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Over the Moon {and back again}

I got a phone call last week that rocked my little socks off, so I want to start by thanking Barnes & Noble for giving me the opportunity to share this exciting news with you all. It is entirely possible that they are being so gracious to me because they have tracked my debit card activity at their stores over the past several years and flat out feel sorry for me because of my obsession with them…

Regardless, they are doing a little something that {a little birdie told me} they don’t do very often. It’s my understanding that a few books are chosen every month to be featured on their website and also in their stores, and you are never going to believe what this month’s choices include…

Okay, you might.

But here’s the best part!!!!

TODAY, and TODAY ONLY  {8/22/11} you can pre-order my new book online, “What Women Fear” for $7.49…HALF OFF THE COVER PRICE!!! You can order it here.

I am all about a good deal and this is about as good as it’s going to get :). In addition, if you pre-order, please email your confirmation email to whatwomenfear@gmail.com and you will be entered to win one of two prize packages from B&H. {a $25 B&N Gift Card & 10 books in each package!!!!!}

I am honored and BLOWN AWAY that they would believe in and promote my book in this way. They were VERY supportive of “I Will Carry You,” and it means the world that they want to get behind this one in such a big way. It means a lot to me that a massive company like them would take notice of and invest in a writer like me.

So, all that to say, thank you to Barnes & Noble for your support, and if you were thinking of getting my new book, go ahead and grab it today while it’s cheap!!!!

Thank you all in advance…



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