My First WOF!!!

I am happy to report that I am still in one piece after my very first Women of Faith experience. It was honestly such a great weekend and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I was out of my mind nervous but the other women on the platform were so loving to me that I just felt like a little sheep that was being taken care of. I feel at home with them in a way that totally defies the amount of time I have been a part of the team. I thank God every day for such an awesome opportunity.

The audience was incredible and really made me feel at home…partly because I kind of was at home! My first official event turned out to be Columbus…I’m from Cincinnati and went to the University of Dayton so I felt like a hometown girl. That was really special for me. Lisa Harper, Sheila Walsh, Luci Swindoll, Nicole Johnson, and Kim Cash Tate were the other speakers, and we were blessed to have Mary Mary and Natalie Grant as well as the incredible WOF worship team for our music. It is amazing to see 11,000 women coming together to celebrate the extravagant love of Jesus.

But still, it’s totally scary!!!

My next event is in 2 weeks and it’s in Des Moines. This is going to be a really special event because it is the only one I get to do with Selah…if you are planning on coming, could you please send me an email to angelac519 at gmail dot com and let me know? If I can figure out a way I would love to set up a way to connect with you all. One of my readers said it should be called “Sunday Brunch,” which I think is precious. Let me know and I will get back to you if I can figure out a good plan.

Here’s a quick picture of me just as I got off the stage, with Sheila Walsh giving me a big squeeze. She is such an encouragement…have I mentioned how much I love these ladies?!?!?! OH MY GOODNESS. If you haven’t gotten tickets for an event this year, I hope you will. It is such a great weekend to share with girlfriends…

Sorry it’s so small! A sweet lady sitting behind us sent it to me…I will make sure and add more when I get them :)

Love to all!!!!


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  • Anonymous

    I knew you would do wonderfully. Love your new layout by the way. ;-)

  • Marcia (123 blog)

    you are awesome! I love your heart, Angie :)

  • Mrs. G 101808

    I was at the Columbus WoF and you were awesome! I was so excited to actually hear you talk about Audrey after reading about her for so long. One piece of advice for Des Moines, get Kleenex to hand out tissues. We all needed them! Ha!

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome event! I am sure you are an amazing speaker!


  • Sharon

    I was there and you were amazing…..just like I knew you would be. Your nervousness just made you all that more adorable, and meeting you was just the icing on the cake for me. :) Angie you have changed my life. And I mean that. I’m going to send you an e-mail soon and show you the picture of us! I LOVE it! :)

    Blessings, Sharon :)

  • Jamie Potter

    You were the reason we drove to WOF from Indy(we didn’t originally see you on the schedule in Indy)! My friend and I LOVED hearing you talk……we laughed so hard (til our abs hurt) and cried through your amazing testimony of Audrey’s life. You are an amazing speaker and writer.

  • Southern Gal

    I hope I will be able to get to one this year. I have a sister-in-law that works with the organization and she can’t say enough good things about all the women who make it happen.

  • Laura

    I am from Ohio, too!!! Right in the middle of Cincinnati & Dayton :) My husband is in the army so we currently live in Georgia. I am really hoping to be able to go to the Orlando WOF!

  • Mattie

    I was there as well and part of the Sufficient Grace Ministries group. It was such an honor to meet you! I just finished blogging about it (it took me 4 posts to get the whole story in!). Thank you for telling your story…our story…to so many women!

  • Beth

    You were wonderful Angie!! Thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend. Thank you for being so honest, open, down-to-earth, humorous, and just plain adorable! And, yes, Beth would be so proud that you used three Greek words in your talk!! I know it inspired me to dig deeper as I read God’s Word and really appreciate the meaning of the original language. Thanks so much for all that you contributed to the weekend!

  • Susan

    I work at UD!! Well, I officially work for UDRI (University of Dayton Research Institute), but my paycheck is from UD. I’m a Dayton girl – born in Hamilton County and adopted to a family in Dayton, so I was raised here. I went to Wright State, though, for my college years. I love, love, love UD – love the campus, love the atmosphere, love the people. Too cool!

    I wasn’t able to be at WOF, and I’m so glad it went well for you.

