Remember the Question About Charlotte?

First off, I am so glad I asked for help with the blog stuff because you all are brilliant and there were about ten million ideas I am going to incorporated that I hadn’t thought of…thank you!!!!
In other news, awhile ago I posted asking who you all thought Charlotte looked like and then I forgot to post *MY* opinion :) A sweet reader sent me an email asking if she had missed it and I remembered I hadn’t scanned in my *evidence* :)
Since she was born, most people say she is a Smith and I do see a lot of Todd in her. BUT, we were at my sister’s house for her son Tuck’s birthday a few months ago and I saw a picture of her hanging on the wall from when she was a baby. I don’t have a copy of that particular photo but I dug through a stack of others and I pulled out a couple…
What do you all think? Do you see it???? (That is, if you can look past the rug… Mom, dad? My eyes are burning.)
I love my sis Jenn…if you follow me on Twitter you know where to go get a good cup of coffee and meet her when you are in town :)  

Seriously, even her mannerisms are like Jenn’s. Hopefully she gets her artistic talent!!!!
On a side note, I found some other photos I need to scan in…in my next book I talk a lot about some hard times in my childhood and I came across a few images that I think will convince you I was a scary, scary looking seventh grader. YOWSA. 
I will be telling you all more about the book soon…I am so excited about it, and I can’t wait to share more!!! I want to wait until I have cover comps though, because I happen to heart the cover :)
And no, it does not involve a school photo of me…
love to all!

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  • Heather

    It’s interesting when we see our siblings in our children. :)
    I can’t wait to hear more about your book!

  • Linny Best

    I remember the first thing I said when the doctor handed me my little boy, Caedmon, was that he looked like my brother…weird first thoughts!

  • Queen of the Crazies

    Kate is a straight up mini you and Charlotte looks like your sis!! WOW!

  • caroline

    Oh my goodness, yes!!! I am so excited to hear more about this other book, keep us updated please!!!!!

  • Coby

    Yup, Charlotte looks like your sister! When my youngest son came out, my first thought was, “He looks like Lou Gossett, Jr.!!! (Because that’s who my dad looks like; my youngest is one of those who looks like me when he’s with me, like Hubby when he’s with Hubby, etc.)

    Can’t wait to hear about your book!!!

    By the way, I just got my first Selah CD – You Deliver Me. Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t tell you how much it ministers to me and how much my family loves it!

  • Anonymous

    Oh.My.Word…C totally looks like Jenn!!!!!!! WoW! :) I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing those pics with us, friend!

    So excited to hear more about the book! I’ve been patiently (well, trying to be patient) waiting for any news on it. So glad I’ll be able to read it before I see you in Oct! Woo-Hoo!

    Love and Hugs,
    Jess :)

  • AshleyB

    She definitely looks like your sister! My oldest daughter looked so much like my youngest brother as a baby – as she’s gotten older, she looks much more like my husband, but there was something really special about looking at my baby and seeing a glimpse of my brother.

  • Mom Smith

    OH MY WORD! She is totally Jen, totally!!!

  • Paige

    oh my yes, but that third picture is like seeing Kate next to Charlotte. Wow… simply beautiful girls. :)

  • Raechel

    1okay, I thought the second one was actually Charlotte! Also, can’t believe how much Kate favors you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary

    Wow! She looks a lot like your sister Jen!

  • Joy

    I was wondering about the Charlotte post, too!

  • Bethany

    Yes! I see it. That is almost uncanny how much she looks like her. They both are/were beautiful babies. :)

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Dear Angie,

    Thank you for sharing the family memories!

    And I have to agree that your little munchkin shares a few characteristics from her auntie!!

    Cannot wait to dig into your new book! Do you know the projected release date?

    Take care, friend!

    In love and friendship,
    Connie Amato-Mahle
    Clarion, PA

    P.S. To make you feel better, my home growing up sported the latest avocado green carpeting and burnt orange countertops. Yuck.

