Speaking of Shallow…

If you wandered over here today looking for Biblical insights and/or anything else that really matters, you may want to take a detour right about now.

But then again, maybe this is just the conversation you have been looking for.

A few minutes ago I posted a simple tweet that started what felt like a tweet revolution. The response was unprecedented. I felt something in me weep with relief as suggestions poured in. I sensed that everything was going to change.

It reminded me of another innocent twitter comment that led to life-changing insights regarding nail color. I have been on a lifelong hunt for the perfect nude shade (currently I’m stuck on Essie’s “It’s in the bag” but I welcome suggestions).

It seems like just yesterday I could use St Ives apricot goo like it was going out of style, but today? No longer. I need new skin care.

I have tried a bunch of well-known lines and haven’t found one I love yet, so I am sending out a facial SOS. I made the mistake of wandering into a Saks Fifth Avenue (that wasn’t the mistake), asking for a bunch of samples (still not to the mistake yet), and then falling in love with La Mer (hello, mistake).

Turns out it’s more likely that I will right the Titanic than spend that kind of money on a facial product, but I don’t deny that the fling we have had has changed me.

I can’t go back. It’s all a mess now.

I mean, I’m positively GLOWING. What we have is REAL.

Alas. It wasn’t meant to be…


I need some suggestions here. And based on my twitter feed, I’m not the only one. I have dry skin, rosacea, and occasional breakouts. And please don’t mention any products that smell like penguin exhibits. I don’t care what it does to my skin.

People are listening. People who care about important things like small pores and glowing cheeks. And in the event that you have ever emailed me asking what kind of blush I wear, know that I LOVE getting these kinds of questions. So easy and fun to answer!!! Well, that last one? Not so much. Nars makes amazing blush but opens the door to awkward internet conversations with their name choices.

Alright, topic of conversation is skin care products you love…and…




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  • Targetshopper

    I was going to put this on twitter but this is better.  I, too, use the Oil Cleansing Method and LOVE it!  People think I’m crazy but I’m telling you it is amazing!!!  Adjust the formula for your skin but once you get it…you won’t go back! 

    • http://ashleywb.blogspot.com AshleyB

      Do you have a link to the “oil cleansing method”?  I’m fascinated.  

    • Mthompson525

      So I looked up the oil cleansing method and I am going to try it but my question is it says not to do it too frequently, so what should you wash your face with on the oil cleansing methods breaks?  Any idea?

    • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

      Hi, I did look up the OCM, & it’s very interesting – my question is, how often do you do this?  Every night?  or less?  Thanks for the help!

      • Mitzic72

        I love this!!  So do we know how often to do the OCM?  This may work for me.  I have very oily break-out prone skin.  I fight more zits than I ever did as a teenager and it’s maddening!   I’m very likely caught up in the cycle mentioned on the OCM site.  I just need to know how often to do it.  Great post, Angie!

  • Carrie Duvall

    I tweeted you about this, but I’ll say it again because I love it so much… Bare Escentuals skin care AND makeup. All the way! I’ve been using the skin care for about 2 months & I love it! I’ve been using the makeup for over a year & love it too! Definitely worth checking in to. Go in & have a make under with some girlfriends. It’s a lot of fun! : )

    • Ann ~ momof11+3

      Be careful. Not for people with sensitive skin. I was told that i was in the 10% of the population that is allergic to the Bismuth Oxichloride that is one of the “natural” ingredients in Bare Escentuals. It is the ingredient that gives most people that silky satin feel and look with their product. I was so dissappointed after making such an investment to end up with what looked and felt like a severe sunburn. My mom and sister love it but my skin cant handle it. :(

  • Kindel

    I just started using the oil cleansing method from Simple Mom. I’ve only used it a day but I will say that I didn’t walk away smelling like olive oil (I made my husband smell my face to make sure, ha!) and my face felt amazing! I will definitely keep using this method! Hope you find something that works for you! Try the oil! :)

  • http://tsjphotography.com Tracie

    would love to know more detail about this “oil cleansing method” ;)

  • Ilikesongs

    I love Mary Kay products. They are affordable when you realize how long they will last you. They have helped with my redness of skin, and getting it balanced out. Plus I love that you can find a consultant who will help you find whats best for YOUR skin, and they can deliver it to you :) Nothing like calling your consultant and telling them you need something and having them deliver it that day or the next to you :)

  • Melissa

    Apriori. I have used as expensive as Natura Bisse and as cheap as Oil of Olay but Apriori is by far the best.

  • Jacqueline

    I only use “natural” products, trying to minimize chemicals in my life.  I like Eminence and Ilike products….Eminence websites have a questionnaire, and rosacea is one of the categories (I’ve had issues with this, too).  It may seem expensive, but the products last a loooong time.  Let us know what you decide!  Also, thanks for all the insight all these years.

  • Kristin S

    I use Arbonne and love it so much I became a consultant. I too have rosacea and thought I was just always going to deal with my red chin and cheeks. Since using the product I have virtually no redness. I’d be happy to send you a free sample. :)

  • Anonymous

    The skin on my face not so horrible but the skin on my hands and elbows, cracked, peeling, bleeding, and never healed.  Dermatologist suggestions not helping, losing $45. on copay every time.  So.  Any suggestions for that?  Because I’m positively at the end of my rope about the skin on my hands.

    • Courtneylockridge1

      maybe you have tried it already but aquaphor can be used on any and everything and is the best for dry skin anywhere and is super cheap at any drugstore…love it for lips too!

  • Ginger

    Angie, I have the same issues as you and I do Emu soap & oil.  LOVE the way it makes my skin look and feel.  Only thing, just make sure you put on the oil while your skin is still wet because it makes the moisture stay but if not, it will dryout your face.  All natural…..:-)

  • Mikki

    I have really sensitive skin and use Origins. LOVE it!! It’s not expensive and they have different lines depending on your type of skin. Some is made more for people with skin “issues” like me. It’s also an environmentally friendly company! Bonus! :-)

  • Kathryn Powers

    I have dry skin and went to an Arbonne party. One day and no dry skin on face.

  • Ellen Mcneill

    Arbonne, for sure. It’s the only haircare and skincare lines that work for me. And their mascara’s the only brand that doesn’t make my eyes water!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589629920 Melanie Cantelmo

      I agree! 

  • Meghebs

    La Roche Posay is THE BEST (I use their sunscreen for face) but they have all products.  I have spent A LOT OF time and money at a world renown dermatologist, and this is good stuff.  I also think skin care depends a lot on all the stuff you put on your face, makeup included.  I use Jane Iredale powder foundation, it’s $46 but it lasts for a year.

  • Ashley

    I LOVE Kiehls!  Not horribly expensive, and I’m not sure I’ll ever use another face cream (I use the Ultra Facial Cream).

  • Becca

    I love love love arbonne products!  They feel so great on my skin and actually help it regenerate overnight with the active botanical ingredients!  Try it for yourself and see what you think – you’ve got nothing to lose and I’ll be willing to be it feels like the La Mer but with a normal person’s price tag!  I’ve been using it for 15 years and don’t ever plan to change because of the awesome results!

  • http://twitter.com/AshlieWrites Ashlie

    Not gonna lie, I love a good girl discussion about beauty tips! :)

    I have combination skin that can be dry but oily sometimes in t-zone. Rosy/blotchy cheeks, and occasional breakouts. I’ve tried everything it seems! I recently started using Bare Escentuals makeup (foundation, bronzer, and blush) and absolutely LOVE IT. I don’t think I’ll go back. I can’t say enough about it! To me, its worth the money considering how many half-empty products I have in my bathroom that I didn’t love but spent bucks on.

