A few months ago I was watching the girls play in the backyard, and the most beautiful light covered them. I was mesmerized by it, and decided to run in and get my camera so I could document it forever.

By the time I found my camera, put in the battery, and headed back out, it was gone.

I looked at the clock. 7:05.

The next night snuck up on me and I was about to miss it. I looked outside and there it was. This beautiful, warm, angelic light that filled my backyard and reminded me in a difficult moment that the Lord was all around me.

I asked Ellie if she could hold Charlotte as I grabbed my camera and some beautiful heirloom dresses that my friend Hollie made (one of them is featured HERE…. She is INCREDIBLY gifted and probably incredibly sick of me telling her so…but seriously, AMAZING).

I ran outside, adjusted the settings, and started shooting.

18 minutes later it was gone.

That’s all I got.

Gone so fast.

Just 18 years.

I mean, minutes.


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  • http://embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Oh, this pulled at my heartstrings!

  • http://www.amylivelovelaughclub.blogspot.com/ Amy

    Cherish the moments with your beloved girls…Savor every single moment. They’ll be grown in the blink of an eye. My daughter is 20 years old…And it seems like just yesterday she was toddling around my house. Being a mommy is one of the greatest gifts of life. Enjoy it!!

  • Bethanybishop

    SO very true. Every post I read you are encouraging us to be better more present moms. Thanks for sharing your passions with us.

  • Playingsublimely

    Oh sweet friend, you cant write stuff like that, I’m hyperventilating.

  • http://setala.blogspot.com Ksjetala


  • http://ourimperfectlife.blogspot.com/ Debra

    As my daughter approaches her 9th birthday, this is a gentle reminder of how intuned to her (and my son) and proactive I need to continue to be.

    God Bless, sweet Angie!

  • http://embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    New Elf on the Shelf “training video!”

  • JD

    Love you, love your heart.

  • Liz

    Oh my goodness, this got me crying (and I am not a cryer!). Such a sweet reminder. I am a single mom to the sweetest nine month old baby boy and the days can be long (and the nights even longer ha!) but I try to remember that I won’t be his number one forever and to enjoy it while it last. My attitude was less than appealing today so this was a God send and I pray the Lord will give me a renewed, joyful, patient spirit tomorrow.

  • Southern Gal

    Oh, it does fly by. Seriously. Your babies are growing up into beautiful young girls. I hate to say this, but just wait until you have grandchildren…

  • http://www.thepilotswifeblog.com thepilotswife

    Oh Ang. How beautiful.

    Miss you, lady. I’m still trying to talk Patrick into moving to Nashville. :)

  • Rachel M.

    Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Jennie Newland

    beautiful! what a wonderful reminder!

  • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    It jolts me to think that for my eldest, I only have six left, and my second is half way there, and my third… and my fourth… I only have 15 years left of stepping on legos and greasy finger-prints where they ought not to be… but I am determined to slow down and enjoy it all. Because the last 15 years have flown by awfully fast.
    This was such a good illustration of time. Beautiful photos as well. Thanks, Angie

  • P_dought

    Girl. The headmaster at our school had “Coffee and Conversation” today, and he was talking about his triplets. They’re 8, and he said next year, at 9, it’ll be “halftime” as far as the time they’re with him. My boy is nearly 11; I’m already in the third quarter and I didn’t even realize it. Game ON… this is one game that we have to win. And I am so thankful for a God who places our little ones in our arms, whether it’s for 18 minutes, 18 years, or til we pass on. If I have my druthers, it will be the last option, but I will rejoice in whatever the amount of time that He chooses to loan mine to me.
    Always look to the Light…

    • Jaclin

      Oh my,,,you’ve made the tears flow heavily! My oldest boy just turned 11, and your comparison breaks my heart! Yes, the third quarter! Oh my…

  • Hope

    Hello there :) I needed this today :) My little guy is 7 months old and after a long day and in the back of my mind wondering about how simple life was before he got here I am reminded of how short the time is that I have to be with him! :( It just made me appreciate my sweet boy and the life we all have together! :)

  • Mama Henley

    I agree. I pray I can savor every precious moment with our 5. I know you do the same.

  • Andigirl79

    I so know how you feel. My son (first born) turned 11 yesterday!!! 11 I can’t believe it. I will never forget the first night in the hospital when he looked at me in his little bassinet and the LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY I felt for him that day has only gotten stronger. I just love my kids so much I want them to stay “little” forever.
    I love you N&M…

  • Coby

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder to savor the time I have with my sweet boys.

