I’m Strange That Way…

Ok, so this is one of those posts that I always think about writing and then decide that there are important things going on in the world and it just seems silly. That voice in my head is always like, “think DEEP, Angie. Make it matter…”

So, anyway, if you came here for that you will be disappointed tonight :)

Most of you don’t know any of these things, because they are quirky and I try very hard to hide my neurotic side on this blog, but I’m gonna let you in on this little secret of mine…

I have a LOT (a lot, lot, lot) of pet peeves.

Like, for example:

I have to have my sheets perfectly straight when I go to bed. I can’t stand when they are all wrinkly. I will get out of bed and yank on all the corners until they are straight. Quirk to the quirktastic, I know. In addition, I can’t go to bed unless my legs are smooth, and I have been known to try, only to hop out of bed, shave, and then get back in (right after the straightening I have to re-do). And if Todd’s toe touches me, I FREAK out. I’m all for snuggling, but if the foot brushes me, I lose it.

The category that includes the most intense of my bizarre pet peeves is this:

Mouth noises. 

We will include any of the following in this category: smacking gum (a gum-smacker ruined my trip to Target the other day. I could hear her three aisles over and I felt ill, ILL with the sound), chomping food like apples, nuts etc…I swear Todd has hollow teeth because the boy can chew louder than any person I know. It is a constant source of *fellowship* for us). I have super-sonic hearing, and everything is totally magnified. I’m still bitter about the gum-smacker. And how do they even do that thing where it snaps in the mouth but the lips don’t open? It’s perplexing, really. Sorry. I need to move on.

True story. I failed a ninth grade math test because the girl next to me was clicking a mint around her mouth (the horror). It was hitting her teeth and I literally couldn’t sit next to her anymore so I turned it in with only half completed. And in the event that you think it might be funny to try and do this as a prank if you meet me, know that I am not responsible for my reactions, which tend to be somewhat violent and completely involuntary).

I almost ALWAYS have the T.V. on when I go to sleep. I don’t watch it because I’m pretty much blind without my glasses or contacts, but I like the noise. Also, it’s on Food Network, because nothing ever happens that’s scary on the F.N.

I cannot physically read a book without a pen in my hand. Like, for real. If I get to the pool with a stack of books and no pen, I will track one down or mope and not pick a single book up.

I HATE talking on the phone. It doesn’t matter who it is. I would rather sit down with someone face to face or text. I don’t know what the deal is with that, I just feel like it’s weird and you can’t always gauge the other person, you know? Say yes.

I love to buy new notebooks but if I decide I have a new idea/topic, it has to be in a new notebook. I can’t combine them all. I have one that says “Women of Faith” on the cover and I had to make a quick to-do list before running out and I couldn’t. Do. It. Had to find another one and rip out a page. I have one kind of pen that I use (Papermate Profile in blue…hello, love).

It bugs me when people stop in weird places. Like, for example, the BOTTOM OF AN ESCALATOR. I’m starting to sweat and also thinking therapy is going to be my Birthday present this year.

I struggle with really bad customer service (I’m not sure if that counts as a pet peeve). When someone is being NASTY and it is totally unnecessary. I almost lost my salvation over a flight attendant. Actually, several. Also, the woman at the library who despises me and apparently doesn’t know that my late fines alone could keep that place afloat.

I get weirded out when people talk loudly about business/family/private stuff in places where nobody else wants to hear it. Think crowded airplane before takeoff.

I do have many grammar pet peeves, or when people say words a certain way and it is not the actual way to say them. I will not mention any of these specifically because I will be tormented by all of you smart-alecks, but let’s just say certain mis-pronunciations make my arm hair stand on end. Kelsey, do not even think about releasing this information or you will be CANNED. :)

I have about a million more, but I’m feeling like this is a little one-sided so far, so I’m going to ask you to contribute.

What are your pet peeves?????

Annnnnd, GO.

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  • http://www.thestorehouseproject.net Emma

    LOVE it… I am with you on the phone thing…. I just hate talking on the phone :) Also grammatical errors, they look highlighted to me as soon as I read a page.

  • Becky B.

    Yeah, you and my husband are the same with the sheet thing. I am weird because I cannot, cannot, CANNOT step on lines. And work in a place where there are lines on the carpet, welcome to my nightmare on a really crazy day. But pet peeves? My pet peeves are when people drum or clap a different beat than a song that is playing (I married a creative drummer, so there is *fellowship* in our home over that at times). I hate clicking pens. I hate when timers go off and people don’t stop them, especially at a restaurant. Those are all that I can think of for now, but I’m sure that there are plenty more!

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      the pens….the PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, my. i need help. and yes, i have asked strangers to stop. not necessarily with words, but with the look of death.

  • Rebecca S.

    Giggling out loud at this post. I can SO relate on many of these pet peeves! Glad I’m not the only one. ;)

  • Amy

    When people use the word “literally” for everything!

    “I literally just drove to work.” ???? Does that mean there is some figurative meaning that “drove to work” could mean?

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      i might have just laughed so loud it was borderline annoying bc this was so funny. literally.

  • Kristi

    Some of those made me laugh because I could see your face and response (our benefit to all the bloom videos).

    Thanks for the transparency. You are loved.

  • http://twitter.com/ImLaurenxo Lauren

    OMgsh ahahaha..you are perfectly normal! Most of these I completely relate with, and that is the best pen EVER! So cheap, but the smoothness of it going onto the paper….ah, love.

  • Carlos Whittaker

    Here is ine.  And Dear Lord Heavenly Father God.  Forgive me for commenting on this mommy blog.  But I love Todd so here goes…
    My biggest pet peeve is when someone is talking to you yet they are looking THROUGH you.
    And when Heather puts on LL Cool J when “it’s time”.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      ok, i PROMISE you this “looking through you” was ON MY LIST and i felt like i had, umm, shared enough so i left it out. also, when their eyes dart around in conversation like something more interesting might happen and they need to keep watch. 

      a tidbit about LL? his name is exactly the same as todd’s (james todd smith) and sometimes we get his royalty statements by accident. heathers surefire plan just BACKFIRED.

      lastly, you are absolved of your sin by virtue of confession. go in peace to disturb and disrupt :)

      • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

        I was watching some crime show once where they said that if the suspect looked right at you while talking without moving their eyes, they were lying. So now, I’m parranoid about it, and when I’m talking, I look all over the place. But if you are talking to me, I am attentive to the point of unnerving, apparently. Can’t win ;)

  • ugottafriend

    Ohhhhhhh where do I even begin?!?! :) I’ll just keep this short and sweet and give you my pet peeve of the week. I am continuously waiting on calls from the doc office about appointments, test results, etc, and they NEVER call me. So I have to call them to ask what’s up, and every time they say “we didn’t have a good number for you”. Like CLOCKWORK…completely scripted. I have ONE PHONE NUMBER. It is the SAME NUMBER that I have had for almost EIGHT YEARS. They are lying like DOGS trying to place the blame on me to cover their butts and I am SO SICK OF IT. Next week if they say it again, I swear by the power invested in me that I am going to get down right ugly…and it WON’T be pretty. So my pet peeve of the week is own up to your own mistakes and just do your flippin’ job please and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah, I feel better now. Thanks Angie! :)

  • C.C. Almon

    My daughter Damaris is the same with notebooks. It drives me crazy! LOL!

    I hate when people put the apostrophe in yall. I will back space and take the apostrophe out on my computer or my phone when it puts one in automatically. Yall! :)

    I have major issues in stores or in the hospital (I work in 2 of them) or in any public place where people walk down the wrong side. Treat it just like a street please. I’m in a power wheelchair and I have almost knocked people down accidentally several times because they are on the wrong side of the hall.

    My biggest pet peeve is about the salt and pepper shakers. OK people, they are married to each other. They have to stay together. My husband thinks it’s hysterical to put one on one end of the table and one on the other. I have seriously stopped meals, even in public with family and friends, and we cannot continue until the salt and pepper are back together. I don’t know when this started for me, but it is a major issue for me!

    I’m sure there are more, but it’s past my bedtime and I’m going to sleep. :)

    <3 you Angie, your pet peeves and all :)

    • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

      C.C., “y’all” is SUPPOSED to have an apostrophe.   It’s a contraction of “you all,” and, as we all know, contractions are required to contain an apostrophe.  Sorry, but ’tis true.

  • http://taminprogress.com Tam

    oh good lord!! hilarious!

    i married a loud chewer. drives. me. nuts!

    my pet peeve…that yellowish/brownish string of ‘sumpin’ that gets stuck to the top and bottom lip of talkers. it’s all i can look at. and it makes my stomach turn.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      i just threw up a little in my mouth.

      • http://taminprogress.com Tam

        you’re welcome.

    • Cathy

      eww!! Gahhh!

      • http://taminprogress.com Tam

        but you know what i’m talking about, right? ;)

  • Anna Minahan

    I am so with you on not being able to sleep unless my legs are smooth. I usually put the comforter between my legs if I’m too lazy to get up and shave. Ha!
    Also, people chewing with their mouth open. Disgusting.
    Lastly, same as you, people talking about personal matters loudly. It makes me so uncomfortable!

  • Anonymous

    If some touches my shoulder I want to come unglued! And if I come into the bathroom and someone has left the shower curtain open I am so annoyed. I have to have the comforter on the bed a certain way – tag goes in the bottom ride hand corner – at all times. I count out 10 ice cubes to put in my water bottle every single time I fill it up and I hate ordering pizza or any other take out food on the phone. I actually hate having to talk to any type of business on the phone. I, too, prefer face to face conversations or texting to phone calls. Sigh. Feels good to get that off my chest. Thanks, Angie.

    BTW – So disappointed that you will not be coming to WOF in Baltimore =(   

  • Jennie Newland

    True story: I have actually ripped…RIPPED sheets pulling them tighter !! I can’t handle it if they bunch up under me. Which leads to *fellowship* with my husband who has to sleep like a fish out of water. Good times

  • Cat Moore

    I am the same with the pen and reading.  Might read something that is really good, or that I want to remember and I will need to underline it because I will never find it again if I don’t.  And, it does bother me when people talk about personal/private stuff at the wrong place and time.  Even more so, it bothers me when a total stranger starts telling me their life story….like in the Walmart check-out line.  I’m not trying to be rude, but the stories I hear are CrAzY!  I also HATE, hate, hate it when I get out to pump gas and undo my gas tank cover, stick my card in and the sceen tells me to “see cashier”.  UGH!  i get in the car and leave…i’m not taking my kids out only to have them touch everything in the nasty store.  Which brings me to my next…..when strangers touch your baby’s face when they are in their infant carrier.  ooooo, come unglued

  • http://twitter.com/littlebit91284 Kiersten Johnson

    I agree with you on the gum chewing. I DESPISE it and my best friend is a horrific gum chewer. I also hate whistling and my dad does it all the time at home. I want to run away every time! I also when people slurp while eating their food or eat with their mouth open.

    As you can see it all has to do with making noise. I have migraines so I am really aware of sounds. Also I can’t talk to one person if I am a crowded room because I can’t tune out any noise. So everything that is going on in the room is going on in my head and I can’t focus (not a pet-peeve just the reason why sounds are so annoying to me).

  • Campgroundcubs

    I am 100% with you on the chewing thing. I’ve been that way my whole life. I have been known to plug my ears at the dinner table. Real mature right?

  • Diana

    Too funny!… my husband thinks I’m the only weird chick out there!  He will move the curtain creases or pictures on a shelf just a little and watch for me to notice it.  I’ve tried to just leave it when I see it… wait for a commercial, but I can’t.  I can’t relax until they are in perfect place again. It can take several adjustments to get them back in the right place.  My eyes will be drawn back to them over and over again.  He is so onery!  I used to be a customer service representative, so I cannot tolerate bad customer service. Call me crazy, but I like a smile and a thank you with my McMuffin! I also like a friendly waitress.  I always get the one who acts like she’s doing me a favor by waiting on me.  Do you know the ones? I have a hard time controlling my road rage with drivers who don’t signal or who drive slow in the “fast” lane. Don’t even get me started on drivers who text or talk on the phone.  Nothing is so important that it can’t wait a few minutes or until you can pull over.
    Wow!  and I’m just getting started!  Love your blog.  You make me laugh (and cry) and be real with myself.  Diana 

  • http://twitter.com/TheSamiCone Sami Cone

    Wow – I was with you on those middle three – have to fall asleep with the tv on (pretty much always have to have the tv on for background noise when I’m working), Love new notebooks and certain pens (can’t write in black), and I am NOT a phone person….
    knew I liked you ;)

  • Karo

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates talking on the phone. HATE it. I also cannot handle rude or pushy people. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who can “crunch a banana” as my dad says. I don’t try to be loud, honestly. :P

  • http://twitter.com/littlebit91284 Kiersten Johnson


    My eyes dart around the room when I am in a converstion not because I think something is interesting but because I have room ADD. I can’t focus on that one person if things are happening. That is why either put me in a corner where I can’t see or hear anything or in a room alone. I try so hard to focus and just can’t seem to do it. So NEVER have a conversation wtih me in a Starbucks because I will annoy the heck out of you ;) !

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      hahaha!!!! i give grace when there’s a good reason. just not bc people aren’t that interested in the person they are talking to :) it sounds like you are just really interested in every person, which is a good thing. so yes, i will go to starbucks with you :)

    • Krista Wilbur

      I have a hard time looking at people when we’re talking, too. So many people think it’s rude, and I have to explain to them that when I look away, I am actually listening, but I just can’t focus on their face for a long period of time (try telling them that without coming across as rude, hah!). I actually have a masters degree in higher education with an emphasis in counseling, and in my introductory counseling class, one of the biggest things that my professor and classmates told me to work on was eye contact because I am all over the place. We are quirky together!

  • http://www.not2us.net Lindsay Goodwin

    If these things make you neurotic, then I am, too.  Specifically the reading with a pen, using a new notebook for each new idea, and being dedicated to a certain type of pen.  (Pilot EasyTouch FINE in black for journaling and song-writing, and Sharpie pens for color-coded lists or working on my novel.  Thank you.)  :)  And nobody likes talking on the phone…only unique people…like my mother.  :)  (I love her insanely, but I don’t like the phone.)

    Anyway, you’re not completely neurotic.  :)  Maybe a tiny bit high-strung, but not neurotic.  And there are plenty of us in that camp with you.  Promise.  :)

  • Gillietime

    I HATE when people bite their fork when eating! I have left many a meal unfinished because the sound of teeth on metal drives me nuts!!

    If this is something you never notice, I’m sure now I’ve pointed it out you will. ;)

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      I cringed when I read this one. Teeth and metal… ugh.

  • Amy T.

    Gum popping makes me want to smack the person upside the head, why people are so rude I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on both the mouth noises and the feet thing. No matter how attractive I find my husband I don’t need him touching me at ALL with any of his foot-digits. I used to ask him to wear socks. Now the feet just KNOW.
    Mouth noises and also heavy breathing, not awesome. Breathing is supposed to be peaceful and perhaps even private. I shouldn’t be able to hear each oxygen particle passing through the nasal cavity and whizzing through and around nose particles. I have actually asked my sister- a thousand times- to take her breathing elsewhere. I know. I’m not nice.
    I cannot have anything sharp pointed in the direction of my eye. I once walked out of a job interview because the woman interviewing me was holding a pencil, lead side up, pointed directly at my eye and no amount of (quiet) deep-breathing and internal pep-talks could save me. I just up and walked out. And also, all utensils in my dishwasher have their terrifying edges pointed down.  And if I think about the squared-off pointy edge of my nightstand (that happens to be very close to my eye) I have to put a pillow on top of it and think about Disney World in order to calm down and get to sleep……also with the TV on. My husband deploys often and the noise distracts me and quiets my anxiety of him not being here.
    I’m obsessive about chasing flies that come into my house and swatting them. They should know by now, there fly-friends never get out alive, so really, it’s their own fault for coming in.
    And also, I still only order bubblegum ice cream, or peppermint in the winter. I am 33 and I like my ice cream with fun candy. And I will be the 88-year-old who still chooses the bubblegum ice cream even when I cannot chew.
    You aren’t hanging out there alone.

  • Heidi M

    Yes on the bed sheets. My bed has to be made before I get in it at night!  I have to brush my teeth in a certain order.   I can’t exhale while drinking from a cup. The “dirty” air might get into the water and then I’d be drinking it.

  • Elizabeth

    With the exception of the falling-asleep-to-the-tv one, I am in complete agreement with you on all of them!
    Mouth noises may be my worst one! I despise gum! All my friends know how much I hate gum and are so kind as to (most of the time) not chew it in front of me (such kind friends!)
    Also- stopping in random places? Are you the only person alive? Why?! Why?!! I simply cannot understand it!!
    I can’t go on…

    • Elizabeth

      Oh- and replying to a text with a phone call. If I’m texting you, or in the middle of a text conversation- don’t call! I’m texting you so I don’t have to talk on the phone! My family is the worst about that and I have told them that if the call after I text them, I will send them straight to voicemail… (but that all goes back to the fact that I hate talking on the phone..)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand it when my hubby coughs or sneezes.  How terrible am I???  For some reason it drives me crazy but it doesn’t bother me when anyone else does it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my goodness, I am the same way with coughing, especially when my dad coughs. I love my Dad, but he is really dramatic about his cough. Not only it is deafening, but it lasts forever AND (here’s the kicker) he puts his arms up. Really Dad? I tell him to get some water and hush it, or maybe he should cough in the bathroom. I am laughing at how terrible we all are :)

  • Txartist62

    oh my! this post made me laugh out loud….and then i started realizing i share some of your quirks…..um, i mean pet peeves :) . i also don’t like to talk on the phone – would so much rather see someone or even text or email. i never really put it into words, but i think you explained it exactly right. i cannot stand people who chew with their mouth open. it can really put me into orbit, it’s that bad. i also cannot tolerate bad customer service – that’s a real pet peeve of mine….especially those customer “service” (and i use that term very loosely) who seem completely putout that they need to help you – or worse yet, act like you aren’t even there and take care of someone else (who was OBVIOUSLY after you). what is up with that?! like i’m invisible or something! another biggie for me….is people who tail me too closely. whether it be my vehicle OR my person (like those people who get way too close when you’re waiting in line!). i swear, one of these days i’m afraid i’m just going to pop off and ask them if they’d like to hop on my back for a ride or what?! i mean, seriously, folks….you aren’t going to get me to walk or drive any faster by breathing down my neck! i also really have no patience with people who insist on talking on their cell phones entirely too loud….whether about work, personal issues, whatever….i’m sorry but i just don’t think we all need (or want) to hear it. and, lastly (at least for this post :) i REALLY dislike those car drivers who insist on driving down the road with their bass on the highest possible, mind blowing, ear drum splitting decibel level…oh man, that is the worst. so, aren’t you sorry you asked?! :)

  • Sarah

    One of my pet peeves is when you are talking to someone or telling them a story and they constantly respond with “right, right” the entire time you are talking.  Almost as if they want you to hurry up and finish up what you are saying?  Gets on my nerves every time!

