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Happy turkey day to everyone…I’m grateful for you all!!!

What are you thanking God for this Thanksgiving???


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  • Earlgreyinateacup

    So very much…His Son and my walk with Him, my family and friends, the fact that I got to share my life with a wonderful man. I miss you Sweetheart…you were my Prince and one sweet day we’ll be together again. And yeah…I’m thankful that as Christians, we grieve with the promise of hope in the Resurrection!

  • karisa

    I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that resides in me. I have been hearing him way more than ever and my life has been so full of rich blessings ever since!! I am even recognizing moments in my life where he spoke to me before I even realized it. It is so awesome!

  • Katy Ibarra

    I am thankful for SO much…so incredibly thankful for my family’s health…and I am SO thankful for our salvation! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • Alh369

    I am so incredibly thankful for my children and my husband. Also our health… living without health insurance for four years now has proved manageable only by God’s grace upon our health!

  • mmoudy

    We have so much to be thankful for. Foremost, I am thankful for Jesus Christ, grace, and mercy. I am also thankful for my family, our health, and our church family.

  • saramarble

    I’m thankful that today, after 8 days in the hospital with my little one suffering from pneumonia, we will be discharged to continue recovering at home!!!!!

  • Trennia

    I am thankful for my salvation through Jesus Christ, my family and friends!

  • Tricia

    Thankful for family to share THanksgiving with .

  • Georgia

    Thankful for my sweet husband, children and my Savior!!!

  • Darcy Buerkle

    Thankful to have a relationship with God, thankful to be able to see the ways He is working in our lives. Thankful for suportive friends, loving family, and a wonderful husband! (the list goes on and on)

  • tina

    I am thankful for so many things, but this year, I’m especially thankful for our son who was born on 11/19 after 4 years of many prayers!

  • Desiree

    I am thanking God for new found friends in the blog community! What a blessing you all have been to me this past year. :) I am also thanking God for making it possible for me to find your blog, and your book. Both have been such a comfort to me. God bless you and your family on Thanksgiving 2010

  • Stephanie

    So thankful for God! We lost a baby in January and are pregnant again and due in March. We have been blessed beyond measure!

  • ashleydelen

    I am thankful for the everydays….the everydays of waking up being a daughter and a momma..the everydays of laundry and cleaning and book keeping. I’m just so thankful for the everyday mindless tasks because it means for this moment my life has a little less drama and a little bet more peace from God.

  • Scrapingirl

    I am thankful for my family and my health. This past year has been a rocky year for me, but things are starting to look up. Thanks be to God!! Happy Thanksgiving!! God bless.

  • Mrscoachv5

    The Lord has been so good to us! We are thankful for His blessings on our family! My dad had to have some heart surgeries, but is now doing great. Our daughter will be 16 months at Christmas, and is the love of our lives! And despite how routine life gets and when we sometimes forget how good the Lord is, He continues to bless us and reaffirm His mercy and love!

  • Lisa

    I’m thankful for my salvation and the salvation of my two boys, my husbands health this year, my awesome friends that are always there when I need them, we are so very thankful for our church family (Faith Baptist). I enjoy your blog so much :)

  • AjsMama1013

    I am thanking Him that He is the best Father I’ve ever had!

  • Jherald

    Great question~ I am so thankful for life journey He is leading me on. Although where would I be without Jesus!?!?!? So, first and always Jesus ~ and then I just found out that my Thanksgiving guests are enroute. I haven’t seen them in 16 years, you just gotta love Facebook! So thankful for great friends and a wonderful time to hang out & catch up!!!! Sometimes God gives us our hearts desire when we didn’t even know what we might need. I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve ~ Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  • Shannon

    I am thankful for God’s provision and love and so much more!

  • Angela

    My family!!

  • Melissa G.

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog today too!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Ashlee

    There is so much to thank Him for everyday. This year God has blessed us above and beyond. We just welcomed our 5th child, our first son into our lives 6 months ago. He has Trisomy 8 but is doing so well. He is almost 9 months old and thriving.

    Be blessed


  • Linda

    I am thankful for the Triune God, and for My Salvation. Thankful for my Family and my Friends, and all that God has given me. He always provides and He is so very Faithful! I am so very blessed.


  • Linda

    I am so thankful for Jesus!

  • Leellis

    EVERYTHING! My salvation, my sanctification, my family, my friends, our church, all of it. I’m even thankful for my problems because compared to so many others they are not so big. A favorite quote of mine from our pastors — If we all put our problems into a big pile, how quick we would be to snatch our OWN problems back up.

