Well, I was supposed to be in Ecuador right now with Compassion International. Can I even relate to you the level of disappointment I have about missing a trip with the following people? Kelly Stamps, Ann Voskamp, Boomama, Bigmama, and Amanda Jones.


And Compassion did the most amazing job of working out flights so that I could fly seamlessly between my speaking dates, but in the end I just hated to be gone that much given the fact that I’m already gone so much this season. But it sure makes me wish I could be in two places at once. Actually, three. Because Charlotte just woke up and I need to get her and finish this post.

I have shared lots in the past about my love for Compassion and what they do for children around the world, and by following along with these bloggers, you’ll get to see it all firsthand. It’s one thing to send off a letter or a check, but it’s entirely different to experience it in person.

A few weeks ago Abby was at a concert with Todd and wandered over to the Compassion table. She fell in love with the sweet face of a toddler and asked Todd if she could sponsor her. Todd explained that she would have to give her allowance and any other money she had, and that we would help her but it would be her responsibility. Moreover, it would be her sacrifice.

It wasn’t just a sweet face, it was a life that was about to be changed.

She consulted Ellie and they decided they would do it together. They have since roped in two friends, and they take it really seriously. Any time they find change, the first thing they say is, “My Compassion girl!”

I talk a big talk with them. Love God, love His people. Give it away for the kingdom. Don’t live without acknowledging how fortunate you are. And don’t think for one second that your contribution doesn’t matter….because the Lord makes miracles out of our offerings and multiplies our efforts in ways we can’t imagine.

But do they see me walk the walk? I would like to think they do. But I also know that I’m as prone to selfishness and apathy as the next person.

I’ll be totally honest with you.

Until my trip to India with Compassion a few years ago, I had all but learned to tune out the sound of anyone asking for money. Not that I didn’t think there were people who needed it, but I had suspicions about organizations. We might not all get to travel and see it firsthand, but for those of us who have, there is a feeling of compulsion to share.

It really is exactly what you would hope it is.

It’s a group of people who believe they can change the face of poverty and are doing the work of the Gospel in some of the hardest places imaginable.

You have the opportunity today to change the life of a little girl or boy, and I promise you this.

It matters.

Not just to that child, but maybe for your own children. Maybe to a watching world who wants to know if Christians really put their money where their mouths are. Would you prayerfully consider whether or not God is asking you to be a part of Compassion’s ministry by sponsoring a child? Click on the little button below to follow along with the bloggers in Ecuador right now. If the first day is any indication, they are in for a life-changing experience.

And for those of us who can’t be there in the flesh, lets be praying for them and for the work the Lord is doing through them. Here is a picture from Melanie’s (Bigmama) blog from today….

I just love her little wave and that giant backpack. Click over to her blog to read the whole story.

I’ll just say that on the latter part of the trip there is a lot of jungle activity coming up. I’m pretty sure none of us want to miss that experience :) So stay tuned online and prayerfully consider the role you could have in a child’s life today.

I clicked on Kelly’s link to these kiddos and melted when I saw how many had been waiting for 6 months or longer for a sponsor. Just click over and see if God stirs your heart for one of them. Or 15 of them. Whatever.

So in the event that you haven’t picked up on it (because subtlety has always been a gift of mine), I would love for you to consider sponsoring one of these little munchkins.

Right now.

This second.

It matters.


Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011


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  • Anonymous

    I second EVERY thing you said about how much those little, adorable munchkins NEED us!!! I couldn’t imagine NOT sponsoring my kids! I just wish I could go personally meet them sometime! Thank you for this beautiful post!

    P.S. I know the whole Ecuador group wishes you were there, too. :) You’re kinda just one of those people/friends that people want to be with and spend time with! You’re LOVE for the Lord is always evident and your sense of humor is the BEST!!! Love you xoxo

  • Elizabeth


    Here’s a question I wonder about every time I consider a sponsorship.  I’m a grad student, and my income is uncertain.  I worry about what will happen if I begin to sponsor a child, and then I don’t receive a fellowship for the next year or next semester, or whatever, and suddenly my own ability to pay the rent is in question.  I would feel as if I had abandoned my sponsored child.  How does Compassion handle canceled sponsorships?  Would such a child lose his or her ability to participate in Compassion programs?  Is that child prioritized for new sponsorships?  This seems like a responsiblity not to be taken lightly — it’s a responsibility to an individual, not a general fund charity donation to be budgeted in where possible.  But unlike Abby and Ellie, I don’t have anyone to back me up if I lose my allowance.  :- )  And by the way, how  proud you must be of those two!  Can you offer any insight?