  • rish879

    Angie, this was my first WOF & hopefully, not my last. Your story was very moving & showed the power & awesomeness of our amazing God! Thank you for being so vulnerable & willing to share. Our story is different from yours, but the faithfulness of God is the same! Thanks again for sharing!

  • Crystal Paine

    I was praying for you all weekend and knew you would do fabulous! What an amazing opportunity!

    By the way, your new site design is beautiful. Love you, girl!

  • Sarah

    I am thankful for how well your first WOF weekend went! And SO sad I am not able to attend the one here in Des Moines in 2 weeks. SO, SO seriously sad. Would have loved to hear everyone and be at that Sunday Brunch. Will be praying for you!

  • debbie

    Congratulations Angie! :) So proud of you :) And thankful to the Father for you. So sad I’m half the world away from WOF. I wish I was also there to listen to your (and others’) stories :) God bless you always!

    Debbie :)

  • Missey

    You were wonderful!!!! I have followed your blog now for almost three years. I was thrilled to see you at WOF…and by the way your face on the screen wasnt as big as you thought it would be.

  • Kelly_SufficientGrace

    It was so wonderful meeting you! You did a wonderful job, and as we said before, we felt as if you were telling OUR stories even as you told your story…Audrey’s story…God’s story. Although our time with you was brief, it was very special to us. I tagged you in some pictures with the ladies from the Sufficient Grace group on facebook, but if you would like any of them emailed to you, I’d be glad to do that. Just let me know. It looked as if someone with a big fancy camera from your “posse” (not sure if that was a Women of Faith staff person, or someone else) was also snapping pics that I’m sure turned out much better than mine! =)

    Love to you…

    Love to you,

  • Kristy Heilman

    So glad your first weekend went well! I loved seeing the “tweets” from Shelia and others when you took the stage! I’ll be at the Des Moines event next weekend and can’t wait! :)

  • Christi

    I wish I would have been able to see you in Columbus. I am so thankful for you. I’m from Cincy too (loveland) and went to Wright State in Dayton. You are a blessing. Hope you’re having a great day.


  • Justina Altier

    I was at WOF in Columbus and can I tell you that you were AWESOME!! You made us laugh and cry and showed us that even in our darkest places, God is always there to pick us up and walk with us through the valleys! You were my favorite speaker of the weekend!! You have no reason to be nervous when you speak. You are a wonderful inspiring speaker and I thank you for telling your message! God bless you and good luck on the rest of your WOF tours!

  • Theinspiredroom

    Hi Angie!! I am hoping you’ll be coming to the one in Seattle this fall, will you? I see your hubby will….I’d love to see you!!!

    • Laura M

      I’ve been hoping the same thing! :)

  • Theinspiredroom

    Oh, PS, just noticed, wow, a new design!!! How wonderful!!

  • Mindy Essex

    I was there, too! You were AMAZING. You might not have felt the hand of God on you, but I surly felt His presence as you spoke. Your story was new to me but I was SO moved. Your family is such a testament to your faith and love. Thank you!

  • Candace

    Angie, u did beautifully!!!!!!!!!
    Seems like yesterday that Kim Cash Tate was new on the porch, intimidated by SUCH a line-up but she found them to be fantastic encouragers!!!
    Hv a blast on the tour!

  • BuckeyeNP

    and…another Cols attendee here. You were awesome. I e-mailed you, one of the approximately billion e-mails you receive daily I’m sure. It was great. Started to appreciate you and your story with new eyes…much love!!

  • Laura ..London Canada

    Angie, YOU WERE AMAZING! I am from Canada and I was at the Columbus conference and it was my first one. I am so happy that my first WOF included you. I was truly touched by your story. I bought your book and have finished it already. I was very moved by your story and your families love for God. I wanted to meet you on Saturday and have you sign my book but I ended up at the hospital. Although I certainly didn’t go through what you did feel a connection with you. It took my husband and I 8 years to get pregnant and by the grace of God we have a little girl, our little blessing from God whom we named Nevaeh (Heaven backwards). She was born April 3 2008 just for days before your precious Audrey entered the world. My daughter too was born with red hair. I couldn’t imagine going through what you did and when I think about losing my daughter it brings great sorrow over me even though I know that God will take care of her. Thankyou for much for your story, courage and strength. You have touched me deeply. Thankyou for letting me get to know your sweet and precious Audrey.