    Skin care is where I get hung up! My skin went through some changes with having kiddos. I’ve tried Arbonne, MK, Merle Norman, Clinique, lots of stuff. I have finally gotten a skin care regimen that I love and it’s actually much cheaper than much of what I’ve tried in the past. I often use olive oil to remove makeup as well as a moisturizer. Sounds gross, but if you put it on your face before bed, your skin will feel DELICIOUS in the morning! Soft, smooth, not greasy or smelly. Also something that has helped with my skin tone/redness is a simple lemon juice and sugar scrub a few times a week. I know, right? So easy after I’ve spent so much money all these years on so much stuff! My skin has honestly never looked or felt better.

    I do also love Burts Bees products, which are mostly natural. Cetaphil cream works wonders for me in the winter. I also use an organic citrus cleanser from MyChelle when I’m in the shower and I LOVE it. 

    As it turns out, I am a hodge podge product-user.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to type that much and ramble!! 

    p.s. Angie, LOVE your blog, your testimony/speaking, all of your writing. and don’t think for one second that all of us girls don’t love to be “shallow” once in awhile! ;)

  • http://michelencindy.wordpress.com Michele

    I love the Timeless Prescription line! You can find it (along with other less expensive solutions) here: http://www.shop.com/didasko/Beauty/Skin+Care-3

    Let us know what you end up going with!

  • Julie Sac

    Decleor! Love it! I have all of the above skin issues and Decleor has righted me. Along with a little La Mer once in a while ;) also Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion is amazing. If you want Decleor email me (you should have a few ramblings in your email;)and I can hook you up with a bag of samples from my dealer hee hee. Julie (Sacramento:)

  • Angie Knight

    First…I loved the post!!! 

    Second…”Mary Kay” is my first and total favorite.  No, I don’t sell it..and there was a time (when my sister let me have it at cost) that I kept it stocked.  Now that she doesn’t sell it…I don’t stock it.  Whatever I have left —I use it sparingly. 

    But everyone can’t use MK.  Take my sister for example.  Could not use the eye make up.  At all. Broke her out.  And right now…since times are hard and I’m doing ministry full time and working only part time–I give my face a break unless I’m headed to church or work.  So–since money is squealing…and I can’t afford MK–I use Loreal products from Wal-Mart.

    That probably didn’t help you at all.  BUT the mineral makeup works really well for covering “MY” rosacea.  Without making my face appear more “lined”. 
    :)   Good luck!!!

  • Kristal

    I have used Mary Kay products for YEARS (and love them so much that I’m now a consultant)!  I have combination/oily skin and have very few breakouts.  It also helps with the redness that I have on my skin.  We have amazing products for dry skin.  And…our stuff smells great and has so many great benefits for your skin!  :)   If you’re in Nashville and would like to try them, let me know!  www.marykay.com/kristalwoods

  • Briana

    Philosophy! I am super picky about what I use on my face. I have used Arbonne…it’s great but still pricy. I wear Bare Minerals make up but don’t love their skincare. I have loved Philosophy and only have to use the cleanser and hope in a jar moisturizer. I would totally recommend getting some samples to try!

    • Amtharpe61

      Love hope in a jar! It works great, very light weight and it gives a natural glow!

  • http://twitter.com/AbbyL Abby Robinson

    I’ve been using Arbonne (RE9 line) for about 4 years and getting good results with my dry-ish, sensitive, breakout-prone skin. I’ve been hearing about oil-cleansing lately, though, and I really want to try it!

  • http://twitter.com/andreaworley Andrea Worley

    I use Mario Bedescu and I love it! I changed almost two years ago and it’s been wonders for my oily/combination skin! :)

  • Ottszoo5

    I also have rosacea and as I’ve hit the dreaded 4-0 it seems to have gotten worse!  The only products I use are Clinque for redness.  They make a face wash that is incredibly gentle along with moisturizer.  They also make a yellow tinted loose powder that takes the redness away.  

  • Michelle_waldroup

    Angie,,as I stated on Twitter you would love love love Arbonne hands down.  First it is very good for dry skin, rosacea, break outs, etc.  Second is has no animal by products or mineral oil that alot of the other lines have.  Mineral oil if you do not know is horrible horrible horrible for your skin.  Third, it might be a little pricey but a little goes a long way so it will last you longer than some others.  I really think you will like it.  I am going to put together a sample kit for you to try and see what you think.  I will get it out to you tomorrow.  Hope you like it!!


    P.S.  I  truly love to read your writings and look forward to hearing you one day!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589629920 Melanie Cantelmo

      I agree, Arbonne is great for dry skin. I don’t sell it but used to use it. It made my skin feel so refreshed. And you can get wholesale under Michelle and the products are much less expensive. 
      Michelle, You are so right about a little goes a long way. You only have to use a pea size amount. I love the RE9 line. That is so good for dry skin.
      Also you really have to give it a month or so for your skin to adjust. 

      • http://www.newlifetherapy.org Michelle

        Yes the RE9 line is the best.  I also agree about giving it a month or so, however, when I only used the 1st step a few days I could defiantely feel the differrence in my skin.  It was already so much softer…

        • Megan Parkinson

          Arbonne is the only way to go. Keep in mind that they follow Swiss standards when formulating their products. They ban over 1100 ingredients from their products and the US bans 10. AND anything you put on your skin is in your blood stream in 26 seconds.

  • Kareyandbrian

    I love Paula’s Choice products! I have been using them for years and frequently get compliments on my skin. They are affordable and non-irritating. My new favorite product of Paula’s is the Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator. It covers a lot of bases and gets rid of redness. She also has a site called Beautypedia where you can look up reviews on skin care and makeup. I always check there first before I buy something!

    I love your writing and insights and wish you well on your quest! :)

    • Michele Tinnin

      Paula’s Choice is amazing!  And she’s very educated on all cosmetics.  Love her!

  • Paige

    Ahhh, the penguin exhibit.  I have a vivid imagination of what one of those smells like.  Especially after the .mom conference and the homeschool speaker/lady (can’t remember her name) shared her story about the little kid that sneaked his way into (gasp) a PENGUIN EXHIBIT!  I still crack up thinking about that story!  I don’t know if you heard it or not, but it was one that all homeschool moms should become familiar with!  I loved your breakout session, by the way.  I would’ve loved to have had time to share, but, in a nutshell, I had conjoined twins that survived for ten days after their birth.  They shared part of their hard, and also a diaphragmatic hernia, which was ultimately the cause of their passing.  Definitely the most wonderful 7 months and ten days in the lives of our family.  You’ve been such an inspiration and comfort to me, and I pray God continues to use you to so many others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589629920 Melanie Cantelmo

    I can’t afford Arbonne anymore so I just use Cetephil. It’s for sensitive skin and dry skin. It works for me and my kids. And I get it at Walgreens or CVS.

  • Jeannette

    I use Dermalogica for a lmost a year now, ýou start with cleansing your skin with precleanse, based on oils! see http://www.dermalogica.com/us   I love it.

  • http://briebarton.blogspot.com/ Brie B

    keihls, keihls and keihls. i will sacrifice many things for the line – i love it! their glycolic overnight peel is pretty much the best thing ever – three times a week and skin GLOWS. le mer was a dangerous liaison for sure! 

    • http://briebarton.blogspot.com/ Brie B

      i should also mention that i have gotten my husband using their guy’s products as well and his skin has NEVER been better!!!

  • http://baronessblack-baronessblack.blogspot.com/ Baroness Black

    Have you tried Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? It’s very good!

    • Charlotte

      I was hoping someone would mention this, as I was scrolling through to see if anyone had. I and lots of friends and family, here in London, are big fans and I think there is a US website. Please give it a go! Hot cloth cleansers are the way to go, and no i’m not on commission, just happy to have something that works!

  • Kera Hughes

    i don’t even have a skin care suggestion….i should cause i’m sure i need one. i only wash my face every morning with neutrogena facial soap. so bad of me i know. uggggh! on another note, this is why i return here post after post….you not only have such inspiring things to say but you’re HILAR!!! i need some laughing sometimes at 7:49 in the am when my house is a disaster and i need to be cleaning but i’m perusing the internet instead….i digress.

  • Jenn A.

