Quick Favor?

Hey all! I am working on a little somethin-somethin and I would so appreciate your help. I’m brainstorming through some writing ideas and I think a little direction would be oh-so-helpful before I get started. Will you do me a favor and let me know if you have a favorite post of mine (it can be from whatever time period, funny or serious, whatever stood out to you!) I am curious about what has stayed with you. If you have a favorite (or a couple), could you leave a comment with either the name of the post or just a description of it?

I promise this is not a late night project to boost my ego :) It will help me more than you know:)

Thank you so, so much!

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  • http://twitter.com/DrDaltonSmith Saundra Dalton-Smith

    Loved your post on the threshing floor. I think it was over a year ago. Just good stuff! Real and transparent.

  • Anonymous

    The post that stayed with me was when you wrote about shattering the pitcher on your porch, then spent the night putting it back together.


  • http://twitter.com/LindseyHartz Lindsey Hartz

    I’ve always remembered the seven days of praying for your children post. Helped me keep perspective in how I reach my kids hearts :-) It was a LONG time ago though, not sure when!

  • http://julesmpg.blogspot.com Julesmpg

    I know the Gymbo post was controversial but it was hilarious. I’m still saying heiney hoo.

    The Japan post when you wrote about the plate and your time there.

    So many more….

  • Stephschoonmaker

    I loved the post about your dad being a painter and the empty canvas. I shared it with all my friends.

  • Stephschoonmaker

    I loved the post about your dad being a painter and the empty canvas. I shared it with all my friends.

  • Amy

    The one where you took your kids to the homeschool group. I remember the words “magenta” and “suzuki” being used :-) I loved it!

  • Anonymous

    The broken pitcher post and your family’s decision to downsize even though you could afford to stay in a larger place are the two posts that have stuck with me most. :)

    • OfcpamPam C

      I second this :)

  • aarti

    I loved the one about the crippled man by the lake… Jesus asking the mam what he wanted and the man making excuses. It has really stayed with me.

  • malloryjones

    the broken pitcher post and the recent one about the gymboree sale.

  • anne

    I  ALWAYS think of you when I see a skull and crossbones on any child’s clothing. :) I love your perspective on parenting!!

  • Nic

    There are a few posts I refer back to regularly and tell people about:
    The PItcher
    The Sea and the Scarf

  • Michelle Poleyumptewa

    Emmaus, from June 22, 2008.  The first paragraph meant a lot to me, and I emailed you about it at the time.

  • Dijdheckert

    shattering the pitcher & gymboree post

  • http://tippaglover.blogspot.com tippaglover

    I think about your ‘blink’ post often. Makes me stop and smell the roses more!!!

  • Tbh6780

    I was touched by the Honeysuckle and Fireflies post. I literally had tears as I envisioned the boy playing out the baseball game in his head, yet in the open for all to see. Fireflies fascinate me, and Honeysuckle is one of my fave scents/flowers so the title caught my attention right away, but what stayed with me was the beauty of realizing that it really doesn’t matter who sees you, you need to give it your best for God. Beautiful writing that has stayed with me and will stay with me. God bless. Hope this helps you. Hugs, Barbielittone, a friend from Twitter.

  • Naomi

    Tilted!  It was shortly after Audrey’s day of life.

  • Naomi

    Also, in your book about being willing to put your hand on the stone (from Lazarus).  Great imagery and an action that is so important to show and act on one’s faith!

  • Lindsay

    I don’t remember the title of the post, but the one where you told the story of the pitcher you shattered and then put back together has always stuck with me. I loved it. Also, threshing floor post was amazing. :)

  • http://www.myheartwillrejoice.blogspot.com Bree

    Please forgive me as I can’t remember which post it was (when I first found your blog I stayed up WAY TOO LATE reading, crying, laughing, crying, praying, more reading until I had caught up to the beginning) but you said you had been at the cafe (Starbucks maybe?) and you were having a date with the Lord, but not to share that with anyone as they might think you were crazy.  I laughed and laughed!  It blessed me to see the joy you had :)  Thank you for your blog, your beautiful testimony and amazing writing-all to His glory!  Praying for you and your sweet ones, 

  • Lisa

    The Gymboree “trilogy”…probably not one of your favorites to write (at least the last part), but the way you dealt with people’s reactions and brought it all back to the Compassion story and what’s REALLY important has stuck with me.   (and I, for one, think it was one of your best stories ever, just sayin’)

  • Kim

    I LOVED  the one about the broken porcelain pitcher. I did it myself and it was such a wonderful time spent with my savior!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the broken pottery post. I think about that often and have even fond back and read it several times. I cry every time. So touching, you honesty and humility.