  • Amanda

    Omgosh the mouth thing gets me, too. My weirdest one would have to be the toilet paper, it HAS to go over! Under just doesn’t make any sense. I’m the same way with the t.v. the noise helps me sleep. I would much rather text than talk on the phone, don’t know why. There are many more, but I’m going to stop before I get aggravated thinking about things.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      why would ANYONE do the paper under!?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!

      • Lizreeves2

        You know, a friend once pointed out to me that if you get printed TP, the pictures are placed so that if you roll it under, they’re upside down.  So it’s PROOF (to me!!!) that I’m right & people who roll it under are wrong!!    (Just in case anyone else needed some validation that they’re right!)

      • Heidi Menges

        My husband and I just got in a serious fight over this one. I was just happy it was hanging up, I didn’t know he liked it a certain way. Now it always goes over so I don’t scar him. I seriously needed this post I am laughing so hard. Angie, you are great God intends for us to be light hearted at times.

    • malloryjones

      I do it over, too! My mom thinks it’s hilarious so she will purposely go in the bathroom and turn the roll so it’s under when I’m not looking and see how long it takes me to notice. 

  • Txartist62


  • Anonymous

    I HATE talking on the phone and rarely ever do. So now I know I have talked to you & we have both hated it at the same time! Ha!
    And Scott has what I call Spiderman & superman senses. He is like you with the hearing only with smells and it wears me out. He’s always sniffing around like a bloodhound & I have no sense of smell so I never “smell what he’s smelling”.

    • http://www.embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com Queen of the Crazies

      I am also a bloodhound and have supersonic hearing.  LOL

  • Amanda Mohr

    I am the same way with the TV…always sleep with the TV on the Food Network.

    I also HATE talking on the phone…it either what my friends call “FaceTime” or texting for me.

    It sounds like I should be glad that Kels doesn’t know my pet peeves!! Now I just hope she doesn’t call to talk…Kelsey, let’s just stick with texting!!! :)

    • Amanda Mohr

      Oh and I HATE feet…unless they re sweet baby feet!!

      • http://www.lynnettekraft.com Lynnette Kraft

        My daughter would agree.  She hates feet too! ha! I did when I was a teen.

  • Jo Lewis

    My pet peeves are things I used to do b4 I matured in Christ that others do to remind me how annoying I really used to be…..Now I see how others viewed me back then and am horrifyingly embarrassed!! Not that I have arrived…does anyone? But its like God allows me to be reminded (and humbled) by the fact that when I see others talk or act the way i used to, Its like a slap in my own face and I just want to scream to theses people.  The worst culprit is of course my son….who learned from the best and is in the process of trying to UNDO the damage i caused early on in his life…..after all I was a pro and he is a fast learner! Thank god for His grace in removing self inflicting blinders! Oh and text language causes me to have seizures…just saying

  • http://www.theknowltoncrew.blogspot.com Holly K

    slurpy mouth sounds…hubby eating cereal or soup?….I have to leave the room.    and people that signal AS they turn.  Why not just 5 seconds earlier?  5 seconds?

  • Hmlrobertson

    When the car in front of you is turning and they fail to use their signal!!!  And to top it off they slam on their brakes last minute nearly causing an accident.  Also when people drive slow in the fast lane, move over!!!!  :)

    I am with you on the phone thing and it drives my mother crazy!!! She could talk for hours on the phone and I am NOT a phone talker!! Would much rather have girl time, in the flesh, face to face!!

    And finally, when people mix-match (name brand) their workout clothes or clothes in general.  For example, if you’re going to wear Nike, wear all Nike, not Nike shoes, Adidas shorts, and Under Armour shirt.  Wear all Adidas or all Nike, etc. :)

    And girls that wear out the :) symbol!!! :)

    • Rebecca Bailey

      I thought I was the only one with the mix-match workout clothes issue!  It drives me crazy!!! If I’m not wearing all Nike, I’ll at least wear an off-brand (i.e. no visible symbol) shirt or something…..I’m so glad someone else ‘gets it’!

  • Renagunther

    That was some wonderful and random info that makes me like you even more. :) Smacking is a big pet peeve. HUGE! {I’m talking to YOU, oldest daughter! Sorry. But you’re almost 21. Work on it. Have I not taught you anything?}
    I’m somewhat of a grammar snob. But just as soon as I get all crazy over Reality T.V. and it’s abuse of grammar {PLEASE stop making I possessive! PLEASE!} I am quickly humbled by a mistake of my own. And usually an obvious one. Like using there instead of their. Shudder** {I honestly just had to back track and correct a typo. See what I mean? Sorry, Lord. Humbled. Grammatically humbled.}

    I LOVE clean sheets and prefer mine smoothed out but I can overlook it at times. But I’m a high maintenance sleeper. Aren’t most women? Multiple pillows because the knees canNOT touch, need arm propped up just so when laying on my side. Eye mask and ear plugs are a MUST! I go to bed with socks but slide the off and kick them to the floor eventually. I have a sound machine. Yes, I can still hear it. I have bionic hearing, too. It’s not so great, is it? I also have a strong sense of smell which has nothing at all to do with sleeping but it can be a downer. I often sleep on a heating bad for just a while to ease tense muscles. Sometimes have hubby rub muscle cream on tense muscles. Oh the maintenance! I generally take Benadryl before bed. I’ve tried Melatonin off and on and think maybe it’s time to give it another whirl. Because LOOK AT THE TIME! I need sleep. I,too, generally end my T.V. watching with FN although it ultimately has to be turned off. I try to write in my Gratitude Journal before bed {thank you, Ann!}. I think I’ll go add this post!** :)  

    And now all I can think about is my husband’s recent discussion over my drinking his Diet Coke. As in his own large Styrofoam Diet Coke with extra ice from McDonald’s. Thirteen years of marriage and you’d think he’d get used to it. Guess I need to work on that. And I thought it was endearing. ;) Suppose it’s his pet peeve. 

  • Stacy

    *When people clip.their.fingernails in PUBLIC.  I used to work in an office building and there was this guy who would sit in his cubicle and clip away.  I had to get up and leave.  It unnerved me to no end.  I think people should only be allowed to clip in the privacy of their own homes.

    *Typos.  Especially on signage and in church bulletins.

    *Newspapers.  ~shudder~  There’s just something about newsprint.  I cannot touch it. 

    Oh, there’s so many, many more… but I’ll stop there.  :)

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      ohhhhh….the nails….this is horrific. i am scarred, i tell you….

    • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

      Typos in church bulletins drive me CRAZY!  These are all college-educated people, and they can’t tell where to put a comma?  Or an apostrophe?  Please!

    • Lizreeves2

      Oh my heavens!  He clipped his nails in a public place?!  :::shudder:::

  • http://www.lynnettekraft.com Lynnette Kraft

    Okay Angie, here are a few odd things about me…

    1.  Seeing people with shoes (or long sleeves) on on hot days stresses me out.  I want to yank them off of them!
    2.  If it’s hot outside, I can’t turn lights on in the house… makes it feel hotter.
    3. I constantly sit on my left foot.  Constantly.  I’m realizing that as I grow older, my leg is deciding it doesn’t like it so much.
    4. I stretch my jaw often – it’s like a real fast, super wide opening of the mouth.  I’m sure people who see me do that when they’re driving by, think I’m insane and hurry past me. :) (It’s like, I’m going to EAT YOU!) *There’s a movie with Johnny Depp called Secret Window – he’s a crazy (literally) writer/murderer and does that often in the movie.  Definitely a creepy habit I should try to quit.

    Okay, I guess that’s all I’ll share for now.
    PS If somebody stopped at the bottom of an escalator and I was on my way down there, I would probably see it as an opportunity to be really ornery – on accident.  ha! :) Much less stressful if you think of it that way. ha!

    • Angela in SC

      LOL!!!! I know someone said typing “LOL” in a message was their pet peeve because they weren’t “really laughing out loud” but I really just did when I read your “mouth-opening habit confession!”  I am gonna be paranoid about my daily behavior now after reading this post and comments! Ha!

  • Ashley

    I was think I had a problem bc mouth sounds make so cranky! And my sweet mother makes more smacking noises than anyone I know!!! And my entire family knows that if I don’t answer the phone they can text me an I’ll answer. ha!

    • Jo Lynn

      Me, too, about not answering the phone, but I will text.  I really do not like talking on the telephone.

  • Hivemotherb

    Oh my goodness!  I am so glad that I am not the only one who dwells on….shall we say, the unusual?  I am constantly thinking of all the things that OTHER people do to annoy me, and then even MORE time asking God to forgive me for being so judgmental of others.  I can’t stand it when people go to the grocery store in their pajamas….you know, those flannel pants, stained shirts, and slippers!  If someone is that sick that they can’t make themselves presentable, then they should stay home!  Oh, and brush your hair, too!  Really!  Why should I look at that rat’s nest you call a pony tail?  I MUST sleep on my left side.  If I try sleep on my right side, I have horrible images of my heart falling out of place!  I know, weird.  I also can’t sleep facing my husband.  The idea of someone breathing on me while I sleep creeps me out.  My beloved husband also has a habit of coughing right near me when I’m on the phone.  I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but he’s a smoker, so his coughing sounds like his body is trying to expel an organ.  It is so embarrassing! My latest pet peeve?  “Concerned” family/friends/strangers. I have MS.  I am generally in good health, but when I’m not, I hate it when people offer suggestions that they REALLY think are new ideas.  “What?  You think I should get more sleep?  That’s brilliant!  I never would have thought of that!”  Or “Call my doctor to see if this newest problem in normal?  Call the doctor?  Gee, ya think she’ll mind if I do?”  UGH!!!  I know, people mean well. But I’m 43 years old!  Do they really think I can’t think of these things myself?!! 

    • Digilaura

      The peeves associated with friends and family trying to give advice regarding MS could definitely fill volumes! One of my friends shares every story about supplements with me because they are certain to help my disease. Also, since it’s a disease affecting so many, everyone I meet seems to know at least one person with it, and feels I should do something just like the other person does because they know the disease so well. If you truly know the disease, you also know each person is different!

      Apparently you’ve hit on a strong one for me, since I’m reacting so vehemently! :)

  • http://dunnhousehappenings.blogspot.com/ Cory

    Do these really need to be catagorized as “pet peeves”? Can’t we just say we have standards? Ha! I just believe there are certain ways things NEED to be done. :) The bed HAS to be made with hospital corners. The ends of the pillow cases with the open ends HAVE to lay to the outside of the bed.  I have to sweep out the bed daily. :) The toilet paper, and paper towels have to come over the top. And if you are in customer service, act like you like your job. :) It’s YOUR job. If you are helping me with a snooty attitude act like you like your job, or I will comment. :)  And… deodorant is your friend. And if you see someone with something stuck in their teeth tell them in a sweet private way, but TELL THEM.  :) I will keep it at that for now.

  • Julie

    1. People asking for a bite of my food
    2. Sharing my water bottle
    3. People giving free counseling in Bible studies
    4. Touching icy things in freezer! Hearing ice! Anything with ice!
    5. Scratchy sheets
    6. Messy room can’t sleep
    7. People cursing in front of my kids
    8. No turn signal!
    9. Tardiness! (ouch that is my struggle too)
    10. WHINING!

  • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

    As said on twitter, I have a lot of your peeves.

    Some of my own…

    When people leave the over head cabinets open.

    When Eli pulls at my face to get my attention.

    When filling my car, it has to be rounded dollars, in increments of 5 or 10. This has altered only when fuel was so high I cared more about the amount of fuel, rather than the price. Then the litre total had to be rounded, whole dollars.

    I have a pattern of how I have a shower. If I do not do things in order, I don’t feel clean.

    Same with the house. If I clean out of pattern, the house isn’t done. For interests sake once, I tried cleaning the bathroom from right to left instead of left to right. Could. Not. Do. It.

    Mussed up eyebrows cause me to involuntarily smooth them over. Or abruptly leave a conversation if I don’t know them well enough to do so. Same goes for clothes tags hanging out.

    I’m sure Adam could list more for me, but I’ll stop here :)

    • Krista Wilbur

      I’m the same way with gas prices! It drives my friends crazy!

  • http://www.dominicandkristin.blogspot.com kasmith03

    Ok – I shouldn’t even share this..but what is most annoying to me is when my husband decides he needs to floss his teeth when we are driving together in the car and big ol’ meat chunks go flying onto the dash….and then he throws his used floss onto the floor just in case he needs to use it again later. Later never come – thank goodness – and I end up picking it up to clean up the car. yuck. I love the man…but this we have to work on!! :)

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      you TOTALLY win!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!

      • Andrea

        My in-laws floss their teeth everywhere!  It is so gross!!!

        • Jenny Evans

           My dad has a partial that comes out on the bottom and he will take it out after eating and use it as a toothpick! YUCK!!

    • Coby

      I am squealing with the heebie-jeebies while simultaneously rolling on the floor laughing!  Oh.  My.  Goodness!

      I love hearing about other people’s quirks!  Makes me feel normal.  ;-)

    • Jo Lynn

      You definitely win…chunks of meat on the dash…SO gross!!

  • http://www.sixbrickshigh.com Jamie @ Six Bricks High

    I share your need for straight sheets and smooth legs.  And the mouth noises drive me crazy too!  But my biggest pet peeve? Styrofoam!  I can’t stand it–the way it feels, the sound it makes.  My palms are starting to itch just talking about it.  And if I’m with someone who decides to play with their Styrofoam cup in my presence? Oh Lord help me!

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      okay the styrofoam made me cringe just now.

    • malloryjones

      I HATE styrofoam with a passion. I can’t carry to-go boxes out of restaurants.  I can’t hold styrofoam cups. My sister enjoys chasing me around the house scratching it just to make me crazy.

    • Mandy

      My daughter can’t stand styrofoam either and cannot touch it!  And she freaks if anyone has a Styrofoam cup and touches it in her presence!

  • Gandcfuller

    Typing LOL in a text message.. I mean really… are you really laughing out loud??

  • Krista Wilbur

    Angie! Are you my long-lost and much prettier twin? Soa y of these are things that drive. me. crazy. New notebooks (I couldn’t recycle old ones in college if I’d written in the cover. Talking in the phone (I have almost 5,000 rollover minutes and I only get 450 minutes a month to start with!). Saying words wrong (my assistant says “mute point” instead of moot point and it makes me feel twitchy inside).

    Let’s see, pet peeves of my own… I hate it when people leave cabinet doors open. Like, it would have taken you two seconds and one muscle to close the pantry door yet you didn’t. My old roommate did this all the time and it drove me insane!

    When people don’t put things back a certain way. My parent have a cleaning lady who has cleaned their house for eight or nine years. For eight or nine years she has put the salt and pepper in a cabinet even though we alway put it back on the counter where it belongs.

    • Krista Wilbur

      Also, when people say Gone With the Wind is their favorite book. First of all, 98% of those people have seen the movie but never read the book, and they are so totally not the same. Second, of the 2% who’ve actually read the book, I only believe half of them. The other half are just trying to sound pretentious and succeeding. (I like the blame this on a girl I went to college with!)

      • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

        I’m laughing because my dad gave it to me for my ‘summer reading’ between 5th and 6th grades… the first few times through I skipped all the war parts. I’ve read it about 9 times since then. There are several children missing from the movie among other things. :-)

        • Krista Wilbur

          Between 5th and 6th grades? Dang girl! That’s impressive! (Even if you skipped the war parts.) I read it last summer for the first time when I was 27 and I really enjoyed it. I seriously think so many people who say it’s their favorite have never actually read it! You can be one of the 1% who I really believe. :)

          • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

            Ever read Les Miserables? Unabridged? Skimmed the war parts of that one too! the musical doesn’t really tell you how the characters are related to one another the way the book does.

  • Sunshinerobin

    Oh Angie, I laughed so hard I started crying.  I called my husband over to the computer to look at my “friend’s” blog.  That is how I refer to you ; )  The reason I was laughing so hard is because we have sooooo many of the same.  My husband has now claimed the word quirktastic and is not afraid to use it on me……Kids must wash their hands after eating something greasy…..do I really want that all over the house?  Cannot stand inconsiderate/dangerous drivers.  I will take my cell phone to take a picture like I am going to turn them into the police…..but really what can happen to them?!?!  Thank you for sharing : )

  • Cheri_spitzer

    people who stop in the middle of the road, parking lot, etc to load or unload people from the car….PULL OVER or PARK!  so rude!
    i can only fall asleep on my right side….i have to be on the side of the bed furthest from the bedroom door…and i have to wash my feet RIGHT before i get into bed.  :)
    people who misuse their, they’re and there.  or misspelling and bad grammar/syntax on public documents like menus, signs, etc…a local restaurant had a “south of the BOARDER” section in their menu….so i always called it “south of the person-who-rents-a-room-in-your-home” menu.  my husband would threaten to not take me out anymore.  lol

  • http://rcspcss8.blogspot.com Reese

    One of my newest pet peeves bc it blew my mind:  [Let me set the scene: I'm a banker, and I work in a highrise office building.] Someone who sits in the office directly in front of me was clipping their nails. [I left out all pronoun's, but, it rhymes? with hym] I am still in shock.

    • http://twitter.com/melmillwee Melissa Millwee

      Oh my gosh… there’s only ONE place that sound is acceptable. Any other place and I’d lose my mind. Clip clip clip. Violence would ensue!

    • Amy

      Once I was part of a business lunch meeting with 4-5 other people.  We met in the cafeteria of the university where we all worked and after he’d finished eating, one of the men pulled out nail clippers and proceeded to clip his nails.  I couldn’t determine which was worse – doing this during a meeting or in a cafeteria!!!  (and he was the head of a department, no less!!)

  • The_Sparkle_girl

    The mouth noises/eating sounds? That’s totally me. Ugh. I feel like I could punch someone’s teeth out when they make sounds. I hate it so so much.

  • Nicole Rodriguez

    Holy moly this post cracked me up!  And some of the pet peeves of the readers – HILARIOUS!!!  I love you all!  My biggest pet peeves would have to be people touching my feet…can’t.stand.it.  Not even my children are allowed.  Mispelled words and wrong grammer drive me nutty.  The use of the word EPIC…can’t.stand.it.  Where did that word even come from?  Hate it.  Long fingernails on men.  Ga-ross.  There’s just so many…

  • Jennifer Ward

    My pet peeve is “the look” I get when I take my 4 kids to the store.  And heaven forbid if one of them acts up in public.  All eyes.  I love it when a sweet lady offers a smile and a word of encouragement.  I don’t give people evil looks when their kids are loud in stores (it actually makes me feel better!)  Parents who are whining/yelling at their kids in a store???  I guess that might be my pet peeve. 

  • Lynn Worley

    Too tired to even think about it. Hope you can learn to deal with yours!
    Hebrews 6:17-20 Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil; Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  • Anonymous

    The thing that sends me to the moon are commercials that mock men.  Wait a minute. Before you say that is gender bias, I would hate it if they mocked women too, but commercials don’t mock women.  They only choose to mock men.  And for some reason we accept it.  It drives me bonkers.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

       todd gave a shout out “amen” to this one….ha!!!!