  • Connie Winch

    Angie, you were awesome. I had no idea that when I was seeing you was your very 1st WOF. I was sitting in the front row on the floor–for free thanks to our friend Sheila. :) I had to miss Friday night but got to be there Saturday.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. (Those words are totally inadequate.) Thank you for crying. That’s right, I said that. Tears are healing (literally–they flush toxins out of our bodies). My heart goes out to you.

    Sometimes I think maybe I’ll be “up there” (WOF or elsewhere), telling my story. See, I am what’s known as an unwedded widow. My fiance Ron passed away suddenly at the age of 34; I was 35. That was over 6 years ago now, and I’ve come a LONG way, but–and I wish I could tell you otherwise–I am even more disillusioned after his passing than I already was. (LONG stories, and lots of them: .) So–my story is a hard one too, but it doesn’t–yet–have a “faith-confernce-worthy” ending.

    Though I *have* determined to bring some good into the world from the experience: .

    Ron’s and my story is here: , and you can follow me on twitter–personal account: @tigerlily7a; grief-related account: @UnweddedWidow.


  • Corie Ullery

    Angie – I was unable to make it to the Columbus WOF, but I had a friend there and she said you were amazing! I have been following your blog since a friend turned me on to it. You see, we have very similar experiences (unfortunately). My Emma Faith was born at 29 weeks with Trisomy 18. SHe weighed 2 lbs. and 1 glorious ounce and lived for 2 hours and 45 minutes. We sort of did as your family did, lived every moment of the pregnancy for her, as we knew the outcome as well…and were told to terminate as well…and we didn’t and it was fabulous! We were baptised in February and Emma was born July 12th, the day before my birthday! What a gift! I miss her everyday! My friend gifted me your book after Emma had passed. I have to admit it took me awhile to read it…I knew it would be good for me…but hard too. Well…I love your new blog…would love to meet you in person…your have been my saving grace, my sister in faith that knows what I am feeling, thinking and missing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! PS – Did I mention I’m from Dayton too…still live there!

  • Lorie

    Angie, You did a great job! I was so excited to see you there. I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now. I wanted to tell you that I prayed for you all weekend. You did a great job and really honored Our Lord with your story! I loved the way you applied the story of Peter to your situation. We (the ladies in our group) were able to apply that to some of our own situations. Thanks so much for what you are doing. May God bless you and your dear family!

  • 4given

    Angie – you were wonderful! God is going to use you to touch many more people just like you touched us in Columbus last weekend! Here is a pic I took after you spoke.

  • zoe’s mom

    hi angie, i stumbled upon your blog tonight as i was checking facebook. the song i will carry you is very special to me and my foundation (
    ) because we played it during our balloon release at our 2010 walk to remember. it is so unbelievably helpful to meet and connect with others with similar circumstances…and that is what we try to do. i’ll check your speaking schedule and see if you ever plan to come to the East coast…namely, Georgia :) God bless you in all you’re doing!

    • Cmcjmommy4

      Women of Faith, Atlanta GA August 12, 13 2011 :)

      • zoe’s mom

        thanks for the date. 

  • Jen

    Do you have any idea how much I’d love to say yes?? Please please please come to Colour!! ;)

    Yes, I will be pestering you about it for the next YEAR.

  • Jurneyeve

    That is so amazing! I’m so happy for you! I’ve been attending WOF events for the last three years so I hope I get to attend one that you are speaking at soon. May God bless you in all that you do. You are an inspiration to so many.