  • Nichole


  • Mary

    I’ve had both “Lamb” and “Mohit the Brave” starred in my reader since they were first written.  I come back to both every couple of months and love reading them.  I also love the broken pitcher post so many have mentioned — it was my first introduction to your blog, and such a beautiful read.

  • Erin Down

    Definitely the shattered pitcher!!!! I will never forget that picture. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Raeann

    Definitely the post about the pitcher and putting the pieces of it back together to symbolize the broken places in our lives. So moving & something so simple that we all can do to help process pain in our lives.

  • Katie Liz

    the glorious hem

    the house of mercy

    it was love

    those are a few that i always find myself coming back to!

  • Liz

    The post about the pillar, I believe, jumped off the screen at me. It was about not looking backwards but going full force forward. This post helped solidify a major life change for me, quitting my job and moving across country. Thank you!! A close second would be the broken pitcher!

  • http://601hicksfamily.blogspot.com heididh33

    The broken pitcher
    The hem
    Pruning the tree

  • Anonymous

    The pitcher and putTing it back together

  • Anonymous

    The pitcher and putTing it back together

  • http://shutterbugandmommylove.blogspot.com Melanie Jordan

    without looking back the one thing that stands out more than any other from your posts is the 7×7 prayer over your girls. I still have mine posted around my house where I wrote them out and I try to remember to pray them daily over my children.

  • http://twitter.com/cbshelto Courtney Shelton

    the past and the pitcher, a different kind of miracle, promises

  • Erin A.

    The post that has stuck with me the most is your One Better post – which maybe was only posted on the (in)courage blog, but I think it was mentioned here too!  I’ve thought of the phrase “one better” nearly every day and striven to complete at least one task above and beyond the minimal required.  Loved it!

    • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

      This one stuck deep with me too :)

  • Tina T

    The broken pitcher. And some of the funny ones about your girls, i remember something about decorating with feminine hygeine products. Cracked me up. You are very gifted.

  • Jess

    The dirty wedding dress.  It has always stuck with me. 

  • Robin

    The one where your daughter pointed out the tree with no leaves and also the one explaining the spot on the last bear and why it was perfect for your family.

  • Kristen Good

    I will always remember the post where you talked about first being told that Audrey would not live after an ultrasound and you turned to the doctor and said something along the lines of “My Jesus is still the same.” Will never forget that…but I probably misquoted it a bit. Sorry!!! It’s late for me here…..and it’s been a few years since I’ve read that post. :)

  • tracybartholomew

    I love the post you wrote about running away from home when you were little!!
    Of course, I loved all your posts from your heart and the raw emotions from your journey with Audrey! I remember reading one post in particular about you and Todd staying up all night one night praying through spiritual warfare! Don’t remember details but remember that standing out to me!
    On a different note..I simply LOVE your contagious laugh on every video I have ever seen of you!!! You are pure joy!

  • Kristen Good

    It’s “The Beginning of the Story” January 12, 2008. I had to go read it after I wrote about it. Cried, again over it. Beautifully written Angie. All your posts are.

  • Kristen Good

    By the way, I’m number 25 of 119 requests for your book on paperbackswap.com. My turn is coming and I’m excited to read it!!! :) Ok, now I’m going to bed.

    • Krista Wilbur

      Kristen — if you email me your address, I’ll mail you my copy to read. I rarely use PBS anymore but I just saw your comment and would be happy to share! My email is krista [.] wilbur [@] ymaill [.] com (minus the spaces and brackets!). Just put something like Angie’s book in the subject line so I don’t think it’s spam. :)

  • Krista

    My favorite post is actually one you deleted but will always stay with me. You wrote it on or around Thanksgiving 2008, and it touched me so much I wrote a post of my own in “response” to it on my blog over here. The post was about being thankful for the hardest things we could be thankful for, things that seem crazy to be thankful for, and you had people post in the comments what they were thankful for. It really affected me. (Also, if you read the post, or anyone else does, I am very embarrassed by the entire first paragraph! :) )

  • diane

    I absolutely loved and was very touched by the one you wrote about the hem of your dress.  I don’t remember the title, but it was so impactful.  There are many others and I could go on for a while about your super-great posts!!!

  • Bethany Emerson

    i honestly love most everything that you write. but a few have stuck in my mind
    the “blink” one
    letter to audrey
    the one where the tree accidently got pruned
    all your stories from your trip to india
    and on a less serious note, the homeschool “magenta” post and the target trip with the sticks and the panties and ( despite all the hoopla) the gymboree post. 

