Of all the things that inspire…

She is top of the list.

For years I have loved her from afar as she shared her God-breathed knowledge and insights. There aren’t words to describe how excited I am to share this with you…

TOMORROW (or today if you are reading this on Tuesday :) ) you can order Ann Voskamp’s book in the Kindle edition!!!!! I have read it and cannot recommend it highly enough. She is not just a friend, nor is she just a fabulous writer-I genuinely believe she will be remembered as one of the classic writers of our day. I could fill this page with words of admiration and excitement but I have met Ann on a few occasions and I am concerned about her having a coronary about the attention :)

I don’t think it would be too dramatic to say that what Ann offers in her newest book is life-changing, though, and I’m pretty sure you will agree. Years ago I sent her an email saying I adored her, assuming she had no idea who I was. Little did I know that she did know my story and could relate to it in a horrific way. I have never seen anyone take life experiences, Scripture, and a genuine passion for serving the Lord and combine them in a way that makes the reader long to be a true servant of God the way Ann does. Many of you already know and love Ann, but you might not know the details of her story that have carved the depths of her. I am actually choked up as I type these words because I so esteem her…she makes me proud to be a sister in the faith.

For a glimpse of sweet Ann’s book, please click here…you can thank me later. She’s like Target. You’ll go over there to look at this and you’ll end up there for 3 hours with a cart full of goodness.

And might I ask a favor of you? Would you please pray along with me for Ann during this time? Specifically that her book would reach many people and that they would be changed as a result. Pray for wisdom as she navigates life as a wife, mommy, writer, and (reluctant!) speaker. Please pray that she will have discernment, peace, and strength as she prepares for the book release, and that God will give her favor with her words. It is hard to open your heart wide and invite the world into the wound but I am so grateful that she did the beautiful, hard thing. It is exquisite

And now, I’m off to watch some football with Todd-he has been gone for five days and I am so grateful we have him back!!!

Before I go, I’ll give you the quote of the day:

Abby has decided she wants to read my book and she got to the part where there is a picture of Kate with chocolate on her face. She turns to Kate and says: “Good news. You’re in mommy’s book. Bad news. You’ve got some poop on your face.”


You all have a great night :)


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  • Brandi Truitt

    Oh gosh, how adorable is that Abby quote!!

  • debi

    awesome! Love the quote from abby! Kids say the greatest things!

  • http://www.maggiewhitley.com/ Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

    Ann IS totally amazing. I met her for the first time at Relevant {I also met you, sweet Angie, there} and I could hardly introduce myself to her before I started crying. Ann is so amazing and genuine and Christ-filled. I loved being in her presence.


  • http://twitter.com/jenchic Jen Martinson

    I cannot wait to read Ann’s book.

    And I love your quote of the day…thanks for keeping it real:)

  • Marilena

    I love Ann too! She always makes me cry and her words make me really think about this life that I’m living…. Our family is going through her jesse tree devotionals right now and we all love them.
    I can’t wait to read her new book! She goes to the same kind of church that I fellowship at. It’s non denominational but it’s an open plymouth brethren church.

  • http://saamusings.blogspot.com/ Annie28

    Aw, that’s such a funny comment Abby made! I have not read any Ann Voskamp but I’ve heard a lot about her – enough that I am going to have to investigate her books at our church library when I get home from school!

  • http://www.compassioncan.blogspot.com JD

    Ann is this era’s L. M. Montgomery, clothed in Jesus’s love.

  • Lizreeves2

    LOL! Now I’m going to have to pull your book out & look up that pic. I don’t remember it.

  • Hailey

    lol. That quote is hysterical!
    I love Ann. I actually just found her a few weeks ago, but of course, fell in love with her and her writing. She’s so talented and awe-inspiring. Christ is going to use her even more mightily.

