Fun Friday {Memoirs}

I just got back from a quick getaway with these sweet girls, and among other things, we talked a LOT about favorite books.

{Jen Hatmaker, Boomama, Vicki Courtney, & Bigmama}

There was universal agreement that I needed to read several I haven’t, so I ordered a few and they came yesterday. With that said, I finished this one in a couple hours.

I don’t remember the last time I was so captivated by a book. It is EXQUISITE. Has anyone else here read it? So good. So, so good. There is a little language in it so don’t let your kiddos read it, but it’s not enough to detract from the AMAZING story.

I believe I am going on a little memoir kick this summer, so if you have any that you recommend, please leave them in the comments!!!

Happy {hot} day to you!!!


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  • Krista Wilbur

    You are speaking my language here, Angie! :)

    - Breaking Night by Liz Murray (you might know her name from the Lifetime movie Homeless to Harvard)
    There is a lot of swearing and hard stuff in here, but that’s pretty much the heart of the book, and the fact that she overcame it. Thought it was a beautiful memoir.

    - Bossypants by Tina Fey
    Disclaimer: There is a lot of swearing in here, but there are a lot of relevant, funny pieces that I think speak to people regardless of who they are. I laughed so hard I had actual tears coming down my face.

    - Lucky by Alice Sebold (she also wrote The Lovely Bones)
    This is an incredibly hard read. It’s Sebold’s journey back to life after a vicious assault in college. It’s pretty intense and TOTALLY not a book for kids/young adults, but I cried almost my entire way through this book to see how she faced the world with such bravery after being so horribly violated.

    - The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses, both by Jeanette Walls
    If you like crazy moms (TGC) or spunky grandmas (HBH), these are for you. Two very, very different books, but both exceptionally quick, enjoyable reads.

    Would love to hear some more of your recommendations!

    • Cristi

      Have you read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp?  If not, DO IT!  For real!  Great Book

      • Cristi

        Whoops I meant for that to be my own comment and not a reply to yours.  Sorry Krista.  :)

      • Krista Wilbur

        Haha that’s ok! And even though this was for Angie and not me, I haven’t read it but it’s currently on my nightstand waiting to be opened! :)

  • Joanna Boston

    Grammar Lessons: Translating a Life in Spain by Michele Morano “Morano focuses first on her year of living in Oviedo, in the early 1990s, a time spent immersing herself in a new culture and language while working through the relationship she had left behind with an emotionally dependent and suicidal man. Next, after subsequent trips to Spain, she explores the ways that travel sparks us to reconsider our personal histories in the context of larger historical legacies. Finally, she turns to the aftereffects of travel, to the constant negotiations involved in retelling and understanding the stories of our lives. Throughout she details one woman’s journey through vocabulary and verb tense toward a greater sense of her place in the world.”

  • Faith

    I read, “Me:  Stories of My Life” by Katherine Hepburn.  It was okay–hard to follow at first, but overall, great memoir.  I also agree with “Breaking Night”  incredible memoir and movie! :)  

  • Karen

    I just read “In the Land of Blue Burqas” by Kate McCord…..a fascinating and challenging read about a lady who served  in Afghanistan with an NGO.  Her use of bible stories in daily situations was amazing!  (My husband even read it….in 2 days!)

  • Brittany

    Brenda Warner’s bio (Kurt Warner’s wife) GREAT BOOK

  • Leigh

    “All Over But the Shoutin’ ” by Rick Bragg . On my all time top ten favorite books list.

  • Dawna

    Yes, I read it and loved it as well.  Have you read “Unbroken” by Lauren Hillenbrand?  Best ever.

  • Laurie

    I just read “The Middle Place” a couple months ago and couldn’t put it down!  Great book.  I love memoirs and one of my favorites (although, not a light read) is “The Glass Castle.”  Great story, great writing.  Highly recommend.  Happy reading!

  • Alicia Hall

    I loved this book as well.  Such a powerful story of where we come from and who makes us who we are.  Have you read her other book entitled Lifted.  It’s about motherhood.  It’s on my list of books to read ASAP.

    • Melissa Kane

      Lift will take you about 45 minutes to read but it is so good! :)

  • anne

    Please share the other ones you ordered!! I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for good new books. 
    Would you want to write a blogpost on good ones you’ve read lately? I would love that!!
    Off to check out ‘The Middle Place’…

  • Paola

    Hey everyone, I am so intrigued by this book but am afraid to read it because I don’t have that realtionship with my parents.  They are divorced and my dad was not in my life and my mom kind of does her own thing.  I am concerned it will depress me, but hate to miss out on the book.  Has anyone here read this that is in the same situation as me and if so does it send you down the wrong road emotionally?

