The Story!!!

Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to be on this side of a project I believe in SO deeply.

I have been hearing bits and pieces of it for months, and have been blown away as I have seen it come together. There was a vision for what it would be, and when the CD finally came in the mail I got all emotional because I sincerely believe that this project will change our experience of the Bible in a dramatic and beautiful way.

If you’re going to start with a book, you might call Max Lucado to write it (done) or maybe Randy Frazee (check).

Then, you’re going to want to get the best producer on the planet (Bernie Herms…check). And how about some killer music…let’s see if we can think up a couple artists…see if any of these ring a bell.

Mac Powell (Third Day), Leigh Nash, Natalie Grant, Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), Todd Smith, Amy Grant, Francesca Battistelli, Michael Tait, Lecrae, Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Darlene Zschech, Jeremy Camp, Brandon Heath, Matthew West, Mandisa…to name a few :) .

And if you could pick the best Christian songwriter you know…(come on, say NICHOLE NORDEMAN!!! that was the correct answer :) ) to write the lyrics to the stories that make up the Bible, wouldn’t that be amazing? well, CHECK that one too.

The Story Project is finally out in stores and is absolutely AMAZING. The London symphony plays as well, in case you wanted some great strings and stuff.

Seriously, y’all. I’m speechless over it. The idea behind the CD is that different people sing different character’s stories (Todd is Job) and the CD tells the story of Scripture from beginning to end.

This will also be a tour, where people who come can experience video (amazing video) telling the story as each artist sings.

There is so much more, and I would love for you to click here to be re-directed to their website. There are interviews with artists, tour dates and cities, and all kinds of cool things…I think you’re going to fall in love the way I have.

You can purchase the CD from iTunes by clicking here. You will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Tell everyone!!! The Story is here!!!!


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  • Paige

    LOVE this CD!!!!  Have listened to it multiple times a day since I got it.  Debating going to see it live in Atlanta!!!!!!  And Todd did an amazing job (haha) as Job!

  • Sharon O

    Sounds wonderful. Will have to look into it.
    I was wondering (not to be critical) but why do you have the twilight saga on your site? isn’t that about vampires and evil? I was a bit disappointed to see that advertising plus where you can get tickets. I never saw any of it other than commercials on tv and it is very dark and evil.
    Just a question.

    • JD

      You’re right, Sharon, Angie wouldn’t intentionally advertise for that on her blog.  The ad came from the BlogHer widget.  The content of the BlogHer widget is likely not something that Angie has control over, and unfortunately, there are times the ads are inappropriate or not quite what we’d expect to see on whichever blog we’re on that has the widget.  The proceeds from the BlogHer widget do help support the many ministries that the Smith family are involved with, though.

      • Sharon O

        thank you for responding. I realize it was an accident it just shocked me because of the content of the ad. I fully know she or they would never allow that on their site and perhaps there is a way to ‘control’ what is shown. I am not being critical to cause a problem just sharing my concern. I enjoy the blog and the ministry and hopefully the widget can be adjusted.

        • JD

          Totally understand <3 !  

  • Alexandra Nicole

    Shared the news with my church small group a couple of weeks ago!  I’m savoring the songs slowly, just trying to absorb this new take on the story of everything.  

    Thank you again for sharing!

  • Ericae

    Wow!  I am sooooo glad you posted this.  Otherwise, I might not have heard about it.  I am obsessed!!  The songs are amazing.  AMAZING!  Jesus will be glorfied in this and people will get to know more about His heart for the world.  Thank you for mentioning this Angie, I went right to the website and am listening to each of the songs right now!! Can’t wait to buy the DVD.  What a great resource for churches!!

  • Melanie Cantelmo

    That is so cool! I have been reading The Story since August and reading The Story for Children to my daughter. It is SOOOOO good. I will have to check this out. THank you!

  • Jennifer @ Live Art.fully

    I first heard about this on the radio, and then via the Selah FB page. I’m so excited to receive it. 

  • Hannah

    Hi Angie-
    I was at Women of Faith this weekend in St. Paul.  What a powerful event.  I went so excited to see you since I read your blog but was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I enjoyed all the ladies.  You guys are awesome!  I felt like God was speaking to me through all you guys.  Thank-you for doing what you do.  I know it is such a  sacrifice but you truly are allowing God to change lives through you.  I’m very excited to read your new book and see what God has in store for me next.