  • Malithad

    This is exactly what I’ve been talking to my husband about for the past week or so! Our girls are 5, 3, and 1. We’ve been going through the house trying to decide what we want to put in a garage sale, and every time I come across a baby item (bassinet, swing, etc). I say, “Oh it goes so fast!” This post did not help my baby fever! The pictures are beautiful, though. :)

  • http://julesmpg.blogspot.com Julesmpg

    Conner turned 13 this week and I realized five years left before he is 18, five years…….that’s it. The scale is tipping in the other direction and it is saddening. Enjoy each precious minute is so right!

  • http://www.nahuli.blogspot.com Anonymous

    It’s not letting me post on the one below, so I’ll say it here — so glad you got the Angelcare Monitor! We had it from day one with our daughter, and I’ve always said it’s the only way I was able to sleep when our daughter was young. It offers such peace of mind.
    Ours did go off several times when it did appear that she had either stopped breathing (possible apnea) or was breathing incredibly shallowly…we were SO grateful for the monitor at those times especially.

  • Jenifer Durgeat

    I love this post Angie! I love the photography… I love the light, and the heirloom dress (it immediately made me think of Audrey – in God’s spotlight.)

    My “baby” turned 8 this year. I too often think to myself “only 10 more years.” It truly is amazing JUST how fast time flies. I’ve got a 3 year old and a 1 month old here at the house as well… even the 1 month old has just whizzed 4 weeks of her life by. Just yesterday I was miserably pregnant and begging her to leave the womb! Now, she won’t stop growing :( I cherish every moment where she’s smiling in her sleep, snuggled close to my heart.

    Such a beautiful family you have, that will continue to grow and love will multiply as each of your children reach and then pass those 18 years. As they marry and have children of their own to bring back to your nest and share with you. Your heart is far from never swelling again :) Keep it healthy, you’re gonna need it!

  • http://tuccinestingplace.blogspot.com/ Miranda Tucci

    This is the SWEETEST post!! I love this!

  • * French Farmhouse 425 *


  • http://holycamp09.wordpress.com/ Deborah

    18 goes too fast. My daughter just got married. I miss her so much. She had a very unusual wedding that you can pictures at my website, but you might like this post. Your pictures are beautiful.


  • Melissa Irwin

    Oh the time flies. It is excruciating. My oldest son is 21 and I rarely get to see him, and I miss him so much. My young ones are soon to be 4 and 6……going way too fast.

  • http://www.houseofhudspeth.blogspot.com Nlbh77

    Time flies with our precious babies & we must snuggle them every minute we can! This is a beautiful post!

  • Bigdogrdw

    I just had to leave a comment here today…my oldest will be 19 on Saturday, and this is the first birthday I won’t get to spend with him. He is at college, and has finals, and will be home next Tuesday, but it is breaking my heart. I wrote him a letter about his past birthdays, which made me cry all the more. I have precious twins who are 15, and a “baby girl” who is 12. Cherish every moment. I love reading your blog.

  • Casondra

    Just beautiful!!!

  • http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com Kelly_SufficientGrace

    As my oldest son approaches his seventeenth birthday, that eighteen years feeling like eighteen minutes theory hits close to home. I blinked, and here we were…just like they say.

  • Tpankiewicz17

    thanks Angie, made me stop and remember to enjoy the daily of child rising. Love your blog.

  • Caroline

    Sighing… praying that we cherish and redeem the time we have with our children ! The Lord truly ministers beauty through your writing Angie, Shine on sweet lady. x

  • Jessica S.

    Love that…so sweet.

  • Emily W.

    Beautiful pictures!!!! I love the sun-rays.
    -Emily W.

  • Jaclin

    So true…so heartbreakingly true! Yes, our job, our privilege is to raise our children to be good, kind human beings. To instill in them all the values and lessons that will carry them through a productive, long, wonderful life. My Mother-in-law has a pillow that says…”A mother holds her childrens’ hand for a while, their hearts forever.” Oh how true! They will always be my babies, ALWAYS!

  • http://praisethroughthestorm.blogspot.com/ Wendy

    I know you don’t know me, but I wrote you 6 months ago. I went through the loss of a still born little boy 6 months ago. Something I thought I would never be able to make it through and there I was. Now today, once again, I will do the same thing. We were thrilled to know I was expecting once again, it was like a bandaid to my hurting and broken heart. Now this, again. Today our Natalie will arrive prematurely and I just don’t see how I can make it through this again. I don’t understand why the Lord has allowed this to happen again, especially just six months apart. Please, please pray for me.