  • Robin

    I am thankful for my step-daughter. This week has been the first time that she has been able to come to our home. She is eight and lives with her mom and because of certain circumstances she has never been allowed to come visit us, until now. It is has been a wonderful week and I love that little girl just like she was my own and can’t bare the thought that we have to take her back to her mom on Saturday. I just thank God that he has allowed us this opportunity and we pray that there will be many more to come.

  • Jenifer Durgeat

    Thanking God for everything… I know that’s pretty vague, but it’s so true. My life is BEAUTIFUL at this very moment and I couldn’t ask for a single thing more.

  • Linzywilson07

    I am so THANKFUL for God and all he has given me! I am thankful for a wonderful, loving and supportive family…I am thankful for life! We have had some rough things thrown at us the last couple months, but everyone of them is making us stronger, I am SO thankful!

  • Melinda

    I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness, for the blessing of our first granddaughter, and for the opportunity to be a Mom with the blessing of a son and daughter.

  • Jajawaldo

    I’m thanking God for salvation, family and all the extras we are given daily.

  • Eileen

    I am thankful for my wonderful husband and all the rest of my family – especially the grandkids! And for the blessings the Lord gives us each and every day

  • Rachel

    I’m so thankful for my sisters. We met “later” in life, and now… it’s like we grew up in the same house. They bless me in so many ways.

  • Elaine Parr

    Thankful for God’s faithfulness…..yes, I think that sums up my year. He is FAITHFUL and without Him I would be nothing.

  • Dee Roberts

    oh that would be perfect! I could do all of my Christmas shopping there! One-stop-shop!

  • Kayro3667

    I am a very blessed woman and very thankful for all my trials and triumphs.

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Happy Thanksgiving, Angie!

    May your day be plentiful in blessings!!

    There are oh SO many things to be grateful! A husband and partner for life. The priviledge to watch my babies grow. Friends who lend a listening ear and an open hand. Hearing God’s voice and viewing His image in others. I am SO ever thankful!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day – abundant in love, peace and community!

    Much love and friendship, my dear friend, Angie!
    Connie Amato-Mahle
    Clarion, PA

  • Cynthia

    I am thankful for my wonderful family. I have been blessed with a fabulous husband and 3 beautiful daughters, 2 here on earth and one who is spending her first Thanksgiving with our heavenly Father.

  • Sheilarather

    of course I am thankful for God and the relationship I have with Him, family and friends. But, today I got the letter in the mail that notified me that I was accepted into the RN program at Arkansas State University. I went back to school after 13 years of being out of college, getting married and having 2 kids. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but feel blessed every day to use a gift of mercy, compassion, and the need to help others for His glory.

  • Mama Henley

    I am thankful for our precious children and the best husband in the whole world. I am thankful that 3 of our 4 parents are still with us, and that DH’s father is celebrating in Heaven. I am thankful for so many sweet friends, a nice home, and God’s gift to us on the cross. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Eliza

    For my amazing husband, my beautiful daughter, and the baby that I am currently pregnant with. This pregnancy comes as such an amazing blessing after my miscarriage in July.

  • Whitney Winston

    I will am thanking God for my kids, husband, good health, my mother and our jobs.

  • Survivorblessing

    I am thankful for God and that he loves us so much. He is my savior, my provider, my supporter, my friend, myeverything. I am thankful for my husband, my children and all my family and friends. I am truly blessed with each and every one. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  • Betsy

    God has been doing wonderful things in my church family. We have witnessed two things in the past few weeks that are nothing short of miraculous. A teenage boy fell 3 weeks ago and hit his head. He was paralyzed from the waist down and didn’t recognize his parents. Today, he walked out of rehab with a walker and is home with his family for Thanksgiving. Also, a couple in my church was told several months ago that their unborn daughter would probably die soon after delivery if she made it that far. She was born last Monday night, and as far as we know, she is completely healthy. You can read more about their story at These are just a few of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  • Christy

    I am thankful for my husband and two daughters and our health. Now a days you look around and there are so many children with disabilities, illnesses or diseases and thankfully both my girls are healthy and I thank God for them for the gift of giving me these two girls to raise and be their Mom. I sure lucked out:)

  • Jcclspear

    I’m thankful to have my healthy family!

  • Morgan Gandy Alexander

    My salvation, my family. Everything else I have is because of them.