  • Lynn Worley

    That’s easy! The last one! Honeysuckle and Fireflies! I even shared it on FB!
    These verses are so comforting. Continuing to pray!!!!!!!!!
    Revelation 21:1-4 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

    Papyrus :)

  • Beth

    My favorites were the glorious hem, the one about your trip to Ireland and how we all need rain in your live to flourish,  and the one about the fear you experienced as a child…  All three had a very personal resonance with me… ;)

  • Beth

    My favorites were the glorious hem, the one about your trip to Ireland and how we all need rain in your live to flourish,  and the one about the fear you experienced as a child…  All three had a very personal resonance with me… ;)

  • Handsfull

    The wedding dress hem.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of others, but that was one of the first of yours that I ever read, and it stuck with me.  What are you up to?!

  • Ioana

    the post where you mentioned about the young man you briefly talked to when out grocery shopping.
    and the post with the scarf lady.
    oh gosh, wish i had all your blog posts tied in a book. :D :)

  • Kristin Stauffer

    There are many, but one of my most favorite posts is the broken jar one. Hands down!

  • Andrea A

    I have three that came to mind immediately – the rain showers every time you’d visit Audrey, Kate’s bare feet at Audrey’s grave and, I think it was Abby, choosing a bare, dead tree as her favorite over the “prettier” blooming ones.

    God speaks through you beautifully, Angie – He always blesses us when you share what He’s laid on your heart. :)

  • Tora

    The past and the pitcher. I love how you talk about feeling like you’d been unfaithful to Jesus, even though you didn’t  know him at the time. I think everyone who hasn’t been a Christian since childhood can relate, and it’s definitely something I feel lacks attention in the blog world.

  • Allison Mock

    The Glorious Hem…can’t tell you how many times I’ve read and reread it.  The image is always with me.

  • http://itwasbroughtonbylove.blogspot.com Southern Gal

    Too many to name.  I know the one about Plan B has helped me minister to so many people.  I don’t have time to go back and scan (wish I did because there are so many wonderful ones) so I’m listing the one that I quote most often.  ;)

  • Tonya

    Ellie and the Weeds

    The one about the pitcher

    The one when Todd was pruning Audrey’s tree and you cried.

  • Karen Tolmich

    The one I think of over and over and I’ve shared with numerous people is when you broke the pitcher and then glued it back together. Seeing the beautiful through the cracks- such a wonderful life lesson. There’s been many God moments in my life because of that post.

  • Jenn

    Oh, I loved (still love) the 7×7 post. My children (5 &2) have memorized scripture because we say those prayers out loud every day. I think it was one of the most powerful and practical things I have ever read about praying for/with our children.

    I also love the broken pitcher. But they are all so good!

  • Karen

    This probably won’t help you, but my all time favorite post was the one a few years back about homeschooling and Suzuki and going to the homeschool group for the first time and finding out they were normal. (Can I get an invite to that group?) I reread it again and again and laughed so hard I cried. I would guess you have to be a homeschooler to truly appreciate it. Hysterical though.

    On a more helpful note, probably the post where Todd cut back Audrey’s tree. Also, an image I remember vividly was you visiting Audrey’s grave and the mud (I think you referred to it as clay). I don’t know why that has stuck with me so much, most likely because it gave me a visual picture of a desperate mother at her baby’s grave.

  • Andrea C

     I can’t say I really have a favorite yet, I was a t WoF in Des Moines, and listened to you speak, and I just loved your openness, and so I came home and added your blog to my reader.  I have read your new stuff, but not had a lot of time to go back and read some of your older stuff.  . . . so really, we just met! :)   I can’t wait to read more about you and your lovely family!

  • Jan

    I guess the one that came to mind first was “Click”. I’m not sure that was the name of it, but you would say ‘click’ as a way to take a mental picture and remembering the moments around you.  I guess I related to that as a mom and not wanting to let the little moments go by so quickly that I forget them.  I hope this helps.  Thanks for your writing and sharing your heart with us!  You are a blessing!

  • Allisonburleson

    I loved the kitchen sink post! 

  • thebairds

    There have been so many powerful posts that have impacted me, but I have to say my favorite is the Honeysuckle and Fireflies.  I have two daughters with Down syndrome that bring so much joy to my life.  You were able to so beautifully tell the story of that boy’s enthusiasm and bring it back around to such an amazing conclusion for all of us.  Thank you for making a difference in my life, and please keep the posts coming!  

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Hello, my friend!
    So many favorites to share.  So many have struck a chord in my heart. 
    Here goes my top 5 list:
    Emptying the Sink (love-love-LOVE the photo!!  Melted my heart)
    Tree of Mystery
    The Mourning & the Dancing

     Have a joyful afternoon!

    Love & Friendship,
    Connie from PA

  • Ourpacefamily

    My favorite was when about worshipping from the threshing floor from a few years ago. Whenever a friend is struggling, I email them your post. Very powerful. Come to think of it, I need a reminder myself.

  • Anna

    I will never ever forget the broken pitcher.

