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Breathing Deeply…

Yesterday was a great day, and I am so proud to announce that we are going to have another baby GIRL!!!!!!! We plan to name her Charlotte (still debating middle names but because of the lack of, umm, sons, we may use James. That’s Todd’s first name and we were going to use it as a first name if we had a boy). It was hilarious as Todd looked at the ultrasound and said, “I think I see something right there! Is that a boy?” while we all shook our heads. He got this huge smile on his face we all just burst out laughing.

I was really concerned yesterday before we went in and I spent the morning in prayer, Bible on lap, asking the Lord for favor with this pregnancy. I also got schooled in both Crazy 8’s and War thanks to my eldest daughter but I’m not dwelling on it. She may have cheated. I’m sticking to that theory.

Audra came with us to the appointment and had her hand on my head while the technician scooted around my stomach. I always thought of these appointments as an opportunity to find out the gender and never really worried about the rest of it, but not anymore. She said at one point, “Here’s the bladder, here’s the kidneys, the heart…4 chambers. Here’s the…” and I breathed in that moment like I never have before. At this point, there is nothing that concerns them and we have every reason to believe that Charlotte is healthy.

Those words are heavy with relief, and this morning I am thanking the Lord for what we saw. It’s a roller coaster in a sense, though, because the freshness of Audrey’s diagnosis is still present. January 7th was the day she was diagnosed so it just feels like it’s all around.  I miss her a lot, and like a lot of other women who have been where I am, this doesn’t replace those emotions. It is joyful, wonderful, amazing, and we are praising the Lord, but Audrey is still Audrey. I think there is a fear (I have heard this from so many women) that she will be forgotten. I know that isn’t true but as a mommy I feel like I want all of my daughters to be known. One of the most amazing parts of writing (whether a blog or a book) is that you all have made me feel like you love my Audrey. I don’t think there is a way in this life to thank you for your compassion, prayers, and support as we have walked this road.

I was reading Job yesterday and reflecting on the thought that the Lord gives and takes away. We never know which it will be, so we pray to be steadfast with our prayer and worship in either case.

We are on our knees thanking Him for our 5th little girl. May she bring Him honor all of her days, no matter how many they may be.

Without further ado, please meet our sweet Charlotte…

Isn’t she precious?!?!? I am a little farther along than they thought (I have been trying to convince them of that…finally I was like, “Here’s the deal. My husband travels quite a bit. You’re gonna have to take my word for it, but I can pretty much pinpoint it for you…:)). Yesterday they took the measurements and sure enough, moved my due date to June 19th, so I am 16 1/2-17 weeks now.  And this little pumpkin is a MOVER!!!! Todd has already felt her kicking, which is hilarious. She may give Kate a run for her money…:)

My prayers are with all of you in this New Year-may we all feel the joy of salvation in a fresh, deep way as we seek to make Him famous with our lives.

Love to you all, and more gratitude than I can express…

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