  • Janie

    I am most thankful for the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father, and yes, I am even thankful for all the tragedies that have occurred in my life, because each one has brought me closer and closer to my beloved Savior. He has brought so much good out of the bad and has showered me with infinite and abundant blessings, my husband, daughters, my son in heaven, and each of my precious friends.

  • Amy Hartling

    I so thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed on our family. Our family is complete after years of infertility, a late miscarriage and now twins and a 5 year old. I am so greatful for the many blessings

  • Artistic Images

    I’m thankful for beautiful, healthy grand babies. As a NILMDTS photographer, I know how priceless a healthy baby is. I have one grand gaughter and two on the way so that is what I am thankful for!

  • Patricia e

    I am thankful for my growth in faith this year! It’s been ginormous!! Is that a word? Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Angie!

  • Shelly Deason

    Thankful for a mighty God and his mercy and blessings ~ thankful blog at

  • Anonymous

    So many things!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Kbolton

    Thankful for a husband who shows me Christ’s love in his patience and forgiveness. Thankful for the blessings of children and that God promises to not leave us where we are in our sin, but to completely wash them away and then to help us on the road of sanctification. Thankful for His mercy and grace.

  • Dara

    I’m thankful for God’s love, my dog Hadassah, my family and that God will restore my eyesight.

  • A Lasting First Impression

    That is an amzing giveaway, what a blessing that would be indeed! I am so very thankful for our warm house, a roof over our head, and the food that will be on our table this weekend. This may seem unoriginal, but this is our reality right now. God has provided for us, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family! Love on those kid-os! : )

  • Jill_buhay

    Thanking God that we have the joy of adopting in 2011!!

    Jill Buhay

  • Joyful Mommy

    Thankful for my son in heaven, my daughter in my arms, and the child of my heart – taken from us this June as the result of an adoption revocation. We’ve been blessed with three precious children in two years, with only one still in our arms. But all three are blessings. All three are gifts of God. So thankful for the loving God who has carried us through the loss of two baby boys in two years, and the adoption of our precious little girl. Only HE could bring us through. Only HE could bring blessing in the midst of the heartache. So thankful for each of my three children, and for the Lord who chose me to be their mommy…

  • Immichal

    I am shocked that you would say “Turkey Day.”

  • innotof

    Happy turkey day to you as well! Gobble, gobble;)

  • Dawn

    I am thankful for all the ways God uses to talk to my heart.

  • Renewd42

    wow, happy thanksgiving time! and beyond!

  • Renewd42

    It all! I could NOT…ask for more. we are sooo blessed!

  • Meagan Williams

    I’m thanking God for my salvation, family, friends, a wonderful church/church family, and music which is a beautiful expression of worship to God.

  • Truthpoet1

    Have you ever considered that it is the secularists that want to turn Thanksgiving into “turkey day?” Why, because the secularists do not like Thanksgiving because it acknowledges our dependency and implies there is someone to whom our thanks belongs.

  • Starla Witzki

    I am thankful to God for EVERYTHING…past, present and future.

  • Vcm0628

    Specifically I’m thankful for everything I see, my family – my children and my husband. My eternal marriage, my home, my parents, in-laws and sisters. I’m thanking my Father in heaven for my sense of humor and my ability to see the “bright” side of things. I’m thankful for my jobs, the one that pays the bills and the ones that call me mom.

    I’m thankful for roads and cars and that both my husbands and my families are within driving distance. I’m thankful for the seasons in life.

    I’m thankful for parents who taught me to work, and to be honest and kind. I’m thankful for friends. I’m thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the knoweldge I have of his life, death and resurection.

    I’m thankful for so many things :)

  • Heather V

    The work He has done in my life! I can’t even think about it without tearing up! For the husband God saw fit to give me! For my beautiful kids! For my spiritual heritage! Thank you God!

  • Marcia

    I’m so thankful for the family God gave to me!!

  • Beth

    my healthy and happy family!

  • KaleeMarie

    For my husband and his desire to build our family however we have to. When we first got married he hadn’t even considered adoption and now it’s something we’re saving towards!

