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Remember the Question About Charlotte?

First off, I am so glad I asked for help with the blog stuff because you all are brilliant and there were about ten million ideas I am going to incorporated that I hadn’t thought of…thank you!!!!

In other news, awhile ago I posted asking who you all thought Charlotte looked like and then I forgot to post *MY* opinion 🙂 A sweet reader sent me an email asking if she had missed it and I remembered I hadn’t scanned in my *evidence* 🙂
Since she was born, most people say she is a Smith and I do see a lot of Todd in her. BUT, we were at my sister’s house for her son Tuck’s birthday a few months ago and I saw a picture of her hanging on the wall from when she was a baby. I don’t have a copy of that particular photo but I dug through a stack of others and I pulled out a couple…

What do you all think? Do you see it???? (That is, if you can look past the rug… Mom, dad? My eyes are burning.)
I love my sis Jenn…if you follow me on Twitter you know where to go get a good cup of coffee and meet her when you are in town 🙂 

Seriously, even her mannerisms are like Jenn’s. Hopefully she gets her artistic talent!!!!
On a side note, I found some other photos I need to scan in…in my next book I talk a lot about some hard times in my childhood and I came across a few images that I think will convince you I was a scary, scary looking seventh grader. YOWSA. 
I will be telling you all more about the book soon…I am so excited about it, and I can’t wait to share more!!! I want to wait until I have cover comps though, because I happen to heart the cover 🙂
And no, it does not involve a school photo of me…
love to all!
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