Made to Crave!

Lysa’s newest book is FANTABULOUS. It’s called Made to Crave and on Monday nights she has a webcast on her site and I wanted to share the details with you…8p.m. EST, just click onto her site here and hop over to webcast to join in. If you miss it tonight it will re-air 4 times tomorrow and I believe old webcasts can be accessed in the media section of the site. She is one of my fellow (in)courage writers and I think you will enjoy her thoughts…

Just wanted to let you know! I love her :)

Hope your week’s off to a good start!

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  • elizabeth@thesweetlife

    what a beautiful cover! i love the title–perfect.

  • Lknoxfamily

    Just bought her book this weekend and can’t wait to read it.

  • Mallory

    I just got this book and started reading it this morning. I’ve heard great things and I can see why even though I’m only 1 chapter into it!

  • Megan (Best of Fates)

    What a great title – I’ll have to check it out!

  • Erin

    I got this book for Christmas and loved it! I highly recommend it for anyone. Lysa is so real and she has a gift for reaching people in an authentic way.

  • Anonymous

    On my second reading of this book……a life changer! :)

  • Lissaruck

    I got this book for my birthday. I’m only on chapter 2 and starting to feel uncomfortable,that’s when I know it’s going to be life changer!

  • Bardsanddog

    I love this book!

  • Thobbs

    I have been hearing so much about this book! Thank you so much for posting!

  • Debra

    I’ve heard so many good things about this book & the writer. I need to see if I can find the book here or find a company that will ship here to Japan. Sounds like a book I would like to read!

  • Anonymous

    I love this book and if you go to it’s available in the kindle edition for FREE. You don’t have to have a kindle to read kindle books. They have several apps for cell phones and you can download the app that turns your computer or laptop into a kindle.

  • Anonymous

    I love this book and if you go to it’s companion ebook is available in the kindle edition for FREE. You don’t have to have a kindle to read kindle books. They have several apps for cell phones and you can download the app that turns your computer or laptop into a kindle.

    The apps are available for iphone, ipad,android, windows, mac, blackberry and windows phone 7

    Just go to the tab shop all departments and highlight kindle, then that takes you to the downloads for the apps.

    Made to crave is just one of the many kindle books available for free!

  • Amy

    I just ordered this book last week! It should be in my mail box tomorrow… I can’t wait!

  • Miranda Tucci

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! :-) I hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Patricia

    loved the book ~ even bought a few extra copies to give as gifts ~ love the webcasts ~ Lysa has got a wonderful sense of humour ~ i’m all ready for tonight’s broadcast and excited to see and hear from Mandisa.

  • Writer And Columnist

    I LOVE that book! :) Lysa’s quite the talented writer/speaker! I identify with her love affair with sugar 100 percent! And I hear her on how she’s “never craved a carrot stick”! I admire her courage and resilience! Lysa’s victorious weight loss story proves Philippians 4:13 and inspires me to follow suit! :)

  • Abby

    I’m reading Made to Crave right now. God is using this book to speak in the dark places of my life (lifelong food addiction). The big thing for me is that I’ve spent time wishing the thorn of my flesh (food addiction resulting in me being overweight) was not so visible. What saddened me about my train of thought & prayers was that instead of praying & depending on the Holy Spirit for freedom in this fleshly battle, I desired to be in bondage to a different sin! Christ has opened my eyes and I am 100% confident in healing, freedom, and redemption!

  • Lara

    Absolutely nothing to do with the book, but I’d JUST used the word “fantabulous” and DD(12) told me that word just wasn’t made for me. (Basically, “Mom, don’t talk like that!”) Laughing!! Now I can read the post!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I was so excited when I saw you were going to be on the blog tour! Loved Made to Crave…I am reading it for the third time while doing the study…I just love Lysa and don’t want the webcasts, or the study to end! You might have some pull with her and tell her that she definitely needs to do a Made to Crave part 2!!!

  • Heather

    As soon as I saw Lysa’s write up over at incourage, I ordered the book! So thankful she is willing to share her heart on this issue – it affects so many women!