    • Sarah

      Hi Wendy, I happened to read your comment on here and wanted you to know that I am praying for you right now. May God bring you peace, comfort and His strength. He loves you so much. I will keep praying for you through the trying days to come.

    • CC

      I am praying for you. Is the baby born today sure to be still born or are you just afraid? Either way…I am praying for you and your baby.

    • Tena

      Praying for you Wendy. Just keep posting and talking–we’ll be here for you.

    • Nikki

      I am praying for you as well. I pray for peace for you and your family. I’m so sorry.

    • Picy203

      praying for you – you do not know me – but prayer is strong and my prayers will be for you today. i have not walked in your shoes – but i know your pain. xoox

    • Melissa Irwin

      I am praying for you too Wendy, and Natalie and all.

  • Sarah Erwin

    Beautiful photographs, by the way!!

  • http://standup8.wordpress.com Sarah

    The pictures are amazing.

  • Gadillon

    BEAUTIFUL photos !!! I just registered for Women of Faith and Selah is playing ! Sooooo excited to finally see them live. Will you be with them?

    Gail (CA)

  • Tena

    Simply, beautiful.

  • http://www.loveinactionjourney.blogspot.com Janine

    That is so stunning. So glad you went to all the effort. Simply beautiful.

  • Ellie North


  • Savannah

    amazing photographs!

  • Daniellemassari

    I found your blog so randomly, but maybe not random at all….it’s a God Thing!

    This post was so simple yet so powerful (for me). Thank you!

  • Shayne

    18 minutes…oh you’re so right.

    My daughter turns 18 next week. My son 16 two weeks later. And as if I didn’t have enough emotional turmoil going on…I go and watch Toy Story 3.

    What. Was. I. Thinking?

    Ah well. It’s all precious, so take photos ALL THE TIME. And hug and kiss those babies as much as they’ll let you.

  • http://www.littlebitoflifephotography.blogspot.com Holly

    I have been thinking about how fast time goes by a lot lately. Beautiful photos!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503648234 Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So beautiful! SOOO true!

  • jessica

    wow. between god, your amaizing camera skills and your friends beautiful dress… these pictures were beautiful. you were so lucky to be able to actually catch the beauty of gods will in these shots. almost makes u feel like a blanket was being thrown over the earth as god wrapped his arms around it. =) makes my heart so happy.

  • Adrienne

    It goes by too quickly! I wish I could stop time some days and just enjoy the time with my little monkeys a little longer.

    I need to start taking more pictures again. These are beautiful!

  • http://lifewithdandh.blogspot.com Heather

    Awww, so sweet. What a beautiful post!

  • http://beevanews.shutterfly.com Brett Van Andel

    Hey Angie, if you get a chance today to visit the blog my wife set up for our 5 month old daughter, Emri Simone, http://beevanews.shutterfly.com, I know it would mean the world to her. Unlike your story, my wife Erin’s pregnancy went well (apart from her being very sick). So when our little girl took three and a half hours of pushing, followed by resuscitation amidst 12 doctors and nurses, we were stunned. She was incorrectly diagnosed with Beals syndrome, which we prayed against, and then prayed for, once we were told she actually had neonatal marfans, and wouldn’t live past 2 years. We’ve experienced the peace that passes all understanding, hoping for a miracle while expecting death, and the comfort and power of God’s people praying. We are now planning a trip to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to a world renown doctor on marfans syndrome, who has given us new unexpected hope. If you, and others, have the time to encourage my wonderful and beautiful wife, I know it would brighten her day.

    Thanks, Brett.

  • Ashley_flynn

    LOVED this blog. Short & Sweet & the pictures were beautiful!

  • http://www.anuttierlife.com/ Tillie

    beautiful post…

  • http://twitter.com/AnnVoskamp Ann Voskamp

    I’m brimming…
    And my heart is hurting hard.
    Angie, I’d do anything to get a chance to go back to the beginning with each of them and how did we get here already, our oldest fifteen…

    Oh, and all this light, where did all this light come from?

    Words all blurring now and my throat stinging and finding it hard to breathe.

    To keep chasing Him and the Light and giving thanks for the gift of every moment.

    I love you, beautiful woman….

    All’s grace,

  • NicoleBennett

    Angie, please vote no abortion. This family is taking a public poll on whether or not they should abort their baby. I am just horrified.

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Dearest Angie,

    You are truly talented in so many respects! Thank you for sharing your gifts w/us, girl!

    I still have a little lump in my throat after reading your post and viewing your photographs of your girls! Such sweet wee little babes…

    Time goes rather too quickly – wish that all precious memories could be bottled forever.

