Meet Inga. Love Inga. Help Inga.

This is Inga.

Inga is annoyingly cute. Let’s look past that for the moment.

She is a dear friend of Audra’s, and I have been chomping at the bit to tell you all about her but we were waiting for some red tape stuff. You all are going to LOVE this.

For the record, I call her Olga because it makes me feel better about her cuteness level. Audra always laughs but that’s because she is in the same “perfect skin” category as Olga. Inga. Whatever.

In addition to her sweet face, this girl has a passion for the Lord and for ministry that is contagious. It also involves shopping, so it’s pretty much win-win. She has started a company called 3seams, and while I encourage you to go read over there, I would love to share a bit here to give you some background.

The primary goal of 3seams is to help Haitian women get on their feet. And here’s the fun part. You get 2 dresses for $40 (I think?). One of your sweet dresses comes right to you for the girlie of your choice, and the other  one (identical) is sent to a child in Haiti.

Right now, she is trying to raise money to bring supplies with her to Haiti (she leaves in a few days) in order to help 5 women start sewing the dresses and begin making an income to support their families. Audra has sewn several of them, and I’m hoping to get in on the action as well. I mean, look at these. They’re even reversible!!!

And for these little bitty ones and their mommies, it’s even more than a cute dress 🙂

Seriously. Can you stand it?!?!?!

SO, if you click over to the 3seams site, there is a place to donate money for these 5 women (anything helps!!!) and if you live in Nashville, you will see a few shops where you can already get the dresses. I believe they will be available in the Fall for online purchase, but if you give a certain amount I think she is sending them now, as well as other items from Haiti. 3seams also has a Facebook page here with more information.

This project is in it’s beginning stages and I just can’t wait to see what the Lord does with it.

Ladies, tell your husbands that your little one is all dressed up in the name of ministry…


And to Olga, I am so excited for you…I may even start calling you by your real name if you can ditch the perfect glasses.


Thank you all in advance for your support!!!!! And in the event that you give $250 or more, I would like to do something special for you, so please send me an email and let me know!

Love to all,

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