  • Sheilannpat

    Two post immediately come to my mind:  One is where your one daughter was so-so scared to jump high on the bouncy thing (sorry), but as she finally did, she soared and it’s written all over her face. 
    Next, is when your telling your daughter not to be scared to somersault again after she broke her arm, it’s so worth and you look over at Baby Charolette and know that fear should not hold us back.  In God’s love, sheila

  • linda

    so many have touched me deeply but when I read this there were two that immediately came to my mind. I looked them up so I could just type the titles. :) The Glorious Hem & The House of Mercy. Reread them while I was at it. Beautiful. 

  • Alexa

    Hmmm, there are many, but…

    The Glorious Hem


    the one where you write about your trip to Disney while pregnant with Audrey and you mention your anxiety as a child. I was so relieved I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand to choose among stuffed animals, not wanting to disappoint the others :)

  • Alexa

    Oh, i forgot another one: the one where Ellie gets on the “rocket trampoliny ride”. Her picture at the end of the post, just wow! Really spoke to me…

  • hannburger

    Definitely when you broke the pitcher.  I still think about that, frequently, to this day!

  • Carrie Lehman

    The first post that came to mind was when you talked about your trip to Ireland & the need for rain to make things grow (Promises). As I read through others comments, I was reminded of others that touched me: The Glorious Hem & The Past and the Pitcher.

  • Catherine

    Permission to Hope. Seeing the ultrasound picture with Charlotte holding her “balloon” made me sob. Beautiful.

  • Shawna & Co.

    I loved 7×7, Ellie and the weeds, and the kitchen sink. There were soooo many posts while you were pg that touched me I can’t seem to choose one.   Also I can’t help but think of the Target posts in which you say “This is my back up Target” :) and the one about the bundled sticks. I have a bundle I got clearanced at Target too and I think of you often when I see it. How’s that for a legacy to leave? LOL

  • Jocelyn Merkel

    I love the one where the girls “decorated” your craft room. Loved that lesson.  Also, Kate’s “Can we say oh my crap?”  

  • Jocelyn Merkel

    I love the one where the girls “decorated” your craft room. Loved that lesson.  Also, Kate’s “Can we say oh my crap?”  

  • Hollie

    I have a terrible time with decision-making, so I cannot choose just one.  Especially since each and every story has tugged at my heartstrings and boosted my spirit more than you’ll ever know.  A few that left me breathless amid heaves of raw emotion and anguished cries to my Lord are “A Letter To My Daughter”, “The Past and the Pitcher”, and most recently “Honeysuckle and Fireflies”.  How the tears flowed as I realized the boy shared my precious son’s name.  Your words are like salve to the wounded soul… keep ‘em coming, sweet friend.

  • Lindsaymfinley

    Please write a book on mothering!!

  • http://pontificationsofatwinmom.blogspot.com Julia

    Honeysuckle and Fireflies is beautifully written!

  • http://candelierious.blogspot.com Lis

    When you broke the pitcher…and glued it back together again. :)

  • Jess Walter

    The first one that comes to mind is the girls and the chicken:). I laughed so hard!

  • Linda Chontos

    I can’t remember the title of the post Angie – but the one about the broken pitcher and putting it back together. You know the one?!!

  • Whitney Benson

    I have two that stick in my head—the girls and the chicken (hilarious) and the one about the hem of you wedding dress (??) ; can’t think of the title exactly…oh, I think it was “The Glorious Hem” maybe??

  • Karenandshane

    The Sparrow.  ”Sing Love.  Sing.”  It’s printed and in my prayer journal.  :)

  • Jerica0003

    I loved the post where you talked about taking a picture as you “blink”. That is my absolute favorite post you’ve ever written! I cried. It just really touched me.

  • libby @ ninesandquines

    Angie, your post from July 2008, titled “Blink”, changed my life.  I read that and was very emotional.  It hit me so hard because, up until then, I was not paying much attention to how little things I would say or do could effect someone else or how I needed to take a moment to remember something!

    Every.single.day I take a breath when I am in a situation where I either need to take a step back and think twice, or just remember a very important, touching moment in my life and think “blink”, close my eyes and take a picture in my memory of that moment.  Or take the chance to change how I will react so that, when God sees that moment in my life He can be proud of my actions instead of disappointed…

    By the way, I have the link to that post saved and go back and re-read it from time to time…

  • Elaine Pool

    There are two, but one of them may have been a tweet:  the Broken Pitcher (along with the flaws left as a result), and one where you heard your girls in the back seat of the car.  One of them was singing, and another one said, “That was good, but a little pitchy.”   LOVED it!

  • http://www.compassioncan.blogspot.com JD in Canada

    That’s akin to choosing just one favorite flavor of ice cream…  the kind of questions I have a love-hate relationship with!