  • Darlenac

    Dear Angie,
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story at the WOF conference in Columbus. This was my first WOF conference and I would call it life changing. All the speakers and singers touched my heart. I felt the Holy Spirit move through that arena. It was an amazing weekend. God has given you a special gift that will help millions of women. Your story of faith, trust and courage is unbelievable. I have three beautiful daughters and have had four miscarriages. Each miscarriage was so difficult and brought my husband and I so much grief and sorrow. I often questioned God and felt very angry with God. After hearing your story and seeing how you have trusted God with the most unbearable and difficult heartache a mother could face I realize now more than ever you have to trust God and let him work in your life. You have to give up control. I see how God is using you to help so many. Thank you for sharing your gift and may God continue to bless you. I will pray for you as you attend the rest of the WOF conferences. I look forward to reading both of your books.
    God Bless,

  • Scharlowfam

    You did a great job!

  • Teacheroftwos

    I will never forget my first WOF I went with my best friend. It was great. I hope to go again. I thought Selah was going to be at the event that I attended, but they weren’t. I am in Sacramento, Ca. BTW! So hint hint to Selah that we want to see you in SAC!

  • Julesmpg

    Congrats Angie, so proud of you and know God is going to be glorified through you.

  • Shanthomas3

    You did an incredible job at WOF. Although our stories are very different your story truly spoke to me. Two years ago my oldest boys Isaac and Jordan were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This disease is one that attacks the muscles in the body. Taking away their ability to run and walk and eventually affecting their heart and lungs. Typically boys with this disease do not live past the age of 20. Needless to say my husband and I were devastated. Without the saving grace of God we would have been lost. But God truly does meet us where we are and carries us through every trial. Even when we don’t feel it, He is still right there with us! Thank you so much for sharing your emotional story (which I know wasn’t easy) to encourage other women who are going through trials of their own! God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    I was at the Women of Faith event in Columbus and I just have to say that you totally blessed me. You made me laugh, you made me cry and you were so stinkin’ adorable I just wanted to run down there and give you big giant squeeze!

    P.S. I went home and bought your book for my Kindle!

  • Dhamann7878

    Even though you were nervous, you still did great! No vomit!

  • Donita

    Hello Angie. I was in the audience at WOF in Columbus, OH. You were so endearing. I could have listened to you all day! You were truly a bright spot. I was wondering when you graduated from UD? I graduated from UD in 1997. I am sure you are younger than me. But maybe we went to school at the sme time?

  • R. Leigh

    Was wonderful to see you in Columbus Angie! Thank you so much for sharing your story. What an amazing weekend!

  • Kristie

    Angie, I’m so excited about you being a part of Women of Faith. I went last year and really REALLY needed it. This year I will be attending the one in St. Paul in October! I’d love to meet you in person, and say hi! So awesome that you’ll be there…can’t wait!

  • Holly

    I am so glad to have been able to go to the conference in Columbus and for the chance to meet you Angie!! (I was the one breastfeeding the baby at the book signing lol) Thank you for making the day of so many of us and you did a fabulous job speaking!

  • Holly

    I am so glad to have been able to go to the conference in Columbus and for the chance to meet you Angie!! (I was the one breastfeeding the baby at the book signing lol) Thank you for making the day of so many of us and you did a fabulous job speaking!

  • Rachel Sweerin

    Angie, me and my best friend have been reading your blog since ’08 and are so excited to finally get to see you in person at the Des Moines Women of Faith. We can’t wait! We’ll be contacting you about the Sunday Brunch. Loves!!!

  • R_petrequin

    Angie, I was at the Columbus event and wanted you to know that your story moved me. I have a friend named Georgia, whose son Colton has the same condition as Audrey and passed away after 2 hours of his birth. I told her about you and told her I would let her read your book. I can’t imagine losing one of my babies, but I want to thank you for sharing your life and story with 11,000 strangers. May God bless you and your family!

  • Beth H.

    You. Are. Amazing. LOVED hearing you speak in Columbus!

  • Sarah Ruff

    Angie, I was there, and you were amazing. You are such an inspiration to me as a woman trying to live a life for Jesus. THank you for your honesty, your transparency, and your courage to share. I really wanted to meet you but I had to leave a little early to get home to a hungry 9 month old girl. I hope I can meet you some day!

  • Vickikarl

    Took my sister-in-law, who has really been going thru a rough time, to her first WOF. I even came up from Atlanta to take her. I told her it was like just sitting in a big arena of love. And it was. You were great.