  • Missie

    This book looks so awesome. Iread quite a few of the reviews…they were all mostly positive. Thanks Ang for showing us Sundays another great book.

    p.s. a bit frustrated by the fact that the Kindle edition is actually $1.00 MORE than the Paperback version available on Amazon right now??!!! I din’t find the FREE version that someone else had mentioned? I switched to Kindle to save $$ on my book addiction haha!

  • Kristal

    Another inspiring blog! I found you through someone’s profile and I am excited about it. I would add hers here but I have to find it again. I’m brand new to blogging and hope I can someday inspire others as well! Thanks for being here. Kristal

  • Lily B.

    I love her writing- so excited to read this book =)

  • Sleepytoes

    I just got the book about a week ago… and once I picked it up… it was finished in 2 days… it was great! I have a really great friend/client that knows Lysa well. I was talking with her about what’s been going on in my life, and she said that I needed to read made to crave… I then took the book out and showed her that it had just come in the mail! :) hehehe.

  • Latisha

    It looks like a book that I could really use. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • Laura

    I found Kate through your blog, and she is in desperate need of prayer. I know your blog followers are many, and I hope that you will call them to be prayer warriors on Kate’s behalf. Thank you…. I love your blog, and have followed in for years!

  • Lisa Smith

    I love her too. And you! xoxo

  • Erin

    I love Lysa! I have this book and it is excellent! I’ve read two of her other books and I’ve never been disappointed!

  • Brenda Psalm 91

    Looks like an interesting book.

  • Mrs. R

    Hey Ang,
    The Lord must be trying to tell me something… this is now the second blog I have checked tonight who mention this book. Hmmm, I think I will have to pick up a copy…
    ~Mrs. R

  • Amy Sullivan

    I’ve been hearing loads of good things about this, and I can’t wait to check it out!

  • Kim

    Love your blog! So hope-filled and inspiring! I’m looking forward to reading this book…it must be good since all of my local Christian bookstores can never carry enough copies!

    • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails

      Just to let you know: I got a copy of this book over the weekend at Sams Club for only $9.34 I also bought Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts and that one was $10.58 So if you or anyone you know is a member, lots of times you can find very current books there for much less than you’d pay in a Christian bookstore or at Barnes & Noble.
      And I will say that I have been convicted on SO many levels in reading this book. I thought it would be all about food but she touches on so many other things as well, Im just awe-struck at how blind Ive been.
      All I want to do is crave THE LORD JESUS CHRIST now…with nothing else in teh way!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    So sad you don’t update your blog much anymore. I’m sure you have your reasons, so it’s not a criticism. Just wistful sadness.

  • Michelle

    I have this book on my wish list on I’ll have to go there and move it to the buy catagory. :) Thanks for sharing.

  • Traci Michele

    I would SO LOVE TO READ HER BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  • Katy

    I never had an issue with food until the last couple years. A life that revolves around caring for four children, An unexpected pregnancy (though a HUGE blessing), a hubby schedule changing to working nights, and just not having the time, energy, or self discipline to make healthier chioces were things that led me to eating what and when I shouldn’t. I ordered this book from our local Christian book store after seeing it on your blog. When I went to pick it up they asked if I went to her conference at a local church. “WHAT??” I asked. We live in a small NE Texas town, we don’t get much excitement around here. Anyway, turns out Lysa was here, in MY town, speaking, and I didn’t even know about it. Total bummer. But, I do have the book now and can’t wait to get started reading it! Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Heather

    Just got done reading that book. It if very comforting know I’m not the only one that has went through this. I never knew the Bible has so many verses dealing with this. A slap in the face that I need to dig deeper into my Bible.

  • arvin

    hi..can we exchange link..i hope you can add my blog to your blog list..i’ll be happy for that..thanks..

  • Charity

    I think I am going to have to get a copy of that book! Enjoy your blog so much and it actually has encouraged me to turn my blog into a way to tell ‘our story’. My blog is if you want to check it out! Keep up the great work and much prayers and love to you and your precious family!

  • Lily

    I have heard great things about this book! Hope to read it myself soon. Thanks for the review.

  • Jennifer Durgeat

    Angie – many prayers needed… :(