  • Mjones6

    LOL! Way too funny-sounds like something out of one of my 4 kiddos mouths. This just made me chuckle for a long time. I even left the computer laughing and had to come back and type this to tell you “thanks” for the smile tonight before I go rest my weary head on my pillow-all 4 kids had the flu this last week-it has made for long days and even longer nights and one very tired, weepy mommy. I don’t know why it is when they are all sick they only want mom.
    So thanks, this made me go to bed with a smile.
    Things could be worse at least I don’t have poop on my face (or chocolate-I try not to waste any of that when I eat it. lol)
    Sweet dreams-
    Love following your beautiful blog-
    Very Christmas to your beautiful family.
    Love through HIM-

  • Teena

    Angie, now I feel like the little one that you will not know… but …. anyway…

    I am so excited for Ann’s book. Want to hold it in my hand… so I will wait til January. It is one of the books I plan to read as my goal.

    This past year… YOUR book was on my list along with Radical. Both of those books are life changers. TOP of my list now. I know Ann’s will be too.

    I hope to meet her one day…. I followed all the tweets when you both were at Relevant. Who knows maybe I will be at Relevant 2011. :)

    oh and on black friday I bought Selah’s cd. I listen to “You Deliver Me” over and over…

    thanks, Angie. May God pour His grace on you and your family.

    Thanks for inspiring.

  • Jaime

    Hello from Colorado. Tell Todd he sounded GREAT and was a trooper on Friday night! My hubby works at Compassion…and what a treat it was to find out Selah would be at the banquet!

  • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

    I’m waiting for the BOOK book… And news of kindle us killing me! But I prefer the feel and smell of books, so I shall be strong. ;)

    Have fun with Todd and your babies!

  • http://www.timberlaketales.blogspot.com Sharen

    Oh my, your girls are priceless!!! I have only just discovered Ann’s blog in the last month or so and she is just beautiful. There is a softness of soul that comes across in the way that she writes, her words just seem to dance across the screen and into my heart.

    Just so you know, your response to meeting Beth Moore recently would be a little something like how I would act if I got to meet you! hehe….not that I would be weird or anything, or that I have a Christian crush on you like you have on Beth…(ahem..)

    Anyway, I always love reading your blog!! Thanks!

  • Aimee

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ok. that last paragraph just made my night! ok. early morning. ;) I might have to read that one to my husband! LOVED IT!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melodye-Aben/727199438 Melodye Aben

    I will have to look her up!!! I honestly have not heard of her but her book sounds wonderful

  • http://itwasbroughtonbylove.blogspot.com Southern Gal

    I read Ann’s excerpt last night and cried. Such a tragic story, yet I know the beauty that came from it. The Jesse Tree Devotional is well worth catching up with if you haven’t started it.

    Love Abby’s comment!!

  • http://lifewithdandh.blogspot.com Heather

    Haha- funny Abby quote. :)
    I can’t wait to get Ann’s book in the mail. I pre-ordered it. :)

  • http://www.womenlivingwell-courtney.blogspot.com womenlivingwell

    Hilarious quote!!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!!!

  • Soni Henry

    too funny!!! love the quote : )

  • Anonymous

    That is SO funny! My goodness, kids are just the best! :)

  • Jess

    oh angie i nearly peed my pants when i got to the end of your note! if that isn’t some sibling love i just don’t know what is.

    i had recently read your book and when you mentioned your kate and what type of child she is, lively, i thought of our #3, katie. so similar. never a dull moment in a house filled with kids. thankful the laughter is abounding at the smith household.

    and i don’t have kindle…but i’ll be grabbing myself a hard copy of miss ann’s book when it is released. i am not sure i love her with your stalker kind of love :) but i do adore her and her love for the Lord.

    merry christmas & blessings, sweet angie.

  • I am mimi

    Whew….I am new to your blog and after about a week of reading(at night when it’s quiet) from the beginning, I am finally caught up! I feel like I know and love you and your precious family! I live in Lawrenceburg, TN – about 65 miles south-east of Nashville – I feel like I could drive to Vanderbilt with my eyes shut! Anyway, I am so looking forward to “getting to know you” better!

    Oh, and I just loved Abby’s comment!

  • http://www.bethanyhartman.com Bethany

    Died Laughing at Abby’s statement to Kate!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS! Will be praying for Ann!