    I know how this sounds, (haha) but the only reason I have clear skin now after years, years!, of zits, bumps, redness, is goat milk soap. I don’t even have to use zit cream or anything now. I do use a natural moisterizer under my make-up, but other than that I don’t use anything else. I used to do all the tricks to try to get my skin cear, but now I don’t have to do anything. Goat milk soap! It has saved me. (You know, from the other things that Jesus didn’t.)

  • Anonymous

    Mac – green gel cleanser

  • Cynthia S.

    Oh, this post made me laugh several times. I LOVE your writing. So, down to business. I have somewhat problem skin. One thing I found accidentally and absolutely loved was this random Vitamin E Lotion by Genes (I actually found it at Sams Club for 7.00 for about a year’s supply.) So whereas that is a moisturizer and not as cleanser, I have loved it. I CANNOT put anything else on my face without first applying that.  I have had good luck with Cetaphil and also Neutrogena Purifying gentle cleanser. As far as dry skin goes, clinique makes a “7-day scrub cream” which I LOVE.

    • Cynthia S.

      Oh yeah, I also use Bare Minerals foundation and that solves a LOT of my skin problems to begin with!

  • Ckrupke7

    I’m in the hunt for the perfect nude color nail polish too! Nude and taupe. What it takes to make a gal happy….thanks for your humor! Oh, and my husband has rosacea too-his dermatologist gives hima clear cream to put on it at night. The goal being to dry it out and it flakes off…no bad penguin smell! :)

  • Kabutler1983

    Skinceuticals or Obagi…even though really can you go back from LaMer? Very celebritastic! :)

  • AmyW

    I use a brand called Garden Botanika. They have a website. I have allergies and dry red skin all the time. These natural cleansers do the job for me. Even my teen daughter who has horrible acne does well with their other cleansers. There are all kinds on there. Check it out sometime.

  • hannburger

    Anything Neutrogena makes is great!  I don’t know if you’ve tried that before.  I find anything with an exfoliant  works better.  I also used OXY cleansing pads at night to take my make up off.  It burns a little… but that’s how you know it’s working.  :)   Hope it helps!

  • Mandy

    the oil cleansing method is the way to go!!  I’ve had trouble with my skin for years, and at first the OCM sounded crazy to me, but it works!  i’ve been using it for almost a year now, and it’s cheap, really good for your skin, and simple!  highly recommend it!

    • Sherri Carter

      What is OCM??  I’ve never heard of that.  

      • Jennifer Kunard

        I use a 2/3 olive oil to 1/3 castor oil mixture.  Place a hot towel on your face after you’ve worked in and removed the oil and it’ll give you a steam bath :-)   I also put an oil on my face for moisturizer (I buy that though).

  • Sherri Carter

    Don’t laugh when I tell what has performed miracles on my skin and changed my life.  Are you ready for this???  Avon’s Footworks Cracked Heel Cream.  I tried it simply out of curiosity one day and almost instantly fell in love with what it was doing to my skin.  I am 43 years old and at that time especially was having some serious breakouts.  A lot of acne meds would then over-dry certain areas of my skin and I would look like a polka dotted alligator.  The Cracked Heel Cream is actually an antibiotic type of cream, but it’s not greasy like Neosporin, and it actually moisturizes, but doesn’t leave a greasy feel.  I’m guessing this is why it works.  It kills the acne-causing bacteria and moisturizes all at the same time.  I will warn you that it has a “pain killer” type of effect so it may feel a little numb and tingly right after you apply it, but fear not.  You are NOT having an allergic reaction to it, lol.  It’s what it’s supposed to do. At the time, I was an Avon representative (I’m not now) and recommended this to several other reps and customers and they also were astounded at the results they saw.  Also on the plus side:  It’s cheap!!  How can a girl go wrong?!  

    • Sherri Carter

      And I forgot to mention.  I use this in the morning under my makeup.  You won’t want to put on a heavy layer of it.  Just a dab about the size of a pencil eraser or less over your entire face.  

  • http://www.hazelstreetdesigns.com Carrie

    I saw it mentioned below already, but I’m putting my vote in for Paula’s Choice. I recently switched from Philosophy to this & love it! And there’s no fragrance in her products, so no worries about penguin exhibits! Perhaps best of all, you have 60 days to try it & return it if you’re not happy with it. http://www.paulaschoice.com

  • Leslienreed

    Rodan & Fields was good. I had some left over pregnancy mask and their Revise (I think that’s the name) helped. Lori Quinn in Nashville is a consultant. I use AdvoCare’s cleanser, vitamin C treatment, day moisturizer w/spf 50 (love it!) and night time moisturizer. You can get at http://www.sparkup4life.com.

  • Trisha

    I like all products from joppa minerals all natural.

  • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

    Shocked, I am.  Simply shocked.  That a woman of your caliber would digress and stoop to being HUMAN?  Oh, the horror!

    I have to chime in here, as I’m a woman of 53 (!) who has no wrinkles.  Unless, of course, we count the crease between my eyebrows from all the frowning I apparently do.  But crows’ feet?  None.  Naso-labial folds (around the mouth)?  None.  Those little lip lines that make you look like you’re constantly pursing your lips?  None.

    Here’s all I do – seriously – I use Bio Oil at night before bed, then wash my face in the morning, apply Bio Oil, let it soak in 15 min. or so, then apply Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.  15 minutes after that, I put on my makeup.  That’s it.  The Bio Oil has vitamins A & E, botanicals, is light, and soaks completely in. The Ponds just works. http://www.bio-oil.com/en-us/product/ingredients

    Although, that oil-cleansing method intrigues me!  I’m going to check that out.

  • http://allabunchofmomsense.blogspot.com/ TaxMegan

    As a fair skinned, naturally red headed Irish girl, I FEEL YOUR PAIN where the skin is concerned! I’ve tried darn near everything, and agree with the others who swear by their Bare Minerals makeup, but I want to add that their Purifying Facial Cleanser is amazing. It doesn’t strip my skin, clears up my breakouts, leaves me feeling really good about my face. (And at only $20, also leaves me feeling pretty good about my budget!) Be sure to report back to us what you try and what works best!! 

  • Teresa

    I LOVE Sei Bella- It’s all natural and it is awesome!!  What I love best is that there are no chemicals or poisons in any of the products.  They are all research based and many products are have patents or are patent pending.   

    It’s perfect for dry skin-  and it’s very reasonable… :)  Will certainly not break the bank. If you have any questions- I’d love to help you out and tell you more!www.mygreenhealthyhome.com

  • Whitney Cheshier

    I know nothing of the price, but my Virginia has amazing skin and swears by SKII and gives it to all of our artists, and then they all swear and declare it’s amazing.

  • Kelly

    Oh Angie, how I’ve struggled with this myself.  I’ve got dry skin that just waits for me to try something new so it can break out.  It’s like connect the dots for weeks after I switch.  I’ve found one that moisturizes me skin and doesn’t cause me to breakout.  I use it in the morning and in the evening before bed.  I’ve even gone to bed without removing my make-up and I’m okay the next day.  Hello miracle!
    I use Bare Escentuals/bareMinerals “Purely Nourishing” cream.  It smells nice, it’s on the lower end at the department store ($28) and it lasts me a few months.  I LOVE it. 

    Good luck on your search.  It’s only second to finding the right pair of jeans. 

  • Alyson

    Hi Angie,

    I try to purchase as many organic products as I can. My skin does break out from time to time so I use Skin Perfection for my cleansing routine. It has really helped my skin. They have different products for different skin types. I have used 100% Pure products as well and I like them also. Hope you find a line you like that works!
    BTW: nice to see you break it up a little. I certainly don’t expect you to have “Bilblical insights” posts every time. You’re a real person who has silly, day to day issues such as, what skin products to use, just like everyone else. I enjoyed this!

