A Little Announcement…

Exciting news about my book “What Women Fear” has just been announced!

Click here to find out more about it…we would love to have you join us! So honored and also so excited to share this with you all in a more intimate way.

Blessings and love,

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  • Genesis

    Thank God! I prayed for this actually…..

  • Katyreitz

    I was hoping it would be this one!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Love the video….. so real life! 

  • http://teasinglydiverse.blogspot.com Amanda

    I am so excited! I just bought my copy :)

  • Sadie

    Yeah! SO excited! I bought extra copies of the book to get the free S&H (going broke saving money, as they say) so I’m giving them as little “happies” to friends– now those friends and I can do bloom together! Guess there’s nothing left to say but thank you to Barnes and Noble for sucking me into your “deals” yet again…

  • Stef

    I really wish your blog was just a little more like it used to be.  When I see a new post has been posted I get excited to click over but end up disappointed that it is just another plug for yourself or someone else.  I miss the posts about yourself, your family, your daily life, and the inspiration in so many of your incredible posts.

    • Pilar5150

      Was that really necessary?

    • Anonymous

      stef…totally get why you feel that way (which is why i addressed it in a recent post). i know it sometimes feels like that but the truth is that my heart is no different…i have a new book out and i need to do my part to promote it. it happened to come out the same week as my husband’s CD, which i am honored to promote. as far as shaun…yes. compassion is a huge part of my heart and i will always do whatever i can to help them (and him). 

      i just want to acknowledge to you (and anyone else who might have felt this way) that its a weird place for me too, and it certainly isn’t a reflection of anything other than a season where a lot of things hit at once. i was actually logging on to post about some homeschooling thoughts though, and would love your prayer as i do try and navigate all of this. it’s equally hard on my end to keep all of these balls in the air, and the grace of my readers is a blessing. i feel really burdened, to be honest, and would love to know that even if you are frustrated, you would be willing to pray for me to have peace about it all as well.

      thank you~

      • Stef

        Thank  you for addressing my comment.  I re-read my comment and realize it probably came across as a tad bit more rude than I intended.  I apologize.

        I know we are just your readers and I realize that life has probably changed quite a bit for you in the past few  years.  I am sure that it is hard to find time to fit it all in and hard to know what you need to be doing when you need to be doing it.  I understand all that.

        I guess my frustration is in a lot of ways selfish. :)   Your ‘old blog’ helped me while in the midst of some tough times in my own life.  It was so so inspiring.  I don’t think you’ll ever realize just how inspiring it was to myself and so many other people.  I mean that in a great way.  I can’t even put into words what some of your old posts did for me.  So, all that to say I’m frustrated out of pure selfishness. lol  Shame on me!

        I understand you’re in a new season.  But I will always miss your old blog. ha!:)
        Thank you for your response.

        • Anonymous

          stef, i SO HOPE i can get back to some of those posts, and thank you for GRACE. i heard your heart in the comment and that is what i was responding to. a lot of my deep thoughts go into books and by the time i get done writing them im so mentally exhausted i don’t have much left for the blog but i really hope that changes. im praying God will give me some words for people even if i feel like theyre fumbling and feeble.

          i sincerely appreciate the fact that you find my words inspiring, and i thank you for following up…your words meant the world.

          blessings and love,

          • http://www.polkadottedsky.com/ Andrea-Elena


            I’m praying for you to have extra spurts of creativity, imagination, and energy — to be distributed as God sees fit. =)

            I love hearing your adventures with Todd and the girls. And I’ve learned so much from how God has taught you through your little ones. I’m sure you’ll have lots of stories to tell over the years. And I trust that God’s leading you to steward your resources appropriately. Know that your Sundays are rooting for you.

            ~ Andi H.

  • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

    This is so great!  I just received both of your books on Friday, along with Holley Gerth’s new one.  I’ve been trying to figure out which one to start on first, then I saw the Bloom announcement.  So I’ve taken Holley’s to work, to study first thing, and I’ll start yours next week and be part of a community.  Thanks so much!

  • Erinlbuente

    Definitely gonna join in! Was just talking to a friend about what a great bible study this would make. When they go to reprint it (because they will have to!) you guys can add study guide questions in the back! :)
    Erin from Indy

  • http://adryandwearyland.blogspot.com miranda

    first of all, you are stinkin adorable in that video. and second of all, i’m excited!