  • Jan Miller

    I am very thankful for a healthy happy family to share Thanksgiving with. So very thankful for 7 beautiful grandchildren to have and love.
    Thanks Jan

  • Ellen

    Angie, what a great giveaway!! Here’s hoping. : )

  • Alta Blake

    Very thankful for my family and our love for God and salvation through Jesus Christ”)

  • Destiny

    I am grateful for the privilege of being included. I live 1,300 miles away from my own family, but my friends have become my chosen family. That’s what I’m thankful for … that and Jesus and all of the wonderful things life through him provides. Destiny

  • Diane

    I am thankful for my supportive husband and wonderful, awesome daughter–adopted from Vietnam! At 7 months old, next month she will be 4 years old, and is the reason I am alive. I was so grateful to be alive, with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ on whom I depend literally for EVERY single breath I take,…..I had breast cancer, then 10 months later, pregnant, found out I had acute myelogenous leukemia from the breast cancer treatment. Went into a coma, lost our precious baby (Christian Hartford Schulert), nearly lost my life–docs told me a day or two before I was going to die my body just “kicked back in”. They had me on every antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic and a doctor told my husband they were going to look more seriously at prayer,….but my husband and I believe the Lord saved me. I have two babies in heaven waiting for me, but desperately wanted a child. God knew we needed a daughter, and she knew our daughter needed parents! She is truly the joy of my life–in fact, my husband said if we hadn’t already named her Deidre, he would have named her joy. Now I suffer from a condition from my bone marrow transplant (they found ONE person out of 5 million that matched me! Praise Him!) called bronchiolitis obliterans which mimics COPD. I have 35 percent lung capacity,….and they have suggested I consult for a lung transplant. I don’t want to. I’m praying about it. God come quickly and get us and take us home, please!

  • Amber Thornton

    Beautiful Healthy Baby Girls that melt away all of my problems every time they smile at me. When things seem so tough, they smile at me, and God reminds me through their smile, that my problems are NOT that bad….. and I will survive!
    Thank you Jesus!

  • Patriciaann173

    I am soooo thankful for the opportunities I have had to experience God’s faithfulness and UNENDING love. He has shown me that He does not give up on me even when I want to give up on HIM and that when I am tempted to turn away and am purposeful in doing that, HE ALWAYS is there whooing me back. THAT is what I am most thankful for!!!! If it were not for HIM I would have given up on life a longggggg time ago. It is a very long story that I will be sharing some day with the world but for now, “HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!!”

  • Gadillon

    I am thankful for God’s unendless love for me. He was there while I strayed, patientl waiting for me to turn to Him again. My family did not give up on me either. Just a note, I didnt do anything illegal or immoral when I strayed, just didnt have my heart set on praising God. I thought because I was a “Christian” in my heart, that I was ok. I stopped praying, reading the bible. I AM BACK…..woohoo !!! Blessings, Gail

  • Jencar23

    I am so thankful for a loving husband who works hard to provide for us, and is always thinking of others. I am so grateful for the personal relationship that I have with my Heavenly Father, who I know is always mindful of me…despite the circumstance.

  • Coby

    I’m thankful for the freedom that comes through Christ, and the most recent deliverance I’ve received – getting set free from fear and insecurity. I’m thankful for my awesome Godly husband and my 3 little boys…oh, and coffee. Thank you, Lord, for coffee.

  • Mindy

    I think about all the good and bad things that have happened in my life. Of course I am grateful for the good things, but I am also grateful for the bad things. Even though those times weren’t pleasant to experience, it is those times that have made me stronger.

    I have had to stand up for what I believe in against all odds, which have made my convictions stronger. I have had to endure fear and pain that I thought I could never endure and realized that I am tougher than even I thought I was. I have had to fight for my marriage, which makes what we have now even sweeter. I have lost those I love which makes me appreciate those still living even more. The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is so true. None of us want to go through those hard times, but look at what we become because of them.

    I am thankful for the tough things in our lives that make us stronger for having gone through them.

    Mindy H

  • whitney b

    Thankful for my journey out of a dark time and the one who brought me through it–oh, what a beautiful Savior. Thankful for my wonderful children. Thankful for my Christian family. My job. My church family.

  • Makenzie

    Hi Angie! It was so lovely to meet you at church on Sunday. I’m thankful for many things this holiday season but I suppose one would be meeting new people! :)

  • Claire R

    I’m thankful for my family and friends I have this year. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  • Rosiewells

    I am thankful for SALVATION in CHRIST and that one day we will be with CHRIST for ETERNITY but in the mean time we get to live a life for HIM and every battle we face HE will see us through and when we fall down HE gave us the strength in HIM to GET UP!!!! And I am thankful for testimonies of HIS people so we can pray and weep and rejoice for & with each other :)

  • Denise W.

    I am thankful for the gift of music, the cross, the love of my life and beautiful children. I am also appreciative of the trials that I experienced this last year. Through pain, stress, and tears, the joy of knowing the hope I have in Jesus Christ lifts me through the clouds towards sanctification and redemption.