  • Chelle’

    SO proud of you, Angie. What a wonderful report…
    See you in Octoberfor the Pittsburgh WOF!

  • Jackie Wells

    I loved you!! Thought you did great!!! Your story was WOW!! Such an inspiration to me not to give up on our GOD!! I’m a dedicated woman of FAITH! I’ve gone about 10 years now and love it!! My first WOF was in Cincinnati with women from my church. We had just moved into our new home the weekend before. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this years because the other porch ladies weren’t there. I LOVE Patsy Clairmont she is my “firefly”!! I love all the ladies but she’s my favorite! This was the first WOF that only three porch ladies I knew. I am not big on change, but LOVED your story!! Lisa Harper was incredible and I think she’s great! You look so young thought you were younger than me. I’m 39 and have 5 kids of my own, and watch 4 others plus 2 before and after school. I have 2 girls and 3 boys ages 17, 12, 10, 6 and 4. Praying I make it through the teenager years!! I hate being on this side, but you couldn’t give me all the money in the world to go back to those years!!! Good luck through your journey with WOF and God BLESS YOU AND YOURS!!

    Jackie Wells

    Grove City, Ohio

  • Lori

    Angie, I have to tell you that I heard you speak in Columbus and you have CHANGED my life forever. And…I am not kidding! I have told everyone about your story and your book. Your book is so inspirational and it has changed the way I view my faith. You have caused me to not just want to give “lip service” to my faith, but to really live it out and trust no matter what. The amazing way you handled the loss of your baby girl is a testimony of the love of our God who never leaves us and who carries us through. You are an amazing lady, and God is going to use you and your family in a mighty, might way!! God bless you!!!

  • Liesl Irwin

     Oh man, I was going to meet my friend (I’m in KS and she’s in MN) at this Des Moines conference and completely spaced out about it.  Now I wish I’d have remembered!  Would have loved to join you all for Sunday Brunch!

    I will be praying for you as you speak this weekend.  I love volunteering at WOF conferences…such an incredible atmosphere there!  Amazing worship, great speakers to challenge us in our walk with the Lord, and an awesome community of girlfriends!  Love it.  I know God will do great things this weekend!

  • Susan Haynes

    I was really moved by your testimony @ WOF in Colombus.  God is using your story in many ways to give encouragement and support to others.  Out of all the speakers, you were my fave ;) .  You used humor and deep sincereity to share your most personal story.  I have two daughters, 5 & 11, and just got through ovarian cancer.  I look at them each day and my husband and I are so blessed to have our family…God is awesome, even through the darkest of times!  God Bless you and your ministry!
    Susan Haynes, Saint Albans, WV  

  • Kmeier320

    Your story was so powerful. Thank you so much for sharing it! I must admit that since I heard you speak, I have been constantly crying out to God for help instead of my former standbys (self, husband, chocolate)! He truly does calm the storms! 

    I pray Des Moines is a blessing for others like Columbus was a blessing for me!

  • SherriC

    Angie, This was my very first WOF conference, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  It really touched my heart so much.  I have never personally experienced what you went through, but as a pastor’s wife, I have had several friends who have either dealt with miscarriages or the loss of full-term/almost full-term babies.  Your story has given me some insight to what they’ve experienced as well as some hope that I can share with ladies who go through this in the future.  I know it took a lot of courage to just get up there on that stage, but I’m thankful you did.  I truly believe God likes to use us to share what we’ve been through to help others.  And you did just that.  Thank you and may God bless you.   