    • Anonymous

      sad but true (confession time). i have since gotten my hair cut a little bit and i just watched that video and wished i hadn’t. the Lord blessed me with just the right amount of hair volume that day, and i shall always be grateful for it…hehehe:)


  • Traci

    You know what’s funny? I bought this the day it came out and for some reason couldn’t get into it. I misplaced the kindle for awhile, had other things going on, and who really has time to read with a 22 month old?  Now I see why I haven’t been able to get into it. God wanted me to read it as a study! I’m so excited!

  • Queenbass

    Angie, I lost my baby girl 3 days before her delivery
    . The drs. Have no explaination for me. This has been the hardest 9 weeks of my life.

    I read your book I will carry you, it has helped me tremendously! Thank you for being real and thank you for sharing your life. I also listen to Audreys song just about every night.

    Im not trying to be a stalker:) but did you and Todd have anymore children after Audrey? Those thoughts keep whirling around in my head! And i cant help but to think having another child might ease the pain? Im finding myself very intrested in hearing other peoples stories.

    I cant wait to read your new book!

    Thanks for your time!

    Total strangers yet bonded for life,


  • Darlenac

    I just wanted you to know how God is using you and your books to help so many. I went to the WOF conference in Columbus and heard you speak. Your testimoney helped me so much. I have three beautiful daughters, but have had four miscarriages. I had my last miscarriage in Aug. 2010 while on vacation with my wonderful husband and children. I was devestated and qustioned God why does he allow me to get pregnant and then take my precious baby away. I was sad and angry and felt very far from God. After hearing you and the other speakers I just knew I wanted a closer relationship with Him and I knew that meant spending time alone in His word and praying. I read your blog “Bring the Rain” from the beginning. I wanted to buy your book I Will Carry You but just never took the time to buy it. I received and email from you announcing your new book was coming out. On Sept. 1st. I bought both books. I started reading I Will Carry You and I couldn’t put it down. On Sept 3, 2011 I got a text from a close friend asking me to pray for one of their dear friends who had just lost their three year old daughter in an accidental drowning. I started praying for this family I didn’t think I knew. I was also close to finishing your first book. Our family continued to pray each day for this family. On Sept. 6th. two of my girls started back to school. On the way home from school my second grader told me how Noah did not come to school because his sister drowned on Saturday. Noah lives in our subdivision and was in my daughters kindergarten class. This was the same family we had been praying for. I shared this with my friend and we just cried. That night I finished your book. I knew I had to share it with my friend. She is almost finished your book and she has been touched by your words. When the time is right she wants to share your book with the family who lost their precious daughter. I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe God had me read your book I will Carry You when he knew the time was right. It amazes me how God works and we often miss it because we just don’t see his work or give him credit. Thank you for using your gift of writing to help so many people. Thank you for reminding me to Praise God even when he brings the rain. I don’t personally know you, but you have helped me want to strengthen and build my relationship with our Heavenly Father. I just started your second book, but am going to stop reading so I can share in your book study. My little girl who is in second grade has many fears. She shares some of the same characteristics you described yourself having as a child. I also have always felt if I didn’t allow myself to get to close to God maybe nothing bad would happen to me or my family. I realize as I read your book this is just one of Satans lies. I can’t wait to start your book study. I pray God uses this book to help me and my daughter. You are an amazing Godly women. Please continue to share personal stories about you and your family on your blog. May God continue to bless and use you.
    God Bless,

  • Diana Markland


    I am only on Chapter 7 because I haven’t had the luxury of time to read as much as I want lately (imagine that!) but wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your book.  I have come to recognize some of my own fears and have a new way to think of dealing with them, thanks to you.  Wishing you the best!

    Diana Markand

  • Andrea-Elena

    Oh, yay, I just bought it the other day! (In paper. For you, I go old school, Ang. Well, and I still like the aroma of a new book. A dead tree book, that is. *grin*)

  • lesser99

    I was very excited to hear on my local Christian radio station here in Los Angeles/orange County that the morning show was going to be reading your new book as their first selection for a book club with listeners.  I have been reading your blog for about 2 years and have been blessed by your words.  I thought I would just take a moment to share that your words are reaching so many people.

  • http://grace303.blogspot.com Hadams007

    I finished What Women Fear last night. I loved it! Thank you for writing it. I hope you will continue to write more. I would love to read a parenting book from you. Just an idea. :)

  • Diana Markland

    I finished your book a few nights ago.   I sure hope to meet you eventually at an event so I can give you a BIG hug.  :)   Thank you for your words and what you shared!

  • Aharrison687

    I saw you on television telling your story and talking about the book, that is how I found out about your blog. I am glad for the sincerity in your message!