Introducing Charlotte

Hello everyone. This is Jessica and I just wanted to quickly post that Angie had Charlotte last night at 10:38. She weighs 5 lbs, 13 oz and is 19 inches long. She has strawberry blondish/red hair and is simply adorable! She has sweetest little face and the cutest pouty mouth and button nose.

Both she and Angie are doing great. They thought they were going to have to monitor Charlotte for a few hours, but she was doing so well, that they brought her in to Angie much sooner!

Here is Angie when she first got to hold her. I LOVE her joyous smile. So awesome.

And the proud parents

Audra and Charlotte
Angie, Charlotte and me

It was a birthday Angie will never forget. Please be praying for Angie’s recovery and that they will get to come home soon.

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  • jhassett

    I’ve just recently come to know about your blog & don’t even know that you’ll see this 2 years later , but my daughter was born at 9:05am on this same day. Congratulations doesn’t do justice. Thank you for sharing your heart for God through your trials & your joys. I’m currently going through a storm of my own & your strength & love of the Lord reminds me to holdfast to Him. I’m praying for you, your family, & your ministry. I hope to catch up to current events soon but know that someone is walking & praising with you even if it’s two years late!