Beth Moore

THIS deserves it’s own post.

***Update: It looks like they opened up another section at the church for the benefit concert, so there are a couple hundred seats open now!!! It’s free so HURRY!!!***

***Another update…I have the BEST readers in the world. Seriously. After I posted this a woman contacted me and said she would like to donate 2 more copies of Beth Moore’s book for this giveaway, so I will be choosing 4 winners instead of 2!!!!! Thank you Liz…may you be blessed in return :)***

I don’t need to say too much about this topic, which you all know is near and dear to my heart. Because she generally knows who I am at this point, I doubt she will ever, you know, press charges. If you read this blog, you know of my affection and respect for the one and only Beth Moore. Let’s just take a moment right here, shall we?

Okay. Better.
Some may refer to it as “stalking,” but that is an ugly word, and I much prefer a term that has a more religious feel to it. Maybe “spiritual shadowing?” Or how about “Oh, Beth, that’s so weird that this book signing was nationally advertised and I happen to be here with all of my Beth Moore books and my hair done all nice and pretty.” Not like I know when she’s coming to Nashville or anything.


Well, her newest book released this week and I think you all need to grab it. I found it on Amazon for a GREAT price, so if you can wait a couple days to start reading it, you can save some bucks.

If, however, you feel that it may make more sense to drive on a snowy road with three screaming children to pay list price, be my guest. In fact, if you do that now, you may see me there.

For those of you with “three day patience,” I have included the following link:

And because I want to share the love with you all, I am giving away two of my own copies of it. Not like I was planning on buying it in multiples, because that would be odd. Creepy even. 
I have derailed.
Leave a comment. Or leave five. Whatever you want. Mr. Random Number Integer man will choose the winners tomorrow night (2/5/10)
I know it’s a pain to leave me a comment because of the whole Disqus thing, and yes, I get your emails telling me I would get a lot more comments if I didn’t have it, but the truth is, I’m not really interested in that. I’m more interested in narrowing the chances of winning a Beth Moore book.
Praise the Lord.
And Hallelujah.
I gotta get my kids in the car.
Love to you all,
P.S. There is a fabulous FREE benefit concert for Haiti this weekend with Point of Grace, Selah, Mark Shultz, Ginny Owens and possibly even more amazing people. The evening show has sold out but as I write this there are 58 seats left for the 4 PM show. You need to click here if you are interested in trying to scoop them up before they’re gone!!! A love offering will be taken.
P.P.S. If you have not received a book from a contest you won (Pioneer Woman etc), I have not forgotten you. We had a little mixup with who was supposed to be bringing them to the post office and Todd and I have not fully decided who deserves the blame. Because this is my blog, you should know that it is him. 
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