  • Kelli

    All of my money has to face the same direction (I used to be a banker).  I must use proper spelling and punctuation when texting.  I’ve tried to use all lower case letters or to use abbreviations…I cannot do it.  I have to delete the text and start over.

    And regarding public nail clipping…there is a man at my church who likes to clip his nails DURING THE SEVICE…

    • Kelli

      *SERVICE.  So much for proper spelling {:o)

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      oh the money thing. yes. I have had many cashier jobs and even now in my own wallet… they must all face the same direction. 

    • Connie L Amato-Mahle

      Money must face the same direction and must be flattened and straightened.  And de-dog eared (sp?? Not sure if that terminology exists in the English language – Actually pretty sure that it does not exist in the English language).  : )

    • malloryjones

      I forgot to mention the money thing. I’m the same way. Whenever my mom and grandma ask me to get money out of their wallet, like if we’re in a drive-thru or something, if I notice all the money isn’t in the same direction, I have to fix it. HAVE TO.

  • Swindsor2007

    OMG thank you! Me and you, totally soul sisters! SAME WAY about the sheets. I can feel the creases if they are there! And mouth noises? Yes!!! And stopping in weird places??? Yes yes yes!!!

    I also can’t stand when people scrape their plates with their silverware. Or slurp their food!!!

    And DONT PET ME!!!! I’m not the cat! Argh!

  • Sarah Bendel

    Ditto, on ALL counts! Oh my goodness! Especially the notebooks, pens, and customer service. Thank you for making me feel a bit more normal.

  • http://kennedybookreviews.blogspot.com Christina J. Kennedy

    It’s All About Perception!: A Response to Angie Smith’s Blog Post http://bit.ly/pMq5NG  

    • BP

      i am almost postive that angie was not implying that because she has certain pet peeves, or ‘complaints’ as you put it, she fails to recognize or appreciate the heart of others. let’s face it, we ALL have a list of things that annoy us…not one of us is perfect. And living in an imperfect world with a bunch of imperfect people results in…pet peeves. I find it shocking that you found this blog so shocking, quite honestly.

      • Alltogether

        I think there is a difference between a pet peeve and saying it makes you crazy or sick.  I bet there is more people out there that get into a bed at night without making it or pulling the sheets tight.  I make my bed every day but not a certain way or it drives me crazy.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      christina, i left a comment on your personal blog, and i’m assuming if you took the time to write that entire post, you must really feel passionate about the way i deal with crooked sheets :) im feeling a little over the whole criticism thing, so im not going to go into much detail, but i will say this.

      i think God cares a whole lot more about someone taking the time to bash a fellow sister in Christ than He does about me wanting to have a pen in my hand when i read and straight sheets. i dont moderate comments, so i will leave this up since it seems you wanted to get some people over there to read. 

      you are welcome to say what you wish…i think its a tad tacky that you would leave that in a comment on my blog…to each their own, right? ah well….i’ll say what i continue to have to say…i’m glad God knows my heart.

      im sure you are a lovely person, and i hate to meet you on a day when you’re attacking my motives and quite frankly, more than that. i sure do hope we get to meet on a better day, and if you were personally offended, i apologize. 


    • Jennifer Lyell

      Ironically enough, my pet peeve is when people criticize believers publicly on the basis of some biblical error they see, only to fail to acknowledge that by doing so they are violating a very clear biblical teaching about how believers are about to go about confronting other believers on matters of perceived sin. (Mt. 18:15-17) I think this is particularly interesting when the accuser has limited exposure to the individual and the same exposure they have thousands others do and yet they see no problem. Curious.

    • Therottspot

      Wasn’t your response to Angie’s blog more about your own pet peeve of people not being grateful? Just saying…..sometimes perspective is everything. I’m just thankful that God loves me inspite of my crazy little quirks!

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      seems to me you posted here to push your own blog…

    • Joelle

      This response may be the ultimate Jesus Juke…..ala Jon Acuff.

  • http://itwasbroughtonbylove.blogspot.com Southern Gal

    You would absolutely go bonkers over here over the sheet issue.  My husband likes the sheet off his feet so it’s a nightmare every night.  I only grumble about it in the mornings when i’m remaking the entire bed and he’s not around.

    My sister who is 4 1/2 years younger than me would come to the breakfast table when we were young and complain, “Mama!  She’s chewing her cereal too loud!!!!”  Seriously?  It’s cereal, it’s supposed to be crunchy.  Ha!  It was more because she wasn’t a morning person.  Still isn’t and we still joke about that. Ican’t stand the smacking food and gum either.  (For years I chewed ice.  We know now it was an iron deficiency.  I don’t know how my family put up with it.  They must really love me.  ;)

    We’re opposite on the phone issue.  I would much rather talk on the phone since I can’t hear the tone of an email or text.

    I know someone who says “it weren’t…” all the time.  It drives me crazy.  And I have a problem with people using words incorrectly in their writing, i.e.  your/you’re,  then/than,  their/there/they’re.  It’s the high school newspaper editing coming out in me.

    I’m a hugger, but don’t get up in my personal space and stay there.  It freaks me out! 

    Do not touch my hair!  I have curly frizzy hair that won’t behave so touching it is a no-no.  My poor daughter always wanted to fix my hair when she was young.  She had to work on her daddy and brother’s hair instead. 

    The lady at the library?  Why do people not like you when you’ve done nothing to them?  Why can’t they just smile and  be nice?  I especially can’t get over this in church.  Wow.

    I must stop now.  My oh my.

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      it is funny so many husbands have the “untuck the sheet” issues… mine included. and I detest remaking the bed every morning!! you aren’t alone for sure.

  • Jen Mirabile

    Hey girl!! This post cracked me up! My husband is the crazy sheet person around here. I can just hop in the bed but he has to have the sheets perfectly straight and smooth. 

    And don’t get me started on the mouth noises!!!! Ahhhh!! My father in law smacks his mouth when he eats and it makes me sick. I have been married to my husband for 9 and 1/2 years and just this year I finally had to say something! My 7 year old was sitting with him having a snack and he started making all those sounds too and I said “no way, your not allowed to eat like that!” :) ) My father in law thankfully wasn’t mad at all. 

  • Brittany Rollins

    I am so with you on the wrinkled sheets! I had to start washing the sheets twice a week just to avoid the problem. Thanks for making me feel normal!

  • Deb8able

    People who share drinks, utensils and oh my goodness I’ve seen mothers put their babies pacifier in their own mouth then stick in back in the babies mouth – disgusting – and don’t get me started on the people who share toothbrushes!  Vomit (guess this is more of a phobia) – can’t stand being around anyone who is throwing-up.  Do not lay on my pillow or breath on me – I don’t care if I gave birth to you – I also gave you your own pillow.  People “helping” me in the kitchen – wash your hands and pull back your long hair.   People who do not control their children – I have two of my own and they don’t act like brats in public.

    • Amy

      I have a throw up phobia also.  I am with you, not a pet peeve…phobia.

    • E_davilla

      Oh my gosh! This is my exact list! I have a friend who shares her daughter’s sippy cup and I can’t get the image out of my mind, I mean what is she thinking?! I can’t even share drinks with my husband. Thanks for making me feel normal. :)

    • Hivemotherb

      Oh!  Too funny!  Love the line–”I don’t care if I gave birth to you-I also gave you your own pillow.”  I’m still laughing!!

    • Erin

      Love it about the pillow!  Hilariously true.

  • http://www.jasperwalls.wordpress.com Melissa Irwin

    This entire post cracked me up.  I probably do not have enough pet peeves.  Well, I have dozens with my husband’s name attached.  I am halfway there with you on the sheets.  They cannot have wrinkles (on my side) but I just smooth them out a little.  My husband leaves kitchen cabinet doors wide open and doesn’t straighten his face towel hanging on the ring beside his sink…so it’s always wonky.  Why?  Why does it have to always be wonky?  He also (bless his heart) stirs his very tall travel coffee mug with a short spoon, which means that his fingers submerge into the coffee when he stirs, which also means that the spoon gets covered in coffee and becomes sticky…and then he kindly leaves it there for me to use next.  Yea, I’m not falling for that one anymore.

  • http://themakingofmom.blogspot.com TheBeaverBunch

    I’m with you on the crunching thing. Sweet mercy, I think my man can crunch soft, white BREAD. It drives me nutso.

    As for the shaved legs, if that were a requirement for me to sleep, I’d never sleep.

  • Rebecca Bailey

    Oh, honey….you made my day! I’m always saying I could write a book about my pet peeves!!!  I have too many to name….repetitive noises is #1 in my book – blinkers, people clicking pens, weird noises in the car – you get the picture.  Even numbers…I can only eat in even numbers (i.e. 6 crackers, 2 slices of pizza, 4 bites of a brownie) bizarre, I know! I won’t even use a locker at the gym, parking spot, or numbered seat that is an odd number.  Others….hmm…people who stop in the right lane with no intention of turning right; people who mumble, people who don’t make eye contact – ever! (I understand some of it is cultural, but not that much!)….I could go on and on – haha!
    Thanks for the funny post :-) have a great week!

    • http://www.embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com Queen of the Crazies

      SAME way with numbers!!

  • http://www.timberlaketales.blogspot.com Sharen

    I totally hear you with you’re phone peeve!!! I HATE talking on the phone! When I was a kid my Dad worked away from the family home during the week so he would call us each night. I missed him badly, but our phone conversations went for about 2 minutes! Meanwhile once my baby sister got on the phone she talked for 2 hours!! I hate not being able to read the person on the other end of the line!
    It also drives me crazy when people pronounce words incorectly too! It’s ‘aspergers’ not ‘ashbergers’!! Sorry, had to get that one off my chest!
    Fun post today! :)

  • libby @ ninesandquines

    HA!  I HAVE to  sleep with a pillow over my head now because my husband HAS to fall asleep with the t.v. on!!  The chewing and making noise drives me BATTY!  Even if chewing with their mouth closed, I have to leave the room if someone is making noise while eating…OMG just thinking about it has me borderline-panic attack!  And the worst pet peeve that I have, and I have caught myself correcting STRANGERS on this (I am working on being more gracious) is grammar.  “I seen” is probably the one that gets my hackles up the most!  And I, too, will get out of bed to flatten out the sheets…battiness if there is a schrunched up sheet underneath me!

  • http://www.pitchperfectpicture.blogspot.com Carrie K

    People not following through on what they say they’ll do.

  • Lizreeves2

    Oh girl, you asked, so……..

    I must have “matching” shampoo & conditioner.  You know, same brand/type.  If I finish the conditioner before I finish the shampoo, I will have to go to the store & buy another bottle of conditioner before I can wash my hair.

    I have to have the sheets tucked in at the bottom before I can sleep.  Hubby likes them untucked & flopping loose.  Drives me CRAZY!

    I will ALWAYS turn the TP around if it’s on the roll backwards.  (It should roll over the top!!)  I totally turn the roll around, even at other people’s houses, every time!  ha ha!

    If I hold a baby that has “eye boogers” I will totally wipe their eyes.  I know…weird.  I just can’t stand to look at it!

    The grammar/spelling/pronunciation thing is big for me too!  I would say punctuation too, but I clearly use far too many ellipses!  ha ha!

    The list is long, but I’ll stop there.

    • Connie L Amato-Mahle

      I had to giggle because the sheet thing – that’s my husband and me!!  : )  It DOES drive me crazy also!!

    • bri

      your sentence should read: “The grammar/spelling/pronunciation thing is big for me, too!” you forgot your comma

      • Lizreeves2

        Ha ha!!!  You’re right!  I did!!!

        • bri


  • Amy

    I love this post!  Thank you Angie!!!  My absolute #1 pet peeve is mouth noises….of any kind.  Crunching is the worst, but gum chewing, candy clicking, general mouth noises, they all make me crazy.  I just give the people in my house “the look” which means, ‘Get away from me with that noise!’  I threatened to stop buying Nature Valley granola bars (a favorite) if another person ate one near me.  It makes me feel so bad sometimes, but I literally can not stand it. 
    The other thing that drives me crazy, is when my husband tries to talk to me with toothpaste and toothpaste in. his. mouth.  It is muffled and gross and turns my stomach.  I have even mentioned that he can go ahead and finish brushing before he tells me whatever it is he needs to say and he just rolls his eyes and keeps talking! 
    The very last thing I will share is that when I am waiting in traffic and the lane to the right or the left is going to disappear, I always stay in the lane that is continuing.  The folks who jump out and run to the front of the line make me have road rage.  I always comtemplate getting out of my car and asking them what makes them more important than the rest us, and then I have a very judgemental conversation with myself about the sin issues regarding selfishness (the jumping ahead) and judgemental thoughts (me).  That whole plank in my eye gets me every time, but I still have rage towards those people.  =) 

  • anne

    I’m totally with you on having my legs shaved in order to sleep!!
    Also, my husband doesn’t push his dresser drawers all the way shut – just leaves them open about an inch. Why oh why???
    I can’t stand messy soap/shampoo bottles. I often stand in the shower and clean all my shampoo bottles so there’s no icky, sticky residue on them. This also goes for syrup and all condiment bottles as well.
    Great post!!

    • http://aliciamarysworld.blogspot.com Alicia

      I totally clean my shampoo and soap bottles in the shower too! I also have to always wipe the twisty lid of the sauce or syrup bottles if there’s a little bit of residue on the top. Yuck.

      • Laura

        I do too!

  • Laura

    OH WOW! Where to even begin!? I agree with everything you just posted, except the sheets. I also hate when someone says “I know right” drives me nuts! Hate people chewing gum while they are waiting on me somewhere, grocery store, restaurant, etc. {There ought to be a law!} I get up on the “7′s”, Such as 7:07, 6:57, etc. IDK why, lol. I have to have even numbered things for some reason. I pick baby noses, cant ctand a booger hanging out{good thing I work in daycare!} I hate crunchy peanut butter, I sweat theres bugs in that stuff. I hate it when people say chimley for chimney. Really, Ive heard this more than once. I also despise when people follow a blog, any blog, just to complain about said blog! I should write a book too.

  • Mommyofsam

    I have so many that I don’t even think I could list them all!  Grammatical pet peeves, proper use of an ‘s (just because it’s plural doesn’t mean it has to have an ‘s!!), chewing noises, people who use spoons like a shovel, adults who whine, and the list goes on and on and on…

    My husband says I have more issues than the TV Guide!  :)

    • bri

      my husband uses his utensils like a shovel. drives me insane! lol :)

  • Anonymous

    I despise mouth noises too and I totally married into the wrong family in relation to that…

    Thanks for sharing, it is nice to break up the serious topics with little fun ones like this.

  • mel96066

    Hangers. Weird, I know.  But, I like for all the hangers in my closet to be the same color, make, and design and MOST DEFINITELY facing the same direction.  I also like the hanging clothes to be ordered from “least material to most material” (ex tank tops, short sleeves, short sleeves with collars, three quarters length sleeves, etc).  My husband has A LOT of dress shirts for work and I also try to hang those (in the appropriate section of course) in the order washed so that the can be rotated.  He
    doesn’t seem to care about that “help” I provide him.  :0)

    The beds must be made in all rooms in our home.  I don’t think anything makes a
    room look more dirty than when the bed isn’t made.

    Pen vs. Pencil.  I can only write something in pen when I know that it is for certain.  I get made fun of frequently for this.  As the secretary of our crisis pregnancy center board, I take notes and any time we aren’t sure about something I write it in pencil until we are.  Nothing annoys me more than having something in pen (i.e. permanent) and then having it change and be stuck with a scribble on my page. 

    Bills.  I put them in a designated place ordered by the date in which they are due.  When someone puts something in there and messes up the entire order I go nuts.

    Yes.  I know I am type A and as I type this I’m thinking I could add a little OCD to

    Moms trying to “educate” others without being asked also drives me insane.  I was in a tight location the other day and this mom, who was with one other mom, was discussing what she feeds her 10 month old baby.  The other mom freely joined the conversation and for that I say great.  But, when the volume level increased to share about feeding her daughter tofu becuase it is so healthy and so much better than real meat I almost lost my lunch.  People can feed what they want to their children, but I think that the great majority of moms are trying their best to make wise decisions with their kids and the attempt to induce guilt trips on other mothers this way seriously makes me crazy.

    As a writer/author, some grammar issues bother me. There is one specific one that
    bothers me most but in case someone reading this does it I will refrain from

    You aren’t alone.  Everyone has hangups.  :0)

    I also love to make smile faces WAY. TO. MUCH!

    • Krista Wilbur

      I am the EXACT SAME WAY with hangers. People make so much fun of me because I cannot have different hangers. And I arrange my cloning by color, and by design within the colors

  • Karen

    I love this post, so real!  I can relate to so many of your pet peaves.  I too have many of my own and share some of yours. 
    Hate the gum smacking thing, it drives me up a wall.   Along the same vein is when people suck their teeth-yuck.  
    I can’t stand to have my husband throw his foot or his leg over my leg when we are in bed, makes me crazy and heaven help him if he should grab my wrist, I become a crazy woman! 
    Have to have the bed neat and if I’m sick, the bed must be made with white sheets that have been washed with bleach so I can smell the bleach. 
     People who say ‘irregardless’.  I hate it when people misuse a word so much that it is actually added to the dictionary.   Talk about the dumming down of society!   
    And I must fall asleep with the TV on even if I am not watching it.   As a matter of fact, I almost always have the TV on when I am at home alone because I need the noise.
    I know there are more, but way too many to mention.  We all have our own pet peeves, that’s what makes us human.
    Do you remember the I Love Lucy episode that was done about it? 

  • Coby

    You are too funny! 

    As a former English teacher, I have tons of grammar pet peeves.  I HATE it when people mispronounce “nuclear” and say “nucular.”  GRRRRR!

    Bread crumbs in butter or on the counter (ahem, Hubby – who one time spelled out “I love you” on the countertop with breadcrumbs.  I didn’t know whether to kiss him or to say a naughty word!)

    People scraping their bowls or plates with their utensils.  Seriously?  Forget that last drop of ice cream!


  • Connie L Amato-Mahle

    Hello, dear friend!

    Let me start off by writing that this post gave me a good chuckle – because I share some of the same ‘neurotic’ tendencies.  The sitcom Monk came to mind as I read this.  ; ) 

    Here, let me share:

    The bed sheet thing??  Yeah, that’s me, too – but in a different way.  My hubby does not like the sheets tucked under the mattress; he claims that he likes his feet need to be able to ‘breathe.’  A logical answer would be to fold the sheets down, right??  Me?  I HAVE to have the sheets tucked under the mattress because I cannot. stand. floating. sheets.   Eye-yi-yi!!  You would think that after 11 years of marriage that we have come to a compromise w/this.  Yeah, but no.  : ) 

    The grammar thing goes w/my line of work – so it’s a given that improper use of the English language and grammar drives me bananas…

    Snack bags that are placed back in the pantry w/only crumbs left in the bottom of the bag.  The same applies for drinks that are placed back into the refrigerator w/only a few drops left.

