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Speaking of Shallow…

If you wandered over here today looking for Biblical insights and/or anything else that really matters, you may want to take a detour right about now.

But then again, maybe this is just the conversation you have been looking for.

A few minutes ago I posted a simple tweet that started what felt like a tweet revolution. The response was unprecedented. I felt something in me weep with relief as suggestions poured in. I sensed that everything was going to change.

It reminded me of another innocent twitter comment that led to life-changing insights regarding nail color. I have been on a lifelong hunt for the perfect nude shade (currently I’m stuck on Essie’s “It’s in the bag” but I welcome suggestions).

It seems like just yesterday I could use St Ives apricot goo like it was going out of style, but today? No longer. I need new skin care.

I have tried a bunch of well-known lines and haven’t found one I love yet, so I am sending out a facial SOS. I made the mistake of wandering into a Saks Fifth Avenue (that wasn’t the mistake), asking for a bunch of samples (still not to the mistake yet), and then falling in love with La Mer (hello, mistake).

Turns out it’s more likely that I will right the Titanic than spend that kind of money on a facial product, but I don’t deny that the fling we have had has changed me.

I can’t go back. It’s all a mess now.

I mean, I’m positively GLOWING. What we have is REAL.

Alas. It wasn’t meant to be…


I need some suggestions here. And based on my twitter feed, I’m not the only one. I have dry skin, rosacea, and occasional breakouts. And please don’t mention any products that smell like penguin exhibits. I don’t care what it does to my skin.

People are listening. People who care about important things like small pores and glowing cheeks. And in the event that you have ever emailed me asking what kind of blush I wear, know that I LOVE getting these kinds of questions. So easy and fun to answer!!! Well, that last one? Not so much. Nars makes amazing blush but opens the door to awkward internet conversations with their name choices.

Alright, topic of conversation is skin care products you love…and…




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