Call me a proud wife. The boy can SAAANNNNGGG.

Call me a proud friend…Amy has lost almost 100 pounds. Does she not look UH-mazing?!?!?! And I for one can’t tell you HOW excited I am that she’s going to be putting a few of those back on in the coming months….

I love all three of these precious people and what they do for the Lord. They have a new CD coming out in August and I just saw this…their first single, “Hope of the Broken World” is gorgeous. If you are interested in hearing more about the backstory to it, click here.

In the meantime, take a few minutes and listen…you’ll be so glad you did :)

Click on the Youtube thing to watch it full screen (I think. I’m trying to figure out technology and it’s pitiful…)

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  • Jenilee Goodwin

    I can’t wait for their new cd to come out! I love listening to them sing… their hymns collection is amazing and I love their last cd! thanks for the listen today!

  • Andigirl79

    Chills!  Lucky lady you are.. :)

  • Becky @ Our Peaceful Home

    Just beautiful!  There is nothing that ministers to me more than music that is in awe and worship of the Lord.  You definitely should be a proud wife.  God has gifted your hubby with a blessing of a voice, and you can tell that these wonderful people are worshiping God with all of their hearts as they sing.  Thanks for sharing!

  • libby @ ninesandquines

    What a beautiful song!  And Amy looks amazing!

  • Elaine Pool

    Amazing.  And what a reminder of why Selah is my all-time favorite group!

  • Marsha Harwood

    Oh Angie!  I LOVE, LOVE this song!  And Amy looks FANTASTIC!  I’m so excited for her and all the changes taking place – especially a new baby!  {Have I used too many exclamation marks?LOL}  
    Love you sweet friend.

  • Ashley

    I love this song and video! I featured it on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I just cannot wait for the new album to come out! Big congratulations to Amy too!

  • Raechel

    Ang, this is great! Three VERY talented people using the gifts God has given them for his glory. So worshipful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! -r

  • 6kentsnonethericher

    Beautiful.  Love their voices together.  That snakeskin guitar strap jolts me everytime I see it though. :-)

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    I have always *LOVED* them! So excited to hear God work through them in the new cd!

  • Karen

    Wow!  This is beautiful!  Absolutely amazing.

  • Sarah

    It’s true that I met my husband through Kelly Stamp’s blog, but I found her blog because of Selah. I wanted to see if they had a new cd out (because I love them and they’re my favorite group!) so I went on the website. That site lead me to yours (right around your first Christmas after Audrey’s birth), and I found Kelly’s blog through you. So, you and Selah are just as much a part of my happy new marriage as Kelly’s Korner is! :)

    By the way, I am SO excited about the new cd!! 

  • Crystal Most

    Thank you so much for sharing this song. It was so beautiful. It gave me goosebumps!

  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Such beautiful pipes they have!  Love the gifts that they share w/us!

    I’m heading over to check out the backstory of the song…

    Thanks for sharing, Ang!

    Enjoy the warm sunshine!!  : )

  • Wilsonfamily22

    beautiful! With a voice like that, I’d be making my husband perform concerts at home all the time :)

  • patricia

    beautiful harmony together ~ and yes you man can sing!

  • Kathryn

    That is gorgeous! I can’t wait for the album to come out!

  • Jenny


  • Emily

    I pre-bought my copy months ago :) . Love the new song and can’t wait for the rest!

  • StephJR

    Wow.  I’m always blessed by those three. 

  • Coby

    Uhm, WOW!  So beautiful, and the story behind it is so encouraging!  I’m so looking forward to the new album!  And congratulations to Amy!  A baby is DEFINITELY worth a few pounds!

  • Rachel

    I was having one of those I cannot go to sleep moments, so I popped onto your blog. I am so glad I did, it is a beautiful song!!

  • Robin Dance

    First I read your (in)post this mornin’; now I’ve listened to song beauty.  This day is gonna be good.  Facebook really should have a LOVE button :) .

  • Melissa Irwin


  • bywordofmouth

    Thank you for sharing this here today and thank you to Robin for directing me here – just beautiful!