    Thank, Paola

    • Anna

       I can totally relate to your parent situation, but I didn’t even think about that while I was reading The Middle Place. I think she’s writing more from a place of how your perspective of your parents change while you get older, have a family, etc. rather than paint a picture of perfect parenting. As someone who comes from a very dysfunctional set of parents, it didn’t depress me at all. Hope that helps!

  • Amanda

    “The Middle Place” is one of those books you can’t close without finishing the whole story, even if it’s 4am.  :)  This book moved me.  One of those books I’ll never give away and would read over and over.  (Kind of like your books, Ang ;)  Kelly Corrigan’s words never fail to move. me.   Having fought hepatocellular carcinoma at age 22 in 2010, followed by a liver transplant, I  can relate to a lot of her story.  Even her second book (Can’t remember the title but has a butterfly on the front – “Lift” maybe?) is moving.   Love this video of her reading “Transcending” -  Moving and so life-affirming, in good times or bad.  ”Because we did all this even in that worst moment, we will transcend.”  Love!

  • Jennifer Hansman

    Ah!  I’m a librarian, I could go on and on about my recommendations.  Especially memoirs.  Here’s a few.  Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (one of my favorite books ever, which is saying something considering my occupation), Home by Julie Andrews (who doesn’t want to know where Mary Poppins came from), Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff (won awards, super amazing!), Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (gonna be a movie).  Other quick ideas Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor, Wilder Life by Wendy McClure and Long Goodbye by Meghan O’Rourke.

  • Jody

    Glass Castle, Angela’s Ashes, and ‘Tis.

  • Lizreeves2

    Oh girl!  Don’t get me started!
    First off, if you’ve never watched Kelly Corrigan’s video on youtube about women’s relationships, go watch it NOW.  It makes me cry EVERY single time!  (and those are the good kind of tears!!)  Here:  Seriously, stop & go watch it NOW.  Beautiful!

    Now as far as memoirs–they are my FAVORITE books!  I have a hugeeeeeee list of favorites.  It would be nearly impossible for me to list them all.  I’m going to read the comments to see if I can find more to read myself!

  • cjcris23

    Oh that is such a great book!
    I just read Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgiveness and Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight, both by Alexandra Fuller.
    Julia Child’s My Life in France is amazing.

  • Breebrasil

    Read that too – FABULOUS!!  Loved it – glad you did too!  I just remember how concerned she was about her kids and their ability to understand and manage their mama’s illness and all the 3yr old cared about was that she could have gum when she turned 4!!

  • Retaylo

    Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison. It’s a beautiful (and sometimes horrifying) account of her family’s journey through foster care. One of my favorite books of all time.

  • Kelli Burrier

    What were the other books they recommended?

  • Christina Gilliland

    Thin Places by Mary DeMuth (love her!)

    Jesus, My Father, the CIA and me by Ian Cron (fabulous read!)

  • Debbie

    I love both A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Although these are works of fiction he uses historical times and settings in Afghanistan and it gave me a lot more insight into the country, the people and their history. I just love books though so read pretty much anything from factual history books to novels etc. Will be looking up your recommend too x

  • Anita

    Loved reading Kisses from Katie earlier this year.  That young woman has an AMAZING heart for the work of Christ!

  • Kristen

    I enjoyed Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph and Everyday Joy by Stephanie Nielson and Amy Hackworth. It is about a young mother who survives a plane crash that leaves her severely burned and disfigured. I especially liked the descriptions of her interactions with her husband and children.

    I also enjoyed Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas. Dumas shares funny anecdotes from her experiences as an Iranian-American woman.

  • Carolyn

    I just love good book recommendations. I’m off to Amazon to read more about it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy

          So glad you mentioned this book because I have not read it yet! I love to get new book recommendations. I have a list of favorites, too many to write down here. Overall, I enjoy books that inspire me to change to become more like Jesus-whether it is geared towards mothering, marriage or ministry.
         I am inspired by true stories. Last year I read “God Said Yes” by Heather Hornback-Bland. It is an incredible account of her life. She was run over by a car when she was four and wasn’t expected to survive. She experienced 13 medical miracles and her book is her story of living life with the joy of the Lord despite her circumstances.
         I have some of my favorites listed on my blog sidebar if you’d like some more recommendations :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Jennifer

    Oooh, LOVE memoirs! My favorite genre. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Jennifer

    Oooh, LOVE memoirs! My favorite genre. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Wick Anderson

     Gotta love the gift of written words, and how they can “cause” so much…in our lives as individuals, and in how they bring us together!

  • Angela

    Love memoirs.  I will grab this one.  I agree with the comment above about The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure (especially if you loved Little House, books or series, you will WET YOUR PANTS this book is so hysterical and true). I also just read If You Knew Suzy by Katherine Rosman, and I thought it was a terrific book with a terrific premise – how well can one ever know one’s parent, even if you have the best, closest relationship?  I loved it.

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