Bloom Announcement!

In answer to your (soon to be) question, I don’t know what is happening with my hair. I’m also having reservations about that shirt, which looks much cuter standing up.

Enough about me.

I’m not really a huge fan of the make-up either. Maybe it’s the lighting. It could be my head.

Ok, I’m really done now.

And despite all of these reservations, I still want you to watch this quick little video to hear about our latest selection for the Bloom Book Club. Maybe I needed the reminder…and maybe you do too.


Bloom Book Club Introduction from Bloom (in)courage on Vimeo.

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  • Jessica Turner

    When I edited the video I thought to myself, gosh Ang looks so much cuter than me in this video. WHY did I wear that sweater? And baby weight, please be gone.

    Remember, you are already amazing.

    Love you. 

    • julie

      oh, I love the sweater and the necklace!!! I don’t think about wearing long necklaces with sweaters and it looks so cute on you!! I must start that!

      • Jessica Turner

         thanks to you both!

    • Anonymous

      Jessica, You look great and your hair is adorable!!

  • thegypsymama

    You two are so so so already amazing. And funny. And goofball perfect. And make us all want to climb right into the video with you.


    • Jessica Turner

       love you.

  • Kelli@eatpray{read}love

    Mmmmm I just finished this book to review on my blog and I am super excited about it. What a great, great encouragement to women in all stages of life!
    xoxo, Kelli-

  • Sarah

    When I saw this video on the other website, I was thinking to myself how cute your shirt is! ;)


  • Kristie

    You are both already amazing and watching your video just made me smile!  I love you both and have only ever met Angie at WOF in Hartford CT.  Jess I would LOVE to meet you too!  Looking forward to reading this book with all of you.

    • Kasey_krawiec

      I met Angie at WOF in Hartford, CT, too ;)

  • Jcfrk101

    I wan’t to join in…but can’t afford a book.

  • Anonymous

    Angie…You are beautiful, never doubt that. 

    Jcfrk101 stated in a comment below that she would like to be part of the book club, but can’t afford a book.  I would like to buy it for her.  I know in the past you have bought books for those who can’t afford them, so I was wondering the best way to go about this. 

  • Kristin Smith

    You crack me up!! Aren’t we our worst critics?! So this book is perfect for us women!! I got a copy to review early a few weeks ago and have already started it and it is wonderful!! Go out and get a copy ladies!! I can’t wait for Bloom to start so we can share all that we are learning about ourselves!

  • Anna Radchenko

    You two are so cute!  I am really excited about this opportunity… I’ve never done an online community study like this before, and could really use the fellowship!  Praise God that He’s provided a way for you both to start something like this! :)

  • Jeck75

    While I was waiting for my son to come home from Guatemala, I used to stay up all hours reading blogs and yours was one of them. Now days I don’t have as much time to read as much as I like but I had to come here and post. I am doing the Beth Moore bible study on James and the video tonight she quoted from your book and when she said your name I got all excited for you. I remembered how much you love her and thought it was awesome that she quoted you!!! BTW I loved what she read from your book… God bless and I hope you and your family are well! Hugs!

    • Genesis

      Would you mind sharing where those videos are at?

    • Joy

      Our ladies Bible study just finished Beth Moore’s James Mercy Triumphs and it was FANTASTIC.  I have done many of her studies and loved each one and been so blessed.   However, this study was right on target for me and so life applicable right now.  I too loved the mention of Angie  that Beth gave   :D  Wasn’t it powerful when  Beth recited the whole book of James by MEMORY !!!  God Bless Beth and her ministry. 

  • Anonymous

    You two are absolute fun! Every time I watch one of your videos I should get my soy latte ready and hang out. all laughs, joy. You are both beautiful inside and out. 

  • Genesis

    Ummm…kinda beside the point but what is that song at the beginning and end of the video? I know I have heard it before and it’s driving me a bit nuts that I can’t think of it. :/

    Excited for the book by the way! :D

  • 4givn1

    girl, you looked Amazing!  I just bought this book and I can’t wait to dig into it…confession…I may not be able to wait.