Announcing Our Bloom Selection

We aren’t even going to try and restrain our excitement on this one.

For years we have both loved this author and prayed for the day that there would be a real, live book we could hold (and highlight mercilessly) and the day has finally come. You will no doubt share our enthusiasm, and please take the last part to heart and invest in a set of good highlighters.

You will surely need to restock before the book’s end.

It is with great pleasure and an enormous amount of respect that we announce our very first book as a part of (in)courage. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit, and we are so passionate about not only its message, but the heart of the writer herself. Yes, HERself. You knew we would pick a lady for the first one, didn’t you?!?!?!

Go ahead and watch the video that follows in order to hear our big announcement…we are so glad you are here and are ecstatic about sharing this next season of spiritual growth with you.


And for more information on the book club, including how to get the book for only $10, click here to visit the new Bloom page on (in)courage.

With love,
Ang, Jess, and the rest of the team at Bloom (in)courage :)

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  • Anonymous

    So excited to read this with you.

  • Jd

    I love your enthusiasm, and can’t wait to see what this book has in store!

    • Jd

      Thanks for helping keep the cost low, it makes it easier for us to help by donating books. I just picked two of them up, one to donate, one to send directly to a friend.

      This is one of those books that will be the book of the decade (or more), a true classic, and it hasn’t even hit the bookshelves yet… So grateful for Ann’s obedience to Him, and for His gift to her.

  • Marla Taviano

    Sweet! Ann’s book is sitting right here beside me. :)

  • JenMirabile

    yay!! i’ve been wanting to read this book, i just ordered it for myself and a friend. what a great choice for the start of a new year!

    p.s. charlotte’s a cutie!! :)

  • Sonya Schroeder

    How awesome that this is the book you guys have chose. I found Ann just a month or so, had seen her here and there on other blogs but it was a post that she did that really got my attention to read her and I have been following her every sense. I do believe this book will be amazing and can not wait to get started with it!!! Thanks ladies for sharing!!! In his love, Sonya

  • Robyn (3girlsmom)

    I totally clapped. Because that book is amazing. Life changing.

    And that baby is delicious. Mercy.

  • zoomama

    I have been anticipating Monday morning JUST so that I could confirm my own thoughts that it would be THIS book!!!! I am SO excited, and since I was pretty sure that it would be this book, I’ve already invited several other ladies to join me in this life transforming journey. It’s going to be amazing…

  • Threelilarrows

    YAY!!!! I love, love, love Ann Voskamp!

  • Sadie Smith

    SO SO SO excited!!! cannot wait to hear from Ann herself (and, of course, more from y’all!)

    p.s.– if there is ever any question, you should *always* include Charlotte!

  • Belovedaimee

    my heart literally leapt in my chest and tears sprung to my eyes. I love Ann so so much. Her writing is the truest gift from God. I am so excited about reading this book.

  • kera

    I think I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I don’t know of her but I guess ALL the more reason that I’m excited to be following along with this book! Just purchased mine! Actually texted about 6 of my closest girlfriends to purchase the book too and have this be a way for us to be connected even though we are all miles apart!! THANKS for all you do in God’s glory and honor!!

  • Karla

    I’m so excited about this! I’ve wanted to do one of your book studies for awhile. I’ve wanted to purchase Ann’s book since it came out but kept hesitating. This week’s message at church was No More Excuses. So, I’m taking the plunge and buying one for me and one for someone that can’t afford it. I remember the days long ago that God brought me out of. Those days when I longed to be a part of something like this but couldn’t unless someone helped me financially. For such a time as this…

  • Deborah Boutwell

    I already have the ebook….so excited!

  • Erin

    Ordered my book, and I can’t wait to start the discussion!

  • Anonymous

    So EXCITED for this book!!!! :) All 3 of you are absolutely precious in this video and just make me SMILE! I can’t wait to read this will all of you.

    Love and Hugs

  • Emily

    I’m so Excited!!! I had a feeling it just may be this book! Can’t wait…I already pre-ordered the book a few weeks ago. LOVE her blog!