    Cellphones + driving.

    I have a hard time leaving my house w/out everything having been picked up or put away (i.e., dishes in the dishwasher, laundry, kids’ toys).  It feels SO GOOD to come home to a tidy house.

    Having the smell of gasoline on my hands after filling the car w/gas.  

    Getting out of routine.  I have a method to my madness.  If I am not faithful to follow it, I feel as x-task has not been completed thoroughly (i.e., cleaning, bathing, etc.).

    The sound of paper as it is being creased makes me cringe. 

    Love and admire your wit!  Thank you for being REAL!!

    *Love & Friendship*

  • Laura

    Pretty much every other driver within a 1/2-mile radius of me on the
    road.  I have lots of pet peeves, but I think people who don’t know how
    to drive turn me into a crazy woman.  Driving 5 under the speed limit. 
    Passing you and showing you the finger because you aren’t going 15 or
    more OVER the speed limit.  The worst offense?  Passing you or pulling
    out in front of you, then making a TURN almost right away, causing you
    to have to slow down or stop for them.  I am so irritated just thinking
    about it :)

    I am with you on the phone thing.  How do you feel when you send someone
    a quick text (which you’d think would be easy enough to send a simple
    response back to), and the next thing you know they are calling you?  I
    just hate talking on the phone unless it’s absolutely necessary!

    Oh and the grammar thing – I am SO there on that one as well.  My “favorites” are their/there and your/you’re misuses.  If I wrote an example of the wrong way to use the word, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it the whole day and would have to come back to fix it!

  • Melissa

    Mouth noises is also one of my biggest pet peeves. The sound of gum chewing pushes me over the edge. I refuse to even chew gum myself because of the sound!

  • Melissa

    Mouth noises is also one of my biggest pet peeves. The sound of gum chewing pushes me over the edge. I refuse to even chew gum myself because of the sound!

  • M. Gilmore

    I agree with a lot of your pet peeves. But one that drives me crazy while in Target, Publix, etc. is while shopping, you can hear the “beep, beep” of the cashiers scanning other people’s items. It sometimes gives me a headache, all I can hear while shopping is the constant beeping of the registers!

  • http://ashleyscarnivalride.blogspot.com Ashley

    Oh my goodness, I am DYING reading these comments! I see so many of my pet peeves in this post and the comments and it is cracking me up!

    Mouth noises make me want to hurt someone. I’ve actually asked people I know to stop. Grammar things bother me too. I’m not one of those people who corrects other people, but I do shudder just a bit!

    Another thing that drives me crazy is that my dad will fall asleep in his recliner around 8:00 every night with the tv remote in his hand, with his finger on the channel change button. He’s asleep, and the channel is changing. Makes. Me. Crazy. He’s been doing it as long as I can remember, and even now sometimes when I’m on the phone with my mom, she will go over and slip the remote out of his hand because the channel is changing.

    Thanks for sharing your fun crazy things with us! A little bit of laughter was a great way to start my week!

  • http://ohlauradarling.blogspot.com/ Laura

    I can’t stand to hear people chew either!  Chips and pretzels seem to be the worst for me!  Makes my skin crawl!  I also hate when people sniff continuously, and have been known to offer strangers tissues.

    When I am walking down steps I HAVE to start with my left foot.  If I start with my right I have to do a little switch kick mid-staircase to get myself back on track!

  • http://twitter.com/melmillwee Melissa Millwee

    Ok.. wow.. so, you asked for it.

    ….All the light switches (if multiple on a panel) have to be all the same direction.
    ….I have an eye-poke phobia quirk thing, so much so, my drinking straw cannot be facing my face.
    ….The sound of people chewing or picking at their nails – could kill me, really. Had a professor sit in front of me last semester and do that for over an hour.
    ….Clothes in the clothes closet have to be facing all the same direction.
    ….People who talk or send emails (in professional settings) in text-speak.
    ….People who don’t follow the “rules of the road” in a grocery store.

    Could go on… forever!

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      the last three… YES!
      and when I was a commuter the people who would stand on the left on the right on the escalators in the metro. Tourists always did that… argh!

  • Bookworm0709

    One of my biggest pet peeves is inside out socks in the laundry. If you don’t turn them right side out after you take them off you will get them back, washed, but still inside out. Can’t stand sticking my hand down inside socks.

    • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

      Oh yeah!! yuck eeewwww!!! specially if they were wearing them for sports. or cutting the grass…

  • http://hikingtowardhome.blogspot.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    Wow. 103 commenters before me… I’m a bit late to the playdate today. ;-)

    The sheet thing. Oh yeah. AGREE. And the sound of a swiping across fabric. yikes, just got chill bumps simply typing that one out.

    The private convos that happen in strange places… like Target, where the people yack on the phone with their little cyborg ear thingys and look at you like you are nuts when you glare at them cause I didn’t want to know the details about your affair you’re hiding from your husband. 
    Yeah… not stuff my kiddos need to be hearing while shopping for coloring books.

    Run on sentences… like the one above. ;-D

    Things not in balance visually. I don’t do well with things that are Asymmetrical. Anywhere.

    Crooked stuff. Lasagna not cut straight, skirt with a crooked hem, crooked picture frame, I’m so irritated at that one that the last IKEA catalog has a double page spread with a whole bunch of frames hanging on the wall… ONE OF THEM IS CROOKED. tossed out the catalog.
    One of my biggest pet peeves is CROOKED HORIZON LINES in photographs… my favorite tool in iPhoto is the “straighten” tool. It makes life all better.

    Favorite pen: Bic round stic Grip in Blue but must be FINE point. Any pen I used must be Fine point.

    People who don’t put the twisty-tie back on the bag of bread.

    I  think that is enough for now… lest you all begin to think I am psycho. ;-)

  • http://julesmpg.blogspot.com Julesmpg

    Being late. I start to twitch and shut down. I hate being late.

    chalk on a chalkboard, touching chalk

    Grammar and misspelled words.

    if we get to meet, do not whisper to me!!! I dislike being whispered to.

    I’m with you on bad customer service. You see.:…I’m a Disney girl. Raised and trained by them to have excellent customer service.

  • Tiffany

    Oh my gosh I am cracking up at all of these comments! And this post….thank you Angie! I have a ton!! It really is sad. 

    *Rude People. No patience. Can’t handle it. I have nearly lost my salvation on several people. And I am a pastor’s wife. *YIKES*.

    *The bed sheets for me as well. Dan and Madi both don’t mind having the sheets all crumpled and pulled away from the sides of the bed while they sleep. But it drives me bonkers. Many times I will be making the bed and yelling out “don’t you people know how to sleep in a bed.” I swear I hear snickers coming from the other room.

    *I. Cannot. Handle. Things. Or. People. Anything. Close. To.My. Face. I even refused to wear a blusher on my wedding day because of this. My daughter learned this the other day and thoroughly gave me the once over and shook her head.

    *When people are eating and trying to have a conversation but they can’t finish ANY of their thoughts because they take a bit to eat or drink after every other word. AYE!!!!!

    Hahaha I am going nuts just thinking about my peeves. I need therapy really. And I have many more too!

  • Andrea

    I hate when people say, “I could care less.”  The correct phrase is “I couldn’t care less!”  If you could care less then there is an entire extra level of not caring you have yet to reach!!!! 

  • iamtaxpayer iamtaxpayer

    Where do I start? There are so many more than time or space will allow….

    “I’ll be perfectly honest with you”….do you usually lie to me?
    “Where are you at?”…..right before the at
    “at the end of the day, it is what we need to do” okay, do we not do this any other time? or just realize all things are in sync at the end of the day–useless words, please leave them out… they add nothing to what you are saying.
    “um” while presenting, over and over and over again, until all I hear are the ums and not a thing Mrs. Um said
    Using “send it to her and I” puleeez….Take out the word “her” and check what you are saying: would you REALLY say “send it to I”? It’s me.me.me.me.me.me. going slowly insane over this one.

    Toilet paper– over of course, why in the world would someone NOT do this?

    Pictures that are not hanging straight…..I fix them in drs offices, friends homes, sorry everyone but  it makes my skin crawl..check out the movie *Father Goose* and see the greatest example of a picture straightener of all time, she is my heroine. When we built a house I explained to the crew that they MUST use a level on all light switches, I was not prepared to live in agony F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

    Can you not leave the kitchen towel folded on the rod? How hard is it to just fold it when you put it back, or leave it open, but wadded and yonked? come ON! It is a decoration in the kitchen…..ps, I am NOT like the husband in the movie *Sleeping with the enemy*, just make it look nice!

    All sorts of bed issues. Have to have no air on back of my neck or shoulders, tuck me in snug  and I’m with you on the sheets too, want them straight, but what is most annoying is …please do NOT turn over in the middle of the night and take the top sheet and comforter with you and leave me BARE! Horrible. horrible. horrible. way to wake up.

    There, I feel so much better now.

    Blessings to all. Haven’t had this much fun in a long time!

    • Erin

      I say “right before the at,” too.  And I end up saying it A LOT because I live in hicksville, USA.  Seriously.  A preposition should have an object!  If it doesn’t, then leave it off!

    • wanda galloway

      Oh my goodness!  I despise UMM’S too!   Seriously, stop saying umm & uhh world!  It’s horrible!

    • Jo Lynn

      OMG…thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand the “her and I” thing.  Seriously, didn’t we learn that Jr. High English? 

  • http://shoutingforha.blogspot.com shoutingforha

    I totally agree with the whole sheet thing. I have to have my sheets perfectly smooth and tucked in befor I can sleep. My hubby likes them untucked and bunched up around himself. Sometimes I think we need to sleep in twin beds.

    I despise having my skin tickled. Ironically, both my hubby and son love to be tickled. They can’t understand why I don’t like it, but it totally weirds me out.

    I have to put lotion on my hands and feet before I can get into bed. If for some reason I forget, I will lay awake thinking about how dry my skin feels until I cant stand it anymore.

    I am a big believer in the saying, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” One of my biggest pet peeves is the way my hubby and son just toss things down in random places and then expect me to know what they’ve done with it. Drives. Me. Nuts! If they would simply put their belongings away, there would be no confusion as to their location.

    People who leave their grocery carts parked in the middle of the aisle and then act annoyed when you try to walk past. I guess I could expand this one to include all rude people in general. I just can’t understand why people can’t be kind and courteous.

    I always have to eat a bite of something salty after I’ve eaten something sweet. I can’t explain it.

    I have so many more, but I’m afraid if I share them you will think I’m crazy.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UGO65NAQXWQYA7DTMNQDSNOZE4 S

    Just the laugh I needed to start a new day… I will share just a couple with you :)

    Men in flip flops…. I don’t know why but it turns my stomach to see their long, hairy toes curling over the edge of the shoe… I live in Florida and see this occurence daily. And while we are at it, put a shirt on while driving… It isn’t cute, it is gross, I understand it is hot, but I don’t want to see any form of your nakedness hanging out of your drivers side window.

    Ice. In. The. Mouth. There are no words, just stop doing it around me.

    People behind me, no matter where I am. I can’t concentrate knowing someone is seated/standing behind me. I always sit at the very back of movie theaters just so no one can sit behind me, I choose the very longest line possible in the store, just in the hopes that it is long enough that no one will stand behind me, I have been known to have 2 items and when someone comes behind me with a buggy full, I will let them go ahead of me, just so I know they aren’t behind me.

    I will be presenting my first sermon at the end of this month,all the while knowing there will be 4 people sitting behind me as I do this… Pray for me that I have the concentration needed to deliver it without sideoogling the people behind me, as if they are mass murderers and I have been locked into their target. Just the thought is enough to send me into a panic attack.

    People that use their teeth to open packages/cut tape/etc… I don’t want to touch anything your saliva is dripping off of and I surely don’t want to eat out of said package.

    There are more since I am a walking neurotic, however I am also a work in progress so I will leave you with just these few.  :D :D

    Blessings and Love to you, your family and your readers.

    • Heather Ingrum

      Can’t stand someone hovering/behind me either!  I will clearly let people go ahead of me when it is very unnecessary!  Can’t help it, drives me so crazy I would rather wait all day.  It has gotten so bad that I will slow down to make others pass me on the road because I DESPISE their car following along behind mine:)

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UGO65NAQXWQYA7DTMNQDSNOZE4 S

        Heather ~ It is heartwarming to know I am not the only one. My family thinks I am insane and none of them will go to the store with me nor drive with me, unless it was an emergency and even then I am guessing they would rather walk. I think it stems from watching way to many horror movies when I was younger. :)

    • Jo Lynn

      I totally agree about men in flip flops.  Or sandals.  And the hairy toes curling over part…yuck, gross, sick, ewwww!

  • Wanda

    Oh my.  We just may have been separated at birth, Angie.  I agree with EVERY ONE of your peeves.  Except, I use a purple Pilot G-2 gel pen (it’s impossible for me to use anything else)!  Sick & twisted, I know.
    On the noises-I physically get ill when I’m in a store shopping and people walk around like nothing is happening and their kids are SCREAMING & CRYING (or just pitching a royal fit).  Note to Parents:  Your kid is unhappy, take him/her out of the store.  Go home and deal with the problem. 
    Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a kid hater!  I’ve shopped with 3 babies hanging all over my cart.  But if someone was having a melt-down—-WE SPLIT!  I will never understand the torture of an entire store because you want to WIN with your child.   SERIOUSLY!!!   Be considerate of others!
    Also, bad drivers.  I’m absolutely intolerant of them.  My kids think I turn into crazy daisy when driving.  (I pray for myself, really I do)
    I have another noise issue.  My husband (who rocks by the way) has a noisy breathing nose.  I can only describe it by saying it sounds like he has sponges up there and it’s filtering every breath.  I know….I’m CRAZY!  It’s a loud obnoxious noise that pushes me over. the. edge.  His eating manners are impeccable (so I hear no strange noises then).  Just breathing!  Arrrgg!
    I hate me!  ;)

    We won’t even go to rude people/customer service.  I’m from the south….we treat people with respect and kindness (usually and if your mama found out you were mistreating someone, you’d get it!).  I insist on politeness!  Period!
    I have to stop.  My indignant righteousness could go on and on.  haha.
    I’m finding it a comfort to know…..I’m not the only one!

    • Laura

      Just have to comment that I was one of those moms who let their child scream her way through the store…Why? B/c she was strong-willed, and the issue at hand WAS her trying to make me leave the store. No way, Nelly! No child of mine will rule MY life! Had I taken her out of the store as she wanted, I’d've never been able to shop again! Of course, I was probably annoying people by singing “Oklahoma!” at the top of my lungs at the same time to show her I didn’t CARE that she was screaming, she was NOT. GOING. TO. WIN! :)

  • Gail

    Well, first of all, i want to say I LIKE knowing everyone’s pet peeves, because it makes me do a little self-examination to see if I’m guilty of any of them.  We aren’t always aware of someone elses pet peeves that we continue to do, mindlessly.  Not that we have to strive to please all the people, all the time… because we never will.  But it’s good food for thought! 

    My list:
    People not using a dictionary.  If you are unsure how to spell a word, or pronounce it, LOOK IT UP!! 
    Sniffing.  I would rather you blow your nose ten times than to sit close to me sniffling and snorting.
    Feet.  I don’t like feet.  So I’m totally with you on the toes in bed thing.  My husband will sometimes torment me to the point of hanging my legs over the side of the bed!
    LOL and K in text messages. I would rather see hahahaha and ok.  Not sure why that’s such a deal with me.  ?

    That seems to be it for now.  Although I’m sure there are more.

    This was fun!  Thank you, Angie!

    • malloryjones

      I agree on the dictionary thing.  Even if I’m on the computer in the middle of a conversation, I just click open a new tab and go to dictionary.com. It’s not that hard! It’s as if they want to make themselves sound stupid!

      • Jo Lynn

        I do the same thing…I cringe at misspelled words!  Actually, just checked the spelling of “misspelled” … it just didn’t look right!!

  • Trainer_cate

    I HATE LOUD CHEWERS TOO!  My mom is a loud chewer, she always thinks I am so ridiculous.  This frustration is always heightened when I am tired or already angry/frustrated/annoyed

  • Alyson

    NOW I feel like you are human! LOL! Seriously though, every time I read your blog I think, this girl can’t be real. I know it’s crazy but I always feel like you are soooooooo above my level. I know that probably sounds really bad and I don’t mean for it to because I love your blog and love the inspiration you give me each day.

    Some of my pet peeves are:

    **If you are a man you need to wipe the toilet rim with tissue when you are done. I do not want to see your nasty urine on the rim when I go to clean it.

    **See Bookworm0709′s comment

    **People who have a mouth full of food and then drink with the food still in there. Gross! Especially disgusting when done with milk.

    **Saying “you welcome” instead of “you’re welcome”. Makes. me. want. to. scream.

    **Teeth on a fork, smacking, talking with your mouth full.

    I have more but feel I need to stop at this point.


    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      i LOVED this comment!!!!! i always hesitate to post this kind of stuff bc i feel like it will seem shallow, but the truth is i am a NUT and you totally got that :) thanks, girl!

  • MJ


    Drivers who stay in the fast lane on the interstate — it’s the passing lane! Move over once you’ve passed!

    People who complain just because they can.  Do something to make a difference instead of complaining! Talk is worthless.

    Co-workers who clip their nails while whistling. (Personal experience — weekly.) 

    • Jo Lynn

      Totally agree with the passing lane peeve!  Makes me wonder why it seems that I am the only one who knows how to “properly” use it.

    • Jo Lynn

      Totally agree with the passing lane peeve!  Makes me wonder why it seems that I am the only one who knows how to “properly” use it.

  • http://www.taylor-elaine.blogspot.com Taylor

    Oh girl, I am SO with you on the sheets, shaved legs, feet touching in bed, gum smacking, grammar (my friends and my husband give me the evil eye. alot.) and talking on the phone. Ugh, it makes me cringe right now! I also hate it when people click their pens incessantly and stop in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store, or any store really. It doesn’t make you strange, or if it does, then at least you’re not alone!!

  • http://twitter.com/HopeNoelleSays Hope Noelle Blaylock

    I think we had this conversation once, but I sometimes (all the time) iron my sheets once I’ve put them on the bed. I really sleep so much better when the top edge is folded down and ironed *just so* — don’t you? 

  • Tonya Kidd

    (1) TOTALLY with you on the mouth noises – clicking teeth don’t bother me quite so much, but any mouth motion which creates a smacking or sucking sound makes me go wild! (2) Whistling – especially the “trilling” kind. (3) Being poked, nudged, or grazed in the side. If someone touches me in the rib area, it truly ruins my whole day, as I can still FEEL IT hours later. (4) Dripping water or puddles of water – when I see water where it shouldn’t be, I feel like bacteria is forming before my very eyes. (5) People who hang limbs out of the window while riding in/driving a car. That is incredibly dangerous and always makes me feel like I’m going to witness a gruesome accident involving dismemberment. (6) Closets, drawers, and cabinets left wide open for no reason.

