Come Hang Out with Us!!!!

I know I have mentioned this before, but I wanted to give one last appeal to those of you who live near Nashville. We are having our (in)RL meet up THIS SATURDAY from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Originally, I had a speaking engagement and thought I was going to have to miss it, but it got canceled and now I’m going to be able to attend. YAY!!!!! I am co-hosting with the fabulous Jessica Turner and the amazing Annie Downs, and you do not want to miss the fun. It isn’t too late to come!!! Just sign up here and we’ll see you there.

There are lots of prizes and giveaways thanks to Dayspring and my publisher B&H (you’ll NEVER guess what they are giving everyone who comes…hmmm…could it be….books?!?!?)

We know there are quite a few more people coming than are registered on this page, so if you are planning on it, could you kindly sign up so we have an official headcount? We want to make sure we have plenty of stuff to spoil you with :) Invite your friends, your neighbors, whoever! The more the merrier :) Just let us know how many you are bringing and then come enjoy the fun.

In addition to snacking, laughing, and giving out loot, we are going to be watching some amazing videos from (in)courage, and you will not want to miss what God has been up to over there. You can click over to see more info on this first-time event, but the gist is it is going to be an amazing night and I really hope you can come!!! These are happening all over the place, so make sure and look up your city here if you want to be a part of it:)

Can’t wait!!!

Love to all,


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  • Sarah

    Oh!!! I wish I could go! We’re moving to the Nashville area in September so if this happens again I’ll be there!! :)

  • Sarah Bendel

    A friend and I are coming (we’re alteady registered and rsvp’d) and we are so excited!

  • Melanie Cantelmo

    How fun! I wish I lived close enough to go!!

  • Anna Radchenko

    Sounds wonderful!  I wish I could attend, but there are no meet up spots near me :(

  • Aprilbest1981

    I just signed up…I’m coming!

  • Traci

    Would have loved to be there!  <3  Traci  @ Ordinary Inspirations

  • Faithfully Yours

    I’m so excited about coming!  I am in the process of moving to Nashville, so it will be great to finally meet some people that I will live near whose blogs I have been reading for several years now!  EEEKKK!  :) 

  • JD

    So grateful for this, so blessed to have been invited to share our Bloom story this weekend!  Such a funny God timing thing that my Bestie featured in the video, the one I met through Bloom, is traveling to the Outer Banks with me this weekend for one of our many (in)rl get-togethers!  Girls’ weekend at the ocean, encouraging videos, women sharing life, celebrating Him in each other — sweet, sweet, sweet!  We’ll be watching from here :o )

  • Deborah Boutwell

    I’ve already registered and I’m trying to get a friend of mine to come.  I can’t wait.

  • thegypsymama

    I’ll be the one on the screen. In a red dress. Not. But only to the dress part. Yes to the screen part. xoxo LJ

  • Patricia

    Oh how I wish I lived close enough to attend!! You all will be on my heart though, sending up big prayers for everyone! I will be at my niece’s 1st Holy Communion that day!

  • KWoodsMK

    I’ll be there! Can’t wait to meet everyone! I am so excited about this night!!  :)

  • OneGirl

    Oh I so wish I could join!!! I’m registered for the one here in Birmingham, but the host hasn’t contacted any of us with information, so it looks like I’ll be watching everything from my dorm room. I would drive to Nashville in a heartbeat to join ya’ll, but this freshman doesn’t have any extra $ for a hotel room. :( Have so much fun though!

  • Jen


  • Holly

    I am so looking forwrd to this!  Cant wait!

  • kerstin

    germany is to fare away to come :-(

  • Wick Anderson

    Looks like a fun opportunity!  :)

  • Emily Nation

    4 weeks late to the party — I wish I would have seen this! I SO would have been there! I’ll pay better attention next time so I can come!