  • Inkling

    I was frustrated with my red hair and the sensitive skin I have and did a search.  I found a website for redheads and one of them completely stood by using Garnier.  At the time, it wasn’t available in the States, so I ordered it from the UK.  Glorious solution!  So inexpensive, but so wonderful.  It’s readily available in Canada and some of the skincare can be found in the States.  Maybe that might work?  The only bummer is that they don’t have their “soft” line anymore, which is the one for uber sensitive skin.  But they have a couple others that might work.

    My sister-in-law told me about the Nars blush.  I am so buying it and gleefully sharing the name with my mother.  ;)

  • ETallent

    Watch me freak everyone out…..skincare:  fresh air, sunshine and Safeguard soap.  My Merle Norman rep has a kitty every time I tell her that.  Seriously, I can’t use anything else.  And, am totally jealous of the people who don’t have to think about their skin.  Makeup for me is exclusively Merle Norman, and I don’t wear it often because it’s so expensive.  Heard a quote once that said (paraphrasing here), “Ain’t got time to get all pretty when you gotta go slop the hogs.”  True that.  :)

  • Lifelong Summers

    A few years ago my skin completely revolted against normalcy. My eyelids and the surrounding skin turned dry and bright red…as in my doctor asked me if I was wearing eye shadow bad. I think it’s hilarious now, but for a 20-year-old, it was less than ideal. My solution came in the form of Origins Checks & Balances cream cleanser (approx. $18) and Alba moisterizer cream (approx. $8). I hope all these suggestions help instead of overwhelm! Happy skin caring!

  • Charise

    BeautiControl!! We have a whole sensitive skin line. All of our products are dermatologist and allergy tested, they are also all non-comodegenic, too! They’re great! If you’re interested, email me at c{dot}meeks{at}live{dot}com and I can set you up with the products you want.

  • Lara

    Paula’s Choice is amazing!!!! I love her “resist” line which is for anti aging! ALSO for reviews on any skincare product look it on up on makeupalley.com (for free) before purchasing. they  have reviews and boards and do not allow any selling….just real honest opinions on products :)

  • Karen

    I personally really like Arbonne.  You would need to order online or find a rep in your area.  I love the RE9 line :)

    • Jennifer

      I’m an Arbonne rep and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products. At 45 this is the FIRST skin care line I have been able to handle and I constantly get comments about my complexion and the changes. A woman at a meeting I attended last night seriously thought I was in my twenties. I still think that’s funny but made my day/week!

    • Chele

      Arbonne is the only thing that has kept my skin looking great!  I really like it and find it to be mid range in price.  They also have an acne line that people swear by!  Good luck!

  • Jennifer Kunard


    I originally found them on Etsy. My skin is dry, no scratch that, like the desert.  I’m not a make up person, but their stuff is amazing. I use the dry skin facial serum to moisturize and actually cleanse my face with an 2/3 olive oil to 1/3 castor oil mixture. It rid the face of grease/make up and makes it smooth.  Oil. Who would have thought.

    And my face has never been better!

    Use the code 15face to get 15% off this month. I wish I could get referral points (HAHA!), but sharing with people how wonderful their products are is worth it to me!

  • Robin

     Love your blog – whether deep or shallow – doesn’t matter!

    I, too, have rosacea and occasional breakouts – you would think that I would have outgrown that once I hit 40!  I use basis soap for sensitive skin – it is amazing and so cost effective – leaves more money for the things you can see, like nail polish and lipstick!   I was afraid that when I went to a new dermatologist that she would try and get me to use some expensive cleanser, but no, she said if it was working not to switch. 

    Hope you find something that helps!

  • Laura

    Well I used to use Proactive, and I have to say those infomercial/commercials aren’t lying. That stuff works. I never had acne but like you, I’d have occasional breakouts. Actually, in high school I’d always get like 1 or 2 zits at a time that’d hang out on my chin, and when one would go away another one would immediately come. Started using proactive and never saw zits again – if anything, MAYBE one or two a year. It doesn’t smell wonderful but doesn’t smell bad either, just kind of generic. I stopped using it for awhile now to try PerfectSkin (yes, the Kardashian line…and no, i do not usually jump on board with every infomercial I see, despite what this post may lead you to believe about me!). I love the way those products smell and feel. I am still using it and although I’ll get an occasional breakout, more now than I did with proactive, I love it too much to switch back (although I’m a sucker for always wanting “new” so am loving reading these suggestions and possibly trying some!) It leaves no greasy feeling at all and just makes my skin look smooth and so evened out.

  • http://KatieAx.blogspot.com Katie Axelson

    With all of these opinions, how on earth are you going to choose what to try? I understand your pain with dry skin and occasional break outs. I had to put on a full face of makeup today for work (translation: job interview), and I’m dreading taking it off and looking in the mirror tomorrow… my face my fall off! I have grown to love Aveeno face lotion. It’s like $15 for 4-6 oz (which, I regret is too big to carry-on the plane) but you can get it at Wal-mart.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lottarockranch Kim S

    Previously the only thing that would help with the redness my skin experiences (that could be bought at local retail store, ie. Wal-Mart) was Oil of Olay’s Regenerist.  It left my skin soft and even and hopefully, it also helps with the wrinkles that are right there at the surface, just waiting to get deeper.

    However, I recently rec’d a free sample of Burt’s Bees skin care wash and moisturizer and I have been amazed.  My skin is soft and the tone is even.

    And as a plus, I haven’t noticed any additional breakouts.

    Keep in mind that this is coming from the person that was convinced that “younger skin guaranteed”, was acheived only by the breakouts that I inevitably experienced the day after using moisturizer.

  • Lisa

    I’m a little (ha ha) older than you but I had the pleasure of having dry skin/oily skin/breakouts in my late 30′s early 40′s… Gave Proactive a chance and I have not looked back.  If you use it twice a day like it says, Oh my, it has been wonderful!

  • MichelleF

    I read thru the comments before adding my own just to see what everyone else said because we all love to talk about beauty products! & also so I wouldn’t repeat too much.  I’ve had problematic skin since jr high & I can tell you I have tried just about everything out there (minus the oil cleansing method!!!)  I do like the bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser when taking off makeup & some products from Origins.  The biggest thing is to find a product(s) that work for you without mineral oil – that is the pore-clogging no-no!!  

    I recently started using CeraVe moisturizers (daytime w/SPF & PM lotion) because they won’t clog pores!  as well as their body lotion – heavenly moisturization!! (and no funky aromas)  Can be found at Walgreens, CVS, etc. and the bonus was going into my dermatologists for my yearly skin cancer check & seeing all the CeraVe products displayed there!!   

    Hope you find something that works for you & still gives you “the glow” :)

    • Amanda

      I wholeheartedly second the recommendation for CeraVe. I am very fair, and have very red and  sensitive skin from rosacea. My skin is also super dry but breaks out. It’s pretty much awesome. So I see the top ranked dermatologist in Boston, and she recommended CeraVe and I’ve never looked back. I can get it right at CVS, it’s inexpensive, and it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. I, too, have tried La Mer — there’s a jar of the moisturizing gel on my bathroom shelf right now — and believe it or not I like CeraVe much better!

  • Sharon O

    I have very sensitive skin and cannot use perfumes or other type without breaking out in hives or just breaking out. I have in the past used a product out of Oregon called Epionce skin care (gentle foaming cleanser) a bottle is expensive around 35.00 but it lasts almost six months and it is awesome, have used it for years. Lately my skin is changing and since I am almost 57 I thought of trying a ‘new’ line too. I purchased a natural homemade soap bar from Graham Gardens in Pennsylvania and I love it. I use the avocado oatmeal unscented and it makes my face feel clean and balanced all day, no oily ‘feel’ later. http://www.grahamgardens.com  I use Origins face makeup called Angel and I use mascara from clinic. The face washing process is the most important of all. Hope my suggestions help.  

  • Rebekah

    RENEE ROULEAU-best skin care products ever! JANE IREDALE-best makeup ever!!! :)  
    Check out their websites!! 

  • Julie S.