    • Holly G-M

      Elizabeth, I am a trained Advocate for Compassion International and can answer that for you. The child would not lose anything other than you. He or she would still be in the programs as if nothing happened and would be put back up online for sponsorship. I personally take in these “older children” and they are all I sponsor. The commitment is a shorter time, but the need is just as great. Be warned though, they DO feel emotional effects from losing you. Sometimes they wonder if you didn’t love them or if they were not good enough. I encourage you to sponsor, God WILL provide the money (believe me, I know!). If you do have to stop (and I did once whilst going through divorce from an abusive marriage), let your child know that you love them and you are doing what is best for them and encourage them to continue on with their new sponsor. Hope this helps! Holly

    • Melissa

      Elizabeth, I’m not a trained advocate, but I can attest to how God will provide what you need if you take this step in faith, and if you have prayed and believe God is leading you to sponsor a child.  I just wish I could sponser 100 children, but we can do 2.  And write to them.  And let them know we love them and so does Jesus.  Read about Jonathon here: http://boomama.net/2011/11/11/welcome-to-the-jungle/ - God is gracious.

  • http://www.dominicandkristin.blogspot.com kasmith03

    Thank you for writing this post but even more importantly you have also set an example of making a hard choice and I think making the right choice. As women especially I think we want so bad to do everything and be everything to everyone and we often stretch ourselves too thin. I would LOVE to go on a Compassion trip and I know you would have had an impact there but you made an even greater impact by choosing your family first. And you are teaching your children well now when they are young and they will carry that with them for life!!

  • http://www.darkchocolateisbest.blogspot.com Scubagirl

    Let me just say, Angie, that I sponsor a child in India, DIRECTLY as a result of your “campaign.”   It brings me much joy, without a doubt.  I’d love to sponsor a child in each country you bloggers highlight, but alas!  Not enough money.   

    I’m a “silent sponsor,” in that no one at my church really knows that I do this (as compared to the lady who lets it be known that she sponsors 2 kids).  I have served at a Compassion event, at the table in the lobby, and totally believe in Compassion.  I just wish that there was a way to multiply my $$$, so I COULD sponsor a child in Equador.  And Venezuela.  And China. 

    If anyone has ideas on ways we could multiply our dollars with the plan to multi-sponsor other countries, let me know!!!

  • Mary N.

    I’m going to WOF this weekend in Hartford and can NOT wait to see you in person.  I’ve never attended a conference like this and look forward to being refreshed and encouraged.  So although you can’t be with those ladies, I know your stories and I know what a blessing you are going to be to many many ladies while speaking this weekend.  :o)

  • http://ashleywb.blogspot.com AshleyB

    I’m following this Compassion trip with a tad bit more excitement than any Compassion trip before because our Compassion child lives in Ecuador.  I’ve been reading with anticipation of hearing and seeing more of what her life is like – and with a hint of hope that I *might* catch a glimpse of her sweet face in one of their pictures.  Having her as part of our life, especially for our six year old, is a blessing beyond measure. 

  • http://differentparent.com/ Wick

    Definitely an amazing privilege to be involved in changing the lives of others.  My wife was able to meet the girl we sponsor in the Philippines back in March, and it was amazing even just for myself and our daughters to experience through her stories and pictures.  Praying for this team on their journey!!

  • http://www.ordinaryinspirations.blogspot.com Traci

    You are a blessing… what a wonderful cause.  We sponsor a child and it is such a blessing.

    Love,Traci @  Ordinary Inspirations

  • Alyson

    I have been following this Compassion trip. Love reading the blog entries they have posted. A blessing they are to the children and families they are coming into contact with and I’m sure the team feels the blessings in return.

  • Mollykate

    My husband and I have been sponsering a little girl from Ecuador thru compassion for 7 years now.  My sweet little girl just wrote us that her father passed. I bawled my eyes out for her loss, at such a young age (11) and worried knowing that she is one of five children in her family. But on the back of her letter she drew a smiling sunshine. Even in the darkest of circumstances she still has hope. I am so greatfull that  Compassion is there helping to support the whole family through this loss.

  • Natalie Elrod

    Just this month, my family and I were blessed by music from The Crabbs and The Bowlings. They shared their love for Compassion and I was just like a kid in a candy store waiting to get our child. I have read several bloggers stories about Compassion and just thrilled to be involved now. So glad for your post and just so sorry you weren’t able to go. Motherhood is a very busy job, but God knows the desires of our hearts. If you are like me, ministry is so important and it can be difficult to juggle so many hats. But you are doing so many things (serving) where you are as you write these post… Sharing, mothering and ministering! Bless you and keep up His
    work! Hate we couldn’t connect with 93.7 WDJC. Maybe our paths will cross in the future!
    So excited to now have Ivan ( from ComPassion) a part of our family!