  • Kaye

    Thanks so much for sharing this!  Will pass it along to others and I look so forward to listening to the cd’s.  Will you be in Dallas?:)  My sister and I are discussing buying tickets to the Atlanta show, for our brother and his wife, as an anniversary gift!
    So excited to hear so many talented singers, together, tell HIS story.  What a blessing!
    Blessings to you and your family, today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  • Laura

    Just got mine yesterday and have been playing it ever since!  Love it!  I especially was moved by “Broken Praise.”  Fitting song for your hubby with all that you’ve been through as a family.  Thank you both for continuing to allow your lives to “sing” for HIS glory!

  • Priscilla

    Angie, I have been reading your blog from the start, I ‘m by may 2009 got a long way to go. I check everyday to see if you’ve written any new longer posts but I’m sure you must be soo busy now, I notice your posts are shorter. Anyway you are wonderful, Your blog has really touched me and I love Todd’s music. I miscarried at three months in 2009 and it hurt me soo much, it truly is the loneliest grief. I had heard of Nicol’s son’s death but had never found your blog, it would have helped me so much back then. I hope you continue to write more. By the way, I know this is totally random, but I saw a post about a room you decorated with simply shabby chic  bedding, I am trying to redecorate my daughters room with the same brand and was wondering, do your daughter’s rooms have a shabby chic them? if so would you ever put pictures up too see what decor you’ve used in their rooms? thanks you for being a new virtual friend. Priscilla

  • Diana Markland

    Thanks for the info, Angie!  I bought The Story for my nook this summer.  Our pastor is going to use it in 2012 and many people in our church family are reading it.  Excited about the CD as well!  I’ll check it out.

  • Scubagirl

    This is one of those times where I buy things for someone else, that I’d LOVE to have for myself!  I can already tell you that my husband’s getting the CD & DVD for Christmas – the music previews are amazing.  Thank you so much – I had no idea that this was out there!

  • Patty

    I adore Francesca Battistelli’s music, she makes me feel like it’s okay to be real and LOVE God, her music just speaks to me and am a fan of her’s on FB and saw a link to buy tickets to the show in Hoffman Estates, IL.  I called my mom and we got gold circle tickets so we could do the Behind the Music Q&A!  We are BEYOND excited!!!!!!!  We’re making a girls weekend out of it driving down from Milwaukee.  I got the CD last week and it is amazing, the first time you listen you listen for the melody, the second time was for the words, and everytime there after has more moving than the last.  What a FANTASTIC project.  Todd is just wonderful on it!!  I’m so glad that you’re plugging it on your blog!  It’s so worth every great word written about it! 

  • Hollyo1

    Holy cow – those are basically all of my favorite people! Nicole Nordeman’s “Brave” is my anthem song and “Legacy” is my – don’t shout at the children – this will all be over too quickly song!


  • Hillary

    Our church is “doing” “The Story”….I mean everyone. Kids, Youth, Adults. Our small groups are doing it, our youth group is doing, our kids ministry is doing it and Sunday morning is doing it. We love it!!! I have been so impressed with everything about it so far. :) :) I just heard that a CD was coming out and I got even more excited. I can’t wait to get the CD…..

  • Patricia

    What a brilliant display of talent here ~ the music is soooo beautiful and all the artists fit the songs so perfectly! I ordered 2 CD’s!!

  • Alyson

    This is so exciting! Thanks for sharing! I think I now have a Christmas gift idea.

  • Holly G-M

    Wow…just wow! I did one of those “hun this isn’t going on the Christmas list” moments with my husband and it is on the way.

  • Wanda

    99 kinds of  W O W !!!
    I’m in love already!  Wish list, baby!

  • Ally

    Bought it. Can’t stop listening I’m in love with how GREAT, my God is through the lyrics to these songs. Thank you everyone who contributed to this CD, and pray fully wrote the lyrics and music- beautiful. Gives me a little piece of heaven. And is encouraging me everyday to remember that it is real. That Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Mary, the Disciples were real people with real emotions, real feelings- just like me. And my God is the same God to them and to me and to my grand babies! Thank you, Thank you!

  • Mattie

    I purchased this album on iTunes about 2 weeks ago and can’t stop listening to it!  Especially Todd’s song, Broken Praise.  As a mother who buried two of her children just 14 months apart, I have found myself in the book of Job several times and this song brings it all together.  And coming from your amazingly talented husband makes it all the more special.  I know he means the words he sings, “If one more person takes my hand and tries to say they understand…” I’m actually blogging about it right now :)  

    All of the songs are so beautifully written and performed…I just wish the tour was coming closer to where I live!

  • Cherie

    I plan to go to The Story music tour.  I’m excited to see and hear Selah in person!  Your very own Todd!  And love Francesca and Steven Curtis!  WOW!

  • Kristenvia

    I’m going to the concert near Washington, DC. Will you be there?