Well, we are still setting up shop over here at WordPress but I think you all are really going to like it. It should be a lot easier to find posts by topic and all that good stuff, so feel free to hunt around and make yourself at home. I am going to be adding lots of pictures of Audrey and recent ones of the rest of the family but I am waiting to get some back from a recent photo shoot, so get ready for some cuteness. As of now, the search bars haven’t been fully connected to what they are supposed to be, but shortly it will all be seamless and good. I am loving it so far…many thanks to Kelsey for her help designing the header as well (you have to check out her new blog…brilliant and you are going to love life through her eyes…lots of great kid stories and all sorts of creative goodness :) )

While we work out the kinks, let me know if you spot anything that needs adjustment or if you have any suggestions :) I think it’s going to be fantastic!!!

I absolutely must introduce you to Franchesca Cox of Small Bird Studios, who has been working with me to get this new blog designed and running. She has worked so far above and beyond that call of duty that words fail me. We were told by many, many people that I would lose all of the comments from my old blog in the process of transferring over here, and all of my friends had exactly that happen. Because of Fran’s perseverance and many extra hours of research and work, I am so over the moon excited that she found a way to bring them all over.

I am always happy to recommend people I have loved working with, but I don’t ever think I have seen devotion, kindness, and a genuine gift in someone the way I have with her. Many of my readers had recommended her but I didn’t realize when I hired her that she had lost a baby as well. It has been an emotional transfer over to this blog and she was so tender with me and so ridiculously responsive with email…I’m telling you, she is the BEST. She doesn’t know I’m writing any of this but honestly, I am so grateful for her and I had to share this amazing experience with you all.

And here’s the best part! She has agreed to let me do a little giveaway, so if you click here to re-route to my giveaway page, you can enter to win a FREE BLOG REDESIGN!!!!!!

Her prices are extremely reasonable, so even if you don’t win, keep her name in your back pocket. She does Blogger and WordPress, which is fantastic :)

WELCOME!!!!!! Make yourself at home, friends!!!!

With love,


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  • Holly

    I love Franchesca! She does such great work!

  • http://twitter.com/sarahmaewrites Sarah Mae

    Yay! Love it – so simple and lovely! Great job! :)

  • Katherine L Page

    Angie, you could have not said it any better about Franchesca!!!! From the day I met her in college she has been such a blessing in my life and those around her. I have personally seen the hard work and dedication she put into your blog while hanging out and getting to love on her baby boy. I love the blog!!! and I recommend to anyone who is wanting a blog makeover to use her. She is very artistic, creative and talented. P.S. she paints, and draws etc. so……… check her blog out!!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jaredandalexis Alexis McQuinn

    Beautiful!! Love it!!!

  • Jessica

    I just awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at http://wayneandjessi.blogspot.com/2011/05/yay-new-award.html ! Congratulations!!

  • Kristin Takemoto

    I like the new set up!!!!

  • http://www.candacemercyisnew.blogspot.com Candace

    It is beautiful!! I just love it! :)

  • Julie

    Oh I just love it!

  • http://www.athankfullheart.blogspot.com Miranda

    Will you let us subscribe by email or am I just not seeing the link?

    • Fran

      The subscribe is right above Angie’s pic on the left, underneat the blogher ad =)

      • http://www.athankfullheart.blogspot.com Miranda

        Yeah you can subscribe by RSS but not by email.

        • Fran

          thanks for bringing that up Miranda, just added that option =)

  • http://www.cookingupfaith.com Big Fat Mama!

    I love it! I like how organized it is!

    I read your post about the Teamotions. There are so many people who go through difficult struggles, and by God’s grace turn it into something good. You being included as one of those people.

    I have a ministry on my blog, called A Meal in the Mail, for people who are going through difficult struggles. I feature them and their stories, and encourage others to send them a meal in the mail through a restaurant/fast food gift card. If you ever know someone who could benefit from being featured, please let me know. I always read stories of people going through a hard time, and wish more people knew about A Meal in the Mail ministry. Congrats on the new blog look! :)

  • http://twitter.com/spicymagnolia spicymagnolia

    This looks great! It’s pretty and sweet and easy to navigate. How did your speaking go this past weekend??