    I would say you need to try to first treat internally/see a nutritionist who can recommend the right vitamins/supplements and use products like virgin coconut oil and scent free natural lotion like Nature’s Gate Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin lotion (it is actually not specifically for face but is fabulous).  Face wash-same deal.  I was having a host of issues ranging acid reflux (cured by peppermint tea and Kefir) to irregular periods since I was 17 (Stress B and women’s active multi were all I needed/regular very first month I was on and haven’t missed a period in 20 years)…so I cannot tell you enough how important it is to understand what your body may be lacking….even if it is “just” dry skin and rosacea.  Hope this was helpful! 

  • Smuir729

    I love Clinque’s 7 day facial scrub and Olay’s foaming face wash, combination/oily. They won’t break the bank. I have been using both of those for years and whenever I have decided I need to try something different, I am never as satisfied and I always go back. Have you ever tried to make your own face scrub/mask? Try blending oatmeal, cream, honey, avocado, and almonds together. The almonds you will want to blend really well before blending with the other ingredients. A lot of antioxidants and natural exfoliants are in there. Just put a thin layer on your face and leave for about ten minutes. 

  • http://www.lsimmons.myrandf.com Leslie Simmons

    l use  Rodan & Fields skincare line.  It is from the Drs. that created ProActiv.  There are 4 different lines.  Unblemish which is for acne, Reverse is for sun-damage, Anti-Age, which is for Anti-aging, and Sooth for sensitive skin and rosacea.  They are great products.  I have used cheap to very expensive through the years and this is my favorite by far.  The lines run from $120 – $174 if you are a preferred customer.  That is for the whole line, which most lines are a four step process.   There is also a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!  You can’t beat that!!   Check out the website. 


  • Anonymous

    I just started using Meaningful Beauty (Cindy Crawfords line) and so far I really like it. The trial purchase was only $39 and you get a lot of products. I have very dry skin and live in CO so moisturizing is a big issue for me. It seems like I can never get enough and the day cream is great as well as the night cream. I feel like you should spend your money on good skin care products to prep the skin then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on makeup. Good luck hope you find products you like.

  • meredith nailen

    #Rodan & Fields has probably the best mid-range (price wise) products for skin care. The doctors who created Pro-Activ are now working to bring prescription grade skin care to the masses. Can you tell that I am a consultant? With your skin issues, Angie, I would recommend our Soothe regimen for your rosecea. This will gently reduce the redness and not over dry your skin. The regimen includes the gentle soothe wash (which doubles as a mask!), the soothing face cream and a moisturizer with and SPF. Retail price is $120 but become a preferred customer and receive a 10% discount on all products and free shipping!   Hope this helps!

    P.S. Saw you at dotMom and you were amazing! I wanted to hug you! :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh I’ve also used Josie Maran (Sephora) Argan Oil as well as the cleansing oil. It is a good a product, pricey, worth it to me tho. The cleansing oil heats up and feels so good. Also I’ve heard Dermalogica is good too. Never used it however, a little pricey too.

  • Teresa

    I love Philosophy, Bare Escentials skin care, and Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. I also have a moisturizer that is one part aloe vera, one part evoo, and one part store brand lotion and it has been a miracle worker.

  • Becky

    I’m liking the brand ilike. It lasts so long. I bought my cleanser and mousturizer in April and I’m about half way through (and I’m religious about morning & night washing and mousturizer). Good luck. You know, the olive oil thing actually works pretty well…olive oil on dry skin and wipe off with hot washcloth. Good luck.

  • Renee’R

    OBAGI, OBAGI, OBAGI….or SkinMedic  ;)

    • Lisa

      Obagi Clenziderm is the bomb. Three years and skin as soft as a baby’s butt!

  • http://compassioncan.blogspot.com/2011/10/sun-stand-still.html JD

    I feel downright Amish when it comes to this stuff, but I just had to say you made me smile :o )

  • Connie

    I have sensitive skin, and almost at the age of 40 was still occasionally breaking out like a teenager.  I have tried many products over the years, and none worked, or worked for just a short time. To my relief I found two products that work together very well for my skin. One is from the sense skin care line (pronounced sunsay) by “Usana” (sold only through independent dealers). The other product is actually not a product at all, it’s my Norwex face cloth! I don’t always use them together, but I find that as long use my Norwex face cloth periodically, it keeps my skin looking clear. I rarely get pimples any longer, and I’ve been using both for about 2 years.

  • http://www.megangreiner.typepad.com Megan Greiner

    Oooweeee I love a good beauty discussion! I see there are lots of opinions here so I have no idea how you will decide, but I’ll throw mine in. (I am not a paid endorser of these products, just FYI.) For years I just bought what was on sale at the grocery store, or maybe grabbed a Clinique cleanser when I was getting make up. Then, my mom and sister in law convinced me of this so I gave in and got it: the Clarisonic. I promise my pores are smaller, my skin is smoother, and even though I’m in my mid 30′s I swear I can feel it in my bones that I won’t have wrinkles in my 40′s. I use it with Philosophy’s purity cleanser and hope in a jar (I know, pathetic. Their philosophies are really quite sad, but overlook that for the benefits!). So, that’s my two cents. I can really tell a noticeable difference in my skin. I’m tellin’ ya, FABULOUS. :)

  • http://reenybean.wordpress.com/ Reen

    Hands down…Bobbi Brown’s water based moisturizing cream ($55) is the best for every day.  The jar lasts for 6 months EASILY.  For days when you feel super dehydrated their super rich balm ($85) is amazing.

  • http://ogremom.wordpress.com/ Lara

    I’ve been using Ivory (which is slightly drying) and following it up with Pond’s Dry Skin Cream – which works wonders for me!  I also use vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly to remove my mascara, so I’m getting extra moisture around the eye area.  Maybe the lady just needed glasses, but I was recently asked if my 19-year-old son was my husband and I’m always getting “you don’t look like you have a son in college!”  Not everyone needs glasses!

  • Susie Sanders

    So boring, I know…generic cetaphil…helps with sensitive skin…every time I switch, I come back to this!

    • http://www.occasionalboredom.com/ Rachel M.

      Me too!  I was hoping there was another cetaphil user on here!  It’s what my dermatologist prescribed so even though I’m tempted to try some of the other options on here, it fits my budget. 

  • Laura

    I commented before but wanted to add a PS: Could you please update us on what you end up trying out and your thoughts on them? :) There are so many comments here I don’t know how you’ll decide! And I’d love to try something new as well but would never be able to determine what to try from all these great suggestions!

  • Melody Johnson

    I’m kind of plain Jane when it comes to skin care products.  I’ve been using Neutrogena face wash for YEARS and love it!  I use the stuff in the orange and white tube that you can buy at Target or Walgreens for a really good deal.  I also love the Neutrogena eye makeup remover – it’s wonderful.  I too have dry, sensitive skin and break out sometimes.  In addition to using the eye makeup remover and face wash, I forgot to say that I also use the Neutrogena face moisturizer.  I recently switched from Loreal makeup to Physician’s Formula, as my eyes were reacting to the Loreal.  Physicians Formula is working great for me!  Hope you find something that works really well for you. :)  

  • http://www.adelightfulglow.com/ deborah

    I have been using Olay Regenerist Detoxifying pore scrub and I really like it. Plus you can get coupons for it and it doesn’t break the bank. I also like Mary Kay’s Timewise skincare products and use them. They are more expensive, but I really like them! Let us know what you try that works for you! :)

    • Aharrison687

      i like olay’s face wash for sensitive skin, the soap fre and oil free one, it is gentle on my face

  • Beth

    I’ve tried something cuh-razy!  Olive Oil.  Yep, EVO on my face.  You can google it and find wonderful blog posts explaining how it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils away, which then does not require an excess of oil production to replace those natural oils….and for breakouts, try EVO with castor oil, half and half.  Give it a google!  You might love it and save yourself a boatload. 

    • Coby

      I’ve done this around my eyes, and I love it.  I also put it on my hair and scalp occasionally to moisturize.  My dad used to take hot baths and pour olive oil in the bath water and rub it all over his head!  (he keeps his head shaved bald).  It wasn’t until I was married that I realized that olive oil is for cooking and not bathing!