  • Erin

    One of my biggest pet peeves is also mouth noises.  My husband is the MASTER of them.  He’s always doing something with his lips, tongue, popping the pen against his cheek, you name it.

    Also, it bugs me to no end the misuse of “done” and “finished.”  Not sure why this one is such a frustration to me, but it – above all others except the use of an adjective where an adverb belongs (I ran quick.  No, you ran quickLY!) – is the WORST!

    Crazy women unite!

  • http://smallingworld.blogspot.com Melanie

    Oh my! Quirky McQuirkertons of the world unite!

    I agree w so many of these! I also am crazy-annoyed (phobic, even) when cars in front of me flick cigarette butts out their car window. I dodge them and have an irrational fear that if they go under my car, my car will blow up. I physically cringe and then feel relieved when I don’t explode. I have no other issues w anxiety, but for a split second, I’m a mess over this. Cuh-razy.

    Love this post and comments! Glad to know I’m not the only NUT who loves Jesus and needs more of him every minute of every day!

    • Kristin Stauffer

      Ditto on the cigarette butts!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh my, I am so glad I decided to read this post AND the comments to go along with it. I would bet my life that I was the only person in the world who thought that everytime I see a cigarette butt coming out of someones window while I’m driving down the road! I’ve actually contemplated telling my husband about this crazy fear, but I thought he would for sure think I was nuts! :)   I’m SO glad I’m not the only person who thinks that! :) )

  • Kelsey Lantz

    OK you ready for this….it’s a long list:
    1. smacking…I’ve been know to physically take someone’s gum out of their mouth
    2. people using their iphones as the music for a coffee shop…no one wants to know that you have a text message every two seconds
    3. clearing your throat
    4. hovering….when people are practically sitting on top of me breathing over my shoulder…makes me castrophobic (not good when you’re a nanny)
    5. sharing a bed. My little niece would always want to be touching her foot against me….oh it makes me want to poke my eyes out
    6. putting hard butter on bread. impossible
    7. socks.
    8. stepping on something wet, while wearing socks. 
    9. leaving cabinet doors open, or pantry doors. ;)
    10. toothpaste in the sink
    11. tapping…pens, feet, etc….(the worst is I  do this…but can’t stand when someone else does)
    12. even things. when you are decorating, clustering, anything…it must be odd numbers…and if it is even…they can’t match
    13. not using a blinker…..um Tennesseans..come on.
    14. passive aggressive facebook status or tweets. 
    15. slow walkers
    16. slow drivers
    17. dragging your feet
    18. burping loudly and consistently in public…this is happening right now…along with the Titanic music playing over the speakers really loud
    19. people who sit at your table and want to talk to you after you’ve said that you need to do work
    20. people who give a plethora of advice on something they have never experienced and know about it
    21. touching everything in a store (I totally do this)
    22. falling asleep during movies and then asking for a full explanation of what happened. (*couch angie*) Love you. 
    23. rotten fruit
    24.  Bananas 
    THere’s so many more, but probably not very nice. hehe  apparently I have issues

    • Kelsey Lantz

      25. spelling errors….posting something and then realizing all the errors and not being able to go fix them….couch? instead of cough…shoot.     castrophobic vs claustrophobic wow that’s terrible. 

      • Lantz Kelsey

        26. The worst…public bathrooms when someone goes into the stall directly next to you when the whole line Of stalls is free…scatter people scatter

    • Kelsey Lantz

      25. spelling errors….posting something and then realizing all the errors and not being able to go fix them….couch? instead of cough…shoot.     castrophobic vs claustrophobic wow that’s terrible. 

    • Jo Lynn

      #14 – pretty sure thats what I refer to as “Vaguebooking”.  Drives. Me. Totally. Insane.  What a HUGE cry for attention!  Crybabies, GO HOME!!! 

  • CC

    All Mouth Noises!!!! I love love love my husband, but I frequently give him the evil get away from me before I stab you look while he is eating next to me. I am also very aware of my own because of this. I freak out while eating apples at my desk at work because I am afraid someone is thinking “Oh my gosh I wish she would quit”.  Insecurity from myself eating an apple….hello…issues! :p  I have lots more, but that is my biggest!

  • Whitney Goulding

    Angie, even though I agree with just about everything you wrote, I have to say I identified most with the part about listening to the Food Network as you go to sleep because it has nothing scary on it.  I share many of your fears/anxieties and so I sleep with the tv on and it’s always on Home & Garden or Food Network because it isn’t scary!  Thank God that there are a few channels out there that are totally positive!

  • connielowe1

    Really enjoyed your list, thought it was just me! I am the same way about the television and going to sleep, I either have in a dvd of Frasier or Will and Grace.  I despise being sat next to children in a restaurant. Nine times out of ten they are loud and messy. To one without children, it is painfully annoying and will ruin my dining experience. I will always ask to be moved and risk the death stares from the parents.

  • http://www.embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com Queen of the Crazies

    I can’t stand odd numbers!  I have to listen to the radio, watch TV, etc with the volume on an even number.

    I also have to eat candy – like Sweet-tarts, sprees, etc by twos and the same colors.

    I hate mouth noises and throat noises.

    Jagged nails or toenails.  Chipped polish.

    People who interrupt. 

    This is just a small sampling… 

    • http://www.embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com Queen of the Crazies

      Oh, and tapping of ANY kind with ANY thing.  CANNOT bear it!

    • malloryjones

      I do the same thing with candy! My mom thinks I’m crazy when she sees me pouring out a bag of M&M’s to sort them by color before I start eating.

  • Barbie

    I cringe when I see people eating chicken, or ribs off the bone, it is so disgusting and looks like a cannibalistic practice! Ewww! My husband is the worst one at this…he has to get every piece of meat possible! LOL!

    I get annoyed when people, whom should know better, such as news-anchors, journalists etc., etc., use the word unconscious, instead of the proper word subconscious! Unconscious, temporary devoid of consciousness. Subconscious means existing in the mind beyond consciousness. Look it up people!

    People who make you feel like an idiot because you might follow a story that they don’t, yet they seem to know everything involved in said story, and give you unsolicited opinions. Why not admit if you are interested? Makes no sense to me.

    I too have to have my bed sheets wrinkly free before getting in to bed, I go to each corner and tuck it in nice and straight. Then, I make sure the top sheet is folded over the comforter just right before getting in to bed. 

    All the dollar bills in my wallet have to be facing the same way, and all ones have to be first, then the fives, then the 10s….etc., etc.

  • Jean M

    I have to have my sheets tucked into the mattress before I can go to sleep.  My husband likes his side untucked.  He thinks I’m neurotic about the sheet thing…haha.  Glad to see someone else has sheet issues.  :)

    • Jean M

      Oh – I also like toilet lids closed all the time.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jenna1993 Jenna Hemphill

    Oh my gosh, I have so many.
    I hate when the chair is scooted out on the floor, I can’t stand the metal screech, which goes along with the chalkboard which I can’t stand because it hurts my teeth.

    I can’t stand feet on my chair, it just bugs me because I always end up either getting bounced or kicked and it’s kind of gross.

    One of the little girls I watch on the weekend has these two toys that don’t sound alike at all and both play music, she likes to turn them both on at the same time. My ears bleed!

    My mom standing at my door and instead of coming into my room she just stands there and makes me come see who it is. No knocking, just turns the knob and then breaths loudly.

  • Lbitsas

    When someone pulls in front of me while driving and there’s no one behind me. Couldn’t they have waited 10 more seconds instead of cutting in front of me?

    When people break in  the carpool line at my daughter’s school.


    mouth noises

    ketchup. taste or smell.

    I hate wrinkles in my bed sheets.

    When there are grammar mistakes on published/sold materials. If you’re going to sell it, get it right.

    the dribble on the creamer cup/gravy boat/syrup. It’s what it was made for and it fails every time.

    When people use bible verses out of context.

  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh!  I thought I was the only person with issues like this.  My husband thinks I’m nuts and wishes I could hear what noises I make.  I can’t stand mouth noises especially if they are smacking or crunching items that I am not.  Another one that really bothers me is when you get a fountain drink from a fast food place and the drink is all over the outside of the cup.  Would it be too much to ask to take two seconds and wipe the side of the cup off before you hand it to a customer?  I’ll stop there or this could go on and on.  I’m so glad I’m not the only one….Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah

    I cannot stand the squeak squeak of basket ball shoes. Drives me nuts. I also hate when people take off their shoes and put the left shoe on the right and the right shoes on the left. Why can’t they put their shoes neatly?? 

  • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

    You know, all you peeps are OCD, or worse!  The picture straighteners, the smooth sheet obsession-ers, the loud chewing-haters….  Now, MY peeves are productive:  I can’t stand mouth breathers.  Or people who read over my shoulder (the two may be connected).  Or people who text instead of just CALLING me!  Or people who turn in front of me, when the entire road behind me is empty!

    I know.  I know.  We’ve all got our little obsessions.  But as a psychologist, I should be past all that and be Glenda the Good Witch.  Right :)

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this post! What a great idea! And what I love most is that one of my quirks I thought was totally irrational, another one of your readers feels the same way! I’m not a total nut! ;) (regarding a cigarette butt being thrown out a car window and being scared that the butt is going to go underneath of your car and blow it up! Yes, I really do think about that!
    I also have a “quirk” when I am driving over a bridge…I look behind me in my rearview mirror to make sure that the bridge isn’t (for some reason!) falling down behind me. And I think about, what I would do if I looked and it really was crumbling behind me! Um yeah, I have no clue what I would do if it REALLY ever happened! ;) Any “little” noises seem magnified to me…people typing, people clipping their finger nails, people texting, people crunching chips/pretzels/etc. and the list goes on and on. Considering I work in an office environment, it can make for long work days! :) People who walk around acting busy, when they are NOT busy at all! Again, the office environment coming into play! DRIVES ME INSANE! Especially when I know firsthand, said person, is NOT busy! ANY kind of ”debris” in the sink! I don’t care if it’s a cucumber seed, or a pile of dishes! The sink needs to be empty at all times!
    Everyday before I leave for work I MUST empty the coffee put and throw the coffee filter away. It makes me feel like my kitchen is cleaner if I do! :)

    All doors, cabinets, drawers must be closed at all time.

    All window blinds must be neat, even and perfectly straight. My children better not let me catch them touching the blinds! :)

    I really hate using big forks and spoons. I prefer to eat with teaspoons if I need a spoon to eat, and the smaller fork if I need a fork. I feel like the tablespoon and the bigger fork is too big and not practical! :)

    And I should probably stop there, and keep the rest of the craziness to myself! :)

  • Cameron Stimson

    This may be one of my FAVORITE posts of yours ever!  I love knowing these “real” things about you because it makes you seem more like me…a little neurotic that is ;-)  

    I share some of the same pet peeves as you, most notably the customer service one…I cannot get past anyone I am with being rude to wait staff or retailers for absolutely no reason.  And the grammar, OH THE GRAMMAR, of some people!  And misspelled words.  For instance, the word weird.  It.KILLS.Me. when people spell it wierd.  I know, because my e-mail does it, that when you misspell a word a red line appears below it.  CHECK THE SPELLING PLEASE!  

    Other things that make me crazy…

    When I am talking, or even thinking something in my head, I am almost always “typing” the words with my fingers.  I think this stems from a particularly harsh typing class I took in junior high.  

    I cannot stand for things to be open…magazines, books, drawers, cabinets, the toilet seat.  I don’t understand opening a drawer to take out something, like a spoon or fork, and just walking away from the drawer without closing it.  

    Certain words in the English language make me cringe, and my husband knows many of these words and uses them when he wants to seriously annoy me.  I almost hesitate to type these words now because I’m going to get chills doing it, but here goes (with my eyes clamped shut)…chunky.  any word that sounds like lube, tube, boob, i hate them all.  Panties:  sorry if I offend anyone here talking about unmentionables, but I cannot stand that word.  It just sounds like a dirty old man word to me, and I much prefer using the word underwear in its place.  Ok I’ll stop now.

    When I am having a conversation someone on the phone (agreed with you here too, I DO NOT enjoy talking on the phone) and they proceed to have an entire conversation with someone in the same room with them, WHILE STILL ON THE LINE WITH ME!  I mean, come on, how rude!  Tell me that you’re busy and don’t have time to talk if you have something to discuss with them.  

    I really will stop now…but this was fun!  

    • Triplejgirl10

      Oh my goodness!  I have read through many of these quirks and agreed with almost all of them but when I read that someone else saw their words being “typed” in their head, it was such a relief.  I know I am obsessive and compulsive about many things but I’m so glad to know I am not alone in this.  :)

  • Beth Barnhill

    I agree with SO MANY of your pet peeves, Angie!! The one about the TV on at night? I am the exact same way, except sometimes I’ll leave it on The Weather Channel, because no one will ever scream on that channel and wake me up. Also, if my husband falls asleep before me, I have a harder time falling asleep than if I was the one to go to sleep first.
    I cannot stand the taste of tap water. If the water comes out of the fridge (cold), it’s fine, but out of the tap makes me want to throw up.
    I LOVE new notebooks too, and I also have one for each topic. One for prayer requests, one for grocery lists, etc. I just love buying new ones.
    Thanks so much for sharing these–makes me feel more normal! haha

  • Carol

    This is a great topic!  My pet peeve is when people are in the grocery store and are in the 15 items or less line with 30 items.  And the cashier still lets them stay there.  I asked a cashier once why do you still let them in your line?  She said it was the manager’s policy.  So why bother having an express line at all?  I don’t get it.

    • Lynne

      My peeve is when the express line isn’t open at all, forcing me to wait with my two items behind someone with a cartful.  At the same time, several store employees are standing around, obviously not busy.  Can’t one of them open the express line?

  • http://cindy-newmercieseachday.blogspot.com/ Cindy

    I, too, am A Queen of Peeves.  Leaving things out on bathroom counters.  eeewww!  Hair on the floor, either dog, cat or human.  double-eewww!  But my own personal Number One on my hit parade is when grown-up adults call me Miss Cindy like the students at the elementary school where I work.  Pluheeese…I do have a first name and it is not Miss.  Thank you, I will step down now..next?

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you about the mouth noises.  Why is it that men actually seem to feel that food tastes better when you make a big noise as you eat it?  And the grammar! Especially on Facebook!  I’ve had to learn to call people on the phone in my new job, but I really don’t like it, and put it off to the last minute. 
    Other major pet peeves… *people* (my family) reading over my shoulder. Airplane passengers who ask for the aisle seat and then fall asleep for the whole trip so I can’t get out.  People who talk on their cell phones LOUDLY in public.  People who answer their cell phones in the middle of a conversation.  People who interrupt or talk over me… my goodness, I think I need therapy too!  Oh well, at least I can still read books without a pen in my hand :D  

  • karen

    My husband has the mouth one. If you chomp ice, he gets a-n-g-r-y. My kids say ‘Close your mouth’ in their sleep. 
    The grammar one gets me. It’s not that I have perfect grammar, but it’s the common mispronunciations that irk me. My friend calls Gymboree ‘Jamboree’. Drives me nuts. She has many, many more, and don’t even get me started on her ordering foreign food. I’m talking common Mexican dishes here!
    I despise bodily fluids of all kinds. I like blue pens. I need every closet in the house to be organized by rainbow, with everything facing the same way. Even the pants, which must have the crotch seam in the back. Go look. It will bug you now, too.

  • Emily Burgess

    People who always feel the need to one better you.  I refer to them as “toppers.”  They always have the desire to top your story or experience, etc. And they usually end their story with “so…,” as if to say “in your FACE.”

  • Anna

    Oh my gosh.  Finally someone else who feels (or can admit to feeling) the same way. The pet peeves you have listed are all pet peeves of mine. The mouth noises drive me crazy. I think gum is vulgar because so many people cannot chew it politely.  It’s so nice to know that I am not alone in these “issues”.

  • Scott

    As a guy – my lovely wife does the “Lip-Smacking” Chewing and “How is it possible to chew gum that loud” gum chewing.  It drives me crazy.  Plus I am not a clean freak, but the kitchen has to be clean.  If the kitchen isn’t clean, I will not eat a single meal, snack, or crumb (hopefully not on the floor) until the kitchen is clean.

    • http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com angelac519

      i commend you for a)confronting your gum issue up front. peace be with you, brother and b)your willingness to be only one of a handful of men who post on my blog. :) thank you!!!

  • Beck

    People who do that kind of light whistling between their teeth – seemingly humming some kind of tune, but you can’t identify it. Its bad enough when people whistle normally, but the lighter teeth whistling really gets me ….

  • Beck

    People who write a whole letter long with no punctuation or full stops I never know where to make a break in a sentence and it drives me crazy why cant they tell me where to pause to start a new sentence I will not read you letter if I have to try and decipher where each word fits it drives me crazy some people dont even use a paragraph to start a new topic and that makes it even worse

  • http://aliciamarysworld.blogspot.com Alicia

    I’m so with you on the notebook thing- I want to be one of those people that just writes anything & EVERYTHING  in their one solitary notebook… but I just can’t do it.My Type A/ OCD personality runs through so many things:- I have a handbag that has pockets and buckles on it, and I have to wear it on my shoulder so that that side is facing out.
    - I can’t just buy one item at the supermarket, I feel compelled to spend a little more money and stock up on at least three things.- I have to spread my Vegemite (yes, I’m Aussie) all the way to the edges of the bread, so that it covers the butter I’ve put underneath the Vegemite. (Have you ever had Vegemite? The reason “foreigners” hate it so much is that they don’t eat it properly- you have to eat it on bread or crackers with butter or margarine on it first, you can’t just eat it alone.)

    - I have to have matching shampoo and conditioner. As in, it has to be the same brand, and the same line. (I can’t have Herbal Essences straight & silky shampoo and have the volumising conditioner, for example).- I always have the TV on when I’m baking or cooking. Preferably on a music channel like MTV.- People using “affect” and “effect” the wrong way just kills me!

  • http://aliciamarysworld.blogspot.com Alicia

    I’m so with you on the notebook thing- I want to be one of those people that just writes anything & EVERYTHING  in their one solitary notebook… but I just can’t do it.My Type A/ OCD personality runs through so many things:- I have a handbag that has pockets and buckles on it, and I have to wear it on my shoulder so that that side is facing out.
    - I can’t just buy one item at the supermarket, I feel compelled to spend a little more money and stock up on at least three things.- I have to spread my Vegemite (yes, I’m Aussie) all the way to the edges of the bread, so that it covers the butter I’ve put underneath the Vegemite. (Have you ever had Vegemite? The reason “foreigners” hate it so much is that they don’t eat it properly- you have to eat it on bread or crackers with butter or margarine on it first, you can’t just eat it alone.)

    - I have to have matching shampoo and conditioner. As in, it has to be the same brand, and the same line. (I can’t have Herbal Essences straight & silky shampoo and have the volumising conditioner, for example).- I always have the TV on when I’m baking or cooking. Preferably on a music channel like MTV.- People using “affect” and “effect” the wrong way just kills me!