    Any post where you take an ordinary thing and show us how you see God
    through it — if I could have a ten year Angie devotional of that
    sort….!  <3
    Abby's Running Away post
    All your Compassion posts
    The post about blinking
    The post about the hem of your wedding gown getting dirty
    The broken pitcher
    Any posts that mention your closet/hiding place where you allow yourself to cry
    Any post.

     And yes, I'm that way about ice cream too.  Can't pick just one.

  • Jen

    The Broken Pitcher. I’ve never had enough guts to do it myself, and at the time you posted it it didn’t completely blow me over, but the post, the image, and the healing that took place in your life has come back to my mind a lot in the past year since I lost my father and have gone through a lot of the stages of grief… and haven’t gotten to the point where I’m thankful for all the cracks yet. Loved that one.

  • Caroladkins

    Far and away the post about when you smashed the vase and put it back together piece by beautiful piece.

  • Naomi

    There was something where Kate saw a Mexican man and said he was saying hello in Chinese (???…or she was saying hello to him in Chinese)??? 

    Hopefully you’ll remember, but it cracked me up!

    And if you could print it again, it would be a great favor!

  • Scott

    The broken pitcher! 

  • Abby

    Definately the broken pitcher!! Still have my own broken pitcher.

  • Staceylane22

    Mine isn’t from a post, it’s from seeing you at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus. It was my first Women of Faith and something you said has stuck with me. You were telling your story and you talked about Peter keeping his eyes on Jesus so he wouldn’t drown. I think about that often when things start spinning out of control.

  • Melody

    Hi Angie!  My favorite post of yours, although I have many is, Permission to Hope.  I literally had chills when I read it and still go back to it every now and then.  I also loved the post called Blink.  Amazing!

  • Morgan Chambers

    I don’t post often, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. Suffice it to say, I’ve learned a lot. Being 23 and just out of college, I know we’re in different phases, but I just want you to know how thankful I am that you share your life here. Several people have mentioned posts that I love, but I also love The Scarlet Cord/Rahab post. 
    He chose us. As I leave in just a few months for 2 years of overseas “service” :) , I’m always reminded that He can do anything with anybody. It motivates me to share what He’s done for me, knowing that same power can raise another person from the depths of depravity. Your story of Rahab’s story just so perfectly rests on my heart often when I think about what He’s done. Not to mention, the beautiful, terrible picture you paint of the cross. 
    Thanks for sharing, always. 
    Morgan Chambers 

  • Kaleena Edwards

    Hi Angie. One of my favorites was where you talked about the pitcher. You broke it and then put it back together. It was a great post! My husband still refers to your blog as the “pitcher blog”. :)

  • Jeff_nelson186

    Your last post was my favorite of all time–it hit my heart–I know this is personal, very personal but just for curiosity –have you guys ever thought about adopting?I know that is personal –just wondering I adore your heart–you are a very very special person!!!!!

  • Jeff_nelson186

    ps–Angie –that Jeff nelson is me –my name is crystal–:)

  • Heather Baden

    The broken pitcher.  It took my 14 months after reading that post to break my own, but I did it last fall, and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.  Many lessons in my own brokenness put together.  My pitcher is in my kitchen, and I light a candle in it to show that the light shines through the cracks that didn’t quite go back together as planned! The pitcher is a quite a conversation starter. 

  • Kelly Thompson

    your first post—-the story of the bunny, as well as your comment about Jesus being the same as when you walked in the room.  I have uttered that comment many times since reading your blog when I am scared or feel hopeless.

  • Erin P.

    I can’t remember the exact title, but one of my all time favorites is the post you did about your girls bouncing in that harness on vacation.  And that photograph of one of the twins (forgive me – I can’t remember which one) with that look on her face as she bounced in the air.  I’m getting choked up just thinking about it!!  I even made that picture the background on my computer for a while to remind me of that story (in my bloggy ignorance I didn’t realize that was a HUGH no-no and I took it down when I figured that out).  But that story resonated with me because I can absolutely relate to fear holding you back.  Amazing!  I have to admit, though, it was hard to pick just one.

  • Allison

    I loved “Her, here”. Great post! 

  • http://www.shakerfullofsalt.blogspot.com Cheri

    Honeysuckle and Fireflies hands down. Had to get up and wipe tears several times. That comes from a baseball mom’s heart. There is glory in that story and I feel it and I know it.

  • Ckrupke7

    The boy who plays baseball all by himself. And the gal who doesn’t know how to discipline her children while shopping for clothes.

  • Amy

    Angie…I loved your post a few years ago about the hem on your wedding dress.  I can’t remember the name of the post. It was so powerful and touching.

