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December 2009

I Will Carry You, My Books

My book is $10.19!

***Update*** I have wanted to share this with you all for a little while but I was sworn to secrecy. Several months ago someone asked to do an endorsement for my book. She did. I cried my eyes out and continue to every single time I read it.  A portion of that endorsement is now on the Amazon listing (link bellow) and I cannot tell you what it means to me. Although, I suppose if you read my blog you will know that this certain somebody is one of my spiritual heroes. The first Bible study I ever did was one of hers and I was not a believer at the time. It urged me to change my life and spend my days loving the Lord boldly, so to see her words associated with my daughter is, well, amazing.  Thank you so much Beth. You will never know how you have blessed me in this life…

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If you have already pre-ordered, Amazon will give you the lower price. Right now the book is $10.19. Click Here if you would like to get one 🙂 It may stay this price but I have no idea so I thought I would let you all know now!

I have been sewing up a STORM lately and I am going to try and post some pictures here later today…also, I mentioned on Twitter that I have been looking for some vintage children’s clothing patterns (love 1940’s/1950’s dresses etc.) and haven’t had much luck finding them for a good price. Most are $35 and up!!!! Whoa. So if you know of any other places to get them cheaper, could you let me know? I have looked on Etsy and Ebay and there isn’t too much right now…

Also, tonight is the first service at Crosspoint for Christmas and there are several tomorrow as well. Todd is singing (and I know this mostly because he has listened to his songs on repeat over the past week and a half to learn them. Non-stop. Yesterday I finally asked him if we could possibly listen to something else and he burst out laughing. And if you think I said “Hey Todd, I have so enjoyed the sound of that in my ears 24 hours a day for the last week and can’t imagine I have reached my fill, but could we take a little break and then jump right back in?”

You are wrong.

But because I am super-spiritual, I would never ever lose my cool and stop the CD while staring at Todd with a look that says, “Touch it again and my head will likely explode.”

Ahh, the virtues of a patient wife.

I doubt that even the Proverbs 31 lady would have made it past Saturday.

Just sayin’.


Come to Crosspoint if you don’t already have plans!!!! Would love to see you there and celebrate Christmas with you.

Much love,

Bloom (in)courage

Bloom Book #2!!!

We are so excited to announce our second Bloom book club book selection. If you did not join Jessica and me for Crazy Love, we hope you will join us in January for our second selection. Please watch the video below for all the details!

Please watch the following video (it’s not super-short but there is a really cool ending so stick with it!!!).

Introducing Bloom Selection #2 from angie smith on Vimeo.


1. The book will be on sale for $7.99 from midnight on 12/15 through midnight on 12/17 on (click link to order): Same Kind of Different As Me

2. We will start on Sunday, January 24th. Please read the first 100 pages (chapters 1-20) by then.

3. If you are interested in requesting or providing a copy of the book, please fill out the appropriate form on the Bloom blog.

Merry Christmas!

Jessica & Angie


If you entered to win Dayspring gift certificates, please click here to see if you won!

And congrats to these two ladies:

corimallott 12/11/2009 12:40 PM
Jen Lehr 12/09/2009 02:22 AM

I’m going to send you each a copy of the pioneer woman’s cookbook, so please send me your addresses!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who posted ideas. You all are a creative bunch and there were a TON of things I never would have thought of doing. Yay!

There will be a new post up at midnight tonight…stop back when you have a chance because it is time sensitive…:)

Much love to you all,

P.S. Thank you to all of you who alerted me about the person who is pretending to be me online. I received several emails and comments and I just wanted you all to know that it has been addressed. I didn’t see the content before it was removed but from what I am told, this person could use your prayers as she (?) works through whatever it is that has caused her to make this choice. If you see pictures of me or Audrey on someone else’s site and it seems fishy, please let me know. Thank you to all of you.

I would appreciate you not addressing this in my comments…I know you all care about me and would be tempted to show support but I certainly don’t want this to turn into criticism of someone who needs our prayer more than our frustration. Thank you for understanding!