  • Cheribunch

    I have preordered Ann’s book. Several copies in fact. I can hardly wait to receive it because it is a gift that I can hardly wait to share!

    You made me smile … and even giggle!


  • Jen

    I read the exceprt from Ann’s book. It sounds amazing! If and when I have some extra money, I’ll have to pick it up. Or maybe I should just check the library… hmmm…

    Great comment from Abby! I bet you about died laughing :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Celie-Holmes/1248164104 Celie Holmes

    So excited for the book to come out. Thank God he introduced me to the blogs of two blessing that keep giving . I count my blessing with you two!

  • http://ladyswordandrose.com michellerose

    I just mentioned Ann in my last post. Her blog was one of the very first I discovered and began reading. Her writing always touches my heart in a way that I didn’t think any imperfect human being could. I agree that it is going to be among the great classics.

    Why? Because she allows Christ to reign in her and He does so mightily!
    Can’t wait to read her book!

  • http://brandycormier.com Brandy

    ROFL that quote at the end is just TOO funny!

    I can NOT WAIT for Ann’s book to come out in print. I’m not a big fan of ebooks (short ones … recipes, crafts … fine, but books I really wanna dive in? Gotta have that in my hands, in print, in an old-fashioned book ;-) ), so I’ll just have to patiently wait until January.

    She IS like Target!! I could sooooooooo get lost in her beautiful site for hours and hours and hours. I can not tell you how many things the Lord has used her sweet words to speak to our hearts about.

    As soon as I’m done with Radical, I’ve been debating which book to get to next. Yours or Serena Woods.

  • Anonymous

    praying. :) thank you for mentioning this…

  • Patlayton

    Angie, It was so fun to meet you in real life at Deeper Still.

    I loved Abby’s words, don’t you just love the things kids say :)

    Merry Christmas!

  • Karla

    I’m so excited! I’ll definitely be buying it for my iBooks on my iPhone if available. She has inspired my faith so much.

  • Nina

    I have already pre-ordered several copies to give as gifts. Am so looking forward to reading this book!

  • Tonya

    Okay, I was sipping water in a lady-like fashion while reading your post and began choking ingloriously when I read the Abby quote! Blessings to you and yours ~ thanks for the referral; I plan to check this book out ~ peace and blessings and power to you as you minister at the conferences!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrblayaw Megan Bauchle Layaw

    Oh my goodness. Your Abby sounds like an absolute riot. <3

  • Lisa D.

    Oh my goodness! Abby’s comment to Kate made me laugh so hard I snorted. Love it!

  • http://www.soveryamazed.blogspot.com So Amazed

    I’ve pre-ordered three copies of Ann’s books for Christmas presents. I can’t wait to read the book myself. Have a blessed Christmas!

  • http://twitter.com/GodsDreamsForMe Jeri Taira

    Agreeing in prayer :D

  • Michal Ann

    I requested Ann’s book after thoroughly enjoying the exerpt. May I urgently request prayer for Danny and Brandy? At seven months pregnancy, their son Jett unexpectedly died. Services are Saturday.

  • rareandbeautifultreasures

    Remember when Beth Moore commented on your blog for the first time? That’s how I felt when Ann linked to my blog from hers-and when I wrote her an email of thanks . . .she wrote back!! It is tucked into the pages of my bible. I just absolutely love everything she writes. I pre-ordered her book from Amazon weeks ago and cannot wait to get it!

    Merry Christmas dear Ang!!

  • Andiejjohnson

    Angie, I love your girls and the stories about your conversations! I think I love them because they would happen at my house! I have a sassy little strawberry-blonde too (NO IDEA where it came from), who is 4.

    That’s awesome! It’s like, remember the time mommy took a picture of you when you had that poop on your face?

    Keep writing. Feels like an old friend when I visit your blog after not visiting it for a few months. Thank you for blessing my life. You have no idea how God used you to prepare me for the biggest storm of my life. xoxo

  • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura@Life Overseas

    Hi! Loved this review of Ann’s book. We are living in Thailand, but are getting a Kindle for Christmas, and her book will be the top of the purchase list!