  • Liz

    I have two pet peeves:
    -When people spell the word definitely, “definately”.  -When you host a party and people forget to RSVP.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  That is all.  Carry on :)

  • Bethany Emerson

    I SO understand the mouth noises one. my father-in-law is the loudest food chewer in the world and it makes eating dinner with his family very awkward and hard for me. 
    If 1 nail gets chipped when I have nail polish on I have to take it all off…I can’t just fix the one nail, it all has to be redone.
    I can’t have dishes in the sink when I go to bed. I have been known to wash dishes at midnight so  I have to have music or a movie on as background noise at all times
    I have to have socks on if i’m in someone else’s house….i’m afraid of stepping on a crumb on their floor…it literally makes me squirm to even think about it
    Probably my biggest pet peeve though, is when someone younger than me (i’m 24) calls me “hon” or honey”…there is a coffee shop in my town and 2 baristas there always call me “hon” and they are both 18. It bugs me to no end!!
    There are many many others…but i’ve embarrassed myself too much already!!!

  • Alexandra Nicole

    I started to reply with so many different things, but I think I’ll write a book instead :) Thanks for this real-life, awesome post, Angie!

  • Amy

    I’m not sure why this bugs me so much, but I may go a little nutso when people don’t put their shopping carts away and just leave them in a random parking spot.  I often go out of my way to grab a rogue cart and put it where it belongs.

    Grammar and spelling mistakes get me, too… and don’t get me started on customer service!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jamie331988 Jamie Reese

    1st, the sheet thing, totally ok! I’ve gotten out of bed and completely changed the sheets when they didn’t feel quite right. Forks scraping the bottom of a plate literally makes pain shoot right between my eyes. Needless to say, there are many others :)

  • http://candelierious.blogspot.com Lis

    I have to say, I match a lot of your list!  So, I’d love to know the rest, ha!

    I really, really, REALLY dislike the phone too!

    I have a bunch and just couldn’t possibly type them all out,  lol.

  • http://ogremom.wordpress.com/ Lara

    You are cracking me up!!!  Mouth noises bother me, too.  Can’t STAND to have my FIL over for dinner because he smacks his food!  Sometimes DH breathes and it bothers me!  I know when I can hear him eating I’m leaving the room, too!  And then DH says “war-ter” for “water” and aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!  Sounds like I’m picking on DH. 

    I also hate talking on the phone (funny, ’cause I’m a receptionist!!!) and always go to sleep with the TV on (usually a movie or ’24′).  Hate that my daughter refuses to sleep under her covers.  Hate that my kids have hampers with NO LIDS and still can’t get their clothes inside!  Grammar and spelling, particularly when used incorrectly by an author or journalist (didn’t they study those subjects??) – have thought about emailing them and offering to proof their next manuscripts!  Obviously their current copy editors need a dictionary and glasses!!

    Thanks for making me laugh tonight!!

  • malloryjones

    Whew, Disqus decided to cooperate with me.  Here are mine:
    Gum smacking.
    Chewing with your mouth open. (My sister is 22 with a son and still can’t ever chew with her mouth closed unless someone tells her, too.)
    Country people who think being a “redneck” is an excuse to not speak properly.  (Listening to my sister’s boyfriend say things like “I seen it!” drives me mad.)
    I only like the one brand of pen – Papermate Write Bros.
    I hate tearing out just part of a piece of paper – I have to tear out the full piece of paper, even the fringe edge.
    People who talk six thousand miles an hour and don’t let you get in a word in edgewise.
    People who get mad when you don’t understand what they mean, or didn’t hear what they said.
    People who, on the computer, capitalize EVERY other WORD because you TOTALLY wrote the FUNNIEST blog EVER in the HISTORY of the WORLD!!!!  Seriously, we get it.
    People who scream-talk.  Unless you’re “elderly” or have an actual hearing disability, there is no reason for you to scream at someone who is two feet away from you.
    Like I tweeted, people (*cough*Mom!*cough*) who purposely oversleep, especially when other people are depending on them.  It’s selfish and rude!
    And probably most of all, people who say they’ll call you on a certain day and don’t, or come to visit you and don’t, and even moreso when they don’t even bother to send a text or anything after the fact. If you have a good reason for not doing it, fine, whatever, I’m a reasonable human being, but how hard would it be to send a text saying “Hey, sorry, ___ happened and I totally forgot! I’ll ______ as soon as I can!”  It’s just a matter of manners, you know?

    Whew. I feel better getting that off my chest. :)

  • Sarah

    That is hillarious Angie and probably made more so by the fact that I share many of your pet peeves. Mouth sounds is my biggest pet peeve. I don’t mean to but I end up yelling at people to shut their mouths when they are eating. I actually have to sit in a different room than my daughter when she eats because she is the loudest eater on earth and it drives me crazy. I also hate talking on the phone, people stopping in weird places, rude customer service people. Some more of mine are smoking ( I actually think that seeing a person with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth is just as vile as if they were stand there naked), picking your nose (and eating it), when people call a combo at a fast food restaurant a “meal”, when people say that something is at a city (i.e. the hotel at Nashville. It’s in Nashville, not at), body odor, anyone who thinks that owning a camera makes them a professional photographer (ironically, I also cannot stand elitist professional photographer snobs), people going slightly under the speed limit making it impossible to pass them or get in front of them, farting around other people, the inability to take responsibility for your own actions, dirty bathrooms, not washing your hands after using the bathroom, touching raw meat and not washing your hands, not using a clean wash cloth to clean your kitchen, immaturity in adults, people who allow their daughters under the age of 13 wear bikinis, short shorts/mini skirts/low cut tops.  I’m sure I have many more lol.

  • paige

    My hubby scrapes the top layer of paint off of any plate or bowl he eats from and I have to leave the room or I feel like I could scratch his eyes out.

    Sand in my sheets at the beach.

    Using “ideal” instead of idea or “pacific” instead of specific.

    Snoring. Grinding teeth. Whispers when it is supposed to be quiet.

    Someone kicking the back of my seat anywhere!

    I have to stop….but thanks for letting me share! :)

    • Jenny

      “Ideal” drives me crazy too.

  • Christykayle

    People who are passive agressive– just tell me what the problem is so we can work to solve it!

    Feet. Don’t like them. Must be cleaned right before bed, even if I’ve just taken a shower.

  • http://www.cranberryteatime.com Rachel

    Haha!  Love this fun post.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is people brushing their teeth with their mouth open.  Can’t stand that sound.

    • Lynne

      LOL, their mouths have to be open enough to stick the toothbrush inside!

  • Lisa

    My biggest pet peeve is a grammar one…I absolutely hate it when people misuse your & you’re and their, there and they’re.  HATE IT!  Oh yeah, I also hate it when people misspell words intentionally.  For example, when I was in the process of choosing a pediatrician for my daughter there was a certain office I would not even consider simply because the name of their practice was “Baldwin Pediatrix”.  Seriously…they are a doctor’s office and they can’t spell correctly?! Drives me crazy every time I see their sign! I enjoyed this post! Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy! :)

  • Sisters ‘N Cloth

    I’d LOVE to have a separate notebook for things, but what usually happens is that I have one that I mean to set aside for a special purpose, but it ends up getting used for sermon notes, lists, journaling…everything I DON’T want it to be!

    I also HAVE to have a notebook with college rule lines. I write smaller and can fit more onto a page. Also? I do NOT write on the back side of a page. It makes it look messy.

    I love writing with blue ink. While black (and always purple) ink is sometimes an option, I prefer blue so much more. I’ll stick to one type of blue pen for a while, but I tend to rotate which one is my fave.

    Grammar is definitely one of my major pet peeves, though. Especially the words that SHOULD be simple but get so misused. Or, um, “alot.” Yeah…that one bugs me A LOT. *shudder* I tend to be super-judge-y when a business doesn’t use proper grammar. Even semi-proper grammar. “Formal language” is apparently a lost art. *sigh…


    • malloryjones

      Oh yeah. I ONLY use college ruled paper. My mom has a box of wide ruled in her closet that she told me I could take to schoolwith me, and I refused to because I hate wide ruled paper. I’d rather spend the money to buy new college ruled paper.

  • Anonymous

    HA! Love it. I agree completely about the sheets. Also, I can not, CAN NOT put the kids to bed, or myself to bed with freshly cleaned sheets without a bath-hair and all. Clean with not clean, well that’s just wrong. Also the scrape of a utensil on a plate, which makes me physically ill and mother of them all: the dreaded sip and AHH from coffee drinkers. Kill me now. You are not alone ;)

  • http://www.faithfullyyours1989.blogspot.com/ Faithfully Yours

    I agree with all those.  I also hate the sound of people eating popcorn…not necessarily the crunch of the popcorn, but their hands rattling around in the bag.  Oh my stars, I have SUCH a hard time in movie theaters!  I also can’t stand people scraping a dish with a fork, or when their utensil rubs against their teeth making a sliding every time they eat.  It’s such an awful sound!  I am 5’11″, and people come up to me and ask me if I’m aneorexic (and I’m definitely the opposite…love my chocolate and ice cream), or if they hand me their business card because they’re a bulemia counselor and walk away.  That kind of grates on my nerves.  I can’t help my fast metabolism.  Or when people dye their hair blonde, and they do an awful job at it!  That’s all I can think of at the moment! :)

  • Anonymous

    I can relate to so many of theses posts!  A few of mine are:
    1)  Germy condiment containers we usually find on the tables while dining out.
    2)  Salt shakers on restaurant tables (no can do after watching a little boy at another table repeatedly lick the top of the one at his table)
    3)  Public restrooms that require you to touch the fixtures with germy hands to turn them on, then touch them again with clean hands to turn them off…therefore defeating the purpose of handwashing…ugh!
    4) Door knobs gross me out completely!
    5)  Hotel bedspreads…you’ll never catch me with one pulled up to my face.  It’s a struggle for me to even leave it on the bed!
    6)  Seeing someone putting on their shoes by grabbing the bottom of it and working it on.  Don’t they know where the bottom of that shoe as been?
    I could go on, but I’ll stop before I get carried away.

  • http://tearingoffthemask.wordpress.com/ Tearingoffthemask

    Ha!  Great post!  :-)   The 2 pet peeves that come to mind are multiple exclamation points after each sentence.  “I’m so excited to go on vacation!!!!!!! It’s going to be a blast!!!!! We’re going to see the Grand Canyon, and then we’ll relax the rest of the time!!!  Get ready to see me as a renewed woman!!!!!!!!!!”  Memo: If you make everything an exclamation, it loses its effect.  Also, one is sufficient. 
    The other peeve: 4-way-stop chaos.  It’s called “the right of way”, and if you were there first, you go first.  No, you are not being nice by waving the people forward who got there after you.  You are simply breaking the rhythm, so knock it off! 
    Wow.  That really does make one feel better, doesn’t it? 

  • Shayla Rabe

    I can’t stand when people interrupt me. I work for a doctor’s office and I realize I ask the same thing everytime someone comes in but IT’S MY JOB. Common courtesy says let me finish my question. It’s always nice to know I’m not the only crazy lady out there. Thanks

    • Gramm-E

      I agree. When people answer my question while I am still asking the question, I don’t hear the answer over myself talking. Therefore, I have to ask the question again.

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  • http://twitter.com/MomGyver7 Daniella Summers

    We could be twins in another life (whatever that means), except that you’d be the pretty one and I’d have to think you’re annoying.

    On top of everything you just listed as neurotic (and here I though I was normal!) the following is a short, short list.

    1. Opened cabinets/drawers
    2.Noses.  It’s very unfortunate. I can’t look at them or else a booger will magically appear especially for my viewing pleasure.
    2.Name dropping.
    4.Public display of affection from that one couple who are “all over each other” right in front of you.  Shiver.
    5. Dog owners (or parents…whatever they call themselves nowadays) who think that everyone around them possess the same affection for their furry child….letting them sniff your crotch, terrorize your child and sniff our food while we’re trying to have a peaceful picnick.
    6. Rachel Ray’s nails and her lack of manicure when taping a 30 minute meals show.  Dirt, unfiled nails and all. 
    7. The way my husband does dishes.  I pray he learns the correct way by the time we reach our 10 year anniversary.  Long shot but I believe in miracles.

    I’ll stop here because this is YOUR blog :-)

    P.S.  Sorry for any misspellings.  English isn’t my first language.  For real. 

    • Mcbsip

      I think you are VERY lucky to have a husband who does dishes at all. As long as they end up clean, why would you care??

  • Jenny Evans

    ok I think you were just describing me!! I feel ya girl!

  • Beth

    I hate dirty lids/caps/tops on things.  Such as a dried gummy ketchup or toothpaste top.  Dried up gummy hair spray nozzles.  I can’t use the product until the lid is cleaned.  I will spend time cleaning them in hot water until they sparkle and shine while clothes need folding and floors need sweeping.  
    I also hate dirty or smudgy refrigerator shelves.  I will clean them each time I go to the grocery store and put new items in.  Again, this takes precedence over more commonly performed household tasks. 
    My house will be a wreck but my ketchup tops and fridge shelves shine brightly!  
    Hate wet bread and any type of dish that would encourage such a phenomenon (mushroom swiss burger, for example).  Used to order one and would order a separate bottom bun that I would switch out when it came to the table, but had to do too much explaining on that one so I just gave up and stopped eating them!
    Hate grammar mistakes as well – then/than seem to be one I’m running into more often lately which I don’t understand.  It’s not that hard.  Lie/lay – I get it!  It’s confusing!
    People who pretend to be people they aren’t on FB.  Like they go overboard with uplifting statuses and they are the opposite in real life.  People who “get religion” and quote Bible verses ad nauseum in order to impress family members and the fact that they friend requested their entire congregation.  Just be genuine and sincere, people.  Just be….YOU.
    I also hate when I forget to take my clothes out of the dryer when they are finished.  Like when I notice the next day and they have been sitting there wrinkling for hours.  I pretty much have to launder them again!  
    I also hate when I forget trash day!  That’s the worst!!!

  • Haert2home

    I’m telling you right now that if I printed this post and removed your name ALL of my friends and family would think that I wrote it.   All I have to say is…DITTO to your whole list!  We are truly Pet Peeve Pals.  

  • Kristen Good

    Okay, the sheets on my bed too have to be straight and hanging down evenly the sides of the bed so the weight of the sheets/comforter is even across my body. Excessive chewing, gum chewing, food chewing, pretzel chewing….all drive me bonkers! Close your mouth, please! I shouldn’t hear your food! Makes me shiver. Just like when I think of styrofoam/cotton balls. Now I have to stop shivering.


    My skin literally crawls and I feel the need to scream when the chewing thing happens when it’s my ….ah….time. every month. I do lots of deep breathing. It was so bad when i was a teenager that my mom actually took me to the doctor and said, “Do something. We can’t live with her.”
    :) You’re not alone! 

  • Heidi

    I really enjoyed this entry! I like the mix of deep and light-heartedness. I am not going to even start on my pet peeves or I may not be able to stop and yes i am in counseling lol! Have a wonderful night

  • http://givesandtakes.blogspot.com Sarah

    Oh, how I loved reading this post!

    All-time biggest pet peeve for me…mouth sounds.  I am right there with you on this one!  I have no idea how many times I have given my husband “the look” during dinner.  Seriously.  When certain relatives who will remain un-named are here for dinner, I about gag during meals.  And in the last few days, as my 7 year old has been chewing gum, the words “WE WILL NEVER HAVE GUM IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN” may or may not have come out of my mouth.  More than once.  Are “loud breathers” in the same category as “mouth sounds?”  Because that about puts me over the edge, too.  I’m getting all twitchy just thinking about it.

    • ANDREA

      lol Sarah you and i could be bff’S;) oh the Smacking and the fat breathing lol!

  • Kelly H.

    1.  Women who only use their married name on facebook, hello .. I probably knew you has someone else! 

    2.  Silverware not separated in the dishwasher by type.  Do people not understand it’s so much easier to unload when all the forks are in the same bin?

    3.  Closets:  Our clothes are separated — his on the top rail, mine on the bottom.  They are all facing the same way and bottoned all the way.   I sort them by color, lightest to darkest.

    4.  Towels: I insist on the clean finished edge facing out, it’s so much neater

    5.  Pantry:  all food items are sorted by kind

    6.  Toilet paper:  I like it to roll under

    Most of these I listed because my Mother was here last week and she “helped” me around the house.   God love her, she means well and has no idea I went around after everyone was asleep re-folding towels.  I am still looking for things in the kitchen she put away.  :)  

    Aren’t you glad you are not alone?  We’re all quirky in our own ways, it makes us unique. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carrie-France/77201536 Carrie France

      I like toilet paper to roll over, BUT I deal with how people have their TP in their house because it’s THEIR house, but my boyfriend insists on changing my TP direction at MY apt when he uses MY bathroom. Annoying.

      • http://twitter.com/_justjen Jenny

        I roll the TP UNDER strictly because my ex-husband was SO degrading and ugly to me about making sure it was OVER 100% of the time. I specifically do the opposite now because I can. :)

    • Nicklisa28

      Oh, sweetie — no, no, no!!  Let me help you–Toilet paper MUST roll OVER!  Really, it’s the only way that could possibly make sense!  And towels, well, the “fold” needs to face out.  No edges.  They look easier and it’s easier to pull them out.  No?!   I didn’t even know I had these issues until I read your comment and the hair on my neck stood on end.  ;)   (Written with only a loving and laughing heart!)

    • brooke

      No! lol, the silverware canNOT be sorted like that! They will nest on each other and not get clean! hee hee … OCD about that in the opposite direction, apparently.

  • malloryjones

    Oh, and another one: Pregnancy is NOT 10 months long! 4 weeks does not equal one month except in February. It bugs me so badly to hear women say, for example, they’re 7 months pregnant at 28 weeks.

    • Nicklisa28

      This cracked me up!  Doctors are the ones that count it that way.  In my first pregnancy, I worked with an older lady (around 75) and she used to tell me, “I don’t get it.  Back when we had babies, it only took 9 months!  :) )

  • Karenandshane

    I’m cracking up reading this on my phone. My husband is asleep next to me smacking like crazy. I can even hear his teeth hitting each other. It’s a vicious smack, one that is driving me to earplugs and therapy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064291667 Dara Hope Gates

    I can so relate.  I have OCD too.

  • Quirktastictothemax

    Oh Angie, THANK YOU for allowing us a peek into your darkside (also known as normal). So glad to learn of your quirktasticness!

    Okay where to begin…
    Slow drivers in the fast lane, drivers who refuse to drive the speed limit when it is perfectly safe to do so, people who do not understand how 4 way stop intersections work.

    Chronic coughers (especially one morbildy obese coworker’s coughing which has almost made me vomit it sounds SO disgusting. I keep waiting for her to go into go into cardiac arrest from her “asthma” cough.), noisy breathers, unkempt nose hairs, excess ear wax build-up, unclean restrooms, jumbled messy merchandise displays (I have been known to straighten these out), clicking pens,  any repetitive unnecessary noises.

    I too have to have all my bills facing the same direction and placed in denominational order front to back. When I was married I would occasionally ask my husband to give me his wallet, so I could straighten out his money too. (Umm yeah one of the only answers I have received as to why we divorced is, “I knew you were particular when I married you, but I just can’t deal with it anymore.”.)