  • Renee Johnson

    Our Compassion girl of nine years, Sara, lives in Ecuador!  My husband spend the summer before we were married there with HCJB and fell in love with the place.  He seriously didn’t want to come home!  We wanted to go there as missionaries but God had another address in His plan for us and our family (for now?!) but we’d love to go together someday and maybe finally meet “our” Sara in person!  Thanks for the encouragement to share the love, Angie.  You are a blessing to me!  Renee

  • http://walkinthenameoflove.blogspot.com/ Ally

    I was following their trip to Ecuador, and this post finally put me over the edge. I can give…even if I’m young and in college. I became a sponsor mama to a little boy today! I’m so excited!! And I will meet him someday. I’m determined. Even if that means in heaven. Thank you! 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for sharing.  I love hearing about kids learning to make a difference like that.  My daughter prays for people who don’t have food every night and it brings tears to my eyes.  

  • http://aliciamarysworld.blogspot.com Alicia

    I wanted to let you know that I shared your posts about Mohit and Sangita with my Grade 5 class today, and was met with stunned silence when we got to the part where you talked about Mohit in the cinema, wanting to climb the mountain on the screen.When we looked at the photos on Melanie’s blog showing the house that SIX people live in, and then at the photos on Kelly’s blog where NINE people live in a house smaller than the size of our classroom. they were shocked and silent. (Just so you know, my class doesn’t DO silence. So this was a big deal!)
    I teach at a Christian school in Sydney, Australia, and every class sponsors a Compassion child. Lately, my class haven’t been meeting the $38 goal for our sponsor child Ivan. After reading your Compassion posts (and Kelly’s, and Melanie’s) I had kids going out to their bags, getting any spare change they had and putting it in our ‘Mission Monday’ tin. One boy even asked “How much money would it take to make Ivan rich?” and nodded seriously when I told him a rough estimate, like he was going to make it happen tomorrow.
    Thank you for showing us the real side of what Compassion does- it’s made a difference to 31 Grade 5 kids all the way over on the other side of the world, who now have a better understanding of WHY we sponsor children through Compassion, and what a difference it makes to the lives of kids who are much the same age as them.

  • Ruthy

    Just last week I got to experience that “mommy” moment when my little girl decided to do something amazing for our Compassion child in Zambia.  My little sweetie had been saving for some time in 2 funds - one her “Jesus fund” and one her personal savings.  She has been saving for the American Girl doll of the year – Kanani.  =)  Well, last week she won a fundraising contest at her school and received $50.  She was planning on putting most of the money in her Kanani fund, but she asked me “Mommy, how much do you think I should give to Jesus?”  I told her that she should just ask Jesus how much she should give to Him, and that He would make it clear to her.  A few days later she divided up her money evenly between the 2 funds.  She is now just $19 away from buying a goat for our “other” daughter’s family.  Hallelujah.

  • Coby

    Thank you so much for sharing this!  While we’re not financially in a position to sponsor a child at this point in time, it’s on my radar screen!  At the very least, we can pray for these children and their families.

    I will tell you that until reading your posts on Compassion, I never really considered giving in this way.  But you’ve truly inspired me to give in the capacity in which we’re able at this time.  We’ve been blessed to be able to do Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse, and it has been such a blessing to be able to teach my young boys about TAKING ACTION to show the love of Christ, and to give as one is able. 

    Also, I wanted to tell you that today is my birthday, and my husband gave me What Women Fear (I had been pinching pennies to be able to buy it, and he surprised me with it!).  I’ve just finished the introduction, and already it is marked up with pen and tears.  WOW.  I can’t begin to tell you how much it is ministering to me in a season where I have been dealing with fear as I never have before, and where God is helping me get to the root of the fears. Thank you!

  • Holly G-M

    As someone who has sponsored a Compassion children since she was 18 (and I am now 33) a big thank you for this post. I just linked it to my facebook because so many of my friends doubt me when I talk about how Compassion really is all they say they are. Do to a debilitating health condition, I may never be able to go see my sponsored girls, but they know I love them and most importantly, they know God loves them. I only sponsor older children whose original sponsors could not see them through and these girls have blessed me more than anything else in this world!

  • Gretchen F

    Thank you so much for posting this. As a college student on a tight budget, I had reservations about doing something like sponsoring a child. Then I read your story about Abby and Ellie and thought, wow, if two 8-year-olds and their friends can do it, I really have no excuse. Thank you also for all of the information you’ve posted on Compassion’s credibility and what they do. It really tipped the balance for me as far as finding the right organization to go through.