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September 2009

Candice and family

Meet "C"

I can’t tell you how I love this girl and her family. We have been so blessed by their miracle, and feel like we have front row seats to the Lord’s great work in their lives.

I have encouraged her to tell her story for herself, and to that end she has created a blog which I think you will be incredibly blessed by.
Thank you to all of you for your continued support for her and her family-you have no idea how much it is appreciated. The Lord is amazing, isn’t He?
Click here to read her story, and please feel free to leave your prayers for her and your own thoughts and experiences-she is so looking forward to building community with others.
Proud of you, Candice. Keep making Jesus famous with your life…we love you all so much!!!
Bloom (in)courage, Pete Wilson

Our First "Bloom" Guest

I won’t keep posting these here, but for this first week I wanted to remind all of you who are a part of Bloom to click on over to see our first guest talk about chapter one.

That was a really long sentence.
And in a little bit I’m going to put up the other special guest’s post, which has nothing to do with Bloom 🙂
Man I’m glad I know all these cool people…:)
Pete is an amazing Pastor, and if you want to watch his sermons online, please click here. This past week was the first in a series I think you will love! It is about Religion Lies, and will be the first one you see on the media page.
You all have a great morning!
Bloom (in)courage, crazy love

Crazy Love Kick-Off: Chapter One

We won’t do this every week, but since we are just starting we wanted to remind you to hop over to the Bloom Blog to watch our weekly video discussion and then join us on the ning community to further discuss the intro and chapter one.

PS – be sure to notice our funny expressions that vimeo captured in the start frame. Obviously, vanity is not our top priority.
Jessica and Angie
giveaway, Lisa Leonard


Let me put this bluntly.

Lisa Leonard is the most talented jewelry creator on the planet.
Dramatic? Quite possibly.
True? Absolutely.
Just take a gander, would you?

She was kind enough to send me a necklace when I was pregnant with Audrey, and it had all of the girl’s initials on it. It meant the world to me, and I have become one of her biggest fans. You may have seen her styles in People magazine (and I suppose I would have as well, if I read those types of things…ahem) and other magazines as well (InStyle weddings, Glamour, Pregnancy, Cookie, Wondertime…are you getting the idea that she’s kind of good at what she does???)

While most of the world knows her as a jewelry genius, I really came to respect her as a mother, and you will too. She has a beautiful, God-written story, and to be a spectator to it is a gift in itself. I am proud to be on the (in)courage team with her, and to support her incredible craft. If you want to read more about her and her amazing family (and SPECTACULAR photography skills), click HERE to go to her blog.
SO, Lisa has graciously agreed to let me give away (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS???)
3 $50 gift cards to her website!!!!

And all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen at 6 p.m. tomorrow (9/8/09).

Go on!!! Enter now!!!
And many thanks and blessings to you, Lisa…