    In love & friendship,
    Connie Amato-Mahle
    Clarion, PA

    • Chadnjen

      Clarion, Pa? How funny…I live in Greenville PA – just about an hour and half from you! Small world…

      I agree with you, that post is amazing! :)


      • Connie L Amato-Mahle

        ‘Tis a small world! Greenville – I do believe about an hour or so of travel time from Clarion…

        Very funny how Angie is able to bring people together – near and far alike! : )

        Thanks for the virtual shout-out! : )

  • Andrea

    What I never realized was that appreciating the time does not slow down the time. This post just confirmed my decision…drop the language lessons for the day and bake cookies!!

  • Harmlove

    so true…thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    so glad to see a new post from you. I just wanted to say that I finished reading your book this past Wednesday & it was incredibly moving. You brought me to tears & you did a wonderful job telling your story & sharing your faith. Thank you & God Bless your family!

  • Linda

    Keep returning today to your pictures. Such lovely images. Blessings upon blessings to you!

  • http://www.littlebeanprints.com Marieclare

    What beautiful light and photos! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ddavisbailey

    what amazing pictures and yes it does go oh so fast…

  • Anonymous

    Oh…. it aches a mommy’s heart.
    How fast it goes…………..

  • http://www.marblesfromheaven.blogspot.com saramarble

    amazing pictures…amazing post…could i ask you to pray for my baby, well my 6 year old who has been in the hospital since wednesday with a resistant pneumonia. he needs healing so we can go home. thank you so much.

  • http://www.annamarymacdonald.blogspot.com Bridgemacd

    Beautiful post! Time flys!

  • Leanne

    Hi Angie~

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever left a comment, but I feel compelled to leave one now!

    My name is Leanne. I live in Wa State. I’ve been reading your blog and loving it for quite some time now. I’ve been following your story. Elements of your story are my story too. It’s why I love your blog so much….

    A tiny slice of our history: I’m almost 38. We have been pregnant 12 times. We have 7 children here on earth. In 2004 we had a stillborn baby girl. Ouch. In 2007 we began to experience infertility. We had our first miscarriage. Ouch. In 2008 we had another miscarriage, this time, it was later in my pregnancy, at 13 weeks. Ouch. On Easter 2010 we discovered we were pregnant again…..only to miscarry again a week later. Making a very long story short, we were advised by our doctor to wait a few cycles to get pregnant again, and we were…..and then I got pregnant. At 18 weeks we discovered we were having identical twin girls. (That’s another reason I love your blog, you’re a twin mom too!) We found out at 21 weeks (5 weeks ago) that our Olivia, Baby B, had passed away. Her heart had stopped beating. So, we will have another stillborn baby in the Spring……..I’m currently 6.5 months pregnant with our babies. Olivia Caroline went to Heaven, and Pennie Jane seems to be thriving. Praise God!!

    I ramble! I’d love for you to pray for me. It brings me great comfort! I’m pressed but not crushed, persecuted and not abandoned, I’m struck down, but I refuse to be utterly destroyed….and I know you are familiar with all of that!

    Selah’s music has been a great comfort and encouragement to me, especially “You Deliver Me” and that song about unredeemed, not sure what it’s called….really beautiful music. I live with a musician and composer (my husband) so we appreciate good music.

    I’ll end this now…..if you want to visit my blog, you can rest assured that I’m not a weirdo, even though I sound like one on this comment!!! It’s http://www.mysuppllications.blogspot.com. Or you can email me at mamas1angel513@msn dot com. It’s been recommended to me to read your book. I think I will.

    Thanks for allowing me to ramble.

    And yes, 18 years. Far too short.

  • http://www.hopesjourneyblog.blogspot.com Hope W.

    Blessings to you Angie…..your 4 daughters are all so beautiful! I am going to send an email to introduce myself and say more. Congrats on Charlotte’s safe arrival! Hope =)

  • Ashley

    Hi Angie,
    I just emailed you my story. My precious Alaina Celeste, my first born, went to be with Jesus on October 29, at 4 and a half months old. She had a fatal condition when she was born, but we were able to have her here long enough to make an eternal impact on our lives and the lives of others. Oh it hurts though. I am struggling and clingging to Christ with everything I have. You have beautiful girls! Your book has blessed me more than you know!

    Ashley :)

  • Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Just crawled out from under a boulder and found your blog. Lovely place, lovely story, lovely family, lovely heart.

  • http://ernwardie.blogspot.com Erin Ward

    So beautiful!

  • Shandee

    LOVE the sun beaming down, it IS gorgeous!

    Blessings, Shandee


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