  • http://www.refinedinchrist.com Phil

    Love the colors Angie. Not too bright and not too dark!

    Just found you on Twitter, so I shall follow you! God bless. :)

  • Mom Smith

    Love it Angie!

  • http://profiles.google.com/rebekah.hebert Rebekah H.


    one question – if we subscribed to the old blog, do we have to re-subscribe to this one? i’m thinking yes because i didn’t have this post show up in my reader. but…just wanted to make sure :)

    again, BEAUTIFUL! :D

    • Fran

      Good question Rebekah! I am transferring Angie’s feed over now, so now you should be safe it you’ve already subscribed to the old blog =)

      • http://profiles.google.com/rebekah.hebert Rebekah H.

        fabulous :) thanks fran!

  • Alexa

    Love it, great job!

  • Jennifer

    Love the new look! It’ beautiful!

  • http://roadlesstraveledblog.blogspot.com/ Rebecca Keunen

    Love the new look! Francesca is amazing!!! She also did my blog design and was so incredibly kind, LOVE her!!!

  • Sharon O

    when I started to read your blog a pop up came in and asked me to fill out a survey is that part of your blog now?

  • http://www.compassioncan.blogspot.com JD

    Welcome to your new home — is it alright if we put our feet up on your coffee table and make ourselves right at home in this cozy little spot right beside you? Yes? Awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, this new little space of yours is like a cool breeze on a summer day. L*O*V*E!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the new blog/look!!! :) So excited for you! And I think MANY, if not ALL, of your dear friends would love to know how the weekend went?! I mean, I KNOW you were absolutely AMAZING because I’ve heard you speak and you bring the word of Jesus to EVERYONE…but I’d/we’d still love to hear from your perspective!!! :)

    Love you lots!

  • http://bethanylbishop.blogspot.com Bethany

    This is stunning. I absolutely LOVE the header. You are blessed to have so many love you so well! Congrats on your new blog. I’m looking forward to hanging out over here. :)

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Lookin’ good, Angie!

    The blog is coming together very nicely! I can tell that much time has gone into the planning and preparation of this new little nook. Love the soft, gentle and inviting tones. The blossoming tree is an endearing touch. Absolutely. Love. It. : )

    Looking forward to see what other details you have in store!

    Take care on this evening, my friend!


  • Christi

    It looks so good. You are such a blessing. I hope you had a wonderful time in Columbus.


  • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    Love your new look! I moved myself from blogspot to self-hosted wordpress in March for my birthday gift to me. Congrats on your new home.

  • Allison@Slice of Heaven

    It looks wonderful. I, too, just moved my blog to wordpress and am still working my way around!

  • Jerry Lenaburg

    This looks beautiful Angie! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • http://stepsforbrady.blogspot.com Meg

    Things are looking lovely around here! Your pic on your sidebar is so pretty too!

  • http://stepsforbrady.blogspot.com Meg

    Things are looking lovely around here! Your pic on your sidebar is so pretty too!

  • Lily

    REALLY like the new look! Congrats!

  • http://alexnashley.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    LOVE the new look!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the softness here! Beautiful!



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HWX5IRWNU7ZXULA75TEP2Z7J54 Tiffany

    Looks beautiful!

  • http://theinnerharbor.wordpress.com Emily

    I love the new blog! Looks great! :)

  • Amber

    Oh, Angie! It’s so beautiful! I love the colors and layout and the header is SO perfect! I know this had to have involved lots and lots of time and hard work. Congratulations! It’s beautiful.

  • Traci

    <3 your new look! Love, Traci @ ORDINARY INSPIRATIONS


  • Traci

    <3 your new look! Love, Traci @ ORDINARY INSPIRATIONS


  • Kaye

    Absolutely beautiful new site. Congratulations. I know it has been a long ‘work in progress’ but everyone who worked on it has done a beautiful job.
    My website is through WordPress and I have enjoyed the ease of using the site; adding new products, etc….not a small feat for someone who is so computer illiterate. :) My blog though is still through ‘blogger’, so I am going to your giveaway page immediately! Would love a totally new design by someone so talented!
    Pray you have a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  • Sharon

    Angie it’s beautiful! I love the new look and am SO happy for you that all of your comments have been moved over! What a blessing and answered prayer! Still beaming from meeting you on Saturday at WOF. You are an amazing woman and I am so honoured to have met you :)



  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love the new page!!!! I hope you are well and loving all that life has before you! Ever want to come to Jackson and speak?? ;) Keep shining sister. He looks beautiful on you!