    I like to leave my house relatively neat and straightened up when I go to bed or leave for extended periods of time. It is SO MUCH NICER (and calmer for me) to wake up/return to a neat, clean home than to deal with MESS.

    I arrange my clothes in the closet pants first then shirts in order of sleeve length. Every sub-category is arranged by the colors of the rainbow. 

    People who say,  “You welcome.”,  instead of the proper, “You’re welcome.”, Why does until, become till? Shouldn’t it be ’til? Since when do we add an extra letter to a word when we shorten the word?

    Poorly edited and proofread published works. Isn’t it’s someone’s job to catch those mistakes prior to publishing, so we the reader can enjoy our books.

    I cannot let anyone walk around with something in their teeth or visible in their nostrils and I just recently brushed an eyelash off an acquaintance’s cheek and straightened the collar of a coworker without even thinking that I might be annoying them.

    Cologne or perfume that is applied heavy-handedly. A little goes a LONG way. Bad hair dye jobs, excessive make-up, inappropriate tattoos displayed where everyone can see them. People who pick at and pop zits or other skin growths in public. Loose hair laying around, gag. Toe cheese or pork between the toes as my adorable niece calls it.

    People who cannot pronounce a local town name and make the excuse that they don’t live there. Yeah, it’s a state capital, you should have learned how to pronounce it in 3rd grade.

    People who do not clean up after themselves. We share workspaces at work and it abhors me the messes others leave behind; in the microwave, on the counter, overflowing trash cans, etc. YUCK!!

    I am with another commenter about the word “panties”. I strongly dislike the word and will only say underwear or undergarment.

    Why oh why does Costco have just one trash can in the bathroom and it is in the far back corner, not placed on the way out the door? Makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

    Places that have 15+ check out lines, but usually have 2-5 (at the MOST) cashiers working. What’s the point?

    Text/IM speak. I just cannot make myself type that kind of shorthand. I have to type messages out with proper grammar and punctuation and when I do make a mistake I send a correction text or IM.

    I could probably go on, but I believe I have shared enough of my neuroses for one night and one very public forum.

    Hope this helps you feel more sane and normal.

    Hugs, Another quirktastic person

  • mkmetzger

    I LOVE reading your quirks!!  We all have them, you know!  One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are too lazy to return their shopping carts to the proper places and therefore leave them to block other people from using the parking place, scratch up someone’s car, or just be in the way.

    Also. I detest stinky dish rags!

  • Hope

    Is it weird that I feel so happy that you hate mouth noises?  I do too lol and I feel better knowing that you who I kind of thought as being the wife who never gets irritated with her hubby gets irritated at mouth noises that he makes LOL!  I think if it weren’t for mouth noises I wouldn’t sit on the couch next to my husband clenching my teeth at he eats his chips and cheese…RARRR!  :)   I do love him though – mouth noises and all…so happy to hear you have quirks too lol :)


  • mamajones5

    This made me laugh.  I have quite a few pet peeves too, but didn’t realize them until you listed some…LOL.  :) I am big on grammar.  Can.Not.Stand “”I could care less”.  Because, yes, you could.  But, if you “Couldn’t care less”, that is true.  :)   In fact, there is a little youtube video about common mis-speaks…look it up…it will drive you crazy.  :)

    • Jenany

      Please post a link to the video .. I must see it.

  • Jenny

    My mom was an English teacher and I hate bad grammer as well.  Especially people who say “I seen”.  It is really common in Indiana, even with fairly educated people.  It drives me nuts. 

    • http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com Kelly_SufficientGrace

      I do not like poor grammar…and “I seen” in particular…which unfortunately is heard often in Ohio, as well! =)

  • Amy

     My pet peeves:  (1) When people do not know the difference between you’re and your (2) When people stop their stroller right in the middle of a crowded mall (3) Going to bed with feet that may be dirty (4) people chewing with their mouths open/smacking! (5) People that talk very loud in crowded places on their cell phones – no one cares!

  • Leanne from Canada

    Top of my list:   those drivers who sit at a red light in the left lane and then when it goes green they turn on their left turn signal!!!  HELLO!!!  I so wouldn’t have pulled up behind you….I could have easily been in the right hand lane and be heading through that green light right now!!!  I mean really!!  It’s especially nasty when you miss the green light because of it….aarrrrggghhhhh!!!

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh! I have the same pet peeve about mouth noises!  When I was growing up I could not stand to sit next to my brother at the dinner table because of the noises he would make while he chewed his food. I dread giving my daughter gum because I know that I will constantly be asking her to chew her gum nicely and with her mouth closed. Thank goodness I’m not the only one- my husband thinks I’m crazy for it. My other pet peeve is getting licked by dogs. I know, weird, but it makes my skin crawl when I get licked by a dog. Yuck!

    • Anonymous

      or when dogs lick themselves!! my dog doesn’t know “come” but she knows “don’t lick!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carrie-France/77201536 Carrie France

    In reference to the way people mispronounce words… lately it has driven me up a WALL to hear people say Chipolte, as opposed to CHIPOTLE, like it’s SPELLED!!  I will even use the word several times to try and emphasize that they’re wrong, but it doesn’t work.

    • Jill

      I KNOW

  • Melinda

    I once wrote a blog entry to list all of my pet peeves… my list is a lot longer than yours. So I must be far more neurotic!  :ohttp://melindawolfmiller.blogspot.com/2010/04/pet-peeves-and-other-things-that-annoy_08.html

  • Nicklisa28

    Oh, mouth noises….I am SO with you!  And let me just tell you, I married a Deaf man.  Obviously, mouth noises don’t effect him a great deal.  He doesn’t “get it” and he LOVES to chomp ice–very loudly!  Ahhhh!!!  We’ve also shared a bit of fellowship regarding this issue.  And, for the record, I’m pretty sure it’s high on his pet peeve list to be married to a woman who has issues with noises he doesn’t know/care exist!  (Including some of those that go “bump” in the night.  He cared may the first six months of marriage!  HA!)

  • Jill

    When people say “Chester drawers” instead of chest OF drawers. Who is Chester????

    • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

      You would hate talking to an Australian then :D

  • ruthie

    I’m pretty sure we might be twins who were separated at birth!   :)
    The gum. Loud eaters. A different notebook for everything. I’m all about sarcasm & slang (I’m the queen of sarcasm), but people who mis-pronounce (not on purpose b/c they don’t know any better) drive me insane!!  
    Do you write things on a list AFTER you did it just so you can feel a sense of accomplishment by crossing them off?!?  I do. 
    ha!  this was a fun read & it’s nice not to be too “deep” every once in a while :)

  • Ros_amyd

    So funny!  Some of mine are bad drivers- they tend to find me just to annoy me; cracking knuckles; body odor; sending an e-mail without using spellcheck; people blowing their nose (I know it seems to be socially acceptable but please go to the restroom- it’s gross & germy and I want to gag); people sneezing into their hands and not washing them and the list could go on :)

  • Kimberly Stephens

    my husband is the same way with the sheets. we can’t ever own sheets with stripes, because the stripes on the bottom sheet would have to line up with the stripes on the top sheet. and if we were to have striped sheets with our plaid comforter, then the lines would have to line up with that too. oh not to mention the straightness of the sheets as well. i wonder how many hours he’s spent in his lifetime getting out of the bed to make the sheets perfect. i emailed him this post and he’s glad to know he’s not the only crazy one ;) i think some of us need a support group…SOSS…Spouses of Obsessed Sheet-Straightening. 

  • http://aliciamarysworld.blogspot.com Alicia

    So I already commented yesterday, but I had to jump back on here and tell you…
     Last night I purposefully made my bed and straightened the sheets properly. I got in, and I have to tell you- it was lovely. All crisp and smooth and awesome. You’ve converted me!

  • http://www.reallytruly.blogspot.com mimi

    Ok, thank you. Thank you! I am so glad that you posted this. I have such an aversion to mouth noises. I laughed out loud reading about your “mouth noise” peeve. In fact, my husband was just chomping on almonds and I could not understand why it sounded so loud (as if the nuts were hollow). I actually said something to him….read your post….and said “see, I am not the only one”.  LOL. I think you may have helped our marriage :)   And, I always fall asleep to HGTV!

  • Anonymous

    We are the same weird person. The end. :)

  • connies

    My best friend wears lawnmower ear protection gear during her family card games because there is almost always chip eating going on and that makes her a nutso freak. Perhaps those would work in Target. For real, girl. You could pull them off.

  • Laura

    Angie…my husband is a long-distance truck driver, and I DETEST talking on the phone…NOT a good combo! lol
    -I hate when people finish my sentences for me…it was one of the first habits I had to *train* my husband out of…even now, 19 years of wedding *bliss* in, he’ll start doing it, and I FLIP out!
    -I hate hubby’s pouting when I hate talking on the phone to him….
    -I hate being interupted. Especially by smart-mouthed, hormonal tween girls who I happened to give birth to…..*insert eye roll here*
    -I have to have a messy, snuggly bed…I hate flat, crisp sheets etc…I have to get them all scrunched around me before I can sleep.
    -No one, but NO ONE touches my feet. Period. NO excuses. I had well-meaning friends talk me into trying reflexology at a Mom’s Night Out at my old church, and I spent the entire experience clenching my fists, grinding my teeth, and praying the Good Lord would keep me from kicking the dear, sweet man doing the treatment (also a church member) in the face….his wife thought it was hysterically funny. Not.
    -Spelling and grammar mistakes in books drive me insane (and I’m a voracious reader, so this is a big issue for me)…I’ve been known to correct the issue in neatly in pen so I can put it out of my mind….even in library books!
    -My son passed away almost 3 years ago…I H.A.T.E. when people “assign” emotions or feelings to me….Ie, “I know you feel guilty about….”, “I know it must make you sad to…..”, etc….

    Feel better?

  • Michelle

    Amen, Angie!  I’m with you on most of this (I actually like talking on the phone).  My biggest pet peeve right now is when people mispronounce “realtor”.  It’s REAL-TOR, people – not REA-LE-TOR!  I read your blog with my daughter, who knows I can relate (she’s 15 so she hasn’t had time to be that annoyed yet!).  Unfortunately, she was reading over my shoulder (pet peeve) while she finished chewing on a nut!  My husband glanced over at my laptop, saw the topic and said, “oh great!  There are more of you!”  Many blessings to you!

  • Lynn Worley

    Don’t know why but I find it very amusing that this point has sparked so much interest! Look at all the comments!
    No matter what happens in life, the Lord has us wrapped up in His loving care. Praying!
    Psalms 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  • Sarah Stout

    Love it Angie. 

    Why do people find it “normal” to be in the PUBLIC restroom stall (using the restroom) and talking on their cell phone as if it’s no big deal…toilets flushing in the background? I just don’t get it and it drives me crazy….

  • DebinNY

    This may have been mentioned already (I’m far to lazy to read allllll the comments! ;)  But I cringe when people say the word ‘often’ incorrectly!!  The letter “T” is SILENT in this word, people!!!  lol.  It should sound like “offen” (rhymes with coffin… ;) , but people see that ‘t’ in there and say ofTEN.  For some reason it drives me bonkers.  

    • brooke

      lol, well, I’d have to look that one up in the dictionary! But when you have a dyslexic child who can’t hear sounds or has no visual memory of words, you really try hard to pronounce words with every sound. I’m going to have to look “often” up in the dictionary. I have never heard that pronunciation (without the /t/) before!

      • fern katz

        When I was in school, we learned “often” had a silent “t.”

    • http://www.mattandjesskelley.blogspot.com/ Jessica Miller Kelley

      I would say “are you nuts? ‘offen’ is totally incorrect.” But, Merriam-Webster says it can be both ways, so I guess we’ll both have to calm down. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/often

  • http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com Kelly_SufficientGrace

    Oh boy…I just asked James what was strange about me and he said, “Sometimes you just start singing and dancing. And, especially when you dance in front of people.” I particularly like to bust out into some opera when in a certain hyper mood. (But, I mostly save the opera for home!) Poor grammar drives me bonkers…and I can’t stand it when people say crick instead of creek, and mispronounce other words as well. It makes me cringe when people talk about veins…and I get this strange “veiny feeling” I call it! I also do not like to look at or talk about anything that would irritate eyes. I couldn’t help my oldest son put contacts in, because it made my eyes water just to think about putting something in…and I can’t look when someone does puts a contact in! I do not like feet touching me or anyone else touching my feet. I sigh a lot and do not always realize it. I cannot stand if people pick at their finger nails or toe nails…gives me the aforementioned veiny feeling!

    My mother hated mouth noises…chomping gum or food. Or loud breathing, even! She was absolutely APPALLED by poor table manners and would shoot daggers at us (with her eyes, of course) if we put our elbows on the table or bumped her with our feet. Poor customer service is a pet peeve for both of us…and my tiny mother was known to rattle a few cages if need be. She did not like injustice of any kind, and was disgusted by materialism or selfishness. When I get upset about something not being handled correctly by customer service, the boys will sometimes say, “Uh-oh…she’s going to be like Ma-Ma!”

  • brooke

    lol! I was loving reading the comments, but I had to stop, because I have so much to do today! Mouth sounds are a huge one for me. I am so reading this to my husband. :) On the grammar, I absolutely cringe at grammar/spelling mistakes. Then God gave me dyslexic children. Now I have nothing but compassion on those. I fully understand why they happen now. It helps a lot. I used to think there was no excuse for them, but now I know … dyslexics have so little visual memory and even struggle differentiating sounds. In my tutoring of my children, God has granted me so much understanding and compassion that, as a former spelling bee winner, I don’t get irritated by misspellings anymore! Even grammar mistakes. Although I constantly correct my mother’s unfortunate pronunciation of “nuclear”. :)

  • Rachel

    So, for all the people who hate mouth noises, I do too!!  And, there’s a name for it: misophonia.  See the wikipedia article here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misophonia

  • Sarah

    When I hear ‘Supposably’…the word is supposedly!!!  Can’t stand it!

  • Kathi

    Your list is so funny & I love all the comments.

    Mouth noises, AMEN!!  Can’t stand it.  My son (15) bites his fork with every bite of food.  It drives me CRAZY.  He has to sit as far away from me at the dinner table as possible. Gum smacking & heavy mouth breathers almost make me insane.
    My other weird one is that I CANNOT go to bed without straightening up the Family Room…I have to make sure all the pillows on the sectional are in the right spots.  It drives me nuts when I’m not the last person to bed & I come down in the morning and all the pillows are on the floor or in the wrong spots.  Weird, I know.

    Sock balls & inside out dirty socks in the laundry.  I don’t care whose they are, I refuse to put my hand inside one of their nasty socks.  They get washed however they get thrown in & if they come out inside out I never fix them.  I figure if it starts bothering my kids & hubby enough they will put their socks in the laundry the right way.

    Also, already clean & folded shirts back in the dirty laundry.  Drives me bonkers!!!

  • Gramm-E

    I can’t stand it when people say “at” at the end of a sentence. Drives me up the wall!!!!!!
    I wish people were taught good grammar and how to spell these days. I am also annoyed by mouth noises. Some foods are impossible to chew quietly so as long as the chewer has his or her mouth closed while chewing, I’m ok with it. I cannot stand it when people chew with their mouth open. Bad table manners in general are a sore spot, such as taking ginormous bites of food. Well I could go on and on.

    • EricaS

      I had to laugh because the word “ginormous” is one of my husband’s pet peeves.  :)

  • shannon

    I feel your pain on a lot of these but especially mouth noises and grammar. When I hear an educated person say “I seen…” it stops me in my tracks.  I’m loving these comments, I could probably go for days with more pet peeves!

  • J.

    I have 2 major pet peeves. The first is bad grammar. Especially axed instead of asked. Can’t stand it. The second one is people stopped in the middle of the street right right in front of me or walking down the sidewalk in a row. I live in NYC, walking down the street here is an art form.

    • Gramm-E

      AGREE. Here are some more: Skreet instead of street, skress instead of stress. This is a fun post. Thanks Angie, for letting us vent.

  • Gibbonsgoirish

    Oh my goodness I agree with the mouth thing.  My family thinks I m crazy but I Can Not stand it when people smack anything in the mouth.  It is like nails on a chalk board. BTW my husband and Todd must be related because he is so super loud when he eats :)

  • http://twitter.com/_justjen Jenny

    Oh I looooooved this!

    Smacking drives me nuts, as well as poor grammar. Those who cannot correctly use the words you’re, your, their, there, and so on should not use them at all. :p

    I’m also one of the crazies who uses Food Network to fall asleep to simply because Food Network doesn’t air scary things [or scary commercials.]

    In my office at work, my back is turned. I HATE IT. It drives me insane because it allows people to walk in the front door or down the hall and into my office and I’m not facing them. People will stand behind me and watch me type, stand at my desk and listen to phone conversations, etc and it drives.me.crazy! I can’t stand having my back away from people who walk in. :-/

    There are plenty more pet peeves I have, but I’ll stop there because I’m already cringing just typing these. :p

  • http://twitter.com/aaronesharp Aaron Sharp

    Loved this post. A certain person that I love and am married to likes to just set the toilet paper roll on top of the holder instead of putting it on the roll. It is only by reminding myself of my own many quirks that I am able to function when she does this.

  • Kimberly Coyle

    Oh my word, the sheet thing is a big deal. I make the bed around myself when I get in, much to my husband’s dismay. He’s more of a throw the covers around kind of guy. It’s a challenge. 
    And thank goodness I’m not the only one with phone issues. I thought something was wrong with me until I realized how heavily I rely on physical cues to understand what people are getting at. I like to think that I’m just hyper aware of body language and slight verbal cues as opposed to just being a bit hinky;)

    Big sigh of relief.

  • Plhumpton

    I HATE GUM SMACKERS or people who chew loudly. Seriously, my husband chews his ice cream. GROSS! I also hate people who click their pens. Whistling is a huge pet peeve of mine. My sons grandparents have this certain tune they whistle to get their grandkids attention. Makes my skin crawl and makes me want to punch them in the face. And I love his grandparents. I have a list a mile long but those are just a few:)

    • Genesis

      This. I agree with all of this! Also, people who talk with their mouth full. Oh my! My husbands grandmother with fill her mouth with food and then talk a blue streak. I no longer can sit across from since rice flew out of her mouth mid sentence and onto my plate….  ::::gagvomit:::

  • Susieq55

    Wowwwwww………that’s a lot of quirks and pet peeves…I think you win the prize for that!  I do have to agree with you about Papermate Profile pens though, the best!!

  • Susieq55

    OK, I just read some of the other comments, and I take it back Angie, you’re pretty normal!

  • MovinForward1

    I’m with you.  I absolutely, positively hate talking on the phone.  Part of that, though, I believe comes from having a job where talking on the phone was such a big part of my day.  I grew to loate the phone.  It’s hard trying to get people to understand that – they think I’m incredibly rude when I respond via email or text and truth be told, I think I am being a bit rude but the idea of sitting on the phone?  Ugh.  I have a bazillion more but I won’t bore you with them.  Or run on forever…  You are not alone, though.  I have a few more pet peeves similar to your list.  Whatever would we do if we lived in a country where we couldn’t avoid our pet peeves? 