  • Anonymous

    How does one even choose “just one or a couple” favorite posts?! :) :)  I mean, truly, they all have meant something and impacted my life in some way. You just have a way with words like that, sweet friend! :)

    However, the “A Letter to My Daughter” post (which I did just decide to go read, again :) , and SOB my way through because it’s just that INCREDIBLE) makes the top of my list. And your words, “You had weight in this life” and “Do you know you changed the world?” have stayed with me from the day I read the letter. Also up at the top is your very first post, “The Beginning of the Story,” which I will NEVER forget either. The ‘Anthropologie bunny’ :)  will forever be a picture in mind…as will the girls in Disney World in front of Cinderella’s Castle with their Mickey Mouse hats.

    I could keep going and going because as I write about the posts mentioned above…many others are popping into my head as well!

    So, on that note, I will just go with those. :) And just one more time, for the record, there isn’t a post of yours that hasn’t touched my heart in some way!

    Love and Hugs :)

  • Kayla Becker

    I loved the “blink” post… think of it all the time.  The other post that is forever stuck in my mind is the one about your wedding dress and how you “lived” in that dress as well as the dress for Audrey’s funeral.  They were beautiful words of worship to a God you intimately knew… and I loved them because of that.

  • Tlcbouch


    It is so hard to choose. I love reading about your life. You are such a sweet soul! But I LOVE ” The Cartwheel” post! I guess because it speaks so much to me. It really changed my view  on things. Thank you. And I LOVE the story about the bh, bh, chicken! Hilarious!!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps.


  • Debbie

    The one about  you telling your daughter what she might miss if she doesn’t do cartwheels again after her arm healed…or something to that affect. :)

  • Heidi Menges

    There are so mannny!!!

    I think the one where you were trying to get Kate to sleep while you were typing the entry.

    The pitcher oh how the pitcher makes me sob and sob and sob

    The one on how you met Todd

    Anyway you are an amazing person ( we met) and writer

  • Jenny

    Just a couple that stand out… one with I think Abby or Ellie.  You took pictures of her in some sort of bungie jumping contraption.  I remember loving the message.  Another was when you had written about Rahab!  Another great message you had!  =)   

  • Kara Starr

    the post a couple years or so ago where you described lying on your bed and really thinking through every inch of the cross and the pain that Jesus went through. i’ve tried it and it’s not an easy thing to do.

    that’s just one of many that has spoken to me…love love love to read what you write!

  • Sadie

    on a hilarious (but still serious) level, I loved the story of your girls with santa and how it relates to preparing to tell God what we want vs. what we really want in the hard times. 

    your post on clicking snapshots of life is what made me start a blog, so it’s probably the favorite. 

    can’t WAIT to find out the next project– asking the Lord to bless your efforts even now. 

  • Genesis

    Any post from February of 2008…Teacups, The Gift Giver, In The Mourning…also the post about the hem of your wedding dress, “Blink”, “The Past and the Pitcher” (to name a few)

  • Jean M

    I like the story about rainbows (Promises) from a few years ago.  I really liked just about every post you had up to the point Audrey was born – all of the signs that God gave you were so amazing and inspiring (even through your hard times, you were very inspiring, and God is so good).   The first day I found your blog I stayed up past 1am just reading…..you are an incredible writer.

  • Mamakat

    The past and the pitcher……..SOOO powerful!

  • Mercy

    I love the one were one of your daughters came in your house with a branch from the tree you planted for Audrey.  I loved how hurt and broken you were and it has stayed with me all of these years. I don’t know why, It just did.

  • Coby

    Definitely your “One Better” post, the girls and the chicken (I laugh out loud every time I think about it!), and “blink.”

  • Anonymous

    The past and the pitcher was my favorite post.

  • Katyreitz

    Your need to hold Baby Luke at a concert and the weather was so bad, but you just had to get there, only to realize shortly later that that was the only time you held that sweet baby.  You and Nicol have something in common and it’s loosing your sweet babies and the pain that comes with that. 

    Through your journey I learned the meaning of Bring The Rain and the depth of the lyrics.

    I know those are sad things that I remember but I’ve learned so much from your realness through your entries. Thank you!  

    I love the humorous ones, sitting at Starbucks trying to write while being distracted from the couple that looks like they are having an affair.  That may have been a tweet.  

  • Ienault

    definitely the pitcher. :)

  • Shawna Vogl

    There was one from late last summer about prayer and how you often feel like you have to pray a certain way (“left-side, candle-burning” I think is what you joked), but God hit you with a “one-liner” while you were comforting Charlotte the way she likes to be comforted to go to sleep and you realized that you don’t need to approach him that way and that night you just laid in bed and thought of the person you wanted to pray for and “he heard me anyway.” I loved that one because it hit home so much for me.

  • Margaret Brown

    One of my favorites is the one where you were writing about dealing with what others think of you. It was such a powerful post, but you also made me laugh out loud when you spoke about yourself ‘in all white in the middle of the floor doing the pretty cry.’ That post touched me deeply.

