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October 2009

Charlotte, pregnancy


I haven’t blogged in a bit, and it’s due to several reasons.

Due to the fact that I have been taking a little electronic hiatus.
Also due to the fact that I have been busy wrapping up the book (it is done! I had a couple grammatical errors based on my intense, aforementioned love of the comma). My editor believes there is hope for me, and I will begin my ellipses detox very soon.
It is also due to the fact that I have been doing some fun speaking stuff (never thought I would say that, but thank you to Lifepoint church for embracing me and giving me a glimpse of my calling. You will always be a part of my story and I am so blessed to have shared a weekend with you).
Additionally, it is due to the fact that our house is still for sale, and we decided to bail on the house we had made an offer on. We now have an offer on another house, which is contingent on ours selling. Oh, how we wish it would sell!!!!
In due time, I will resume my writing, and I already have several things I want to share with you.
Finally, the main reason I haven’t been focusing on my blog is that I have been sweetly blessed and am so excited to tell you that I am, well….
Please join us in praying…we love you all!!!!

October 15th, 2009

There is much happening in the Smith/Hamilton household, and I want to give you some updates really soon, but this morning I am greatly burdened.

It is the National Day of Miscarriage and Infant Loss, and like last year, I want to invite you to share your babies with all of us. I want you to know that each of them matter. I also want you to know that I grieve with you. I have received upsetting news related to this from someone close to me, so this year it feels even more weighty. All of us who have lost babies know that it isn’t just one day a year.
It’s Tuesday, when all the other kids are playing on the swingset.
It’s Sunday, when you don’t have one to bring to Sunday school.
It’s Thursday, when you wish you could know what her favorite after-school snack would have been.
It’s Friday, and you can’t stop crying.
It isn’t one day, it’s every day. Relief comes in pockets but the truth is that there is a gap that cannot be filled here. I feel that today as the rain falls outside and the day beckons me to move in spite of my brokenness. 
When I came to check my computer this morning, I found some horrible news waiting for me. We are not clear on all of the details but one of the slums that Crosspoint had begun to work with in India was completely destroyed by bulldozers. There was a school, a feeding center, hundreds of people…and now the very little that they even called a roof is gone. We don’t know what will happen next, and the pictures speak volumes about loss. Please pray for these precious people. We trust that the Lord is with them and is going to work this out for good, but with human eyes it seems hopeless.
This world cannot mend us, but oh how I wish it could.
Please tell me about your babies…I want you to know I am spending the day in prayer for them.
May God bless you with unexpected joy and peace despite the ache.
If you have a moment, will you please click here to read about Wyatt’s story and sign a petition on his behalf (and many, many other babies…). Tennessee will not declare his a live birth because of their laws even though he lived for two minutes. I don’t agree with this, and don’t believe they should classify this as “stillbirth.” Please help have this law changed if you agree-you do NOT have to be a Tennessee resident to sign it according to what I have heard. Thank you so much…
With much love,