  • Meredithrenee07

    This was also my first WOF! Your story really touched me in so many ways. While you were sharing your story, all I could think about was my sister. My sister was 3 months pregnant, and I kept thinking “oh my goodness, i hope this does not happen to my sister. i don’t think we could deal with the pain”… Right after you went off stage, my mom got a phone call. It was my sister, she was in the emergency room for a “threatened miscarriage”. The baby wasn’t developing. Her first ultra sound said she was 3 weeks along, and then they did an internal ultra sound which said the baby was 7.5 weeks. It wasn’t possible. After WOF was over with, we rushed back to Sandusky, OH (which is an almost 4 hour drive), to get to the hospital with my sister. They discharged her and told her to come back in 2 days. She did end up having a miscarriage. :(

    My mom and I told her YOUR story, and I’m telling you, if we didn’t hear that… It would have been A LOT harder for us to understand and deal with. So, I want to thank you so much for sharing your story. :)

  • Lellsbury

     I was in Des Moines and so moved by your story.  You told it with such grace.  It’s been 24 years since our son died at 5 days of age.  Your video brought back so much of that day.  I sat in the audience and sobbed.  I don’t think most people can grasp how a child can change your life in such a short time.  Kyle changed everything.  I loved it when you said she had weight. Kyle weighed 3 pounds 8 ounces. Every life is sacred and has meaning, some of us just fulfill our purpose quicker than others.  My husband is a neonatalogist because of Kyle. He has dedicated his life to babies.
     I am a better mother because I never take a moment for granted.  I never leave things unsaid.  I let my children know how much they are loved.  Because of Kyle, we adopted a little girl with a heart defect when her pre-adoptive parents backed out even though her odds of living weren’t good.  Because of Kyle, we knew we could live through another death with the knowledge that heaven is forever.  Kyle made that very real for us.  His life had purpose and I still miss him so.  Thank you for sharing your story.  Thank you for having the courage to stand on that stage.   You have touched so many women with your story of faith in the midst of your storm.   We were all touched by your sweetness, warmth and humor.  God bless!

  • Lori Anderson

    Thank you for being faithful to the call to be in the WOF team.  I was in the audience in Des Moines.  I have been to 3 WOF conferences and this year’s was the best.  YOU were my favorite speaker…because of where I am now in my life.  My story is different from yours, but similar.  I have never had children born from my own body b/c of infertility.  However, God blessed me with two amazing step children.  11 monthes ago, my step daughter was killed in a car accident.  Our lives changed in an instant.  Our lives have not been the same and will never be the same.  Through it all, God has been and is faithful.  We thank Him for the life of Lauren and the 20 years she had on this earth.  We cherish the memories and look forward to seeing her again, in heaven.  You all were asked the question: ” What could you ever hope for or imagine?”  I have asked myself this same question.  My answer is:  Seeing our daughter when we enter heaven and asking her to show us around!!!   
    Thank you, Mrs. Smith!  You and Selah blessed my socks off! 
    In His tender hands,
    Lori Anderson

  • Mary Talbott

    Mary from Burlington Iowa here… Just returned from Des Moines Women of Faith… You were amazing. The whole weekend was just awesome… You are such a wonderful addition to the porch… We love you and I hope you continue your partnership with Women of Faith… It was the first time I heard the music of Selah… All I can say is WOW… May God continue to bless you and your family!

  • Kristi Cox

     You were amazing in Des Moines!  You made me laugh, you made me cry, and you touched me so deeply.  I cannot imagine what you have gone through. You are so strong.  God Bless You Angie, thank you for sharing your story with us! I hope to see more of you at WOF in the future!

  • Scherer_family

     Angie,I “met” you at All Access.  You were meeting people along with Marilyn and Lisa and a few others.  I knew I would only have time to get through the line for one speaker, so I am sorry to say that I did not get in your line.  I had not heard of you before that day and you had not had a chance to speak yet.  If I had it to do over again, I would have gone right to your line.  Your honesty and openness with your experience with Audrey was amazing.  Needless to say, I have told everyone about you and we counted down the days until we could hear you speak.  You are so open and real – not like a “speaker”, but more like a friend talking to another friend on the couch, or over coffee.  Thank you for being so very real!

  • Kathy G

    Hey Kathy from Davenport.  I was in Des Moines and you were great.  I have read your bolg for over 3 years and was so excited to hear you talk in person.  I went to supper last night with friends and we talked about how we enjoyed listening to you.  You are perfect to join WOF and are an inspiration to everyone you meet.  We loved when you saw yourself in the monitor and fixed your hair.  We are still laughing about that.  Congrats on a job well done.   