  • http://nathanandkristen.blogspot.com kristen

    I JUST decided I needed a new skin care routine.  trying one love organics and loving it!

  • Lisa

    I was in the exact same boat as you a few years ago, Angie! Tried everything. I finally went to one of the top docs (cosmetic dermatologists) in our area here in KY and was encouraged to try Obagi (the Clenziderm line for “occasional breakouts” but otherwise beautiful skin if I do say so myself). I use three products — a cleanser in the shower; benzoyl peroxide lotion (a certain kind that penetrates well beneath the surface/completely different than the BP products on market), and a sunscreen. I occasionally use the eye cream, but no nearly as much as I should. 

    No words. My skin is as soft as a baby’s butt (according to my husband), and I might get A zit once per month, but rarely.

    Obagi doesn’t do much in the way of moisturizing creams or lotions because their products actually change the PH of the skin and therefore, you don’t need them. Most of the moisturizers on the market never go to the dermal layer where change occurs; it just sits on your skin making you THINK it’s doing something. I haven’t used a moisturizer in three years and my skin’s never been healthier!

    Best of luck : )

    • CKBrandon7

      Obagi is simply AMAZING, just like you it is the only thing that has worked for me and I will never go back. If you are ever looking for a light mosturizer my dermatoligst told me about cerave along with using the Obagi and I really love it :)

  • Aharrison687

    yes, i have to agree with the others about olive oil on the face, when i put it on at night, my face is still smooth the next day

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been an avid fan of your blog and reader for years. You (and your skin) are beautiful! I would like to send you a sample a full skin care system that is FREE (sample size). Do you have an address I can mail it to? I’ll also send a catalog in case you want to order. I have struggled with complexion problems all of my life due partly to an autoimmune problem but this system has improved my skin almost miraculously and I get comments constantly (especially from my daughters).

  • Leigh

    I love the Wexler line at Bath & Body Works…try the MMPI (pink stuff)…it’s amazing!  A little goes a long way so it lasts forever!

    All-time fave nude polish…OPI Bubble Bath.

  • Heather E

    I really enjoy the La Roche Posay products…

  • http://differentparent.com/ Wick

    Vaseline Intensive Care?  Sorry…I’m a guy.  We probably aren’t great help here.

  • http://hikingtowardhome.com/ Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    wow. 116 comments on skin care. Gotta love it.
    Also, You, dear, are far from Shallow.
    I don’t use any skin care products currently but I am reading the comments and maybe I might start a new addiction.

  • Tevans416

    I really do like the Beauticontrol products.  I have used them for years and years.  They have some new things that I have not tried yet, but have heard are really great and equal to something you would buy in a department store.

  • sl

    I love hope is a jar or as i am older than you hope is not enough. It is so light but really is great. You can get samples at Sephora. I also like the avon anew line for differnt age woman. You can get smples from an avon lady.Check the web to find an avon lady near you. I use both of these at differnt times. Both are reasonally price.

  • http://www.carissalayla.blogspot.com Carissa

    I use a bit of cheap mixed with some expensive stuff.  After I was my face I use Nourish face lotion by Trader Joe’s (seriously, it’s awesome)  I then use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, it’s light and covers just enough without looking like you are wearing clown make-up.  It’s $42 for a 1.5 flouid ounce but you hardly have to use much and it seems to last me 4-6 months, I LOVE it!  I use all Laura Mercier eyeshadow but once again, it lasts a long time!

  • Renee

    Three words:  Oil Cleansing Method.  Google it.  I’m never buying a line of anything again.  OCM has been wonderful to my face (I also have rosacea), even through my last pregnancy with all those crazy hormones.  I love that there are no chemicals involved.  :)

  • Anonymous

    While I enjoyed some Arbonne products (when I could afford them), my favorite and no fail facial cleanser is Burt’s Bees Orange Oil Cleanser for my face.  And I use Oil of Olay moisterizer after.  And, I’ll be honest, I go to bed with my make-up on- a lot.  No breakouts for me.  Glowing skin.  

  • CKBrandon7

    Obagi is an amazing skin care line! I have dry sensitive skin, rosacea, and I break out. Its around 40 dollars but last forever and a small drop goes a long way. There is many differnt types and they all work faboulous i really like the line for rosacea , but they are all amazing. Just like any new skin product though your face gets worse before better, so give it at least three months is the golden rule of any new product. My local dermatolgist sells it but you can also google Obagi and go on there website. This is the only thing that has worked for my skin and I have tried everything and anything in between from burts bees to neutrogena. Good luck!!

  • Marbsfamily

    Oil cleansing method!!! Love it and won’t go back!!

  • Paveski

    Murad…. Every product, but especially the daily moisturiser and face serum, will never go back!

  • Melissapeaslee

    I love the Philosophy brand!! Amazing! They have different products for different skin needs. They are affordable and I’m sure you will love them!

  • Phronsie Howell

    When I can get it, I get Mary Kay ‘cos it’s the only thing I’ve found that works.

  • Amy

    Sheer Cover is AMAZING! You have to order it over the phone or online, and it is a bit expensive, but worth it! I have super sensitive skin and most “sensitive” facial cleansers and moisturizers still dry it out. I gave Sheer Cover a try and fell in love. It’s the only thing that doesn’t dry out (while still being oily around the nose) and cause break outs for me.

  • Talley

    I just have to put a plug in for the clarasonic mia! Amazing! I is a tool not makeup or anything like that but your skins will feel amazing and your makeup will look even better. It is not expensive and you can travel with it!

  • Krista

    I would definantly go with Mary Kay.  It is AMAZING.There’s alos a lot of fun stuff too besides the great skincare.

  • Hollyo1

    I am an oil of olay kind of gal – old school – not the new fancy kind but good old fashioned oil of olay from the drug store. I am also a big believer in a wash cloth with nothing on it but cold water - if I start messing around with all kinds of sillyness I have problems. Makeup I have one word – clinique – all I can do!

  • Alison Currey

    I too have lately (and slightly out of the blue) need to better my skincare regimen as I am quickly approachingthaw turning 30 deadline…

    While searching for a skincare regimen that would take me into a new century proud of my reflection, I stumbled upon R & F. I first started using Rodan & Fields a few months ago. I fell in love with the products and immediate results. All the areas of concern you mentioned can benefit from these products. Check out http://www.acurrey.myrandf.com for more info!

    I was at Women of Faith in Tampa this weekend and was deeply moved by your journey. What an inspiration you are and a true testament of God’s unchanging and never-ending love!

    The End.

    • Alison currey

      *decade, NOT century!

      And please pardon the iPhone typos!

  • Darla Creech


  • Ally

    MaryKay has good stuff, but it’s expensive! 

  • http://www.jackscouponcodes.com Jackie

    My daughter and I tend toward Neutragena products.  I have also used some of Avon products with success.

  • Cindy

    I can’t believe I sat here for 30 minutesand read all of the comments! Actually, I do. :)
    I use Mary Kay and have for at least 15 years. I loved reading about what others use. I am curious about the oil cleansing method. I just might have to try it. It can’t hurt anything and if  don’t like it, there are plenty of other things to do with it.
    It is after midnight. I should go wake up my husband who is asleep on the couch and take him to bed. :)

  • EB

    Love Love Love ‘Shiseido’ – Benefiance line! After 2 babies – my skin is dry one day and oily the next, with occasional breakouts. Shiseido is the only product I’ve found that gives it the perfect balance and glow.  

  • Beth

    I also have roseacea, and I started using Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple (FAB stuff!), then moved on to Philosophy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.  I have made the decision to ONLY use the Exfoliating Wash, and I truly feel like I have a brand new facefull of skin!

  • Kellijturner

    The Mary Kay Timewise line is amazing. Just find a consultant in your area and ask for a free facial! Ask also to try the microderm abrasion and the even complexion products. You might like them! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone, I’d be happy to send you some samples and a ‘how-to.’ Just shoot me an email!

