I Am Digging This Place…

One of my favorite things about having a blog is the fact that I can share things that I really believe in with everyone, and most of the time that happens when I just stumble upon something I think is really cool. Well, our sweet Kelsey told me the other day that her youth group was working on a new place here in Nashville, and today we all headed over there.


Audra and I have always talked about wanting to have a coffee shop where moms could come and let their kids run around and play while they chatted, had Bible study, took creative classes, looked for their sanity etc, but OH MY WORD this place is way beyond what I had pictured. Just so you all know, they don’t have the slightest clue that I have this blog or anything, and might think I am a total fruit loop for stalking them. What can I say? That’s my sti-lo.

In case you live near here and haven’t heard of it, it’s called Sodium (I keep calling it caffeine but I think that’s because I’m on deadline). Here’s the gist of it…

It is really big, like a really cool warehouse kind of thing, and it is run by Christians. The whole intention of it is to provide an opportunity for families to be together. These are just a few of the things they have there: A theatre area, classes for kids (art, science, math tutoring, music, and on and on…), dozens and dozens of comfy couches, a cafe with delicious coffee, a rock-climbing wall, a giant treehouse/for thingy, a play town, a baby area, a video game area (coming soon…think plasmas and high tech gear), a game room with ping-pong, pool, etc and tons of other cool stuff like a ginormous stage for concerts and stuff.

They have family game nights and lots of other opportunities for community. For example, they have a Superbowl party coming up where they will show the Superbowl on the big movie screen, but when halftime comes they will have their own entertainment (to make sure it’s age appropriate). They also encourage churches to rent it out for Bible studies etc, and it would be a GREAT spot for that.

They did a rock concert recently and over 200 teens came out…brilliant, right??? I know they are teaming up with the Fish here in town for a concert coming up, and I just think the whole thing is genius.
I am so excited to have such a cool place to hang out and just wanted to pass it along in case you live nearby and want to bring your family out. It is on Columbia in Franklin before you get to the new Target and all that stuff…and you can totally bring your own food in so I’m thinking I’m going to make the Chick-Fil-A my go-to meal :)

Anyway, just wanted to pass it along…here is the website for more info…

I think the pricing is really reasonable. You can pay each time you go or pay $50 for the whole family for a month or $250 for the year. That includes all the classes and stuff, too!!!!! I mean, for real. I can’t take my four girls anywhere, let alone music and art classes, for less than that!!!

Tell them I sent you if you go, because they have no idea who I am and they will probably be totally confused.


See you there!!!

P.S. If you are one of the ladies that was there and talked to Kelsey before I came, I hope I get to meet you next time! I’ll be the one with the big coffee cup :)

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  • Anonymous

    I’m totally jealous and want to find someone motivated enough to develop one of those where I live!

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      do it!!!!! i think YOU should :) so fun…

      • Meagan Smith

        I was actually thinking the same thing!! That would be awesome :) I lived in Maryville for a few years and LOVED Tennessee!! I would love to move back someday…….

  • Jd

    “Tell them I sent you if you go, because they have no idea who I am and they will probably be totally confused.” LOLOLOLOL Angie, you’re adorable!

    This place sounds fantastic! And considering it’s in TN, it’s probably way warmer than we are here in Canada, so, I say let’s move there…. we can always vacation in PEI when the summers get too hot!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MMAKVO2DXELWSQT456ISI5MX3I Jenny

    I live in Nashville and heard about this place in passing… totally forgot about it until reading this post. I have to go to the website and see how much it is per visit. Sounds A-MA-ZING!!

  • Naomi

    Can’t wait til my girl is old enough to take her to fun things like this :)

  • Sara

    Wow, can they open one in San Antonio?? I am so jealous. How cool is that..

  • Stacy

    That sounds wonderful! What a great family place! I would LOVE a place like that! Have fun! :-)

  • Krista Darin Lord

    Maybe I will try it tomorrow since it’s a snowday, although it may be packed with all of the other moms trying to figure out something to do. I drove by it the other day and have been wanting to take my girls, but didn’t know what all they had for them to do. Thanks for sharing about it. I’m gonna check it out for sure.

  • http://www.puddinpopdesigns.blogspot.com Melissa

    My dearest friend and I have been trying to get together to go to this place! I’m so glad to “know” someone that has been now! yay! I can’t wait to load up the van and head over! thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://twitter.com/pattymullins Patty Mullins

    Sounds AWESOME! If I ever make it back that way, I’ll have to check it out!

  • Sarah Turnbull

    Can I just tell you how excited I am to see you in person at Women of Faith in Des Moines??? I was SOOOO excited to see your smiling face on the card that came in the mail!! Yay, yay, yay!!! Maybe I’ll just happen to be near you to thank you and give you a hug . . . ok, after everyone else already wants to right? Really though, you have been such an inspiration in my walk of raising a child with a terminal illness … I know how precious such a gift my Stella is, no matter what the diagnosis . . . hugs from Iowa!