  • Carol

    Six weeks ago my 20 year old son went into sudden cardiac arrest. We were told he might not survive the trauma,and if he did they couldn’t say what his mental capabilties would be. In those darkest of minutes, hours and days, it was then that I understood what it meant to be thankful. Thankful for 2 women who performed CPR on a complete stranger. Thankful to our family and friends for their unwavering support. Thankful for a church family who spread the word so my son was bathed in prayer across this nation. Thankful to the doctors who used their expertise to guarantee the best possible outcome for our son. Thankful for my husband and 2 other sons, what amazing men God gave me. Thanfkul for a God who provides miracles and healing, for our son now is doing remarkbley well.

  • jui

    When I stop and think about it – I am overwhelmed by the many things for which I have to be thankful. Certainly foremost is my salvation. But in addition to that – my loving church family, a best friend who walk through all the ups and downs of life with me, the most precious nephew (4) and neice (2) a girl could ever ask for…. Life is good and rich – Thanks God -for ALL the ways you provide for me!!!

  • Cheryl Reed

    Wow, the list could go on forever, every morning when I wake up, I thank God for giving me another day with my precious family. You never know when it could be your last and I am so thankful for every second I get to spend with them. Thankful for my salvation and praying that my child will always have Jesus in his heart.

  • Rebecca

    Every year I thank God for my life. When I was 21 I went into anaphylactic shock, and almost didn’t make it. I thank God for my children, 3 on earth and 2 in Heaven. I thank God for an understanding and loving husband. I work part time and my husband has been unemployed for almost 2 years, and I thank God that we have always lived within our means and are still surviving. God is good and I am most thankful that through good and bad, and have kept my faith.

  • Linda

    So many things… all starting with HIM….. and this year I am also especially thankful that our daughter was able to come to Thanksgiving dinner with her hubby and 8 children. Why is that a praise. Well, she had spent three weeks battling a kidney stone that would not pass (due to a stricture that we didn’t know about) and that same stone tried to resist being pulverized at the time of lithotripsy due to its VERY HARD nature. This left her kidney inflamed and bloody and etc… but she recovered enough to come…. and we are grateful to HIM.

  • Sherry

    I have followed your blog for quite a few years and I really appreciate your transparency and honesty. Your recent blog entry about flipping Charlotte over hit close to home. We have a 13 week old son, Dixon whom I check on and at times have a fear that takes my breathe away. God does have a plan for Charlotte and Dixon and what a great reminder you gave me. Thanks again Angie for letting God use you.

  • Anonymous

    I am thankful for the fact that my husband has a full time job with benefits. We have not had them since june of 2009.
    Nellana @

  • Trista

    Angie, today I came across your blog. I know that The Lord brought me here because I am struggling. Struggling to hold on. I have 4 beautiful girls and a husband to be so pround of. I am currently doing “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. It is so exhausting. God has revealed to me, through my husband, that I run. I run from things that are uncontrollable to what is. Laundry and dirty dishes for the size of my family is crazy. When I am doing the dishes, I feel as though I should be folding the laundry. I make myself so panicked. I end up not finishing or doing anything with purpose because I am so confused. There are days when I can’t bring myself to open up “Breaking Free”. This is how I know I am supposed to be in this study and that Satan wants to sidetrack me. Because what isn’t brought to the light, stays in defeat. Your post from 10-14-2010 brought my solution to light. Bow low and put first things first! Thank-you! and Thank-you Lord for using Angie this day! Trista

  • Janrswinton

    Angie—It has been a good many months since I read your blog. Was delighted that you have another precious little one. And as I read the blog of the woman who lost two babies in a row and saw how it impacted you I was moved to tears. What a ministy God has given you. May God continue to shower you with His love and blessing as you encourage others. You may have lost on the earth, but your gain in Heaven will be beyond measure. What an encouragement you are!! May we all find our area in which God intends for us to serve, whether small or large, and may God give us hearts as large as yours. Jan

  • Cindymccarty

    I am so thankful for my family and all the blessings I have. I wish to pay it forward as much as I can for the rest of my life!

  • Rozfam

    I am grateful for an awesome God that has given me an amazing family. I am truly blessed beyond belief.

  • Diane

    I thoroughly love your blog. I have had a tough time with my health, but reading your blog always gives me a lift as a Christian and as a mom! Thanks for your honesty,…..not always easy to do. God bless your ministry.