  • Corey

    Hi Angie – Happy Birthday! Seriously, how many times can I tell you that? A card last weekend, on facebook & now here! Hope it’s been a great day! I’ve been thinking about you all week – even as I scramble & panic to get graduation photo books done for 2 nephews before Sunday! You were absolutely wonderful in DM & I wish I could follow & stalk you thru every conference (as only a dork fan can stalk)!! If you want to use any of my pics, they’re on facebook. I tagged you on a few so if you get a chance to stroll thru the photo album, just let me know which ones & I can email a full-size copy. And this thing where you stand up in front of thousands of people WILL get better & His hand is all over this path your walking! So far, you walk it well! Take care…Corey

  • Ann Voskamp

    I’ve been praying with you! God using you in such ways makes my heart *leap* — press on, sweet friend… 

  • Trista

    I was at the WOF in Columbus, and this is the first time I ever heard your story.  I opened up the WOF program, read about your testimony, and KNEW I had to buy your book.  I read it in 2 sittings…and as a Mama of 4 children ages 8 and under, this is no small feat!  ;)   We have had 2 miscarriages, and your story spoke to my soul.  THANK YOU for sharing your story, and choosing to be a Job….to choose to BLESS the Lord, even when your world was crumbling.  Even though I have never met you, I am thankful to be able to know of you and your family through your book.  I will pray for you, sweet girl and the ministry that the Lord is calling you to. 

  • Stephe

    Hello Miss Angie.
    I just heard you speak at my first WOF in Des Moins. First off, great job. Really. I’m sure you get tired of hearing it, but WOW. What courage you have to get up and share such a private part of your heart with all of us. I know that it hurts, but I thank you. It means alot. Now, SECOND! You are just a hoot! It’s nice to hear such encouraging words from someone you feel like you just left starbucks with.  I am praying for you and your family, and that the rest of your WOF experience goes well.
    God bless,

  • Reneemartin2011

    My name is Renee Martin and I will be attending this year with my sister and the WOF of Bay City Texas at Calvary Balptist church. Last year I was in a tragic car accident in April and my sister had just began going to Calvary Church and they invited her to go with them. As she put herself together from all the trauma with me and me bring put into a nursing home she picked up and went. I wanted to attend so bad but health wise was not able to. I was layingthere in the nursing home room and received a phone call from my sister and heard nothing but many women in the background praising and clapping. As I was laying there I heard her say “Renee are you there?” I could not answer, I just began crying (as I am now as I write this). I fnally got YES out of my mouth and she said in a loud voice ”hold on one minute, do not hang up!!”. I said OKAY!!!!  ten all of a sudden I hear Sheila Walsh introduce my sister to the stage and I just began to cry so uncontrollably because I knew these precious women had been praying for ME!!!!   My sister could barely talk from crying. There were over 9000 women there and I could hear every voice echo in the phone, just praising GOD!!!!!  They had seen that our group of women from Calvary had on my benefit tshirt “WALK BY FAITH”!!  The Women of Faith wanted her to explain the meaning of this tshirt. God moved in more ways than just the sale of that shirt. We were selling them to raise money for all of my bills but also to get the word out there and let everyone know I AM WALKING BY FAITH that I will walk again after being paralysed in this accident.  I will be rolling in there this year in a wheelchair and my nurse aide and sister by my side with all the ladies from our church, but tat is not to say I am still not walking in faith!!!!!!  God id a big GOD and some healings areproressive and some are instant.I have come to deal with the fact mine is progressive until GOD makes it INSTANT!!!!!  I hope to see you there and I as well have been dealing with the fact that I need to write a book of my entire testimony, just dont know where to start. God will set everything before me when the time is right. We are rturning this year with the same church and the same tshirts, just a brighter tshirt color with the same meaning!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD! !!!!!!!!  

    • Reneemartin2011

      Sorry for all the typos but I am typing in the dark…  There is a lot more to the story of that morning and how everything fell into place but too much to write in a comment. We do have a facebook page called “walkbyfaith renee” if you would like to friend that page. If you have a prayer request, testimony or just want to meet other christian women, we would love to have you. You can also request a tshirt order form through that page. Love you all in Christ!!!!  Renee