Sweet Sleep – Fun Friday:Flipped

I have been loving “Fun Fridays” around here lately. But it got me thinking about how much we are often receivers online instead of givers. I believe this community is more than that. So, I’m excited to flip Fun Friday for a change & give back as a community rather than getting this week.

My friend Jen started an organization called Sweet Sleep which distributes beds & mosquito nets to HIV/AIDS orphans in Northern Uganda. Sweet Sweet Sleep’s vision is for every orphaned child in the world to lie down in their own bed reminding them they are loved, protected and cared for with hope for the future through Jesus.

Kind of neat – every bed that Sweet Sleep provides is purchased in the country they are working in. So not only are they providing children with a place to sleep but they’re building into the economy of the country as well. They send volunteer teams several times throughout the year to assemble the beds in the orphanages & show the children they are loved and care for.

Wondering how you can join in on the Fun Friday:Flipped fun & give back? You can help with a one time gift or by becoming a sweet sleep bedhead & donating monthly. It’s easier than you might think…

$8 will buy a net 
$10 will buy a Bible
$12 will buy a blanket
$20 will buy just a mattress
$50 will provide an entire bed kit for a child in Uganda (this includes a bed, blanket, bible, & mosquito net)

If you want to give, you can do so right on Sweet Sleep’s site here. Thanks for letting me flip things upside down today!! :)

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  • Lizreeves2

    I have local friends who are going on their 2nd (or 3rd?) Sweet Sleep trip in a couple of weeks.  They have been to Muldova to assemble beds & do a VBS type ministry each time.  Truly an awesome ministry!!

  • Mollybelle

    What an awesome organization! I love that the “kit” comes with a Bible. Too cool!

  • Dianne

    love this!!! so thankful for ministries like this! 

  • ABWF

    So glad you posted something about Sweet Sleep! Love this organization. My husband and I decided that we needed to teach  our 4 year old about giving! We gave him 2 options for organizations to sponsor. When he saw the beds of these children and how much different they looked than his,  he chose Sweet Sleep, plus he was into spiderman at the time and he thought the nets were pretty cool. We did a little video for Nickels for Nets (which I wish I could post it because it was the most darling little thing ever) and sent it to our family. Our son’s goal was 17 nets and he raised enough nickels (yes, mostly nickels…we did a counting lesson too) for 24 nets!

  • http://www.courtneyb613.blogspot.com courtneyb

    Long time blog reader here and I went on a sweet sleep mission trip in November to south Africa. So awesome. I told Jen that she should introduce me to my favorite blogger sometime. ;)

  • Katie Kautzmann

    !! I’m taking a group this November to Uganda through Sweet Sleep to provide these beds and nets! It’s been a trip we’ve been waiting to take for 3 years. How cool that you know the founder of Sweet Sleep!