  • http://learningfromsophie.com/ Laura Anne

    The story of Audrey’s bunny.

  • KIM

    The one with the pitcher…the broken pitcher.

  • djs521

    I like all of your posts and loved your book.  However, the post I liked best was the “I Blame Laura” one about how the Laura Ingalls books affected you growing up.  I know it wasn’t a profound one, but as someone who grew up playing “Laura and Mary” with her sister and now has a daughter named Laura, I knew exactly where you were coming from.  That was the one which made me say, “Wow–this is a gal I could really relate to.  Wish she lived next door!”

  • Rachelle

    The Threshing Floor.

  • Jenny

    One of the first posts of yours I ever read, you were talking about trying to homeschool your kids and you told this whole story about bringing your kids to a co-op? maybe? and trying to make a good impression. Anyway. It was hysterical and when I read it, I thought, I have to read this lady’s blog, she is so funny!

  • Amaris Miller

    The broken pitcher.
    In the mourning.
    A different miracle.
    The cherry tree – the beginning, the pruning.
    You holding Luke in rainstorm during the concert.
    The post about pictures and “blink.”
    Her. Here.
    Ellie picking the dead tree.
    The story of your first date with Todd (hilarious) and the devotion that follows.

  • Tara

    My favorite is the pitcher.

  • Amy

    One serious: about not being afraid when your daughter was afraid to try a jumpy thing and you showed a beautiful picture of her when she tried it

    One funny: when you passed out from slamming your finger in the car door

  • http://onegirl-itjusttakesone.blogspot.com OneGirl

    So many of your posts have taught me a lot and/or made me laugh so hard…but picking one post, my favorite, and one that comes to mind quite often? The one about the pitcher. SO much beauty in that story. We’re all broken; what are we going to do with the pieces? Will we stand in the mess of brokenness, sit in the sticky glue and shards of a broken heart not yet whole again, or will we allow Him to hold us together so that in time, when the glue dries, we may be poured out?


  • Jennifer Kunard

    The beginning of the story (Audrey’s story). As painful as the beginning of the story was, there’s one line that jumps off the screen to me.

    “I think that my Jesus is the same as He was before I walked into this room.”

    I’ve echoed this same response recently when I thought I was miscarrying my 2nd child. I’m still not out of the woods yet, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and I’m clinging to that promise.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mobileacupuncture Erin Long

      I’m praying for you and your little one. 

  • Tammy

    I absolutely LOVE the story “The Pillar”. I have carried it around on my iphone and read it in restaurants to more than one of my friends. It has such an awesome message that we all need to hear more than once in our journey down this path called life. I cry every time I read it!!

  • Michaela_182000

    The broken pitcher story!!! One of my all time favorites and it spoke VOLUMES to me and the many others I have shared it with.

  • Jaime

    I loved the pitcher one, but one of the first ones I read was when Kate went to the cemetery to “see” Audrey, and realized she wasn’t going to “see” her. Broke my heart and sobbed for her and you, and for myself and my sweet baby that I can’t “see”

  • Callie

    the one when ellie was scared to do the jumpy thing with the picture when she actually got it is my favorite and the one I think back to the most.

    the one that made me laugh the most- the chicken.

  • Inkling

    Your post about the pitcher has stuck with me and I actually thought about printing it out, buying a pitcher, and giving it to my sister-in-law when her daughter died.  But I didn’t.  Because I was a chicken and wasn’t sure if I was hearing God on that idea.  But I still loved the post and think about it often.

    The other post that has spent more time in my brain than normal is the recent one about the boy “playing” baseball outside near your house.  I’ve thought a lot about how that describes God and me.

  • Courtney

    The one about the scarlet cord, the one about the hem of your wedding dress being dirty and the one about the threshing floor.

  • Kristin

    The one where you told us you were pregnant with Charlotte.  After all you had been through, that was a wonderful moment!

  • Courtney

    So many great posts mentioned by everyone. One of my favs, becuase I’m at the same stage in life as you with small children is where you talked to your girls about “hard stuff” that might have been from your book as well…but I think you used an Amy Carmichael example. In two weeks it will be a year since my dad died who was just 55 yrs old (unexpectedly) I used many of your thoughts from that post to talk with and explain death to my small daughter and it helped during an excruciatingly painful year. Thank you for sharing your life with us…to God be the glory!

  • Robin Dayneko

    Angie…..the posts I love the most are from back in the day when you used to write about your daily musings with the girls……one that comes to mind……when you were going to check out the homeschooling cohort for the first time and it was at a house.  You were talking about how you got out of the car, what you were thinking, how you bribed your children to behave so they wouldn’t think you were a horrible mother…..basically when you talk/describe how you feel on the inside (self depricating humor).  It makes me chuckle because we ALL feel that way, and you just express it soooooo beautifully or how you are obsessed (I mean love ; ) ) Beth Moore, and how you described meeting her for the first time in her hotel room. 