    • Kristal

      I am a consultant in the Nashville Area, and would love to give a free facial to anyone interested in trying the Mary Kay Products!  TimeWise and the Microderm abrasion are serious miracle workers on my skin!

  • Stephlovesjuiceplus

    Hi Angie!  Love your blog. :)
    Great skin starts from the inside… so while I LOVE all things skincare-related (I personally use the Dermalogica skincare line… it’s fabulous!) I have to say that my first line of defense is actually a program called Juice Plus.  It’s 25 fruits, veggies and grains in capsule form — whole food nutrition, not synthetic supplements — and there’s actually solid research on it that shows it’s the real deal.  My nails and hair grow like crazy, and it’s improved my skin like no other!!
    It is the most researched brand name nutritional product in the world and it has been a huge blessing to me and my family.  I would love it if it blessed yours, as well.
    Blessings to you and your family!!

  • Amy Edwards

    Hi Angie! Have you heard of Norwex products? Norwex offers both cleaning and personal care products that are natural-based, chemical-free, and pretty much as “pure” as it gets :) They have cloths with which you can remove make-up and clean your face (using only water and the cloth – it truly works!), and they also have an amazing skin care line (day cream, night cream, etc.). You should check it out. Who knows – if the skin care doesn’t interest you, you might still be interested in the other products available! They’re great for families with small children :)


    • Schuhkp

      I agree on the Norwex products.  They are amazing, safe for your skin/body and good for the environment!  And not nearly as expensive as some of the other products listed.

      • avm

        I love the Norwex products as well, but if you really want to be cheap, use a microfiber cloth (with a low % of polyester) and it will do the job as well.  I also use Olay facial moisturizer.

  • Targetshopper

    I already left a comment but I just wanted to jump back in and let you know that a couple of years ago I was having a horrible time with my skin (redness, breakouts, uneven tone, etc.) .  I had a sister who sold Mary Kay and a co-worker who sold Arbonne.  Trust me, I tried it all!!!  While these are great products and worked well for them, my dermatologist told me that those products were too harsh for my type of skin.  She also said that a few of the ingredients found in those products were also in my make-up so it was a problem.  She suggested a mild cleanser and a natural moisturizer.  At first I used a scent-free baby lotion as a moisturizer and that worked well but the cleanser was still too harsh.  That’s when I found the Oil Cleansing Method.  No more breakouts (unless I get lazy and skip a few days), no more redness, no more uneven tone, and my makeup stays on and even all day.  I hardly ever have to re-apply like I did before.  I just can’t tell you how much I love it!  The more natural the better in my opinion!

    • AngieR

      Can you tell me more about the Oil Cleansing method?  I have red hair, fair skin, dryness, rosacea and breakouts. Thanks!

  • taylor yves

    Burt’s Bees! Soap Bark face wash & Radiance night cream. They are so gentle, they are all I use. I even use the night cream when I break out because I learned that moisturizing my face healed acne quicker than trying to dry it out.

  • Sonja

    Wow!  Everyone is so passionate about skin care!  I love my Artistry products.  I helped an aunt find the right items to lighten and keep her roseca (sp) in check.  The oil thing can be a skin type or simply that you’re not being as consistent as your skin would like you to be :) .  It can overproduce if not properly cared for.  What I love about Artistry is that it’s backed by a 180 day money back guarantee, they have extensive research & development – so the claims they make are TRUE.  Many Artistry consultants use a skin analysis machine (that requires some additional training) to help see where your skin is at below the eye level to make sure the right products are prescribed.  The cost is reasonable.  If you are interested, I can give you a name in your area of one of my mentors (who’s SO sweet) to help.  Sonja

  • thinker

    Two things you might be allergic or have an intolerance to are gluten and sodium laural(th) sulfate (SLS). SLS is in everthing from detergents to meds (crazy since it is a detergent). Here is a blog about rosacea and gluten:

    Here is a website that tells what ingredients to avoid and as you can see SLS is one of them:

    My experience with SLS topically is that it drys my skin something terrible and causes a horrible rash. (I also got horrible bloody noses from it as well.) It is no fun but I have to carry my own soap w/me wherever I go– but it is worth it.

  • Amberbrooke1

    I absolutely love MD Skincare. You can find it at Sephora

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ve tried every product at Target, from Burts Bees to Aveeno, from Neutrogena, etc, etc, etc…I sold Mary Kay at one time.  I loved the Mary Kay, for a time, and loved the Aveeno, for a time.  But then I felt like my skin would start looking blah, and I’d go on a hunt for products again.

    Dermalogica products are the ones I love the best.  I started using them when I was getting monthly facials (gave up Starbucks, starting getting facials instead).  I start with this:  http://buy.dermalogica.com/e2wItemMain.aspx?parentID=IT00002064&parentLink=2100000111:3100000406 which is an olive oil based precleanser.  The smell is amazing, and it’s used at the start of my facials…they use steam and massage my skin with this stuff.  AMAZING.  It reminds me of the oil cleansing stuff that people were talking about in earlier comments.  

    It seems to last forever, and is especially wonderful in the winter.  I’m very prone to breakouts, but these products have reduced my breakouts dramatically.  When I’m broke/can’t afford to replace products and go back to Aveeno, I start breaking out.

    http://buy.dermalogica.com/e2wItemMain.aspx?parentID=IT00000984&parentLink=2100000111:3100000406 is the actual cleanser I use and it lasts a very long time.

    http://buy.dermalogica.com/e2wItemMain.aspx?parentID=IT00001018&parentLink=2100000111:3100000413 is a moisturizer, SPF coverage and come in a tinted/non-tinted formula.  I use it in place of a base makeup.

    Aveeno makes a similar 3-in-1 product, which is also nice and a lot cheaper, but I do like the Dermalgica a bit better because the tint is a better fit for my skin tone.  However, I have used the Aveeno and it leaves my skin feeling very nice as well.

    Dermalogica.com     A lot cheaper the La Mer!!

  • Anonymous

    PS…they have an ultra calming product line for rosacea

  • Julie

    Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple is an awesome makeup remover/cleanser.  And I love their moisturizer, too (Hope in a Jar) — not greasy at all and it has a nice clean/fresh smell.

  • Diana Markland


    I’ve tried lots of good products but  my skin is really sensitive and it seems I eventually have a problem.  I keep going back to Clinique.  Good products, decent prices and they have a great basic starting point with other options for specific issues.    Hope you find something that works just right!  Oh yeah, no “penguin exhibit” odors, either!

  • Minetta

    I use the Clinique product for red skin along w/ the makeup. It works GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a big Clinique fan, I’ve tried switching to lines like Lancome or Estee Lauder and I always return to Clinique for makeup and I do like the youth surge moisturizer.  I also really like the Origins line, I use their face wash, and some of their anti-aging products, but I’m 52 so my needs are different :0).  Origins does give out nice size samples and their products are not super expensive.  

  • AngieR

    Angie, I read I Will Carry You after my miscarriage last year; thank you so much for your story.  It was a healing experience for me.  I finally made it back over to your site today &  started reading.  It’s like a mirror!   Red hair, dry skin, rosacea and occasional breakouts.  I have tried prescription antibiotics, but they can’t be used while pregnant or nursing, and I just gave birth to my 2nd daughter 2 months ago.  Finacea doesn’t work for me, and neither does the Clinique redness solutions line.  However, my brother recently went to Israel and came back with the All in 1 toning cleanser by AHAVA, and I love it.  It makes my skin feel so soft, and it can be wiped off so you remove makeup without putting more water on your skin, causing more dryness.  The rosacea cycles can be so vicious, as I am sure you understand.  I am looking into trying more of their products – their site is http://www.ahava.com to order in the US.  Oh, and my name is, of course, Angie.  Thank you so much for sharing your story and life. 