  • Genesis

    I. Can’t. Stand. Knuckle. Or. Joint. Cracking/Popping. My husband cracks his ankle all the time and it’s enough to drive me to the nut house. Also stepping in water on the bathroom floor might be my biggest pet peeve. Dry! I need dry!! OY! Also stepping on a crumb or small debris sends chills up my spine…I vacuum like a mad woman but to no avail. WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?!?!

    Loud breathers, gum smackers, messy beds, loud talkers, people who talk during movies, close talkers (I don’t need to smell your breath for you to get your point across), and people who interrupt by basically screaming what they want to say so they talk over you (there’s a woman at my work who does this several times an hour and I am about to lose it).

    Yeah…that’s the tip of the iceberg. And every peeve that Angie listed I feel the exact same way about. Glad to know I have a twin with all of Angie’s peeves. LOL! :O)

    Now that I officially sound crazy…hope you all have a great day!

    • Genesis

      Oh! And people who add “er” or “r” to a word that DOES NOT END IN ER!!! As in: “Salser” when it’s actually SALSA! And “Idear”  when it’s actually IDEA! WOOOO DOGGY! I’m starting to sweat!

  • Megan

    Oooh this is funny! Love this post! I started reading some comments and they were cracking me up, but I couldn’t read ‘em all as it’s past my bedtime. My husband does the same thing with sheets/blankets, and it always makes me laugh. I have many pet peeves, but one that gets me is someone tapping me. It.drives.me.crazy. Whether it’s my kids or someone at church trying to get my attention or a stranger in the checkout line, nothing sends me into an irritable frenzy faster. No tapping, please. ;)

  • Thejohnsonclan

    Angie, the mouth noise thing is called MISOPHONIA. Seriously, look it up. :-) We just figured this out yesterday because our son will end up in tears at dinnertime because “everybody’s chewing!”. Nothing much you can “do” for it, but he was smiling when we showed him the information and told him that other people deal with this, too.

    I hate repetitive noises, any noise when I’m trying to make a decision, being breathed on, cupboard doors left open, and when the skin on my feet is dry. Lots more, too, my poor hubby!

    God Bless!

  • http://twitter.com/gigimcmurray Gigi McMurray

    Angie, Saw the plates and honked. It was fun to meet you at the pool on the 4th and chat! I’m a pen snob as well. But the best pen is the Pilot Razor Point in black. I’ll have to try out the PaperMate Profile to be sure though. I need pens and highlighters to read non-fiction. Congrats on the book deal!

    I’m afraid I am guilty of irritating a lot of your readers but I will try not to misophone when I’m with you! Hahaha. 

  • Tvhar

    Under the “mouth sounds” category: I’ve noticed some people just seem to have extremely dry mouths so that when they speak, it sounds as though their tongue/cheeks/gums have sort of stuck to each other and then are being peeled off.  Has anybody else noticed this?  It makes a really weird smacking sort of sound.  Drives me bonkers every time!  I want to grab a water bottle and pour liquid into their mouths.

  • Anonymous

    My husband would TOTALLY agree with you about the lip smacking/mouth noises that people make, especially while eating.  He has actually left the room before in excessive situations.

    OH YES…I agree.  When people stop suddenly in the middle of a place where they LITERALLY HALT THE ENTIRE FLOW OF TRAFFIC BEHIND THEM {walking OR in a car}…..well, yeah…that gets my blood boiling too!

    I have a notebook thing too….different notebooks for different types of things, and I SO agree, I couldn’t rip out a page of my new notebook for just a To Do list…no way!!  I have been known to do it for a child in church to entertain them with something to draw on…but desperate times right?  And I think I had to GROW to that point! hahahaha

    The grammar one….OH MY WORD!  Like when people say…”I’m gonna love me some {insert name  or object here} or these expressions that sound ghetto or redneck EVEN WHEN YOU CLEARLY don’t fit in EITHER category…{cRiNgE}

    Some of my own….have to have a fan noise to sleep at night, as well as an eye mask, and sometimes ear plugs if my husband is waking earlier than me or I stay in a new place with new noises. {I realize that putting in the ear plug may seem to negate the necessity of the noisemaker sound…but it doesn’t….I PROMISE! ;) }

    Thanks for sharing….lots of fun!

  • Elissa

    I am RIGHT with you on the mouth noises/gum smacking!!!  My husband is the first offender, he always chews gum with his mouth open.  Second offender is my 10 year old daughter.  Apparently, it is the tween thing to smack and pop gum constantly.  Doesn’t help that she sits right behind me in the car.  Ugh.

    My other major pet peeve is bad grammar/spelling.  Like when people make something plural on a sign and use ” ‘s “.  Can’t handle!

    Oh and sleeping I am opposite of you, Angie.  No noise at all!  Though I do like my sheets perfectly in order.  :)

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  • MichelleF

    Oh. My. Soul.  Hilarious, and so true!  I can handle some crunching, but the loud swallowing or rather gulping is what gets me.  ((shudder))   My other biggest one is someone leaning & looking over my shoulder – especially while chewing or swallowing.  Come in for a hug, fine.  Come over to be nosy, not so fine.  Either way your mouth should be empty!  Thanks for the laughs today.

  • Mindi

    I heart you for talking about MOUTH NOISES! Ohmyword! You are my pet peeve soul sistah! Add the visual of folks chewing loud food with their mouth open and I have to leave the room. However, my notebooks would make you cringe–I’m not organized so the grocery list, my gratitude list, blog ideas, etc all kinda get mish-mashed together. Perhaps you can fly on over and coach me on notebook organization.
    Seriously thanks for sharing.

  • Bekah

    I’m cracking up because I’m so with you on the gum popping. I will shoot a glare before I even know I’m doing it when people pop or smack their gum. Or chew/swallow loud. I also hate it when people back into parking places. Weird, but true. I used to tell people at work that until they started driving an ambulance or fire truck they werent’ important enough to back in. Then they did it it all the time just to get on my nerves. :) My biggest pet peeve of life though? Throat clearing.

  • Dl4everyoung

    I’m with you…mouth noises drive me CRAZY!! and lip crinkling…ack!

  • Congolesegirl

    Oh Angie, as I read this, I realize that you and I couldn’t never be friends. I am the very picture of all that you loathe. I don’t mean to do it on purpose. I try closing my mouth when I eat but I still smack (noise). English is not my first language so I am constantly misusing words and inventing new ones(franglish). My native language is French so I feel like I am combining both languages. Oh, I love making noises with pens… My pour husband, I think some times he would rather live in an attic (described in the book of Proverbs) because I’m so noisy. I can’t have empty hands. I crack my knuckles, breath loud especially when I was pregnant. The list goes on and on. I really believe I’m to let you all know we (people) with bad habits try to change but just like y’all can’t change your pep peeves, we can’t change our ennoying ways:). I ask for forgiveness on the behalf of all the others like me.

    • LMNordstrom

      But remember that they have things about them that could be our pet peeves.
      Don’t beat yourself up. None of us our perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my word, so many of your pet peeves drive me batty as well! 

    The gum smacking?? When I was in eighth grade I leaned over to the girl sitting next to me and asked her to please stop smacking her gum because I COULD. NOT concentrate on my English test. My class looked at me like I was crazy, but you have to do what you have to do!

    The other super sonic hearing things? Oh yeah. I can’t hear people talk to me, but start with some annoying noise and I am gone. I use to work with a guy who would rub his hands together over and over and over during our morning meeting. Even if I sat across the room from him I could hear every little scrape. 

    Oddly enough my other pet peeve is people who mumble because I can’t hear them/understand them. Why must my hearing be so selective???

    And I also pull the sheets straight all the time. Our current sheet set is super slippery and doesn’t stay nicely tucked on the corners and I can’t get it perfectly tight … I just can’t look most nights. 

  • Cynthia

    Okay….Judging from the response to this post, I believe you may have found a topic for your next book!

  • Vicki

    My husband and I must have the tv on when we eat a meal together because I can’t stand to hear him chewing. It just seems like he moves his food around in a very loud way.

    One of my biggest pet peeves right now is how more and more people (especially news anchors) are saying “foward” instead of “forward”. There’s an “r” there people!

    Every single time my husband hears someone say “it begs the question”, he says “raises the question” out loud. It drives him crazy that this fallacy is used incorrectly almost all the time.

  • http://beautifulmommyrom1015.blogspot.com/ Melissa Bradley

    I get road rage. I handle it much better than I used to because God wasn’t satisfied with me in that area.  So he sent me a long term several pills a day cure. Meaning, every characteristic that drives me NUTS in a driver, my husband is the physical embodiment of them All!  Hands down, no joke. Also, I can’t drive with him in the car because he gets carsick……pray for me and our marriage relationship, lol.

    Oh Yeah, Bad church signs and Funky screachy noises like nails and chalk boards.

  • Kenora

    It bugs me when people hang their dish towels on their oven door handles ~ I don’t know why.  It makes a kitchen look messy to me, and it seems silly to not have the towel next to the sink. 

  • http://kimberwidmer.wordpress.com/ purejoy

    ohmyword. I haven’t been here in awhile {I actually linked to you in my blog today as I went to visit Jamsie’s blog… anywhoo} and I’m reading this and laughing and thinking that perhaps we were separated at birth and rejoiced a tiny bit noticing that my daughter is not the only one with bionic hearing when it comes to mouth noises.
    Thanks for the smile today after my heart breaking in two over little Jamesie. You are such a sweet tweeter. Thanks for the invitation to pray.

  • fern katz

    “Breafkas.”  Seriously, someone I know is a member of mensa and says “breafkas” instead of breakfast.  Drives me nuts.

    Once, when home from college and doing homework, my sister told me I was “highlighting too loud.”  Now I think it is funny.  30 years ago I thought it was a little crazy.

  • LMNordstrom

    Oh girl you make me laugh. Grammar. The misuse of quotation marks can make me want to climb out of my skin. Who approves some of these ads? Cabinet doors left open.

  • Kay

    Oh, wow.  After reading all of these comments, I pretty much don’t want to go out in public (or even write this post) for fear that pretty much my every step and mere presence is a potential pet-peeve to someone out there.  (And heaven forbid I run into the woman that is soooo annoyed by the people who don’t wear the same brand of clothing together…like Nike, etc.  What my clothing budget allows me to buy (mainly from the clearance rack!) would surely send her straight to the asylum!!)  And before someone freaks out on me, I am (somewhat!) kidding and I DO REALIZE THAT THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BY ANGIE OUT OF PURE, INNOCENT FUN/HUMOR (And I absolutley LOVE Angie and without a doubt, know her heart is in the right place….feel like I need to clear that up!)…but does anyone else feel like this after reading all of these comments????  Maybe this is my newest pet peeve…people that are so nit-picky and annoyed by everything!!!!  :)

  • Beenblessed40

    Hi, I just found your blog! I’m certainly glad I did- you had me laughing so hard!

    I have perfect pitch, so if someone is singing a song in a key other than the one it’s supposed to be in (especially if they just listened to the song- I don’t understand that one) it makes me go crazy. Sometimes it even gives me a headache.

    I’m also a stickler when it comes to grammar, especially the way so many people use the words “then” and “than” interchangeably. Likewise, I can’t stand it when people pronounce “twenty” as “twenny” or “orange” as “ornj”.

  • Morgan Alexander

    Grammar and sheets being straight/not wrinkled when going to bed here also!  I cannot stand text message writing (i.e. gr8 for great) unless it is in a text message. 

  • KS

    I just found your blog today & this is great! I feel like we could be related! I totally agree with you about mouth noises and most of the other things you mentioned.  I also had a similar school experience.  Mouth noises drive me bonkers and I happen to sit next to two people at work that either pop gum, chew ice, burp,and just generally crunch everything. They do it constantly in an almost silent office.   To your list, I would add snorting snot and constant sniffling.  I understand people have allergies, but blow your nose! How about people not using their turn signal? The list could go on! I know I probably annoy others myself, but I try to be considerate of noises & general rudeness.  Be thankful you don’t use public transportation. That’s a topic on its own! 

  • http://profiles.google.com/mobileacupuncture Erin Long

    I think my biggest pet peeve is misuse of the word “literally” (i.e. “I’m so hungry I could literally eat a whole horse.”).

  • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

    Thought of another one, and read through all these to see that, apparently, I’m the only one with it…

    When people say “aks” instead of “ask”. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing? But I have friends that say things like “Oh, I aksed him to go to the movies” or “ok, I’ll aks her”

    *twitch twitch*

  • Jennifer Sherrill

    Wow!  A smile actually came across my face before I even got through the words ‘mouth noises’!  I was so relieved to know that I’m not the only one…it is a debilitating quirk for me!  I’ve tried and tried to get over it, but have come to the conclusion…it won’t happen!  Oh, and flushing toilets in the middle of the night (unless it absolutely HAS to be flushed) is one of my quirks :)  

  • Anonymous

    This was great, I was smiling and chuckling reading your pet peeves, you are so honest, love that!  One of my BIG ones is people that continually update their status on facebook, they use it more like twitter, constantly telling you every single detail of their day, ugghhh, I just don’t get that, I’ve gone so far as to just block the status updates. Don’t get me wrong I love facebook, seeing what all my 20 something nieces and nephews are doing, staying in touch with relatives in different states, it makes me feel more connected to their lives.   I don’t like talking on the phone either!  I get a little sick of texting being the way we tend to communicate with each other, I’ve cut wayyyyyy back on that.  

  • Polly

    We could be friends. I’m just saying.

  • Melissa

    Every day my husband goes to get the mail and steps over the newspaper to get it and just leaves it there. Drives me nuts! I hate when people use the wrong spelling for a word like “to” for “too” or “their” for “there” or “they’re”. My family also thinks it is perfectly acceptable to drop candy wrappers wherever they are…the floor, the candy container, my purse, the counter top, but never the actual garbage can! I will just stop here.

  • Amber

    I think we are long lost sisters! You have a compulsion for buying notebooks…I have a compulsion for buying pens. My mother once helped me move and took home an entire shoe box full of pens she found in my apartment. I am always trying to find the perfect pen and when I do find one I like, I hoard them like nobody’s business. I am also appalled when people say “nu-cue-lar” in place of “nuclear.” I once corrected a high school English teacher on this point. He countered that it was an acceptable pronunciation- I say, just because numerous presidents and world leaders did not learn proper phonics as children does not make it correct (same goes for Merriam-Webster- I have a beef with them on this issue)!

  • Sevans1956

    I’m a guy, but I enjoy reading your column.  I totally “get” the mouth noises.  I do not like sitting next to people who eat their lunch at their desk.  It distracts me totally.

    As far as the rest of the pet peeves…well you seem like a wonderful Christian who probably treats the offenders with class and dignity.  I am so thankful for a loving Savior who still love me unconditionally, even though my irritating habits would drive an ordinary person crazy!

    God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Mouth noises…AAArrrggghhhh!!!!!  I won’t even go there, but suffice it to say, I feel your pain!

  • Beth Jenson

    I am right there with you about when people do not know how to pronounce something right.  Both my father and mother-in-law say flustered and frustrated together so that it is flustrated. Every time I hear my dad say it and with love I try to correct him but after awhile  he ends up laughing at me because of how much is bugs me. 

    • Aharrison687

      LOL at flustrated, how about scrawberries and screet?

  • http://paidcritique.blogspot.com/ Tita Lou

    your easily destructed that what it is but according to some physicology study that i have read, they say persons like that is somehow becomes successful in life.

    green scrubs & grey scrubs

  • Daughterofhim64

    My sweet man hits a few of my pet peeves almost daily…but I look back to the years I was single after a very much unwanted divorce & I try ( but I don’t always succeed! :) ) to remind myself how much I would have loved to have a man in my life after I had healed and that I need to overlook his not closing the cupboards after opening them.

    The first time the Lord reminded me to be grateful for him was shortly after we married when I was wiping up the water from around the faucet….tha man is part duck I think….LOL!  And so I quietly wiped it up & thanked the Lord for bringing him into my life.

    P. S. True story….LOL…today I took out the homemade granola from the pantry & forgot to close the cabinet, I ate the bowl of granola & then went back & closed the cabinet…he had been outside so he didn’t see me open it….and he apologized for leaving it open…LOL! I told him thank you….but you didn’t leave it open honey, I did!   ; – )

    • Aharrison687

      I know what you mean, sometimes we do the things we find annoying when others do them!

  • Sammi

    Mouth Noises!?/ I’m right there with you. Smacking, gulping, yes they really get me, but crunching chips ofany kind drive me overboard. If I am eating chips and salsa in a mexican resturant, and I hear the cruch of chips from someone 3 booths or tables away, I have to mce to a table that is out of ear shot. If the chip is to big to put in your mouth in awhole piece, please break it into a smaller size, so that you can put the chip in your moutn, close it, and then start eating! Same with popcorn in a movie theater. Put the popcorn in your mouth, close it, and then start eating! It is distracting me from enjoying the movie.  Thanks! :)

  • Yeomank

    I can not stand it when someone in my house walks over or by something and does not pick it up.  The toy, dish, or clothing object is not going to grow legs and put it’s self away.  There are a few loud “discussions” on the matter in my house since I have three daughter, one step son, one husband.  

  • http://www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com Shannon

    I have to breathe deeply when people pronounce the word “realtor” as “REAL-i-tor.” It’s “REE-uhl-tor”, people. Seriously!

    Also, when I line up my groceries on the conveyor belt at the checkout line, everything has to be stacked up neatly at right angles. *sigh*

    • Lynne

      How about “ax” instead of “ask?”  “Physical year” instead of “fiscal year.”  “Pacifically” instead of “specifically.”  

      My brother-in-law is Dexter; some people pronounce it “Dexture.” 

  • Lynne

    My young-adult daughter practices what I call “hit and run.”  She calls me, drops a bombshell designed to take at least 10 years off my life (which at this point I can ill afford), then says “I have to run, talk to you later.”  My heart must be in great shape or I’d have had a major coronary by now. 

    Listening to cell phone conversations while waiting in line, especially those concerning illness.  Recently at Kroger’s, a woman was discussing every detail of her husband’s stomach virus.  “He vomicked all night!”  Yes, vomicked.  By the time she had finished describing the  progression  of the illness through her husband’s system, I was about ready to vomick, myself!

    Answering my home or cell phone and have the caller ask “Who’s speaking?”  

    The little drummer boy at work.  He drums his fingers constantly, occasionally playing an entire set.   I want to place a rubber band around those fingers. 

    When the driver in front of me turns without signaling. 

    People who laugh at my fear of snakes.  Why didn’t Noah slam the door shut before they boarded the Ark?


  • Aharrison687

    I don’t like it when people are drinking tea or coffee or something, and they constantly slurp , one or two slurps is ok, but not continuous. But also, when people smack their food loud. But I am sure some of my habits annoy people too!