The Lord has such a beautiful way of reminding us of simple truth, and after a week of questioning some hard places in my life, He did that for me.

She doesn’t know she was a part of it, but I’ll tell her one day when I think she’s old enough to really understand how much it meant to me.

The kitchen was full of noise and kids, and as a few neighbors trickled in I realized we weren’t going to have enough food to go around. Todd and the girls had stopped for sub sandwiches on the way home and that was what looked the most appealing to our guests.

“I’ll share half of mine with you.” Kate said. She started tearing her sandwich in half and handed it to her friend, a huge grin across her face.

I mouthed the words, “I’m proud of you” to her, because Kate giving away food is right up there with resurrection as far as miracles.

She smiled.

Apparently the sweet little guy who works at the sandwich shop had informed the kids that if they would allow him to put a jalepeno in their sandwiches, they would get free cookies. That made me laugh because my girls love spicy food, and a teensy little pepper wasn’t going to get in the way of their sugar fix.

So now we had four cookies and five kids.

Again, Kate assured her friend that she would share hers, and I watched her fingers, dirty from a day’s adventures, carefully separate her cookie into two parts.

I could tell that one was smaller than the other, and I watched her glance from one half to the other, obviously having a mental debate about what she should do. I was subtly watching, curious about how she would handle it.

After about 20 seconds of looking back and forth, she began to pull the smaller one to herself and then thrust it out to Sienna instead. I was proud she shared at all, but secretly I was hoping she would act sacrificially and give the bigger one to her friend.

I acted like I wasn’t watching her, but as they scooted out of the kitchen I heard Kate say to Sienna, “That one has more chocolate chips.”

Immediately I realized what I had misunderstood, and a smile spread across my face as I watched her leave the room.

She wasn’t trying to decide which one was better because of it’s size, but rather which one was better because of it’s quality.

And I wonder how many times I shake my head in disappointment because I’m frustrated that the Lord has given me the smaller portion, not realizing He has chosen the best based on a characteristic that I don’t use to assess the options.

She was counting, not debating.

And she gave away what was best in her eyes.

I know He does the same, and today I am thanking Him for that. I may not understand the scale or the process behind the decision, but I am grateful that He is trustworthy and faithful in His care.

It’s a quick story, but I hope it will challenge you today as it has me. Don’t assume He has withheld the best from you because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. He knows what we need and how we should receive it, and I for one am going to make a point of enjoying my portion more with that in mind.

He doesn’t give us second-best, but He sure might teach us to second-guess what we’re given, daily learning to accept and rejoice that which comes from His hand.

Praying that today is a day where you do the same, and that you are reminded of the way He lovingly enters into our lives and specifically feeds us what is best.

Thank you, sweet Kate, for reminding me that we don’t see our lives through His lens. If we did, we would surely thank Him, following Him like children into the sunshine with full mouths and content hearts.

He is always good, isn’t He?

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  • http://avinashhecker.blogspot.com/ Nirupama

    Beautiful story. Reminds me of the old LDS commercial where one girl doesn’t get a cupcake and all other girls give her half of theirs.

  • carrie smith

    As I struggle with being a 33 year old single mom, this brought immediate tears to my eyes. something that is always at the surface of my heart, no matter how i try to stuff it down. Many times I have wondered why God is withholding a spouse from me, or let’s be real, any candidates or options. Period. This was exactly what I needed. A reminder of God’s goodness and intentionality in the gifts He gives and the timing that comes along with them.

  • Sarah

    This is SUCH a good word. Thank you for sharing. My heart is fuller for having read your words, and I know I’ll be reminded of those extra chocolate chips the next time I’m feeling like I’ve been given second best.

  • Megan

    That’s such a great story and a fabulous reminder. Thanks for transparently sharing what God is teaching you.

  • morknotmindy

    I am in Ohio caring for my father who just had brain surgery. I am not close to my father–I see him about once every 5-6 years, and we talk about once every 6 weeks for a grand total of 10 minutes. When I offered to come out for surgery and recovery, he agreed (when he had a heart valve replaced in 2011 he scoffed at the idea of me coming out when I offered, so I didn’t. When he agreed, I didn’t look back). I came out here and knew that this would be challenging in so many ways. It has been….to the point that I was ready to pack my bags, change my ticket and pay the early return fee for the rental car 3 days after being discharged from surgery.

