Miss Maggie

Several months ago I had the pleasure of having “Miss Maggie” stay with me for the night. We stayed up late after a delicious Mexican dinner and chatted in our pajamas by the fire. I wish she lived closer because I can see us doing this a lot. One of my favorite parts of blogging has been having the opportunity to connect with so many great people. My kids basically threw a tantrum when they realized Miss Maggie had left, and since then they have asked about a dozen times when she is going to be coming back. It didn’t hurt that she had made them each little individualized gifts :)

You all might know Miss Maggie by another name….Gussy! She has a fabulous online business making bags and all kinds of fun gear like this:

When she was here I was lamenting the fact that she didn’t have diaper bags and other fun baby gear in her store, and she told me she had actually been thinking of starting to carry them. Well….good news :)

Here is the latest from Miss Maggie…the diaper & wipe wristlet! Isn’t it adorable???

I love her stuff. Such great choices in pattern and color and they are just distinct. I always get comments when I’m out with something she made. And of course I am always more than happy to send customers to my pajama friend, knowing they are just going to be delighted with their new gear.

I want to give you all a chance to enter to win some of her precious stuff, so click here to hop on over to my giveaway blog and enter to win a $75 gift certificate to Gussy Sews!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Miss Maggie “Gussy” is great!!!!!!!! However, so are YOU, my dear friend!!!!!! :)


  • Sharon O

    oh I would love one.

  • Katie

    I love the blue bell wristlet and vaca tote! All her stuff is precious!

  • http://profiles.google.com/calverette92 Dana Calverette

    I have this strange obsession with bags and totes and the sort. It doesn’t matter how many I have, I am always drawn to them somehow! These are absolutely adorable!

  • Sara Cox

    Her things are ADORABLE! I love her signature ruffle! And who doesn’t think Gussy is the sweetest name ever for a tote? I’d rather have a Gussy then Coach, Louis or Fendi LOL!

  • Jeanne

    I love the Daniella – it is so pretty!

  • http://anchored-to-the-rock.blogspot.com/ Olive Oil

    I love these bags!!!

  • Shannon O

    I love the laptop bag! Thanks.

  • Charity

    Love all of Miss Maggie’s products! Also, really enjoy your blog posts! So uplifting and cheerful :)

  • Melissa

    Would love one of any of her bags!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jamie331988 Jamie Reese

    I lost my 3 1/2 month old son to sids 3 months ago tomorrow. I was wondering how do you deal with the 1sts? Like with Easter and Mother’s Day coming soon. He is my only child. Right now I seem to be counting every week. And, I admit that I’m still a little too chicken to read your book even though I do have it. Your trees that you moved with you, were they planted on certain dates? Hope this isn’t too personal. I’m just floundering a bit. Thanks

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      jamie, i am so devastated to hear that you are walking this terrible road. i am praying for you as i write, and would love to help in any way i can. the firsts are hard…realization comes in waves of pain as each passes. you just have to allow yourself to grieve each as it needs to be grieved. don’t pressure yourself to move too fast. the Lord will walk with you as you go. i am so, so sorry about your loss. The trees were given to us by neighbors from our old neighborhood to honor audrey. when we moved we wanted to make sure we transported them at the right time of year to try and have them successfully planted here.

      feel free to email me if theres anything else i can do…

      with love,

      • http://profiles.google.com/jamie331988 Jamie Reese

        thanks for your prayers. I covet them, and can sometimes actually physically feel them intervening on my behalf. I honestly have no idea how someone survives this without hope in Jesus Christ! I think I wouldn’t ever get out of bed. Oddly, grocery shopping seems to be a real challenge. The second I step in (and I’ve gone to a couple different ones hoping that would help), and I’m in a total panic. It’s kind of a joke around here now. My 1st trip I came home with 3 packs of caff free diet coke, 24 pk of water, microwave popcorn and a package of socks! It just hits so hard and so unexpectedly sometimes. My brain is just not right! A friend of mine says that it’s completely normal and not to be too hard on myself. Thank you again. Jamie

  • Sharon

    Adorable bags! You don’t happen to be coming to Micgigan this weekend with Selah do you??? I’m only about five minutes away from the show and just saw a poster that they will be in town! :)

  • http://angelastrand.blogspot.com Angela S.

    Her stuff is soooo cute!

  • Megan

    So cute! But am I the only dork that can’t post on the other site? I’ve tried everything I know to do and it keeps saying my credentials can’t be verified? Did anyone else have this problem that could help enlighten me? Thanks! :) (I wanna enter – her stuff is SO adorable!)

  • LivFelicity

    That is soooo cute!!

  • L Benedict

    I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award, to receive your award stop by my blog site below and follow the directions.

  • faith fuchs

    Hi Angie, I love your Blog. I came across it by just going from one blog to to another. I am now a follower. Looking forward to future posts.

  • Lindsey Mills

    Hi Angie, My name is Lindsey Mills. I was looking for an e-mail address so that I could write to you, but wasn’t able to find one on your blog. I came across your story in a bible study that I am doing “Faithful, Abundant, True” by Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore. I was so movd by your story and just wanted to say thank you. My husband and I lost our precious little baby February 17th. It is still hard but we are making it and clinging to God and to each other. I plan on getting your book as soon as I can and I look forward to reading it. Thank you for letting God use you to minister to others.
    Lindsey Mills

  • http://profiles.google.com/laurenbtrain Lauren B. Train

    Did you already post the winner for this and I missed it?? Love Gussy Sews stuff! Thanks for letting us know about her! Blessings to you and your family this glorious Easter week!