    And can I say that your meeting of Beth Moore was a funny re-telling.

    Have a great Christmas . . .

  • Bek

    I have to agree with you about Ann’s book. I purchased the kindle version as soon as she said it was available for purchase and I have cried though most of it, my heart swelling and knowing that I am going to have to read the book a hundred times to fully ingest all the wisdom that she has to bestow.

  • http://simon.weston.over-blog.net simon

    I enjoyed reading your lovely article, and join with you in prayer that Ann’s passion to serve God (through writing) will touch many hearts and win their souls for the Kingdom of Christ.

  • Jean M

    Oh my goodness – the Abby quote is so funny! :)

  • momof8

    Abby’s quote is awesome! Love the little giggles kids provide!

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    Many thanks.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VGDMPBCTFA4AQFUDRLLQLOCBT4 Erica

    How wonderful and Abby is hilarious! I have read your blog for a long time, and for some reason just saw the follow button on the top (a total duh moment for me, its always there!) If you would follow my blog about my angel, adams. xoxoxo

  • http://prayernotesbycynthia.blogspot.com Prayernotesbycynthia

    Just a simply beautiful praise-filled blog. Your music and photos make my heart sing. Thank you for being HIS! Praises and blessings! Cynthia

  • Cain4him

    This may be an odd comment to leave in light of all things but since I have been following and commenting on your blog for a couple of years I felt it may be ok. Some of your readers have prayed for my ill hubby during the past few months. I guess Mark decided that he wanted to spend Christmas with Jesus this year and passed away on Christmas Eve. I am devastated and in shock but God is faithful. Thank you to anyone who has/is praying for our family.

    • Caroline

      I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.

  • http://www.polkadotsandricrac.blogspot.com Brooke Whitis

    HAHAHAAHA!!! I love the quote. So sweet.

  • http://therodriguez4.blogspot.com Nicole

    Just needed to share that I received your book as a Christmas present and finished it today. I have been thru your same journey and have been following your blog for about two years and have cried countless tears with you. I knew I had to read your book. Thank you for being brave enough. It’s a hard and devastating journey, and only those who have walked it know that for sure. You speak my words to the core. Thank you for that. And just so you are prepared – I plan to stalk you at WOF in LA ;) My dearest girlfriends who cried with me and held me thru my darkest days are making the trip to hear you speak from Texas to Louisiana with me. I hope they know what they have gotten themselves into…haha!

  • Whitney

    Frist off, I have been following your blog for months and my sister-in-law gave me your book for Christmas! I’ve loved reading it and have cried with you through your pain. I thank God that he has used you in this way and has turned an aweful situation into a beautiful ministry.

    Secondly, a friend of mine in Charleston, SC has been expecting a baby boy and was 8 months along but yesterday she lost him. His heart just stopped. So she had to delivery him yesterday. I can’t imagine what she is going through or the pain of having to delivery a baby that is already not alive. Since I don’t understand, I’d like to ask you for prayer for her since I know you have been through a similar situation. All I know to pray is that God never leaves her side and that she seeks him suring this time.

    I am praying for your sweet family as well, Angie!
    Much love, Whitney

    • http://therodriguez4.blogspot.com Nicole

      Whitney -

      I would love yo pray for your friend as well. My heart aches for her, as I have been thru the same myself and I know what an unbearable pain it is. I’m sure you are at a loss for words for her, but just know that all she needs to hear is that you love her and that you are there for anything she needs. Just knowing that can make all the difference. I pray she has peace and feels the love of God surrounding her.


  • brown eyed girl

    Angie, I found your blog (through Incourage) about a month ago and read and read (while the kids were asleep) until I finished. My husband was starting to wonder what I was doing up so late at night (He would often peep over my shoulder). I love the way you write and I thank God for using your writing and story in helping me grieve my own loss in May this year. Thank you for your courage in sharing such deep parts of yourself and your lovely family with all of us.