    Your post today was timely. Especially this sentence: He doesn’t give us second-best, but He sure might teach us to second-guess what we’re given, daily learning to accept and rejoice that which comes from His hand.

    I make no mistake about it: I am here because God has led me here. My relationship with my dad is not ideal. But he is making me see so many things in these 10 days and looking at so many things from a different perspective.

    Thank you for sharing your story! It was the “extra chocolate chip in the cookie” that I needed. :)

  • mary

    This is so encouraging. I love it…and you….and all those baby girls of yours.

  • http://pleasantplacesblog.wordpress.com/ Melody

    Angie, thank you. I needed this reminder today :)

  • Kasey

    Oh how the reinforcing I needed today came in this today… Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. My heart truly needed it.

  • Hannah H.

    God is good! Thanks for the great reminder today. I needed it.

  • Debra Kopecky

    Thank you for this. I really needed it today. You are such a blessing!

  • http://intruthandgrace.wordpress.com/ Sarah

    This is so true. As a woman who struggles with infertility and is now endlessly waiting for our adoption to go through, I needed to be reminded that my lens is very different than God’s…thankfully

  • http://www.adandeliondiary.blogspot.com/ Mindy Whipple

    Such beauty and truth (and my misty eyes) in this message. Reminds me of why we are to come to Him with childlike faith…

  • Kris Springer


  • Sharon O

    Oh that is so sweet, great story. Kids are pretty interesting, we can learn from them, perhaps that is why the Lord said ‘bring them to me’ he knew they had wisdom and a good heart condition.

  • beth

    Thank you. I needed this today.

  • Emily

    So, so very true! Thanks for sharing. It’s encouraging

  • Jenny Barker

    Beautiful. Encouraging. True. What a precious story and so very applicable. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

  • stacieconkin

    Love that story. It was a good reminder. Funny side note- while enjoying some Pitch Perfect radio on Pandora (yes, I just admitted that I listen to that station) a Selah song came one amidst the Rihanna and Imagine Dragons and Pink. And it was “You Raise Me Up.” It was such a wonderful surprise and a lovely change of pace. Another song came on by them today on it. Made me think of you all and then I check your blog today to find an encouraging story. Thank you for being a light and a blessing!

  • laurenkelly

    Angie, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you so VERY much for this post. Your words were the very thing I needed to hear today. SO timely!!!!!

  • Julie Keefer

    This is so beautiful, Angie. Thank you for sharing as I needed this reminder.

  • Bridget

    I love your posts Angie, they always have me smiling, crying, and thinking for days afterwards xx

  • Marty

    More times than not, God uses my children to speak His truth into me. Bless you, Angie, and thank you for sharing this.

  • mrsyellowhat

    And oftentimes our portion is a double one. Loved this, Angie. Thanks for taking the time to record it for us.

  • Amy

    I mended my broken soap dish that I threw in a rage of anger for what we have been through over a decade. I make soap with our own honey and beeswax and realized this is a TRUE cleansing for me! See our family has faced Chronic Lyme with my husband for 13 years now, 10 of those unknown what his illness was. I bought your book to help me heal from all the pain it has brought to my spirit.
    I didn’t throw the dish in rage just from Lyme, it was due to All the things that have come into our lives due to Lyme – loneliness, burden of doing things on my own, the pain and burdens my children have faced, even in our intelligent son not doing well in college and now unable, scared to find work.
    Through it all God holds us. The past few weeks have been cleansing for me as well. I left all my burdens in a Wailing Wall at our daughter’s beloved camp. They surfaced in my grief last night due to the passing of our nephew. But even in his death, I look at his life and how he overcame SO much struggle in his life to obtain a good life – prison, drug addiction to a beautiful wife and children, home and good job.
    I was thinking of how this vessel which once held water and soap to clean the dirt off my hands, now holds my pain, burdens through all the cracks and I look at it and do nothing but SMILE!Thank You for your book of healing for me. I haven’t finish it yet but will forever look at my vessel and know God continues to Heal us!
    Thank you for your ministry. I’d Love to come to Women of Faith in Rochester, NY if I am able. Funds are tight as I will just be back to work then and summer has used up my funds! Hopefully someday I will be able to meet you in person to give you that deserved hug!

