So I (innocent victim) have just stepped into the shower and the lights go off. Seriously, I can’t even see my hand in front of my face so there is no way this is going to be pretty. I fumble around the room, finally cover a portion of myself with a glorified hand towel after tripping over my shampoo bottles, and the doorbell rings.
Despite the fact that I am pretty much half naked and soaking wet, I decide that a funny prank would be to open the door so she can see what she has done to me.
So I did.
Unfortunately, I didn’t make proper usage of the peephole, which is designed to let you know if it is your dear, close friend or a LARGE MAN WORKING IN THE HOTEL.
I so wish I was kidding.
We did get a good laugh out of it though 🙂 And I couldn’t have asked for a better roomate…I never told you all this (and seriously, please don’t make fun of me!) but I have a little something called a “woobie.” It was a pillowcase when I was a baby and now it’s just two nasty pieces of fabric held together with a safety pin. The thing goes with me everywhere I travel and I sleep with it at night.
She is my precious.
Moving on.
While we were there, I formally introduced Anne to woobie (they totally hit it off).
So one day we come back to the hotel room, and the beds are made. I realize that woob was in the bed, and I immediately throw back all of the covers in a panic.
I call downstairs to see if anyone has found some dirty cloth and a safety pin that used to be a pillowcase (“Pillowslip?” He says. That sounds pretty fancy, but okay, “pillowslip.”)
Well, we tried for the next several days to rescue the woobster, but it seems that she got gathered up in the bedding and went out into a trash heap.
I’m not even gonna lie.
I cried like a 3 year old. And then I laid on my bed and kicked and screamed “It’s not fair!” just like the girls have taught me so well.
And the best part?
Anne understood.
And that is one of the bazillion reasons I love Anne Jackson. Because she cares about what matters, and she cares about what matters to those she loves.
So, as I tell you a little bit about her here, I want to ask you to please be in prayer, as she is having surgery on her heart today. She has SVT (same as sweet Stellan), and the procedure is designed to alleviate the symptoms she has been having.
Will you pray for her? Her twitter name is @flowerdust if you want to follow her journey.
Seriously, you might want to be on her good side.
Just sayin’.
Love you Anne, and I am praying for today….
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