  • Lauren

    The one where you freaked out about the girls plaing with the branches from Audrey’s tree.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mobileacupuncture Erin Long

    I love the one when you had your ultrasound with Charlotte and it looked like she was holding a balloon. I get teary eyed just thinking about it!

  • http://twitter.com/queenoftheclick Queen of the Click

    Kate and you at Audrey’s grave
    A conversation with your daughter about how she found the dead tree beautiful
    The Pitcher
    The bunny you bought for audrey
    Flowers for Audrey

    I’ve stayed with your writing because you stayed with God after all you had been through. 

  • Kristen

    Sorry…I’m a little late on this but my favorite post is when you talk about how much money you didn’t know your parents made unitl you were filling some form out and your dad told you which box to check and you talk about the pair of (Guess?) jeans that could have changed your life but your parents told you they were too expensive…I laughed SOOO hard…I just love your humor and your heart!

  • Anonymous

    My all time favorite is the story of the B B B chicken. I have read it numerous times and I laugh out loud every single time. I have shared this story more times than I can count!

    Also the “Blink” – really made me think

  • http://myangelwithgod.blogspot.com/ Amy von Oven

    The most recent one that stands out to me is the boy playing baseball. I have really stepped out of my comfort zone lately and I am learning to just give it to God. Reading that post reminded me that just like that little boy played and played all day long with all of his heart, that is what God wants from me ALL the time. I worry sometimes about what others will think, and I have to stop and see is that it matters what GOD thinks and that I am glorifying HIM all the time. Thank you for you do!

  • anya

    HI Angie, Hope you get this….I am way behind and just now read this post.   I just wanted to say that my all time favorite post was , “RANSOMED”.  The one about one of the twins on the trampoline.   I cried the whole time I read that!  I felt God was teaching me things through that post of letting go and not fearing what “might” come! 

  • Jilllmott

    “Blink” about those pictures we take in our memory of our cherished times with loved ones.

    I think of it every.single.day

  • Mary

    Lamb… I loved it and printed it.. helps to remind me to simply open my heart to God through prayer… Thank-you Angie.. God bless you…

  • Emily

    The story of the  bunny you bought for Audrey.        

  • Anonymous

    One that sticks with me was titled (I think) “Light on the Hill” or something similar to that.  I love the essence of that post.  I have to say I miss your posts that really carry a heavy meaning and get me to thinking about different things (although the recent post about the boy playing baseball was vintage Angie)!!

  • Jerangvard

    blink and the broken pitcher

  • http://www.miahopehasty.blogspot.com Jmhasty

    Angie I loved a post that you did a while back (maybe 18 months ago) about a late night visit to your dads house.  Do you remember that one?  It wasn’t too far after you had Audrey.  By the way….I LOVE them all, but that one in particular stick out in my mind.  Blessings girl!

  • kristen

    ‘ellie and the weeds’…my fave…for sure.  how many times do i say to myself, ‘well, that’s not really *sin,* it’s just a little gossip, pride, laziness, etc, etc, etc.’  now i try to bend down, see it for what it is,  be honest with myself, and let God pull it out by the roots…    

  • Kfraher0630

    Your post about the wedding dress and the post about pruning (the cherry blossom tree) have stayed with me the most. Loved those two!

  • Jenny

    the post when todd pruned the tree ya’ll planted for audrey. ur honest reaction. there was no preaching (which btw i do love), no giveaway. it was just u, in ur truth, in that moment. amazingly perfect.

  • Nicklisa28

    Honestly, your writing is so real and honest and touching that you’e be amazed at how many posts I can recall.  The threshing floor…gutwrenching and honest and amazing!  Maybe because I relate?  The pruned tree.  Running away from home in the department store.  These are off the top of my head….along with the pic of Kate in her swimsuit on the way to the airport!  (that’s just for your random info).  ;)

    Lisa in Okie

  • allison.wheeler

    well, it’s probably waaaaay late for some input, but i have another post that has really stuck with me.  it is “lamb” from last august.  thanks so much for you and your blog! :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/tiffany.leeanne Tiffany Foster

    I know you have probably already finished your late night writing and brainstorming, but I am just getting caught up with your posts as my blog reader somehow missed about two months worth. I thought I would let you know which post is my favorite anyway. It is the one where you are talking about  your friend that carried the hem of  your wedding dress. And how God does that for us. The imagery in that post was wonderful and it reminded me of the few women I have in my life who carry me through all the joy and all the sorrow. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to others.