  • Mm

    I’m a Muslim who just ordered this book on your recommendation :) Looking forward to the journey. Thanks for letting me tag along :)

  • Lily B.

    This is so exciting- I absolutely love her blog and can’t wait to read the book- She is an in.cred.i.ble. writer.

    I missed out on the last Bloom book, but will definitely join you guys for this one!

    and seriously, you are giving me Baby Fever over here ;)

  • Firewife683

    THis book is accually $10.08 at Barnes and Noble and is available for preorder and is out the 27th. I know you said abotu 12 dollars so I thought I would say that I found it for a little cheaper!

  • Meg

    Looking forward to it.

    My four-month-old Raphaella was on my lap while I watched and was just captivated by Charlotte. <3

  • Jenniferm

    I just ordered it!! Can’t wait to read!

  • Mbrooke216

    Ang and Jess, the both of you are encouraging Christian Women! I will gladly purchase your new book and post it on my blog. I can’t wait to read it!!

    Please check out my blog:

    ps My friends and I are looking forward going to the Shelter Me Tour in PA

  • Jennifer Shelton Simon

    I just tried to post a comment and as soon as I tried to log into Facebook to comment I lost it… Let’s hope I can make it sound as good as it did the first time :)
    I have read your entire blog in two sittings… minus food breaks, potty breaks, and 3 hours of sleep. I was so inspired by your story after hearing you on Nancy’s show yesterday morning that I have not stopped reading! I have been so intrigued and was wanting to keep reading.
    I have also lost 14 babies to miscarriages… some of them my fault others not… but that’s a message for your inbox. I also have three children although only one of them lives with me there are three babies that I gave birth too. I have been so inspired by you and think that you are truly truly amazing! You have such passion for the Lord and I can feel Jesus shining here in your blog even amongst your pain.
    Thank you for blessing me with your experiences and allowing me to get a look into your life.

  • Maureen S

    How did you know I was clapping at home? You crazy girls. I am sooooooooooo excited. I just received an email today that my book has shipped! I can’t wait to get it and go through it with you.

  • Jill_getman

    I just ordered it!!! Can’t wait!

  • scarves

    Scarves Scarves
    Thanks for the linky, sweetie!

  • Kimbrough

    Angie, I’ve tried for quite some time to figure out who you remind me of. After this video, I’ve got it– the perfect mix of Katherine Heigl and Ashley Judd.

  • Taking Two

    Your book looks terrific! This is my first time here! AND I LOVE IT! How encouraging… how inspired! I’m a new mom of two twin adopted baby boys from Ethiopia. And you are encouraging me walk this new journey.

  • Ryan-amy

    Angie –

    This book has been on my list. So glad you chose it, and I can’t wait to start reading it. I am still wondering what happened with your prior choice, as I had emailed you with some reservations about it. Have a lovely day!


  • 4givn1

    Just ordered mine and that baby girl is PRECIOUS!

  • Tena

    The e-Book is only $9.99 and can be downloaded immediately.

  • annie ozinga

    I am about half way through and your story has been so touching. I bought 3 copies of your book ~ one for me to get a small glimpse in the life of loss and also for dear friends who have lost their precious babes. I am encouraged by your strength and in tears for what your family has gone through. May the Lord continue to shine in your life and the life of your beautiful daughter Audrey. Much love to your family ~

  • Karen

    Not sure where to suggest a book, so I’ll do it here. I had been thinking about doing this, then I read it over at Joanne’s blog, and knew I needed to. Have you ever read Hinds Feet on High Places? It is!! I was given a copy when I was struggling in high school by a youth worker at Glorieta. (Anyone else go there??) I started it but never finished. My 10-year-old and I have been reading it and we will finish it today. It’s really a book you need to read over and over to get it all. There is no way you could ingest it all in one reading, and it will mean different things to you at different stages in your life. I highly recommend it to you, even if it isn’t the right fit for a book club selection.