Sweet Sleep!

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Jen Gash is not only a friend of mine, but an amazing woman of the Lord who has stepped out in faith and literally changed thousands of lives through her obedience. I have known her longer than I have known Todd as a matter of fact, and I’m pretty sure I have some rockin’ pictures of her doing a conga line at my wedding.

I have talked about Sweet Sleep on here before, but let me take just a second to tell you about it in case you don’t remember.

The goal of Sweet Sleep is to provide beds for orphans around the world, and last year ALONE they provided 10,000 beds (compared to 1,000 in 2009). There are several challenges that they are facing right now, but one in particular that I wanted to bring to you in the hopes that you will join me in making a difference in the lives of these sweet kids.

Next month, a team from Sweet Sleep will be heading out to Gulu, Africa and they had planned on providing 500 beds for orphans who had been displaced after 22 years of rebel attacks. Several weeks ago, they were told by partners that the need for beds in that area was about 4,300 and after consideration of the updated numbers they are doing their best to provide 991 beds when they go.

This is a God-sized challenge and they can’t do it on their own.

Our church has partnered with Sweet Sleep and during our version of VBS a few weeks ago they had a competition to see whether the boys or the girls could bring the most change. Abby and Ellie took it really seriously, because as soon as they got home they set up a lemonade stand in the driveway and sold lemonade “for the orphan kids.”

I laughed my head off when I went out there and heard them telling a passerby that they wanted to help the kids who had nowhere to sleep and then our little neighbor piped in and explained that the money she made would be going to a Pomeranian puppy she had her eye on. Ha!!!

Clearly she hadn’t been influenced by the power of a little boy against girl Bible camp competition…:)

I am really intentional about trying not to overwhelm you all with requests like this, and you can be sure that the ones I do talk about are near and dear to my heart. Jen is a hero to me and I would love to see my blog readers come together and try and make this happen.

Come on Sundays!!!! Let’s help these kids out!!!!

It’s only $8 for a mosquito net, $10 for a Bible, and $50 for a complete bed. If you donate $500 or more, you will get a Sweet Sleep t-shirt as your thank you :) $50,000 will provide beds for all 1000 orphans, and I cannot tell you the joy I will have if we all help out with this.

To make a donation online, click here and put “Gulu” in the comments box. If you would like to write a check you can make it out to “Sweet Sleep” and mail it to PO Box 40486, Nashville, TN 37204. Please put “Gulu” in the memo line, and remember if you donate $500 or more, please specify your t-shirt size.

Jen, I’m so proud of what you are doing…thank you for letting me share your heart and your passion here…and may God bless these precious babies with the sweet sleep they deserve.




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  • julie

    A great organization. Thanks for the info!

  • JenGash

    Angie, I love you my friend! Thanks for your advocacy and your kind words. We’re so grateful.  I have to tell you, last night I learned that 470 of the children we’ll be giving beds, nets and Bibles to are HIV/AIDS orphans. My email from our staff there said our newest partner was so eager to for us to arrive with beds “especially a net being in the package to prevent this already vulnerable children from catching malaria since their immunity is already weakened by the HIV virus.”  Tears. Prayers. Glorious advocates with us in this journey. Thank you, all. We’ll be in Uganda in just a little over two weeks, I can’t wait to post pictures of what your Sundays help provide to these precious children. 

  • Brittany Racht

    One of my best friends is going on this trip. Sweet Sleep is an incredible organization, so come on y’all! Help out! :)

  • Jennifer Kunard

    You’ve hyperlinked the green text. If you highlight the text in your edit view, then unselect the link option, the text should return to your normal body text color! I have this problem with Blogger sometimes!

  • Josephine

    The uniqueness of Sweet Sleep’s work has touched the hearts of many orphaned and abandoned children world over. 

    To a Ugandan child it was embraced with tears of joy and hope for beds are the only places they can call their own and a friend to solace their hearts.                                           

     July will yet be another precious moment in Uganda as lots of children will be blessed with new beds and beddings.

    Great thanks for all the unwavering love and support.

    God bless.

  • Lynn Worley

    Know that I’m still here praying for your family!
    2 Samuel 22:29-33 For thou art my lamp, O LORD: and the LORD will lighten my darkness. For by thee I have run through a troop: by my God have I leaped over a wall. As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him. For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God? God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.
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