  • Hailey

    We need one of these in Charlotte!! It sounds amazing!!

  • Amy in Franklin

    Angie! I live in Franklin and would so love to meet you. Could you plan something so ladies in the area could get together w/ you there? theshafferspot @ yahoo.com Let me know. Hugs.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      what a fun idea!!! let me work on that…:)

  • Anonymous

    That is a great idea… i’ve often thought that knoxville should have the same thing. community. safety. wholesomeness… what more could a mother ask for!

  • Diana

    I totally want to go!! …If I’m ever in TN again ; ) Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great Friday!

  • http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com Kelly_SufficientGrace

    That sounds awesome…what a wonderful gift to have a place like that for families. Speaking of stalking….I sent you an email recently about Women of Faith, and I know you are way…way busy right now. But, if you get a moment, I hope you will read it. You see…you may not know this…but you are like our Beth Moore. Well…I think many mothers who have lost a baby feel that way, anyway. Yours was the first blog I ever read. The story of your Audrey Caroline…forever etched in my heart…captured me from the beginning. It revealed an entire world to me…this blog world…where mothers can pour out their hearts and wallow in their love for words and Jesus…and encourage one another. I remember thinking…where has this world been? These writer mamas…these mamas who have walked this path of loss, hope, and healing…these are my people. My sisters. I’m not sure if you remember me….or Sufficient Grace Ministries. But, I just wanted you to know…you are like Beth Moore to the many grieving mothers out there who do not have a voice. And, several of us are coming to hear you speak in Columbus, Ohio at Women of Faith. I wrote more about it in my email.

    One more thing…if I haven’t said so in awhile…I just want to thank you…for being you. For allowing Jesus to work through you and for being willing to share your journey with such beauty and honesty.

    Thank you….for being our Beth Moore.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      of COURSE!!!!!!! and i would love to :) i am so excited to meet you all…let’s figure out details as we get closer, okay? it will be the part i look forward to the most :)

      • http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com Kelly_SufficientGrace

        Thank you so much! The ladies will be so excited to hear this! Love to you!

  • melissa

    i wish i lived near a place like this. sounds right up my alley!! thanks for sharing. your enthusiasm is quite contagious lady:)))

  • Melissa Irwin

    this is awesome. i had no idea. thank you.

  • Anonymous

    They need to start a chain!

  • http://www.these-are-the-days.com Jessica @ These are The Days

    Sounds very cool…perfect actually. Wish I lived near it.

  • http://notesfromamama.blogspot.com/ Kristy

    AWESOME!! We’re pretty new to the area and haven’t found many great things to do yet. I can’t wait to visit.

  • Karen

    Thank you SO much for sharing!! This is exactly what our homeschool needs!! My husband and I were trying to decide if we wanted to be tied down to a tutorial, but this is exactly what we wanted. I am incredibly encouraged and excited about this! And so thankful it is in our area!

  • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    That sounds like a great place! If I lived within an hour of there I would totally be sitting next to you with my “bucket” of coffee.

  • http://twitter.com/InspiredRD Alysa Bajenaru, RD

    What a perfect idea! Especially since my mom friends and I were discouraged from bringing our kids to the local coffee shop. They said the kids were too distracting to the other customers. Booo!

  • http://www.thenashvillegrants.blogspot.com TheHairbowChronicles

    ONE more reason I am so sad we just moved from Nashville! I totally might have to become a business woman and open my own here in Knoxville. I could totally do it.

  • Mollyrb1

    I was one of the ladies who had the privilege of meeting Kelsey…such a lovely lady! I have followed your story for as long as you’ve been writing and would love to chat with you over coffee anytime; you are amazing! Thanks for the shout out about Sodium, my husband helps with the board there and seriously appreciates you spreading the word. Look forward to seeing you at Sodium soon!

  • Flutterbyechronicles

    Very cool, although I don’t live up there my brother and his family does. I will pass this along :)

  • http://www.myangelwithgod.blogspot.com/ Amy von Oven

    This sounds AMAZING….Our church is working on a building plan which will feature a huge play type area for kids and an area for moms, I wish it was going to be llike this, but I’m thinking it won’t be as big! :)

  • Denise Miller

    We just moved to Franklin a few weeks ago. Last week we found The Factory and painted pottery. Your post couldn’t be better timing :o ) I now know where we will be heading this coming week! Thanks!

    • RachelLenda

      Welcome to town Denise. Where did you move from. We love Franklin/Nashville area so much we just moved back here about a year ago.