  • Wendy

    We ALL are scary looking in the 7th grade. Bless all the 6th and 7th graders around this world!

  • Anonymous

    I see it!

  • Lizreeves2

    Is that you laying next to your sister in the last pic? I’m thinking it is because I can totally see a mixture of Elly, Abbie & Kate in that kiddo!

  • Alicia

    If that is you in the last pic with baby Jenn (and I think it is) then seriously, SERIOUSLY, Kate looks just like you! So almost identical that it’s a little scary!

    I know other people have said that they see Abby & Ellie in that photo, but all I can see is Kate.

    And those first two photos of Jenn? I had to scope out the old school photo colouring to make sure I really wasn’t looking at recent photos of Charlotte. I think you are right- she is Jenn’s doppelganger!

  • Anonymous

    Oh what sweet pictures!


  • Julie

    I just had to say….that I played on a rug almost identical to that one as well :) And uh, I believe it is still owned by my parents :) Yes. They think it’s still in ‘great’ condition!

  • Deborah Boutwell

    Working for B&H…I saw the cover the other day. I was helping read some copy for a promotional for one of our sales guys and saw the cover and the trailer too. I loved it and then realized that it was yours…loved it even more. From your first book….I’ve been thinking a lot about Martha & Mary & Lazarus lately. Here’s some of my thoughts. And all of your family is beautiful!

  • Lizan2191

    I think we had the exact same rug back in the 70′s. How funny!! Cute pictures of you all!!! I LOVE your blog and wondered “if” you made the change how we’d all find it. I want to be able to keep checking in.

  • Lizan

    I think we had the same exact rug back in the 70′s Cute pictures of you all btw. Also if you change blog sites how will we find you as I want to be able to keep up with your posts??!!

  • Kristen

    Very excited for your new book. I just wish it was out as of yesterday. :)

  • Barb

    I bet those rugs are worth money now! I remember ice skating around the one in our dining room table………with wax paper as my skates! Oh how I would fly………..or so I thought ;)

    Gosh totally not fair on the “who does this kid look like”…………………I was limited to your core family! But anyways………….yep, she sure does look like little sis……….genetics flaring up once again.

  • Kim

    wow….she really does. You all have some good looking genes! also, your daughter kate’s likeness to you in that last picture is quite remarkable as well. i too have 4 kids and not one of them resembles my childhood pics…. or my husband’s!! That is pretty special.

  • Bridget

    Absolutely the spitting image of your sister!!! Can’t wait to hear about your new book, loved your first one and hope it’s the first of many.


  • Tonya

    I agree with the other Sundays: the picture of you and your sister looks like it could be Kate and Charlotte! Totally adorable ~ you have such a beautiful family!

  • Kaye

    Love the pictures and yes, you are right on. Thanks for sharing these:)
    I sent you an email this morning. Would LOVE to hear back from you at your convenience.
    Looking SO forward to hearing about your next book. Just finished One Thousand Gifts, what a beautifully written book. LOVED it! Thanks for your recommendations and also for the study you are doing online. You ARE one of my 1,000 gifts:)
    Blessings and love,
    Matthew 21:22

  • Nicklisa28

    Charlotte. is .Jenn.
    Kate. is. you.

    Amazingly SO! Ha!! It’s so fun to see. Thanks for sharing with us!! ;)

  • barb

    You know what would be a neat idea? To take a photo of Kate & Charlotte & try to re-create the pic of you & your sis………..and then you could put them side by side in a double frame (2) & keep one for yourself & give one to your sister Jenn!

    • Nicklisa28

      …and post one for us!! Pretty please! I love this idea.

  • Dawntucker

    First off i want to say i am sorry for you lose.

    I lost my daughter Ashely Nicole when i was 21 i never got to hold Ashely but i still love Ashely and i miss Ashely everday you give women who loss a child hope

    and i will hope that one day you and i will heal from the loss.

    I wanted to say thank you for the video

    Sincerely Regina Dawn