    In God’s Healing Love,
    Amy Uplinger

    • Aisha

      Wow wow wow .. I can relate! I have chronic Lyme as well and it’s hell … I’ve been sick for a few years now, unable to work and I had to drop out of school … it has been a roller coaster, to say the least! I read this post once and I feel like The Lord led m here again to see your post. I am not sure if you will see my reply or not, but I will be praying for you! We are warriors and with God by our side, we will overcome this awful illness!!

      Blessings & love to you!!!

  • Nellie

    I so needed this today and thank you and your amazing daughter!
    Life has a way of touching us when we least expect it, with God always at the helm.

  • roses2me

    I rarely have the opportunity to stop by your blog anymore but I’m grateful the Lord led me here tonight! Precious Words!

  • pamelacs

    I enjoyed meeting you today and hearing you speak, so much so that I came to see if you had anymore upcoming dates. So glad I did-blessed to read this. =)

  • Amanda Pierce Jones

    So good to ‘hear’ from you again…I’ve clicked on your blog in my favorites list almost daily to see if you’d updated. I’m in a place of wondering, “What’s next?” as all my kiddos will be in school all day this year. There are some exciting possibilities, but I need to keep this perspective as I prayerfully consider what God would have me do with ‘my’ time. Thanks for sharing!

    • Amanda Pierce Jones

      Haha…just noticed that this profile pic is from the “Embrace the Hope” event that you and Todd did in November in Michigan…you guys are at the table in front of me. :)

  • http://sojensparks.blogspot.com/ Jen

    *smile* Love you. You’re a chocolate chip in my cookie life.

  • melodygross

    Sweet sister, your words bless me today! This phrase spoke right to the core of my aching heart: “Don’t assume He has withheld the best from you because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would.” Thank you for sharing your heart and your words.

  • Alicia

    What an amazing post. This really touched my heart. Thank you Angie!

  • Lyndse Marie Ballew

    As the Mama of a kiddo with special needs, this was amazing… Thank you.

  • http://www.minivansarehot.com/ Kelli

    This morning as I walked, I prayed the same prayer I’ve prayed over and over since January when our adoption fell apart – “Lord, help me to see the good in where we are right now.” This is where I want to be. I want four children not three. I want to be content with my portion, but I struggle because it seems smaller.

    Thanks for this post. These words answered my prayer for today. :)

  • Jennifer

    I’ve always kind of questioned why God only gave us one sweet little girl. But this reminded me that he gave us the absolutely best little girl for our family. He wasn’t withholding the quantity but instead gave us the perfect quality. Thank you.

  • Christine Williams

    Waiting for this baby, I’ve often felt jipped in some way. Always looking around at everyone elses seemingly “bigger pieces” and comparing them to mine. Believing in the Lord has always been so easy for me, but with infertility there have been days in the car (because I pray a lot in the car) when I probably should have pulled over because I was so busy being angry and questioning God. However, recently I’ve received a lot of messages from Him in lots of forms. I’m finally tuning in. I’ve always known that trusting in him means to let go and find peace in the fact that he knows best. Accepting it, is a whole other story. Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to all my blessings and I’m finally starting to get it. Whatever it is, I know the Lord is giving me a quality piece of life with this trial. I may not see all the chocolate chips yet, but I will. I know he will make me a mother one way or another with the right baby at the right time. I always knew he was teaching me patience….but even bigger than that…now I’m really learning faith.

    • Brittany

      We are also waiting and I spend so much time comparing our situation to others, and comparing it to what I had hoped things would look like for us. Such an incredible challenge, one I struggle with constantly because there really is not a second that a baby is not on my brain. What a perfect article for me in this moment!

  • Brittany

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this story with us! In so many ways this was the most perfect thing I could have read tonight.