A Book You Should Get!

I am so honored to share this book with you, because I know a lot of you have probably made New Year’s resolutions that have to do with cutting back, budgeting, and all kinds of good stuff. Well, even if you haven’t you are going to want to put this baby in your amazon cart and go. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy and I LOVED it.

Crystal and I met a few years ago at the Relevant conference, but we got to connect a little more on a marriage cruise we were both on (Todd was singing and we had all the kiddos, so it wasn’t real “marriage-focused” for us :) ) and I just adored her. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and has a heart that will make you want her for a neighbor (I’ve pitched the idea and am currently waiting for her to accept. Ahem…). Above all of that, what I love about Crystal is that she loves the Lord, her family, and the things that will honor God, and she seeks Him so earnestly. While we were out on the deck of the ship one day I asked her a few heart-questions and was so blessed that she answered honestly and we were able to have some really refreshing conversations about the struggle to parent, work, and spend time with the Lord.

And then we walked to another area and heard Kirk Cameron and his wife speak and we were both a little irritated that she is gorgeous.

That last part doesn’t really have to do with her book.

But anyway.

This is a girl who is really, really living it. Paid for her house in cash (Booyah!!!) and walks through the process of how they keep their heads on straight with everything God has brought them. Crystal is a remarkable woman, a blessing to anyone who knows her, and most of all, a woman who makes her Father proud with her obedience. Along those lines, it probably will not surprise you to know that all of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to Compassion International, and you can read that story right here!!!

Kudos to you, Crystal, for being a beautiful example of the kind of woman we all strive to be. You are so loved!!!

Go buy the book NOW!!!!!

Here’s a little from Crystal herself…it cuts off at the end bc she gets emotional talking about it:)

It’s amazing and you’ll be so glad you did!!! Love you, Crystal!


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  • http://www.lynnettekraft.com/ Lynnette

    Totally agree with all of the above! :) She is a beautiful person and I, too, feel privileged and blessed to know her.
    (And I think it’s hilarious that you two were jealous of Kirk Cameron’s wife! ha!!! Too funny!)

  • http://differentparent.com/ Wick

    Yes, but to be fair, she has to be married to Kirk Cameron. :)   Seeing this book everywhere…definitely seems to be making an impact!!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/LittleWriterMom Lisa Littlewood

    Hi Angie…new here…found you through some Relevant women’s blogs! (I had the chance to attend this year!). I did not get to meet Crystal at the conference this year, though I know she was there and I heard SO many nice things about her through others having stopped at her table, or sitting in on her talk, etc. Looks like a great book!  And I could use help with a budget!!

  • Cathie

    I’m excited to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Julie

    I bought the book as soon as I read through your post.  It shipped that afternoon and I received it the next day (Friday) while I was away at an OB apt.  The babysitter didn’t tell me a package came so I found it on my sofa table Saturday…(skipped around and did a little dance)…then read the book throughout the day…almost cover to cover.  Thanks so much for the recommendation!  My husband and I have been paying off debt for the past 4+ years and we are now finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!!  Of course, just as we began to see that light…I was laid off from my part time job (in Dec.)  So, I have been attempting to get my online business on etsy ‘out there’ as well as come up with other small ways to save a dime.  (We decided I would NOT look for another job due to the fact that I am expecting our 4th child…in a high risk pregnancy)  This book gave some great tips that I’m excited to put in action. 


  • Jill

    I took bought this book as soon as I read your post.  I have just started it but am really excited about applying her principals.  They really do seem doable!