      • Denise Miller

        We were in Wichita Falls, TX for 4 months and before that the Atlanta suburbs…we are at our 14th address in 22 years of marriage. Hopefully we will be in Franklin for a while! This area is similar to the area we lived in in GA so it is less of an adjustment than Wichita Falls was. We’ve settled into Ballet, Gymnastics, high school, homeschooling for the little ones, Dr.’s….so only thing left is finding a church :o )

  • julie1916

    I just figured out the name-after I clicked on the link. to be salt (sodium) and light to the world.

  • http://creatingessence.blogspot.com Meg

    What an awesome facility for Christian families and the community at large.

  • Tee

    That sounds like so much fun! It’s hard to find a good Christian family friendly place to hang out! Need something like that down here in the deep south of Mississippi!

  • RachelLenda

    I have taken my three girls there and it is so fun. Hope to see you there some time. Will know it’s you buy your cute little red heads.
    Rachel in Franklin

  • http://www.westfamilyblessings.blogspot.com Clarissa

    I am almost 22 weeks pregnant and were just given the news that our unborn baby has polycystic kidneys, along with other complications. We have been told baby will die in the womb or live only minutes after birth. My friend shared a youtube clip of you and your husband talking about your experience, and then I found your blog. You are the first person I have found/heard of going through what we are now facing. Just wanted to comment and let you know it feels good to read about about someone else you has “made it though”, by the grace of God.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      please feel free to email me personally…would love to connect and do anything i can to support you. praying for you now.

  • http://www.ahb-alittlebitofhope.blogspot.com Amanda

    I wish we had a place like that where we lived! It sounds amazing! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a Stylish Blogger award on my blog because you have been so amazing (without even knowing it) through my loss of my daughter. Your book changed me because it allowed me to feel like I was normal. I could relate to every single word you wrote, and I have decided to give your book to other moms who lose babies at our hospital. Thank you for being so honest and for being you..God Bless.

  • Amy

    Angie, Sounds like you have found a great place to go with your girls!! I know that you understand the importance of enjoying the moments both big and small with them. I don’t comment often on blogs because I am weird that way, but I believe that you are a praying person and will pray for our family. My beautiful baby gir, age 7, l was diagnosed with leukemia on Jan. 15. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and those of your Sundays too. I would love to send you a link to our caring bridge site, but don’t want to publish it so publically here. In Him, Amy

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      praying for you now, friend…

  • Heidilynn08

    Hi Angie, just wanted to share with you my dearest friend’s story http://mymaddiegrace.blogspot.com/ My girlfriends & I found your blog while you were still carrying baby Audrey. You inspired us & still do to Love the Lord deeper. Well, my dear friend, Natalie, finally got her girl 3 weeks ago only to lose her less than 48hrs later…but we know she’s safe in the arms of Jesus. She is sharing her story. She is in Ohio & heard that you will be in her area soon & she is hoping to come. Last week she read your book in only a few days. Please pray for her & her precious family…she so deeply needs our prayers. She is a blessing to me & I’m honored to be her friend. I know she looks up to you greatly. Thank you, Angie, for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord! Much love~heidi.

  • Abbiemom

    Sounds great! I’m definitely sending this info to my friend who lives in the area. Maybe we can visit them soon (from TX) and check the place out. Thanks for the info, Angie!

  • Marissa1012

    Angie, I was the other woman at sodium that met Kelsey. She told us about your family’s story and showed us the video and audreys song. what a beautiful memorial you have made for your angel. as we were watching the video one of your daughters (i think it was one of the twins) came running up and said “miss kelsey thats audreys song!” with a big smile on her face. your children were all so sweet and beautiful. we have been loving sodium too, so i would love to meet you there. i know i will recognize all those adorable red heads! if we happen to be there on the same day i will introduce myself. take care, Marissa

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BUMCDP42D3POBLWPQYDFWPP6ZQ Jill

    Got my book today in the mail! Can’t wait to start reading it! :)

  • http://www.sophisticatedsteps.blogspot.com Gail

    Miami needs one of those! (Fat chance!) Thanks for posting this. My sister lives in Nashville. I’ll have to tell her to check it out!

  • Barb

    Did I miss the posting of the pics of who Charlotte looks like? I keep trying to find them and haven’t seen them.

  • Courtney

    Seriously brilliant. What a great idea!! I always feel like I get the stink eye if I bring a kid into Starbucks…this sounds amazing! So wish we had one out here in CO! :)

  • http://blmccoy.blogspot.com Betsy

    Hi Angie! I just want to say that you have been such an inspiration to my husband and I. We lost our twin baby boys, Easton and Parker, on November 20, 2010 and were devastated beyond words. I was told about your blog through a friend and it has given me such peace. Thanks for the encouragement and for being a wonderful woman of Christ. Betsy

  • Causey11

    We just went there for a fieldtrip with our homeschooling co-op. Sodium is awesome! Will definitely be going back! $20 is the max they charge per family.