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Ellie and I were on our way out for a cake date. As I started my car, I looked up and there he was. I had to run back in the house and grab my camera to capture it so you all could experience him the way I get to…

And because it might seem a little stalker-ish to be hiding behind a tree and taking pictures of your neighbor and then posting them to a public blog without permission, I went over an introduced myself to him.

I met his dad and explained about the blog and how I loved to watch his son (who, I found out, is actually 32) play out in the common area and told him I was not really a creepy stalker who photographed strangers. He was as kind and supportive as any dad could be, and as he and his son goofed around and teased each other I just laughed because he was everything I had pictured him to be. Sweet, kind, and the kind of guy who you would root for at a baseball game 🙂

I am overjoyed to be able to introduce you all to my new friend Norris.

I received a very sweet email from Norris’ sister telling me that I had summed up his outlook on life with my post. I can’t tell you what that meant to me. This is a guy who has brought a lot of joy, not just to his family, but to a lot of others as well. I hope you’ll join his fan club, and I’ll keep you posted as the days go on….

To the “A” family…thank you for letting me share your Norris with all my online friends. He is an inspiration and a blessing to all of us.


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