  • Tobhischild

    wow—the part where they go into “Arise, shine..”  !!!!!   Beautiful beyond words.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Melissa

    Oh STINK that is GOOD!  As for being a proud wife I don’t know how you hold yourself back from wearing a shirt every day that says MY HUSBAND CAN SAAANG! :)   Seriously.  It is a great joy to see our men be so good at what they do!  When I see my man play drums in church I could run and put a hug around him right there.  I hold myself back.  :)   Anyway, thanks for sharing!  Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  • Lynn

    Love it! So glad you shared the pre-order info with us a while back. After hearing this song, I’m so looking forward to receving mine in August! I love these 3 precious people too!

    PS YAY Amy for losing (and gaining) weight! : )

  • amysullins

    This is a beautiful song!  Love it!  And yes, your hubby can sang!  ;O)

  • Jamie @ Six Bricks High

    You absolutely should be a proud wife and friend!  This is amazing!  Looking forward to the  new cd.

  • Jess

    a wonderful song to be sure. that miss amy is such a pretty lady…those eyes! and yes, your boy can SANG :)

  • Beth Adcock

    Love it!

  • Kara at The Chuppies

    Someone gave us a “Selah” Cd…when our Selah was born…makes my heart sing whenever I see an update. :)

  • Alexandraramirez78

    What a beautiful song.  I love listening to Selah – so worship-full

  • Wanda

    Ahh man, that was purty!  Beautiful.  Their voices were like velvet!  I’d be proud too!

  • Kelli

    Love, Love, LOVE IT!!!  Beautiful!!

  • Nadine

    I would for someone to use sign language with this song.  Beautiful!  I just love to listen to God through music!

  • Ashlee

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! I LOVE Selah….tell your hubby I need another Nashville concert soon!!! And, Amy does look fabulous!!!!

  • Beck Gambill

    You are right he can saaanngggg, you have every reason to be proud! Selah is by far my favorite Christian group. I’m so thankful for their ministry. There have been many a dark night and wild moments of praise in my life that have been accompanied by the sound of Selah offering praise!

  • Becky Harris


  • Shannonsroe

    Beautiful!! I love it

  • Deniece06

    Absolutely Beautiful.  Love the Acoustic Guitar in the background too.  Good job……Selah has been my favorate group from the very first cd many years ago, they have such soul, such life such charactor…..

  • Deniece06

    As a Guitarist and a musician myself, I have to say that this song is really current and
    “now” it goes along the flow of the worship music of today.  Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Bebo Norman, Shane and Shane, Shawn McDonald and Chris Tomlin to name a few.  Selah’s music even after years of recording  is still outstanding even amongst all of the other great new artists.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the music on this cd….. 

  • Tammy

    God blessed harmony like I have never heard!  Thanks for sharing this blessing with us.

  • Nancy

    So happy to hear that Amy is expecting … and you are right… your man sure can saaanng!  Saw Selah recently in New Hampshire where Amy shared her exciting news and preordered the new release.  Have them all…even have a couple duplicates (just in case).  We came home that night with more than a great concert experience…. we came home with the name of a young man from Kenya that we are now sponsoring.  Life is good!

  • Shadowchyld0624

    Just bought the CD on Amazon!!!!!!! Yay! And Amy does look UHHHHHMAZING! I saw Selah a few years back in Sarasota at Church On The Rock, and have been trying to keep up with your blog every time I get the chance, and Todd shared the story of your little angel. Amy also shared her struggles with weight loss that night, and both stories touched me so deep inside, I honestly think that was was the moment I decided to give my life over to God in a way I hadn’t been doing well enough at before that night, I am so touched by the growth of all of you, it reminds me why when all seems dark and painful, I always know to turn to God first, and Selah second. Then everything just melts away. On a side note: I am buying “I Will Carry You” for a friend who lost her two year old daughter a little over a year ago, and have shared as much as possible of your story and strength with her. I’m not sure she’s ever been very close to God, though I do know she’s a believer, but this has surely confused some of her already wobbly beliefs, so to those who see this, if you have a second, just shout her out to God today. I don’t want to put her name, because I’m not sure if she’d like that, and hope to direct her to this site, but whatever feels right! Thanks and God Bless.