  • http://twitter.com/InspiredRD Alysa Bajenaru, RD

    Congrats Angie, the new blog looks wonderful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=673111206 Ann Morton Voskamp

    Why does this make me tear up, all happy?

    God has you on a journey, my friend… makes me weep wonder at the beauty of what He’s raising, making, tenderly nurturing…

    Just. send. so. much. love.

  • Coby

    Love the new blog look! Love love love!

  • R_rhubley

    I love it… I miss the pics of your kiddos on the sidebar. Are they coming back? ;-) Love the photo of you! You are beautiful inside and out.

  • http://tansasser.blogspot.com Sara

    The new design is great! Can’t wait to hear more from you, too.

  • http://teasinglydiverse.blogspot.com Amanda

    It’s beautiful!

  • http://southernbelledreaming.blogspot.com Southern Belle

    I love the new blog design. So pretty!

  • http://thehansens.wordpress.com Carrie H.

    Small world! I “met” you online from the (in)courage book club a couple months ago for the One Thousand Gifts book… (which I found out about from a church friend)… AND I know Kelsey from our undergrad days back in MN! Love the connections we all have to each other :)

    • Kelsey Lantz

      Hi carrie!!! Small world eh?

  • Rebecca

    Oh, this new website it beautiful!!! I love it!

  • Stephboutwell

    I love the new page. I knew it would be classy like you! Wish I had more general stuff to write about but I’m going to dive straight in to why I’m leaving a message today. I am a Sunday and have been for a couple years now so I know the bond between the ladies on this blogsite even though most have never met. I covet all your prayers. My husband admitted to having an affair a month ago now that lasted for 5 months with our Sunday School teachers daughter. Our Sunday school teacher and his wife have been our best friends since we became Christians just 3 and half years ago after losing our own twin son. They have walked alongside us, encouraged us, and mentored us. Needless to say many families are absolutely walking in devestation at this time. I have felt God and heard Him ministering to me tremendously thru this so far, but honestly I feel like I’m drowning. My husband and I are 2 wks away from our 10th anniversary. We have 3 beautiful children. I never thought I could be knocked down so hard again after the death of our son, but honestly this betrayal is killing me. Please anyone willing, please pray. I’m walking in faith and it’s the hardest thing to do when I feel like doing just the opposite.

    • http://holycamp09.wordpress.com/ Deborah Boutwell

      I saw your name and was so surprised. I don’t see many “boutwell” names out in the world. I would love to get to know you.

  • http://holycamp09.wordpress.com/ Deborah Boutwell

    It looks beautiful! It is hard to see the names that have links attached to them…but that could be me and my old age!

  • http://kim-somethingbeautiful.blogspot.com Kim

    LOVE the new site – so creative.
    Anxious to see pictures soon!

  • http://julesmpg.blogspot.com Julesmpg

    Love the new site, it’s beautiful.

  • Teamcarterjay

    Love the new look. Awesome!

  • Lynn Worley

    Interesting…comments are on the top? Looks great!

    Here praying as always!

    Psalms 18:28-30 For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness. For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall. As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

    Prayer Bears

    My email address

  • http://www.thegypsymama.com thegypsymama

    Oh it’s beautiful! Love your new diggs, Ang!

  • Aly J

    Love the new look Angie! It is beautiful. For some reason though, today was the first day it directed me over from the old site and I had been trying just about every day! Now I have some catching up to do! 

  • Jenny Marvasi

    Hi Angie! I’m sitting watching for the first time a Women of Faith video and listened with tears in my eyes to your story. My older sister Christina and her husband at the time Oscar and our family went through a similar experience. Jade Brenna was my niece for a very short time in this world. She is with her heavenly Father and my heart goes out to you and your family. If you wish to know more about my sisters story…visit ourpreciousjade.homestead.com

    God be with you!!