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OK, so let’s kick it off with some winners!!!!!

Mandy M, you have won yourself a copy of Beth Moore’s “So Long Insecurity!!!” I have your email so I’m going to send it there as well in case you don’t see it. Just reply and let me know where I can send it!

As far as Sarah Mae’s book, the winner is Michelle! (6/6/11 at 3:34 P.M) I have your email too and will connect you with Sarah Mae to claim your prize.

And now to some thoughts that regard both insecurity and, well, housekeeping.


I’m sitting here enjoying the sound of the dryer tossing laundry around (Todd does most of the laundry. Seriously.), and thinking about how I’m staying home today to get some work done while he goes to volunteer at Crosspoint’s version of VBS. He was adorable when he got home the other day and was like, “It was so fun I decided to stay instead of just dropping them off! And look! I got a t-shirt!” Precious. What a man he is!!!

There are so many days that I find myself biting his head off for not remembering where his cell phone is or forgetting me telling him something, and I just hate that I do that. And I do it a lot.

Without going into much detail, the past few days have been pretty challenging. I was honored to be a part of a very difficult deposition for a friend of mine on Wednesday, and because of the nature of the case I can’t say much more than that it brought back memories of Audrey and it’s going to be a long, hard road for her. I’m so glad I could be there, but it made both of us face the reality that no matter what happens, it won’t change the fact that we don’t have our children with us. This world cannot make up for that loss.

I feel like satan has opened every single major wound of my life in the last few days, through bizarre circumstances that are too “coincidental” to be anything less than an attack. Instead of identifying it for what it is, I have made excuses and tried to just press on, but the truth is that there is a different sense of warfare around me. I believe that when we as believers lift up our brothers and sisters, we change things. Please, Sundays, pray for me and any others that are dealing with something similar.

All we have to do is turn on the news and see that life is changing and the enemy is ever-present. Instead of filing through life without identifying what is happening, let’s make a commitment to asking the Lord to bless others (and ourselves) with the peace that only He can give.

I was praying here in my little blue chair before I started writing and I was noticing how quiet it was. I would have been tempted to say there was nothing moving, nothing happening, just me alone in the house. Me, sad and frustrated with nobody to talk to.

And then that silly dryer caught my attention and I realized it had been there all the while. I had tuned it out.



Tumbling life to turn it out, fresh and beautiful.

If you are reading these words, know that I am praying for you as I type. That even in the moment where it feels like you have been left in silence, you will close your eyes, steady yourself, and remember that He is in this place. There is a rhythm to it-this life He has blessed you with. It feels up, down, all around and half-soaked, but He isn’t going to leave you where you are.

I’m pretty sure He threw that one annoying sneaker in just so I would concentrate a little more on what was drying 🙂

So, in a roundabout, not-so-pretty, I wrote this post in 15 minutes based on what the Lord was teaching me kind of way, I hope you still yourself enough to pay attention to what He is doing today.

Todd-thank you, love of my life…for starting the laundry that always reminds me exactly Who is at work in me.

If you all want to join in on a great conversation about putting on the attributes of Christ, join us over at Bloom (in)courage…you have plenty of time to catch up and some of the emails we have gotten about Kelly Minter’s book have reminded us why we ever dreamed up this book club in the first place…what a blessing to be in a community of believers.

How can we pray for you today? What’s bouncing around in your dryer?

With love,



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