  • Whitney Goulding

    I may be a little late to this convo but I am an Avon representative and have to tell you that I LOVE Avon products.  I’m not just trying to plug the stuff I sell, but long before I sold it, I loved it.  I have rosacia too and some breakouts so I have used their ANEW Reversalist line which moisturizes and also evens out your skin tone so the redness isn’t as visible (and it fights wrinkles!).  It may say it’s for women in their 40′s but I’m 25 and it works great on me – it’s really for any age.  I have really seen real results from the Reversalist line and I like that it’s not just one cream, but a whole system. 

    Then, if I have a bad breakout or something, I use Proactive’s night cream and it clears it right up!

    Feel free to look around avon’s site if you are interested: http://www.youravon.com/wgoulding

    I also saw on a commercial that Olay just came out with an Adult Acne clearing line that I’ve been dying to try.  I am sure it is cheaper than the department store brands too.  Finally a product for adults with breakouts!

  • http://www.elisvalley-perfectlove.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Dove unscented for face soap and I am stuck on Merle Norman everything else!

  • Jenn

    I just discovered Arbonne love it! It’s a Swiss company. Organic, vegan, awesome. Softens your skin, works on acne! Worth looking into.

  • RiKa’

    Hi there!  After much research, this is my choice.  Because I love all things pure, things with integrity and philanthropic intention, I LOVE all products by USANA Health Sciences.  Check out the book “The Healthy Home” by USANA founder and his son, Dave.  USANA partners with Children’s Hunger Fund.
    Anyway, their skincare line Sense’ Beautiful Science is AMAZING!  Pure, preservative and paraben free… gunk free (gunk is a scientific word in mommy-land, right?)  The scrub/polisher is yummy… leaves your skin soft and aglow!  Fantastic shampoo, conditioner and body wash as well.  All products are 100% money back guarantee, unheard of for skin/body care.  They are top-notch quality but less expensive than any of their competitors.
    Check out http://www.beautifulscience.com or http://www.rikatippett.usana.com

  • Shelby

    Lush 9 to 5 available at most Macy’s and they have some freestanding stores along with Celestial Moisturizer.  I am not usually the type to go for the all natural stuff and most lush products smell a bit too close to dirt.  But, I had tried some of the hair soaps and conditioners from Basin at Walt Disney World and loved them so much that I wanted a new cleanser.  Since Basin isn’t exactly close, I decided to check out Lush.  I have the same exact type of issues with my skin.  I had resigned myself to the whole let my skin break out when initially switching to a new soap but it didn’t happen this time!  This is the first time my skin has felt normal!!  Plus, this stuff is affordable.  :)  Good Luck with your search! 

  • Atyler75

    Ang – I have the same skin as you. I used Dr. Weil’s line on Origins.com.  Specifically the ‘Mega Mushroom Advanced Face Serum’.  UNEBELIVABLE. I have been using t his stuff for years now. Cleared up all the redness and acne!

  • http://twitter.com/Foodie4Healing Amykinz

    I am in LOVE with Paula’s Choice. I have always had a hard time with skin care lines and I’m really picky about product ingredients. Paula’s Choice works!!! And most of the products have decent ingredients that won’t eventually kill you. Here’s their website: http://paulaschoice.com P.S. I just saw you at the WOF conference in St. Paul, MN. Your skin was glowing & radiant! You are beautiful! And thanks for sharing your story. It revealed a very raw place in my heart… I dealt with infertility for 4.5 years and lost 2 babies during pregnancy. I guess it’s still a broken place in my heart that needs healing from our Savior. Can’t wait to read your book, “I will carry you!”

  • Jessica M

    PHILOSOPHY!!!!!!! Seriously, my skin has changed and this has finally helped. They are also reasonably priced. Purity, Keep the Peace and those Miracle face pads with retinoid a or something in them. My face is so much smoother and happier!

  • Kaylee

    L’Bri. :)  It’s natural and the first ingredient in everything they sell is aloe.  The price is doable as well.
    A friend from church got me hooked and now she and one of my sister-in-law’s sell it.  My skin is soft and smooth AND their products smell wonderful, no penguin exhibit smells here. :)
    Sorry if this was mentioned already, I didn’t read through all the comments.

  • Stephanie

    Paula’s Choice>>> the “cosmetic cop” knows her stuff!!!

  • Jana

    I’m jumping on late to this bandwagon.  I have the same issues you have and have used every skincare line out there simply because I am a product junkie.  My skin was in great shape until recently.  (I’m 35 and I’m chalking it up to age.) What seems to be working for me now is actually drugstore products and my Clarisonic.  I like the Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser and moisturizers (I have only found it at Walgreen’s) and my go-to product is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Blemish Anti-Wrinkle cream.  A pearl sized amount takes care of blemishes and fine lines.  It’s amazing stuff.  At night that is all I put on after cleansing and I use it under moisturizer in the morning.

  • Jana

    I’m jumping on late to this bandwagon.  I have the same issues you have and have used every skincare line out there simply because I am a product junkie.  My skin was in great shape until recently.  (I’m 35 and I’m chalking it up to age.) What seems to be working for me now is actually drugstore products and my Clarisonic.  I like the Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser and moisturizers (I have only found it at Walgreen’s) and my go-to product is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Blemish Anti-Wrinkle cream.  A pearl sized amount takes care of blemishes and fine lines.  It’s amazing stuff.  At night that is all I put on after cleansing and I use it under moisturizer in the morning.

  • Jana

    I’m jumping on late to this bandwagon.  I have the same issues you have and have used every skincare line out there simply because I am a product junkie.  My skin was in great shape until recently.  (I’m 35 and I’m chalking it up to age.) What seems to be working for me now is actually drugstore products and my Clarisonic.  I like the Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser and moisturizers (I have only found it at Walgreen’s) and my go-to product is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Blemish Anti-Wrinkle cream.  A pearl sized amount takes care of blemishes and fine lines.  It’s amazing stuff.  At night that is all I put on after cleansing and I use it under moisturizer in the morning.

  • Cindy

    So, this is a little late, but I also have rosacea and occasional breakouts with dry spots sometimes. I FINALLY found a nice moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy, greasy and it causes no reactions! CeraVe is near Cetaphil in the drugstore and is much better! Buy the CeraVe PM face lotion – but no need to only use it in the PM. They have an AM formula, but it has sunscreen in it and it feels more greasy. So happy to have found it and it’s reasonably priced!
    I also was prescribed Finacea for my rosacea and I only use it at night. Works better than Metrogel did on the rosacea. 
    My husband even commented that my skin is looking better!

  • Sweetfloweret

    i checked out the La Mer website for kicks.  Wondered, “how much could this stuff really cost?  i mean, if you love it and it’s your skin…”
    Um, what the heck is in those jars… Liquid gold?  Crikey!  Just go back and get more samples… then send someone else. ha.
    There’s $60 worth right there.

  • Rebecca Foxworth

    Rather than trust that *I* have the exact same skin needs as *you*, why not do this:
    Go to newbeauty.com and click on the link for the New Beauty Test Tube (it’s near the $29.95 logo). The test tube arrives four times for year, and contains higher quality brands in sample and full sizes. In one shipment, I received a full size ($75) bottle of Cellex-C!
    Because I’ve used the service personally, I can tell you that there is simply no catch to the program. It arrives every three months. I had no problem cancelling and restarting the program. I’ve been introduced to several wonderful products (Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More!) and some that clearly did not work for me (a horridly painful “plumping lip venom” comes to mind), but what a wonderful way to try great products in reasonable sizes (even the “sample sizes” usually give you a full two weeks worth so you can truly gauge if the product works for you) for about $10 a month.
    I HIGHLY recommmend them.

  • Ashley Thurston

    This is way late but if you are still looking for the save all skincare product I would encourage you to check out NeriumAD! 1 product that addresses multiple concerns and the company even offers their customers the opportunity to receive this phenomenal product for FREE simply by sharing it! I’d be more than happy to answer any questions otherwise you can go to my website. Athurston.nerium.com